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November 20, 2023 43 mins

The day has finally arrived and Roman James Russell has joined the family. Jana is ready for a postpartum podcast and takes us through every minute of her birth story. 

Find out what gave Jana the most anxiety post C-section, and we hear the one regret Jana had after she got home with her new baby. 

And you won’t be able to hold back the tears when you hear what Allan did to comfort Jana during the hardest parts of giving birth.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Wind Down with Janet Kramer and I'm Heart Radio podcast.
Hie ye, how you feel I should not be doing
this podcast right now? I just you know, one thing
I really like about us is that we keep talking,
should have a baby, and we turn the microphones on.
No one in the right mind would do what we do,
and yet here we are. We should just stop talking.

Have we not learned these lessons? Also, it really hurts
to laugh, and so no, it's fine. I remember that feeling. Oh,
let's not be funny. I remember the first time Alan
tried to make me laugh in the hospital, like post section,
and it was you know how you because you had
se sections like you did not but yeah, oh my god.
I was like, you have to push the pillow, please
don't make me laugh. But it was the he said,

oh now it helps. Well, okay, where should we start?
Can we let everybody know that just four short days
ago Monday? What isdsday? Wednesday? Yeah? Four you had a
C section? Yeah, and had your third baby. And four

days later, here we are pressing record, Like I said,
Like I said, big mistake. Where are we starting? Sorry?
Where would you like to start? Roman had a birthday? Yeah,
so we moved up the sea section. It was supposed
to be thirty eight weeks. And then what I didn't

have remember a couple podcasts ago, we were talking and
I said I didn't really want to share because I
had to. What that was was I had to go
back to the hospital that week because my kidney infection
came back. And so when I was there, you know,

when I was talking to the high risk Nikki or
the high risk Obie doctor, he was kind of like,
we should move up your sea section, and in my mind,
I'm like great, but also like e scary, you know.
So they gave me a steroid shop for babes and
then I was in the hospital for three days. But
the funniest piece of that was, well this it was

Halloween and I go to my doctor's and I'm like,
the kidney paints back. I just got off the antibiotic.
It's like, what is going on? And she's like go
back to the hospital. I'm like okay, So I go
and they're like, yeah, you need to stay. But the
drip you need to stay on is like a every
six hour and it's a four hour drip. And I'm

like that means I'm here. And she's like, oh, you're
gonna be here for the next three days, and I'm
like no, no, no no, no, it's Halloween. Like, I don't
think you understand. I'm not staying This is one of
my I honestly, I've been friends for a long time.
This is one of my favorite stories about you actually
about this uh huh, like not happening. No, I look
at it. I was like, no, then I'm leaving, like
right now. And she's like, you have pilot ninapritis whatever.

She's like, you have to day and get this drip
like this is the because the other stuff that I
had in West Palm, I guess you know. She's like
this is a stronger medication, like you have to do
this ivy drip. And I'm like, I don't think you're listening.
I am not staying here. There are pumpkin buckets of
Super Mario Brothers amound. My children are expecting me to
get them from school and get them ready and we're

going trick or treating. And so she's like, okay, I
hear you. Like she was very nice, but I was
also like very I was like, then I will leave
right now, and then I'll pretend I don't have this pain,
and I'm going to come back in a couple hours.
So what we can do is I can either drip,
get the first round a drip, and then go trick
or treat and come right back. Or I'm going to

pretend I'm not here right now and you do not
see me, and I'm going to walk out of this
hospital because I die. Who knew I could have waited
another day at pain, but I got tried to get
ahead of it this time, so like I tried to
get ahead of it, you know. So I was like,
I'm going to go to the doctors and tell her
I'm having pain again, even though I just got off
my antibiotics. And so I'm like, I I'm going to

pretend I waited till tomorrow to talk to the doctor.
So I was like, what you can do? You can
figure out if that's going to happen, or if I'm
going to magically disappear from this hospital and you'll see
me tonight. And I can't handle you because I FaceTime you.
I'm like are you okay? And You're like, I'm in here,
but I'm leaving to go trick or treating. I go,
are you parolling? Yourself from the ivy drip and you're like,

I am, because I have a six hour window. No one,
no one, I have a six hour window window or whatever.
It was. Yeah, it was like a four It was
like a four hour drip and then like a six
hour well yeah, something like that for but you still
had to travel to and from the hospital, so it
was closing down. Yeah. Yeah, we were losing window hours. Yeah,
peak trick or treating hours. Yeah. Yeah, so it was. Yeah,
it was a four hour drip because they started it

at So since she comes back and she goes, okay,
doctor said, do the four hour drip. You can leave
for trick or treating, but then you have to come
back by like ten o'clock to get the next round
to like do on the time schedule. And I'm like, awesome,
put it in drip, drip drop, and this is what

drip means in your forties. I was like, drip it, girl,
let's go and so and is the cute that all
the nurses were like, oh, that's so sweet, like you're leaving.
I'm like, yeah, I don't think you understand, like, because
the kids are the best ages right now, the best
you know, I'm like, I'm not missing this. They're so excited,
and then Nashville gave you thirty degree weather. I was disgusting.
I walked back to the hospital with pneumonia on this

episode of The Oregon Trail, I know. So I literally
we the drip finished at five and I'm like, Alan
like book it. So we are just flying wheeling out
of the parking lot of wheel and I texted Mike
and I was like, all right, you know, get the
kids dressed, tell them I'm coming, like we got this.

The sad piece of this was we were supposed to
all go as Super Mario brothers and had a Luigi
costume for Alan, and when it came he was like,
I'm not putting that on. Do they this is I'll
probably look like any two half Halloween night? Thank you?
Oh thanks? Really good? Like an idiot on my behalf. Yeah.

I was like, do they do that? Legitimate question? I
asked the same question. Yeah, And they're laughing in the chat. Well,
because well, I know, by right, I mean they don't
do a postpartum. It's called something different, I think, right,
I think it's no, no, no, what is it? What
do they call a swimsuit that's still swimming costume. So
there's a swimming costume. So I wasn't sure if we

wear costume, right, So anyways, so we go and the
entire time Alan's like, Babe, it's fine, that the kids
will be fine, and I'm like, you just want to
get out of wearing your Luigi outfit, and he was
just like, I don't know what you're talking about. I
wonder if you would have actually put it on. He
didn't because by the time we got to I had
Mike metus over Rep PAMs and so that's where we

started trick or treating and everyone's you know, dressed up,
and I'm kind of covering my arm stuff because I'm
got to want Julie to be like, you know, it's like,
oh it God, stuck in traffic or whatever and so,
and plus my Daisy costume wouldn't fit anyway, so that
was pregnant. So I just put the little corona and
then I made Alan put the Luigia hat on for
like a hot minute, and then he was that hot
minute later or during trick or treating. Do you have

a thing for Italian guys? Do anything we need to
talk about? No? She's a drip trip. That's not true.
But then yeah, we trick or treated for two hours.
I got pneumonia because it was freezing. I was like,
well and then yeah, we went back for two more
days and drip dropped. But yeah, so anyway, so that's
when that's why we moved it up another week. Uh.

And then let's see here, Monday morning we walked in.
We had to be there at five thirty. You also
had to go Sunday for yourself. Oh yeah, Sunday, Yes,
you're right, you're a resident there I am. I am like,
are you at your national home or are you at
your downtown national home. Well, so they made me go

back on just to get blood, my blood, all the
labs ready and stuff in case of if I needed
because there was a potential fear of needing a blood transfusion.
So get there five thirty and then and then the
sea section was at seven thirty, but that time in
between and I loved. I delivered at Centennial Women's Downtown

and they were fantastic. Everyone was so great. The set
up to sea section. I started to and this is
something that I've learned from being in the hospital. The
last couple of months was I'm a I've got great veins,
but I'm a bad stick. So my veins are like
their big old worms, but they roll. And so the

last time I was in the hospital, they sticked to
me five times trying to get an ivy and that
it hurts when you get an ivy, Like it's just like,
you know, they're trying to get in there to get
the the whatever. And not all nurses and created equal
with that either. No, there's some magic ones, right, and
then there'd be some with like Okay, well I'm gonna
go with someone else. And so when I was there
for Halloween, there was like five pokes and that that's

it gives me anxiety too. I don't like needles. I
don't like the feeling of a thing going in even
talking about it, just like I don't like it. So
when we went for the C section in the morning,
you know, I'm like, hey, she said, all your veins
are amazing. I'm like, yeah, I wouldn't poke there though,
because that's I'm going to roll. And she's like, oh

lo and behold roll. But just the anxiety of the
day too. So then I was just like and then
I just started to get really lightheaded, and then I
was like, I'm going to pass out. I'm going to
pass out, and then I just started seeing stars. Oh yeah.
I didn't fully pass out, but it was like I'm
going Yeah. That was the start. And then they had

someone come in from in anesthesia in a station in
a sitiation. I was going to say anesthesia, Yeah, he's
an R and B girl. Yeah, she's still out there,
so where are you at? Were we at? I'll so
then they ended up sticking me and he's great, and
this guy's like, all right, let's talk about the C section.
He's like, this is what we usually give you, and
I'm and I'm like, I'm going to need something stronger.

I was like, let me tell you something. I was like,
I freak out when I don't feel my legs. And
I talked to Amy about that. We tried to work through.
I tried to get hypnotized, I tried to I did
E M D R. Because for me, what came up
about not feeling my legs was being tied down when
I was in an abusive relationship. So the feeling that
I can't move or get out like that out of

and a lot of people freak out about not feeling
their legs. But for me, that's where it goes to,
is like the that panic of like I can't get up,
I can't move, and I'm feel trapped and I feel stuck.
I'm glad I had baby for yeah, because I didn't
think of it that way. I'm like, yeah, yes, I'm
sorry for people listening. If you're about to have a

sea section. It's I haven't. Yeah, I haven't felt my
legs three times, and I'm okay. It was same same, Yeah,
we got to give some hope quick to the other.
I'm like, are you sure, like keep pinching, make sure
I can't feel a thing? Yeah, but it is a
real thing. It is, by the way, is it's also
a really strange feeling. Yeah, And he's like, oh, women,

you know, they don't like it. They freak out, and
I'm like, I, yes, I hear you. And also I'm
going to top every one of them. I was like,
I just I just know it. But I also went
into it going I'm going to be okay. Like I
even did a prep talk, a pep talk to myself
in the bathroom, like before they got me all ivied up.
I'm like You're going to be fine, You're okay. You know,
the medicine is good medicine. And and he was like,

if I could thank this man, like and if anyone's
listening that, here's the story of me freaking out in
the hospital because he's probably told people no hippoprotects you
outside of the hospital wall. So just thank you because
you were so amazing and just like awesome. So there's you.

They can't give you this it's called like vita scala
or something. They can't give it to you until technically
the baby's out of because it's not good for the baby.
So I'm like, okay, great, what else can I have
if I can't have that? Because he was like nothing,
like he wasn't gonna give me an hang and so
I was like no, no, no. So he's like, well,
there's this one drug, but it causes It's what we

give a patient when they're about to go out, but
we can give you small doses of it. He's like,
you'll probably have amnesia and you won't remember anything. And
I was like, well, crap, I don't want that either, right, well,
so go in for my spinal I'm hugging sweet Meredith,
you know, because they because Alan can't. And this is
the part that also gives me a little. I start

seeing it in Alan's eyes and he's been the most
steady calm, and I think because he kept seeing me
getting poked and stuff, and you know, he doesn't like
needles either, and I could see it in his eyes
that he's starting to get a little it's a helpless
feeling for them too. Yeah, and he's getting like all
gouned up and h which he later said that he

when he was sitting in the chairs when they rolled
me back, like he had a moment of like you
know that like panic. Ah, but he always he did
stay so calm with me, which was amazing. Uh. And
then I was like, did you hear me when they
rolled me back when I wasn't there like when you're
in the hallway, No, like when I got the like

the part when I started to not feel my legs,
I was like, wow, could he hear you? When they
opened the door. They said they brought him in earlier
to help to call me down. Oh good, and so
give the listeners an example of what might have been said.
And the O our doors swung open. Cramer Well so

they gave me the ebitter on and he's like, all right,
this is and they didn't it was final, sorry, thank you,
it's spinal. They gave me the spinal and it was
you know how that that gives you that like warm
sensation feeling in your back. He again, he did an
amazing job, like he was so good, he was thorough.
Him and his partner, the other guy, they were just fantastic.
But then you know, he's like, all right here, but
you're gonna start to not feel your legs right now.

How do you like excited? Don't pass out? And I
was like okay, And there were listening. I have like
my worship music on and they're like, this is great music.
I'm like, hey, you know, like Jesus hands and feeded Jesus.
Next song, and so then they laid me back and

this is when again they move you from the one
one whatever and then and then then I'm just not
feeling anything. And then doctor Norman comes in. She's like
you're okay, okay. I like no, I'm not like no, no,
really not okay, Like I don't like this, like doct
normal pause. I can't do this. I can do this.
I can do this. And then I see Alan coming
like and then I was like screaming a little bit,
Yeah I can't do this, do this. It was like
I can. Like it's similar if you all listen to

the one episode we were there for the first one. Yeah,
just re listen to that one. That's about same as
track one. I just didn't like it. And so then uh,
Alan comes in and he all I really remember from
that moment on is I see doctor Norman give a
head nod to the like knock her the But they

gave me enough to know what was. I was there,
but I wasn't and I appreciated every moment of that
where it was all I remember was I just and
I asked him post when I came out of recovery,
his head was on my forehead the entire time, and
I just like felt that the entire time was sorry.

It makes me want to cry. Yeah we should not
be doing this because this was the real stuff. But
it was really sweet. Just like his head on my
forehead the entire time. Just was holding my hand and
just like crossing like my head and I remember that
I remember hearing him cry, you know, the tugging a

little bit and then when they placed him on my chest,
I remember that, and then pretty much everything else is
just kind of a blur until I got woke up
in the recovery room and still didn't feel my legs.
I was like, can I have more of whatever you
guys gave me until my legs come back? And she's like,
you are maxed out. We literally can give you not anything,

like we literally can give you nothing else. And I said, okay,
but okay, but what else? She's like, ben drill. I
was like, great, tap it in, drip, drip. Then they
gave you a little bend and drill and then you know,
then the whole time too. Knowing that you girls were
in the waiting room was very special for me, and
I felt bad given uh how long you guys waited,

but we feel had an incredible time. It was amazing
and I'm not joking, but it was, uh, it was
sacred territory. I just knowing y'all were there, there was
a sense of peace and like calmness. So I just
really appreciate you guys being there. We have just gooing
and chat downstairs. We did a little diary video diary

series for our dude and we've created. Oh Kat, I
really enjoyed our time. And I know it sounds weird,
but like it was great. I always enjoy I know
this sounds so strange, so stay with me, But hospital
waiting rooms are really sacred territories because a lot in

the same moment someone's getting breath, someone else is taking
their last, and it's all happening in the floors and
the walls around you, and so like some somebody's celebration
is somebody's heartbreak and the same. And I loved the
reason and we got to be there. I think maybe selfishly,

I needed a hospital visit that felt like that, you know,
that just was like anticipation, good anticipation. Well, and I
think for me, I was definitely nervous leading up to
it because I know, well, I mean, I knew that.
I mean, there was a lot of things that could
have gone wrong in the situation. My comment, but I
in the waiting room felt so at peace about it.

Isn't that weird. I think we were all somewhat worried
about it, but then it's like we all kind of
just like felt at peace about it. I was like,
he's probably out of it. She was like you know
what time would he prob was like he's probably out
about now. And then it wasn't long, luckily that we
heard from Allan and it was Kat and I and
Sarah Bryce for everybody listening, and which is just special.
It's just fun. Like it was so good. I don't know,

it was just a really good like I will always
remember the morning of his birthday. Yeah, it was such
a good moment. And then when we got to go
see you, we were like super Oh you were like
little kids. We were Once I kind of came to

that you guys were the first people that I wanted
to obviously have in the room and because but I
couldn't still feel my legs, so I didn't want to
freak out again in front of y'all. But I knew that.
I said, you know what, have the girls come up,
because they'll take my mind off of it and they'll
also help me, which you guys did. We're really rubbing
my feet, you know, you were still in the shaking

process of it. You know, you shake for people that
don't know. You shake after when you're coming off of
the medicine or the anesthesia or whatever. And it was
really kind of cool. Though, and your nerves and anxiety
to see you like slowly start to calm down and
just like you know, come to peace. So yeah, every
kind of like touch from you guys, laugh and just
it was a very distracting group. That's one thing we're

really good at in a good way. I I kind
of felt bad. I was like, we're all kind of
like all like popped up on you. A new baby.
She's over here. I can't feel my legs. No, it
was great. It was so good. And yeah, because I
think they were like with the fibroid stuff, which she
she was like, it was that, Oh my gosh. Yeah,
I was very hands that's crazy. Yeah, I'm so thankful.

It was very hurried. Yeah, if I can be honest,
were you Yeah, yeah, well that all the like things
they said could happen. I'm just like I focused on
that unfortunately. But the good news is is there's always
the opposite side. Yeah, like that you kind of were.
I would always go to you now and it's like
or it's gonna be great. And yes, I ended up
losing all of blood and in blood transfusion, but they

gave me like this plasma stuff they were about to
give me blood the next day. It's when Numbers came
back the second round and they dipped real bad and
so but I was feeling like I wasn't lightheaded at
that moment. So yeah, I never told you I was
worried plasma. No, no, no, no, never did never where
they like and even for me like I you know me, yes, no,

like I truly, truly in my spirit always felt like
everything was going to be fine, like there was never
but I did have that kind of like that morning,
like oh no, but what if this goes wrong? Right,
if that goes wrong? You know, and so but then
it's like and then I got to the waiting room,
I was like, mmm, I think I just have seen
so much over the last like year or two in
that space that like now I just am like, oh God,

please don't let it be my you know, yeah, yeah,
I get that. But when we got the picture and
we knew he's there, and then suddenly the door's open
and the Scottish swagger and a cardigan comes and he's
like he's there in an accent that I can't do ever,
and we were like, you know, we're all too much,
but bless all, I just need to give him, like, oh,

so many props obviously with how he handles you and
and everything, but also what I'm saying, like anyone that's
going through that situation, he has literally just been so great.
But to also have to deal with us like wait,
you have to come tell us right away that you
just had a baby, and like you need us to
come up there to see but he just like he

knows how important y'all get. Yeah, and I love that
about it. Okay, it's worth telling everyone that. The night
before on Roman Eve, as I call it, Alan got
added to the Queendom group job and I was like,
buckle up, buddy, And it was cute because Jana's like,
I'm adding Allen here just for tomorrow. And I kept thinking,

like this is the quietest our group dat's ever been. Well,
and then the next day, one text and Alan has
left the group. It's pretty quick. Yeah, thanks for being
a reporter. Oh god. I was really super proud of
you too, though, Like I was very observant of just
you two and the way he operates with you and

the way you operate with him. It's just like I've
said this a lot, but just the teamwork you guys
were just such a rock star team. It felt like,
I mean he's that saw him Like he's incredible. Truly,
He's so supportive and just be like, you know, joking,
but he handles me very well and just is like

very soft with me and very centering for me and
very calming for me. It's yeah, it's very nice. He
has a confidence that is like Calman to me. Yeah,
for sure. And yeah, he was great. I mean the hospital,
it was the you know we spent. I will say
this about any C section mamas that are listening or
that are about to have a sea section. I went
home at the second day for Jace. I see now

why they keep you also the third day, like because
they'll do two or three days. Yeah, it's like kind
of up to you. Yeah, but I see why they
keep three. And I wish I would have stayed three.
Oh I stayed three actually, now that I think about it,
I know I did with Emmy. Yep, I came home
on Christmas Eve. I may have stayed three every every time. Yeah,

but I'm also the person that's fine staying. Yeah, I
regret that decision. That's one decision. I realize that. Yeah,
and normally so typically it's three days. Okay, it's the
mother's discretion to leave. I can't remember. I probably never
say I want to leave so shot because the doctor's
like you want to leave? You sure? Like because you

know you like the majority is three. Well, especially when
you have a c section, it's just so helpful to
have those nurses because it's a surgery well and it's
like getting I mean just getting up and going pee.
To have a nurse is just so helpful because it's
not easy. No, no, and I had you came over,
so the I think, you know, I don't have my

kids for Thanksgiving. So my first thought was I got
to get home to the kids. I got to get
home because they're going to leave to go for a
way for a week and I need to see them
and all out what I also told and I you know,
I feel bad and sleeping on the pull out and
though he did not complain one time, would have stayed

a week if we had true, I was like, I
want to also get him home because this is probably
really uncomfortable for him, Like we're not sleeping, you know,
they come in eleven, one, three, five, six, Get some rest,
get some rest, get some resting. Not yeah, one of
the that came in at like three in the morning
talking about safe sleep, and I'm like, at three in
the morning, we're going to do this. I'm in so

much pain. Am I getting any sleep? So we're not
talking about safe sleep? But I know they're just doing
their job. Yeah, But I also do wish there was
some coordination. I would love to know the medical professional
view of this, because I wish there was almost like
a coordinating schedule post baby birth, like everyone come into
all days at once, yeah, and then yeah, yeah, I
understand they're coming, and I appreciate the every couple hours, Oh,

peek me the pill check or like the medicine, please
give me that. Yeah, that's great. Come on and scan
my thing, do that, take my vitals, do what you
gotta do. But if the other people that are coming in,
if they could would just see it, he grab social Security,
and they could grab pediatrician, and they could grab like
everybody at the same time and just come on in. Yeah. Yeah.

So I think another thing too, is like I want
to get home to the bed. But when I came
home and here was the second regret. Even though I
wanted to see the kids, I shouldn't have had the
kids come home that second day. But again I'm like,
and Alan's like, are you sure, And I'm like yeah,
because they're going to leave for Virginia and I need
to see them. And you know, I should have given

myself a chance to rest and get a full night's
sleep and whatever. And so Catherine comes over and she's
holding the baby. I'm like, I just need to I
need to just take a nap. When I wake up
from them nap, I have like massive anxiety because it's
like the kids are about to come home. Oh my god,
and now this is like it's like this whole new thing,
and I'm still in pain, and so I just I

had like a total panic attack. And then and then
Jolie woke up that morning puking or that that night,
that night, that night, and uh so that was the
first night. And then last night I was up all
night with Jase because he is a group stop. Yeah
Murphy's law. Oh my gosh. Yeah. So the lesson is

don't break up. Well, I mean I know an other
parents too. They don't get the luxury. But like if
I can be like, hey, Mike, I need, like I know,
need you to play because well my thing was now,
Alan's going to be up with a puking kid and
our baby, right, So I texted him, I said, can
I can't move, so like, can you please come get

And I felt and then I felt terrible about taking Joel,
you know, because then she's like, why am I probably leaving?
You know, So I had that whole situation I just
felt awful about. But I'm like, I should have stayed
in the hospital. Like I just was like, rushed it,
you know, I rushed this time too, and I don't
I was so thankful once I was home and they
were all nested in their little beds. Yeah, but I I,

I don't know, I feel like a lot of people
rush that time. I loved the hospital time. I know,
I'm kind of in the minority there. I mean, besides
getting woken up, I just kind of really cherished that time.
And maybe it was more and more as I had
multiple because I knew it was going to get crazy
when I got home. I knew it was going to
be a madhouse. And really, as it's like your third
this is the only time you're truly really going to have,

I mean, you'll have some of that time because of
the divorced situation. But which is you, your husband and
the baby. I'm opposite because I feel like my heart
is in two different places and I don't like that.
I get really anxious. I need to be with all
of them. That's probably part of that is I don't
do this at home with them. Sure, you know, like

I think if Preston was nested with them at home,
maybe I could have done that differently. So that's fair
because now yeah, because also come now that you say that.
With Ramsey, I think Nick stayed one night and then
I asked him to go home the other nights with
the kids, like we actually don't need you. I'm good, Like, seriously,
I would feel better if you were at home with
the kids. The one night that I had the baby

in the hospital, though we had a sleepover. Centennial was incredible.
We piled in, they gave us extra blankets and it
was the kids thought that was like that's a core memory.
Oh that's neat. So I got to nest with everybody.
But then the second night, Preston was going to be
out of town, and so I was like, I need
to go home. I want us all together. I just
don't do well. Yeah, I'm such anxious, like a especially postpartum,

I get very anxious. It's very primal, like put everybody
in their little den, you know. Yeah, well, I'm proud
of you for what it's worth. I thought you handled
it beautifully. Thanks, truthfully, thank you. I would tell you
if there was anything I thought we could laugh about,
and once you're healed, maybe I'll find something. We'll find something. Really, no,

you just did so well. Thank you. I mean, it's
you guys. What we go through is a lot. I'm
so many levels, and I've said this to both of you.
I know, I think there's a mutual respect from both
sides of like vaginal and sea section berths. But like
I could not do a sea section for the you're

my heroes. I look do it the natural way, and
I'm like, there's no way I could do that, which
you could. But that's the thing, it's just what you
don't know, I know. But I just admire that, and
I also admire that you can even like I wouldn't
be sleeping for a week. It's like an advent calendar
for me. It's like the countdown Christmas is coming. Do
I know that is true? I definitely did not sleep.
Oh yeah, I didn't either. I do get a little

enbos that your nails and loshes could be on point.
But the night before sea section is like the worst.
Allan was just like I was just like scrolling on Instagram.
I remember, I'm like, it's eleven fifty nine. If I'm
going to eat, I better eat now in my face.
I did that every single time. I remember, because they
you can't eat after midnight yep, so I would like, way,

I'm like, I'm gonna be awake. So like eleven fifty eight,
I wasn't sleeping Sunday night. I could. I was like,
I've had any minutes and then I'm like two more
hours until they're up and they're head to the hospital. Hey,
it's Danielle Fischl right or Strong and will Fredell. But

you know us best as Tapanga, Sean and Eric from
Boy Meets World and now Pod Meets World, the podcast
where we've been sitting down weekly to rewatch the show
we start in as kids, and we've been unpacking well
a lot, and we've been taking the show on the
road with the Kids Want to Jump Tour where every
stop in cities across the US has been totally different

and pretty hilarious, if I do say so myself. But
we know not everyone could join us. So we're happy
to announce that our recent thirtieth anniversary of the show,
Live from the met in Philadelphia, will now be available
to stream no matter where you live. Our biggest show
yet in the hometown of the Matthews feature during appearances
by Trina, Angela McGee, Matthew Lawrence aka Jack Hunter, Tony

Mister Turner Quinn, and Danny Harley McNulty, who makes a
very special surprise visit. It was so much fun and
now you can experience it from the comfort of your
own home. It will be available on December eleventh at
five pm Pacific. You can learn more about how you
can watch at veeps Dot Events slash Pod Meets World.
December eleventh, your birthday. Let's Troy get all the info

on streaming the live Podmeets World show so you don't
miss out. Go to veeps, Veeps Dot Events, slash Pod
meets World now. The only kind of perk on this
surgery was they gave me a pre surgery drink to
drink two hours before the surgery, Like, what is it?

What is that it's got like fifty grams of carbs.
It's got like all this like it's it was strawberry flavored.
It was an insurer and had all these vitamins interesting
and stuff. And I text doctor Norman and being like, hey,
you told me not to do like, I just want
to make sure they gave me this of my blood
draw and She's like, absolutely, drink it. So and it
was glorious because you know how you hungry and thirsty

you are leading into the hospital. Oh my gosh, I'm
still amazed at the hole you can just eat now
after a C section, Like I'm still stuck on this. Okay, well,
so this is this is a great thing because this
leads me into the thing that I was like laughing
so hard that I was like my stitches. I was like,
you have to not make me laugh at the next week,
because when you had set them into the nurse, you're like,

don't you have to pass gas first? Yeah? I did
with all three of mine. Same yeah, yeah, I vaguely
now remember that too. When do I get to eat,
I'm like, come on, let's fart already. So he associated
with that all be about farting. So I started having

really bad, like shoulder paints. Oh yes, do you remember that?
It's right, air bubbles appear. I didn't know I'm having
a heart attack. So I was like, talk button. I
was like, I need the nurse place. She goes like,
IM like I think my heart jack. I was like
my shoulder pain. It's like She's like, oh, it's gas,
and I'm like, gas in my shoulders. It hard. I

have never heard of this. Why it didn't happen within
It's so painful, so painful, so painful, and so but
you can't fart. Well, it's like up here it's literally
trapped air. Like it's like I don't know if it's
really a pair, but you know what I mean, it's
like trapped air. It's yeah. And I've never farted in
front of Alan. I've never, I mean one never. I've
never pooped in obviously, like we've never. I would not

dare far in front of him like ever, and so
but I'm like all I want to do is fart,
like I literally like, I don't care if it's in
front of him, I don't care if it's loud, like
I just the goodness is it's not the funniest thing
happened though, but he does not know this happened, and

he listens, he doesn't really listen. So that's fine. He
won't listen. Never listened to me. Do you remember what
happened on the last month? So yeah, right when we asked,
and they were all silent, exactly like no one owned
that literal great. It was like NICKI lesson right, and
he's like, can you just download? So at least we

get like the credit of a download. But so I'm
just like, Bam, I'm sorry to say this, but you've
already I mean, now, at this point, you know, he's
seen I'm walking around in a diaper and a you know,
it's not even a diaper. It's like one of those
peapads that they shove in one of those big things.
It's like and so at this point, I'm like, I
need to just mention the farting things. I'm a lot

of pain from the fart the non farting, And so
I just was like, hey, you know, if I have
to fart, like, I'm not holding it in, you know
that I would normally do. And so he made some
joke and it's not going to be funny now, but
he made some joke because I was like, they kept
saying land your side, and I'm like, well, it hurts
to land on my left side right now, but I'm

gonna try. So I had they'd given me an oxy
or whatever and I'd laid on my left side, and uh,
He's like, room and be careful, she's about to blow
you away. Because I was like I just started. I
was like, no, make me laugh. But what happened was
and this is the part that he doesn't know. Oh,

I hope it doesn't listen to this one. This lady
came in to do a she's like a pet to
kind of show me how to log roll and get
in and out of bed and stuff like that when
I go home, and uh, when I was doing like
the little log roll things, there was a little yay

nobody heard it. But I went like that to see
if maybe like Alan clocked it, and he didn't. I
was like, thank god. And then after that it was sailing. Yeah,
it's like one chew great and I'm still I still
need to know how you can eat. I'm gonna look
it up later. I don't know it's changed, clearly it
had a lot since I mean, we had a five

year gas in delivery. I mean I had seven, So
I guess I can't. I guess should we ask Alan
to bring Roman up? Yes? Let me say so. How
how is Roman doing? He's been home? Please? He has
been amazing. Uh. He's sleeping about three hours good at night,

sleeping about three hours? Uh? Is he pooping? Poop? Poop?
And pan? Good man? Right now? Literally all he does
is just sleeping, eat. Yeah, that's a best time. I'm
trying to like, I want him to like no, like
you like, stay awake a little bit, but he's not here.
I want to awake at all. I was in the
hospital and I was like, this isn't appropriate if I

want to do skin to skin with your child. It
was interesting, is they didn't really push skin to skin? Huh?
And I don't know if it's because I wasn't because
I'm not breastfeeding or not, but I did a lot
of skin to skin with Jason the hospital, but they
did not. I mean I voluntarily did it. They didn't.
The only time I did skin to skin that they
asked was for after his bath was it? Which I

thought was interesting. I thought they don't remember if they
pushed or it and push. Yeah, I mean we were
skinned skinning, but I'm trying to remember if it was
me or if they think it was me. Well, I
say that I feel like my last one because I
think with Ramsey I was actually able to do skin
to skin after the sea section. The other ones I hadn't.
Usually they're wrapped up and they're just like right there.
I think I was able to put her actually skinned

to skin on that one. And see, I don't know
because I did my first two at Saint Thomas and
then I did this third at Centennial, So I don't
know if it's the hospital difference or the five year
gap that things are different. But I felt very loved
and supported it Centennial. I felt very like, oh yeah,
same scene, way better than no one was my personal opinion.

Boss seen me. Yeah, you know, the lactation nurse didn't
come in once, and I really missed an opportunity because
oh it was a Siren Night Lives gift for me.
This chick yeah, didn't didn't come in once never matter.
Huh Yeah, and my milk just came in to which
is why I were in cappat right now. But it
just it was like five days or however, it was

this morning. It came in, so let's see. Yeah, that's normal.
Mine's always day after and it's miserable, so mine just
never comes in. Guys, it's fine. But I'm like, I
have no shame about it this time, I just did zero.
Like before with Jase, I felt so much shame and
I tried so hard to try and this with you know,

with this go around, I'm like, no, I'm actually completely fine.
I think that's a really important point too, because I
feel like I've heard from a lot of moms. First
of all, oral ties pay play a huge piece in
the breastfeeding part of the postpartum journey, and I don't
know that any of my three were super properly checked

for that straight out of the gate. The gate being
my vagina, I guess. And that's why they have a
hard time latching. Yeah, it makes it really tricky for
them to latch, and it makes it super painful for you,
and then they fatigue easy so they're not getting full,
so then they don't want to sleep. It's a spiral.
But because I could not breastfeed love and I don't

oh my sweet ni naive self. I thought for sure
breastfeeding would just be like. I mean that's I had
no birth plan. I didn't care about anything. I just
needed to breastfeed and I could not. I had lactaitian consultants.
There's a woman in Nashville called the Milk Ninja. She's
like this like famous person that can get milk out
of like a stone. And she came over and and

I think it really sent me. Not am not being
over dramatic, but I think that was such a huge
piece of the postpartum depression because I felt like I
was failing. I felt like formula was giving her McDonald's.
I just a lot of people, Yeah, and so many
women go through this and like fed is best for

your lifestyle, for your sanity, for your bodies. Fed is best.
And I'm passionate about that because it's not fair and
there are a lot of things you can do differently.
I tried so hard to do different things this time
because I had learned so much. And still, you guys,
my body is not a crazy producer. You know what else?
I found though, that's very interesting and I feel like
you're doing it a little bit and I'm not calling

you out in a bad way. I feel like people
feel like they have to give their excuses to why
they're not breastfeeding. Well, I tried really really really hard,
or it was a this, or it was a that,
or it was a this, and that's not bad. I
mean you did try really hard. But some people also
are like, guess what I want to do? Formula? Well
that's my thing, and it's like okay, instead of I
feel like people feel like they have to. Like I

would a breastfed, I would have had zero sleep because
like it was divine. So I moved to formula, and
it saved my life because if I had been up
pumping trying to feed on my own, no family, no husband,
I can't imagine how dark that might have gotten. Absolutely
it's a huge contributing factor to postpartum depression. Yeah, and

I am. I brought formula to the hospital this time.
I was unapologetic about it. I did try. I always
try more so for my little like, yeah, pr brain,
I'm like, I'm gonna set a personal record and see
any ounces I can get. But we just did it
for like a couple months, and I just am never
enough for them in that department, And so we formula.
We move on. Yeah, for sure, And I'm proud of

us well, and yeah, and he's he's a great little baby.
He's so sweet. And if you're a boob out mom
at two years old, I am envious of you and
I love you and I support you too. But I've
just never been. I can't do it. There, I have it.
He's so sweet, I can't like, he's so handsome, it's
a bit serious. He's sleeping good, he's eating good. Yep,

and yeah, and you have a third and here we go.
So love your girls, Thanks for everything, of course, love
love you. We'll be back next week, maybe with some
more tears, almost likely TVD postpartum episode. We should just
call these like Monday postpartum. It's good though. I think

it's a fair and honest journey to be on with
people because you know, there's so much there's just so
much going on in our bodies postpartum. And I now
that I've had three, I'm like, oh, I just wish
that I wish I had someone speaking this honestly into me. Yeah,
the first time, I remember crying the first time and

not knowing what was wrong with me. So people know
it's normal. You will just cry for no reason after
you have a baby. Yeah yeah, all right, guys, I
love you and I'm proud of you. I love you,
love you, Bye bye bye
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