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April 17, 2024 3 mins

Lakers beat the Pelicans.  Zion played his heart out and got injured in the 4th.  Golden State is out of the playoffs.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It is time now for junior and sports talk. What
you got junior?

Speaker 2 (00:03):
All right, Shirley.

Speaker 1 (00:04):
The playing tournament started yesterday and uh, you know, the
Lakers beat the New Orleans Pelicans one team to one
oh six. They take the seventh seed and they will
take on this globe of nuggets. It was a closed game,
you know what. Man, Zion Willison played his behind off
man points, eleven rebound and got hurt in the fourth
quarter with three minutes left. Then he left the game.
And then Lebron James doing again almost another triple double,

twenty three, nine rebounds and nine assists.

Speaker 2 (00:29):
Uh, he took some charges, man, you.

Speaker 1 (00:31):
Know from Zion wo. Man, did you see this show
on you took from Zion Wich?

Speaker 2 (00:36):
No, I didn't see anything.

Speaker 1 (00:38):
Oh, Man, standing there, boy, that boy, you know, Gion
big Now that's like two sixty coming down.

Speaker 2 (00:43):
The lane coming.

Speaker 1 (00:45):
But he stood in there.

Speaker 2 (00:46):

Speaker 1 (00:46):
But it's not over for the Pelicans. They're gonna play
the winner, which is the Sacramento Kings on Friday, Man,
because Golden State is out of the playoffs. They oh
and Sacramento pulled it off one eighteen to ninety four.
Play Thompson, oh for ten zero points to help his team. Man,
light ain't looking good right now. You know what, man,

it was just turnovers, man, turnovers was killing the Golden
State Warriors. They just they kept turning it over. You know,
like like Steph Curry had four turnovers. Your boy, man,
Draymond Green had our foe turnover to steal Rison ball, prison,
balls and ball. They may have to break this up, man,
they may break this up. This might be it.

Speaker 2 (01:33):
Man, So what you think I happened to you?

Speaker 1 (01:36):
Well, you know, Clay Thompson a free agent. Then they
may trade Graymond. They're probably step Prison. They might keep,
probably keep Steph and they just start rebuilding. Man, that's
probably what I think that.

Speaker 2 (01:51):
Do Rickers Island have a team because I know you
know Raymond Listen this man, he just he hurt his
team so many times. Just bro Bron, just play basketball.
What what is I mean? Look, I understand you coming
to your teammates, de Fish. I got that. Uh you know, man,

when Rudy Gobeer was up on the door and he
came up and grabbed him pull him off. I got
that part. But the rest of it, though, Man, what
about when he pushed his teammate? What about that? What
about that? Well, that's when he was starting to unravel.
You know, he ain't really Draymond. I think the pressure
got to him. This is too much.

Speaker 1 (02:35):
It was Steph Curry almost cried one game when he
got ejected you're leave us out.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
There by Draymond because because they didn't talk to him
over and over It's like, man, what do I say
to this guy? I mean, man, but I don't know.
Draymond is a great dude. I don't I don't get it.

Speaker 1 (02:56):
I just, oh god, you have in the East tonight.
So let's go ahead here, Shirle.

Speaker 2 (03:02):
All right, thank you, junior.

Speaker 1 (03:04):
Excuse me coming up at the top of the hour.
What do you do when a twenty eight year old
woman wants to date your twenty year old twenty two
year old son. We'll talk about it right after this.

Speaker 2 (03:14):
That's my boy. You're listening to The Hardy Morning Show.
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