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April 20, 2022 8 mins

Bishop Marvelous Marvin Sapp is here to share with us his latest single "All In His Hands" and you got to do is press play.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Hey, everybody, we got a very very special guest, as
promises morning. He's a family member, We've been friends for
a long time. He's a special guest. He's an author,
radio show host. Now he's a self proclaimed preacher who
just happens to say he's a senior pass that's chosen
Vessel Cathedral in Dallas, Texas. And after being an award

winning gospel singer for over thirty years, he got more
hits in him. He's working on a new album and
we're gonna hear his new single All in His Hands
coming up next. But before we get to a ladies, gentleman,
please welcome to the show. People that most of you
referred to as Bishop Marvin Sap, but who I have
referred to over the years as my dear friend, marveless Marvin.

I'm having gentleman, Bishop Marvin Sapping everybody. How's everybody to say?
Good man? How you being man? I've been good man,
I've been good, you know, coming through the pandemic and
you know, re calibrating, rethinking how you do ministry and

reinventing himself all at the same time. But it's been
fun for me, and I tell people all the time.
You know, the pandemic did me well because I kind
of needed it. I needed a little vacation, you know,
from traveling, you know, being on the plane four days
a week for twenty plus years. So it's it's pretty
cool for me just be able to relax for a
little bit. Wow. That's good man, hey man, because like

you know, I always remember this because like right now,
you're the senior pastor the Chosen Vessels Cathedral in Dallas,
but you're also the pastor at a lighthouse. Fo yeah, lighthouse,
because that's why I remember you've been about. I didn't
how long have you been in Dallas. I've been in
I've been in the Dallas Fort Worth area now for
almost three years. I you know, you never know how

bad you need change until you make the change. And
I just I really lies that I needed. I needed it.
I needed a different environment. And I realized also my
church and Grand Rapers needed a different environment as well.
So you know, I retired from that particular ministry and
I installed a wonderful Pastor's name is r J. Marshall.

Matt Backer's birthday was yesterday. Shout out to r J.
And put him in as the senior pastors then and
left with nothing but my Bible and some clothes and
moved to a city that I've never been to the
store and started over fresh. And when I got here,
we had about two hundred and fifty members, believe, and
I people thought I was coming to a mega church.

And we've grown to over two thousand O rolls since
I got there, So it's been great even through the past. Yeah. Wow,
well man, that's that's great news. You know, people, I
think people don't realize for everybody. I don't care if
you're a minister or whatever. If sometimes in order to grow,
you got to go. Yeah. I found out in my
life many times. But we're gonna do y'all when we

come back. We got a new album. It's called Substance.
It's gonna be released this June. We got a new
single and called All in His Hands, and we're gonna
hit a new single when we come back. We'll be
right back with my brother, my friend, Bishop Marvin Sapp.
You're listening all right, everybody, We're back and I special

guests this morning, as Bishop Marvin Sapp, who I've never
called bishop a day in my life. We have always
been my boy marvel as Marvin, because man, like we've
had so many real conversations man, about faith and just
about life. Man, I've always been able to just talk
with this brother and just be honest and frank man,

and be honest about faith and to walk with Christ.
And the dude has always just been that type of
dude for me, man, And so I really appreciate that
about your brother. Thank you so much. Set this song
up right here, all in his hands. It's a new singer.
Tell us about it, well, I mean, you know, during
the pandemic, so many people who have been experiencing all
types of anxieties and stresses, and it's been crazy, even

for myself. So I said, you don't, no matter what's
going on in our lives, we just got to learn
how to put it all in his end. And that's
what this is about. All right. Let's hear this is
all hearts are broken, eyes are broka eyes all filled
with tears, some smoking smoka mine all full of fee.

Change all that's wrong to right the table, sab put
it all. You understand, we need helping you. Ten o man,

put it all. You're wellful and crazy. Change fine keys,
No man looking better hazy. So we come before you
so free. We know you can do it. You can't

do change all that's wrong to right, that's wrong. We
put it on the table, say that you understand. We
need help and you can't. It's not better your day.

Catch you don't want, question what you can do? Where
you come do open say with a rage, we need

to put it on, saying masterage, we put it on.
Put it on in your hands. Everything doing that. We
came it all over to you. Put it on in

your hands. My house speaks mixing. Thank you. The album

is called Substance. It's gonna be released this June. The
new single from the album is called All in His Hands.
It's available now. You can go to all music streaming
platforms Apple, you can download it. You can get it
anywhere you want to. For Steve Harvey Nation, this is
our boy, this is Marvin Sap, this our dude right here.

Let's get on the bandwagon. Let's make it a hit.
I need everybody to go to all go to Apple Music,
go wherever you gotta go on can't where you go.
The name of the album is Substance does. The hit
is All in His Hands. It's available now. Ladies and gentlemen,
our friend brother Marvin Sapp. Thanks for my last child
through college. She almost done. Thank you so much. I

appreciate you. Hey man Va stap for everybody. Love y'all
think it easy all right? Thank you, Bishop Marvin step
Coming up next to is the nephew in the prank
phone call. Right after this, you're listening to the Stave
Morning Show
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