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May 14, 2024 41 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You are now angel what I call her?

Speaker 2 (00:06):

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Right, it's way Afa Mandela. Ye beat out his hair, well,
it beat out.

Speaker 4 (00:16):
I'm here.

Speaker 3 (00:16):
Bryan Milaw good, he's disappointed today. I told him Red
Lobster is closing a bunch of locations.

Speaker 5 (00:22):
I'm crying. Where am I going to take my date at?

Speaker 6 (00:24):

Speaker 4 (00:25):
Fifty different restaurants close Monday.

Speaker 5 (00:27):
Oh my gosh, Oh my god. We are losing recipes.

Speaker 4 (00:31):
And the chetabay biscuits.

Speaker 5 (00:32):
Oh man.

Speaker 3 (00:33):
Well, on the bright side of things, Iris Start is
going to be joining us today. Her single Bad Vibes
is out now, and her album The Year I Turned
twenty One is coming out on May thirty.

Speaker 5 (00:41):
First, I remember turned twenty one?

Speaker 7 (00:42):
You do?

Speaker 5 (00:43):
Yeah, that was a good time.

Speaker 3 (00:44):
I had a party at my parents' house and it
ended in a fight and with the police coming.

Speaker 5 (00:50):
That' said Brooklyn Ish.

Speaker 3 (00:51):
It was actually in New Jersey. My parents moved to
New Jersey. It was a terrible fight. They were all
kinds of things involved, pretty own brains. My dad said,
never again. All right, Well, let's take the show up
with some positivity. Eight hundred and two ninety two, fifty one,
fifty years and then but less.

Speaker 4 (01:06):
China light. Who do you want to spread some love
and positivity? To call it up? It's way up.

Speaker 1 (01:11):
You're gonna like to fuck up a.

Speaker 8 (01:14):
Turn your lights on, y'all spreading love to those who
are doing greatness.

Speaker 1 (01:19):
Shine the light on them, Shine the light on them.
It's time to shine a light on him.

Speaker 4 (01:26):
It's way up. I'm angela, yee, I gotta beat out
his head.

Speaker 5 (01:28):
Well, beat out. I'm your guy now, yeah, I like that.

Speaker 3 (01:31):
All right, Well let's get into shina light un lets,
shine of light. I'm Marie Fowler, right. She's eighty three
years old, and she is Howard University's oldest doctor or graduate.

Speaker 4 (01:42):
And here's what she had to say.

Speaker 9 (01:44):
Never my thought that I would go beyond maybe one semester,
because after all, I had been out of school since
nineteen fifty nine. I didn't know if I could even
retain information.

Speaker 4 (01:56):
It is never too late.

Speaker 5 (02:00):
She's like Van Wilder.

Speaker 3 (02:01):
She said her mom and dad were actually born in
an era when it was illegal for them to learn
to read and write.

Speaker 5 (02:05):

Speaker 3 (02:06):
And she said, we taught my dad how to read
and write and how to sign his name so you
wouldn't have to put that X. And so that was
her goal, and she made it happen and she went
to the Howard University School of Divinity.

Speaker 4 (02:15):
She said it was a calling from God.

Speaker 3 (02:17):
So let's shine a light on Marie Fowler eighty three
years years old, eighty three years young.

Speaker 4 (02:22):
Wow, all right, who do you want to shine a
light on?

Speaker 3 (02:24):
Eight hundred two nine two fifty one fifty So yeah,
I was good, and you want to shine a light on?

Speaker 10 (02:29):
I want to shine the light on my wife, Infinderdy.

Speaker 4 (02:32):
Your wife Infinity, You said, yeah, Okay, she's.

Speaker 10 (02:35):
A strong woman and she's been through a lot, and
I just want to bicker up for all the stuff
that she picked her.

Speaker 4 (02:40):
Oh and you've been right there. How long you've been together.

Speaker 10 (02:43):
We've made five years married June.

Speaker 3 (02:45):
Fourth, that's amazing. Five years. That's coming up soon, that's
next less than a month away. What are y'all going
to do?

Speaker 4 (02:52):
I don't know.

Speaker 10 (02:52):
I'm thinking about surprising her with some stuff spa day
or something.

Speaker 3 (02:56):
A surprise by day and then when you come back,
you know, dinner's very at the house.

Speaker 4 (03:00):
You know what else we do love spot day's at
the house.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
If you can get someone to come there that's unexpected
to So we don't even got to leave the house.

Speaker 10 (03:07):
Yes see if that is yesterday, I made edible arrangements
at home for her.

Speaker 11 (03:11):
So see we like that.

Speaker 10 (03:12):
Follows up on the floor.

Speaker 3 (03:14):
All right, well, thank you so much for calling, and
we love how thoughtful that you are.

Speaker 4 (03:18):
Thank you, thank you, take care.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
Shout out to you Infinity. Well that was shining light
eight hundred two nine two fifty one fifty. In case
you couldn't get through, leave that message and when we
come back, we have your yee tea.

Speaker 4 (03:30):
And I cannot believe this.

Speaker 3 (03:31):
Clay from Love Is Blind is now dating Selena Powell.

Speaker 4 (03:36):
We'll talk about it. It's way up.

Speaker 8 (03:37):
Oh she's about to blow the lid ab off this,
but let's get it. Oh yeah, Angela's feeling that yee tea.
Come and get the tea.

Speaker 4 (03:44):
It's way up.

Speaker 3 (03:44):
I'm Angela, yee beat us here, I am yee tee time.
Wendy Williams her penthouse in Manhattan has been sold on
May tenth.

Speaker 4 (03:52):
Wow, so that was just last week.

Speaker 5 (03:54):
I want you buy four inch.

Speaker 4 (03:55):
I did not, but I feel really bad about that.

Speaker 3 (03:57):
It's a three bedroom, three bathroom penthouse and the person
purchased it for three point seventy five million dollars, which
is eight hundred and twenty two thousand dollars less than
what she purchased it for in July of twenty twenty one.
I know, and this had been her dream house. So
it was actually her guardian who sold it, and she

basically prior to the sale got rid of the personal
belongings in the house. And she also was dealing with
a bad tax problem. She had more than half a
million dollars in unpaid taxes. But I just think about
like protecting things that you own because you never know
what's going to happen in life moving forward. So it
did make me think when I saw that, you know,
this was something that she loved and the fact that

it's gone like this and who knows where that money
is going to cover certain things, But you know, the
guardian did that, and that's why you got to try
to make sure. It would have been great for her
to be able to leave that for her son.

Speaker 4 (04:51):
Right, all right, child, the.

Speaker 3 (04:52):
Scambino is going to be going on a massive world
tour after releasing his surprise new album Out of Vista.

Speaker 5 (04:58):
Yeah, listen to it last night.

Speaker 4 (05:00):
That's all right, it's not your thing.

Speaker 5 (05:03):
It's not my thing. It's someone's thing, just not for me.

Speaker 4 (05:05):
All right.

Speaker 3 (05:06):
Well, he definitely was trending, and I know people are
going to go to this to I actually went to
go see a Childish Gambino on tour. I actually went
with Taylor Rooks. I didn't think about it. She's like,
you want to go see childad Gamba. It was a
good time, all right. And the MTV Movie and TV
Awards won't be held in twenty twenty four, but it
will be returning, most likely in twenty twenty five.

Speaker 5 (05:26):
Wow, the wall.

Speaker 4 (05:28):
I do find that weird because you know, yeah, man.

Speaker 2 (05:33):
That was It's like an institution. I was a VJ
once upon the time, so that was a great experience.

Speaker 3 (05:37):
VJ beata all right, And now let's talk about Clay
Grave Sandy for a second from Love is Blind. We
were all upset when he left Ad at the altar.
He did come up here to weigh up with Angela Yee. Afterwards,
we tried to get Ad on the show and it
was some rescheduling things. I guess she had a bunch
of things lined up and then she was going on vacation.

She couldn't make it. But Clay was in New York
and he did come up to Way Up with Angela.
He and we were trying to listen to his point
of view and understand why he decided at the last
minute without giving her advanced notice that he wasn't going
to say yes. And he talked about the therapy it
went through, and here's what he had to.

Speaker 12 (06:14):
Say, So giving myself grace also to my therapist has
been telling me that liberation isn't easy. You know, you
really only hear like happy wife, happy life. You don't
really hear about what makes a guy happy in relationships,
you know, just expressing that, having a safe space, and
you know, I just want to push that for men
because we're always told to be tough and have a
tough interior, and you know, sometimes we do need to

be vulnerable and let that stuff out. So okay, well
write message messenger.

Speaker 3 (06:40):
Now he's hugged up with Selena Power. They were actually
in bed in a in bed in a video that
she posted, he's kissing her. It seems like, you know,
they were very comfortable. He knew the camera was filming.
It wasn't a surprise video. And she posted life Lately.

Speaker 5 (06:56):
Talk about lower expectations.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
I am like, okay, well there you go. That's what
And I saw a lot of people saying this. My
first thought was Ad really dodged a bullet.

Speaker 4 (07:05):
Wow, you know with this one.

Speaker 3 (07:07):
But it appears I don't know what's going on, but
you know, maybe he does really like her. And there's
a lot of people warning And Selena Powell was with
a good sense of humor responding to the comments like
can I live.

Speaker 5 (07:19):
You know, man, that's the hell of a pivot.

Speaker 3 (07:21):
But I want to see what you guys think about
dating somebody who other people don't think you should date.

Speaker 4 (07:27):
And we'll discuss that later.

Speaker 3 (07:28):
But just think about that, because I feel like everybody
has dated someone who other people like, don't do it? Yeah,
or maybe you are the person maybe people said don't
do it. But when we come back, we have about
last night. That's where we discussed what we did last night,
what we had going on. Yes, maybe you were thinking
about somebody special. Let's get into some frank ocean thinking
about you.

Speaker 4 (07:48):
It's way up.

Speaker 8 (07:51):
So about last night, Yes, I went down.

Speaker 3 (07:58):
A it's way up in Angela, yeah man, and beat
out his Here I am and last night I had
a very uninteresting night last night.

Speaker 4 (08:05):
By the time I finally got home.

Speaker 3 (08:08):
You know, I've been in the process of moving and
I have things all over the place. Right I have
to host Galla tonight for the Miz Foundation, and I
cannot find this.

Speaker 4 (08:16):
Dress I wanted to wear.

Speaker 5 (08:18):
Where is it that?

Speaker 4 (08:18):
What do you think I have a No, It's in
some box somewhere. I'm not sure.

Speaker 3 (08:21):
I went through so many boxes and that was my
whole entire night last night. And so I'll be throwing
it back to something I've worn previously.

Speaker 5 (08:28):
Well, after this, we can go to Rainbow body something nice.

Speaker 4 (08:30):
Okay, Well, thank you, I appreciate it. Set out to Rainbow.

Speaker 3 (08:32):
I see Angela Simmons does a lot with them too,
and I think it's great. I've been to Rainbow on
many occasions. As a matter of fact, I just was
at Rainbow. Where was I I was out of town.
But anyway, you go, did I What did you do yesterday?
You did something interesting?

Speaker 10 (08:45):

Speaker 5 (08:46):
I was in Halem yesterday.

Speaker 2 (08:47):
I went to the Apollo to go see Mike Tyson
and Jake pol They had a press conference at the
Apollo Theater for their upcoming fight in July.

Speaker 3 (08:54):
I saw Mike Tyson said that his body feels like
ish right now.

Speaker 5 (08:58):
Yeah, I was there. I was front row with he said.
That was really fun. But it was interesting.

Speaker 1 (09:02):
You know.

Speaker 2 (09:02):
There was a lot of people that were there, a
lot of colonizers. I heard one guy say I lived
in Harlem and I've never been to the Apollo though.
That was pretty interesting.

Speaker 3 (09:11):
Oh my goodness. Well, yeah, and I saw Jake Paul.
They asked me if he could take a hit from Tyson,
and he said, they call him Iron Mike Tyson, but
I'm titanium Jake Paul. Yeah, and this fight is going
to be on Netflix right on Netflix Stream if you're
a subscriber, you can batch it free.

Speaker 5 (09:26):
Yep. So it's gonna be a good one. I'm looking
forward to it.

Speaker 4 (09:29):
Who would you put your money on?

Speaker 13 (09:30):

Speaker 5 (09:31):
Last time I put my money on a fight, I lost,
So I don't know.

Speaker 4 (09:34):
What fight was that.

Speaker 5 (09:36):
I want my money, Devin.

Speaker 3 (09:38):
You know you might get it because Devin Haney is
pushing for a disqualification, oh after Ryan Garcia's drug scandal,
and that would mean that he wins.

Speaker 5 (09:47):
Lef there we go, so maybe collect.

Speaker 3 (09:50):
I don't know how that works though, I've never seen
something like this happen. So if you cashed out and one,
does that mean you have to give the money back?

Speaker 6 (09:56):

Speaker 4 (09:56):
All right? But if you did have to put your
money on somebody, who would you put it on?

Speaker 5 (09:59):
I think I'm going to go with Jake the Great
White Hope.

Speaker 4 (10:03):

Speaker 5 (10:04):
Sorry, Mike?

Speaker 4 (10:05):
Now are there different rules for this?

Speaker 3 (10:07):
My conscience would let not let me bet against Mike Tyson,
So I would not bet.

Speaker 4 (10:12):
Yeah, I just can't say it.

Speaker 3 (10:15):
Yeah, I mean, I mean, you had no problem, but
I just can't do it.

Speaker 5 (10:19):
It's a new day.

Speaker 4 (10:20):
It's a new day, all right.

Speaker 3 (10:23):
Well, anyway, when we come back, I want to talk
about this news that broke about Clay Gray's handy. I
don't know what his situation is with Selena Powell, but
she's very happy. She posted the two of them in
bed together, cuddling. He's kissing her, Yike, he's shirtless, and
she seems very happy. I don't know if this was
just for attention, which would be really weird because I

just can't believe that that would happen.

Speaker 5 (10:46):
He's after that.

Speaker 3 (10:49):
But have you ever dated somebody that everybody was like,
don't do it? And were they right or were they wrong?

Speaker 14 (10:55):

Speaker 3 (10:56):
Hundred two ninety two fifty one fifty. Have you ever
dated somebody and people said, don't do it? Or are
you that person? Eight hundred two nine two fifty one
fifty Call us up?

Speaker 2 (11:04):
Oh you want to know my name?

Speaker 1 (11:06):
Way up with Angela? Ye?

Speaker 4 (11:07):
Turn me on, yo, it's way up with Angela. Yeah,
I'm here. Beat out is here?

Speaker 1 (11:12):

Speaker 5 (11:13):
Beat out man?

Speaker 3 (11:14):
And we are talking about if you ever dated somebody
that everybody told you not to? Grave Sandy Clay Grave
Sandy from Love is Blind. It looks like he's dating
Selena Powell. He hasn't confirmed that, but there's video of
them in bed together. He's kissing her yikes, shirtless. Yes,
have you ever dated anybody people told you not to?

Speaker 4 (11:30):
Beat out?

Speaker 12 (11:30):

Speaker 5 (11:31):
You know, I have a West Indian parent, so everyone
you date, they tell you not to.

Speaker 3 (11:35):
I will say that that was definitely my mo growing up.
And I had one boyfriend in particular, my parents couldn't stand.
I mean I literally had to move out of the
house when I as soon as I graduated from college.

Speaker 4 (11:44):
That's how I say. Didn't like him?

Speaker 5 (11:46):
Wow? What was wrong with him?

Speaker 4 (11:47):
They was right? He was like.

Speaker 3 (11:50):
A you know, nickel bag. He was a drug dealer,
like very unsuccessfully.

Speaker 4 (11:55):
He wasn't good.

Speaker 3 (11:56):
He wasn't like doing anything major. And then he did
a little jail stint while I was with him too.
Oh man, I had a couple of kids.

Speaker 4 (12:04):
You had like three kids.

Speaker 3 (12:07):
It was a bad idea, So yes, stepmom.

Speaker 4 (12:13):
No, but so yes, I will say there was that.

Speaker 3 (12:17):
Other than that, that was probably the worst decision that
I'd made, and I learned a lot from that.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
I'm glad I got that over with early. I'm in college.

Speaker 3 (12:25):
I remember he would come up to college campus and
hang out, and you know, it's not like he had
anything else going on outside of that. But one thing
he said that does stick with me is that he
was like, I wish I would have seen this before
because maybe I would have wanted to go to college
or something like that. So then I felt a little
bad because I was like, well, I did have the
privilege of being in all these different programs for school,

and I always knew.

Speaker 4 (12:48):
I would have to go to college.

Speaker 5 (12:50):
And he could have been a pharmacist.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
He was, yeah, all right, Well, anyway, I want to
see what you guys have to say about this, because
I definitely should have listened when everybody said no. Eight
hundred two nine two fifty one fifty ki K Have
you ever dated somebody that everybody told you.

Speaker 4 (13:04):
Don't do it?

Speaker 14 (13:06):

Speaker 10 (13:06):
I'm still dating the guy too. It's just crazy.

Speaker 4 (13:08):
Why don't they like him?

Speaker 13 (13:10):
They just toxic together?

Speaker 4 (13:12):
Do they have a point?

Speaker 5 (13:12):

Speaker 14 (13:14):
Not really?

Speaker 4 (13:16):
All right?

Speaker 3 (13:16):
Well good, well stick it through then. In that case,
I definitely will. All right, thanks for calling the KIK.

Speaker 1 (13:22):
Thank you.

Speaker 5 (13:22):
I'll have a good one later.

Speaker 4 (13:24):
She loved that toxicity.

Speaker 5 (13:25):

Speaker 4 (13:26):
Hey, Angela, Hello Angela, I love this for us. Have
you ever dated somebody and everybody told you not to?

Speaker 14 (13:33):
I did?

Speaker 13 (13:34):
It was my ex husband unfortunately.

Speaker 3 (13:36):
Wow, okay ex so it didn't go Yeah, yeah, why
didn't they like him?

Speaker 13 (13:42):
Well it's a long story, but you I just college.

Speaker 10 (13:45):
He was a teater.

Speaker 13 (13:46):
Everybody knew he was a cheater. I was in denial
and he cheated on me, actually had a whole baby,
and I'm still married him.

Speaker 4 (13:52):
Oh my god.

Speaker 5 (13:54):
How long were you guys together?

Speaker 13 (13:55):
For seventeen years?

Speaker 4 (13:56):
Oh damn? You cheated and had a baby and you
still try to get through.

Speaker 13 (14:01):
I know, young them.

Speaker 4 (14:02):
You know it's harry.

Speaker 3 (14:03):
When everybody's telling you don't do something, and you want
to prove them wrong so bad.

Speaker 13 (14:07):
Yeah, and it's humbling when you finally have to admit it.
And I look at it like it sounds like that.
So who wants to be a millionaire when they ask
the audience opinion and then the audience is always right.
I now feel that way, like if like the majority
is saying don't do it, I now believe them.

Speaker 4 (14:24):
They just learn the hard way.

Speaker 5 (14:27):
With us.

Speaker 13 (14:28):
Damn that.

Speaker 10 (14:30):
But look guess what, I have beautiful kids out of it.

Speaker 4 (14:33):
But that's good. I'm so sorry that happened to you though.

Speaker 12 (14:37):

Speaker 13 (14:37):
So yeah, trust the population, the major population is probably.

Speaker 3 (14:41):
Right well us Angela's we always bounce back. Yeah, all right,
thank you.

Speaker 4 (14:47):

Speaker 3 (14:48):
Hi, have you ever dated somebody and everybody said don't
do it?

Speaker 10 (14:52):
Yeah? I'm kind of in that situation right now. I'm
I'm taking the gentleman, the fifty three.

Speaker 14 (15:00):
He has a two year old daughter. Okay, my children
are twenty five and twenty three. I have grandchildren that
are one in six months.

Speaker 4 (15:09):

Speaker 10 (15:11):

Speaker 14 (15:11):
So they're like, what are you doing? Why are you?
You know, dating this guy? You raised your children, and
I'm like, the guy is really nice. If you love me,
he caters to me, I love his daughter. Okay, you know,
forget what they say because at the end of the
day they go home to their fouses, their significant others,

and they're happy, and I don't question what they have
on on in their relationship.

Speaker 4 (15:36):
And he treats you well, and that's the main thing, right, Yeah, absolutely.

Speaker 5 (15:40):
Getty girl, it's a blended family.

Speaker 4 (15:44):
Well, thank you for telling it. Like listen, that's the
main thing.

Speaker 3 (15:48):
Where you know, people sometimes look get outside factors and
think it's not going to work for whatever reason. But
if the person treats you well and you're messed together
and it's legal.

Speaker 4 (15:57):
Hey, you good to go.

Speaker 3 (15:59):
Absolutely all right, thank you for calling Good luck, thank
you all right, well, thank you guys for calling in.
It looks like y'all gonna do what y'all gonna do. Anyway,
some people do wish they would have listened. And when
we come back, we have your yee tea, and let's
talk about somebody who is breaking records. Nicki Mina will
tell you what she's managed to do on her Gag

City tour for Pink Friday too.

Speaker 15 (16:23):
She's like to talk like they Angelie Jean, like they
Angelie Jean.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
And she's spilling it all. This is yeaty way up,
way up.

Speaker 4 (16:33):
Yes, yea tea time.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
Nobody, when is that money law Mariah Carey remix coming
out be not.

Speaker 5 (16:38):
Who knows, but that is happening allegedly.

Speaker 4 (16:41):
Allegedly that's gonna be dope. And Chili, by the way.

Speaker 3 (16:44):
Is no longer afraid of marriage, Oh finally, and that
is thanks to Matthew Lauren. Sometimes it takes the right person,
you know. And here's what she had to say about
about why she's not scared of marriage while she was
on Fox five Atlanta's Porsche Show.

Speaker 4 (17:00):
And do you still have that fear of marriage that
you had?

Speaker 7 (17:02):
I do not. I don't have any fear at all.
When it comes to him. It is just the way
he is as a man. You know, he's just he
is a good guy. He has an amazing heart. And
I mean he checks off all of my lists except
for a few I don't know yet.

Speaker 4 (17:20):
Oh, nobody, Hold is Chili sixty two? He died? What
that is so rude? Of course?

Speaker 3 (17:26):
Not Oh anyway, and you know that's not polite to do.
Shout out to Chili, who looks amazing.

Speaker 5 (17:31):
She does look good. She's blocked me on Twitter once.

Speaker 3 (17:34):
Well she's gonna reblock you again. She's fifty three, okay.

Speaker 4 (17:38):
All right.

Speaker 3 (17:38):
Now DJ Mustard is expecting another child. His girlfriend is pregnant.
Britney Stroud announced she was pregnant. She went on social
media over the weekend and she said over the moon
to be celebrating my first Mother's Day.

Speaker 4 (17:48):
Two months or less until I'm pushing.

Speaker 3 (17:49):
And meet my sweet baby nice all right, So congratulations
to them, even though he's in the middle of a
very nasty legal battle his estranged wife.

Speaker 5 (17:59):
But he has one record right now with Kendrick Lama, So.

Speaker 3 (18:02):
Yeah, we're gonna get into that in a second. But
speaking of number one records and breaking records, Nicki Minaj
so that the entire US leg of her Pink Friday
to Gag City World tour, that is right, thirty six
shows consecutively sold out. She is the only female rapper
in history to do it, and it's the highest grossing
tour by a female rapper in history. And she has

more shows coming up overseas. So she ended her world
tour last night in Oklahoma City.

Speaker 5 (18:28):
Now, I would identify myself as a barb or anything.

Speaker 2 (18:31):
But if you're being objective, right, I think it's fair
to say that Nicki Minaj might be the greatest female.

Speaker 5 (18:36):
Rapper of all time.

Speaker 2 (18:38):
For her to be approaching her fifteenth year and the
game is still selling out arenas, that's unheard of, especially
from a female.

Speaker 3 (18:45):
Rapper, well especially from anybody too, by the way, it
doesn't matter male or female, And so congratulations. That is
definitely a huge accomplishment. And she's been in the game
for a minute. But being consistent when it comes to
the music, the tours no matter what.

Speaker 5 (18:58):
That's account for something.

Speaker 3 (19:01):
Oh that's right, Okay, You're so proud, queens. We love
to hear it. And Kanye West said he's the happiest
he's ever been in his life. He recently sat down
with hype Beast magazine and he said, I'm with my wife,
with Os Taylor, my visual director at Yeezy, with Dub
Charney all year. I've been with loved ones doing it
independently ourselves.

Speaker 4 (19:18):
He said.

Speaker 3 (19:19):
The thing is, wind can blow a house down, but
a bird still needs wind to fly. So without the wind,
there's no flying. And there are times when you are
flying against the wind. There are times when you're flying
with the wind. My current single, Carnival is the number
one song in the world right now.

Speaker 4 (19:32):
That gives me drive.

Speaker 5 (19:33):
It's with all these winding now is beat Middler of.

Speaker 4 (19:34):
Something the wind beneath his wings?

Speaker 5 (19:36):
Yeah, Chess Louise, he'll change his mind next week though.

Speaker 3 (19:39):
Knowing Kanye and by the way, off the air, you
did state that you feel like Kendrick Lamar is the
best rapper. Yeah, right now, right now, I want to
go on the record with that.

Speaker 5 (19:48):
Yeah, I'll say that my arm.

Speaker 3 (19:52):
So when that list comes out and you said, things change,
but that's where you're at.

Speaker 2 (19:55):
Right now, absolutely as of right now today. Yeah, Kendricklamar
got it all right?

Speaker 3 (20:00):
Well that Drake and Kendrick Lamar beef has sent four
songs to the Billboard Top ten. Wow, so people are
making money off of this beef. Okay, not like us
as number one. Euphoria is number three, those are both
Kendrick Family Matters is number seven.

Speaker 4 (20:14):
Oh and like That is number.

Speaker 5 (20:15):
Six, and now Kendrick's first solo debut number one.

Speaker 4 (20:20):
Yeah, congratulations, congratulations Lamar. There you go, all right, Well
that is your ut.

Speaker 3 (20:24):
When we come back, we have under the radar and
definitely something I'm excited for our w NBA. The new
season is starting and will tell you some of the
things that you can look forward to this season.

Speaker 4 (20:35):
It's way up news.

Speaker 8 (20:38):
This in the news that relates to you. These stories
are flying under the radar.

Speaker 4 (20:42):
All right, his way up, I'm angela yee.

Speaker 3 (20:44):
Beat out his here, well, beat out, sir, and it's
time for under the radar. And I'm really excited about
today's under the radar.

Speaker 5 (20:50):
Why is that Because the.

Speaker 3 (20:51):
W NBA regular season is kicking off, and so there's
going to be four games tonight, the New York Liberty
at Watchingtonistics, Indiana Fevercknnecticut Sun Phoenix Mercury at Las Vegas Aces,
and Minnesota Links at Seattle Storm. That's all going to
be happening two nights. Are you excited? Yes, I love
our New York Liberty team. People are saying the Aces,

of course again are the team to beat this year.
But there's been a lot going on with the WNBA.
You know, they're able to get those chartered flights now.

Speaker 5 (21:18):
Yep, thanks to Caitlin Clark and you know.

Speaker 3 (21:21):
What it is and it's rolling out, but not everybody
has it yet. So I guess it's like a rollout piece.
Some people don't know when they're gonna get on their
chartered planes, but they should be able to travel comfortably
from place to place. And it is also a safety issue,
as people were saying, you know, making sure. I've actually
seen WNBA players in the airport before, just you know,
lounging around.

Speaker 5 (21:41):
If it wasn't for her, girls will still be on
a Greyhound man.

Speaker 4 (21:45):
Yeah, so you know that.

Speaker 3 (21:46):
I know New York was traveling via bus and then
they're gonna fly commercial on Thursday, so it gets rolled out.

Speaker 4 (21:53):
Wow, you know the chartered planes. But yeah, so you
know that.

Speaker 3 (21:56):
I know New York was traveling via bus and then
they're gonna fly commercial on Thursday, so it gets rolled out.

Speaker 4 (22:03):
Wow, you know the charter planes.

Speaker 5 (22:04):
But Liberty they were traveling like on m Dollavan.

Speaker 3 (22:07):
I think no, because you know, if you're going to
like DC, maybe it's not that far of a drive.

Speaker 4 (22:13):
So I'd rather drive.

Speaker 3 (22:16):
I'd rather drive certain places, like if you're going to Connecticut,
you're not going to take a plane from New York
to Connecticut. That's a two hour drive, right, So it
doesn't make sense.

Speaker 2 (22:26):
WNBA is coming up. Man, it came a long way
from playing in those YMC eight gyms.

Speaker 4 (22:31):
And I remember when the Liberty and you used to
go to the game.

Speaker 5 (22:33):
Yes, I used to go to games when they were
at the Garden and.

Speaker 4 (22:35):
Now they're at the Barclays.

Speaker 3 (22:37):
And Kim Kardashian Skims has partnered with the w NBA also,
so shout out to them for that, and Kelsey plomkandas
Parker sky lud Diggins Smith also is one of the
models for Skims.

Speaker 4 (22:49):
So you see, we like to see it.

Speaker 3 (22:52):
I think this year we're going to see a lot
of the hype about women's basketball really translate over to
the w NBA. So I'm excited for that. And there's
going to be new teams that are in the process
of getting added. The Golden State Warriors are welcoming a
new w NBA team to San Francisco, the Golden State Valkyries. Valkyries,
and then Toronto in twenty twenty six they're gonna have
a team as well.

Speaker 4 (23:12):
What do you call I don't know yet, Drakes, nothing yet?
What anyway that is?

Speaker 3 (23:18):
You're under the radar now, you know, we got the
way it mixed at the top of the hour plus
we have Iris started joining us. Her album The Year
I Turned twenty one is coming out May thirty.

Speaker 4 (23:27):
First, it's way up.

Speaker 10 (23:29):
They say in the rooms.

Speaker 8 (23:31):
From Industry shade to all of gods that out sending
Angela's spilling that eat all right, his.

Speaker 3 (23:38):
Way up by Anngela Yee beat out his EA and
it's et time. First of all, congratulations to gil King.
She has on one of the covers of Sports Illustrated,
the Swimsuit issue.

Speaker 4 (23:50):
That is huge.

Speaker 5 (23:51):

Speaker 3 (23:52):
Now she actually when she was doing the pictures and
doing a photo shoot for this, she had no idea
she would be on one of the covers and here's
that video.

Speaker 13 (24:02):
Never in a.

Speaker 15 (24:02):
Million years so I would be standing here in a
bathing suit or Sports Illustrated.

Speaker 3 (24:07):
But here I am, which says to me that sometimes
people can dream.

Speaker 9 (24:11):
God can dream, The universe can dream, a bigger dream
than you can ever think for yourself.

Speaker 4 (24:16):
I would have never thought this was possible. She looks good.

Speaker 5 (24:19):
She's getting their groove back.

Speaker 4 (24:21):
She's been got her groove back.

Speaker 3 (24:22):
Anytime you're around Gil King, all the guys be trying
to holler at her too.

Speaker 5 (24:26):
I remember it may send her some flowers.

Speaker 4 (24:28):
Yeah, well.

Speaker 3 (24:29):
She also, by the way, found out she was on
the cover on CBS Mornings when they presented her with
the cover. So shout out to that whole team. That's
one of the shows I watch in the morning, Gil King,
Nate and Tony. So here's what that sounded like.

Speaker 12 (24:46):
You are officially sports swimsuit.

Speaker 5 (24:52):
What does that cover look like? Do we have a
picture of it? Yeah, let me see it.

Speaker 4 (24:56):
Don't hurt nobody. Okay, Gail, we see you.

Speaker 3 (25:00):
Also, Slim Shady, there's an obituary for Slim Shady and
Detroit Press.

Speaker 4 (25:05):
For eminem No for some Shady. Okay, see how we
got today?

Speaker 5 (25:09):
What's going on?

Speaker 4 (25:10):
Yeah, so the death of some Shady.

Speaker 3 (25:12):
He announced that upcoming album. Okay, so he's saying goodbye
to that character. So there's a whole obituary.

Speaker 4 (25:18):
I scared you. Yeah, you could be the obituary.

Speaker 3 (25:21):
Win at at your leisure? All right, you got it?
Got it all right now. Ludacris sat down with Cam
Newton and he discussed hip hop and perhaps if he
could battle jay Z, who would win?

Speaker 4 (25:36):
Who do you think would win?

Speaker 5 (25:37):
Before you hear what he says, smart Money's on hove Man.

Speaker 4 (25:39):
Okay, Well, here's what Ludacris had to say.

Speaker 12 (25:41):
See if you agree, if I sit this person down
in the room and sit you person down in the room,
you guys have two hours to create a verse.

Speaker 1 (25:49):
Ludacris versus Ho, I would win on that one.

Speaker 16 (25:53):
And I mean that's a strong statement to say that,
because again, Hove is definitely one of my favorites as
well versus Man. I'm just gonna go in and metaphor
and style in terms of like flow, like I'm gonna
I'm gonna kill it. And it's not to say that hole,
it's not gonna kill that.

Speaker 2 (26:09):
Oh, let's expect. I mean, Ludacris is going to root
for himself as he should, right as he should. But
you know, at the risk of sounding like a captain
save a hole, they've done a record together, you know,
do it for hip hop, and you know no.

Speaker 5 (26:20):
One got washed on that.

Speaker 4 (26:21):
So he holds his own.

Speaker 5 (26:22):
He held his own for sure.

Speaker 4 (26:24):
Okay, because people were saying that you were going to ride.

Speaker 5 (26:26):
Come on, it's a family show.

Speaker 3 (26:30):
All right, and Coach Prime has been renewed for season
three at Amazon, So congratulations to him on that.

Speaker 4 (26:38):
Have you ever watched it? Yeah?

Speaker 5 (26:39):
Man, I love Deon Sanders.

Speaker 4 (26:40):
All right, we good.

Speaker 3 (26:41):
You can love it some more for season three. And
there's a Jeopardy spin off the stead of Amazon Prime. Also,
by the way, it's called Pop Culture Jeopardy. I feel
like you would do good at that.

Speaker 5 (26:49):
I've always wanted to go on Jeopardy.

Speaker 4 (26:51):
I feel like I think that when I'm at home.

Speaker 3 (26:53):
Yeah, But then some of them categories, I'm like, I
do not know one of these answers. It'll be like
a couple of categories get some And I'm so proud
of myself. But Jeopardy be having all kinds of like
if you don't, you're not well rounded in all things, right,
and I'm not.

Speaker 4 (27:09):
I'm gonna keep it real right here, all right?

Speaker 3 (27:11):
And Tyresee, imagine you're about to get served, right, and
I don't mean serve like a dance battle, I mean
served with papers and you're in the middle of a concert,
which Tyresee was, what would you do when you find
out that somebody's about to serve you with a ten
million dollar suits?

Speaker 5 (27:25):
I was serenade them.

Speaker 4 (27:28):

Speaker 3 (27:29):
Well, Tyresee did not do that. He actually exited stage left.
Here's what happened. Wow, all right, And that's because Brian
Barbara was trying to serve and for defamation based off
of an interview that he did on the Breakfast Club.

Speaker 2 (27:51):
That's kind of an appropriate song because he's like, why
would you act like that? Why would you serve me?

Speaker 4 (27:55):

Speaker 5 (27:57):
That's them all right?

Speaker 3 (27:59):
What that is is your Yet when we come back,
we have asked ye. Eight hundred two nine two fifty
one fifty is a number, Call us up. Any question
you have, Hey, We're here to help you out this
way out, whether.

Speaker 8 (28:08):
It's relationship for career advice, Angela's dropping facts.

Speaker 1 (28:12):
This is as Kee.

Speaker 4 (28:14):
What's up? His way up at Angela Yee?

Speaker 3 (28:15):
I'm Angela Yee and a beat out is here and
it's sign for ask yee. Eight hundred two nine two
fifty one fifty any question you have, We're here to
help and we got CP four on the line.

Speaker 4 (28:25):
What's up?

Speaker 6 (28:26):
Yeah, this is CP four from Stafford, Connecticut. My question
is what is a good marketing strategy for music?

Speaker 1 (28:35):
And I mean I've done that.

Speaker 6 (28:37):
I've been doing a lot. I've been doing music for
years now and I'm one of the best from the best,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 4 (28:43):
I don't think there's a one size fits on marketing strategy, right.

Speaker 5 (28:46):
Beat ut, Yeah, I will agree with you, Angela.

Speaker 2 (28:47):
You know everyone's journey isn't for you, but I would
say I would recommend it. Just putting out the music man,
being consistent, Being consistent to me is the best course
of action you should take.

Speaker 4 (28:58):
Now what when you say you've done, what have you done?

Speaker 6 (29:01):
I mean I handled out postcards. I constantly, you know,
posts like he stayed like on YouTube, on Instagram. You know,
I did online marketing.

Speaker 5 (29:12):
I did a lot like showcase.

Speaker 3 (29:15):
Yeah, because I think performing is always key, and not
just performing but also getting like a good videographer to
come and get the footage.

Speaker 6 (29:22):
I never really thought on now one. While my new thing,
I wanted to perform, like to open up for people,
like you know, opening up for big carts. I did
open mics, like if you look on my YouTube page,
I'm all over social media like YouTube, down cloud, Twitter
and Instagram at CP for the rapper see as a cat.

Speaker 3 (29:39):
Yeah, take a look at this, because that's we should
have led with that CEP four the rapper. And while
I'm looking, we want to hear something live all I
got y ill got y'all.

Speaker 17 (29:50):
I have been the season of being legendary to have
big dreams from yarity lead back in that MARCD big
coming out of See where Money Sets Hired and Palm
Tree and the Future has left that memory turned on
the big screen see myself showing it like jewelry doing
things I never believed before, and asked me.

Speaker 3 (30:09):
Now, I'm looking at your YouTube page. You have one
that got one hundred and eleven thousand views.

Speaker 6 (30:14):
Okay, that for marketing, for promoting a lot like you know.

Speaker 4 (30:18):
Only problem is it only has ten comments.

Speaker 2 (30:21):
Uh oh, when's the last release you put out? What's
the last release you you dropped?

Speaker 6 (30:24):
I dropped few shows on YouTube about a few months ago.
But I dropped my whole mixtape on sound cloud, like
a few months ago.

Speaker 5 (30:33):
See a few months ago. That's a little bit too late.

Speaker 1 (30:35):

Speaker 5 (30:35):
You gotta be on on on the ball. Man.

Speaker 4 (30:38):
Let me ask you this.

Speaker 3 (30:39):
Are you Are you very confident in you're in like
the beasts that you choose and the way that you
rhyme like, do you feel like you're there, that you're
at the point where you want everybody to see this?

Speaker 4 (30:48):
Do you feel like you're at your best?

Speaker 6 (30:50):
I'm very confident.

Speaker 3 (30:52):
I like the way that I do myself yet And
do you have a production person or team or people
that you work with regularly.

Speaker 6 (30:58):
I have a video under per the I worked with,
not in as far as anything farther than that.

Speaker 3 (31:03):
I also think that like with the ads, getting a
video with one hundred and forty thousand views but it
only has ten comments, that just makes it seem like
you're faking it.

Speaker 4 (31:10):
Don't fake it, don't fake the funk.

Speaker 6 (31:13):
Yeah yeah, be.

Speaker 3 (31:14):
Patient, No, man, you gotta be patient and build it
up on your own because when people do things like that,
the first thing you think is like, oh, they pay
for these views, and you got to make sure engagement
is more important than having a million people looking at something.
You would rather have one hundred people super involved in
supportive and let it grow that way. And the last
thing I'm gonna say, the foundation is the music gotta

be done.

Speaker 5 (31:34):
Music has to be on point.

Speaker 4 (31:36):
That is a foundation. So keep working, all right, CP four, Thank.

Speaker 17 (31:39):
You, Angelia.

Speaker 6 (31:41):
I want to be on your list service one day
list service, one day Listen.

Speaker 2 (31:44):
When you get a million hits, we'll have Angela. We'll
have Angela mixtape.

Speaker 3 (31:49):
Yeah, okay, Mana, I'm gonna send this too, all right,
thank you?

Speaker 4 (31:58):
All right, well that was ask you nine fifty one
fifty is a number. We're so nice.

Speaker 3 (32:03):
And when we come back, Iris Star is going to
be joining us. You know, she's been doing music for
three years and she has been killing it with hundreds
of millions of real views.

Speaker 4 (32:13):
Okay, it's way up, everybody listen, Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yee.
What you're all being waiting?

Speaker 1 (32:19):

Speaker 8 (32:19):
Oh oh, you're tapped in the way up with Angela yee.

Speaker 4 (32:23):
What's up?

Speaker 3 (32:24):
It's way up at Angela ye. I'm Angela Yee. And
we have a superstar in the building. Iras Star is here.
What's up walking around looking like a superstar too? By
the way, thank you, so Harry. You feeling today? This
has to be amazing because you have a new album
that's coming out in a couple of weeks.

Speaker 4 (32:39):
I'm so excited.

Speaker 15 (32:40):
Put my album to day has been going really well.

Speaker 3 (32:43):
So yeah, you have like a voice for singing too,
even your regular talking pus. I know when people yeah
have heard your voice. Did you take singing lessons or
were you just always.

Speaker 15 (32:53):
No, I never took singing lessons, So my mommy said,
give me her phone to just like use like YouTube
and how to sing, how to sing like Beyonce. I
used to check that when I was ten and I
was living up, like how to sing like Rhianna, how
to be a superstar on YouTube every time.

Speaker 3 (33:09):
Who was the first big person that reached out to
you when you started putting out music?

Speaker 4 (33:14):
Hmmm, Kelly Roland? Oh wow, you loved some Kelly Rolan.
I love it. Kelly. Remember when I just saw her DM,
I was like, I've made it.

Speaker 15 (33:21):
Like I was like, I'm big. Nobody can speak to
me anymore. I'm just gonna log off, but I'm just
gonna go to sleep. So yeah, Kelly Roland, I was
very shocked. I was like what And she loved Bloody
Samaritan and trying to be on the remix.

Speaker 4 (33:34):
I was like, I was just screaming.

Speaker 15 (33:36):
If I go back to the DM, I was just
screaming on the voice note that.

Speaker 8 (33:40):
She was like, what's up?

Speaker 4 (33:41):
What's wrong? I was like, no, I'm just excited right now,
iris star is here.

Speaker 3 (33:46):
Well, the album is called the Year I Turned twenty one,
So tell me why you came up with that title?

Speaker 4 (33:51):
Like why did you say this is the one? This
is what sticks? And what were some other titles you
worked through before that? Oh no, we had so many.

Speaker 15 (33:57):
We had so many options because I know I wanted
twenty one. I know I need to go with the
numbers because my first album was nineteen and dangerous. So
I was like, okay, let's do the numbers. And I
had like a list of names. I was like, twenty
one and turn to one and sexty.

Speaker 5 (34:11):
Turned to one and I was telling.

Speaker 4 (34:13):
Naughty, dangerous, twenty one and I.

Speaker 15 (34:15):
Was like, I said, I kept any names. I was
like twenty. Like I spelled twenty and I put one.
I was like, let's try different things. And I sent
it to like my A and R and like my team,
like what should we do? So, yeah, I turned twenty one.
I was like, oh that stakes that makes sense because
all the names I had were horrible.

Speaker 4 (34:30):
Oh my god, horrible.

Speaker 3 (34:32):
And you know it's interesting because here twenty when it's
such a big age, because that's when you can start
to drink.

Speaker 4 (34:37):
Well that's probably why.

Speaker 15 (34:38):
Yes, yeah, literally literally, when I first came to America,
the first place I ever went to was Vegas, and
I was.

Speaker 4 (34:45):
Like nineteen, so they didn't let me do anything like.

Speaker 15 (34:47):
I would have a show I would never go to
I would have a show, I would have security take
me to the stage, and I'll have security take.

Speaker 4 (34:56):
Me out of stage. So for the best.

Speaker 15 (34:57):
Yeah, I understood why, but at that time I used
to get so annoyed because I'll just be like yeah.
So when I turned twenty one, I was like, hey,
we are side America.

Speaker 4 (35:05):
Yeah, come, what did you do when you turn twenty one? Like,
what was the I went to Barbados?

Speaker 15 (35:09):
Okay, I feel like a lot of things that happened
on that trip inspired in lots of things from this album.
Because I have like two songs that really like inspired
by that.

Speaker 4 (35:18):
I need to know what those are.

Speaker 15 (35:20):
So this comments okay, And there's a song called nineteen
forty two on my album.

Speaker 7 (35:26):
I know that.

Speaker 4 (35:27):
Alright. No, it's actually not no worry, You're gonna live.
What's nineteen forty two is not?

Speaker 9 (35:33):

Speaker 7 (35:33):

Speaker 11 (35:33):
Yeah it is?

Speaker 4 (35:34):
It is?

Speaker 9 (35:34):
It is?

Speaker 3 (35:35):
Alright, Yeah, you got it. It's like a great trip.
Iristaris joining us. Your single bad Vibes is out right now. Also,
her album it comes out May thirty first, the year
I turned twenty one.

Speaker 4 (35:45):
We have more with her when we come back.

Speaker 5 (35:47):
Yeah, yeah, ye, what you're all being waiting forks.

Speaker 8 (35:49):
Oh you're tapped in the way up with Angela Ye,
what's happens?

Speaker 9 (35:54):

Speaker 3 (35:54):
But Angela Yee, I'm Angela Yee and the amazing, talented, beautiful,
great spirited Iristar is here with me now nineteen and dangerous.
I got to know, since we talked about the year
I turned twenty one, why were you so dangerous at nineteen?

Speaker 4 (36:07):
I feel like at nineteen it was my time.

Speaker 15 (36:10):
I had a lot to prove because I had been
bragging since I was a child that I'm going to
be a superstar. So when I when I had like
this album, I was like, yes, let's name it. I
had this PowerPoint presentation, I want to have wings, I
want to have celest your v And I was like,
I feel like I had a lot to prove. So
I was like, I'm nineteen and I'm dangerous. I feel like, yeah,
I just went to a flex.

Speaker 4 (36:30):
It worked. You did a lot.

Speaker 3 (36:31):
I do want to say it's been a flex for you,
Like this career. You should be really proud of yourself
and everything that you've accomplished. Even being nominated for a
Grammy you know already. I mean that's a big deal
and I feel like, even though you've hit all these milestones,
you still have a lot more in front of you.

Speaker 4 (36:48):
That's all that happened.

Speaker 15 (36:49):
There's a lot, a lot to achieve and a lot
to do. Yeah, but it feels good, right, Yes, I'm excited.

Speaker 3 (36:55):
And now I want to ask about this song, Lego's
Love Story. So, you know, like all these songs, we
only have a few singles out. I've heard Commas Bad
Vibes also, but I have not heard Legos Love Story.
But the title is very intriguing. Yeah, so I want
to get a little idea what that's about.

Speaker 15 (37:11):
Well, Legos loves Story is literally just like a really cute,
like coming of age love story. The lyrics is like
I was at the beach. Let's go to the beach,
Let's do this. I have pictures on my phone of you.
My storage is full, like it's just and Legos Like
it feels like.

Speaker 4 (37:25):
A legoslove story. It feels real too.

Speaker 3 (37:27):
Yeah, have you been in love yet?

Speaker 4 (37:31):
Not yet?

Speaker 11 (37:32):

Speaker 3 (37:33):
That's why she's nineteen and dangerous? Ye me, Like you
think you've broken anybody's heart or I break hearts every
day every day. I'm just kidding, not on purpose though.
Kids I've broken anybody's had, It's not been on purpose.

Speaker 4 (37:46):
Right now, Iris Star is here and look I saw.

Speaker 3 (37:48):
The other day and I'm only gonna point this out
because it was very publiced. They try to get a
little messy with you, but you handle it very well.
So shout out to you for that though, because that
does happen. People will try to trip you up. I
saw them asking you about Cardi B and how she
didn't know it, and you were like, is there a.

Speaker 15 (38:03):
Way that you remember things that you need to know
that maybe you give advice to Cardi B on I
don't know.

Speaker 5 (38:11):
Love for Cardi B.

Speaker 3 (38:12):
Always keep me out of that, please, well, listen, I
really appreciate you for coming through. You have a lot
of fans in this building, you know, And I think
one thing that we were saying before you even got
here is the power of your voice and how that
can make us feel very emotional, Like your voice is
definitely amazing and you Neique, thank you so much. You're

on that list of like the biggest artists right now,
so and even in the what do you call it,
afro pop, afro bat afro beat beats all right, So
as far as being on that list. You're like at
the top of that list, so that has to feel
really good.

Speaker 4 (38:45):
Yes, it feels really good. I'm really grateful I saw
you and Tams and everything. Yes, my sister.

Speaker 3 (38:52):
Okay, well listen, thank you so much for coming through.
I definitely appreciate it. We got to do more. Are
we going to see you on tour?

Speaker 9 (38:59):

Speaker 4 (39:00):
Back around here.

Speaker 15 (39:00):
I'm going on to with Chris Brown. I'm gonna be
opening for him, so I'm coming. I think we have
two dates in Brooklyn. Okay, So that's gonna be an
amazing to come.

Speaker 3 (39:08):
That's gonna be an amazing tour to see because when
I talk about the dancing and the hit songs. All right, well,
thank you so much for coming Iris start the year
I turned twenty one May thirty first, that's still the date.
Congratulations on every so much. You got a lot popping
so protty.

Speaker 4 (39:24):
Thank you.

Speaker 3 (39:25):
You could watch that phone interview on my YouTube channel
Way Up with Ye and when we come back, of course,
you know you have the last word, take up.

Speaker 15 (39:31):
The phone tapping to get your voice heard.

Speaker 1 (39:34):
What the word is the last word? On Way Up
with Angela? Ye?

Speaker 4 (39:39):
What's up? His Way up at Angela Yee? I'm angel
La yee beat at.

Speaker 5 (39:42):
Yes, you have a good Tuesday, Always a good Tuesday
with Well.

Speaker 3 (39:45):
I'm headed out to host the Gallon tonight. Shout out
to Danielle Moody. We're actually co hosting together the Miss Foundation.

Speaker 4 (39:53):
I'm excited about that. Actually went to this galla last year.

Speaker 3 (39:56):
That's the one where Megan Marco was there and then
they had like the high speed car takes with paparazzi.

Speaker 5 (40:01):
Yeah remember that.

Speaker 3 (40:01):
Yeah, So it's this gala, but this year it's in Brooklyn.
The twenty twenty four Women of Vision Awards, seating Solidarity
and Sisterhood, I launched the party. Sure you want to come,
Just open a back door, let me I could add
you on the list.

Speaker 4 (40:15):
There you go, you want to go for real? No, okay,
you are so rude.

Speaker 3 (40:20):
Anyway, thank you to Iris Star for joining us today.
You can get her new album May thirty first, a
year I turned twenty one.

Speaker 4 (40:28):
Also, she has a new single out called Bad Vibes.

Speaker 3 (40:30):
And of course, speaking of Bad Vibes, we were talking
about dating somebody even though everybody told you don't do it.

Speaker 4 (40:36):
All right, you've done it. You've been that person.

Speaker 5 (40:38):
I don't think I've been that ch I'm perfect.

Speaker 2 (40:40):
In fact, you find me a b dot tm on
Twitter Instagram and let me.

Speaker 5 (40:44):
Know how perfect I am.

Speaker 3 (40:45):
Let means beat out trademark. You go all right, Well,
you guys have a great day as usual. Y'all know
this is your show. So thank y'all for calling up
and weighing.

Speaker 12 (40:53):
Okay, So I.

Speaker 2 (40:53):
Had this friend a call an extra.

Speaker 10 (40:57):
How is this guy like?

Speaker 7 (40:58):
And oh he's a don't mess with him.

Speaker 4 (41:01):
I didn't listen. I dated the guy and it was
the relationship with Hill.

Speaker 6 (41:06):
What's up?

Speaker 3 (41:07):

Speaker 11 (41:07):
What's up? New York City? I just want to shine
a light on all the mothers, including especially my beautiful
mother who raised four kids on her own and it
was not easy. Shout out to all the mothers.

Speaker 6 (41:19):
Way up, Hi.

Speaker 13 (41:20):
I just want to go ahead and give thanks to
my brother for always helping me out and being such
a good, loving brother to me and being like a
second father to me.

Speaker 2 (41:29):
I hope they have a great day.

Speaker 15 (41:30):
Hey, Tusa, I love.

Speaker 6 (41:31):
You so much.

Speaker 1 (41:35):
Up Angela yee is way up.

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