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June 11, 2024 6 mins

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All right, here we are at the last break of
the day. Steve. We've had a good day, talked about
a lot of stuff, and of course, as usual, it
is time for your closing remarks. In closing, I want
to go back to something I was talking about last week,
and it's about pressure. I want to remind of it.

I want to mind everybody about something. When you feel pressure,
when you are under pressure, when you're being pressurized, when
you feel the weight of everything, embrace it. You hear

old people say pressure buster pipe, I mean, if that's
how hard pressure is. But pressure also shapes and molds.
Pressure all always reveal something and the thing that you
have to understand about pressure in your life. It reveals

a side of you that you may not have been
aware of. When I think back on all the pressure
moments of my life, it taught me more and more
and more about myself than I even knew. I realized
in my life that I'm really stronger than I ever
thought I was, that I can actually bear up under

more than I thought I could, And so have you.
If you just think about it, y'all, think about back
to all your pressure moments and how you handle them.
The majority of us. Ninety eight percent of us have
handled the pressure that was presented to us. Or it
didn't feel good, it didn't set right with us. It

may have caused some adverse things to happen, but you've
survived it. You got on the other side of it,
and if you haven't, you're currently pressing your way forward
through it right now. Pressure is necessary in sculpting who
God wants us to be. You need the pressure to

form the shape. Nothing happens without pressure. If you ever
go to the Grand Canyon, do you see the beauty
of the Grand Canyon is one of the natural wonders
of the world. You know it caused that pressure pressia.

You ever seen a river coming down through a creek,
babbling creek, How beautiful it is? You know what causes
that pressia? That was some pressure somewhere. You ever seen
a waterfall? You ever been in Naga Falls, Victoria Falls?
You know how beautiful it is? You know it's caused.
You know what causes that pressia. You know how you

get to become the world strongest man. You put yourself
under pressure. You know how athletes You know how usein
Boat broke all these world records because he put himself
under pressure. It's required. Barack Obama became the first African

American president of the United States. You know why because
he put himself under the pressure. Pressure shapes moles and beals, man.
But bigger than anything else, pressure produces results. You have
got to get accustomed to the pressure. You've got to
get okay with the pressure, because pressure produces results. Oh man,

if it wasn't profession, excuse me, if it wasn't for pressure,
you wouldn't be who you are today. Think about it.
Every woman in this world who has had a child,
has given birth to a child, has been under immense pressure,

unthinkable pressure to be able to do that one thing
that nobody else can do with them pressure. Your beautiful
child was produced under pressure. Pressure is necessary, man, But

pressure is uncomfortable. But you got to get comfortable being uncomfortable,
because that's the process to the success. Success is on
the other side of that pressure. So you got to
deal with it. Pressure, pressure, bust of pipe, if you

want to look at it that way. But pressure also
produces a lot of beautiful things. Pressure also produces a
lot of great things. Pressure produces great people. I've always
just wanted to be one of those. I never thought

I would be the absolute best at anything. I don't
know I really can say that or not. I don't
really remember trying to be the best at anything. I
was moreted or less trying to be the best that
I could be at a certain thing. I've never really
put myself in that race with other people. I've always
put that pressure on me. I've always been under pressure

to be the best of me that I could be,
and I thank God for pressure because pressure has produced
some great moments for me that has allowed me to
be the best person I could be at that particular
thing that I was doing. That's what pressure does. Embrace
the pressure drinking, take big SIPs of it, take gulps

of it, because it produces greatness. Those are my close
remarks today. Hope you got something from it. Y'all have
a good one. Man. Hey, look at what's see y'all tomorrow,
God with it another great show coming. Thank you for

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