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December 5, 2022 6 mins

WTF Kanye?  President Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris go straight into Kanye West for his comments on antisemitism and Hitler.  Nick Cannon has been hospitalized for pneumonia.

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
The President and Vice President of the United States have
weighed in on Kanye west tirades on social media. Over
the weekend, Kanye made a string of anti semitic remarks
on the Info Wars program. Kanye praised Adolf Hitler and
his denial of the Holocaust, and he criticized political leaders
for not doing the same. President Biden took to Twitter

less than twenty four hours after Kanye made his statements.
President Biden tweeted, quote, I just want to make a
few things clear. The Holocaust happened. Hitler was a demonic figure,
and instead of giving it a platform, our political leaders
should be calling out and rejecting anti semitism wherever it hides.
Silence is complicity. Meanwhile, Vice President Kamala Harris echoed the

president sentiments in her own tweet. She says, quote, Praising
Hitler and denying the Holocaust is vile, appalling, and be condemned.
Our administration will continue to stand up against anti Semitism
and the epidemic of hate. So there you go. Finally
they had I mean, this is all the way to

the White House now with his But you know the
problem that Kanye has is he has dug the hole.
He's continuing to dig it. And what he doesn't understand
now is he's not gonna get support from anybody because
of this anti Semitic remarks. You can't get support for that, man.
It's just self destructive. Yeah, you know, listen, man, you

can think what you want to think, but this freedom
of speech does not apply anymore, never has really, you know,
the freedom the ability to say what you want to say.
Those days are done and you have to be intelligent
enough to recognize that and do you have anything of value?
Then you have to filter what you're saying. You have

to take what you're thinking and they have to run
it through a washing machine and let it come out
on the other side where it's a little bit more palatable.
You can draw attention to any issue you want, but
you've got to find the smart and the right way
to do it, because you're gonna get in a position
now where now, if you want to side with Kanye,
you you you just you're just signing up for the

destruction yourself. Now, all those people out there that is
talking about we need to support Kanye, well that's fine,
that's that's fine. If that's what you want to do.
But but be ready for the consequences. Yeah, four kids, Steve,
and imagine what they might be going through. I know
they're young now, but you know people can be so cruful. Yeah,

don't do that. Think about your children when you're saying
crazy things to do anything. Yes, of of what he accused,
Kim Kardashian is sleeping with Chris Paul, with Chris Paul.
Chris Paul under some pressure right now. He was like, well,
that's the mother of your children. Accusations and just that's

what I think about when he goes on those tirades.
It's like you're putting your children. Yeah, you're putting your children,
you know, an uncomfortable situations, dangerous positions. You know, stop
doing that. I ain't made at well it did, Chris, Yeah,
it didn't. Christ, it didn't. Chris Paul is married. It didn't.

Kanye said, But what is Kanye talking about? I mean,
did he come home and Chris was there? I don't
understand that, man. I don't know, no idea. Just leave it,
be just be quiet. You know, hey, where are you black?
Where are you buying black hoods that he had? Always here?
Where you get their make? Because why do you need
to know. Why do you do you get them? You

know you can. You can get him at all the
thrift stores. They ain't know, but black pantyholes. They tied
in a knot at the top. They just black panty holes.
When you just black panting holes, that ain't no suit
or nothing. But why that's him? Maybe you're sitting up

making all this stupid stuff. You're just a fool. And
you know, look, man, this we need to get behind
our brothers when they make these statements because they should
be free to make statements. Those days are done. The
cancelation culture is real. It's just real, man. And you
have the right to think whatever you want to think.
But you gotta run it through a filter so you

could say it a different way. Yeah, just can't. And
he's just purely hateful statement. There's no way to hate
when you're endorsing Hitler. Come on, man, oh make no
damn sense. But he was actually yeah, man, come home, man,
you gotta stop that. So who's most stupid? Who's most stupid?

Him or herschel? Who do you think? Well, you got
high level stupidity and you got it low level stupidity.
See Kanyak can actually formulate a sentence, right, and he
just articulates a bunch of stupid stuff. Herschel is stupid
and can't formulate a sentence. I'm moving on to Nick Cannon.

Nick Cannon was hospitalized with pneumonia after performing to a
sold out crowd in Madison Square Garden with his Wild
and Out TV show. Hosted a selfie on Instagram from
his hospital bed with a caption quote, I promised myself
I would never be back at this place again, but
this is a great lesson to take care of you
or you won't be able to take care of everyone else.

Nick stated that it's just pneumonia, nothing he can't handle.
He also said that he just pneumonia. Yeah, that's what
he said. He never heard that. He also said that
he didn't need any well wishes or prayers. Okay, cool,
didn't hear why I come in? Okay cool? Because that

freeze me up to say, make my nixt the statement
he made, where take care of yourself or you can't
take care of nobody else. That's a whole lot of
people when you Nick Kennedy, Yeah, we need him healthy
because his child number twelve is on the way, So
come on, Nick, you know he don't mean wishes a prayer. Okay,
ain't no problem, glad you said that. I have no

no way get an expert on this show. I need
all the prayers. Once you ask me not to pray
for you, you got it coming up in twenty minutes
after the hour. Tomorrow's election day in Georgia, and we
need everyone to get out and vote. If you haven't already,
we'll be. You're listening to show
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