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April 22, 2024 39 mins

Inayah On Meeting Her Fiancé, Viral Engagement Video, Sex Being 65% Of A Relationship + More

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Speaker 1 (00:03):
What's up? Its way up with Angela Yee. I'm Angela Yee.
And it's a celebration. I mean, we got a nay
you're here. Congratulations girl, thank you. The album is out
right now. Wait, there's more. As a matter of fact,
we want to pop this Battle of Champagne to celebrate
both you and I are too scared to pop the battle,
so damn, my producer's gonna come over.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Here, come Dan, because we're scary and do.

Speaker 1 (00:24):
Yeah, you know what I I want to be better
at that, but I'm always scared that somebody shook it
up or something's gonna happen. Don't point it this way, sir.
Both like this like something's about to happen to us.
I have to get better at this. This is one
of the things I need to learn. What champagne to drink,
what wines I'm supposed to be like? I want to

be grown.

Speaker 2 (00:45):
I'm so scared. I never understood why people shake it up. First,
you're not.

Speaker 1 (00:49):
That's because they wanted to stop scared. What all you
gotta do? I feel like I could do you just
ease the tap off? Just why are you facing this way?
Turn around? There? We go, turn around? Oh he can't
even do it? Okay, all right, So we got so

many things to celebrate.

Speaker 2 (01:12):
For you, you.

Speaker 1 (01:14):
Know, because first of all, I'm excited that you're here.
Love your spirit, love your music.

Speaker 2 (01:17):
Al I'm excited. You know.

Speaker 1 (01:20):
We got a toast to this. I know you got
the team in here too. Does anybody else want some
champagne with us? Got Thursday? Yat Thursday? This is how
you test to see if anybody has another baby on
the wall or something. You know what I'm saying. It's like,
let's see if she'll drink this. And I'm just kidding.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Chairs here's the way. There's more. Let's go.

Speaker 1 (01:39):
Not see the ring on the finger so that I
see that. So that's an engagement ring. We saw a
few months ago there was an actual engagement that went viral.
Everybody said, congratulations. Is that what that is? So can
we celebrate and toasted that too?

Speaker 2 (01:53):
Is that what that is? Is that an engagement ring?

Speaker 1 (01:55):
Wait, there's more, wait for it. I'm gonna toasted that now.
But honest so you gotta be having like the best
time right now.

Speaker 2 (02:03):
I am.

Speaker 3 (02:04):
I'm having a pretty good year in all the ways,
like in love, in music, and motherhood, in ownership and finances.
I'm just every single part of my life is so
beautiful right now that I'm still kind of waiting for
something to go wrong.

Speaker 1 (02:20):
Don't do that. You got to celebrate these moments.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
I don't know why. I don't know why I do.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
That to myself, right because sometimes when things aren't going well,
you start feeling like, well, can only get better from here.
But when things are going well, you're like, something bad's
gonna happen.

Speaker 3 (02:32):
Yeah, And I think that's only because I'm so I
don't know, immune to trauma.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
Damn. That sound bad to say, right, but it's it's
it's true.

Speaker 1 (02:43):
Well, okay, before we get into that, let's get into
the great things. You have two children, I too, and
a bonus baby and a bonus baby. So you're old.
This is nine or ten.

Speaker 2 (02:51):
My oldest is twelve or twelve. Yeah, he wants to
be thirteen.

Speaker 1 (02:54):
Oh my god, No, that's grown.

Speaker 2 (02:56):
That's a big boy.

Speaker 1 (02:57):
I don't know why. Okay, that's a big boy, all right.
And then the baby.

Speaker 3 (03:01):
Is and then I have a middle My bonus baby
is the middle baby. Okay, he's five, and the newest
just turned three on April eight.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
She's congratulations. Somebody was telling me the other day some
of these kids that ended up having to like really
start to develop during COVID, it's like different, yeacause of
the social.

Speaker 3 (03:21):
One thousand percent. I got a pandemic baby. My last
one is a pandemic baby. And he's just he's wired differently.

Speaker 2 (03:31):
Everyone says that I don't know, and I don't even
know what it is.

Speaker 3 (03:34):
Maybe it's because they were, you know, closed in and
didn't have anything other than the Internet and the people
that they you know, their immediate family. But he's different.
He's resilient, he's fearless, you know. When he goes out
into the world. I guess because he didn't get to
see the world during the pandemic. He just want to
go full force into everything. He ain't scared of nothing, right.

Speaker 2 (03:55):

Speaker 1 (03:55):
Oh, and then for you being at home during the
pandemic with y'all man and he's Jamaica.

Speaker 2 (04:02):
He is girl.

Speaker 1 (04:03):
Should I say fiancee? We all get used to saying
that I've seen the video okay with your fiance you know,
how is how is that for you guys spending so
much time.

Speaker 3 (04:14):
I don't together, We don't get we don't get tired
of each other.

Speaker 2 (04:19):
Because that's how we don't get tired of each other.
We work together. You know, we be at home together.
I do.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
We do separate when necessary, like for work and things
like that. But if I could be, if I could.

Speaker 2 (04:31):
Be up under, I would. Yeah.

Speaker 1 (04:34):
Do y'all sleep hugged up? You know how some people do.

Speaker 3 (04:37):
We tangle our We tangle our legs into each other,
like we tangle our legs up together.

Speaker 2 (04:42):
That is so cute.

Speaker 1 (04:45):
And then you go home and you be so happy
that y'all miss it, and y'all missed each other so much.

Speaker 2 (04:49):
Yeah, you got a good one.

Speaker 1 (04:51):
So all right, Well, then let's talk about some of
these songs in that case, because you have to chant
us some other energy. I mean, if right now, hot
saus Yeah, let's talk about it. I know this feeling.
And tell your mama I don't like her, nig because
sometimes when gods are doing you dirty, the family knows.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
The mama be knowing, the mama be knowing when they
when she raised, can we go ahead? The mama know
when she didn't raise, I ain't she tild And a
lot of the times when when she also knows when
her son has done something wrong and.

Speaker 2 (05:24):
He go running back home. She'll be on his side like, well,
he's just not ready and he thirty five?

Speaker 1 (05:30):
What you mean he ain't ready? Right?

Speaker 3 (05:32):
She The moms protect, They protect the bullshit, and I
hate that. I feel like, I feel like a nice
amount of women have experience absolutely the mama being the problem.

Speaker 1 (05:41):
Yeah, and not that she's the problem, but she always
gonna ride for her son.

Speaker 2 (05:44):
She'd be the problem because it started home.

Speaker 1 (05:47):
Listen, So you have a thirteen year old boy, dude, right,
so you're always gonna go to bad for your son
no matter who he's dating though, Right, You're gonna true.

Speaker 3 (05:55):
However, I teach I'm for real, I feel you on that,
But I teach my boys accountability, you know, at all times.
And I also teach them don't ever put yourself in
a situation where you're gonna end up having to be
held accountable if something, if some shit go down, right,
you know what I mean? And you just got to
hope that you you free them out into the world
with that same perspective. But there's the Internet and then

there's peers and things you just can't keep them away from.

Speaker 1 (06:21):
Yeah, because sometimes you be feeling like your mom knew,
your sister knew, your boys knew. That's the worst type
of getting cheated on it. Oh man, and they don't
have this other woman around.

Speaker 3 (06:32):
Especially when you done got cool with one of the
cousins or some shit or the sisters.

Speaker 1 (06:36):
Sister thought we was cool, you know, but it's also
not really Therefore, Like I dated a guy, his cousin
actually told me. She was like, listen, you don't need
to be with him.

Speaker 2 (06:45):
Would you want that? Though? What?

Speaker 3 (06:48):
What girl truly would really want the family member of
the guy that she is probably head over heels in
love with to come and tell them, Hey, I know
you had be and everything, but don't waste your time.
I appreciated it because I felt like it had to
be that bad that she told me, because she was like,
I really fuck with you, Like I like you a lot,

you cool, you treat him well, but he ain't it
he got She was like, he's got a lot of issues,
and I'm just telling you.

Speaker 1 (07:15):
This because I really like you. Yeah, because me and
her became super cool, like went on trips together.

Speaker 2 (07:20):
Oh what is coming?

Speaker 1 (07:22):
And the other thing is you have to know who
you're telling, right, because some people if you tell them something,
they're just going to stay with that person and be
mad at you. Yeah, some people, you know you have
a friend that if you tell them, they're gonna be like,
all right, let me not just think with my heart,
let me think with my head. And I am that
type of person. I'm a very practical person. And so
if somebody close to me or you know, tells me

something and it's valid, then I can accept that.

Speaker 3 (07:46):
And my heart is getting me in trouble. Man, I
need to start listening to my mind more. Well, not now,
because I don't have them kind of problems. Okay, fiance
as far as love goes, uh huh. But in other
areas of my life, I should probably lead mentally instead
of with my heart, because I beat my heart be
getting me into some shit.

Speaker 1 (08:06):
But you know, the house with.

Speaker 2 (08:07):
Music absolutely absolutely to say it because people always be
like us such a conflict.

Speaker 1 (08:13):
Yes, because when you're happy sometimes the music don't.

Speaker 3 (08:16):
You ain't got nothing to write about it? Yeah, when
everything well, that's crazy, when everything.

Speaker 2 (08:20):
Going good, you don't have no there was the inspiration
behind it? And don't nobody want to hit on every music?

Speaker 1 (08:25):
Sometimes we do that. We need like a good.

Speaker 3 (08:28):
If it's if it's something you can do a down
step two or something. Yeah, but it's kind of like
when Mary I'll never want to.

Speaker 1 (08:34):
Probably when she was going through what she was going through.
I mean people tell her that all the time. Or
Tony Braxton did a great album about heartbreak.

Speaker 2 (08:42):
Yeah, you know, yeah, and you're right.

Speaker 1 (08:44):
And then people feel like the music it's a different
vibe when and I think you connect to people more
because a lot of us are like and.

Speaker 2 (08:52):
It's it's when it's relatable. It I think I think
the music travels further.

Speaker 1 (08:57):
Right when it's but love is relatable too, you know,
And there's times when you're like, this is true. Think
about what what are some good wedding songs when you
think about you know.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
She lovely?

Speaker 3 (09:09):
That's one of my favorite wedding songs all right now,
Stevie Wondle I no, no, I was thinking, is that
song about his daughter?

Speaker 1 (09:17):
Was that the song that was my Sherry and Moore? Okay?

Speaker 3 (09:20):
So she oh wait, maybe that was the one I'm
trying to remember.

Speaker 2 (09:24):
Was it about his daughter's money?

Speaker 1 (09:26):

Speaker 3 (09:26):
Definitely got one? Oh my gosh, she got one with that.
Now that's that's that can be played it with that one.
Is that is generational?

Speaker 1 (09:33):
I feel like a few of her songs like that
for me, yes, yes, yes, only now I feel like
I love that song. But people are like, Okay, we
hear it so much, But every time I hear it,
I still I still can't help it singing.

Speaker 3 (09:46):
Yeah, it's okay, it's okay. I'm but I'm a I'm
a lover of music. I hardly ever get tired.

Speaker 2 (09:51):
Now I get tired of some of my own records.

Speaker 1 (09:53):
That's a shame, is it. You're not tired of their records.

Speaker 3 (09:58):
I get tired of some of my own recor particularly
the one I'm most tired of is sugar Daddy. Oh
why because I'm not I'm not there, no mold.

Speaker 1 (10:08):
You know. But it's a process, and I think sometimes listen,
there's music I like. I had this whole conversation the
other day too, about how I like music that doesn't
always represent where I am right now, heard you like
I could be heard you somebody else. I could be
sexy red for a second year. It's good when you
get to step byside your usual element. But Sugar Daddy

was one of the ones that I wrote in real.

Speaker 3 (10:31):
Time that was something I was likely doing. Yeah, it
was something I was actually doing at the moment. And
now it's up there and it's stuck there.

Speaker 1 (10:39):
How did you sugar Daddy help you hoo girl in
all the ways?

Speaker 2 (10:44):
But again that was that was then, you know.

Speaker 1 (10:47):
But yeah, how much older was he?

Speaker 2 (10:49):
I was twenty nine, he was fifty seven? Okay, yeah,
he was.

Speaker 1 (10:55):
About almost thirty years twenty eight years older. Yeah, and
did he know what his role was?

Speaker 2 (11:00):
Absolutely? Okay, absolutely, honey.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
But he was for me, for me, I think for
him he actually had he had definitely fallen in love
and I kind of felt bad in the end. But
for me, it was I needed a rebound after a
bad heartbreak, a bad breakup. So I was just like,
I need something new and fresh and unfamiliar. And that's
what led me over to dating older man.

Speaker 1 (11:24):
Okay, yeah, I mean everybody's going younger now.

Speaker 2 (11:28):
Yeah, yeah, it's a thing.

Speaker 1 (11:30):
Younger now.

Speaker 3 (11:31):
It's a thing I've seen. I've seen a few posts.

Speaker 2 (11:34):
I ain't say no name, but you.

Speaker 1 (11:38):
Know, I think that, like I said, sometimes those things
are First of all, I think what people like about
you is that you're really documenting real situations like Sugar
Daddy would make me feel like I wish I had one.
I've never had that, I've never experienced that. It could
have helped me a lot, can help me a lot
right now.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
The girls was actually dming me for Sugar Daddy. Stort
a kid.

Speaker 1 (11:58):
I don't even know how to act ask for things?

Speaker 2 (12:01):

Speaker 1 (12:02):
Yeah, like, I don't know how to do that.

Speaker 2 (12:04):
I do shit.

Speaker 3 (12:06):
I need some shoes, I broke a nail. I want
to go to Perry's.

Speaker 1 (12:10):
I it's still not done. I bet like this for
a month now.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
But you know, you just you independent. That's cool.

Speaker 1 (12:17):
Now, how do you explain to your fiance when he
listens to your music and then y'all gotta have conversations
because that is.

Speaker 2 (12:23):
Like your diary. Yeah, it's like your diary and music.

Speaker 3 (12:27):
It's funny that you ask that, because he will not
watch Sugar Daddy video to this day. Really, he won't
watch it. He hates the song. He don't want to
hear it. First of all, he had no idea who
I was when we met. So that's just beautiful in
itself because there's no you know, suspicion of ulterior motive
or anything like that. He's foreign you know. So this
was a whole new space for him. He's very private,

you know, I did you Guystorial.

Speaker 2 (12:51):
We met at my baby daddy.

Speaker 1 (12:52):
House and I loved it. Please continue, let me.

Speaker 2 (13:03):
Have some They're not friends. First of all, Let's make
that very clear. They were not friends.

Speaker 1 (13:08):
It ain't no Porsche Falan situations.

Speaker 3 (13:10):
It was a it was a it was a kickback, y'all.
Y'all have kickbacks out here. Y'all know what kickbacks is.

Speaker 1 (13:15):
We don't really, but we know what it is.

Speaker 2 (13:16):

Speaker 3 (13:17):
So it was a little kickback and I went over there.
I had just did like a twelve hour session at
the studio, went to go pick up my.

Speaker 2 (13:22):
Son and his uncle was like, now you come kick it.
We having a little you know.

Speaker 3 (13:26):
I was like, I don't like y'all like that. I'm
trying to give my son and bounce, you know. And
it was just one of those situations where friends of
friends of friends invited other friends. And as I was
leaving the party, Jay was walking into the party and
that's how that's how we met.

Speaker 1 (13:38):
And did you turn back around?

Speaker 2 (13:40):
Like? I was like, eyes, I can stay for a
little bit, a little bit longer.

Speaker 1 (13:44):
I ain't.

Speaker 3 (13:46):
I had to make sure that there was no friendship
or any you know, okay, respect him and yeah, and
it just it got weird throughout the night because I
was like, I'm playing dominoes and cars and having these
drinks with this guy that I'm into. But then this month,
you know what I'm saying, my son, Yeah, family.

Speaker 2 (14:03):
My exist family.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
So I ended up leaving right and then a couple
of days after that, he pursued me and was asking
for my number and things like that, and I didn't
want to give it to him because I was just like,
it's still a little too close for comfort, you know,
And he was just like, man, look I don't care
about none of it. Then I ain't into them. Y'all
been separated for a long. Y'all ain't been together for

over five years. So I let him take me out
on a date and I fipped on the first night.

Speaker 2 (14:32):
And now we're getting married.

Speaker 1 (14:35):
That can happen for you. Where was the first day?

Speaker 2 (14:38):
And I don't regret it at his house.

Speaker 1 (14:41):
You shouldn't regretted in his living room. You didn't mind
going to it. So y'all must have really been like
having a vibe to even feel comfortable to go to
somebody's house on the first day.

Speaker 2 (14:50):
Nasty. Yeah, Jamica, Jamaica.

Speaker 1 (14:55):
You know, there's rumors about Jamaican many things that they
won't do, but I don't believe it. I feel like
that outdated.

Speaker 2 (15:00):
I don't know about what they want to do, but
I know about what they do do. So I'm so
in love.

Speaker 1 (15:08):
That's good.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
I'm very happy that.

Speaker 1 (15:10):
Because people have all kinds of rules about dating. Yeah,
they'll be like, I'm not doing this on the first date.
I'm not gonna on the third date. I'll give him
a kiss.

Speaker 2 (15:18):
But you were just like because what we.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
Were in time for you know what I'm saying, Especially
if I'm going to marry you, I need to know
what I'm I got to know what we're working week.

Speaker 1 (15:27):
I mean, it was the first time you did have
a little time.

Speaker 2 (15:30):
I mean.

Speaker 3 (15:31):
It is a Hennessy involved, you know, I feel like
liquid courage.

Speaker 1 (15:36):
I guess sometimes the first time could be a little
awkward to like, it takes a while to get adjusted
to each other, you know how. You gotta know what
he likes. He got to know what you like. What's
the first time?

Speaker 2 (15:47):
Like? No, it was so I love telling the story.

Speaker 3 (15:49):
It sounds so corny, but it was so electrical when
we first even first shook hands, Like I, God, just
sounds so.

Speaker 2 (15:56):
Corny, and I've always been the opposite of fairy tale.

Speaker 3 (16:00):
But I truly believe that the first time we saw
each other it was it was love at first sight.

Speaker 1 (16:07):
Wow. And he feels the same way.

Speaker 2 (16:10):

Speaker 3 (16:11):
It's crazy because we when we tell that story, we
always feel silly because love at first sight is such
a you know, it's just one of those quotes.

Speaker 2 (16:21):

Speaker 1 (16:23):
First sight and yeah, I don't believe that, but I.

Speaker 2 (16:27):
Head over heels madly in love and he is too.

Speaker 1 (16:32):
And so some of these songs must have been written
a while ago there, like how do so, how do
you for this album? Yeah, knowing that you're so in love,
so talk to me about like certain songs obviously we
all know for the Streets.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
Listen, I was, I was scared to touch that song, Angela.

Speaker 1 (16:50):
That's that is scary, that's fantasious.

Speaker 3 (16:52):
Yes, and it's it's it's it's a classic. If you're
gonna do it, you got one shot. And I didn't
want to do it.

Speaker 2 (16:58):
And then my A n R.

Speaker 3 (16:58):
Came in and was like, why not just give it
a shot and put your spin on it, you know,
give them what they know and love and aya for
and they know what you They know you're gonna talk
your shit on there. So I did it, and now
it's an anti love song. And the people received it.

Speaker 2 (17:12):
There was a nice little handful of them that was like,
oh my god, I know she didn't why would she touch.

Speaker 3 (17:17):
That, you know, but there was more, There was more
love than the opposite.

Speaker 1 (17:23):
And I that Fantasia loved it.

Speaker 2 (17:25):
She approved it. Girl, I didn't.

Speaker 3 (17:27):
I didn't get to like personally speak or meet with
her at the time because she was promoting Color Purple.

Speaker 2 (17:32):
She had just did Color Purple.

Speaker 3 (17:34):
But just for her and her team to even approve
and give me their blessing to touch this record was
mind blowing to me, right yeah.

Speaker 1 (17:41):
And even when you put this out knowing that you
were in love at the time.

Speaker 2 (17:44):

Speaker 3 (17:46):
So it's really hard for it's hard for consumers to
separate an artist's real life from their crap. This is
our crap. This is this is our art, you know.
And nothing that I write about is like no fool
gazy shit. If I write it, I've directly experienced it
or somebody very close to me has went through it

to where I was able to have front row seats
into their their trauma or their heartbreak. So nothing that
I write about is ever like made up. It's all
real experiences.

Speaker 1 (18:17):
It might not have just happened, though.

Speaker 3 (18:19):
Yeah, And I've got records in the can girl like
I have. I have so much shit archived, and I
was just ready to reclaim my time with this with
this album.

Speaker 2 (18:29):
And I just gave them what they.

Speaker 3 (18:31):
What they fell in love with me for in the
first place, which is my shit talking, giving them their
Instagram quotes.

Speaker 1 (18:37):
Saying stuff that other people won't say. And it just
sounds so beautiful. You know how people would be like
when such and such, like when a Naya saying something
she could be playing you, but it's still sounds real
pretty thank you while you're talking about it.

Speaker 2 (18:50):
Thank you. Somebody gotta do it, leave it up to me.
I got you.

Speaker 1 (18:54):
Now. What about when it went viral that you got
engaged in November. That wasn't you that put it up.
Somebody did. Somebody else did, and everybody was like, congratulations,
that's amazing, you deserve it, so on and so forth.
But was that a moment that you didn't want people
to it was.

Speaker 3 (19:09):
It was so beautiful and sacred and special, and I
just couldn't believe that that, you know, God had finally
finally allowed me to meet my husband. That I wanted
to soak that up privately. I wanted to soak that
up by myself. You know, it took it took a

long time for me to even get to that space,
so I wasn't ready to share it.

Speaker 2 (19:33):
But it's out there. It's it's out there.

Speaker 1 (19:37):
How's the wedding planning going?

Speaker 2 (19:38):
Girl? I haven't even started.

Speaker 1 (19:40):
Okay, so much going on right now forever.

Speaker 2 (19:42):
It's too much going on right now.

Speaker 3 (19:43):
We got the drop and you know, wait, there's mores
out and then we're going on tour. It's yeah, I
don't even have twenty twenty fours. It's all booked up.

Speaker 1 (19:51):
Right, So you do. Do you have a date yet?

Speaker 2 (19:54):
I don't have nothing. That's fine, I don't have nothing.

Speaker 1 (19:57):
Got a ring?

Speaker 2 (19:58):
Yeah, and that's good enough. It's heavy, So, girl, it's
so heavy.

Speaker 1 (20:03):
How was it even? Like you said, you guys have
a blended family? Now? Yeah, how was that process?

Speaker 3 (20:08):
I was scared to become a step mama.

Speaker 2 (20:12):
Not gonna lie I hope that doesn't sound harsh.

Speaker 3 (20:15):
But now now I've learned to appreciate it and find
so much beauty in it. But I was worried that
this this little boy because I met him when he
was two.

Speaker 2 (20:24):
He was just two years old.

Speaker 3 (20:25):
He's about to be six now, So I was worried
that I didn't know how to And forgive me if
this sounds harsh, but I'm just telling you how what
space I was in. I was worried that I wouldn't
find space to open my heart to, you know, a
another kid, especially during postpartum and all these other things

I was dealing with after having Apollo. But he's wanted.
He's become one of the the the loves of my life.
And I can't imagine. My house is beautifully chaotic with
all three of my boys.

Speaker 2 (20:59):
Yeah, I love it.

Speaker 3 (21:01):
And he couldn't say my name when we met. He
couldn't say Naya, so he nicknamed me yah Yah.

Speaker 2 (21:06):
That's cute.

Speaker 3 (21:07):
It's the cutest, it's the cutest, most affectionate name that
he calls me.

Speaker 1 (21:12):
And that's that's my baby. Now, how was it even
for you guys? Like meeting the other person? I know
you had to meet his son's mother and.

Speaker 2 (21:20):
Then my baby mama.

Speaker 1 (21:22):
Yeah we're cool, Okay, good? Yeah? Is that a process?

Speaker 3 (21:26):
I mean, I think it's an adjustment for anybody, you know,
especially when you're inviting a whole other person into your
child's life. You gotta know what you what, who you're
dealing with, and what you're dealing with. So I think
it was an adjustment for all of us.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
But we smooth sailing. Now, we're cool. My baby mama cool.

Speaker 1 (21:42):
And how did you know that you were that you
had postpartum girl?

Speaker 2 (21:47):
Because I've I wasn't me.

Speaker 1 (21:51):
I couldn't because some people don't know, like they're suffering
from it and have no idea what's wrong.

Speaker 2 (21:56):
Oh, I knew.

Speaker 3 (21:57):
I knew I was outside of myself, so I could
tell that you know something was wrong. It's a form
of it's depression. It's a form of depression. I felt
completely consumed by motherhood. I couldn't get back to me.
I couldn't. I couldn't write any Oh, I'm getting emotional.
Why I was get emotional when I talk about this.

Speaker 2 (22:17):
I couldn't.

Speaker 3 (22:19):
I couldn't create any music. I couldn't write a song
to save my life, Like I was just creatively empty.
If you need this, I was breastfeeding, so my baby
was completely dependent on me at the time. It was
a moment where I had actually went mute because I
felt like I didn't have anything to I couldn't find

anything worth saying or worth speaking about.

Speaker 2 (22:46):
Oh God, I'm too gangster for this shit, Angela, It's okay.

Speaker 1 (22:51):
You know what, This is helpful for other people because
this is real life. You know how many women go
through postpartum depression. Some of them, unfortunately, can't even identify
was wrong. Sometimes it with somebody who has no idea
what's happening with them. Yeah, So to be able to
see some of these signs and know that it's nothing
that you know, to know what it is, so that
you know how to handle it, I think it's important.

Speaker 3 (23:12):
Yeah, for sure, because it was a new, unfamiliar space.
I didn't experience that with my thirteen year old. I
bounced right back, my body bounced back, my skin cleared up.

Speaker 2 (23:21):
I didn't have any issues.

Speaker 3 (23:23):
I didn't feel sexy, I didn't feel desired. I was
like tripping out on Jay and he was Oh Jay
was so Jay was my rock through all of that.

Speaker 2 (23:35):
Yeah, that was he was. He he kept me sane.

Speaker 1 (23:42):
That's how you know, that's real love though, that's the
one for somebody. Yeah, to be able because that's you know,
that's it's hard for him to have to deal with
as Yeah, it's harder for you. I was, so it was.

Speaker 3 (23:53):
It's fair to say, Yeah, it's fair to say that
it affects everybody because he that was his first time
having to deal with postpartum too.

Speaker 2 (24:00):
It was a stranger in his house, right, you know.

Speaker 3 (24:02):
So to be able to be back in this creative
space now with my album with Wait There's More, I'm
just so appreciative, which is why I opened up the
album with Glory because I had to give spiritual recognition
to God for bringing me out of that.

Speaker 1 (24:18):
Now that's amazing. Yeah, and you know, just for what
did you? For everybody listening, what are some things that
you were able to do.

Speaker 2 (24:26):
That were helpful for you to get back in my bag?

Speaker 3 (24:31):
So, if you know, I went viral for my freestyles,
so I would challenge myself by just propping my phone up,
just going into my studio.

Speaker 2 (24:39):
Yeah, I just had to go back to the start.

Speaker 3 (24:41):
I needed to find it so badly, So what better
way to go, find something other than to retrace your steps,
you know.

Speaker 2 (24:49):
So I just went back to the start.

Speaker 3 (24:50):
I propped my phone up and I would put a
beat on and I wouldn't even try to force it.
I would just wait until a melody came to me.
And it was It was a lot like a kid
riding a tricycle for the first time. You're gonna fall
down a couple of times, but you're gonna get back
up and you're gonna keep going.

Speaker 2 (25:06):
So I just I stuck at it until I.

Speaker 3 (25:08):
Found my found my voice again, and then I called
my my super assistant, Sierra, and I was like, hey,
I'm ready. I think I'm ready, you know, And we
got back in the lab and now we have weight.

Speaker 2 (25:17):
There's more.

Speaker 1 (25:19):
Yeah, And do you still live in Houston?

Speaker 2 (25:20):
I do. I just bought a house in Houston.

Speaker 1 (25:22):
Oh, guys, I we gotta toasted that.

Speaker 2 (25:27):
Yes, toast the home owner ship. Man.

Speaker 1 (25:29):
Oh my god, that's amazing.

Speaker 2 (25:31):
What was it?

Speaker 1 (25:31):
Listen? And it is a difficult time for some people,
you know, because we've been talking about like housing.

Speaker 2 (25:36):
And mortgages and all of that.

Speaker 1 (25:38):
Yeah, how was that process for you of buying a
home and finding the right place. How did you know
this was it?

Speaker 3 (25:43):
So we we actually originally wanted to move out to
the country and get some exclusive space and some land
and be separated from the city. But my children, I
really try my hard is to make sure that they
don't have to feel any change because of my career. Right,
So instead of moving on to the country, my oldest
he is he's at the age and in seventh grade

where he's starting to establish his core friends, like the
friends that's gonna be his homies until college.

Speaker 1 (26:11):
They're gonna have movies together.

Speaker 2 (26:12):
Yeah, And I didn't want to disrupt that.

Speaker 3 (26:14):
I didn't want to take that away from him because
he got some homies that he been ribbed down with
since like third grade. So instead we chose to, like,
you know, have a bit of a compromise, and we
just found this exclusive gated neighborhood.

Speaker 2 (26:28):
Got to have a got to show y'all did at
the gate.

Speaker 1 (26:30):
You know what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (26:31):
You can't just get off out up in hire. So
we got a gated and we went to a gated neighborhood.

Speaker 3 (26:37):
It's pretty exclusive, and that way we still have our
you know, we're still separate from have your privacy yeah, space. Yeah,
we still have our privacy, but our kids still get
to feel pretty naser everyday lives.

Speaker 2 (26:49):

Speaker 1 (26:49):
Now I got to ask you about this song pakiau yay.

Speaker 2 (26:52):
Oh what a shift in conversation.

Speaker 1 (26:56):
Move on to this getting catfish. Okay, you gotta explain
this to me because you know you write these songs. Yeah,
from a real place. Have you ever stayed with somebody
too long? Because you got calf fish by the deck?

Speaker 2 (27:10):
Stayed with them too long? No, I might, I'm out
of there. You ain't finna, No, no, sir.

Speaker 3 (27:16):
Hell now you had said it was like this, but
truth is, it's like that.

Speaker 2 (27:21):
So I'm out. I'm bouncing. No, I don't.

Speaker 3 (27:24):
I'm not babysitting your feelings or a but if.

Speaker 1 (27:27):
You really like them as a person, you don't want
to hurt their feeling.

Speaker 2 (27:30):
You hurt my feelings when you lied about your thing?
Is what are we talking about? No, that's not fair.

Speaker 1 (27:37):
So that's a big deal to you. You couldn't love
somebody and be with them, but they.

Speaker 2 (27:40):
Just Let's now, let's be honest here. Sex is at
least sixty five percent of the relationship, a little more
than half.

Speaker 3 (27:55):
Yeah, definitely more than half. I would put sixty five
on it, because.

Speaker 1 (27:58):
When everything else is great, the sad lines up to
you know what.

Speaker 3 (28:01):
I mean, And especially when you're especially when there's that
think of it like this, you have this, you have
this bomb connection and attraction to this person.

Speaker 2 (28:11):
And then once you're once you choose.

Speaker 3 (28:12):
Whatever, whatever speed y'all choose to go at once you
choose to meet each other with your bodies, and then
it's like wamp wanmp are we gonna act like that's
not a disappointment and you're just gonna go off the
fact that they're sweet?

Speaker 1 (28:27):
So this happened to you, Yes, damn it? What do
you do in that situation?

Speaker 2 (28:34):

Speaker 1 (28:35):
What you say?

Speaker 2 (28:36):
Get your ship and go oh my god, because.

Speaker 3 (28:40):
Nah, I'm not babysitting, no feelings. Sex is a big deal.

Speaker 1 (28:44):
Sex is a big somebody could be not that big
and still be good. Though.

Speaker 3 (28:48):
No, oh no, I didn't say, you know, to each
his own. Okay, some girls are satisfied with with with fivers,
maybe sixers, you know whatever, to each his own, right,
I know, Meto, not you.

Speaker 2 (29:02):
I'm not I'm not.

Speaker 3 (29:03):
Feeling a babysit your feelings, sir, you shouldn't have been
talking all this shit because now I'm expecting that you
done built.

Speaker 1 (29:07):
Up the hot is true, that's why you always got
to talk it down a little, like I don't I
not rather them not talk about it at all, maybe
not mention it.

Speaker 2 (29:15):
Yeah, like don't, let's not even talk.

Speaker 1 (29:17):
Maybe he got to talk about like his mouth work like.

Speaker 2 (29:20):
Most of the time, the ones that's the ones.

Speaker 3 (29:22):
That's tiny like that they got you know what I'm saying,
they got motor mouth, but.

Speaker 2 (29:30):
Motormouth. But I'm not.

Speaker 3 (29:32):
I'm not babysitting, no no feelings and protecting, no egos
and no shit like that. Nah, I got to have
sex is a big deal in a relationship. I don't
care what nobody's saying. They lying if they say otherwise.

Speaker 1 (29:41):
Yeah, it is a big deal. It's a big deal
when it's not hitting. I feel like when it's it's great,
you know, perfect, But when it's not good, I think
it's a uh, it's an indication that there's other things
wrong too.

Speaker 2 (29:54):
Oh you think so, I think so.

Speaker 1 (29:57):
But I will say sometimes the relationship could not be great,
but the sex could be great.

Speaker 3 (30:01):
Okay, And then that's what bitches end up going crazy
because then they get.

Speaker 2 (30:06):
Yeah, it definitely needs to be.

Speaker 1 (30:08):
But I also feel like when your sex is not
like lined up, usually that means it's other things.

Speaker 2 (30:14):
Going on, like mentally, emotionally it.

Speaker 1 (30:16):
Could be or it could be in your relationship that something,
or it could be he's going through something. You know,
that happens sometimes like guys. I think sometimes we feel
like guys are always ready and they're not, you know,
just like we could be like, oh, I don't feel
like it's not to have a headache, But if.

Speaker 3 (30:30):
A guy says that, it's like, oh yeah, like who,
first of all, where you being drop the let me see,
let me smell it? Nah, for real, You're absolutely right
on that one.

Speaker 2 (30:40):
It's the difference. I know it probably sounds sexist.

Speaker 1 (30:42):
Yeah, but we used to try to understand that sometimes
they go through things. Yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, they're humans.

Speaker 2 (30:50):
That's fail or whatever. But like I said, you know, nah,
it matters.

Speaker 3 (30:56):
And Pakia is that record is about experiencing a guy
that hyped himself up.

Speaker 2 (31:01):
And it wouldn't it wouldn't what it was.

Speaker 1 (31:02):
Boyd Packett had to catch a straight with that one.
And you know what else, that was the first running
for president.

Speaker 3 (31:09):
That was my first attempt in linking with a comedian
on the record.

Speaker 2 (31:13):
That's whel on there. You know, I love I love
him that.

Speaker 1 (31:17):
She's so funny.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
I love her. I'm just so happy she was willing
to be a part of it. So shout out to Lunelle.

Speaker 1 (31:22):
You love comedians because you're the mispatch. Yeah, I love you, know,
Miss Patt. First of all, comedy is like going to
a comedy show is my ideal date night, date night always. Yeah,
that's perfect. And so that's what I love about you too.
That's something that was unexpected. Yeah, oh, unexpected for real.
That was the perfect word.

Speaker 3 (31:39):
She She reached out to me on ig and was like, hey,
I got this show I want you to be a
part of and I actually I actually.

Speaker 2 (31:46):
Was trying to pass on it.

Speaker 3 (31:47):
I was like, oh, miss Pat, thank you so much,
but I'm not an actress. I don't want to get
on TV and embarrass myself, you know, but thank you
for considering me.

Speaker 2 (31:55):
But I ain't never acted before. She said, what's your number?
I gave him my number. She called me up. I said, hey,
miss Pat, how you doing.

Speaker 3 (32:00):
She said, if you don't get your ass down here
at Lanta and come audition for this damn shot.

Speaker 2 (32:05):
I said, Okay, okay, I'm gonna do it.

Speaker 3 (32:06):
I on my way, And she's the same person on
and off camera. You ain't gonna never get no other
version of Miss Pat. She's one thousand percent genuine. She
act the same way. But I did it, and now
I'm moving on the season four with them.

Speaker 1 (32:18):
Isn't that so dope? Like since that you never would
have anticipated and made it?

Speaker 2 (32:22):

Speaker 1 (32:22):
How was the audition?

Speaker 3 (32:23):
It was easy because I'm naturally a damn fool in
real life anyway, So it was very easy to tap
into the energy of Trina and you know, she from
the hood.

Speaker 2 (32:34):
I'm from the hood. She she sings, I sing for real.
You know.

Speaker 3 (32:38):
They made I feel like they designed her character around
a lot of who I am anyways, because she said
when they was thinking up the character, she thought of
me immediately.

Speaker 1 (32:47):
So dope. It's so dope to even know that you
made that big of an impact on somebody that I
can't something you've never done before, like acting. They already
knew yeah.

Speaker 2 (32:56):
And I won't.

Speaker 3 (32:57):
I don't even be I'm I'm unscripted all day long,
you know. So to get that blessing and then being
you know, meeting Tyler Perry and doing movies with him.
From just off of that, it's still it still blows.

Speaker 1 (33:10):
I mean people put up billboards to try to get
in Talli Perry movies, and you ain't have to people
what put up billboards trying to get in talent? Like
remember that woman, she was an actor, she put up
a billboard in Atlanta.

Speaker 2 (33:21):
No, I didn't know that, Yeah, to try to.

Speaker 1 (33:23):
Get in one of his movies.

Speaker 2 (33:25):
I know, I didn't know.

Speaker 1 (33:27):
And you the other hand, it's like we want her word.

Speaker 2 (33:32):
That's crazy.

Speaker 1 (33:33):
I gotta ask you, like just even thinking about you know,
your background. I know that earlier when we first started
this conversation, you talked about like coming from trauma and
things like that. You know, what was it like for
you growing up before music really took off.

Speaker 2 (33:46):
I come from music. First of all.

Speaker 3 (33:48):
My mama was a songstress before she got sick, and
my grandfather was the lead singer of a quartet group,
so it's it's in my blood. My mama wasn't LVN.
She worked nights and overnights. So my big sister kind
of took on a responsible role pretty early on in
you know, helping do our hair and cooking us eggs

in the morning, and Mama would get off work and
get us ready and off to school.

Speaker 2 (34:13):
My mama was so tired. She did her thing with us.

Speaker 3 (34:15):
Man, shout out to shout out to you, mommy, you
did a wonderful job with us.

Speaker 2 (34:21):
Damn getting me washing over again.

Speaker 1 (34:23):

Speaker 2 (34:24):

Speaker 1 (34:24):
I'm just like, Okay, it's a celebration day because you
know what, no matter what your backstory is, we're here today.

Speaker 2 (34:31):

Speaker 3 (34:32):
Man, I she wasn't always, you know, great, So Mama
did the best she could with us.

Speaker 2 (34:39):
She got us up out the hood.

Speaker 3 (34:41):
She met my stepdad who's been in my lab since
I was eight years old, and he stepped up and
did the job of a man who couldn't. And you know,
she's always nurtured my gift. My mama knew early on
that I could sing. At two years old. She recognized
my gift. And it's funny because I see it in
my I see in my three year old he sings.

He walks around the house singing melodies. And when I
was two, my Mama said, I would I would do that.
Da no no no no no no no no no
no no no no. The movie The it was a
Universal Motion Pictures the intro.

Speaker 2 (35:17):
At two years old. It was just stuck. It was stuck.

Speaker 3 (35:19):
And I wrote my first song when I was ten,
and I wouldn't I would en roll. I would sign
up for all of these competition shows in the city
and win all of them. And I got signed actually
at fourteen to a gospel label. When I was fourteen
years old, went nowhere, fell through bad deal, and I
did the voice, I did American Idol. I did all

these things, and I would never make it past second round,
third round, preliminaries. And then to sit in front of
my phone, prop it up on a desk, make a
freestyle and go viral out of nowhere. God had taken
me all around the world and I never had to
leave my living room, right, and I was I thought
I was supposed to get it in other ways by
doing the competition shows.

Speaker 2 (36:01):
But it didn't happen like that.

Speaker 1 (36:03):
Yeah, No, that is a blessing though, Yeah, it is.
It is. And sometimes you know, things happen when they're
supposed to happen. Yeah, because maybe when you were younger,
if things would have worked out, or if you would
have won one of those competition shows, you would have
been locked into something, yeah, that you couldn't get out
for sure.

Speaker 3 (36:19):
Divine appointments, divine appointments, and I had I love telling
this story. I had forty nine hundred followers when I
posted that freestyle.

Speaker 2 (36:27):
By the next.

Speaker 3 (36:28):
Morning when I woke up, I had two hundred thousand followers.
This boot up Yeah, this was the LMA boot up
remake just overnight. You know, the popularity, I mean not
the work at music, but the popularity.

Speaker 2 (36:42):
And I didn't get to experience the climb of that.

Speaker 3 (36:44):
I was literally just me one day and the next
day I was that girl from Instagram, that's singing girl
from Instagram.

Speaker 2 (36:50):
So it's been one hell of a ride.

Speaker 1 (36:53):
Did the label start going crazy hitting you up at
that point? Absolutely, that's when they're like And by that time,
it's like, well, yeah, now I got all these file.

Speaker 2 (37:00):
And I didn't know.

Speaker 3 (37:01):
I didn't know anything about labels. I didn't know nothing
about you know, getting signed or none of that. It
was labels coming left and right. It was all type
of celebrities in my DM asking about deals and I
didn't know nothing about none of that. So ultimately I
ended up, you know, getting an attorney and meeting up
over an Empire and I signed with them, and I'm
very very happy at Empire. Shout out to Empire and

my mama, Tina Davis. And I think it's it's just
it's the way a record label should be ran ow
my masters, I have creative control.

Speaker 2 (37:31):
I'm I'm good.

Speaker 1 (37:33):
Right and even thinking about with gospel music, you know
they will frown upon certain types of things like and
you know your songs. The first song clearly is homage to.

Speaker 2 (37:44):
You know, spiritual recognition.

Speaker 1 (37:46):
Yeah, spiritual recognition. But then the rest of the songs.

Speaker 2 (37:49):
Boom black twists.

Speaker 3 (37:52):
I had to start what we like to say, Listen,
I love I love the Lord.

Speaker 2 (37:57):
Now he know I'll be talking about but I love God.

Speaker 3 (38:02):
I had to get I had to start it off
that way because I mean, the gift comes from him anyways,
and who am I without without God?

Speaker 2 (38:09):
I don't. I don't care what people you know think,
But yeah, I started off that way.

Speaker 3 (38:14):
And then we're gonna get into our back to our
regularly scheduled shit talking program.

Speaker 1 (38:20):
Well, I am so happy that I got to celebrate
with you today on the day that your album is out. Wait,
there's more. And when we say wait, there's more. We
mean the album is out right now. We mean the
wedding is not being planned, but it's gonna happen. It
was a whole fiance, all right. We mean Tyler Perry movies,
we mean the Miss Pat Show, we mean like so

many different things that you are so deserving of. So
congratulations on everything that you have going on right now.
A beautiful family, a beautiful spirit, beautiful voice, all of
the all of the things. A tour that's kicking off.

Speaker 3 (38:53):
Yes, wait, there's more tour. That's what That's what I'm
most most excited about. It's double for my last tour.
The last tour was my first tour.

Speaker 1 (39:02):
Right ever, first time you learned a lot, Daniel, Yeah
I did.

Speaker 3 (39:06):
And I also sold out in like forty eight hours
and I didn't even know if people, you know, fuck
with me like that. So anyway, this one has doubled.
Now we have that was eleven cities. Now we have
twenty cities. Okay, and I'm lit. I'm lit about it.

Speaker 2 (39:20):
That's right.

Speaker 1 (39:21):
Fit Well, chairs today, chairs to you. Thank you so much.
I appreciate you.

Speaker 2 (39:28):

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