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April 13, 2024 35 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You are now angel what I call her?

Speaker 2 (00:06):

Speaker 3 (00:12):
All right, it's way up at Angela yee. I'm Angela ye.
And Chella's here, hey, Mayno's in the building.

Speaker 4 (00:20):

Speaker 3 (00:20):
And it's a Friday, so you know what that means.

Speaker 5 (00:24):
It is shot o'clock all day today.

Speaker 1 (00:26):
That's why.

Speaker 3 (00:27):
Now we do have a coach, Sydney Carter joining us today.
She's the assistant coach for Texas. She's also a former
w NBA player. And of course you've been hearing what
we're world premiering today metro Booming in Future featuring the weekend.

Speaker 5 (00:38):
We still don't trust you, all right, Tella, all.

Speaker 3 (00:42):
Right, But in the meantime, let's China Light eight hundred
fifty fifty les Hina Light.

Speaker 5 (00:46):
Spress some love. When we come back. It's way up.

Speaker 6 (00:50):

Speaker 4 (00:53):
Turn your lights on, y'all.

Speaker 7 (00:55):
It's breading love to those who are doing greatness.

Speaker 5 (01:00):
Shine a light on.

Speaker 4 (01:02):
It's time to shine a light on him.

Speaker 3 (01:04):
It's way up by Mandela yee, and Mina's in the
building out.

Speaker 5 (01:08):
It's Teller's last day until until she comes back. Now,
want to shine a light.

Speaker 8 (01:15):
I want to shine the light on one of my
favorite people from Chicago, my brother Boudal. He's my partner
with our podcast that we relaunching Straight Drop Uncut. He
also has the number one Chicago land bakery Karme Cakes
with his beautiful wife Michelle, and he just dropped one
of the number one movies on to Be right now.

Speaker 1 (01:32):
It's called Like Father, Like Son.

Speaker 5 (01:34):
You know, I love a to B movie.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
Yes, I love Bodell. He's a great guy. He's a legend.

Speaker 8 (01:39):
He's a he used to be on BT Freestyle back
in the day. But I just love the type of
person he is. He does a lot in the community
and he changes life. And I respect guys who come
from nothing, you know, and Bill and just changed their life.

Speaker 1 (01:51):
So shout out to bo.

Speaker 4 (01:52):
Dial, shout out to Beaudel.

Speaker 5 (01:53):
Yeah, we're going to Chicago Maino.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
We got to pull up soon.

Speaker 1 (01:56):
Yeah, y'all gotta come and do our show from there.

Speaker 5 (01:59):
That's a plan, all right.

Speaker 3 (02:02):
Well, shout out to you, bo Deal And who do
you guys want to shine a light on and spread
some love to eight hundred nineteen fifty one fifty ch
Who do you want to shine a light on?

Speaker 9 (02:11):

Speaker 4 (02:11):
I want to shine a light on my mom.

Speaker 5 (02:13):
Okay, she is an amazing one day and I'm gonna
put it in the end that she has beat stomach cancer.
Oh okay, she went for surgery and in the blood
of Jesus that she's going to be all right.

Speaker 9 (02:28):
She's an amazing mom, grandmother, friend, so cousin, and her
name is Denise Christmas. My.

Speaker 2 (02:36):
I just want to say thank you for being an
amazing wrong bottle.

Speaker 9 (02:39):
I want to have a better mother than you. You
are so amazing.

Speaker 4 (02:43):
And I also want to.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
Sign the light out on people High School where I
work at.

Speaker 3 (02:47):
All right, that's what I say. A prayer for Denisa,
Shine a light on her. She's gonna be stomach cancer.
Thank you, Shelley so much for growland with saying a
prayer for your mom right now, Love you mom, Thank you,
Thank you, babe.

Speaker 5 (02:59):
That was shining light.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
Eight hundred two nine fifty. Just in case you couldn't
get through. It's a very active Friday. So ut is
next and you know what, versu, Let's talk about Polo g.
He was arraigned on gun possession charges and this all
happened in New York City.

Speaker 5 (03:14):
Will give you the details. It's way up they say
in the rooms from industry shade to all of gossip
out Angelus speeling that it's way up on Angela. Yea,
tell us here.

Speaker 9 (03:30):
What it is.

Speaker 5 (03:30):
Let's get into some ut okay.

Speaker 3 (03:32):
According to the New York Post, Polo g was arraigned
on gun possession charges.

Speaker 5 (03:37):
He left a weapon in the New York City hotel room.

Speaker 3 (03:40):
Allegedly this is the Dominant Hotel, which, by the way,
you used to be the Trump soho. They had to
change the name of it to the Dominic, and the
maid found a loaded glock with ten.

Speaker 5 (03:48):
Bullets in his room.

Speaker 4 (03:50):
Man, I hate to hear that.

Speaker 5 (03:51):
Authorities were alerted about this.

Speaker 3 (03:53):
Now his attorney is saying that he's one hundred percent
serious in terms of his work, in terms of his professionalism.
He has no incentive to flee because they're trying to
get him bail because he has a career that he's built,
and prosecutors are arguing that he's a flight risk because
of his past criminal record, which includes the rest of kidnapping,
assault and robbery. So they did settle on a cash
bill for twenty five thousand dollars and the court date

will be June fourth, So he's out, yes on baby
good all right? Now, Kevin Durant has responded to Fat Joe.
Fat Joe recently was doing an interview and he was
on The Roommate Show and said that while Kevin Durant
was playing at Rucker Park and his debut at Rucker Park,
he actually scored sixty six points and then people were

so upset at him that they tried to.

Speaker 5 (04:42):
Beat him up. All right, here's what Fat Joe had
to say.

Speaker 7 (04:45):
Kevin Durant, He's called eighty two points in the third quarter,
Like he don't like me telling this story. They chased
him out the rooker like they want to beat him
mop he with They ass so bad that they wanted
to literally beat him up out there, Like how was
out there?

Speaker 4 (05:00):
They chased him into the truck. He had to go
that storytelling the game.

Speaker 3 (05:05):
Well, first of all, people were saying he didn't score
eighty two. It was I think they said sixty six.
I saw a lot of people commenting on it. But
then Kevin Durant himself said another podcast lie. It was
nothing but respect and love out there that night. Didn't
feel unsafe for one second. And I saw a lot
of people were in the comments like that's a lie.
They were showing him so much love. They ran onto
the court. He showed love to everybody.

Speaker 4 (05:27):
I believe he.

Speaker 1 (05:29):
Heard fad y'all tell the best story.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
That story, I believe. I believe whatever fat Yo said.

Speaker 3 (05:33):
I mean, maybe everybody surrounding him and being excited looked
like they were chasing him.

Speaker 4 (05:38):
Oh, they just didn't see them goals in the corner.

Speaker 5 (05:41):
May no, Yeah, were you there?

Speaker 8 (05:42):

Speaker 4 (05:43):
But I'm just saying that said, I believe it. Listen,
they might have not.

Speaker 5 (05:46):
Seen you know, are you saying, Kevin Duranton.

Speaker 6 (05:49):
Right, everybody that showed him love, there was some goals
probably to the side.

Speaker 3 (05:53):
Well, I mean, I don't think that he felt like
he was about to get beat up or anything, so,
you know, but I did. If you look at the comments,
a lot of people were like, I was there. That
did not happen like that. All Right, now, we got
a lot more to talk about, because I mean, it's
a Friday, it's a new music Friday. There's all kinds
of beef going on. There's all kind of shots being

into that. But in the meantime, let's play some J
Cole right now in TLC Crooked Smile. When we come back,
we have about last night that's where we discussed what
we did last night.

Speaker 5 (06:22):
It's way up.

Speaker 4 (06:23):
N so about last night.

Speaker 3 (06:27):
I went down, all right, it's way up Angela.

Speaker 5 (06:32):
Yee sell us here, that's right. Mayno's in the building, Mana.
What did you do yesterday?

Speaker 4 (06:39):
I was in studio?

Speaker 5 (06:43):
Yeah, I see you also have annown some tour days
coming up.

Speaker 6 (06:46):
Yeah, lobby boys, lobby boys coming. It's a big it's
gonna be big.

Speaker 5 (06:50):
All right, Well yesterday, what did we do yesterday? Chaelly?

Speaker 3 (06:53):
We were all over the place, but we ended up
going to eat at Popeye's.

Speaker 4 (06:56):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (06:57):
I had you outside, yes, and it was throwed in
the there is so tell us anything you want to Popeye.

Speaker 1 (07:05):
Shrimp? We was out, sad, let's try.

Speaker 4 (07:07):
Let's try that at Yeah.

Speaker 3 (07:14):
And the other thing that we went to shout out
to DJ sus One. It was an event for a Tonal.
Have you ever seen Tonal? It's like this workout, like
a kind of a virtual workout.

Speaker 5 (07:25):
Okay, why would you do that?

Speaker 4 (07:27):
Because he do? That's my guy?

Speaker 5 (07:28):

Speaker 3 (07:33):
Whatever it is, it's an AI powered home gym basically
is what it's like. And I don't know if you
all have ever seen it, but I tried it one
time in the mall and then I was doing it there.
But basically it's a home gym and it has like
a virtual trainer in front of you, and you can
pick what you want to do. So if there's something
that you're working on, like this is what I'm working on,

like that, and then it gives you the resistance, so
it'll be like whatever the weight it is, whatever it is,
it does the resistance for you.

Speaker 5 (08:01):
It has a bench so you could use the workout.

Speaker 4 (08:03):
It's on your TV.

Speaker 3 (08:05):
Yeah, it's its own It has its own TV in
front of it, so it has like a screen that's
flat against the wall, right, and then you work out
with a virtual trainer, and you can pick whatever you
want and the length of your workout. So let's just
say you don't have a lot of time, it'll be
like fifteen minute workout, but then if you have over
forty five minutes, you can choose that and it actually
you really feel the resistance.

Speaker 8 (08:25):
You tried it, right, Yeah, I lost five pounds already.

Speaker 1 (08:28):
Shut out walk it.

Speaker 3 (08:30):
So work with the curls and you know how afterwards
you feel like there's a difference.

Speaker 5 (08:34):
So already I did eight curls.

Speaker 4 (08:36):
I mean usually I'm like that.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
You got all these muscles right here?

Speaker 4 (08:40):
Oh, I mean I need to get back right though,
because I kind of fell off.

Speaker 3 (08:44):
Well anyway, it is something that I think is good
because it doesn't take up a lot of space and
it's virtual and it has like a ton of workouts
on there, so you can set your goal and then
try to hit that goal. But just don't use it
to hang up your clothes. You know how you do
that with the treadmill.

Speaker 8 (08:58):
Right, you know, answering with the rest of your decorations
of your new house.

Speaker 5 (09:02):
All right, yeah, can do that.

Speaker 4 (09:05):

Speaker 3 (09:05):
Anyway, that was about last night, and when we come back,
tell us a secret.

Speaker 5 (09:09):
Eight hundred two ninety two fifty one.

Speaker 3 (09:11):
The number is anything you want to talk to us about,
and we're not gonna judge you, all three of us,
all right, because we allt and did some ish, so
nobody in here can can be mad. Eight hundred two
nine two fifty one fifty year anonymous. It's a no
judgment zone. Go ahead, tell it.

Speaker 5 (09:25):
Tell us a secret.

Speaker 1 (09:27):
My secrets be too much, so I'm gonna just keep
them to myself. I'm gonna just tell mano late.

Speaker 4 (09:35):
Let me know a few of them already, the two.

Speaker 3 (09:36):
Savages in the corner over there, all right, eight hundred
two ninety two fifty one fifty. There's no way these
two people should be judging you. And you know I'm
not gonna do it. Eight hundred two ninet two fifty
one fifty. Tell us a secret. It's way up.

Speaker 4 (09:48):
This is a judgment free zone. Tell us a secret.

Speaker 5 (09:51):
What's up?

Speaker 3 (09:51):
This way up at Angelaue? Happy Friday? I'm here, Mayo's here.

Speaker 5 (09:55):
No, it's your secretellos here eight And we've been in
here telling all kinds of secrets behind the scenes.

Speaker 4 (10:03):
Yeah, I just told you one.

Speaker 8 (10:04):
I know.

Speaker 5 (10:04):
I wish you wouldn't have a good one.

Speaker 4 (10:06):
It was a good one for.

Speaker 3 (10:07):
Us as a good Samaritan. I feel like you gotta
report me, report you. This is at no judgment zone.
We're not going to report any of you. I don't
care what you have to say. All right, eight hundred
nine fifty fifty anonymous car it what's your secret?

Speaker 4 (10:20):
My baby?

Speaker 1 (10:21):
Finally, don't know that I said this car on fire.

Speaker 4 (10:23):
You set his car on fire?

Speaker 2 (10:26):
Yeah, I said his car on fire. His ans was cheating.
But I waited a long time. So when I did it,
he didn't know why I was the one that did it.

Speaker 4 (10:33):
So how long you waited?

Speaker 1 (10:35):
I waited like a year.

Speaker 4 (10:36):
Oh and I just put alcohol in here.

Speaker 5 (10:38):
Where was the car when you set it on fire?

Speaker 1 (10:41):
It was in front of his house.

Speaker 4 (10:42):
Damn you are somebody could.

Speaker 1 (10:44):
Have died and you said your girlfriend everybody, Nobody was hurt.

Speaker 4 (10:49):
Nobody was hurt, nobody was injured.

Speaker 9 (10:51):
South I got away with the car.

Speaker 5 (10:53):
Let me ask you this. Did you just stay with
him after that?

Speaker 2 (10:56):
I stayed with him a little bit after that, but
so it wasn't working out on things like blowing up Corse.

Speaker 6 (11:02):
Blew up his car and then still left them of course,
Oh my god.

Speaker 5 (11:06):
Arson is never a good thing though.

Speaker 3 (11:08):
That's a crime if you get.

Speaker 8 (11:12):
But that's what I didn't make you feel better, didn't
make you feel bad better, And.

Speaker 3 (11:17):
It made me feel better that he don't know that
I did it, you know, because the thing is.

Speaker 1 (11:21):
If you're listening here going on line.

Speaker 3 (11:23):
Right, you know, I just feel like if something could
have happened to somebody, that would have been awful and
you could end up going to jail for something, and
then you know.

Speaker 4 (11:31):
She ain't get nothing about none of that.

Speaker 3 (11:33):
Thanks for calling, and for people at home, we do
not condone this activity at all. Thank you for anonymously
calling us smashing. Yeah, I mean that's a better idea,
but thank you for calling anonymous. Color what's your secret?

Speaker 9 (11:46):
Basically like years or whatever, but kind of got.

Speaker 3 (11:51):
Like a crush and working so your work wife, he
ain't didn't You ain't did nothing with it though?

Speaker 4 (11:59):
On the ground do she know? Do they know each other?

Speaker 1 (12:02):
Are you married?

Speaker 9 (12:05):
I mean, now we've been together ten years, bron, they've.

Speaker 5 (12:08):
Been together ten years? How come you're not married? I'm
just curious.

Speaker 9 (12:11):
I feel like I shouldn't get married to house.

Speaker 6 (12:15):
Okay, that's your good God or so. So I'm trying
to understand what your secret is. So you call up
here just to tell us that you like somebody.

Speaker 4 (12:22):
You ain't did nothing yet.

Speaker 9 (12:23):
I was thinking about it.

Speaker 4 (12:26):
We can do something. Then, if you're gonna be about something,
be about it.

Speaker 5 (12:30):
They know.

Speaker 4 (12:30):
If you're gonna do something, do something, then call up.

Speaker 3 (12:33):
What's going on with your relationship though? With the woman
you've been with for ten years? Are you kind of
like ready to get out of that?

Speaker 5 (12:39):
Are you bored?

Speaker 3 (12:40):
Are you trying to perhaps move on, Like why is
it that you feel like your mind is in other places?

Speaker 5 (12:46):

Speaker 9 (12:46):
To be honest, it's not bad. Like I love her
to death. We got two kids together. I love her
to death, So I wouldn't want to be with nobody.

Speaker 6 (12:54):
But man, listen, if you're gonna do something, do it.
If you're not, then you don't call up there like that.

Speaker 4 (12:59):
Rich people know I'm saying, if you want this is
tell us.

Speaker 6 (13:04):
I don't want to do nothing that a little don't
don't listen, don't call up here with no crushes?

Speaker 4 (13:11):
Well what would you do? Call it with action?

Speaker 5 (13:13):
What would you do if she was like, let's let's
go to the hotel.

Speaker 1 (13:17):
I don't know, maybe she'll just go home with both
of y'all right?

Speaker 4 (13:20):
No, how about you just introduced her to your wife.

Speaker 5 (13:23):
That's not his wife, your.

Speaker 4 (13:25):
Girlfriend for ten years.

Speaker 9 (13:27):
You gave me crazy, Yeah, you need to go with.

Speaker 5 (13:31):
Well I got you, all right, guys.

Speaker 3 (13:33):
Well, thank you for sharing your secret, sir to call
up here when you did something.

Speaker 4 (13:37):
I'll let you know, okay, brother.

Speaker 5 (13:40):
All right, Well that was tell us a secret. Thank
you guys for calling.

Speaker 3 (13:43):
And when we come back, we have your yet and
let's talk about Fallon versus Portia. The two of them,
of course, don't get along because of both of their exes. Now,
Simon will discuss what Fallon had to say on the
Baller Alert show.

Speaker 5 (13:55):
It's way up about the.

Speaker 4 (13:56):
Lead off this, but let's get it. Angelus feeling that,
come and get the tea.

Speaker 5 (14:02):
Yeah, Happy Friday. It's way up.

Speaker 3 (14:04):
I'm Angela. Yee Chella's here? Man no no, mayna? Yeah,
all right, now, let's get it started. With Real Housewives
of Atlanta, Kenya Moore is returning. It's official, and we
already know that Porscha's going to be there, so it
feels like the two of them are going to be
the anchors for Real Housewives of Atlanta. Initially, Candy was

going to stick around, but they said everybody was taken
by surprise, including network and production when she talked about leaving.
So they are still casting and I think pretty soon,
according to love Be, Scott will be able to know
who will be on this new season as well. Okay,
but speaking of the season, what if they bought Fallon back?

Speaker 5 (14:42):
All right?

Speaker 3 (14:42):
Now, Fallon was on the ball of Alert show and
she talked about her ex Simon, because remember Simon and
Porsche had gotten married, but they've already broken up. And
here's what she had to say, what happened if her
and Porsche ran into each other?

Speaker 5 (14:54):
Were you shocked to find out when Porscha and Simon separated?

Speaker 9 (14:58):

Speaker 1 (14:59):
Was anybody?

Speaker 4 (15:00):
Do you think that was real?

Speaker 8 (15:01):

Speaker 1 (15:01):
I think it was just a poor to get back
at me.

Speaker 6 (15:03):
So let me ask you this, if you if you
ever ran into Porsche, what would you talk to her about?

Speaker 1 (15:07):
That wouldn't be a safe scenario. At the end of
the day, she know what she did.

Speaker 4 (15:11):
I would have talked to her.

Speaker 1 (15:12):
Talk to her.

Speaker 4 (15:13):
Ain't gonna be no talking, no talking?

Speaker 3 (15:16):
Wow, smoke sight, No, that's crazy if they do. I
mean it's a small you know, they could run into
each other.

Speaker 4 (15:24):
Somewhere and it could be a lot of crashing going on.

Speaker 3 (15:26):
But now you said that, Now you gotta for real
stand stand on it. Well, you know what, at the
end of the day, Simon is the one right that
did the dirt for real.

Speaker 6 (15:36):
But she probably at the end of the day they
got to end. But she probably felt like that was
a friend and she introduced them.

Speaker 3 (15:42):
But they act like they weren't really such good friends.
Like according to I don't know, all right. Jeezy is
asking for primary custody of his daughter with Jennie May
amidst their divorce. He says that Genie doesn't even take
care of the kid herself. Wow, all right, So he
wants to judge to toss at the current custody and
parenting timer arrangement that he did in mediation and said

that he wants his daughter to live with him full time.
He said initially he agreed to move to the basement
amid their breakup, but he says that Genie moved out
of their family home and took their daughter with her
and has since taxed her brother and mother with the
majority of the care of their two year old daughter, Monico,
because she has an extensive travel schedule. He thinks that's
not good for their daughter and says that Jeanie has

withheld his parenting time with their child for nearly two months,
so he feels that she would have more stability if
he had primary physical custody.

Speaker 5 (16:32):
That's tough, it is.

Speaker 3 (16:34):
That's a tough one because you want to do what's
best for the child, right, but it also I.

Speaker 8 (16:39):
Don't know, it's just well, somebody got to be there often.
So maybe he sees some that everybody else don't.

Speaker 3 (16:45):
Say, right, And I think he wants to see his
daughter more frequently. And if she's traveling a lot, even
if she's bringing people to help, then she's not there.
And she's young, so you want her to be able
to stay home or stay stable as much as possible.
All Right, Kenjick Lamar Day Free his PG LANG partner.
They have their live action comedy film with South Park
creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that's going to be

in theaters next summer. That movie will be released on
July fourth, twenty twenty five, and will be distributed by Paramount.
So we don't know if Kenjuck is going to appear
in the movie, but they are handling the production side
of things for right now, so I know that's exciting for.

Speaker 5 (17:21):
A lot of people.

Speaker 3 (17:22):
All Right, That is your yet and last thing I
want to say, Kitlyn Jenner. People were talking about this,
right Caitlyn posted good riddance hashtag O J.

Speaker 5 (17:31):
Simpson. A lot of backlash happen.

Speaker 3 (17:33):
People were like, manya business, and then Kitlyn Jenner responded,
I know you all think it's cute to compare a
fatal car accident with multiple vehicles involved to a brutal murder.
But remember Oj said something to the effective I could
kill Nicole and get away with it because I'm Oj Simpson.
So that was Caitlyn's response to everybody's anger. All right,
well that is your yet and when we come back,

we have under their radar. Those are the stories that
are not necessarily in the headlines. They're flying under the radar.
And we have to talk about this Tulsa real estate fund.
There's an article on boler Alert that's talking about all
of the issues and now they're selling the black House,
which is what people had invested their money into.

Speaker 5 (18:12):
We'll discuss its way up the news news.

Speaker 4 (18:15):
This in the news that relates to you.

Speaker 5 (18:17):
These stories are flying under the radar.

Speaker 3 (18:19):
All right, it's way up on Mandela ye manos here
no sell us heresy eight and it's time for these
under the radar stories, all right. Chlamydia, there's a vaccine
that is showing promise in its early trial because there
are rates of STIs that are surging.

Speaker 5 (18:37):
In the United States.

Speaker 3 (18:38):
In twenty twenty two, there were nearly one point six
million cases of chlamytea and chlamydia can also lead to
infertility in women. All right, so there is an early
stage clinical trial that has some promising results for our
chlamytea vaccine. That'd be a great thing because right now
there's no vaccine that can protect you against that, and
with something that is so widespread. Now, of course that

does not mean you should run aroun unprotected, right, but
at least you can know that this is something.

Speaker 5 (19:06):
Why do we all listen?

Speaker 4 (19:08):
Listen, and I'm looking at Cella.

Speaker 1 (19:10):
No, don't look at you, got it, I don't run.

Speaker 4 (19:13):
I'm looking at you for real? Oh my god, oh man,
this is crazy.

Speaker 5 (19:18):
All right, and let's talk about this TOLSA Real Estate Fund.

Speaker 9 (19:21):

Speaker 3 (19:22):
Baller Alert has put up an article about what's happening
now with this fund that Jay Morrison started. A lot
of people invested up to uh, they invested eleven point
seven million dollars. By the way, just fund raise eleven
point seven million dollars. And it was supposed to revitalize
and empower black communities through strategic real estate investments. But

the issue is, according to recent developments, there have been
some financial strains with the fund. And right now they
refinanced this building that they had purchased that was called
the Black House, and that house is now for sale.
It's known as the Legacy Center as well. People were
having events there and you know, I there are a
lot of people in the comments when baller Alert posted
this story about the Tulsa Fund troubles, and I do

want to say, anybody that invests in anything, it's always
a risk. And so people were commenting on that, and
Tanya Rapley, who I know, is my fab finance, right,
She's a person who I always look to when it
comes to anything financial. She's a recognized millennial money expert.
She said the issue was a few things. The portfolio
wasn't just comprised of commercial real estate, but residential too.

He bought his personal residence with fund money, and the
management fees were excessive, including how much he paid his
wife for marketing services yearly.

Speaker 5 (20:33):
So a lot of different things.

Speaker 3 (20:35):
There's one person in particular, Julianne Gordon, who has personally
lost forty thousand dollars and so he's been covering all
of this as the fund is nearing bankruptcy. So we'll
keep you guys in the know about what's going on
with that, all right, And that is your under the radar?
You know, we have the way It mixed at the
top of the hour. Plus we have coach Sydney Carter

joining us. She's the assistant coach of Texas. She's also
a former WNBA player. With everybody watching women's college basketball,
all right, this is a great time to discuss her
opinions and her thoughts on what's happening.

Speaker 5 (21:07):
It's way up, it's.

Speaker 4 (21:08):
Relationship with career advice, Angela's dropping facts.

Speaker 5 (21:14):
What's up? His way up with Angela Yee? I'm Angela Yee.
Mano's hair.

Speaker 3 (21:19):
Isn't award winning advice giving winning. And we have somebody
who wants to remain anonymous on the line. Hello, what
is your question?

Speaker 9 (21:27):
So I've been bothering my son with my big mom
for eight years.

Speaker 5 (21:31):
Okay, so you've been you're supposed to do that's your.

Speaker 6 (21:33):
Son, right, Yeah, she got married, her marriage with sell,
she got pregnant about her God she married.

Speaker 9 (21:40):
Now all of a sudden, I'm getting put on child support.
Should I pay it or should I just walk away
from it?

Speaker 4 (21:46):
If you can't walk away from your.

Speaker 5 (21:47):
Kids, you'll go to and you'll go to jail if
you don't pay child.

Speaker 6 (21:50):
But it ain't even about to jails about you and
looking at looking at yourself in the mirror. Bro, you
got kids, you gotta you gotta do what you gotta do.

Speaker 4 (21:57):
I've been doing what I gotta do.

Speaker 5 (21:59):
D support is not for her, it's for your child.

Speaker 9 (22:02):
It can't be for my child. When I've been doing
the father thing. I take them on trips, I picked
him up, all.

Speaker 4 (22:08):
Of that, I do all of the above.

Speaker 6 (22:11):
So you're saying you are you already handling your father duties?
Why are you trying to put that on child support?
I get that that happened though, right right right?

Speaker 5 (22:20):
If I wasn't the father, wild, you don't have to
pay bad child support, do you?

Speaker 4 (22:25):
You don't got to pay no child support if you
already doing what you gotta.

Speaker 5 (22:27):
Doan know, if the court say you do, you don't
be in the court. It doesn't matter.

Speaker 4 (22:34):
But she did it right, Yes, she did.

Speaker 3 (22:36):
It, Okay, so you are legally obligated to pay child support.
Well here's what I suggest you do. Definitely get yourself
a lawyer, make sure you have documentation of things that
you've done. All you can do right now is make
sure that you're as prepared as possible, and understand what
this child support is for. Now, if that means that
you've already been giving her money to make sure that
you pay for schooling, food, roof over the child's head.

Now when you do the child support, now you can
just pay the child support and that's what that money
goes toward. And all the extra stuff you do, like
taking your child on trips, that's fine, continue to.

Speaker 1 (23:09):
Do that, okay.

Speaker 8 (23:10):
And what I say is, try to calm down the situation,
revisit everything, change the energy, and try to have an
adele conversation with her one more time, even if she'd
been giving you drama, try to talk to he. Look,
we ain't been doing it the right way. Let's start
fresh over and see how that goes. And if that
goes the wrong way, then take it the other way.

Speaker 4 (23:29):
Yeah, because I understand its pains.

Speaker 6 (23:30):
Like I've been doing my fatherly duties without no I
don't need no court, I don't need nobody time.

Speaker 4 (23:35):
I never pay no child support. I've been doing. I've
been handling my business, So why are you taking me
to court?

Speaker 6 (23:40):
You're taking me to court a spike that happened to me.
I never went to court though, it never got that far, all.

Speaker 3 (23:45):
Right, Yes, so maybe what you do is try to
talk to but remember the bigger picture is the relationship
that you guys have. It's hard for it to not
be personal, but it is about the child, and so
always keep that in mind because your child is paying
attention to the interaction that you guys, and if you
can put that first. And sometimes it's just like, I
don't understand why this is happening, and maybe things will

get better later, but in the meantime, take care of
what you need to take care for yourself so you're
not into any legal issues. If you guys can have
a civil conversation, then do that. If you can't, at
least now you'll be protecting the rights that you have
as a father too. As far as visitation, as far
as making sure if you guys need mediation that can happen.
I know there's apps that you can communicate through so

that they can have a record or everything that you'
all correspond in that way. Make sure you're not sending
any crazy text messages or anything that if it's presented
in court, can go against you. And just be careful
and protect yourself.

Speaker 4 (24:37):
Like a lawyer. I love for real, I say, tell
them they'll never take you alive. Man, you don't oh ma,
you don't deserve that.

Speaker 9 (24:48):
I appreciate all.

Speaker 5 (24:49):
Right, thank you for calling sounded like a lawyer.

Speaker 4 (24:51):
A lawyer down everything.

Speaker 5 (24:56):
I may know.

Speaker 3 (24:58):
You can't say that, all right? Anyway, that was ask
yee eight hundred two ninety two fifty one fifty. That
is my Drunk Award winning advice giver. And when we
come back, we have coach Sydney Carter joining us. She
has gone viral for many different reasons, her amazing coaching
but also the outfits that she wears.

Speaker 5 (25:15):
Some people have criticized her. She lets flat to me,
it's way up to you, way up with Angela ye more,
now what's up? It's way up at Angela.

Speaker 4 (25:27):

Speaker 5 (25:27):
I'm Angela yee. My girl Tella is here.

Speaker 4 (25:29):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (25:30):
And we got coach Carter aka Sydney Carter hello in
the fielding with us and women's basketball college basketball is.

Speaker 5 (25:37):
On fires up right now.

Speaker 1 (25:38):
It's our time. We're here.

Speaker 3 (25:40):
You know, you played in the WNBA and then you're
coaching and you're the head of player development at the
University of Texas. For you, what's the difference that you're
seeing now when it comes to women's basketball in particular.

Speaker 10 (25:53):
Well, you're seeing a lot more people put in their
platform to be a generational talent, like Caitlin Clark's and
adr like those are all generational talents and generational people.
But you're seeing like more teams in the spotlight now,
Like it's not just like the Yukon's and the Stanfords
from like when I played and when I was growing up.

Speaker 1 (26:10):
That's what I always see, So that's where everybody thought
they had to go.

Speaker 10 (26:13):
Now it's Iowa and NC State, Texas, you know, all
these different schools that are at the forefront of everything.

Speaker 1 (26:19):
So everybody's popping now.

Speaker 3 (26:21):
You know, when you were playing financially, how was it
for you, like as far as what you had to
do outside of the WNBA.

Speaker 1 (26:28):
Yeah, so it was tough.

Speaker 10 (26:29):
I mean I think I was making like maybe thirty
five thousand, maybe forty so when you come out of college,
like that's a lot of money for four five months.
But then I went overseas and I was making about
five times more.

Speaker 5 (26:40):
Wow, how was that experience for you?

Speaker 1 (26:42):
It was hard to start off.

Speaker 10 (26:44):
I went to Israel and like the gods of stuff
was happening my first year, so I was running from
bomb shelter to bomb shelter. In the back of my
house was a bomb shelter. But it was hard, Like
I learned a couple of languages. Don't ask me to
say nothing, because I'm a little rusty in my Hebrew.
But it was hard, but it was rewarding, Like I
learned so much, and I traveled the world.

Speaker 1 (27:03):
I saw so many different places.

Speaker 5 (27:05):
Right now, coach sik Carter is here with me.

Speaker 3 (27:07):
She's the assistant coach for University of Texas women's college
basketball team. And now when we look at you, though, right,
because you have a lot of followers on social media
and people love you. But at the same time, people
have been critical of the way that you dress. Now
you know me, I love to see it. But why
do you think people have such an issue with you
being dressed to the nines when you're on the court.

Speaker 10 (27:28):
I mean, you know, a lot of people are not
secure with their own confidence, and so my confidence offended people.
Not sure why, But at the end of the day,
I can't worry about that. Like I wake up and
I'm happy with myself and I'm to this day I'm
not apologizing for who I am because.

Speaker 5 (27:43):
I was raised this way. Did that surprise you, Yeah, it.

Speaker 10 (27:46):
Surprised me because at the end of the day, I
was just doing my job and like, I can't help
that I'm curby. I can't help that, you know, I
like to dress a certain way and I've never been inappropriate,
And so of course to me that was surprising because
it's like, what did I do wrong?

Speaker 3 (28:00):
When we're looking at college women's basketball and we're looking
at what the commentators are having to say about the
women and what people like, you see a lot of
misogyny and maybe it's not intended and they don't even
realize it at the time until somebody has to point
it out to them.

Speaker 5 (28:15):
But how does that affect the women?

Speaker 3 (28:17):
Like, what are some things that you talk to these
women about, because I know you're very close to the team.

Speaker 10 (28:21):
Yeah, I mean I think I just continuously tell them, like,
if you're living to please everybody else, like you're always
going to be miserable, You're never going to be happy
in this. So at the end of the day, like
you just have to be confident in being who you
are because like you're never going to please everybody. Everybody's
always going to have something to say. So if you're
going to pay attention to that, you're gonna be miserable.
So I try to encourage them to walk in their

confidence every day and walk in who they are.

Speaker 3 (28:44):
Caitlyn Clark was asked to play in the Big Three.
She was on for five million dollars. Yes, I don't
think she's doing that, right, She didn't, She hasn't said
she hasn't said anything.

Speaker 5 (28:53):
Now, if you were advising her, what would you say
about that?

Speaker 10 (28:56):
Well, I mean it's like ten games, So you're making
five million dollars in ten games and the games aren't
even that long.

Speaker 1 (29:06):
I might have to take that.

Speaker 5 (29:07):
If not, Yeah, that's not bad at all. All right.

Speaker 3 (29:12):
Former w NBA player and also the assistant coach for
the University of Texas Coast Sidney Carter is here.

Speaker 5 (29:18):
We have more with her when we come back five
It way up with Angela Yee more. Now, what's up?

Speaker 3 (29:24):
His way up with Angela Yee. I'm Angela Yee. And
right now we have coach Sydney Carter in the building.
She's the University of Texas's women's basketball director of player
Development and also the assistant coach. Now Jamil Hill had
did an article where she was talking about Caitlyn Clark
because people were talking about how she's made people want
to watch basketball and that's why they were watching women's basketball.

But she also was saying that part of it. And
I don't think she was trying to be offensive to
Caitlin Clark at all. Everybody knows she's great, but they
were also saying that, you know, making it maybe something
that might have to do with the fact that she's
white and playing college basketball and people are saying that's
why people are tuning in, when people were tuning in
before that as well. And then also when you look
at sometimes the way that articles are phrased and even

hearing injury speak angeury speak about the racism and you know,
the sexism and people saying awful things to her that she's.

Speaker 5 (30:18):
Had to deal with. Do you think that's a real thing?

Speaker 10 (30:21):
I mean absolutely, I think when you see it, you
see a lot of the times when they want to
cover black athletes like they are always looking for the
negative side of the story.

Speaker 1 (30:30):
That's what you see most of the time.

Speaker 10 (30:31):
You seeing like the black athletes in drama, and so
you know, every time I'm looking at that, I'm like,
what about when Angel had a lot of people out
at camp waiting.

Speaker 5 (30:41):
To meet her?

Speaker 10 (30:42):
Like, those are the positive stories that you don't see
too much effort put into, and so I feel like
that's what they need to start covering more when it
comes to women's basketball with everybody, not just certain athletes.

Speaker 4 (30:51):

Speaker 3 (30:51):
No, it's been really fun to watch and to see
what the ratings have been, like incredible. So what are
some things that you feel like moving forward now that
you can see these real money makers that brings in
the ratings, what do we do now to make sure
that we're capitalizing office and it's not just a moment.

Speaker 10 (31:06):
Well, I hope that one the people that followed the game,
like now because Caitlin Clark and Angel and all those
other people were playing, like those are their favorite athletes,
So then follow them to their professional careers after that.
So now that the WNBA can get the type of
recognition that college is getting at this point.

Speaker 5 (31:23):
Right now, Coach Sick Carter is here with me.

Speaker 3 (31:24):
She's the assistant coach for University of Texas women's college
basketball team.

Speaker 5 (31:29):
Now do you see yourself being a head coach? Absolutely?

Speaker 9 (31:32):
The goal.

Speaker 10 (31:32):
Okay, yeah, I mean I tell myself what I want
to be, like I speak things into existence, and so
I want to be one of the greatest of all
time when it comes to women's basketball.

Speaker 1 (31:40):
How do you balance your work with your personal life?
What would you mean? Because I don't have nothing, you know,
I mean we all got some type of personal lives.

Speaker 5 (31:50):
I mean I got a dog. He's talking about you
gotta ask you this question.

Speaker 1 (31:56):
Yeah, I mean my dog dresses up with me. So, no,
we had a topic and.

Speaker 5 (32:01):
Me and Tella, but it has about this. It's okay.
So we just say you and your ex had a
pet together and y'all break up. Okay? Is it okay
to have share custody of.

Speaker 1 (32:10):
No, who bought the dog? It's yours?

Speaker 5 (32:14):
What if together?

Speaker 10 (32:16):
I ain't never seen that.

Speaker 5 (32:18):
Well, so you agree with Tella? Basically agree with me.

Speaker 1 (32:21):
By the way, all the people that called and the
people that's been hit me like, I'm right.

Speaker 10 (32:28):
Yeah, No, it's not a humans, it's a dog.

Speaker 5 (32:31):
You don't look at your little dog.

Speaker 10 (32:32):
It's like, okay, no, no, that's my baby, that's my child.

Speaker 5 (32:35):
I am hard. But what if your dog heres this?
She might Well, that's cute, but yeah, so you're back
to the personal life because you said.

Speaker 1 (32:43):
Yeah, so, I mean I really don't have one.

Speaker 10 (32:46):
If I think about it, like my personal life, I'm
doing like my brand stuff and traveling. I'll go see
my family every now and then, but like, really, I
just I don't really have She's like, work is work
is work?

Speaker 4 (33:00):

Speaker 5 (33:01):
Do you know what's the plans for you next year?
Are you back at University of Texas?

Speaker 3 (33:04):
I am okay and I'm still putting it on. All right, well,
Coach Sydney Carter, thank you so much. And how can
people follow you?

Speaker 9 (33:10):

Speaker 10 (33:10):
You can follow me on Instagram at Coach Cie Carter.
You can find me on Twitter Sydney Underscore Rene and
then on TikTok at Coach Sick Carter.

Speaker 3 (33:19):
You can watch the Foe interview on my YouTube channel
Way Up with You and of course when we come back,
you guys have the last word.

Speaker 4 (33:24):
Take up the phone tap to get your voice heard.

Speaker 5 (33:28):
What the word is the last word?

Speaker 4 (33:31):
On Way Up with Angela Yee?

Speaker 5 (33:33):
What's up?

Speaker 3 (33:33):
It's Way Up with Angela Yee. I am Angela Yee
and the manos he all yes, can we put out at.

Speaker 5 (33:43):

Speaker 4 (33:43):
We don't like that.

Speaker 5 (33:44):
Yeah, you know Friday.

Speaker 8 (33:47):
I love y'all.

Speaker 5 (33:48):
We love you, We love Chicago and us.

Speaker 1 (33:51):
So Chicago girl and y'all come into Chicago for an
entire week.

Speaker 5 (33:54):
Yes we are.

Speaker 1 (33:55):
I can't wait.

Speaker 3 (33:56):
I thought it was two days, but then till we
can find to week, let's just do the week, you know.
But anyway, as I was saying, shout out to out
there too fat and shout out to Aniki, Shout out
to everybody in Chicago back in the meantime. Also, thank
you to coach Sick Carter for joining us today. You

could watch that full interview on my YouTube channel.

Speaker 5 (34:20):
Way up with you. You'll have a great weekend. Be
safe and tell her you have the last word.

Speaker 8 (34:24):
I had a last word because I'm about to go.
Just shout out to everybody in Chicago. Shout out to
y'all because I love y'all.

Speaker 1 (34:30):
I love the energy.

Speaker 8 (34:31):
I just want to say Chicago is prom season and
I just want to throw out some prom people.

Speaker 1 (34:38):
My girl Mama Sky got the cash. She has a
strip mall. Yeah, she rents all the prom cars, so
hit her up.

Speaker 8 (34:50):
My girl pretty having she doing all the hair, and
my little heaven at and my girl Black Barbie for
Nelson Good, get up Heaven and Black Barbie Chicago.

Speaker 5 (35:04):
And follow me.

Speaker 8 (35:05):
Follow me your girl Tailla ah Toriala Cent and follow
me everywhere by home or you're gonna have to smoke.

Speaker 1 (35:10):
All right, the real trailer H C H E L
L A H. Y'all know what's going on all right
now you'll have the last word.

Speaker 8 (35:18):

Speaker 9 (35:18):
I wanted to shine the light on my daughter angel
she's fully veegan.

Speaker 4 (35:24):
She's a chef.

Speaker 9 (35:25):
Her website is Halo's Kitchen by Chef A. I'm very
proud of her.

Speaker 4 (35:31):
She's twenty two years old and she's doing her thing.

Speaker 9 (35:34):
She just said to think with Country Wayne a couple
of weeks ago, she had to beat him and like
ten of his sounts farage and they loved her food.

Speaker 7 (35:43):
It's so time about the cur you stapped in and
way up with Angela.

Speaker 5 (35:49):
Hi, I wanting now out

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