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April 12, 2024 43 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
You are now.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Angela what I call her? Ye?

Speaker 3 (00:13):
All right, it's way up. But Angela, Yea, I'm Angela.
Yee hey Tella what upellah big h. That's right, all right,
she's my guest co host. One more day of this,
oh it'll be all right. Well, we do have a
fun show for you today because I have the creator
and cast member of the show Johnson that's on Bounce TV. DAIJ.

Speaker 4 (00:34):
Larray is going to be joining us alongside Thomas Q. Jones.
You know him from playing in the.

Speaker 3 (00:39):
NFL but then making that transition to acting and producing
an earthquake legendary comedian who happens to have a special
called Legendary on Netflix. Right now, they'll all be joining
us talking about the show Johnson. It's coming up to
its fourth season, so we'll discuss. But it's great for guys.
There's a lot of uh, great show topics on there

for y'all. All right, Well, in the meantime, let's get
the show started with some positivity. Let's shine a light
eight hundred two ninety two fifty one fifty. Let us
know who you want to spread some love to. It's
way up.

Speaker 5 (01:11):
Turn your lights on, y'all. It's spreading love to those
who are doing greatness.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
The light, shine a light on them.

Speaker 5 (01:20):
It's time to shine a light on them.

Speaker 3 (01:22):
All right, it's way up, Amandela yee. My girl Tella
is here guest hosting all week. And I know you
want to shine a light on somebody, right, tell us
I do.

Speaker 6 (01:29):
I want to shine the light on my girl, Miss Melinda.
She's one of my favorite people in Chicago. She does
media and she also into radio. She opened up a
wellness spot on the South Side of Chicago, and she
just put her book out.

Speaker 4 (01:42):
She's give me her book.

Speaker 7 (01:44):
It's called Boss Up. I'm Alnda Norris.

Speaker 6 (01:46):
She's the wife of Grammy Award winning producer Excel. So
shout out to Melinda. She's successful and what I love
about her most is her character. I'm a big fan
of character.

Speaker 4 (01:56):
All right, let me see I'm looking at I'm looking
her up right now.

Speaker 7 (02:00):
Girl haym Melinda Ham Melinda.

Speaker 3 (02:04):
All right, Well that is our shin of light from cellis.
Since you're doing the show this week, I guess hosting.
We'll let you do it today and tomorrow. Now, who
do you guys want to spread some love to? Who
do you want to shine a light on eight hundred two,
nine fifty fifty Mike, what's good?

Speaker 4 (02:17):
Who do you want to shine a light on you? Oh? Okay,
we'll take it. You are such a positible room model
and influence and I love hearing the hearing your.

Speaker 8 (02:29):
Ration quotes every day and the way that you inspire people.

Speaker 4 (02:33):
Oh well, thank you. Where are you from?

Speaker 8 (02:35):
Florence, South Carolina?

Speaker 4 (02:37):
All right, I appreciate you so much. Thank you. That's
love that made me feel good today.

Speaker 3 (02:42):
Yes, ma'am.

Speaker 8 (02:43):
Man, don't work too horn.

Speaker 3 (02:44):
Okay, I'll try not to. All right now, all right,
take care? All right, Well that was shining light. And
when we come back, we have your yee t and man,
this is really sad. We're going to talk about kidney failure.
Will tell you what. Famed athlete Whata, former NBA star,
is going through it and says he won't live long
without a transplant.

Speaker 9 (03:05):
They say truth in the rooms.

Speaker 5 (03:07):
From industry shade to all of gosp out send. Angelus
is feeling that.

Speaker 4 (03:11):
EyeT, it's way up at Angela. Yeah, I'm Angela.

Speaker 3 (03:15):
Yee my Girlchella, it's hey ye T time Now. Former
NBA starr Nate Robinson said he may not have long
to live if he doesn't get a kidney replacement. He's
been dealing with kidney failure for about six years, he
told The Daily Mail. He just wants to make the
best of it as much as he can. He opened
up about renal kidney failure back in twenty twenty two.

He's been dealing with it privately for four years back then,
but he was ready to be the voice for others
who are going through the same thing. Here's what he
had to say on the OG Show.

Speaker 10 (03:45):
It's wear and tear on you, you know, mentally, and
every morning I go into dialysis at five point thirty
in the morning or something like that.

Speaker 2 (03:52):
Because that's the hardest part, is the emotional side.

Speaker 10 (03:54):
Because for me, I never quit anything in my life,
you know what I'm saying, So I can't quit this.
And there's been times where I wanted to give up,
and I'm like, I can't because I don't know how.

Speaker 3 (04:02):
No, you know, he does dialysis and sometimes that can
lead to painful vomiting and that will leave him hospitalized
for a day or two. And he said, if I
didn't go to dialysis, I wouldn't live, probably longer than
a week or two, so he can't miss a day.
He said, I go in for four hours, three days
a week, four hours a day, and they clean my
blood to get my taxins out. And they helped me
out a lot because that's how I'm living. Isn't that awful?

Speaker 7 (04:26):
Yeah, that's a lot.

Speaker 11 (04:27):

Speaker 3 (04:27):
I really hope that he's able to receive the kidney
transplant because if not, you know, who knows what can happen.
But he's got painful vomiting, and he said things have
been a rollercoaster for him. So you know, he learned
in two thousand and six his high blood pressure actually
damaged his kidneys. Wow, all right, so we're praying for you,
Nate Robinson, Yes, all right. Trina has announced her new book,

The Baddest Yes, that's coming out October eighth.

Speaker 4 (04:54):
I know you and Juna are cool too.

Speaker 7 (04:55):
Yeah, that's my girl. We just did a new song actually,
so be on the lookout for that.

Speaker 4 (05:00):
It was the name of a song.

Speaker 7 (05:01):
It's called in Your Face?

Speaker 4 (05:03):
Whoa are we allowed to say that?

Speaker 1 (05:05):

Speaker 3 (05:05):
I'm kidding, all right, Well, shout out to Trina. I
cannot wait to read this book. You know, they said
she'll be it says, I'll give you a quote, and
the Baddest.

Speaker 4 (05:15):
Trina's voice is.

Speaker 3 (05:16):
As always powerful, insightful, witty and provocative, while also showcasing
her vulnerability and deep love for her family, home, and music. Yes,
all right, shout out to the Baddest be all right.
Venus Williams has announced her new health and wellness book.
It's called Goal well. She said the goal is to
share the tips and tricks that helps her. It's called Strive.

It's a new book on wellness that comes out this fall,
and she said she wants to help readers achieve the
lifestyle they want by implementing a set of principles in
their lives. You know, as an athlete, and not just
an athlete, but a star athlete, she said, I know
the perseverance and consistency it takes to accomplish your goals
and get true results. With Strive, my goal is to
share the tips and tricks that helped me in my
own personal wellness and nutrition journey. I would love to

see that because when I tell you, Serena, I'm Venus
Williams and Serena both of them. She is a winner,
so to be able to see what it is that
was going on with her mentally and the things that
she's done. She's going to highlight eight essential tenets that
have been helpful. Observe, appreciate, balance and rich, soothe, believe, inspire,
and strive. Yes, all right, and one more thing, y'all

will be excited about Eminem by the way, there's a
lot of stands in this studio. He wants fans to
share their story for an upcoming Stands documentary, and he
put out an open call to his social media followers.
He shared a link and when you click on that
link on his page at Eminem, then you'll see a
questionnaire that will be used so they can figure out

who will be on this short list for stands. And
so the forum has questions like, what are some things
in your life that you've accomplished things to Eminem and
his music. Do you remember when Eminem took a break
from touring releasing album Circle two thousand and five. If so,
how did that impact you in this room? Deserves to
be in this Dan's documentary Dan Dan, Actually that's not

even his real name, but her rhymes was Stan right
and he changed his name to Dan because he's such
a fan.

Speaker 2 (07:10):
R I'm definitely filling out that for him. You are absolutely.

Speaker 3 (07:14):
Okay, let's see Paul Rosenberg, Eminem Tracy.

Speaker 4 (07:18):
I hope you guys are listening. We got some stands
in the room.

Speaker 7 (07:21):
Well I'm not a stand but I am whatever you
then I am. Let's say that that.

Speaker 4 (07:25):
Was clever a r A.

Speaker 3 (07:27):
Now all right, well that was your ut. And when
we come back, we have about last night. That's where
we discussed what we did last night. Tella, you slept,
but I did a lot of stuff, so.

Speaker 6 (07:36):
You went to sleep earlier than me after I woke up,
so we even Well, yeah, you had a nice nap.

Speaker 3 (07:42):
All right, it's way up. About last night. He's next,
all right, it's way up. I'm here, Cella's here, big
h And about last night. So yesterday, and this was
an important topic that and a serious one. Yesterday I
was with Paula, who was one of the found of
Black Health, and what they do is they really focus

on some of the conditions that lead to us having
a lot of issues with our health, in particular cardiovascular
disease is what we were focused on. So yesterday I
was filming an interview because I was talking about issues
I have with having high cholesterol and a lot of
these things that would lead to heart disease and you know,
high blood pressure, things like that. We were just talking

about Nate Robinson and how his high blood pressure led
to his kidney failure. And so we were having a
conversation about how I had to take control over the
things that I was doing in my life and make
some real lifestyle changes to make sure that I was
protecting myself and protecting my heart. And you were talking
to me about your mom.

Speaker 7 (08:43):
Yep, my mama.

Speaker 6 (08:44):
She had two heart attacks actually back to back. We
didn't even know because some people don't know when you
actually have a heart attack. So she had to undergo
surgery within seven days. Wow, double bypass surgery. So thank
god that she's so bad that But like, heart health
is very.

Speaker 3 (09:03):
Important, right, And I had doctor Warren Jones, and this
interview is going to be on next week, but he's
a cardiologist, and he spoke, and so did Kyle Hasty,
who is our speaker for the New York State Assembly. Yeah,
and you know, just talking about different conditions in our
environment that can lead to us having heart health issues
and disparities in healthcare and all of that but you know,

we're always talking about things that we need to do,
and so I was thinking about all the things that
I do to make sure once I found out I
had high cholesterol, to make sure that I wouldn't have
to take medication for the rest of my life, because
think about it, right, with the diabetes, that can lead
to health heart disease also, and people are taking medication
every single day, yes, to control that, and I did

not want to have to do that. So fortunately, I
went and had my blood work done and found out
that I needed to change some things.

Speaker 4 (09:51):
And so I walk a lot. As you know, Jellie
be like we walking.

Speaker 7 (09:54):
I mean, I love it.

Speaker 6 (09:55):
Now. At first it was like, come on, why we
got to walk twenty five blocks? And I appreciate it
and I needed it.

Speaker 3 (10:00):
And when I go to the airport, I don't get
on the move and walk away out walk. I try
to walk upstairs. I just try to do little things
because I know we can put stuff off and say
I'm too busy, I'm working, I'm doing this, I don't
have time to work out. But there's a lot of
apps that you could use to work out this. Even
just this morning, we were doing some stretches. You can
go on YouTube and you can look at some workouts
that you could do at home. But I just want

to encourage everybody to do that. And we'll be discussing
that more next week on Wealth Wednesday, because health is wealth.

Speaker 4 (10:27):
And then another thing that we.

Speaker 3 (10:28):
Did earlier this week was lip service, and I want
to do a pick a side with you guys when
we come back. Shella and I have been arguing about
this NonStop because you cohearted. But we had Harry and
denayon they have a podcast together at this grown age,
at this big age, at this big age, and one
of the things that Denay was talking about was her

husband used to share a pet. They had a cat
together with his ex, so they were co parenting this
x And here's what they said.

Speaker 12 (10:57):
We tried relationship counts or whatever a couple of years ago.

Speaker 4 (11:01):
What made you guys decide to do that?

Speaker 12 (11:03):
Because we were having like disagreements, like he has this cat,
the cat is a cat he shared with his ex.

Speaker 4 (11:12):
With the cat. Why did you say the cat can't come?

Speaker 12 (11:14):
I did, and at the time he was co parenting
the cat. So that's also why we have that's such
a huge issue.

Speaker 3 (11:21):
And I say, pets can be like kids, and so
it's hard when you go through a breakup who gets
to keep the pet? And so maybe it is a
matter of I mean, I went through a breakup where
we had a dog and you know, he kept the dog,
but I got to visit and is that an issue?

Speaker 4 (11:37):
And you think they should just get he should just
get rid of it.

Speaker 6 (11:39):
I say the X person should just keep the pet.
Whether it's the cat ex whoever, I don't know. But
if somebody with me ain't no cat or no dog coming,
that's your co parent and no cat, no dog.

Speaker 7 (11:51):
That's ridiculous.

Speaker 3 (11:51):
Well let's see what you guys think about this. Eight
hundred two nine two fifty one fifty pick us side.
If you're with somebody and they're co parenting a pet
with their ex, would you have a problem?

Speaker 4 (12:00):
Was the solution?

Speaker 3 (12:01):
Eight hundred two nine fifty one fifty pick aside.

Speaker 5 (12:05):
It's not just right or wrong. It's about what you believe.
It's time to pick a side and stay there all right.

Speaker 4 (12:12):
It's way up with Angela yea yam, angela yee, and.

Speaker 3 (12:15):
Sheella Sheela is here and it's time for you guys
to pick a side. Today's topic, we are talking about
what would you do if you were dating someone and
they were co parenting a pet with their ex. Here
is what happened on lip Service with the at This
Big Age podcast to Hearrri and Deney.

Speaker 4 (12:33):
Here is Denee speaking about her situation.

Speaker 12 (12:35):
We tried relationship count therapy or whatever a couple of
years ago.

Speaker 4 (12:39):
What made you guys decide to do that?

Speaker 12 (12:41):
Because we were having like disagreements, like he has this cat,
what's wrong with the cat? The cat is a cat
he shared with his ex.

Speaker 4 (12:50):
Walked in with the cat. Why did you say the
cat can't come?

Speaker 12 (12:52):
I did, and at the time he was co parenting
the cat. So that's also why we have that's wrong
such a huge issue.

Speaker 4 (13:00):
What do you think about co parenting a pet? Tella,
you say.

Speaker 7 (13:03):
No, no, absolutely not all right?

Speaker 3 (13:06):
Well, Mike Grinding on Twitter says, I picked the dogs.
I don't play with the dog's emotions. You can't come
in and out of their.

Speaker 4 (13:12):
Life like that.

Speaker 3 (13:13):
We're talking about cats, and I personally think it's okay
as long as it's not out of control. If you
had a pet with somebody and you would like to
still see the pets sometimes that's not a big deal, okay,
especially if you trust your partner and you don't think
anything is going on, then you should be okay with it.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
I co partner.

Speaker 3 (13:31):
I co raised a dog with my ex and we
didn't have any issues.

Speaker 7 (13:36):
With that, right. And what happened eventually.

Speaker 3 (13:38):
Well eventually the dog died unfortunately, rest in peace. But
it wasn't really an issue, right, you know, there just
a reason justin I know that dog since she was
like a few months old. I get it, all right, Well,
what do you guys think eight hundred two nine fifty
fifty pick aside, miss Daisy, what you think?

Speaker 13 (13:54):
I said? Let that go?

Speaker 8 (13:57):
I think as a marriage warmer before you met me
five years ago.

Speaker 4 (14:02):
I will buy him another pet.

Speaker 13 (14:03):
That just like the one he's gonna have to leave mine.

Speaker 12 (14:06):
Oh, she will not be calling us to check on
no pet him.

Speaker 14 (14:13):
Look at it.

Speaker 13 (14:14):
You will have that cat to check on it from.

Speaker 8 (14:16):
Call now let it go.

Speaker 3 (14:19):
Oh my gosh, what if you what if they had
a kid together? Would you feel the same way about
a kid? They pets it like kids?

Speaker 8 (14:25):
Yes, what, I'm so glad you're asked. They didn't have
a kid. And you know what, my co parents through
the court, the court. See the whole conversation.

Speaker 9 (14:32):
Ain't no checking through the phone.

Speaker 8 (14:33):
It's all going through the court.

Speaker 4 (14:35):
App All right, well, thank you for sharing with us.
She'd been through it. Okay, y'all, Hey, Linda, how are you?

Speaker 8 (14:43):
I hold you to you?

Speaker 4 (14:46):
What do you think.

Speaker 3 (14:46):
About your significant other co parents in a pet with
their ex.

Speaker 8 (14:50):
I would be awful it because I know I'm a
pet person. You have attached to your pet that you
know people who are done into edibles, Linn, they can't
even relate.

Speaker 14 (14:59):
Okay, this is a problem already in a relationship.

Speaker 8 (15:02):
It's like for your precursors to problems later the pet
baby do it both for them a favor baby. They
really doesn't write.

Speaker 3 (15:07):
Each other right, see it? And that's what I think too.
Some people just aren't pet people. But when you have
a pet that's like part of the family, I guess
you understand it more than people who are like I
don't care.

Speaker 8 (15:17):
I don't have no pets dependence. So the relationship is pet.

Speaker 3 (15:22):
So you would understand it if you were with somebody
and they were co parenting.

Speaker 14 (15:26):

Speaker 6 (15:27):
Okay, say y'all just laid up caking and she just
steady calling him about this dog that keep throwing up
for hours, and they just on the phone talking about
the dog.

Speaker 7 (15:36):
That'll be cool with you.

Speaker 8 (15:37):
Well, that would be kind of weird because why would
y'all be talking so long about it? If it is
a problem we just addressed. We don't have to feel
the fold about.

Speaker 15 (15:43):
It over the time.

Speaker 4 (15:44):
What did you take the dog to.

Speaker 8 (15:46):
The's likes using the animals to talk to her?

Speaker 7 (15:49):
I don't know. I say, just cut all the pets off.

Speaker 6 (15:52):
He facetiming her face time and her with the dog
while y'all laid up. He got his back turned to
you on face time with her showing he's just showing her.

Speaker 3 (16:00):
I don't like that because I would be like, are
you gonna take the dog to the bed, just like
if it was a kid thrown up?

Speaker 4 (16:05):
Are you gonna take the kid to the hospital?

Speaker 2 (16:07):
Or just keep that?

Speaker 4 (16:09):
Don't make sense? Tell it, just make it step, don't even.

Speaker 7 (16:12):
Listen to extra problem. Thank you for calling, Thank me later.

Speaker 8 (16:15):
You're welcome.

Speaker 4 (16:16):
Hey, Lorenzo, how are you?

Speaker 13 (16:19):
I'm good?

Speaker 3 (16:20):
So what do you think about dating somebody and their
co parents in a pet with their ex?

Speaker 8 (16:24):
I think that that's just old or yeah, most if
they're in a relationship with a woman in eight step
fothering in that relationship forward, they ain't co.

Speaker 14 (16:33):
Parenting with that.

Speaker 8 (16:34):
Kids won't with a pet or dog will probably survive
better on a seat on his own than with you.

Speaker 4 (16:41):
Wait now, how know you want to put the dog
out on the.

Speaker 14 (16:44):
Street, Yo, do what you want with it.

Speaker 4 (16:46):
Wow, all right, but thank you for calling.

Speaker 3 (16:49):
But that was you guys weighing in on pick a
side eight hundred two nineteen fifty one fifty. In case
you couldn't get through, definitely leave a message and when
we come back, we have your eet and you guys
will not believe this.

Speaker 14 (17:01):
O J.

Speaker 4 (17:01):
Simpson just passed away. We'll talk about it.

Speaker 2 (17:03):
It's way up, yo, she's about to blow the lead
above this spot. Let's get it.

Speaker 5 (17:07):
Oh yeah, angelus feeling that yee tea, Come and get
the tea.

Speaker 4 (17:11):
It's way up. I'm angela ye and Telli's hair, yes,
not the lower case. And there's a lot of yee
tee happening right now.

Speaker 14 (17:19):
O J.

Speaker 3 (17:19):
Simpson reportedly just died of cancer. He was seventy six
years old. His family announced it on social media on
his page on April tenth, our father Arenthal James Simpson
to come to his battle with cancer. He was surrounded
by his children and grandchildren during this time of transition.
His family asked that you please respect their wishes for
privacy and grace, the Simpson family. He was actually in

Vegas and he had been receiving treatment after a prostate
cancer diagnosis. And he did play ten years in the NFL.
But of course we all know about the infamous trial
that he did have. And again the family is asking
for privacy and.

Speaker 7 (17:58):
Grace, Yes for them.

Speaker 4 (18:01):
All right now. Mister C. He is a radio icon.

Speaker 3 (18:05):
He also reportedly died he was fifty seven years old.
You know, he was very He also played a role
in launching the careers of a lot of different artists,
but the notorious Big is one that we always credit
him with. And he also was a DJ and producer
for Big Daddy Kane and he was working for Odyssey's

ninety four to seven The Block in New York. So again,
rest in peace to mister C. And our condolences go
out to his family, his close friends. So a kid
could pre posted it. The first person I saw post
it was ed Lover. Fifty cent also gave his rip
mc light a lot of iconic people who he was
close to, So rest in peace to mister c as well.

All right, now, Usher has been named the Sexiest Man
of the Moment by Essence magazine. They said he is
a true showman who goes above and beyond on the stage.
The Kuna could be expected to be a ball of
energy off stage two, but they said he was very
calm during their conversation. Usher had an amazing past couple

of years, by the way, yes he did. I mean
that is somebody who for decades has been present, still
looks young.

Speaker 7 (19:14):
Yes, he do.

Speaker 4 (19:15):
Still doing the thing.

Speaker 3 (19:16):
And Vegas residencies are never the same I thing after Ushery,
everybody's wanting to do Vegas residencies now, which, by the way,
Mariah Carey has a Vegas residency. She just extended it.
So she announced that on her Twitter page that will
be at Dobe Live at MGM Park. She added more
shows from July twenty sixth to August tenth due to

overwhelming demand. Fans have expressed their excitement on social media.
Tickets are going on sale April nineteenth at ten am.

Speaker 4 (19:45):
I'm gonna go see that.

Speaker 7 (19:46):
Definitely, let's go let's go to Bay.

Speaker 3 (19:48):
There's so many residencies I want to see in Vegas
right now? All right, And Nicki Minaj, Travis Scott, and
Playboy Cardi are going to be headlining Rolling Loud Europe
twenty twenty four.

Speaker 4 (19:58):
That was just announced.

Speaker 3 (19:59):
Those tickets will be available for the general public for
Rolling Loud Europe starting on Friday, so make sure you
guys line up to get that. In the meantime, Nicki
Minaj was in Boston and she did some surprise performances
with other female rappers jt akbarv Malibu.

Speaker 6 (20:14):
Mitch Kadi, Katie Gaba, and Chicago's own Okaia.

Speaker 3 (20:18):
They all joined her on stage and they also sat
down and did a live together.

Speaker 4 (20:22):
And here's what Nikki had to say.

Speaker 16 (20:24):
Okay, so you guys, I just wanted to say, from
the bottom of my heart, how appreciative I am of
these queens for coming here and Grason gag City with
their aura, with their.

Speaker 4 (20:37):
Light, with their energy. All right, So that's right there
you have it. What a nice surprise.

Speaker 3 (20:44):
There's a whole life with all of them just talking
about it on JT Road. I couldn't hear myself. OMG.
On Nico words can't come close to how I feel.
Bia said, so much fun.

Speaker 4 (20:54):
Thank you.

Speaker 3 (20:54):
Nikki Akbar said, thank you Nicki Minaj. I love you baby,
you so real and energy for this. I love you
so yes And Katie god Band said, I'm still in
disbelief Gag City, Thank you, Nikki, love you forever. All right, Well,
that is your ut and when we come back, we
have under the radar. These are the stories that are
not necessarily in the headlines. They are flying under the radar.
We'll talk about the most luxurious airport in America. You

were tired about this, but we'll discuss its way up.

Speaker 5 (21:19):
In the news that relates to you. These stories are
flying under the radar.

Speaker 4 (21:24):
It's way up, Amanngela, Yeah, my girl tell us here.

Speaker 7 (21:26):
That's right, ye.

Speaker 4 (21:28):
And it's not for under the radar.

Speaker 3 (21:30):
So all Clear Travel Insurance released their findings about which
airport was the most luxurious in the world. This was
reported on Travel and Leisure. I'm just giving all this
background so you know that this is not a biased report.
This is something that was studied, okay, and they raked
airports based on how many nearly four and five star

hotels there are, how many designer stores, there are how
many passenger lounges they have. The airport needs to have
a minimum of ten airport lounges to even be in
the running, and they also judge them based on whether
high flying visitors could find a champagne or caviar bar,
which is the epitome of luxury. So do you know
what was ranked number one in the United States also

number eleven globally? Which airport, oh Heir JFK in New
York was ranged number one in the United States, so congratulations.
Now globally in Dubai, their Dubai International Airport was number
one for the most luxurious airport in the world. I
saw a lot of people saying JFK really, but you know,

some one person said JFK is the absolute whereas worst
airport I have ever been in.

Speaker 6 (22:39):
That's not true in no other airports. If that's the worst,
not the worst. But I can't see the past.

Speaker 4 (22:45):
Come on that now.

Speaker 3 (22:46):
I think that it also depends on what terminal you're
leaving from a JFK, because some of the terminals are amazing.

Speaker 4 (22:52):
So shout out to JFK all right.

Speaker 3 (22:54):
Now in nowhere curfew is set to begin for kids
underage eighteen that's going to go into a Starting tomorrow.
Mayo Roth Baraka and Public Safety Director Fritz Frage announced
that starting Friday, they're doing their Juvenile Safety Initiative. Kids
have to remain within one hundred yards of their homes
between eleven pm and five thirty am. After the first violation,

the miner will get a verbal warning and be taken home.
After more violations, the child can be taken to a
youth crisis facility and be released to a guardian.

Speaker 4 (23:24):

Speaker 3 (23:25):
Wow, that's interesting because they've done studies and they say
youth curfews have little to no effect on crime and
harm prevention. But another person is saying that they believe
curfuse work. A Mayor Washington, who's the CEO of the
Boys and Girls Club of Newark, said this isn't a
new thing. Curfews were in place when I was a kid.
It's good and what we believe in here at the
Boys and Girls Club of Newark. So we shall see

what happens.

Speaker 7 (23:46):
We need that.

Speaker 4 (23:47):
In Chicago, I thought you I had a curfew for
a period of time.

Speaker 6 (23:50):
I mean, I don't know, but I ain't standing on it.
But one hundred yards is still far.

Speaker 3 (23:55):
And by the way, these are for kids under the
age of eighteen, So I mean that's what if like
you're coming from somebody else's house. You know, eleven PM
is kind of early still if it's the weekend summertimes
coming up? All right, well that is you're under the
radar now, you know, we have the way Up mix
at the top of the hour. Plus we have the
creator of the show Johnson on Bounced TV. DEJ Larray

is going to be joining us alongside Earthquake and Thomas Q.

Speaker 4 (24:21):

Speaker 3 (24:21):
They'll be here talking about season four of their show
Johnson starting on Bounced TV and you can watch seasons
one through three on Hulu.

Speaker 4 (24:29):
Right now, is way up.

Speaker 16 (24:32):
She's like the tout like they angela Jean, like they
a jeal jee man.

Speaker 5 (24:36):
She's spilling it all. This is yet way up.

Speaker 3 (24:41):
All right, it's way up, am Angela yee tell us here.

Speaker 4 (24:46):
You know, I'm always looking at what's trending.

Speaker 3 (24:48):
OJ Made in America is trending now that OJ has
passed at the age of seventy six in Vegas.

Speaker 4 (24:54):
All right, well, let's get into this yet.

Speaker 3 (24:55):
Chris Brown has released the eleven eleven Deluxe album that's
about five months after releasing the standard version. It has
thirteen new tracks. But there's one song that everybody's talking about.
I saw Quavo was trending because of this, and the
song is called Freak on the deluxe album.

Speaker 4 (25:14):
And here's what he said, boy from Miami, she from
Puerto Rico.

Speaker 3 (25:18):
Okay, now make my distance.

Speaker 6 (25:20):
Ain't gonna make us.

Speaker 10 (25:21):
Sequel sipping in nineteen forty two because sound do no.

Speaker 4 (25:23):
Quovo freak if she like Casa amigos, not the migos.
So it was a play on words.

Speaker 3 (25:30):
It was a double Chandra sip in that nineteen forty
two because I don't do no quervo quavo and she
like casamigos, not amigos. And he also said before that FM,
my old bees ain't gonna make us equal.

Speaker 4 (25:43):
So we know what that's about.

Speaker 3 (25:44):
Yeah, because CEV was dating Carouch after him, I thought
that beef was over a long time ago. It was
so long ago, but cleverly done, and it definitely had
Quavo trending all right. In other music news, Baby Tait
was on on the radar doing her freestyle. By the way,
Baby Tait is amazing artist. I loved her Exploration musical EP.

She was on lip Service right when that came out,
and so anyway, here she is on the radar. She's
talking about a lot of different things that people have
said about her.

Speaker 4 (26:16):
Here's what she said.

Speaker 17 (26:18):
No, I was born in nineteen ninety six soul courses
and I have picked up bonelessly. I'm blinked like Yiki,
dressed like Kimmy, get real, freaking on a track like
Missy Cockey, like re read rough like ev.

Speaker 1 (26:29):

Speaker 17 (26:29):
I don't understand why they they won't let me be
needs shes p a E y T A t E
the one they want to shut up, But they never
ever will shout out to miss Moore and I might
die up on a heel, all of them with nothing
but all of my son and Dalla.

Speaker 4 (26:40):
Bills sounded dope and listen.

Speaker 3 (26:43):
That's a great way to address people always saying you
sound like this person, you look like this person. I
feel like they do that to female rappers all the time.
They try to act like you stole it from somebody else, when,
of course, like there's certain things that might be similar,
or maybe you were influenced by somebody or maybe not.

Speaker 6 (26:58):
Yeah, and then sometimes there's a few female artists like
I could hear my lass that never came out, and
I hear somebody saying too, a few of them, right,
So it happens, yeah.

Speaker 3 (27:07):
And it could be just that they thought the same thing.
It never even came out, so it's not like they.

Speaker 2 (27:11):
Got it right.

Speaker 7 (27:12):
Great mass think alike.

Speaker 4 (27:13):
All right.

Speaker 3 (27:13):
Now, Lady London in the meantime, was on Cosmic Kevin.
Here is her freestyle where she's addressing some things as well.

Speaker 15 (27:20):
Let's clear this show lately it's been emptiest ahead that
wears the crown. They just want them ship only talent
us to mentally be challenging, chemically imbalanced, as I got
a truck that I drive, I'm such a vibe, my
piece of Bob, I ain't guy.

Speaker 8 (27:34):
I ate a fly.

Speaker 15 (27:35):
My ass clappened half of ball ad livings I'm a platinum.

Speaker 7 (27:40):
That's rapping.

Speaker 4 (27:42):
All right.

Speaker 3 (27:43):
That was a different type of flow. But shout out
to Lady London. People are loving her right now too.
She was up here as well, all right, and curby
your enthusiasm. That serious finale got the season's best audience
yet one point one million viewers on Sunday night and
so season ten it's come to an end. Pretty funny
this is I don't normally see Larry David dooing press,

but he did a little bit of press for Curb
Your Enthusiasm this year. And Tia Murray my next chapter.
She has a reality series that's set at WE TV.
So you know she did do Tia and Tamara when
she was when she was younger. Yeah, and now she
has this, so shout out to her. She finalized her
divorce of Corey Hardrick last year and now she's ready

for her next chapter. And I think a lot of
people are going to end up watching that. Yeah, so
shout out to everybody. Megan the Stallion is going to
be on Celebrity Family Feud, so that should be fun.
Neo is going to be on as well, and shout
out to my guy Vin. I see he's on here
in the picture with Neo, so I guess he's going
to be on that team. So I'm a little nervous

on who's going to win that, but shout out to
you anyway.

Speaker 7 (28:47):

Speaker 4 (28:48):
All right, well that is your yee.

Speaker 3 (28:50):
T And when we come back, we have asked yee
eight hundred two nine fifty is a number, any question
you have. Me and Tela are here to help. We're
very different in our approach. She's cold blooded, an mpath.

Speaker 7 (29:00):
I'll just keep it a haunted you know. I mean
you do too, But in the.

Speaker 4 (29:04):
I'm a nicer, I'm nice, and you're cold bloody.

Speaker 7 (29:07):
I'm brutal.

Speaker 4 (29:08):
Yeah, your brutal, yeah savage.

Speaker 3 (29:10):
Yeah, all right, Well that is your ye, tea, and
again ask ye when we come back. In the meantime,
let's throw it back to some Chris Brown. Here's running
its way up with it's.

Speaker 5 (29:19):
Relationship for career advice. Angela's dropping facts.

Speaker 4 (29:23):
This is ask what's up? His way up with Angela Yee.
I'm Angela Yee and my girl Tella is here.

Speaker 7 (29:29):
That's right.

Speaker 3 (29:29):
We give different types of advice, your hardcore, I'm too nice,
but we have China on the line.

Speaker 4 (29:35):
What's up China?

Speaker 8 (29:36):
I was doing?

Speaker 3 (29:37):
I hate that I say this like China, like Donald Trump?
But what is what is your question for?

Speaker 4 (29:43):
Ask ye?

Speaker 18 (29:44):
I've been in the relationship with this guy for five years.
When we first saw it, he was in a relationship
that I didn't know about, and he was having the
main girl around the family his family. Okay, I left
him when I was like, you know, but he's with
this other church.

Speaker 14 (30:03):
I'm gonna just flow back right and let him be
in that relationship.

Speaker 4 (30:07):
You did the right thing.

Speaker 3 (30:08):
I ain't trying to be a side piece, and you're
bringing this other woman around the family and everything.

Speaker 1 (30:12):
Okay, we did get back together nine months later after
the break up. Okay, the family never really seemed like
they were so interested in trying to get to know me.
So when he's having functions, I'm feeling like left out.

Speaker 4 (30:26):
So he doesn't bring you around at all.

Speaker 1 (30:29):
No, Like we had a church date for Easter, and
then he gonna say, the day before Easter, oh, I'm
meant to tell you that my mom is having service
at her church, and after that, my sister's gonna have
dinner at her house. I mean the sister don't get along. Actually,
he didn't even have the dinner at his sister house.
Wound up being at his house. So he but before yeah,

so before actually the dinner came, I was like, well,
I mean you can still go to your sister's house
and I can go be at your house like I normally.
So he changed the subject and acts like he didn't
heal what I said.

Speaker 7 (31:03):
So I left it there, so you ain't go to
the dinner.

Speaker 14 (31:06):
I wasn't in lighted, right, never invited. Whenever the family's around.

Speaker 7 (31:10):
Right, that's because they're still cool with the girl either.
She was there.

Speaker 6 (31:13):
You know how sisters play both sides, and they just
favor her and he probably still cracking her.

Speaker 4 (31:19):
Well, you think the other girl is still around.

Speaker 14 (31:22):
I'm not gonna say. I don't think so.

Speaker 7 (31:24):
Do you watch her Instagram page?

Speaker 14 (31:26):
I don't want to be watching nobody's souff.

Speaker 3 (31:28):
I also think that the way that this relationship even
started was not a relationship of trust from the beginning,
and he should be doing everything that he can to
make you feel comfortable and make you feel like he
can be trusted because he does owe that to you.
And if you're not comfortable with something and he's not
doing something about it, then he's not the right person.

Speaker 7 (31:48):
Right when people show you who they are, believe him.

Speaker 3 (31:50):
If he's really with you and this is where he
sees for his future, his family would have to accept
that and we would start working on that.

Speaker 1 (31:57):

Speaker 3 (32:00):
It's not fair for you to be uncomfortable and for
you to be left out of things, and for you
to be alone while he's enjoying his time. That shows
me that he's not really considerate of how you.

Speaker 4 (32:09):
Feel at all.

Speaker 3 (32:10):
You know, people will treat you how you allow them
to treat you. And if he knows that he could
do that, and you might give him a little bit
of a hard time, but you're still gonna be there,
then he doesn't have any incentive to not do things
like this to you anymore.

Speaker 6 (32:23):
You'll be all right though, just you know, get it together.
You know what you know, so you gotta be realistic
with yourself.

Speaker 14 (32:29):
Well, thank you so much, all right, China.

Speaker 4 (32:33):
We wish you luck though with this and definitely call
back and check in sure. Well, okay, you did it
for nine months, you can keep it going right. You
moved on for a long time.

Speaker 6 (32:42):
Coming up, girl, we outside, okay, outside, all right?

Speaker 4 (32:48):
Thank you to all right?

Speaker 3 (32:50):
Well that was ask ye eight hundred two ninet two
fifty one to fifty in case you couldn't get through.
And when we come back, we have from the show
Johnson on Bounced TV, Earthquake Times, qu Jones and daj
Larray joining us.

Speaker 5 (33:01):
It's way up, way up with Angela y more.

Speaker 3 (33:07):
Now what's up it's way up with angela ye. And
when I tell you, these guys in here in their
own individual rights, but as a collective are way up.
We got earthquake in the building. I've been trying to
get you up here. We got okay, dej Larray Yes, Yes,
what's up y'all? AKA Greg and of course Thomas Jones

is here with us today to aka.

Speaker 2 (33:29):
Omar, Yes, Mar Johnson, all.

Speaker 3 (33:32):
The Johnson's and then earthquake as well. Your character's name
is I'm trying to.

Speaker 4 (33:37):
Repeat a Booker. I love seeing the dynamic with you
and DL Hughgeley on.

Speaker 3 (33:40):
There together as the ogs on the show, but also
somebody who will take down your mama as well. But
let's get into it because all of you are on
the show on Bounce TV, the hit show on Bounce
TV Johnson, which I know has to be amazing for
like people to because I felt like guys really needed

a show like this, that's right, yeah.

Speaker 11 (34:03):
I mean black men have notoriously we've been portrayed as
one dimensional on television historically, and it was time. It
was time for a show like this to show us
being more complex and more nuanced and just getting into
the reasons of why we do what we do.

Speaker 4 (34:18):
You know, I still don't understand now.

Speaker 11 (34:23):
It changes, you know, it changes, you know, but we
like to explore all that on the show. We like
to give black men and black women a very strong voice,
a very honest voice, a very authentic voice, and we're
having a good time doing it. We broke a lot
of records in season one. We we were the highest
rated half hour show on the network starting in season one.

Speaker 4 (34:41):
Okay don TV.

Speaker 11 (34:43):
Yeah, and we got some legends on the show too.
We got Earthquake, we got dl we got Cedric, and
we had we.

Speaker 2 (34:51):
Had we have the legend on.

Speaker 4 (34:53):
The show season one.

Speaker 3 (34:55):
Yes, this was your creation. You created a show, Yes, Earthquake.

Speaker 4 (35:00):
Thomas Q.

Speaker 3 (35:00):
Jones and Daiji Laray from the show Johnson on Bounce
TV are here with me.

Speaker 4 (35:04):

Speaker 3 (35:04):
Even with your character, you ended up we Greg's character Jaji.
You end up running into your ex fiance, who, by
the way, you didn't tell your current girlfriend was ever
your fiance, and then you also didn't give her heads
up that guess what I ran into her.

Speaker 11 (35:20):
People would call that being dishonest, and I guess it
is being dishonest. I think Greg had a reason for
doing what he did. He wanted to protect his current situation.
He knew that if he was truthful with her up front,
then they probably wouldn't have gotten to the point of
the where they gotten to. You know, she would have
taken it a certain way, especially the way that she
took it, the fact that he went over for dinner

or went to hang out with his ex. You know,
that was the end of their relationship.

Speaker 4 (35:45):
Essentially on the show, it's not necessary too.

Speaker 2 (35:47):
What was it?

Speaker 4 (35:48):
Yeah, it was how long ago?

Speaker 2 (35:51):
I think it was like maybe a year year and
a half on the show.

Speaker 11 (35:53):
Okay, yeah, But I think that's the point is like
everybody's everybody's different, everybody's going to react different. Some women
will look past it, and some women will say absolutely not.

Speaker 3 (36:04):
What are some things that are okay to omit when
you're in a relationship and dating somebody, you know, omitting
and lying there's a blurred line there.

Speaker 9 (36:12):
You know.

Speaker 3 (36:12):
Some people will say like, well, you know, I just
didn't disclose that information. Somebody would say that's dishonest. What
are some things when you're in a relationship that it's
okay to not tell the other person?

Speaker 2 (36:23):
For me, anything that happened before I met.

Speaker 4 (36:25):
You, So it's okay to not be like I was
engaged before.

Speaker 2 (36:30):
I might say that anything below that?

Speaker 4 (36:33):
What about kids?

Speaker 2 (36:34):
Like absolutely like.

Speaker 19 (36:39):
The drugs here she come get underneath it. You don't
need my new woman is coming here. But I think
the past is the past. I deal with you on
the day that I met you.

Speaker 3 (36:50):
What if she used to be an escort and she
just didn't tell you. You don't think that's necessary?

Speaker 2 (36:55):
Na Like, So that's what you got them skills?

Speaker 19 (36:59):

Speaker 2 (37:00):
All right?

Speaker 3 (37:00):
We have more with Earthquake, Timus Q Jones and daj
Laray when we come back. Johnson on Bounce TV will
be returning for season four on August third, but we'll
discuss what happened in the past three seasons.

Speaker 4 (37:12):
It's way up, five, way up.

Speaker 5 (37:13):
With Angela Yee more now.

Speaker 4 (37:17):
What's up? Its way up with Angela Yee.

Speaker 3 (37:18):
I'm Angela Yee and I'm joined by Earthquake, Thomas Q
Jones and daij Laray. Daij is the creator of the
show Johnson on Bounced TV an Earthquake. I want to
talk to you about all the specials that you've done,
but your most recent one legendary.

Speaker 4 (37:32):
I feel like you made a lot of people, a
lot of men, feel.

Speaker 3 (37:35):
Like I got to go get this prostate exam, you
know and special because.

Speaker 19 (37:39):
Yes, I mean, it breaks my heart my people anyway
that we're dying for diseases that's already Godess gave a
cure too, And the mental anguish that comes along with
especially your prostating exam, is keeping a lot of the
men from seeking the necessary treatment they need.

Speaker 2 (37:59):
And if you are gonna have cancer, God forbid.

Speaker 19 (38:02):
The cancer you want to have is prostate because it's
ninety nine percent treatable if detected early. And as a
person that has to always monitor and make sure minds
don't get into anything, I do it. And so I
just wanted to talk about it and make it funny
so you can even the best way to get my people.

Speaker 2 (38:22):
Is laughing to it.

Speaker 3 (38:23):
I felt like you should get some type of endorsement
with life. You know, they're trying to figure out how
to make mango and go to the doctor even you
know a lot of people don't even go to the doctor.

Speaker 19 (38:33):
Every year, so many women has came to me, he said,
thank you. See so you love quake, don't you quake?
Went on, you know, and then it then came to
me and actually told me crying. You saved my life
because it was diagnosed and now I'm going through treatment.

Speaker 2 (38:51):
Had I not went down there and did it, I
wouldn't even be.

Speaker 3 (38:54):
Here to be a good storyline, you know, in the
future earthquake.

Speaker 4 (38:58):
Thomas Q.

Speaker 3 (38:59):
Jones and from the show Johnson on Bounced TV are
here with me. What are some things that you guys
have gone through that that happened on the show.

Speaker 2 (39:07):
I'll let the creator.

Speaker 19 (39:09):
When I take one off going to the barber shop
and have a ball in head and only have three
strings and they charge you like they gave you a
full failure fifty five dollars, send me like a tip
for one.

Speaker 2 (39:22):
Yeah, that's happening to me too, you know on the
when they charged him.

Speaker 11 (39:25):
Sixty five Yeah, yeah, to shave your beard, you know,
and then you gotta tip to tip me like twenty
five dollars.

Speaker 2 (39:32):

Speaker 4 (39:32):
I can't sympathize getting out here down.

Speaker 2 (39:35):
Yeah, well you have your hair, you know what I mean.
We're talking about us not having hair, that part of it.

Speaker 19 (39:41):
When he covered that at the barber shop, I stood
up and looked at my Barber because we didn't watching
that about to say, yeah, I was watching the Bible.
I say that's how I feel every time I pay you.

Speaker 2 (39:52):
You know what I mean?

Speaker 20 (39:52):
I think it's I think for me, I can't really
think of one particular, it's just the beautiful friendship that
we have as the four lead characters.

Speaker 2 (40:02):
Because we're like that in real life.

Speaker 20 (40:04):
The playful banter, how we make fun of each other's
insecurities in a way where it's letting the other person know, hey,
it's all right, man, you don't have to take it
that seriously. I think that's the part that I really
love the most because that's how guys talk and.

Speaker 11 (40:17):
Shout out to the women of Johnson two. And I
think that's one of the compliments that we get all
the time is the show is so well balanced when
it comes to these different perspectives. It is not heavily
weighed on the men's side or the women's side. Is
equally balanced and everybody has a perspective, right.

Speaker 20 (40:32):
We show the men make the mistakes with women, and
we have the women call them out on it, but
we also have the friends call the guy out on
it too, And if you watch all three seasons which
is streaming out on Hulu and the season four should be.

Speaker 2 (40:45):
On Balance August third. You'll see how far these characters.

Speaker 20 (40:48):
Have come from season one to season four.

Speaker 3 (40:51):
All right, well, listen season four August third on Bounce TV,
but you can watch the first three seasons on Hulu
right now. Congratulations though to you guys. Amazing to watch
the show. And I know if you haven't seen it,
y'all need to go back and catch up so that
you're with us.

Speaker 20 (41:05):
August third, Thank you so much. Tuning in the season
once you can see angela ye.

Speaker 19 (41:10):
Episode Angelo doing it and humbly, from one radio person
to another, congratulations, thank you, no congratulation. I know what
it took for you to get here, and I'm so
proud of you.

Speaker 4 (41:26):
Thank you.

Speaker 2 (41:27):
I wouldn't.

Speaker 3 (41:27):
You should have never told me I'd be sitting in
the same room with Earthquake when I was, you know,
coming up in this.

Speaker 4 (41:32):
I appreciate you.

Speaker 2 (41:33):
I love you girl, I love you too for you.

Speaker 4 (41:35):
Thank you, guys. I appreciate y'all so much.

Speaker 3 (41:38):
Johnson's Johnson All right, you can watch up for an
interview on my YouTube channel. Way up with you, and
when we come back y'all know you got the last word.

Speaker 4 (41:45):
It's way up. Hack up the.

Speaker 5 (41:47):
Phone, tapping in and get your voice heard. What the word?

Speaker 1 (41:52):
He is?

Speaker 4 (41:52):
The last word on Way Up with Angela?

Speaker 1 (41:54):

Speaker 4 (41:54):
What's up? His Way up with Angela? Yee, I'm Angela. Ye,
Hey Chella? What up?

Speaker 3 (41:58):
Angela is here with me to day? After work today
we're going to go work out.

Speaker 7 (42:03):
I'm ready.

Speaker 3 (42:04):
We got on our sweats, yes we do. Yeah, we
got things going on. But thanks again to the guys
from Johnson on Bounced TV for coming through today. That
would be Thomas Q. Jones, DAIJ. Laray, and Earthquake. Y'all
gotta watch that if you haven't. Seasons one to three
are on Hulu right now. Season four starts on Bounce
TV on August third. I'm excited for that, and of course,

thank you to everybody for calling in and weighing in
on the topic. Cella would tell you get rid of
your pet if you share it with your ex. I'm
telling you, and I'm like, y'all got a go parent, Okay,
take care of that animal.

Speaker 4 (42:38):
It's like a child. Get rid of it.

Speaker 3 (42:41):
But again, you guys, as usual, because this is y'all,
shall have the last word are you guys.

Speaker 9 (42:46):
This is Kane calling from Louisville, Kentucky. Pets, our family, pets,
our kids. What my ex does She drops our husky
off a pet smart to get groomed and when I
pick him up, pay for it. And then he's with
me until it's time for him to be groomed again.
And then she picked him up and.

Speaker 11 (43:06):
Paid for it.

Speaker 9 (43:07):
There are ways around it to where it's not disrespectful
to either party.

Speaker 13 (43:12):
I want to shine a light on my daughter Jocelyn
and her boyfriend Bryce. They are new parents to my
grand baby, euro Jade Shage, and I just want to
let them know that they're doing a fantastic job.

Speaker 8 (43:28):
Keep it up.

Speaker 13 (43:28):
I'm here to support you no matter what.

Speaker 8 (43:31):
I love y'all.

Speaker 5 (43:32):
Bulk going with Angela Yee

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