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May 20, 2024 57 mins

Talkin' Jake breaks down the Yankees win streak getting up to SEVEN games, the Phillies and their dominant season, the New York Rangers comeback win in Game 6, his weekend at the SNL season wrap party(?), and a couple NBA Game 7s that saw the Knicks and Nuggets seasons come to a close

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0:00 Yankees (and Phillies) Look Awesome
14:00 The .500ish Teams
17:20 My Weekend Away and Watching the Rangers Comeback
21:50 I Went to SNL
39:50 Knicks Lose Game 7
49:55 Minnesota Comes Back and Upsets Denver

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hello, and welcome to Waken Jake, myself, Jake's story, Ellie,
David Mendelssohn. We're talking ball as always, and there's a
lot of ball to be talked. Baseball, Our Yankees are
hot in the streets. We'll talk about some of the
premiere teams premiering out a little bit, and then Sports Apocalypse.

I don't know if we're still labeling it that way.
NBA Playoffs role on the Knicks are eliminated. I know
because I was there talk about that. I also had
a huge bender of weekend slash extended weekend, including a
wellness retreat that I don't I'm worried about my wellness

Saturday Night Live. Pretty cool story. Excited to share with you,
Excited to share with bebes because I've been waiting for
this episode to get all of it out there. And yeah,
and Edwards, so there's everything. The golf was good. Good
for you, Xander that. Yeah, I think it'll be a lot.

We'll do some baseball off the rip, definitely some hoops.
I'll mention the Rangers briefly and just say like let's
go Rangers, and that'll probably be the hockey part of it.
And then I'll walk you through Jake weekend bender.

Speaker 2 (01:16):

Speaker 1 (01:18):
I think where I want to start with baseball somewhere
near and dear to me and Beebs is those New
York Yankees. They're thirty three and fifteen six eighty eight
win percentage. Nice stat. Yeah, nobody really uses that, I
think unless the team's seven hundred. I think that's the

baseball seven hundred over a stretch is like, oh, you know,
that's the killing it in baseball. That's like the Wow,
this team is really good and there's only one team
in baseball that have that, the Phillies. Philadelphia Phillies are
thirty four and fourteen. Uh, the Yankees. The hype is
more than ever then. It has been since twenty seventeen,

which is a big year for us because that's when
the company started.

Speaker 3 (02:10):

Speaker 1 (02:10):
Yanks was the beginning, and that was the upstart fun Yankees.
It was the emergence of Aaron Judge. It was a punchy,
fun young Yankees team, Gary Sanchez, Greg Byrd Like I
don't know if it felt it felt like a new
era of Yankees baseball, and it has been. Unfortunately, the

Yankees get measured one way rinks and they haven't done that.
Twenty seventeen, A lot of people know what happened that year. Hey,
I get mad about it sometimes.

Speaker 3 (02:45):
Kind of nuts.

Speaker 1 (02:45):
They went seven games with the Astros who were.

Speaker 3 (02:47):
Cheating, Yeah, won the home game.

Speaker 1 (02:51):
It's kind of nuts. Yeah, oh okay, and now I'm
frustrated again. Twenty nineteen, the Yankees were good. We were
feeling pretty good in Yankee Land. They lost to the
bat Man at that time, and Al two Vey got

Chapman again and it was just like, damn, damn. And
Houston's been a powerhouse. And I've done a lot of
conversations on the show about Houston. Oh, they need to
figure it out otherwise they're going to be out of
this season. And looking up previous years and how bad
teams have started, Houston has bounced back pretty good and

they are lurking. They're twenty one and twenty six. They're
four games back in the West. Houston Astros are going
to be a part of this season. They're hitting like nuts.
Kyle Tuckers insane has an argument to probably be like
a top five player in baseball, but he's he's just
kind of unsexy. Sometimes. It's leading the league in home runs,

He's got three seven and zero stolen bases, has won
Golden Glove before I know the metrics fell out of
love with him. I don't know, Houston, let me know
where you're at with Kyle Tucker. Kyle Tucker's defense. I
laughed looking at the wildcard standings today because basically everyone's
still in it because the expanded wildcard. The New York Yankees,

they got off to a forty and fifteen start in
twenty twenty two. There were questions around the team, the
shortstop position. There's a couple of top prospects coming up,
but they kind of had ikf as a stop gap.
Their words not ours.

Speaker 3 (04:43):
Right, Yeah, they they said that.

Speaker 1 (04:45):
Boy did the Yankees Yankees Nation did not like the
phrase stopgap. That's not Yankees baseball and b black did
the Yankees actually like stop gap? Doesn't like inherently mean
if the prospect's right, you can play them instead. Right,
we're writing on that we're waiting on Hicksey to get going,
waiting on Donald's and to get going.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
Like that team was a lot of just judge.

Speaker 1 (05:10):
It was a lot of judge in rizzo early on
that felt a little bit and Stan like Judge, Rizzo, Stanton,
You think of those players peaks and if they were
doing that, like Rizzo looked like he was on pace
to break his home his home run record in a
season that year, hasn't he had thirty three.

Speaker 3 (05:27):
I think he jumping.

Speaker 1 (05:28):
I think he landed on it again that year, but
he got out of the gates hot. Judge literally broke
the AL home run record, thank you. And Stanton had
a great first half All Star Game MVP uh and
there were fun things around the team. And if you
listen to talking Yanks, you know, me and jim almost

got into a bicker about it because, like, I believe
the Yankees could win the World Series. The quote that
I that Jimmy really liked for me was like, you know,
it's Houston and the Yankees this year, and it was
the Yankees got swept by Houston and they got their
lineup was beat up. By the time they got to
the playoffs there they didn't They had one of the
worst August ever in team history. Injuries, poor play, just

tfa things fall apart that by the time they got
to Houston, it was we're gonna get steamrolled, and they did.
But you know, I do think in that May and
June I believe they would win the World Series. I
ended up laughing before the twenty or midway through twenty

twenty three, when the Yankee season was like on edge,
I think I had the realization on here where I
was like, how crazy is it that I don't have
a bet on the Yankees to win the World Series.
We're pretty deep with DraftKings.

Speaker 2 (06:50):
Is really easy for us to just place that bet.

Speaker 1 (06:55):
This year I have, this year I have Before the
season they added one so so they revamped the pitching.
The pitching Trevor plufleaned into and said, that's the biggest difference. Um, yes,
I mean the Yankees got pitching at times and their
bullpen's been good. That the offense having won, Soto and

Judge going off at the same time. I think that
Yankee fans seeing that for the first time was kind
of like, wow, uh, this is a real team. The
Yankee fans, I think are most excited about this Yankees
team since the timeline of talking Yanks in our company.

I think a little bit of that is because Houston
isn't currently Houston now. If they make the dance and
they're there, they're gonna be Houston again. They're Houston till
they're not seven straight. Uh, I was gonna say Eastern
Conference Finals championship series. Excuse me basketball on the mind

that Yeah, I'm I'm excited to see. I mean, right now,
your American League favorites are kind of the Yankees by
a chunk, and then the Orioles, who the Oriols are
similarly talented. It's just very young and as we'll talk
about with Youth in Sports coming up at eight pm. No,
but we'll talk about it when we talk. Okay, see

thunder basketball a little bit. Experience matters. Experience matters, and
the Yankees are doing this without Garrit Cole, who's now
throwing two sim innings. Jason de Mingez is supposed to
come back for them. And I think the other thing
is not too many guys are playing above their skis
right now. A lot of guys are playing to the

baseball card. The product feels good offensively second and on
base and ops first in home runs Bronx Bombers, although
the Orioles in them are going back and forth. We're
tracking daily homer so that's pretty cool for the Oarls
and Gunner Henderson, who is tied with Kyle Tucker and
he probably has as much of an argument to be

the top five player asked Kyle Tucker as a short
stop doing what he's doing. Back to the Yanks first
and home runs second, in ops second and on base
percentage third and starting pitching e er Ray. Luis heel
is a breakout star for them, and the stuff matches it.
It's not a who is that pitcher that Aaron Small

see nine with the Yanks and everyone is like, hey,
this one just happened. This will end.

Speaker 3 (09:33):

Speaker 1 (09:33):
Luis Hill passes the eye test in a big way,
and I think I think the conversation this season with
him has been funny as it went from hey, he's
probably not gonna break camp with the team to like,
he's breaking camp and he's making the rotation, to hey,
he looks pretty good. Maybe we kick him to the
bullpen at the end of the year too. It's like, wait,

this guy might be future core of the team because
his stuff has been that good.

Speaker 3 (10:01):

Speaker 1 (10:02):
He has been dominant that the Yankees have depth they're
getting and they they can do more if they want.
Glabor hasn't really gone. He's had a couple of good games,
But I think the Yankees are positioned as well as
they have been during the life cycle of this company

to compete with that on top of the National League.
The Phillies are nuts, and we've acknowledged it a little bit,
uh but not fully. And this is where I think
my Houston argument not lurking right now in the American
League stands up. No one's getting crazy hyped about Philly

because the Dodgers exist, and so do the Braves. Like
the Braves haven't been the best version of their themselves
and they're still winning a ton of games. How funny
would it be if the Braves the Phillies win in
the East this year, the Braves win the wild card,
Braves knock them out of the playoffs? Would that just be?

Would that be the regular season system is broken? I
don't know, And let's we've got a long wave of
ball before we get there. It is funny to see
the Braves are five games back as we record this.
Right now, I think they're giving the Padres a whooping.
So that could be four and a half in a minute,
and that could be four in an hour, in an hour.

By the end of the night, because they're playing a doubleheader.
The Braves are still really good and the Dodgers are
still really good. That for these teams, I mean, Philly
is on their level and has been on their level.
This is a team that went to the World Series.
They went to Game seven in the NLCS. Snakes baby

that in the National League and it was just a
reminder because we've done this the past couple of years.
Now the National League is kind of stacked. Man. The
Phillies are like a fun The Phillies are a perfect
sports team, man, Like when you watch an old thirty
for thirty or sports documentary and they're like you and

you remember this team, Like, the Phillies are gonna be
an awesome one of those like Harper Schwarves, the star power.
What their pitching is doing. They're first and starting pitching
Era and Whip Ranger Suarez, Nola Wheeler, Christopher Sanchez. What
Spencer Turnbull had done before getting kicked out of the

rotation by Tywan Walker. They're doing it without Trey Turner
right now. And they are above that seven hundred win
percentage in baseball and people have yelled at us about
their schedule saying that's that's why they're playing so well.
I don't know. Coming up, they've got they're hosting Texas

for three and then they're at Colorado and San Francisco.
So the way the Phillies are playing, their their favorites
throughout that and maybe going the rest of the way,
they're gonna be fun to track the rest of this season.
Something about Harper and Soto's intensities, they matter. We were

trying to quantify it on Talking Yanks a little bit,
talking about the Sodo effect and just the team caring more.
I think when you have superstars that lead by Examplejan Soto,
there's video of him coming in early, taking VP on
the field, working on his swing. I just think there's
a tone Bryce Harper, the intensity he plays with day

and day out that you feel throughout an organization. And
the fact that those guys are really good at baseball
also helps your team be good. A little analytics there
at the end. So yeah, I think for baseball, I
don't want to say light today, but I don't know.
I also just had the realization that all these teams

around five hundred, like it just is what it is
right now. A couple of these teams are gonna hover
around five hundred the whole time, Like we're gonna get
to the trade deadline July thirty first, I think we
think we looked up like Padres, Giants, Diamondbacks. Two of

the three of those teams are gonna be around five
hundred come the trade deadline July thirtieth. This year, okay,
one of the NL Central teams I believe will be
around five hundred, and in the mix Twins probably five hundred.
On the nose, they might be this year's barometer team.

I mean the al East, where do you think the Rays,
Red Sox J's are gonna be around? Like we kind
of already watched this. The L West, I don't really
know how it sorts out. Mariners are still on top.
I don't believe in them, just because their offense hasn't
gone and they feel like the same Mariners team that
did finish third in the West last year. U the

Rangers feels like it hasn't clicked yet and maybe it will,
maybe it won't. Maybe a little World Series hangover. I
think I have a couple of clips, clips of that
coming into the year, just the middle of their lineup,
Evan Carter and Wyatt Langford. I don't know. Those guys
are young and super talented, but it's really hard to
be young and really good at baseball. Seegers tracking a

little behind last year, a lot behind last year. Not
that anyone's doubting him, but you know, those are the
things that go into having type of season and run
they had. But now the Houston Astros, they are only
four games out. They're gonna be around, so get ready
for that. And if there's any Astros fans, was there
a little bit of me that was looking, I want

to say, looking to bury them. I guess, just curious
with how bad of a start it was and some
of the numbers from their pitching. The fact that the
Mariners or the Rangers didn't get out to a Guardian's
type Star Phillies or anything like that is massive for them.
And the expanded wild card again, there's a baseball purest

part of it that's like, you know, regular season winning
the pennant used to be such a thing, like regular
season pennant meets you up in the World Series. Expanded playoffs,
everyone's in it, which is I think, if we're being honest,
it's great for the game because you've got fan bases
that are gonna stay in it through the whole season.

So here I am. Maybe we're just a Rob Manfred company, pitchclock,
expanded playoffs, all of it. Thanks Uncle Rob. That's the baseball.

Speaker 2 (16:45):

Speaker 1 (16:46):
You know what, I'll do some Jaki stuff because I
want to get it off off my chest and it'll
lead into the NBA action. Pretty crazy.

Speaker 3 (16:57):
Couple of days.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
I'm I don't want to say I'm I'm a bender
guy that depicts me in a bad light. But I
don't know when I'm if I'm going, I'm gone like
zero or one hundred, although I think Drake lyrics are out.
So we we went away for a couple of days

at the end of last week. We went to like
a wellness retreat in upstate New York. Okay, cool. Nice,
there's like a farm, there's animals.

Speaker 2 (17:28):

Speaker 1 (17:28):
The whole idea was to be relaxing, and it was
super relaxing. Great. Only problem, I shouldn't say only problem
where we're outside Albany, Albany. How do you say that
Albany Albany, capital of New York. And there's a town
Troy up there. I think it's like a college town,

rents Leer is up there. I don't know, it's kind
of like a college town. Like there's parts that you're like,
but there's parts that are like, oh okay, I get it.
This is how people do things up here. And our
little retreat place had a little fire pit. So Jess
is calling it early. I'm like, I'm a little bit

of a night owl. Someone called me a gremlin the
other day that, Yeah, I'm gonna watch those sports when
they're on. It's just like goes through me. It's welcome
to waken Jake that you know, the Rangers were playing,
so I was gonna watch them set that up on
the phone boom, you know, watching the hoops throughout. And

there was a personal fire pit, so you know, we
went out to dinner, had a couple of Margie's get
back calling it. I set up a fire, almost went out.
I almost quit on it, and then it kicked into gear.
Had to use some gorilla warfare. I was getting some
paper towels and filling them with wood chips and I

was feeding the base of the fire with that. That
kind kind of saved it. You don't care, maybe you do.
And yeah, I bought a couple beers at a store
down the road, because I was like, I'll be here
a couple of days, maybe I'll have a couple of beers,
you know. I got IPA's because I was like, hey,

you know, it's not like I'm gonna be chugging a
thirty rack of bud Light or something.

Speaker 2 (19:21):
So I got six ips. Sure, not about turning into
big quantity, no, So.

Speaker 1 (19:28):
Went out to dinner, a couple of marks, go to
the fireplace, almost gave up on it. Did not won
the war, nice fire going. Rangers have the third period comeback.
It's like legendary, Like again, not the biggest hockey guy
in the world, but you know, Crider's going down and
like Rangers lore and they have Are they the favorites

to win the Cup right now? Like actual moneyline favorites,
I'd have to assume.

Speaker 3 (19:55):
So I'll look at what some I'd.

Speaker 1 (19:57):
Say, Panthers, whatever's going out on the West coast. But
the Rangers have a very legitimate shot to win Lord's
Lord Stanley's Cup. And we've been feeding off that. We
do bandwagon blue shirts.

Speaker 3 (20:10):
What do you got there?

Speaker 2 (20:11):
You have the third best odds out of Okay, currently
five teams remaining.

Speaker 1 (20:15):
Who's ahead of them.

Speaker 3 (20:17):
Florida and Dallas.

Speaker 1 (20:18):
Wow, okay, and.

Speaker 2 (20:20):
The two teams behind them are the two teams that
are I think fighting for the last of the final
four spots.

Speaker 1 (20:25):
I mean Florida, Florida and the Rangers have to be close.

Speaker 3 (20:28):
No, it's it's all pretty close.

Speaker 2 (20:30):
Are all basically the same. Florida's plus two hundred Rangers
plus three sixty.

Speaker 3 (20:34):
Okay, it's a difference, a little more of a.

Speaker 1 (20:38):
Gap than I thought. Okay, but whatever, I'm watching that
Rangers game. It looks like it's gonna be a sad loss,
and then there's gonna be like a nervous Game seven
in Rangers Land, like you might blow a three to
zero lead. I jokingly put a tweet out there there
was like should the Rangers punk Game four? And all
the people that don't know, we're like eating that a

lot that I was kind of like, hey, I owe,
this goes away, and it does with a magical, magical
third period by the Rangers. I didn't realize the IPAs
I bought. I just buy the beers that have the
pretty cases. Basically they were ten percenters. So I had
a couple of those watching the game. I'm pretty tuned
up watching Bandwagon blue shirts. So that ends my wellness retreat,

which again probably not my best wellness effort. There. Come
back on Friday, drive back into the city, you know,
city traffic, all that.

Speaker 3 (21:37):
Call it.

Speaker 1 (21:38):
Watch some Yanks whatever. Saturday's a big day. Saturday is
a big day because it's Saturday Night. I I'm shouting
them out like three times now, so I'm starting to
feel weird about it. But Michael Longfellow, who's on the
Saturday Night Live cast, me and him linked up over

social media, originally over the pick of me wearing the
half Yankees half Diamondbacks jersey. I posted their second season
or second series of the year, just because I have.
I am a very big Yankees fan, and I've built
a burgeoning relationship with the Dinmonbacks basically through social media,

and they've been awesome to me. They're an awesomely run franchise.
That yeah, I posted that. Yankee fans furious or get it,
they see a Yankee fan wearing a half dinonback. Do
you not remember two thousand and one? Dude? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (22:35):
I do.

Speaker 1 (22:36):
How's the rivalry been since? Like? What do you are
you killing?

Speaker 3 (22:41):
Not a forever rivalry just because you guys played.

Speaker 1 (22:43):
One killing Snakes in your room every night, just because
of that damn two thousand and one series. Anyways, I
would say Diamonbacks have been really nice to me, so
I appreciate that. And there's literally almost should be zero
animosity between those two franchises. Anyways, Michael longfellow baseball fan.

We DMed a couple of times, He followed, and yeah,
we kind of left it at like, because you know,
when you're doing a bromance, it gets tougher as the
years go on that you know, both of us, you know,
you don't want to come on too strong. That I
had hit him with a you know, last weekend was

the last episode of SNL for this year, and so
when we had been talking a I told him I
was like, hey, dude, you know, if you ever, if
you ever want to link up and have a drink,
or if you ever want to you know, if you'd
want to do some like baseball content, I don't know
how far into baseball you currently are. I don't want
to put you in a bad spot. And he was like,

it was actually a pretty cool line. He was like, Dude,
Like i I'd love to do some baseball content at
some point because of these like I this might sound obnoxious,
but like I enjoy being in front of a camera.
This is my job. It's like, okay, that's interesting. And
like we that's what we always tell when we when
we talk to agents about their players coming through the office.

We're like, bring the guys that want to do that stuff.
Don't just don't just give us a star that's going
to be miserable, like Kershaw doesn't want to do this.
Uh so give us someone who does. Anyways. Uh And
I was like, you know what, let's we'll link up
after the season, the SNL season, because he's like, yeah,
my summer clears up a ton because there's no SNL.

So I do some stand up stuff, but otherwise, like
I kind of chill and recover. And I was like, okay, perfect,
that's a.

Speaker 2 (24:41):
Night thing anyway for the most part.

Speaker 1 (24:42):
Yeah, I was like, well, uh yeah. And so that
was kind of the good bro code of like we've
established something here, We've kind of pushed off the next steps.
Let's see what build up happens in between. Unfortunately, Sabrina
Carpenter is the musical guest on the Last SNL. Jess

is very in a Sabrina Carpenter right now. Like the
rest of America, she is a pop star. She knew
about my burgeoning friendship and she said, you're you're looking
into this. I said, okay, I can do that. I

think I sent a borderline leude message about something I'd
be willing to do to get tickets. I'll let you
fill in the blanks there. He laughed at it, so
that was good, and he was like, he's like, hey,
I can't. I can't get you tickets to the show.
But if you want to hang out backstage in the

dressing room, like I've heard, that's a decent time and
for the musical performances, you can come out and like
watch the musical performances. So for again, the Sabrina Carpenter
card that I was playing, that was perfect. So I

was like, yes, dude, like are you kidding me? Yes,
if that's on the table, like ten percent, Yes, backstage
at SNL and get to see the Sabrina Carpenter concert.

Speaker 2 (26:22):
That's like, get to like properly watch the musical actor.
That's the impetus for the whole thing.

Speaker 1 (26:29):
Win win win. Uh So Okay, Yeah, awesome. So we
got this on the calendar. We're excited. Uh so we
get like, I give him my I was like, hey,
what do I do?

Speaker 2 (26:43):
You know?

Speaker 1 (26:44):
I don't have a ticket? Am I just walking up
to the gate and being like, is my name on
a list? Like what you know? Yeah, show them the dms,
you know.

Speaker 3 (26:57):
Longfellow said, come in.

Speaker 1 (26:59):
Yeah for ask for some emails. We got like an
actual thing from NBC that was like, Hey, come check
in at this desk. We'll bring you up there, blah
blah blah and little plot twist and development. I grew
up on SNL, SNL in sports, that's kind of it.
You know, SNL pretty legendary for like after parties and

me and me and Michael had talked a little bit
about post SNL activities. He's got a little bit of
a video gamer side to him, baseball guy, and he's
not like the biggest party scene party scene guy. From
what I know. It is still early, so I was curious.

I was like, Hey, I wonder, you know, are we
like going to go out after the show Saturday Night Live.
When our passes came over, it's like, hey, you're welcome
as a guest and to the after party. It's like,
oh shit, that's nuts that we're invited to this. This
is insane. So all right, we get excited. It's gonna

be a night buckle up. So we get there, check in.
So this one is for Beabes, so we check in,
we're standing around, we're told to get there before eleven.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
Pm and Lea's forget how late that is, right.

Speaker 1 (28:29):
It's like an actual and they do like a pre show.
So you know, coming up before this email, didn't know anything,
and it was basically is like get there, make sure
you're no later than eleven pm. Okay, to be safe.
I don't know, you're getting older and you play things
safer as the years ago. It's like, let's get there
like ten fifteen, I guess, because also just don't want

to be there like lingering too long. So that felt
like a be in the area, so like a buffer time,
like even if things go perfectly like you still make
that a fine amount of time. If there's any hiccups,
you're covered. Turns out that was more of a like
get there for eleven pm. So we like checked in

and they were like, yeah, hang out for a little bit.
So whatever. So there's people are checking in who are
other people's guess and you've got friends and family whatever,
you know, you're guessing whose crew is with who? Me
and Jess have no connections there. I didn't say hi.
One of the first people that also got there early

and had the same thought process Tim Heideker, Oh, Tim
and Eric, So I think you should leave a he's
definitely lost a lot of weight recently. That as I
was looking at him and I was like, that's a
familiar looking guy. I couldn't put it together.

Speaker 2 (29:52):
Enough weight off that it is different. He looks different.

Speaker 1 (29:55):
Yeah, and then again I don't know. And then I
heard him introduce himself as him, and then I did
like the phone Google search to double check, and it
was he was talking to a crew. So I didn't
want to jump in to do the whole thing. I
half regret it. There's definitely a couple opportunities. I think
he's filming something with someone on the SNL cast, so
he was like their guest, so that's pretty cool. So

again like anticipation building and like, all right, that's pretty cool.
They like he's going to be backstage. I guess again,
didn't go for it. He was there with a crew,
another person or two that looked half familiar that I
was just like, I don't I'm not going to do
the whole thing right now. I'm kind of not dialed
up for it, nervous for a long night when I'm

not in my element. When I'm in my element, I
think a lot of people know I'm I operate at
one hundred percent when I'm not in my element or
I'm in a new place. I come in foot on
the brake. It's because I don't like overstepping whatever. So
it takes a minute. So we're hanging out in like
the lobby, not doing anything for forty five minutes, which

gets a little anxious before what you're hoping is a
cool night, get us scored it up, and then yeah,
it was kind of funny. Jess call them dorm rooms,
and it basically felt like that because Michael shares his
his back room, know what you call it, with Marcelo Hernandez,

who's been one of the more popular SNL guys the
past couple of years, Devin Walker, so it's like the
three of them share that room, which again I don't
know during the week how much the three of them
are in there. I don't know if that's mostly Saturday
night or whatever, but this was the last show of
the year, so they all invited guests. So in the

pretty not a big room, there was a crowd. Marcello
I think had four people there. I think Michael had
four people, including me and Jess, who've never met him.
So we're like, I don't know, we're tiptoeing a little bit.

Speaker 3 (32:02):
Really feels like intrudingly.

Speaker 1 (32:04):
I'm tiptoning. Yes, like his it was his parents, his girlfriend,
his brother. So yeah, he had like six people there,
and yeah, these are all people that haven't met before. Really,
So now we're in a room during the show, they're
kind of coming in and out. I didn't see I
met Michael mid show because he was in the first skit.

So when we get checked in, hmm, so meet Marcelo Instantly.
I gave him like a dude, like, yeah, a friend
of Michael's. I do baseball stuff. He's like, oh, I
think I met you once and I didn't want to
do it, weird like we haven't and I was I

decided to go for it because some people online say
we have doppelganger looks. We both have young faces, kind
of tan skin, similar hair stuff going on. Short uh
and he's like, oh, I think I've seen you before,
and I hit him with a I was like, yeah,
I think I'm I think I'm like your brother from Connecticut.

And he kind of like eyeballed me. Clearly not the
reaction he expected, and he was like okay, and then
he kind of kept it moving like he was working,
like he had a show that he was about to do.
So it's like, okay, that was kind of my first
try to step U. Didn't it go perfectly? Gonna reel
it back a little bit. Yeah, I mean there's similar

energies there, right, just young handsome.

Speaker 3 (33:32):
I can see how.

Speaker 2 (33:33):
Someone would have made would have made that joke to
ee there via before.

Speaker 1 (33:37):
Yeah uh so again would have been would have liked
to have been a little more established before I went
for that. Whatever. So the show's going on and they've
got like a they've got a bunch of like drinks
back there. But I'm a little nervous. I'm buckled up
for an SNL like after party that I'm I wait,
like everyone I was like offered a drink. I was like, no,
I'm good. Kind of soft in hindsight, but eventually show

starts rolling Make Myself One. Everyone's yucking it up back
there again, we're not like fully appreciating the show, like
it's just on the TV, Like we're just watching it
on the TV, and the TV kind of had a
weird echo, so it wasn't like a great watch from
the room. So it's time for Sabrina go on. There's
like a huge line that gets like ready to go

out there and scramble. They said, they like don't always
do it. It kind of depends who's performing, and they
knew Sabrina is such a star right now that they
were like gonna have to do it. So they start
doing a like hey, we might cut the line off
here literally right where we are. Literally we there was

a doorway that was the host room, so we were
in the dorms with like a lot of the younger cast.
Below were some of the like cast that's been there
for a while.

Speaker 2 (34:53):
They kind of had like guys that if you and
the audience are asked who's on SNL, the first names
you would live.

Speaker 1 (34:58):
The capoo Is suite. You know, I don't want to
blow up anyone's spots, but yeah, uh and I walked
past the room that John Ham was in, and I
was like, Okay, John Ham's here, that's that's cool, and
like the host is down there or whatever. Uh So
there was a door that they point to and they're like, oh,
that's that's actually the host room, and we're like blocking it.

So we're like, hey, let's keep that open just in case.
Doesn't case anyone's doing anything. One of the people working
there comes out and was like, Hey, we're gonna we're
gonna stop the line here. Why don't you guys come
out for the second song. We'll make sure you get
you out there. And me and Jess had just stepped
on the wrong side of.

Speaker 3 (35:37):
The door, so.

Speaker 1 (35:42):
I go full valor mode, fallen soldier. I was like, hey,
I'll I'll not go take her.

Speaker 3 (35:51):
Take her.

Speaker 2 (35:51):
She's gotta see it.

Speaker 1 (35:54):
That how quick I was to throw myself on the sword.
The person working a pre it was like, okay, I
guess if you're willing to do that, she can go.
And then I kind of turned around. A couple of
us turn around. There was another group past us that
they knew the page, and she was like, oh my god,
and so they got to go. So like definitely could
have gone, but I was just like, hey, I'm good,

got her in game here to get her there? Bang winner,
pretty good performance. The rest of the show goes on,
and again it's kind of a weird so weird night.
It's the final show of the season, so you know,
show ends. You know, people are giving each other dap
ups and good Year. There's like a shot and you know, oh,

we need to take a picture. All that stuff is
going on. Then you know, I'm starting to get in
a little more comfortable rhythm. At this point, me and
Michael chatted a chunk because I didn't know. Again, he's
got family there, his girlfriend's there. It's the last show
of the year, so I didn't know if he was
just gonna be like, hey, man, nice to meet you,
blah blah blah, like you know, enjoy yourself. No, he like,

you want to talk, you want to talk ball. You
wanted to talk life and stuff, which some of my
favorite stuff to do. So we did that for a
little bit, uh, and then it was time to head
to the after party, which there was a little extra
juice because his final episode of the season. So they
held it like outside, what's that like? They set up

the ice rink there. It was like right there Rockefeller Center, Yeah,
Rockfeller Center. They like locked it off and they had
a big party out there, and all the SNL crew
is there.

Speaker 3 (37:32):

Speaker 1 (37:32):
A couple of celebrity Sabrina Carpenter and her crew, Barry
Keyogan who she's dating, Keith how do you say his name?
The guy from Saltburn, John hamm Like I saw Lauren
Michaels one of the first times I got like straight
up nervous, like so nervous, like, don't walk around and

trip on something nervous. I don't know, Michael, Lauren, Lauren Michaels,
excuse me presence to him, especially that's the home that
he kind of like built. So yeah, had a couple,
had a couple good exchanges. I saw saw Keenan just

snapped a picture. I hit him, hit him with a
good line of just like, hey, dude, thanks for all
the laughs over the years, and he's like, I appreciate that, man.
I think I delivered that line well. On the counter
side of that, uh beer, Barry Cogan, Keegan ke Oh,
I don't know, loved him in Saltburn. I always overthink

it just a step too far, and I hit him
with Uh. I was like, hey, probably haven't heard this before,
but loved you in Salt Burn, Saltburn and represent the
Short Kings, And he was kind of like, oh thanks man.
He again, I'm not trying to blow up their spot. Uh,
but you know he's dating Sabrina. Sabrina had like a
crazy crowded along heard that. It was definitely he had.

He had young guy with a girlfriend out energy that
He was kind of like, I don't want to be
too much in she's doing her thing with her crew.

Speaker 3 (39:10):
Here. I don't know, I'm here with you.

Speaker 1 (39:13):
Just kind of funny at one point because there was
like music and the DJ and stuff going on. At
one point it's me, Jess, Sabrina and Barry. Everyone's just
dancing and having a good time. That was kind of cool,
kind of nuts. I got a picture of John Hamm
behind Jess which was half intentional half not intentional, but
the pick came out pretty silly. But yeah, I don't know.

It was just one of those like wild nights. There
it is. We got it up on the YouTube. Make
sure you subscribe. Subscribers have been cranking through the roof
these days that this all leads to Sunday night, New
York Knicks Game seven.

Speaker 3 (39:53):
Uh So.

Speaker 1 (39:56):
On Friday when the Knicks or no were next Thursday
or Friday, they played Friday Friday they lose to the
Pacers in Indiana. Everyone kind of expected it. Well, I
kind of saw this lifevender coming up. I was like
game seven at the Garden, like that's that's always been
a dream. And I thought they could win, like Brunson

and kind of anyone I think could win a Game
seven in the Garden. But I was just like, this
is kind of a bucket list It seeming like it's
a bucket list weekend. And I bought the tickets mid
game when it was clearly apparent the Knicks were gonna lose,
and an old Jake story, we did that once that
it looked like Yukon was gonna advance to the Elite eight,
and me and my buddies bought tickets mid game, like

we took a chance on it, and the tickets doubled
in price once Yukon made it because Yukon played at
the Garden that I was like, oh, like this game
seven wasn't guaranteed. If I buy the ticket now, like
it'll probably go up in value that if I can't
make the game, because we were gonna do talking Yanks
and stuff, I was like, you know, I'll just resell
it and probably make a profit.

Speaker 3 (41:02):
Business man.

Speaker 1 (41:05):
Did not work, not a successful business. The prices of
the tickets went down that my decision then either turned
into go to the Knicks game. Paid a decent penny
for it for kind of bad seats that under the
skyview area. That's pretty tough. The skyview you mentioned it before,
kind of nice.

Speaker 2 (41:23):
The bridge is sneaky, nice sky bridge, sneaking right on top,
but no one in front of you.

Speaker 1 (41:29):
You could see that. I floated around up there a
little bit, just because I was so anxious, a little
bit of Game seven, a little bit of hangover. They yeah,
I was like, Okay, well, I don't want to just
lose one hundred and fifty bucks for no reason, so
I guess I'll go to a Game seven in the garden.
That was a whole intention. Uh. The Knicks roster that

ended up on the court, you know, it was a
different Knicks team than the one that had hoped this season. Obviously,
Julius Randall has been out and we've known that, and
that's okay og Ananobi was kind of the big story
before the game. When he originally got hurt, it was like, okay,

like he's got a chance for game seven. Comes to
game seven, he's starting there, sounds like they're feeling good
about it. He comes out for five minutes, he makes
the two shots he took, which that got people excited,
and his intro was sick because the crowd was like,
you know, New York loves someone gritting it out to

play in a game. The first couple sets on offense,
he was like barely moving and they attacked him on
defense and he didn't have too much, so it's like,
okay og probably not gonna have it. Brunson, you know,
they were gonna need him to be insane and he

was okay, he wasn't insane. And then he breaks his hand. Whoops,
Hartenstein I think got hurt.

Speaker 2 (43:02):
Yeah, and just wasn't his best game I ever heard
he was or wasn't right.

Speaker 1 (43:08):
Who knows where the line is. Josh Hart is super
banged up coming into the game, Like if this was
a regular season basketball game, how many of these guys
aren't playing came foot thing?

Speaker 2 (43:23):
So I'm sure what have missed a week under normal circumstances.

Speaker 1 (43:26):
I think the Knicks lineup as I was walking out
the building. Stevencenzo, who again is amazing, a thirty nine
point game seven, nine to fifteen from three. So interested
to see what the next few years of his career
a like because he's been like incredible. Yeah, I don't
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (43:47):
There's some some cool midseason interview stuff with talking about
like how much he learned from Steph Theories a Warrior.

Speaker 1 (43:52):
But coming into the season, Dante DiVincenzo was what man
on the Knicks roster.

Speaker 2 (43:58):
Because of the new contract. I think you would have
said six. But coming off the bench either one, yeah.

Speaker 1 (44:04):
And I guess that's before they traded for og so
that'd be another wrinkle.

Speaker 2 (44:08):
But either way him or quickly six to seven was
the plan.

Speaker 1 (44:13):
They pull out Heart because he was clearly banged up
and deserved the applause he got. So it's Stevencenzo at Cheua,
Miles McBride, Deuce who was missing from parts of games.
He had one or two good ones, but I don't know.

Speaker 2 (44:30):
Sixer series he was good, and then he was missing
on the first four ish games of this series.

Speaker 3 (44:34):
Great in Game.

Speaker 1 (44:35):
Five, oh of six from three. Alec Burke, who came
in and played kind of incredible and kept the Knicks
alive and was hilarious, got a couple MVP chants. Precious
at Chua, who offensively had people in the stands yelling
bad things at him. Uh, because his offensive game wasn't

wasn't for the court.

Speaker 2 (44:59):
If he's not God bubbling offensive boards, he's not providing
much on the offensive end.

Speaker 1 (45:04):
That it was seeing that lineup Loues to a deep
Pacers team, a Pacers team that legitimately, you know, goes
eight men deep. You know some nights they go further
than that, but you know, Obi Toppin gets real run
with them, and in his fifteen minutes, he's either gonna
go three of five from the field and make an

impact or he's gonna go one to four and kind
of not be there. TJ McConnell is entering all world
pest levels. It's insane, and yet they just made every
shot like it was. It was kind of nuts. I was.
I was juiced up for Game seven, like, Wow, this
is gonna be an all time experience, And the first
thing that blew me away was every Knicks bucket early on,

the crowd went nuts. Every time the Pacers got a bucket.
The crowd was so deflated, and I was like, wait,
are we really gonna do this for the whole game,
because like literally first couple buckets of the game, Pacers
would make the shot and the crowd was like, Oh.
I was like, we're gonna like Pacers are guaranteed to
get eighty. They basically got that in the first half.

They did not miss again. I think they were They're
the deeper team, especially at this current juncture of the season,
and they were just there's something to play in free
and loose, Like if you're a sports fan, you obviously
know that. But hitting their first couple shots and knowing
they were deeper, and I think watching o g get

hurt and having the lead, seeing all of their confidence
just tick up that the plays where you might get stops,
like when you get Miles Turner to pull up for
a floater in the lane on a pick and roll,
He's gonna make that a chunk of times. He's gonna
miss that a chunk of times that in a game seven,
you're just hoping he misses it, just clean and easy

him Siakam in their role players. Man Nie Smith went
eight of eight from the field, Nemhard eight of ten
from the field. Everyone shot the lights out man Isay
Jackson three of three, McConnell six of eight. Like they
shot sixty seven percent as a team. That would have

been interesting to see if a different Knicks roster had survived.
But good on the Pacers. They're gonna take on the Celtics.
Celtics are massive favorites. To point, Simmons and Roscillo were
doing a little bit of like, are the Pacers one
of the worst teams to ever reach a conference finals?

Little rude. The Pacers season this year has been funky.
Halliburton getting hurt changed a lot of how they were
respected throughout the year. Haliburton looks like he's back man
ten of seventeen, six of twelve from three, playing with
a swagger to him that, Yeah, I think you can

look at the Pacers through two scopes. You can look
at their roster and be like, God, even if you
like Halliburton, Siakam, Miles Turner, like, you know, for that
being their quote unquote big three. A lot of guys
that cannot get you excited. Siakam plays weird just a

fact he has.

Speaker 2 (48:27):
Been a core member of a championship team before, Like
he was awesome on that Raptors team.

Speaker 1 (48:33):
Turner's got an offensive gear to him and defensive like
how all of these guys. And I think the other
thing that I want to give credit when credits due there,
I did this a little bit. They're head coach Carlisle Man,
he's got quite a track record that they had a
game plan to beat the Knicks and it was be
deeper and pressure them full court the whole series and

it paid off that I'll be interested to see if
they give the Celtics a fight. I would go Celtics
in six. I'm near impossible to pick against the Celtics,
but I think with Carlisle the Celtics, I don't want
to say ability to lose a game, but it's kind

of become a thing like the game too. Celtics has
become a thing. It seems like the team has a
little bit of taking their foot off the gas pedal sometimes.
Maybe that's what I'm looking for, and maybe that's because
they're so good. I mean, they're the best team in
the East, and I think I think they're currently your
NBA favorites to win it all with the Nuggets going down,

because that was that was the premiere game last night.
Denver holds Minnesota to nineteen points in the first two quarters.
It's in Denver, a city that's like it's a feared

competitive city because of the altitude, and like Game seven,
like how you might have someone who literally loses their
breath in the big game, which that would be a
tough moment. They are down what was it, fifty three
to thirty eight at the half. The t Wolves weren't

looking so pretty Denver, and I think everyone kind of
was mentally doing the like, well the heart of a
champion stuff like this is Joker, this is Murray, this
is Game seven in Denver, this is why these are
the guys. And the Timberwolves found it. Man aunt Edwards

with not the prettiest box score you'll see, uh, but
had some moments late sixteen seven and eight. Karl Anthony
Towns eight of fourteen from the field, twelve rebounds Cobert
with one of the ugliest, prettiest fadeaway shots at a

crucial time, and I thought Jane McDaniels getting involved offensively
twenty three points out of him and you know the
point where I really came to the edge of my seat.
I think t Wolves were getting it going to start
the half like we're we're going to fight. You're you're

not running away with this ant drives in and you
kind of wondered if he was going to take like
I'm the star player shot like this is kind of
I've got some momentum. Hopefully I get fouled or just
make a nice bucket. He kicked out to McDaniels in
the corner and he banged it and the t Wolves
just got rolling from there. They held Denver to fourteen

points in the third. Kind of a no show for
Mikechael Porter Junior. Kind of a no show from anyone
who wasn't Murray or Joker. Murray had thirty five, Nikola
had thirty four. Your next leading scorer Michael Porter Junior
with seven. Michael Porter Junior might be a guy whose

name you hear on the trade block a little bit.
I think the other thing, Aaron Gordon had some massive
games in this series. He was not really present in
this one, and I think Denver got a little thinner
than people thought. I mean, I know it's a game
seven that you're gonna play your guys, but Christian Brown

plays twenty minutes off the bench. They get five from
Reggie Jackson, nine from Holiday. Bruce Brown was a huge
impact player on the Nuggets last year. It feels like
if he's a part of this game, could it have
gone differently. I don't know, but it's an exciting time.
T Wolves Mavericks in the West. As the MAVs took

down OKC OKC, I mean youth, which I said I
was gonna circle back on, I think that kind of
came to the forefront. And the thing that turned my
head was when they lost. I want to say it
was Game three and I pointed out on here the
box score looked like a good OKC box score, And

I think in the postseason where NBA wins, if you
have more stars, if you have more Jimmy and Joe's,
it's kind of gonna play out. And the Mavericks between
Kyrie being outstanding, I mean, Luca was good, not great,
but PJ. Washington stepping up and hitting every shot that

was just insane. Gafford's role on that team that now
they have a really strong five that they can throw
at you, and I it doesn't get much better. You
got too. I mentioned watching thirty for thirties or a
sport documentary. Sport documentary. Luca thinks he's next, and there

was a time when everyone assumed Luca would be next,
and that could still happen. Recently, everyone's like Anthony Edwards
is next, and that can still happen. I mean, you've
got two guys in the Western Conference finals that think
they are the next guy, like number one player on

the planet, and they're gonna tee it up. I mean,
we might see a lot of this in the coming years.
I know the NBA moves quick, and player movement happens
more than we think. But uh, Luca versus Aunt. These
young guys trying to make their claim with kind of
fun teams in different setups, t Wolves that go bear trade,

they got killed for they've got the two bigs when
the NBA kind of didn't think we did bigs anymore.

Speaker 3 (55:08):
They had that.

Speaker 1 (55:08):
Special defensive, standout performance game and then that went away
a little bit that I don't know. I mean, basketball
Celts Pacers a little tough. No one was really on
the Celtics level though, Like remember everyone was kind of
hoping the Bucks figured it out. They've been gone for
a while now. Knicks were down to their second unit,

but out West Anthony Edwards and Luka Doncic fighting for
the crown. I don't know if it's gonna get much
better than that. I think that's gonna be a really
fun series. If you're the Celtics, Let's say the Celtics advance. Sorry, Indiana,
would you rather face the t Wolves or Dallas? I

don't know. I don't know.

Speaker 2 (56:02):
I leen you'd rather see Dallas.

Speaker 3 (56:05):
I was about to say, under my head, I think
you'd say Dallas.

Speaker 1 (56:08):
Some Kyrie stuff there, Lucas great. I think the teables
are just more annoying to play because they have such length,
Like you know, if I'm Tatum, do I want to
see Jada McDaniels all series. I don't know. We've got
a lot of time to digest that. And I hope
the scrappy Pacers give a little bit of a fight.
Who probably deserve a little bit more respect. Because Haliburn

got hurt, that changed the whole team dynamic. They've added Siakam.
They took the Lakers to the mid mid season tournament finale.
I don't know Celts are probably gonna roll. That's just
that Hey didn't even talk golf. Congrats Sander. Thank you

guys for tuning in and watching. We will be back Wednesday.
I'm not sure if we're.

Speaker 3 (57:01):
Let me see.

Speaker 1 (57:02):
I'll see if we come up come up with something special.
Sorry BBD, I'm missing the sign off line.

Speaker 3 (57:11):
I have it wakened.

Speaker 2 (57:11):
Jicks a production of Dan Patrick Productions, John Blay Media,
and Workhouse Media.

Speaker 1 (57:16):
See you guys soon
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