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April 9, 2024 35 mins

When rewriting a story from your life, it can be tempting to skip over the parts that are challenging or uncomfortable. But rewriting a story isn’t about ignoring the truth. It’s about integrating the truth into a higher Truth. How do you access a higher, better truth when the details of your story are dark, heavy, uncomfortable or sad? In today’s episode I’ll share some tools that have been helpful for me as I navigate this transition in real-time in my own life.


The Vortex by Esther and Abraham Hicks


Money and The Law of Attraction by Esther and Abraham Hicks


The Illusion of Money by Kyle Cease

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Pick up the pieces of your life, pull them back
together with the word you write all the beauty and
peace and the magic that you'll start too fun when
you write your story.

Speaker 2 (00:13):
You got the.

Speaker 3 (00:13):
Words and said, don't you think it's time.

Speaker 1 (00:16):
To let them out and write them down and cover
what it's all about and write, Write your story. Write
you write your story.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
Hi, and welcome back to the Write Your Story Podcast.
I'm Ali Fallon. I'm your host on today's episode, I
want to talk about a couple of things. I want
to first of all, make sure that I go back
and address last week's episode because I'm just in awe
and just having so much appreciation and gratitude for your
response to last week's episode. Last week, I talked about

what happens when you're telling the same story over and
over again, and how to give that story an upgrade
and even how to know when the story is ready
for an upgrade, and I got such an incredible response
from you on that episode. I also shared a little
bit more about how I stumbled across this particular story
that needed to be upgraded in my life. I shared

about that on Instagram. I got like just a ground
swell of support and love poured on me, poured toward
me on Instagram this week, and I just am sort
of like still in shock about that and awe and
just like soaking in all of the really beautiful comments
and love that have come my way. And so I
want to talk about that a little bit. I also

have a few random things that I want to address, like,
for example, I want to talk about how my book
is still available for pre order. It's called Write Your Story.
I have poured my heart and soul into this book
really for the last fifteen years of my career, as
that has been the development of the book. The writing
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so excited to share this book with you. It's available
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I know what a big deal it is to spend
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groceries are more expensive than they've ever been. We're having
to be more selective, some of us, about the things
that we spend our money on, and so I just
wanted to make sure that it was a no brainer,
and then really reward you for making the decision to
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Speaker 3 (02:58):
So I hope that you will do that.

Speaker 2 (03:00):
If you haven't already, I know many many of you have,
and I'm just in such gratitude for that. Thank you,
thank you, thank you, thank you for ordering the book.
I know that when the book actually physically shows up
for you, it's going to be one of those experiences
where it's such a no brainer This experience of writing
your story is so powerful. I promise you it's going
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But I know sometimes like working over the twenty five
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just wait until it comes out. So I really appreciate
those of you who have already pre ordered, and if
you haven't yet, I would love to have you do that.
So order the book wherever you order books, take your
receipt to write yourstory dot com slash book, enter your
receipt information there and then you'll get access to the
bonuses right away. Another kind of random thing I wanted

to share is about a book that I've been reading
lately that has been really important for me. It's had
a massive, massive impact in my life. And I wasn't
going to share about this, but then I had this
experience where last week on the show, I talked about
a story from my life that was felt really vulnerable
to share, and I talked about the concept of upgrading

the story and how I was upgrading the story, and
then I shared the story on Instagram and got such
a grunt swell of support there. As I was driving here,
to record this episode this morning. I was just like,
I need to do that more often, where I think
I have this thing that happens to me, where I
have something that I want to talk about, but then
I talk myself out of talking about it because I'm like,

no one would understand, and what if people judge me
for it? And then I feel like that's going to
like steal away from the benefit that it's given me,
because then I'm going to be wondering about that, And
so that's all stupid. That's just stuff that's going on
in my head, and I'm like, why would I keep
this really awesome resource from you? So I just wanted
to tell you about this book that I've been reading,
and I'll tell you the backstory to how I even

found this book. But the book is actually like a
throwback from a long, long time ago. It's like an
old school seventies self help book that was really really
popular when it came out. So it's possible that you've
heard of it because it was a New York Times
bestseller many many weeks on the New York Times list.
A ton of people really loved the book. People still
really do love the book, but it's just since it's

an older book, it's possible that you haven't heard of it.
But it's by a woman named Esther Hicks. Esther Hicks
is married to a man named Jerry Hicks. The audiobook
that I've been listening to while there's two that I've
been listening to, and both of them are in this
style that's a conversational style. So Jerry, her husband, asks
these questions and Esther responds. And one important thing to

note about the book is that Esther describes where this
content is coming from that she's teaching as being channeled
from Abraham Hicks. I guess Abraham Hicks is not a person,
but like a group of non physical beings who she
is channeling, and she's delivering it to her audience, which

on the audiobook is kind of Jerry, it's kind of
her husband asking the questions. But then also at the
end of each audiobook there's clips from live events that
she's done where she's answering audience questions in the same
kind of fashion. So she's channeling Abraham. It's coming through
this woman named Ester Hicks. She's the author of the book,
and she's she's talking about subjects like relationships and money

and how we can think about them in a different
kind of way. So if that sounds kind of cooky
and strange to you, you'll understand why I've been hesitant
to share that I've been listening to these books. I
feel like sometimes I'm like the most woo woo friend
in my in my friend group, but I also am
like a very closeted wo woo person, Like I'm very spiritual.
I've talked about this, but I'm you know, I grew

up evangelical, my faith has evolved kind of past or
beyond that container that I grew up with. And sometimes
because I know really well how to play the Christian game,
I avoid talking about this kind of stuff that really
speaks to me because I'm worried that, you know, people
are going to think it's really weird. It is kind
of weird, but it's also really not weird, especially when

you listen to it. You'll get what I'm saying the
more that I talk about it. But if it sounds
good cooky to you, that's totally fine. I'm comfortable with
it sounding cookie to you. Consider me your most woo
woo friend who's like, hey, check out this old seventies
self help book and maybe you'll get something from it,
maybe you won't.

Speaker 3 (07:11):
Maybe you won't.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
If it doesn't land for you, if it doesn't resonate
with you, then that's totally fine. But it's just been
a really big influence in my life lately. This is
the second time I've read these two books by Esther Hicks,
actually same two books. One is called The Vortex, one
is called Money and the Law of Attraction. And in fact,
another way you might have heard of Esther Hicks is
she was really involved in that movie called The Secret

that was really popular back in I don't know, seventies, eighties, nineties.
I can't remember exactly when it came out, but it
feels like it was, like I remember hearing about it
and even seeing it in the nineties. I feel like
maybe it had like a resurgence in the nineties, but
i'd have to look it up specifically to remember when
it came out. But the concept of the law of
attraction comes from Esther Hicks and is really integral to

what she teaches.

Speaker 3 (07:56):
So, like I said, I had read these.

Speaker 2 (07:58):
Two books before, maybe I don't know, fifteen years ago
something like that, And when I read them the first time,
I was like, not in a place where it resonated
with me. I just wasn't ready for it. I think
the concept of the law of attraction, this idea that
we attract to us what we think about, can be
really triggering for someone who has trauma. At least it
was for me, because in my mind, what I heard

when I heard people talk about the law attraction, when
I heard Esther Hicks talk about this idea that you're
attracting to yourself, what you think about is I just
heard what happened to me. This traumatic thing that happened
to me is my fault. I did this to myself.
I was thinking these thoughts, and so I created this
reality and I just wasn't in a place to hear

it in the same way that I'm in the place
to hear it now. The way that I'm hearing the
teaching now is actually really different, which I'll talk about
in a minute. But before I get there, I want
to talk about how I stumbled upon this work because
I feel like I want to just open the door
to this little part of my life that I haven't
really shared about public and share with you these really

amazing resources that have had a huge impact on my life.
So back in twenty nineteen, before the pandemic hit, I
was invited by a friend of mine to come to
a conference because I was helping him craft a book

that he was working on. So we were working together
on this book and he was having this big, like
a personal development, spirituality, self help kind of gathering of
several hundred people and there were going to be speakers
there and we were going to do yoga and have
sound baths and all kinds of stuff. So I go
to this conference in I don't know, September of twenty nineteen.

I was just about to get married, and at the
conference there was a man speaking named Kyle Cese who
just really struck a chord for me. There was something
about the way that he held himself on stage, the
way that he presented the information that he was presenting.
One of the big things about him that felt really
different to me than some other self help stuff that

I had encountered is he would bring a person on
stage and he would coach them through an issue that
they were going through, and he would ask them how
they felt like at various points in this coaching session,
he would say tell me how you're feeling, and whatever
it was that they were feeling, whether it was anger
or rage, or bitterness or sadness or despair or whatever,

he would just give space for that person to feel
literally whatever it was that they were feeling. Something about
that struck such a deep court with me because in
so much of the self help stuff that I had encountered,
I would always feel like I have this rage inside
of me, I have this deep, deep despair and sadness.
I have this bitterness that when I read self help stuff,

it makes me feel like something's terribly wrong with you
that you're feeling this way, Because this is a deep,
dark feeling and a bad feeling that you shouldn't be feeling.
And so what you need to do is be more grateful.
What you need to do is have more appreciation. What
you need to do is think better thoughts. What you
need to do is be a higher vibe. And every
time that I would get in those situations around people
who would talk like that, or watching a movie like

The Secret, or listening to the Vortex or money in
the Law of Attraction or any of that, I would
just start to feel so bad about myself. I would
start to feel like I was seriously broken. I would
start to feel like something was terribly wrong with me.
And when I was sitting in the audience watching Kyle
coach these people, it was the first time that I
was just like, Oh, maybe there's room to give space

to this thing that I'm feeling. Maybe there's validity to
this thing that I'm feeling. Maybe I can learn to
sit with this thing that I'm feeling and also use
these tools like positive mindset, use a tool like raising
my vibration, use a tool like the vortex to hold
the space for this part of me that's feeling so traumatize,

that's feeling so sad, that's having these really complicated, challenging
human emotions happening. So that experience at that conference in
twenty nineteen was absolutely, unequivocally life changing for me. It
was like one of those moments in your life where
you draw a line in the sand and you just
know things are not going to be the same moving forward.

Kyle was releasing a book at the time called The
Illusion of Money, which hit the New York Times list later.
I think it was just coming out at the time
that I met him, So I came home from that conference,
telling my soon to be husband, there's this book. It's
called The Illusion of Money. You've got to read this book.
I read it in a single sitting. It's so amazing.
I was telling everyone I know about this book and

giving this book to my husband, and the two of
us beginning this journey together around money was the start.
It was the start of the arc that I have
been living in my life for the last five years.
So twenty twenty four, now, wow, we're not quite to
five years, but it'll be by September of this year,
it'll be five years that I've been in this arc.

And I can literally go back to that moment and
point to it and say, this was the moment it
all began. This was the beginning of the arc. I
met Kyle at this conference. I read The Illusion of Money.
I came home Kyle. I forgot to mention this, but
Kyle also talked about on stage how he would meditate
for two hours a day. So I started meditating every
single morning. Not quite for two hours, but I was
doing Joe de Spenz's meditations at the time, and so

I would sit and meditate for like an hour. And
I think they're his meditations were like an hour and
twenty minutes long. They're guided meditations, and yeah, it was
the beginning of like I was, like, everything's going to change.
My life is going to get so much better, Like
money is going to flow to me easily and effortlessly.
And instead, for those of you who have read what
I posted on Instagram or who listened to the episode

last week, you can gather from that that the story
didn't go exactly the way that I thought it was
going to go. In fact, this story, like stories, you,
launched me into a series of challenges that have felt
impossible to overcome. They've felt bigger than any other challenges

that I've faced in that area of my life ever before.
It felt almost like I was going backwards instead of forwards.
The last five years, especially around finances, have felt so
challenging for me. But not even just around finances. It's
more about like what finances represent. It's more about like freedom,
it's more about self expression. It's more about burnout hustle culture,

Like how can I find a way to exist and
show up in the world where I get to be
who I am, I get to show up in my fullness,
I get to be honest about what's really going on
with me, like I'm exhausted, I'm not doing well. I
need a break, I need to step back. I can't
do X, Y Z thing or anymore. And also be
able to be free to make choices, be free to

be creative, be free to you know, make something that
I want to make. Be free to spend time with
my kids, be free to meditate, be free to take
time to myself. How can can I find that balance
in my life where there's space for all of that?
And that's been the big question that's driven this story
and the big question that I've been asking myself for
the last five years. And you're watching in real time

the upgrade to the story. In other words, like I
thought the story was going to go, like I go
to this conference, I read this book. It's an inciting incident. Yay,
my life is off on this like fabulous trajectory and
it's only up from here. And instead, just like stories go,
I go to a conference, I meet the sky, I
get his book. It's an inciding incident and it sets

me off on this journey of absolute transformation. I have
become someone different in the process. But I think for
most of the arc, and many of you can relate
to this. For most of the story as it's unfolded,
it hasn't felt like, Yay, I'm evolving, I'm changing, I'm
transforming into someone new. It has felt like things are

being taken from me. My life is being stripped away.
The only version of me that I've ever known is
crumbling and falling apart. And how could I possibly be
the hero of the story? How can I find my
way forward? And I don't even think I've had, for
most of the last five years the presence of mind
to even be able to consider who would I have
to become in order to resolve this story? Like it

was just like a little bit like being on a
roller coaster ride where you're just screaming your head off
and afraid and wondering, like when it's all going to
be over? Like can I get off the ride please?
Because this is really scary. And it's only been in
the last year maybe where I've started to really be
able to see the story with more objectivity. And even

though it's only been in the last year that I've
been able to see with objectivity, I can now look
back on those early parts of the story and see
that there was meaning, there was purpose, there was something
really intentional happening, even when I didn't know what that was.
But when you're in the story, when you're in the
early part of the arc of a story and you
don't know what's going on, it feels really chaotic. It

feels like there's no meaning to this, there's no arc
to this, there's nothing, you know, intentional that's happening. I'm
just sort of like in the tumble cycle in the
washing machine, you know, being like thrashed around a little bit.
And it hasn't been until the last year or so
that I've started to be able to see things with
a little bit more objectivity. One person who has really
helped me with that is Kyle full Circle Moment. It

was probably two years ago actually that I stumbled upon
his work again on Instagram and joined. He is a
membership community called the Absolutely Everything Pass. The idea behind
this is that you can join for I think I
joined at a special rate, so I don't know how
much it costs to join per month, but you joined
for I don't know, eighty bucks a month or something
like that, and you get to participate in literally everything

that he has ever done, so all of the trainings
that he's ever recorded, all the teachings he's ever done,
any live event that he's ever done, every recording is
available on the absolutely Everything past. Plus the fact that
they meet as a community every Wednesday night every Sunday
afternoon for meditation. He does these hot seats, which is
like a one on one coaching opportunity with a person

that he records, and there's I don't know, close to
one hundred of those in the absolutely Everything past. So
you essentially get invited into this fold of his membership
community for like eighty bucks a month, and you get
to be a part of all of these these teachings.
That community, for me, has provided such an important structure,
so many amazing paradigm shifts. Kyle has been a guide

in my story in so many different ways. And you'll
understand why I went on this long tangent. Kyle introduced
me to reintroduce me, I guess to esther Hicks. I had,
like I said, listen to the vortex and money and
the law of attraction a long long time ago. When
I first listened to them, I wanted nothing to do
with that. It was very triggering for me, I thought, like,

this is classic, you know, toxic positivity. This is classic
spiritual bypassing, Like what a joke that I'm supposed to
just think these positive thoughts and whatever I think about
is going to manifest.

Speaker 3 (19:04):
In my life.

Speaker 2 (19:05):
And it wasn't until I listened to these resources more
recently that they really landed for me and sunk in
in a different kind of way. I just heard them
really differently after spending a year in this community, or
more than a year, I think it's been two years.
So when I came upon these resources this time, I
started listening to the audiobooks, and something about this just clicked.

The idea being that you have two parts to yourself.
So you have your physical being and you have your
spirit being, your eternal being, your soul, whatever you want
to call that, and your physical being and your spirit
being might be in alignment with one another, or they
might be vibrating at different frequencies, is the way that

she says it. But I like to think of it
just like they might be in different places, like your
spirit being might know something that you your physical being
don't know. You would also talk about the like your
higher self or your small self. So however you want
to think about this, it's really interesting to think about
your spirit being being in a place where your physical
being is not yet. In other words, that moment when

I met Kyle at the conference I get the book,
my spirit being resonated so deeply with what he was
talking about that my spirit being was like, Yes, we're
running with this. We're going to start making decisions from
this place. We're going to go there. And my spirit
being went there, and my physical being was like, wait,
hold on, hold on. This doesn't seem logical, this doesn't
seem responsible, this doesn't seem rational. But what about this.

That's not the type of person that I am. I'm
more like this, I'm more like that. And it created
this gap between my small self and my higher self.
It created a gap between my physical being and my
spirit being. And Esther Hicks talks about how we have
this emotional guidance system. Our emotional guidance system is literally
our emotions, Like whatever emotion you feel is a guidance

for you, showing you where there's a gap or you're
out of alignment between your physical self and your spirit self.
So when you feel an emotion like sadness, despair, depression, anxiety, overwhelm.
Those are all signals or signifiers that there's a gap

between where you are physically, the thing that you're physically
holding onto your small self, and where your spirit being
is trying to go. Something about that I can't explain it.
It really clicks for me recently. It's sunk in in
a deep way, and somehow it helped me to surrender
the tight grip that I've had around this old story,

around the old version of myself, around the parts of
me that I call myself that aren't actually myself, around
my attachment to money being the only path to freedom,
this idea that has been programmed into every single one
of us that we should just work really hard to
gather up a bunch of money so that then we

can be free to live our lives the way that
we want to live it, which is a trap.

Speaker 3 (22:06):
It's a trick.

Speaker 2 (22:07):
And again like that would have sounded insane to me
ten years ago, but when I've been listening to the
books in more recent weeks, it has really sunken for
me in a deep kind of way. The reason I'm

sharing any of this with you is because the main
reason is in case it's helpful to you. I know
what it's like to want to connect spiritually and grow
spiritually and challenge yourself spiritually and to still feel like
a really spiritual person, but not necessarily know where to
get that need met or where to get fed, because
the environments where that is organized don't always align or

fit with where you are spiritually, and so sometimes it
can feel challenging to find those resources and environments where
you feel like you can be honest about where you're
at and really be able to grow and connect with
other people over your spirituality. And so I wanted to
share these resources first and foremost in case they're helpful
to you. Absolutely everything passed by Kyle Cease. He also
wrote a book called I Hope I Screw This Up,

which is a great book, also a New York Times bestseller.
The Illusion of Money was a really really helpful book
for me. It's not really about money, though, It's about
what money represents to us, which is a lot about freedom,
a lot about creativity, a.

Speaker 3 (23:26):
Lot about joy.

Speaker 2 (23:28):
And when we fixate our sense of security on something external,
then we give away all of our power in that
area of our lives. And so reading the Illusion of
Money opened up a whole can of worms for me
about way more than just money and sent me on
this long trajectory that I've been on. And then obviously
Estra Hicks and The Vortex, which is the first book

I listened to. It's mostly about relationships, but also she
does talk about the law of attraction in the Vortex
and then money in the Law of Attraction, which again
is about money, but not really about my life, because
money is about so much more than just money to us.
It's about security and freedom, creativity, joy, all of that.
And I wanted to just connect you with some of
these resources that have been really meaningful to me because

I think that they could be helpful to you too.
So that's the main reason that I'm talking about it.
But the other reason I'm talking about it is just
to say they've been really incredible guides inside of my story.
And it hasn't been until the last six months that
I've been in a place where I was even ready
to see this story that I'm living with more objectivity,

that I've been willing to look at it in a
different kind of way, that I've been willing to sit
down and write about it. And even to be honest
about it on Instagram or on the podcast felt like
a big step for me because I don't even know
that I was ready a year ago to be honest
about it with myself. It was like, I know, these
things are happening in my life. They're really challenging things
that I don't have answers for. I have way more

questions than answers, and it can be really hard to
sit down and look at the truth of the story
when you're just like, this feels just chaotic. It feels
like these things are happening in my life and I
don't understand why I don't.

Speaker 3 (25:06):
I couldn't even begin to come up with a moral
of the story.

Speaker 2 (25:09):
And then there's been a moment more recently where I'm like, Okay,
I think I'm ready to look at this with a
little bit more objectivity and ready to not just tell
the story honestly, but also to upgrade this story to
the next version, to draft two of the story that
hopefully feels a little bit better in my body than
draft one. So this is the pinnacle of what I
wanted to talk about. This brings the whole thing together,

And thank you for coming on this journey with me,
will I tell this really long story from my life.
But the thing that brings all of this together is
that there comes a moment in your story where you
tell the story true to how it took place. The
details of the story don't change. The details of the
story could be dark, they could be tragic, they could

be unwanted, they could be terrifying. You don't change the
details of the story. You don't even need to change
the details of the story in order to change the
way that you're telling it to yourself. And like the
way Esther Hicks would talk about this is that the
story you want to tell is a story that feels
the best to tell, And sometimes the story that feels

the best to tell is not necessarily a super positive story,
like it's not like a high vibe kind of story.
And if you're just telling the high vibe story because
you're doing a thing you think you're supposed to do
and jumping through the hoop and going like, no, I'm grateful,
I'm good, everything's good, everything's fine, it's fine, I'm good,
I'm doing great, and you're just telling that story because
you think it's the high vibe story to tell. And

you're trying to attract something really high vibe to you,
then you're not really doing it. You're hopping over a
really vital step in the process. You're spiritually bypassing. You're
selling yourself short, and you're not going to really get.

Speaker 3 (26:49):
Where you're trying to go.

Speaker 2 (26:50):
The first step is always telling the story exactly how
it took place, and even there can be a certain
element to that where like I talked about in my
Instagram post, it is arctic to tell the story the
true way, the way that it's in your heart. Rite
this minute to tell the story, like I'm terrified. You
could start by just writing ten things that are true
for you today. There's a great writing prompt for you.

Ten things that are true for me today, one I'm terrified.
One way to tell things that are true for you
today is to look at the facts, like look at
the data. Go to your bank account. If it's money
you're terrified about, go to your bank account and write
as one of the true facts for today, the exact
dollar amount that's in your bank account. Maybe one thing
that's true for you today is you're exhausted, maybe you're overwhelmed,

whatever it is. I picture that experience of watching Kyle
on stage with a person he was coaching, going can
we just make space for that?

Speaker 3 (27:46):
Can we just make it okay that you're exhausted.

Speaker 2 (27:49):
The act of writing your story is you doing that
for yourself. It's you coaching yourself, bringing yourself up onto
the stage and saying, tell me how you feel.

Speaker 3 (28:01):

Speaker 2 (28:01):
I feel terrified, I feel overwhelmed, I feel exhausted, I
feel you know, sick, Maybe you feel sick, maybe you
have a pit in your stomach, whatever it is that
you feel, can you just make it okay? Can you
just give allowance, give space for that feeling to be there,
and make it okay that the feeling is there. That's

always draft one step one, you know in the process
is just tell the truth. And there is a certain
element or a level at which it feels really good
to do that. It might not be quote unquote high vibe,
but it feels really really good. It's going to feel
like a release. You might cry, you might shake, you

might laugh, you might feel like temperature changes in your body.
Those are ways that our body allows a release. So
you might feel that as you write that truth down
on the paper. Don't do this before you're ready, But
as you're ready, allow yourself to consider how you might
upgrade the story. If you do it too soon, if

you do it while you're still in the midst of
a release of the truth, then you're bypassing. You're leapfrogging
over a really important step. But you'll know when you're ready.
You'll know there'll be a really distinct feeling where you go.
It doesn't feel good to tell the story that way anymore, Nope,
I'm tired of it. I don't want to tell that

story that way. I want to tell the story in
a new way. And I'm going to take this story
to the next evolution. And when you're ready for that,
it will feel really, really good to tell the story
in a new way. That's how you'll know. And this
is one of the biggest takeaways from Esther Hicks that
I've taken recently is my emotions are a guidance system
for me. I'll say this last thing and then I

need to wrap up. But I think one of the
things that I missed before when I read her work
and when I listened to her work, that I'm really
getting now is our emotions are a guidance system.

Speaker 3 (29:56):
For us.

Speaker 2 (29:57):
So if you're like me, you might think about a
particular subject and go, no, I don't have any really
negative thoughts about that, Like I think mostly positive thoughts
about my relationships, are mostly positive thoughts about my money.
But when I pay attention, really close attention to how
I feel, that's actually how I know that my thoughts
are out of alignment with my broader being. My thoughts
are out of alignment with my broader being. And I

know that because I feel dread, I feel overwhelmed, I
feel exhausted, I feel upset, I feel sad, I feel anger,
I feel resentment, I feel bitterness. Those feelings that are
not fun to feel are all showing me how I'm
out of alignment with my spiritual self, with my higher self,

with my soul. And when I can see that gap,
I don't have to go oh shoot, oh no instantly,
I have to close the gap.

Speaker 3 (30:48):
I've got to catch up.

Speaker 2 (30:49):
I can just go, wow, Okay, there's space for that,
that's allowed, that's allowed to be here. I can breathe
into that. I can give it room, think give it
like a child of yours, who's saying, Mom, I feel sad, Mom,
I feel scared, mom, I feel dread, I feel overwhelmed,
I don't want to do the things that I have
to do today, and you just go, Okay, that's allowed.

We can sit with that and allow there to be
some room for it, some space for it to almost
burn out. Is the way that I think about it,
like it will vibrate at that frequency for a minute
where it's just like you know, like the the anxiety
frequency for me is like like I can feel it
in my body. And if you can give it some

space to exist and you're not at a war with it,
you can allow that anxiety frequency to almost burn out.
It will burn itself out. And I watch this happen
with my kids. Kids are such an amazing metaphor for it,
because if you don't fight with a kid who's in
a tantrum, if you let them have it, they burn out,
and they burn out actually really quickly. So you could

practice this with yourself. When you notice that you're having
an emotion that doesn't feel good in your body, maybe
it's bitterness, and that bitterness has a certain frequency to it.
See if you can notice the frequency to the bitterness,
See if you can give it some space, See if
you can just let it be there. Oh, I see,
I notice that there's some bitterness there, and see if
you can allow the gap to sort of close in

around what you know in your truest, highest self to
be true and the thought you're thinking that's causing the bitterness.
If you try to overcome the bitterness from the place
of the bitterness, you'll be at a war, in a
war with the bitterness forever. But if you try to

allow the bitterness from the place of that broader self,
from the place of your higher self, knowing that that
bitterness is out of alignment with what you know to
be true it just is. Then there's this miraculous thing
that happens where the gap begins to close and you
begin to just naturally desire to tell the story in
a new way. I hope you find that helpful. I

hope you all those resources helpful. I hope you have
tons of grace and compassion for yourself on this journey.
I'm on the journey with you. I'm at the all's
last moment in my story in my arc right now,
and I'm right now at that sweet spot where a
person starts to go okay, I'm ready to tell this story.

I'm ready to become the kind of hero who can
resolve this problem. I'm ready to change and use me
as an example if you need to. I mean, I'm
not joking. I said this to my husband the other morning.
I was like, this is my line in the sand.
This is right as I recorded the last episode, right
as I posted my old story on Instagram, I was like,
you watch. My life is about to change. And the

only reason I know that is because I've done this before.
Because I've used writing my story as a tool to
heal my life around food allergies and tons of digestive problems.
I've used it to heal my story in my romantic life,
and now I'm using it to heal my story around
my career, money, finances, work, joy, creativity that are all

wrapped up in that sort of umbrella of the finances.
This is the start of something really important. My life
is about to change in a big way, and I'm
just sort of daring. I'm daring it to happen, you know,
And I'm daring you to watch it happened for me
and use that as fuel and motivation for you to
do it yourself. So I hope this is helpful for you.
I hope these resources are helpful. If you listen to

ASTROHIKX and you're like I was ten years ago, and
you're just like, oh, like this does not work for me,
then leave it.

Speaker 3 (34:29):
Leave it be. If it doesn't.

Speaker 2 (34:30):
Resonate with you, you don't need to pick it up
and carry it. But if you're like, wow, I actually
find this really enlightening and helpful, and I feel lighter
because I'm listening to it, but also I feel like
it's kind of weird and woo woo, then yeah, let
that be fine too. It is kind of weird and
wo wo sometimes, and it's also, for me at least,
been a really supportive, helpful tool, so I hope it

is for you too. I wish you all the best
as you work to write your first draft of your story,
work to upgrade your story to the next level.

Speaker 3 (35:00):
I believe in you.

Speaker 2 (35:01):
I'm with you in this journey, and I'll see you
on next week's episode.
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