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April 22, 2024 3 mins

Did you see the fight?  There is for sure going to be a trilogy!  Congrats to NOLA, Miami, Cleveland, Minnesota and New York.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It is time now for junior and sports talk.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
What you got junior?

Speaker 3 (00:03):
All right, sure, let's just go back to Friday. Man,
shout out to the New Orleans Pelicans. Day in the playoffs.
They take the eight seed as they beat Sacramento without
Zion Williamson. No Zion, no problem. They'll be taking on
OKC and in Miami. Man, no Jimmy Butler. Man, Miami
beat Chicago one twelve at ninety one. Yeah, man, they
take the eight seed in the East. Man to be
playing Boston. Then we go to Saturday, the first day

of the playoffs. Man, we had Cleveland, Cleveland Cavalis. Man
come on Cleveland ninety seven.

Speaker 1 (00:32):
To eighty three over Orlando.

Speaker 4 (00:33):
Man, look good, Donovan Mitchell and congratulating.

Speaker 1 (00:37):
Man. Did he fall out up? Did you see him
fall out?

Speaker 4 (00:40):
Dog dog? And he been hurt too? That come back
looking good and better and better Cleveland kind of strong man, Yeah, man,
don strong. We ain't gonna go too far, but we strong.

Speaker 1 (00:52):
Minnesota Tim the Minnesota Timmer.

Speaker 3 (00:57):
Woolves beat the Phoenix Suns one twenty to night five. Man,
I was like, this is this ant man dog Anthony Edwards. Man,
he looked outstanding in his first playoff postseason game.

Speaker 1 (01:08):
Man, he looked outstanding.

Speaker 2 (01:09):

Speaker 1 (01:10):
What did you think about ball?

Speaker 4 (01:13):

Speaker 1 (01:13):
He's talking, tried to Kevin Durant.

Speaker 2 (01:16):
Yeah, he's a ball boy. You stopped at but too far?

Speaker 3 (01:23):
Here go, Man, The Knicks beat the seventy six is
one eleven to one oh four.

Speaker 1 (01:28):
Oh man, I mean did you see Joe and be
get hurt?

Speaker 2 (01:32):

Speaker 1 (01:32):
That was a nice dunk.

Speaker 2 (01:33):

Speaker 3 (01:33):
He threw off the backboard, caught it hisself, dunked it,
came down his left leg.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
Man went to the locker room before the halftime. Uh.
He he just didn't look the.

Speaker 3 (01:41):
Same when he came back in the second half. Man,
he just couldn't hardly run. You know, it's just like
why he won't let him rest. Just let this man
in his season.

Speaker 2 (01:49):
Man, let him in the season.

Speaker 1 (01:52):
In his season because he injured. You could tell he
injured the playoffs.

Speaker 2 (01:57):
Yeah, this one that's all on the table.

Speaker 1 (02:01):
Okay, what you're talking about? Okay, Well see that. I
don't even know why you said that. You would not
do that.

Speaker 2 (02:07):
Oh, I wouldn't do it, but they like that. Oh no,
I'm not doing that.

Speaker 4 (02:14):
Everybody everybody played through injuries from this playoff time.

Speaker 2 (02:18):
At the house.

Speaker 3 (02:19):
Nuggets beat the Lakers man one fourteen to one on three.
But he don't want to get you. Ryan Garcia. Man
beat Devin Haney on Saturday night. Did you see them fight? Yeah, man,
come on, man.

Speaker 2 (02:32):
Hey, man, let me tell you something.

Speaker 4 (02:33):
And it was controversial too, because one judge actually gave
the fight.

Speaker 2 (02:38):
To uh Devin Hani. David Handy was winning until the.

Speaker 4 (02:42):
Last four rounds clearly, but that boys, but that boy
put some pain on it. He just he just forgot
the game playing. But let me tell you something. You
finished se a trilogy out of them boys right here,
because the next one they don't get paid on it.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
There. Because that was a fight. That was a really
good fight.

Speaker 1 (02:58):
Yeah, it was a really good fight, man, that first time.

Speaker 3 (03:00):
Devin Hayne had been down to the canvas man and
he went down in the seventh to tenth and eleventh
rhind Garcia had put him down three times.

Speaker 1 (03:07):
But it was a good fight, all right, Junior, Thank you.

Speaker 3 (03:09):
Coming up at the top of the hour, a lady
has a question about dating a man that's a former polyamorous.

Speaker 1 (03:15):
We'll talk about it right after this. You're listening Hard
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