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April 15, 2024 7 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Time now for ask the clo Now. This one is
from Amelia in DC Amelia Rights. I met a sixty
one year old gentleman several months ago. I'm fifty six
and I've been divorced five years. He's been divorced for
two years from the beginning of our courtship. He said
he doesn't like labels. This conflicts with his actions because

he sleeps with me and gives me a few dollars
every now and then. To me, we are in a relationship.
I have told him I want a commitment that leads
to a wedding. Should I give him more time or
give him an ultimatum?

Speaker 2 (00:34):
See, well, you could do whatever you want to. But
he told you he ain't into no titles, which is
cold word for I don't want to be married. Now
you called it a relationship because he didn't gave you
some money and.

Speaker 3 (00:47):
What and because he sleeps over you know?

Speaker 2 (00:51):
Okay, you know, girl, I can't tell you and you
fit six. I can't tell you how many me in
this level, I ain't got trying to come up with
no damn title. Sleeping over don't mean that y'all have titles,
And he ain't gave you one.

Speaker 4 (01:10):
Now, you have every right to want what you want.

Speaker 2 (01:14):
So you could want what you want, and you can
make an ultimatum, but you have to be prepared for
the response because he gonna go back to what I
told you in the beginning.

Speaker 4 (01:24):
Now, women always think they can change a man, and
he might.

Speaker 3 (01:28):
Yeah. All right, all right, Amelia, did you hear that?
Say it again?

Speaker 2 (01:33):
Colo, He's getting what he wants. Now, you got to
see if you can get what you want.

Speaker 1 (01:37):
That's right, all right, Here we go. Katrees and Tupelo, Mississippi, says.

Speaker 3 (01:43):
Two below Mississippi.

Speaker 1 (01:45):
Yeah, I'm a forty eight year old single mother of
an eighteen year old son. I woke up to a
big commotion recently, and it was my son having sex
with his girlfriend in the shower. I have asked him
repeatedly to stop sneaking her in my house. I talked
to her mom about the incident, and she said her
daughter is eighteen and grown. I make sure my son

has condoms, and I suggested to the girl that she
get on some kind of birth control. The girl's mom said,
I'm wrong for meddling in their sex life.

Speaker 3 (02:14):
Is she crazy? Or am I doing too much?

Speaker 4 (02:18):

Speaker 2 (02:18):
Yeah, The woman is crazy, But you have every right
to make rules at your house. That's your house. You
can make all the rules you want. Now, he eighteen,
he's sneaking this girl in the house, but he ain't
got no sense to be quiet.

Speaker 4 (02:35):
See what he needs is a room or an.

Speaker 2 (02:39):
Apartment, yes, yeah, or go over her mama house, who
ain't got no problem with none of this. No, because
she'll stay in her business. So tell your son take
all that over her mama house because she cool with it,
but you ain't. Now, you got every right to set

the rules up in your house and he has.

Speaker 4 (03:01):
To respect them.

Speaker 3 (03:03):
Amen to that. Okay, moving on.

Speaker 4 (03:06):
Y'all need to go downtown. Park in missip.

Speaker 1 (03:08):
Somewhere in the shower in your mom's house making a
lot of noise.

Speaker 4 (03:13):
Yeah, you need to go down the bottom river.

Speaker 2 (03:16):
It's a big river. Go down through that, Miss Sydney
going down now.

Speaker 4 (03:20):
You're down there.

Speaker 3 (03:22):
Only yeah tea.

Speaker 2 (03:23):
Yeah, man, you know you're eighteen, but you're acting grown.
But you ain't paying for.

Speaker 3 (03:27):
Nothing, nothing nothing from no lady.

Speaker 4 (03:30):
You're not wrong at all. And the other mama she
cool with it, yeah.

Speaker 3 (03:33):
Bound, So so she cool with it.

Speaker 4 (03:35):
Y'all go over her house.

Speaker 3 (03:36):
Yeah, make all the noise you want right in her shower.

Speaker 4 (03:41):
I got a tie wreck off the wall.

Speaker 1 (03:44):
Mary moving on, Mary and Fort Lauderdale says. I'm a
thirty seven year old married woman and my husband is
thirty eight. He has turned into a miserable homebody and
he wants me to be one too. We've been married
for eight years and I am still active in my
sorority and I go out to brunch and social events
once or twice a month. My husband told me that

married women of my age shouldn't hang out like I do.
My line sister is having a yacht party for a
fortieth birthday, and my husband doesn't think I should go,
but I'm going anyway.

Speaker 3 (04:15):
Am I wrong for being defiant?

Speaker 2 (04:17):
Absolutely not. You have every right to live your life.
And when is it too old to have a social life?

Speaker 3 (04:26):
Yeah, you're too old, right? Yeah.

Speaker 4 (04:32):
I got some frat brothers coming to my house.

Speaker 2 (04:38):
I'm the second youngest one. Only one younger than me
is Lee. Everybody else older than me straight kick. Yeah,
and we love to see each other. It's such a joy, man,

to have friends that you've been friends with man forty
six years.

Speaker 4 (05:03):
One of my boys coming. We've been partners.

Speaker 2 (05:06):
We've been friends man elementary, junior, high, high school, and
college since we was four.

Speaker 4 (05:12):
We've been friends for sixty.

Speaker 3 (05:13):
Years, four years old.

Speaker 2 (05:16):
Since we were four. We've been running together sixty four.
It's five of us called the One twelve Street Boys.
It's me, Butch, al Manny and Rico.

Speaker 4 (05:25):
It's five o us and it ain't nothing changed between y'all.
Not a damn thing. Man.

Speaker 2 (05:31):
We all know each other's birthdays. We all call each other.
We're on the same group text. Were the one twelve
Street Boys. We know that call. We there for each other,
talk about anything that's.

Speaker 3 (05:48):
Friends. Yeah, Yeah, that's greatness, all right.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
Tyrone, who is an iHeartRadio Apple listener, says, I'm dating
a woman I met online and she's forty four years old,
still living at home with her parents and her three children.
She said she had a rough time after her divorce,
so I didn't judge her. She expects me to come
over there and watch TV and even spend the night
with her. I'm almost sixty years old and I have

my own apartment. She's very family oriented, and it's kind
of strange. Why is she reluctant to come stay over
at my place.

Speaker 4 (06:25):
I don't know, man, I don't know that house past.
I don't know.

Speaker 2 (06:29):
That's wild you six, I'm not going over. I'm not
going over nobody in mama house.

Speaker 3 (06:34):
I'm sixty.

Speaker 4 (06:36):
Men, and your daddy went to school. I'm just trying
to figure.

Speaker 3 (06:41):
You're not going over.

Speaker 2 (06:42):
Well now, I'm not going over nobody house. I'm sixty.
I'm sitting with your mama, all right. Still live with
your parents?

Speaker 4 (06:52):
No, we not.

Speaker 2 (06:52):
We ain't gonna do this here, watch TV and spending night,
spend night.

Speaker 3 (06:57):
Well, I had her parents house, my old.

Speaker 4 (07:01):
Ass at somebody house, beending the night. Hey man, what's haping?
I don't know what you're doing?

Speaker 3 (07:06):
All right, we gotta go. Thank you, Cello. You're listening
to The Hardy Morning Show.
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