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April 20, 2024 39 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You are not what I call ye.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
It's way up with Angela. Yeah, I'm Angela.

Speaker 3 (00:15):
Yee on a Friday, and what better way to celebrate
than when my friend, comedian Kem Woods is.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Here with me.

Speaker 1 (00:22):
What's Friday?

Speaker 3 (00:24):
Yeah, it is Friday. You work on the weekends. On
the weekends, I get to like chill a little bit more.
I mean, I've worked too sometimes.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
But I'm off this weekend, so I'll be in the streets.

Speaker 2 (00:34):
We're in the streets this weekend.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
We're definitely gonna go see Devin Haney at the Barclays.

Speaker 2 (00:38):
So that's happening tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (00:40):
So if you're gonna order that on pay per view
or go, I think you can still get tickets. Then
let's all meet up there. We do have a special
guest joining us today, Sheen and Me. She is the
CEO of the Clean Slate Initiative. That is a bipartisan
effort to advance policy that automatically clears all eligible arrest
and conviction records across the United States. So instead of
you having to go through hoops to get your record clear,

they'll be able to do that for you automatically when
you're eligible. All right, in the meantime, let's start off
with some positivity. Let's shine a light eight hundred two
nine two fifty one to fifty.

Speaker 2 (01:11):
Who do you want to shine a light on? It's
way up.

Speaker 4 (01:12):
I'm shine.

Speaker 5 (01:15):
Turn your lights on y'all, spreading love to those who
are doing greatness.

Speaker 2 (01:19):
Shine a light on them, Shine a light on them.

Speaker 5 (01:24):
It's time to shine a light on them.

Speaker 2 (01:26):
It's way up.

Speaker 3 (01:27):
Amantela Yee and my guest host, Alquim Wedge is here
with me today. Hello, Hello, and a hilarious comedian. But
you hang out with all comedians too, I do.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
Ninety of my friends are very very funny.

Speaker 2 (01:38):
All right, well, let's shine a light on one of them.

Speaker 6 (01:40):
I'm going to shine a light tonight or today on
my good friend who also gave me this amazing hat that.

Speaker 1 (01:46):
We all love.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
Did she give it to you or you took it?

Speaker 6 (01:48):
That's not the point. H Yah, Monique, everybody, y'am. Monika,
who is very very very very funny.

Speaker 2 (01:53):
Yeah, you know, it's Amy Schumer's best friend.

Speaker 3 (01:55):
Also on life and Beth Yes, but in real life,
I feel like Yamnika is like the to send your
best friend.

Speaker 2 (02:01):
I would say that.

Speaker 6 (02:02):
She's so she's so funny and she's such a good friend.
But she's so so funny. Please go watch yamniause she is.
She has me dying whatever.

Speaker 3 (02:11):
I hang out with her, Yeah, hilarious. And she actually
had me go work out with her.

Speaker 6 (02:14):
I know you have you Yeah, yeah, I've worked out
with yeah with Naima y sids Naima.

Speaker 1 (02:18):
I stopped working out with her because I was like,
you're doing a lot shout out to them.

Speaker 3 (02:22):
But encourages people to do positive things. I like when
you can have friends. It's like, come on, let's go
work out. Let's go do this, rather than always let's
go have a drink. But we did go have a
drink after all.

Speaker 2 (02:30):
Right, now, do you guys want to shine a light on? Silandra?
Who do you want to shine a light on?

Speaker 7 (02:34):
Is give my billy? Are cordial Georgia, mister restaurant partner.
Proceeds goes back into the community.

Speaker 2 (02:42):
Wow, Okay for the youth.

Speaker 7 (02:44):
I've been sprinting the world out and reaching out to
people for resources. I've done this out of my own
pocket for the last four years. I started this two
years ago and we're just trying to make the community begger.

Speaker 3 (02:57):
Okay, give in my be get in my belly. All right,
well I love that, well, thank you, and I think
that's important right there in the community, they're giving back
and it's nice to know that you can go get
some good food but also be doing something amazing for
other people.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
So Lanta, thank you so much, Thank you for calling.

Speaker 4 (03:14):
Thank you.

Speaker 3 (03:15):
That was Hina Light eight hundred two nine fifty just
in case you couldn't get through. And when we come back,
me and I Kim Wids are going to talk about Neo.
He thinks that people should be allowed to marry multiple partners.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
You can afford it, all.

Speaker 3 (03:28):
Right, it's way up, they say in the rooms.

Speaker 5 (03:32):
From Industry Shade to all of gos ap out sending
angelas feeling that et.

Speaker 3 (03:38):
It's way up by Angela Yee and my guest host
a Kim Woods is here.

Speaker 2 (03:42):
What's what's up and let's get into some ut now.

Speaker 3 (03:45):
Neo was recently spotted out by TMG on the street
holding hands with two women, so he has two partners,
and when he was asked about whether or not he
thinks that you should be allowed to marry multiple partners,
here's what he had to say.

Speaker 2 (04:00):
As an advocate of.

Speaker 8 (04:02):
Dating multiple women at once being married before. What are
your thoughts on legalizing polygamy.

Speaker 1 (04:09):
I feel like in the realm, both love and romances,
let people do whatever they they want to do.

Speaker 8 (04:13):
Yeah, why don't you write phones about dating multiple women?

Speaker 6 (04:17):
Which is the first time that I've been in a
relationship situation like this, So I just I don't force it.

Speaker 1 (04:22):
When it comes to.

Speaker 2 (04:22):
Music, I feel like he's always dated multiple women.

Speaker 1 (04:25):
They just didn't know, right, Just all.

Speaker 2 (04:29):
Go outside together, all right. I don't know. It's a
lot of work.

Speaker 1 (04:33):
If you can afford to women by all means, get
to women.

Speaker 2 (04:36):
But you know, it's not even just about money.

Speaker 3 (04:37):
It's about emotional definitely, because imagine having to deal with that. Like,
could you see yourself dating multiple people but openly holding hands?

Speaker 1 (04:47):
That's a lot. Yeah, what I probably, But that's a lot.

Speaker 3 (04:50):
It's different than what you do on a Monday. Yeah.
Fifty cent has lunch g Unit Studios in Shreport, Louisiana.

Speaker 2 (04:58):
I've been to Report one time. Have you you ever
been there?

Speaker 1 (05:00):
I haven't known.

Speaker 3 (05:01):
I did at the Horseshoe Casino when I was there. Well,
he posted all Roselee to Streeport. I'm ready to work
and Here's what he had to say.

Speaker 9 (05:10):
Studios to Streetport, It's more than just a business decision.
It's a commitment to force the talent to creating opportunities
and to invest it in the community itself to go
what I would need to be able to execute what
I got going with you, the studio creating a lot
of jobs.

Speaker 2 (05:26):
That's dope.

Speaker 1 (05:27):
That is dope. Sreetports are pretty black city.

Speaker 3 (05:28):
Right from what I saw, Yes, but in that particular
casino not something okay, well yeah, but I was only
there one so I can't speak too much on that
whole experience. But I love Louisiana as a whole, different neighborhoods.
I've been to Baton Rouge, of course. You know I
love New Orleans. Should I tell you that.

Speaker 1 (05:46):
I haven't been to New Orleans? What I know? All right?

Speaker 3 (05:49):
You have to come when I come, because we're going
to have an amazing time, all right now. Freeway has
established a new scholarship in his late daughter's memory. He
posted in Cherished Memory of my beautiful daughter Harmony, who
courageously battled cancer and left us. In twenty twenty one,
the three sixty Training and Development and Freedom Thinkers Academy
bestow the Ahabec Carmony Girls Scholarship upon eighteen female Muslim students.

It's a divine blessing to give back and made these
young ladies with God's grace sore toward their dreams.

Speaker 2 (06:18):
So that's a beautiful thing to do in memory.

Speaker 1 (06:20):
Amazing, that's sweet.

Speaker 3 (06:21):
That's how you would want to honor somebody by doing
something like what Freeway did for his daughter a new scholarship.

Speaker 2 (06:27):
All right.

Speaker 3 (06:27):
Now, in three years since joining the ownership group for
the Utah Jazz, Dwayne Wade has watched the valuation for
the Utah Jazz go from one point seven billion dollars
to three point four to six billion dollars. That's amazing day,
So congratulations to him for that. And he had posted

if people are doubting how far you can go, go
so far that you can't hear them anymore second act
activated he said that at that time too, So congratulations.

Speaker 2 (06:58):
I mean, that's more than dou What an amazing.

Speaker 3 (07:01):
Investment that was for him one point seven billion to
three point four to six billion dollars in three years.
And uh, and that's not just him, it's part of
the ownership group. But still whatever his investment was, I'm
sure it was was quite substantial. Substantial and that is
your Yet when we come back, we have about last night.
That's where we discussed what we did last night. Yeah,

you know, I stay up every Thursday night to about
to be mf oh do until midnight when it drops
on streaming.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
All right, it's way up about last night? Is next?

Speaker 1 (07:32):
So about last night?

Speaker 5 (07:34):
Yes, I went down.

Speaker 2 (07:38):
It's way up.

Speaker 3 (07:39):
Angela Guie, my guess host a Keen Wedds is here
with me today. Hey, what did you do last night?

Speaker 1 (07:44):
Last night? Was I did a comedy show in Harlem?

Speaker 2 (07:46):
Okay, how was that?

Speaker 1 (07:47):
It was great?

Speaker 6 (07:48):
Was that comedy club in Harlem which is like one
of the only black owned comedy clubs in the city.

Speaker 1 (07:52):
I believe it was packed. It was a great crowd.
It was. They did an interesting thing with it, like
it was like a gay event kind of.

Speaker 6 (07:59):
They had like they had like HIV testing before the show,
which I was like, I'm like, that's cool, but also
that's weird because like if you go get tested, you
find out you got it.

Speaker 1 (08:09):
Now you're supposed to now we're supposed to make you laugh.

Speaker 2 (08:12):
Yeah, there's nothing funny, right, when you find something like that.

Speaker 6 (08:15):
I was like, test them after so so they can
find out when they go home.

Speaker 3 (08:19):
So if they get tested when they go there, is
there like cause, look, I've done HIV testing in my
juice bar before. Yeah, in Brooklyn, and then people get
a free juice.

Speaker 1 (08:27):
Yeah, I think they got it. I think they got
a free drink or something like that. I can't drink ticket.

Speaker 2 (08:31):
I think, okay, fair enough.

Speaker 3 (08:32):
So when I did it, and you know what it is,
it's really hard to get people to get tested. So
what they try to do is have you get tested
in places that you know, they come to you, meet
you where you're at.

Speaker 1 (08:42):
I get tested every two or three months because your
boy is busy.

Speaker 2 (08:45):
Oh my gosh, yes you are well. Last night. I
was actually supposed to go to a galla last night.

Speaker 3 (08:51):
But when I tell you, I've been exhausted, I'm moving
and you know, every time I talk to you, I'm like,
I'm packing, I'm doing this, I'm doing that. I really
felt like my body was like shut down, like I
just couldn't do it. I've been up here working NonStop.
Then I have to move. I haven't taken any time
off to wait.

Speaker 1 (09:05):
So did you go to the gallow.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
No No, and I feel terrible about it.

Speaker 3 (09:10):
I really wanted to do it, but every single day
I've been doing all these interviews, it's like exhausting, and
so I mean, next week I have to actually fly
out and do a couple of interviews and film some things.

Speaker 1 (09:21):
Did you get to catch up on sleep at least
kind of?

Speaker 3 (09:24):
So what I ended up doing was staying up late
though and watching BMF because I do stay up every
night that BMF is coming on the next day, and
so I stayed up and watched that.

Speaker 2 (09:34):
And so I'm not gonna.

Speaker 3 (09:35):
Ruin it for anybody who hasn't watched it, but I
will say there's one scene that made me think about
myself growing up. And she's the little sister. She's she's
like the good kid, but she's kind of being neglected
because you know, the family has a lot going on.

Speaker 2 (09:49):
The brothers are BMF.

Speaker 3 (09:50):
That's meeting Terry, and then the parents are having a
lot of marital issues.

Speaker 1 (09:55):
No the third season, I think I'm late, I haven't
seen it.

Speaker 3 (09:59):
And so Terry, who's the older brother, he gets her
out of the backseat of the car because she's like smoking,
hanging out with you know, her little boyfriend, and he's like,
get out, you know, get in the car, let's go home.
I was like, that is so embarrassing to have something
like that happened to you. But there's nothing you could
do about it. You are a child, so little kid. Yeah,
so when you're a young teenager. I just thought about
how bad I was when I was going on.

Speaker 1 (10:21):
I was a very good kid.

Speaker 2 (10:22):
You were I was. I'm shocked.

Speaker 1 (10:24):
Well, I was a closet a kid too.

Speaker 3 (10:26):
So you know, okay, and look at how things turn out.
Now look at you and look at me. I was
bad when I was young. Now I'm good and you
are the opposite. Yep, all right, well eight hundred that
was about last night. But when we come back, it's
time for you guys to tell us a secret. Eight
hundred two nine two fifty one fifty is a number. Listen,
a Keima and I are not here to judge you

in any way whatsoever, because guess what, we don't want
you judging us. He has based off of things that
we've done in our life. Eight hundred two nine two
fifty one fifty. You get to remain anonymous. It is
a no judgment zone. You will call us up and
tell us a secret. We're just gonna listen and be like, wow,
that is very u interesting.

Speaker 1 (11:04):
You might talk about your off air, but that'll be
off heir.

Speaker 2 (11:06):
And it'll be viral.

Speaker 3 (11:07):
Eight hundred two ninety two fifty one fifty meter and
our Keen Woods are here. We want to hear your secret.
Tell us a secret.

Speaker 2 (11:12):
It's way up.

Speaker 1 (11:14):
This is a judgment free zone. Tell us a secret.

Speaker 2 (11:17):
It's way up. At Angela yee, I'm Angela yee. Al
Keen Woods is here.

Speaker 3 (11:20):
Hey, we're whispering, and I can look at you and
tell that you have secrets. I do, but we know
that you guys want to call in and tell us
your secrets. We're not gonna judge you. You're anonymous. Eight
hundred two ninety two fifty one fifty anonymous. Call it
what's your secrets?

Speaker 10 (11:33):

Speaker 11 (11:33):
My secret is that I got two girls breaking at
the same time.

Speaker 2 (11:37):
Oh all right, are you sure they're both yours?

Speaker 11 (11:40):
They should be?

Speaker 1 (11:41):
How far apart are they?

Speaker 9 (11:43):

Speaker 11 (11:43):
They like like one month apart?

Speaker 2 (11:46):
Is one of them your girlfriend or both of them?

Speaker 11 (11:48):
No, one of us is my girlfriend? One of them
is like, I don't want to sit here your friend,
but like you know of them. I want to say,
like a side chick, but like you know about it,
and she's just like keeping on other too.

Speaker 12 (11:58):

Speaker 6 (11:58):
I mean that's the definition of a side ject. Yeah,
I'm just I'm just letting you know what those are,
what words mean?

Speaker 1 (12:04):
When are you?

Speaker 2 (12:05):
When are you going to say something? Or or what's
the plan?

Speaker 11 (12:08):
I'm just thinking like once they have it, you know,
and they probably do the DNA test and I'm like, oh,
he's a dad, you know, kind of like leave it
like like.

Speaker 6 (12:14):
I don't know, you know, so you're gonna leave it
for may is what you're saying something like that.

Speaker 3 (12:19):
Okay, are you planning to stay with your girlfriend? Is
that what you want to do?

Speaker 11 (12:23):
Yeah, that's what it is. I'm trying to stay with
my girlfriend, so I don't want to like ruin the
stuff we got going up. We gotta know, I'm good,
got a nice house together and stuff like that.

Speaker 2 (12:32):
Like what if her acquaintance tells her first?

Speaker 11 (12:36):
I thought about it, But the problem like I don't
know if she's lying, you know what, how did she
knows my name?

Speaker 2 (12:43):
He's gonna lie? Okay, all right, well, good luck to you.
Thank you. He don't shout down about it.

Speaker 1 (12:50):
You know what I'm saying, He's not.

Speaker 6 (12:51):
He's the most he's the most upbeat beeter I've ever talked.

Speaker 2 (12:55):
He come to terms with him.

Speaker 1 (12:56):
He was a very sweet beeter. Good for him. Why
he's lovable on me?

Speaker 2 (13:03):
Hey, what's up, Anonymous color? How are you?

Speaker 1 (13:05):
What's up?

Speaker 4 (13:06):
I'm good?

Speaker 3 (13:07):
So me and I kem my hair and we're here
to listen to your secret, not to judge you.

Speaker 4 (13:11):
I've been terminated from my four jobs and only god, my.

Speaker 3 (13:16):
Wife, you got fired from the last four jobs you've had.

Speaker 1 (13:21):
What did you get fired for?

Speaker 4 (13:23):
The touching? And WOA make sure there?

Speaker 2 (13:27):
But I didn't do to do it all four times?

Speaker 3 (13:30):
Tell us what happened then if you didn't, because it
feels like a pattern if this happens four times.

Speaker 4 (13:36):
Yeah, I mean I just tried to be too friendly.
I'm too friendly. That's all back in the eighties.

Speaker 2 (13:43):
Okay, so this all happened in the eighties.

Speaker 3 (13:45):
Yes, And when did you learn to stop doing whatever
was happening or you're saying you didn't do it at all?

Speaker 4 (13:51):
Well, I learned to stop doing it when I started
seeing my therapist and he got me on the right track,
and I'm now I'm straight on my wife and I'm
doing good.

Speaker 3 (14:03):
Now, okay, so you were inappropriately touching people?

Speaker 4 (14:07):

Speaker 2 (14:08):
What did your therapist tell you?

Speaker 4 (14:12):
My mouth? And don't you know, don't do it anymore?

Speaker 3 (14:15):
Well, thank god that he learned his lesson from the
eighties and was able to figure out keep your hand,
and this is good advice for anybody listening. Keep your
hand to yourself and keep your nasty words to yourself.

Speaker 1 (14:26):
To touch anybody unless they want to be touching.

Speaker 2 (14:28):
Do you feel any type of remorse for what you've
done before?

Speaker 4 (14:31):
Yes, I do, really embarrassed.

Speaker 2 (14:35):
Really okay, you don't have any urges or anything anymore?

Speaker 4 (14:39):

Speaker 3 (14:40):
No, all right, Well, thank you for calling it and
sharing with us. I know that had to be embarrassing
to even admit that you've done this before. So we
appreciate you for feeling like this was a safe space
to be able to talk, and I appreciate the fact
that you were able to change that behavior.

Speaker 2 (14:55):
Yes, ma'am, thank you for calling. That was tell us
a secret eight hundred two nine fifty fifty.

Speaker 3 (15:00):
We don't judge it. You could always leave a message
and when we come back. We have your yee team
and let's talk about Polo G. He is also saying
that he needs to do something better after his recent arrest.

Speaker 5 (15:10):
It's way up, yo, She's about to blow the lead
ab off this, but let's get it. Oh yeah, angelus
building at ye te Come and get the tea.

Speaker 3 (15:18):
It's way up by Angela Yee. My guy aqim Witz
is here with me today. Hey, let's get into some
yete now. Polo G has admitted to drug usage after
his latest arrest. He confessed that he was taking drugs
again just one week after being arrested for gun possession.
He said, drugs and liquor helped me cope with pain,
but I need better vices. And then somebody said, I

thought you said you don't do drugs anymore, and he said,
I stopped and started again.

Speaker 2 (15:44):
You know, he's got a lot of things going on.

Speaker 3 (15:46):
He had a marri death experience previously that landed him
in the hospital.

Speaker 1 (15:50):
Got to go to rehab.

Speaker 2 (15:52):
Yeah, and even that doesn't help, you know.

Speaker 3 (15:54):
Sometimes it's on the world to rehab over and over
and over again. So it is something that he is
acknowledging on social media, but figuring out how to go
about situations differently, finding better coping mechanisms, all of those things.
That's a lot of times people use drugs to learn
how to come.

Speaker 2 (16:11):
You don't even drink.

Speaker 1 (16:11):
I don't drink.

Speaker 2 (16:12):
Yeah, so good for you, thank you. All right.

Speaker 3 (16:16):
We were just going down an Elephant Man a rabbit
hole up here, cause there are there are three Caribbean
people in the room right now, and al kem Went
is here. We were playing some Elephant Man songs for
you so you would understand Ponda River upon a bank,
Willie bound signaled a plane, all of those things.

Speaker 2 (16:31):
If anybody listens to dance Hall, well.

Speaker 3 (16:33):
Elephant Man recently was on Instagram Live and he was
talking to Noah Poa and he was saying that he
does have a lot of kids.

Speaker 2 (16:43):
He has thirty eight children.

Speaker 1 (16:45):
Which is about thirty four too.

Speaker 2 (16:47):
Many, so four is the magic number for you, all right.

Speaker 3 (16:51):
He said he started when he was seventeen years old,
and he said he might be ugly, but girls like him,
so it doesn't matter, because you know, Elephant Man was
his name that he gave himself for a reason. Okay,
but yes, that's a lot of kids. I've never heard
of somebody with thirty years. I actually have to see
if that's a record right as far. But you know what,

that's the thing for men. Y'all can have a whole
bunch of kids. I'll say y'all sometimes simultaneously. They Yeah,
they can have a whole bunch of kids sometimes simultaneously,
as we learned and tell us a secret. And you know,
all right, Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan were on a
date together and people are saying maybe they are back together.

They've been calling it quits, like multiple times, breaking up
and getting back together. They said they did remain friends
after breaking up. She had some things to say about
his I guess motivation in life and how hard she's
been working. And you know, I guess maybe they are
working things out.

Speaker 1 (17:52):
You know, on and on again, off again, on again.

Speaker 3 (17:56):
That seems on again is always fun in the moment,
like when you first get back together.

Speaker 6 (18:01):
Because you're like, I missed this because it's familiar, and
then a few weeks ago by like oh this is why.

Speaker 1 (18:07):
All right.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
Sometimes the next day you're like, all right, now, we
told you guys this previously, but I spice.

Speaker 2 (18:15):
You know, she's she's been.

Speaker 3 (18:16):
Doing a lot of interviews lately, and she was on
the shop and we saw the previews for that.

Speaker 2 (18:21):
Well, she talked.

Speaker 3 (18:22):
About meeting Beyonce at the twenty twenty four Grammy Awards.
A lot of people saw some video and thought that
she threw herself at Beyonce.

Speaker 2 (18:29):
But she's explaining what really went down. Here is what
she said.

Speaker 10 (18:32):
I didn't really like meet her too much because you know,
it was basically a Beyonce meet and greet at the Grammars.
So there was a long line, so we all got
a couple of seconds. But I had seen her like
in her table and stuff, and she looked over at
me and smiled. So while she was walking towards me,
I already knew she was gonna come, say R, So
I got up to be prepared.

Speaker 2 (18:51):
Some people was like, eh, I threw herself far Beyonce.

Speaker 10 (18:54):
Like relax, I'm like, no, girl, Like she already seeing
me and she was on the way.

Speaker 1 (18:59):
But like, even if you throws over at Beyonce, it's Beyonce, right.

Speaker 3 (19:03):
If they didn't want you to talk to her, security
would have been like, eh, exactly, you know.

Speaker 2 (19:06):
So that's how it happens.

Speaker 3 (19:08):
And sometimes you do see somebody and there's so many
people coming up to them and you want to say hi, but.

Speaker 6 (19:13):
You don't want to be that personal, right, But you
also don't want to miss that opportunity.

Speaker 3 (19:16):
I saw us Ray at this event the other day
and everybody kept going over to the table to talk
to her, and she did like see me and wave,
and I was like, man, I really want to go
over there, but then I have to like push past everybody.

Speaker 2 (19:27):
So I was just like, man, I get a chance
to talk to Easter Ray.

Speaker 3 (19:29):
All right, Well that is your yet and when we
come back, it's under the radar time. These are the
stories that are not necessarily in the headlines. They are
flying under the radar, but we definitely feel like you
need to know about it. California could be the first
state in the United States to give workers the right
to ignore after ours call, So if your boss calls
you after hours, you can ignore them.

Speaker 1 (19:48):
I was ignoring anyway, but hey, it could be a booking.

Speaker 2 (19:51):
It's way up.

Speaker 5 (19:52):
Just in the news that relates to you. These stories
are flying under the radar, all.

Speaker 2 (19:57):
Right, it's way up.

Speaker 3 (19:58):
I'm antela yea, I keen would here with me. Hey, hey,
let's go under the radar. California could become the first
state in the United States that would give workers the
right to ignore any after hours calls and emails from employers.

Speaker 2 (20:11):
They're trying to push for this bill. That is the
quote right to.

Speaker 1 (20:14):
Disconnect, turn off your phone, to be off.

Speaker 3 (20:17):
And that is for non working hours, anything that is
hours outside of the employees assigned hours of work, which
whether stated in their job description or otherwise. So you
would be entitled to ignore any communication during those non
working hours without employer retaliation. You can still communicate if
you want to try to have an emergency or for
scheduling purposes, but you know they can ignore you.

Speaker 2 (20:41):
So there you happy.

Speaker 1 (20:42):
That's where it should be. If you off work, you off.

Speaker 2 (20:44):
Work, Yeah, and it is.

Speaker 3 (20:48):
Yeah, you know, some people have really strange work hours,
and I think it might get employers to put things
in the contract that's like you're on the clock even
when you're not here, you know what I'm saying.

Speaker 1 (20:58):
Well, then I mean, but then they have to come.

Speaker 2 (21:00):
They have to compensate you for that.

Speaker 3 (21:02):
And then what if you work someplace where they're trying
to get you to come in to cover a shift. Yeah,
and then you just but I guess people have the
right to not respond then and not get five yeah,
because that's not their fault, all right, And don't forget
that four twenty is tomorrow, by the way, and college
students will be gathering and clouds of smoke on campus

squads and weed shopped in legal weed states. A lot
of people are going to be giving out discounts to
customers for four twenty. Yeah it is, and there's a
lot of shops that aren't necessarily legal. But a lot
of people are wondering where did four twenty even come from.
Some people say it was a police code for marijuana possession,

or it came from Bob Dylan's Rainy Day Women number
twelve and thirty five. They said everybody must get stoned.
Four twenty is a product of twelve times thirty five.
You know, there's a lot of theories on where four
twenty even came from at all. So just know that
a lot of people are going to be celebrating tomorrow,
and if you are one of those people, then.

Speaker 2 (22:02):
I guess get ready, get ready, all right.

Speaker 3 (22:05):
And Tesla has recalled their cyber truck due to accelerator
pedals that can stick, so they're recalling nearly four thousand
of those cyber trucks due to that accelerated pedal that
can stick in place when pressed down. So if anybody
has that, just know it can be recalled. There's about
thirty thirty eight seventy eight three, eight hundred and seventy
trucks that are being recalled, and many, if not all,

of those trucks are now on the road.

Speaker 1 (22:29):
So rich people, problems coming to you.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
Now, all right, Well that is you're under the radar.
Now you know, we have the way it mixed coming
at the top of the hour. Plus we have a
special guest joining us today, she Anda Mead. She is
the CEO of the Clean Slate Initiative. It's leading a
national bipartisan effort to advanced policy that would automatically clear
all eligible arrest and conviction records across the United States.
So if you're eligible to voter or do anything, yes,

they will automatically do that. Sometimes people don't even know
that they're eligible for things. So that would help clean
that slate. But that's only for people who are eligible.
For people who are having misinformation. Beginning with just clean
everybody's record, that's not what it is. All right, that
is uh again. The way it mix at the top
of the hour is way up. Way She's like to

talk like they Angela Jean, like they Angela Jee Man.

Speaker 5 (23:19):
She's spilling it all. This is yeat way up.

Speaker 2 (23:25):
Yes, it's way up with Angela Yee.

Speaker 3 (23:26):
I'm Angela Yee and my guest host I Quim w
Well just here with me today her guys, Hey, what's
up and let's get into some yeat.

Speaker 2 (23:33):

Speaker 3 (23:33):
You know, it's a New Music Friday and there's a
lot of new music that's out today they will talk about.
But in the yet, let's talk about Taylor Swift.

Speaker 1 (23:40):
All right.

Speaker 2 (23:41):
She put out her.

Speaker 3 (23:41):
Tortured Poets Department double album. People were very excited about
a double album. And to be honest, everywhere I'm looking,
a lot of stories are till A Swift, Till A Swift,
Till a Swift, Till a Swift.

Speaker 1 (23:52):
I don't like it. What I'm just not a fan.
I don't care for.

Speaker 3 (23:57):
Yeah, you know, I will say till A Swift does
put out some huge songs. I don't I don't know
her catalog as far as like the songs that are
not singles, but the singles that she does put out
a lot of them. I do like well, and one
song in particular. She the song is called thank You
all Me. Everybody's saying that this song is directed at
Kim Kardashian and references Northwest as well.

Speaker 2 (24:20):
Here's the part of that song.

Speaker 8 (24:22):
I don't think you've changed much.

Speaker 3 (24:24):
All right, So I guess, yeah, that song is called
I think it's actually called thank you Amy. No, it's
all me, all right, because when she said I changed
your name, and then I thought it was Amy all right.

Speaker 1 (24:36):
But anyway, I'm here for the white on white violence.

Speaker 3 (24:40):
You think this is going to turn ugly, I hope.
So I've been talking so much about you, I'm.

Speaker 6 (24:44):
Tired to hear it about Drake. I want to hear
about Taylor's with Avil Levigne. I don't know who was
that other white lady, and you know, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (24:55):
So a lot of people were like, I did not
have this on my twenty twenty four Bingo card, but
I've never been. And she also sings about a bronze
spray tannd bully and so wait, that's.

Speaker 1 (25:06):
One of the lines. This is the worldt whitest beef
on the planet. Okay, I like Taylor.

Speaker 3 (25:14):
Yeah, I'm gonna go to the and you know when
speaking of beef, Drake believes that Kendrick Lamar doesn't have
a response to the Pushups drop and give me fifty
discs that he dropped and so we can see that
DJ head was was commenting on this on social media.
He said the Canadian responded after over a decade of
being dared to come outside, it still has yet to

officially claim said response. He's now taunting and in attempts
to gardner a reaction. If you enjoy microwave mills, that's
on you. We prefer cooked food on his side. And
then Drake put use me as that they have nothing
to drop button and I guess he wanted people to
like that.

Speaker 1 (25:50):
And Push Ups is officially streaming now.

Speaker 2 (25:52):
Yeah, it's officially a single Drake song. Thank you.

Speaker 1 (25:55):
I came for noting that you're welcome. I can't wait.
I love Drake because he's fine. I'm team Drake can
say whatever he wants.

Speaker 3 (26:03):
Gird Your rationale for things is way different. It is okay,
well that is your yut. And when we come back,
like we said, it is a new music Friday, we'll
talk about new music.

Speaker 2 (26:13):
It's way up.

Speaker 5 (26:14):
You are going everybody since, whether it's relationship or career advice,
Angela's dropping facts.

Speaker 1 (26:19):
Should you should know?

Speaker 3 (26:20):
This is ask what's up? His way up with Angela Yee.
I'm Angela Yee and IKEM Wedge just here with me today.
Hey guys, Hey, and it's time to ask ye eight
hundred two nineteen fifty one fifty. We have Crystal on
the line. With that Crystal, what's what upp? It's me
and I Kim and we want to hear your question.

Speaker 12 (26:37):
All right, Hikim. So here's my question. I am in
a wedding coming up this summer and I'm a part
of the bridal Shower Old bridal Party, and my main
thing is the bride has been a total I spend
so much money on my hair, my nails, my dress,
my shoes, and she doesn't give a damn. So I'm thinking,

because I spend so much money, I'm not getting her
no gifts? Am I wrong for that? I mean I
spent thousands of dollars. It's a destination wedding. I had
to pay my.

Speaker 1 (27:10):
Own I was just about to destination.

Speaker 2 (27:13):
That's a lot that you know.

Speaker 3 (27:14):
It's so hard because I always took a man. Being
in a wedding is a financial obligation.

Speaker 2 (27:20):
Is when somebody asked you to be again, you know
what we do have somebody in here who's getting married.

Speaker 6 (27:26):

Speaker 3 (27:26):
If you ask your groomsman and they spend a lot
of money into destination wedding, do you expect them to
buy you a gift.

Speaker 1 (27:32):
Because it's a destination.

Speaker 6 (27:33):
I would say no, but if it wasn't, then I
would be expecting something.

Speaker 2 (27:39):
Here's the other thing too.

Speaker 3 (27:40):
You also have up to one year to get the
couple of wedding gift, and so you could also not
get something right away, and you can give her a
heads up like, look, you know this was expensive. I
am going to get you something, but I just need
a little time because that is a tradition. So I
would say, you know, just to balance that out, just
give them a heads up like, hey, you know happy,

thank you for asking me to be in the wedding.

Speaker 2 (28:03):
It is financially right now.

Speaker 3 (28:05):
You know, I ain't got it, but I know we
have a little time, so just give me some time.

Speaker 12 (28:09):
And honestly, y'all, it's like I have the money, but
I don't know if she deserves it.

Speaker 1 (28:16):
Listen. Tell her your presence is the gift God. Tell
her your presence is the gift.

Speaker 3 (28:23):
Yeah. I don't know if I like her energy, but
but you know what, I like the honesty. A wedding
is a stressful time if that's your friend for real,
for real, you know, sometimes you have to get somebody
grace at a time like that.

Speaker 2 (28:35):
I will say though, I was in a.

Speaker 3 (28:36):
Wedding once and one of my friends had to go
off on the bride sometimes.

Speaker 1 (28:41):
For me to get tacked chat.

Speaker 3 (28:42):
Yes, she was like yeah, she was like, you know what,
you're doing too much and I'm not gonna lie. My
friend who was getting married started crying after that happened.

Speaker 10 (28:50):

Speaker 3 (28:51):
Yeah, it was a stressful time, like all around, because
we are spending a lot of money to be in
somebody's wedding. We could be doing way other, you know,
better things for ourselves.

Speaker 12 (29:00):
One thing with a destination wedding, Like I want to
enjoy it, but it's just so much work. I'm never
doing this again. Never.

Speaker 3 (29:05):
Yeah, I mean, just hold off and you could do
something later, you know what I mean, give it some time,
because you know, you don't want to ruin somebody's wedding.

Speaker 2 (29:13):
Day either. So sometimes it's a little sacrifice.

Speaker 3 (29:16):
And then if you still feel this way six months
from now, then don't get a nothing.

Speaker 12 (29:21):
Okay period And I'm banking on all right, y'all.

Speaker 2 (29:24):
See man, I don't want to be that type.

Speaker 1 (29:27):
Of got every day.

Speaker 2 (29:29):
All right?

Speaker 3 (29:30):
Well that was ask ye eight hundred two nine fifty
one fifty is a number A king was quick to
be like, don't get nothing.

Speaker 2 (29:35):
And when we come back, we have a special guest
joining us. We have she and me. She's the CEO
of the Clean Slate.

Speaker 3 (29:40):
Initiative that will help people who are eligible clear their
arrest and conviction records.

Speaker 2 (29:46):
Important conversation is way up, turn out you vib.

Speaker 1 (29:50):
It way up with Angela Yee.

Speaker 2 (29:53):
More now, what's up?

Speaker 3 (29:54):
It's way up with Angela Yee. I'm Angela Yee. And
what an honor to have my sister seeing the me
that is here with me today. How are you?

Speaker 2 (30:02):
I'm good?

Speaker 13 (30:03):
Thank you so much for having me and during second
Chance Month and able to looft up this issue my story.

Speaker 2 (30:09):
I'm excited.

Speaker 3 (30:09):
Yeah, the CEO of the Clean Slate Initiative And like
you said, it is second Chance Month. Let's get started
with your story. Though, Shana, and why why you have
the clean Slate initiative and why it's necessary.

Speaker 2 (30:20):
You know, my story is not unique.

Speaker 13 (30:22):
There are over one hundred and fourteen million Americans that
have in a restore conviction, and that's one in three Americans,
and I'm one of those people. So in two thousand
and four, at that time, I was living in Florida,
single mom, trying to make ends meet on government assistant
and I tell people I was that type of broke
where if you got gas in the car, your corn
insurance is not up to date.

Speaker 2 (30:42):
And I had to go to the store.

Speaker 13 (30:44):
At that time, back in the day, we used to
write checks, and so I wanted to get groceries for
the kids and enough money. So I get some gas
and car and the check was eighty seven dollars and
twenty six cents. That check had bounced. You know, I
was young, not really understanding financial literacy. And two months later, girl,
I was knocking at the door. The kids are like, Mommy,
the cops are at the door. And I've never been

in trouble, never had any engagement with the police. I'm like,
they must be at the wrong house or whatever. Answer
the door and the like she and we have a
warrant for your arrest for a worthless.

Speaker 2 (31:13):
Check for eighty seven dollars and twenty six cents.

Speaker 13 (31:15):
I did a TED talk last year and they make
you fact check everything. And then recently I went back
to go pick up the arrest report and it saw
that I had a five hundred dollar bond, because you know,
I try to like put that out in my mind
and didn't realize it was a barrier. Really, I was like,
let me pay these people their money back. Let me
get done. They have to borrow money to pay back
some the check in the fees for getting locked up.

He's like, I already didn't have the eighty seven dollars
and twenty so y'all say I paid, But since y'all
think I'm rich, let me go get some more money
to pay off these fees and get bonded out.

Speaker 2 (31:44):
And I thought it was over.

Speaker 13 (31:45):
But it wasn't until I started to try to enroll
in college to better myself. You know that I was
met with the application accent. Have you ever been arrested
or convicted or whether I'm trying to rent a house
and getting rejected, which I have even with the last
six years, got rejected with all the things that I've
done for the community or my husband have done, or

even jobs, and so the true sentence usually don't start
for people who have an arrested conviction until after they
served their time or paid the debt.

Speaker 3 (32:14):
Right now, I'm talking to she Anda Mead, the CEO
of the Clean Slate Initiative. All right, so then after that,
tell me what happened.

Speaker 2 (32:20):
Yeah, fast forward.

Speaker 13 (32:21):
I got married to my love of my life, Desmond Mead,
in twenty twelve, and when I met him, Desmond shared
his story that he was formerly incarcerated and he was
looking to restore voting rights.

Speaker 2 (32:31):
So I took a place. I took a piece out
of desmond playbook.

Speaker 13 (32:33):
Okay, because of the work that Floyda Rights Restoration doesn't
Meat has done that I was a part of. They
got nominated for Nobel Peace Prize last year and that
really put.

Speaker 2 (32:43):
The bug in me.

Speaker 13 (32:44):
And then in twenty twenty year, I was approach around
Clean Slate after we passed them Dment four, and I
knew that Desmond had a blueprint around working across political
hours and really leading with your story.

Speaker 3 (32:55):
Right now, we are talking to Sheena Mead. She is
the CEO of the Clean Slate Initiative. So second Chance
a month and we have more with her when we
come back.

Speaker 6 (33:02):
It's way up vib way up with Angela Yee more.

Speaker 3 (33:07):
Now what happens way up with Angela ye on a
Friday and I have the CEO of the Clean Slate Initiative.
She in a meet here with me today. So I
want to talk about what you've been doing and how
you've been able to actually make change when it comes
to legislation.

Speaker 13 (33:20):
I like to say I turn my pain into purpose.
But the work that we've been doing at clean Slate
has been a beautiful testament of how people could come
around folks around redemption and second chances. And we've been
able to pass legislation or have legislation adopted in over
twelve states, meaning that once you have.

Speaker 2 (33:40):
Served your time, remain crime free.

Speaker 13 (33:42):
If the state says that you're eligible for your offense
to get cleared off your record.

Speaker 2 (33:46):
What we're doing is automating that process.

Speaker 13 (33:48):
So the legislation basically says that after a certain amount
of time that that will be removed, that the burden
is no longer on you.

Speaker 2 (33:55):
What is the process of doing that?

Speaker 3 (33:56):
Because I know I've read in these notes that more
than thirty millis million people eligible are eligible to get
your record clearance, but like ten percent of people.

Speaker 13 (34:05):
Do it because every state is different. So just about
every state has a mechanism to get your record cleared.
And so for myself, like in Florida, I'm not eligible
at this time. It's so bureaucratic, you know, so much
red tape to get your record clear But in some states,
you know, you basically have to petition, you have to
go find your paperwork, go back to the county where
the defense was made, have to probably go get a

DA to sign off or judge to sign off. In Louisiana,
you have to pay up to five hundred dollars per
offence just to get cleared. And you may be only
eligible to get one thing off your record. And so
what we're doing is removing the red tape that once
like if the person is eligible, that this is not
for all offenses or he used to be eligible, have
to be eligible, and that it will come off your

record in a certain amount of time.

Speaker 3 (34:50):
Right now I'm talking this she and to me the
CEO of the Clean Slate initiative.

Speaker 2 (34:54):
So you're still not eligible. I'm still like in Florida
right now, you're going to get done, I know. Out
to me, so wait, this was how long ago did
this happen? Twenty years? It'd be twenty years.

Speaker 3 (35:04):
Next month A bounce check for eighty seven dollars and
twenty six cents, and you still have this on my
record as a conviction on your record and you're still
not eligible.

Speaker 2 (35:13):
I still don't have a clean slate.

Speaker 13 (35:15):
But it also reminds me, like again that eighty seven
dollars and twenty six cents, I was able last year
to get seventy five million dollars for our organization to help.
There's a purpose, write a purpose to help millions of
people to get their record clear And just a few
months ago we saw that the Governor of New York
signed clean slate into law.

Speaker 2 (35:32):
We're over two and a half million people.

Speaker 13 (35:34):
When that law goes into effect, two and a half
million people will have a second chance for real, for real.
I'm still working and not stopping until we get all
fifty states on a pathway for record clearance, and that's
including Florida.

Speaker 3 (35:45):
All right, And how can people support if they're listening
today and they're like, what can I do to make
sure that I help elevate this message and make sure
that we help get this across all fifty states.

Speaker 13 (35:55):
Go to Cleanslate Initiative dot org. Follow us online, Go
and see if one of your states past clean slate.
We have twelve states. Maybe you eligible. Michigan has a
pass clean slate. There's one of our states where on
day one when they passed it, over a million people
records got cleared.

Speaker 4 (36:12):

Speaker 13 (36:12):
And so you may be still living like you have
a record when your record may be clear. So I
would say going to the website, talk to your local legislators,
make your voice be heard.

Speaker 3 (36:21):
All right, but thank you so much. She and to
me the clean Slate Initiative. Make sure y'all follow her.
Make sure you guys support amazing. Make sure you watch
her Ted talk. Yes, please watch my Yes, you can
watch that full interview on my YouTube channel Way Up
with ye Also, don't forget it is second chance a month,
so definitely valuable information. And when we come back, you

guys have the last word, pick up.

Speaker 5 (36:44):
The phone taping to get your voice heard. What the
word is?

Speaker 1 (36:49):
He's the last word?

Speaker 2 (36:50):
On Way Up with Angela Yee what's.

Speaker 3 (36:52):
Up his way up with angela ye, I'm Angela yee.
I can't wedges hair wearing my glasses. My glasses gifted
on a Friday. I need those because tomorrow'sport and tomorrow's
also the Devin Haney and Ryan Garcia fight. Now, there's
a lot of drama going on that we've been following
on social media. Apparently Ryan Garcia weighing at one hundred
and forty three point two pounds.

Speaker 2 (37:11):
He was supposed to be one hundred and forty.

Speaker 3 (37:13):
Devin Haney made his weight and so now the fight
will still go ahead tomorrow night, but the camps have
agreed to a deal. Ryan Garcia also has to pay
one point five million dollars WOO to Devin Haney because
he said he would give him five hundred thousand dollars
per pound overweight. He said he wasn't going to miss weighing.
Well he did, so, Yeah, we'll be watching that fight, but.

Speaker 1 (37:33):
It won't matter.

Speaker 3 (37:34):
It's like an exhibition now basically, but I'd be there.
You know, it's been all kinds of drama going on.
But make sure you guys, it's on to own if
you want to order the fight, if you are in
New York. You want to come to the Barclays. Come
on out, let's have a good time. I'm really rooting
for Devin Haney. Now I'm moving Ryan because he's fine.
Oh my god, you have to stop. Okay, I'm not

even gonna do that. Yes, you and Ryan, I can
see that, all right. Well you guys. Oh, and thank
you again to Sheen and me for joining us. She's
the CEO of the Clean Slate initiative. That for interview
is on my YouTube channel and it is second Chance Month.

Speaker 1 (38:08):
And yes, I Keen, I have to promote something.

Speaker 6 (38:09):
Go ahead, okay, please follow my Instagram which is a
Keen Woods ak e E. M. Woods and I have
an OnlyFans account. It's not that so father, It's not creepy.
It is very much comedy. And I have a comedy
special on there to forty minute comedy special.

Speaker 1 (38:27):
It's only available on only fans.

Speaker 6 (38:29):
It's only fifteen dollars and the next twenty people who
purchase it. If you DM me a picture prove that
you purchase it, I will send you a cute free
T shirt. It's an a dooable shirt. It's all my Instagram.
All the information is on my Instagram.

Speaker 2 (38:42):
Let me go for what it is, girl, girl, I
give you a shirt.

Speaker 1 (38:44):
It's cute, all right?

Speaker 2 (38:45):
Well thank you?

Speaker 1 (38:46):
Yeah, so Keem Woods.

Speaker 2 (38:48):
You guys have the last word. Now.

Speaker 14 (38:50):
I want to sign a light over my go my
lady Maria a birthday today anyway, I must want to
say happy birthday, jay Z. I'll let you girl. And
she's been a rock song but my life for the
last twenty years.

Speaker 4 (39:04):

Speaker 11 (39:04):
Man, we're kicking the strung, got full kids. We're a
good team.

Speaker 6 (39:09):
It's I'm about the tam you tapped in and way
up with Angela.

Speaker 2 (39:14):
Ye I wanning now now

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