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April 16, 2024 8 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Coming up at the top of the hour and entertainment
news O. J. Simpson will be cremated and the executor
of his estate plans to fight payout to the Brown
and Goldman families. Megan thee Stallion shares her secrets on
staying fit, and the one and Only Steve Harvey is
trending for his celebrity family feud fly gear. That's right.

We'll talk about all of these stories and certainly Steve
at the top of the hour, but right now it
is time to ask the CLO our chief Love Officer,
Steve Harvey.

Speaker 2 (00:34):
This is from Janie and Tyler.

Speaker 1 (00:37):
Genie writes, my husband was assaulted by a man while
he was out last weekend, and rumors have been swirling
about him messing with this man's wife. My husband said
he was robbed, but he still has his wallet. He
still has his watch and twelve hundred dollars shoes. So
is he lying to me about little assault? Hard?

Speaker 3 (01:01):
Hard to fake a robbery without nothing missing. The kid
to line is you have.

Speaker 4 (01:08):
To put something. He should have took that watch.

Speaker 3 (01:11):
Hit it, take all the money out the wallet. He
could have did anything, but see that didn't work. That
he got assaulted. That's for show. You have to figure
out is this this man's wife that it was the
assault was caused by or was it a random failed
robbery at tim And I can tell you right now

just by watching the news. Hard they ever do? They
have a failed robbery attillment? These young ass boys are
gonna get something.

Speaker 2 (01:46):
So he's lying, you know.

Speaker 4 (01:49):
All right?

Speaker 3 (01:50):
Moving on to Shauna, see one thing about me now,
if you don't tell a good lie, I.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
Can't ride with you.

Speaker 2 (01:56):
Okay, Okay, this was not a good You have your restrictions. Yeah,
all right, Shauna, And Saint Louis says. I'm a school nurse.

Speaker 1 (02:05):
My friend seven year old son fell on the playground,
so I patched his knee up. He told me thanks
and said he thinks I'm pretty, but his mom doesn't.

Speaker 2 (02:15):
The boy has no reason to lie. So should I
confront his mama or not?

Speaker 4 (02:20):
You shouldn't I think you're pretty.

Speaker 3 (02:23):
You're pretty to the boy, You're not pretty to his mama.
Your job is the nurse, you ain't. You ain't got
to be pretty to the mama. Now, I can tell
you this right here, though you way't find it in
his mama. Though I'm telling you that right now, right now,
and the boy knew it.

Speaker 2 (02:41):
The nurse find.

Speaker 3 (02:44):
Yeah, that's why the mama Hayden. She thinks she's cute.
She ain't cute at all. Look at him, pretty big
old pretty eyes. I don't ask real half. Well he
wee that she get on my knee if I had
no dinner work. They just straight anyway, drinking all that
damn milk. Wause she was a baby. Just get on

my lass, damn. And I can't stand at people like that.
Everybody else can bbl. She ain't gonna get worse. She
just gonna wear her natural ass.

Speaker 5 (03:14):
Okay to Elsie in the Queens, I don't know how
we got there, Elsie, and Queen says, my wife goes
to bed when the sun goes down.

Speaker 1 (03:26):
I am up till the wee hours of the morning.
She used to stay up and play, if you know
what I mean. She caught me quote playing by myself
yesterday morning and she got mad.

Speaker 2 (03:38):
Isn't it better than cheating? Yeah?

Speaker 3 (03:41):
Huh, yeah it is, though it's much better, yes, absolutely,
matter of fact, that's not.

Speaker 4 (03:45):
Playing right next to him.

Speaker 2 (03:48):
But he wasn't even right next think about that one.

Speaker 4 (03:51):
Huh was he right next to him.

Speaker 1 (03:53):
Yeah, well she caught him. She caught him playing by
himself yesterday morning.

Speaker 2 (04:01):
You caught him.

Speaker 4 (04:03):
What you're doing, Clifford, What you doing? His name Clifford? Yeah? No,
better you know, Lisa ain't out in the streets. You
know what you want. I don't know what to tell
you now.

Speaker 1 (04:17):
He ain't like the other man in the first asked
to see a little line about the rock.

Speaker 3 (04:25):
And I got assaulted. But I'm not going to press
charge just because he needed some stuff so I wanted to.
I don't know how he forgot to take this money.

Speaker 4 (04:39):
He's lying, all right.

Speaker 1 (04:41):
Last one, Steve, Last one. This is from Valentino in
southwest d C. Valentina says, I was walking my dog
and a man smiled at me and spoke. The lady
who was with asked him why he spoke.

Speaker 2 (04:56):
It was so rude. He waited for.

Speaker 1 (04:58):
Me the next day, apologized, then asked me out.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
He said, he's not married. Is this situation too risky?

Speaker 3 (05:07):
Very risky, very very risky? She mad about to.

Speaker 4 (05:13):
Speak it he was with her, I mean five, where
is she? Oh girl? We passed Jez try to stare
me down, and.

Speaker 3 (05:31):
When I looked at you, you look at to ground.

Speaker 4 (05:38):
I don't know who she is, but I think that
you do that, gummet? Who is she and what is
a she to you? Now?

Speaker 3 (05:55):
After that song played back where if they was walking together,
they was coming from so well, walking or walking to somewhere,
you need to find out who is she and what
is she to you?

Speaker 2 (06:11):
Well, he said he's not married.

Speaker 4 (06:14):
Ah, that don't mean nothing. But if she thinks she is,
or if she want to be.

Speaker 1 (06:24):
The problem, she thinks he's her man, I guess she's mad.

Speaker 2 (06:28):
He's speaking to women in front of her.

Speaker 3 (06:32):
They may not be married something. But if he didn't
dip the cookie in the milk, believe that.

Speaker 1 (06:40):
Yeah, and then he's over there asking her out.

Speaker 3 (06:43):
Well, they already been out. That's why you don't take
walks with nobody. You when the last time you walk
with somebody you don't know.

Speaker 1 (06:49):
No, he waited for the woman that was walking her
dog and the next day apology.

Speaker 4 (06:55):
Yeah, next day she's gonna be out here to the
marble with this dog.

Speaker 3 (06:58):
I see her. I'm sorry this happy, you know? And
that was just so rude of her. Listen, can I
make this up to you? Can I maybe buy you
a cup of coffee.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
No, you know, she Yeah, why is she so upset
that you to me?

Speaker 4 (07:17):
Well, listen, listen, listen, so rude. And that's why I'm apologizing.

Speaker 3 (07:23):
Because I was walking her home because she had just
somebody was just flirting with her across the street, a
group of young guys, and I said, wow, well, let
me walk with her and stopped. Because I stopped the
young dudes, I said, hey, hey, hey, y'all gonna be
a little bit more respectful than that.

Speaker 4 (07:40):
And so I was walking with her, and then when
I spoke to.

Speaker 3 (07:42):
You, that's when she surprised me with this unforeseen fit
of jealousy and rage. And after I walked on to
where she was going, I came back here tomorrow to
apologize to you because I know I don't know where
that came from.

Speaker 4 (07:56):
I'm not jailed right now, Oh no, absolutely not.

Speaker 2 (08:00):
I don't believe falling much.

Speaker 1 (08:03):
Sometimes you can put too much on it, see all right,
and if.

Speaker 4 (08:07):
You don't believe it, but we got to get a
story together, all right.

Speaker 2 (08:15):
Up at the top of the hour, thank you, Celo.

Speaker 1 (08:18):
We'll have some entertainment news for you right after this.

Speaker 2 (08:22):
You're listening hard morning show
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