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June 10, 2024 6 mins

Today in Closing Remarks, Steve has an important message regarding permission.

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All right, Steve, here we are last break of the day.
Time for you to leave us with some closing remarks. Yeah,
you know. I try to find different ways to encourage
people because life is really challenging, man, and it's becoming
even more so for all of us because of social media. Man,

it's like craziness. It's it's you can become a part
of the meal, so to speak. You can just become
a part of the meal. And you don't even have
to be famous, you really really don't. It can just
be in your circle of friends that you start getting
hated on or something like that. But it's really difficult

out here. So I really try to give people bits
and pieces of things that happened to me as I
progress through my life and I maintain and I grow
all the while. In spite of in spite of now,
two things helped me. First of all, my relationship with

God is probably better than it's ever been because I've
learned some really really useful tools over the past year
to really really help me. Now. Little did I know
that God was presenting these tools to me so I
could so I would have them and be equipped for

the fight that he knew was coming. My way. Man.
That's a cool, cool thing to know that God taught
me some things before last year that was going to
help me with what he knew was coming my way
this year. So the first thing I have to attribute

and give credit to my relationship with God has been
the real root of my ability to keep moving forward
in the face of all circumstances, whether they seemed appeared
to be what they were or not. And then secondly,
I have learned how to shield myself. It's not that

I know how to shield myself, but I've learned how
to put a protective coating over my mind to help
me deal with negativity because it's just so much of
it out there. Man. And if you get if you
really listen to what everybody's saying, you know you have
a lot more people that love you than hate. You
know that the problem with hate is it's so dog

gone loud, and love is just so somebody call and say, hey, man,
don't worry about none of that. I got you back.
I love you, man, Thank you for all you do.
Your real friends know the truth. It's just people who don't.
They have something to say. So your relationship with God
and this practice that I've learned of how in the
coat and now how to coate my mind from negativity

have been two of the most powerful things that I've
developed over the past couple of years and last year
and a few months ago. That's really really helping me.
And So what I wanted to kind of share in
light of all of that, or in that same vein
as what I want you to stop doing. If you're

doing this, stop giving people permission to have an opinion
about you. Man, Stop giving people permission to have an
opinion about you when, first of all, they don't even

know you. Number two, a lot of people with an
opinion about you, they've never met you. And here's the
most important reason they don't know you. They haven't met you.
And you want to know the real reason you shouldn't care,
because they don't care. They don't care anything about you

one way other another. They just riding through the system
pushing buttons, and you happen to be the button that
they pushing today. Do not give people permission to have
an opinion about you, and you listen to it. I
stop doing that. I stopped giving people my permission to

have an opinion about me. You don't have I'm not
giving you permission. Now you can go have one, but
it's without my permission, so therefore you can't affect me.
Listen to me. People, if you don't give them the
permission to affect you, they can't affect you. You can
keep pushing on and upward to your goals. Don't give

them permission to turn you back. Don't give them permission
to stop you. Don't give a person permission to ride
your back. Martin Luther King said, a man can't ride
your back unless you bend over. Stand up, stand up
to some of this mess. I'm not saying go down
there and do something about it. I'm just saying, stand up,

hold your head up, square your shoulders, pence your shoulder blades,
get your chest out, hold your chin up. Gone with
your bad self. Quit worrying about what they saying. Them
people don't even know you. Don't give these people permission
to make you feel less than who you really are.

Your heavenly father made you you a child of God.
These people didn't make you. Do not give them permission.
Don't give them permission to be a determining factor in
your life. They don't have your permission to do that.

They don't have the ability to do that. Don't give
them permission to hate you. Turn you back, ride your back,
make you feel less, be a determining factor in your life.
You know why because they don't know you, they aint
never met you, and they don't care about you. You
should not care about what they think. Those are my remarks.

Talk to God today. You love to hear from the peace.
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