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April 17, 2024 31 mins
In 2010, police in a quiet Ontario suburb received a frantic 911 call. A woman said she’d been tied up by intruders who’d just shot her parents. With her mother dead and her father clinging to life, Jennifer Pan gave detectives gripping descriptions of the home invasion. Investigators had no idea why the Pans had been targeted. But a closer look at Jennifer’s life made them rethink what they knew about the case. The Netflix documentary What Jennifer Did looks back at the high-profile crime that shook Canada. The film uses police interrogation footage and testimony from those involved to unravel a web of complexities that no one saw coming. In this episode of You Can't Make This Up, host Rebecca Lavoie interviews director Jenny Popplewell & producer Paul Nguyen. SPOILER ALERT! If you haven't watched What Jennifer Did yet, make sure to add it to your watch-list before listening on.  Listen to more from Netflix Podcasts.
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