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June 12, 2024 7 mins

Today in Closing Remarks, it's all about the work.  Straight up!

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, guys, here we are last break of the

day on this Wednesday, Hop day. It's been a good day. Yes, hey,
you know what I have closing remarks today. Okay, thanks
to Nick Young. By the way, Yeah, I want to
thank Nick Young for calling in. Are the mentoring camps
this week? The boys come in today are two hundred
and fifty boys from around the country. I want to

think of all our sponsors. I want to think. I
can't think of them all right now, so don't let
me start. But you know who you are. I have
a better list when I want to do it. Mentoring works,
mentoring changes lives. I want to talk to you about
though becoming successful. You know, I'm a faith based person,

so I always I always turn to faith when I
talk about success. I always talk about God's grace and mercy.
I always talk about prayer, talk about faith, always talk
about the element of God that will never ever change
in me. But I'm gonna add something to that today.

I'm gonna talk to you about the component that you
have to have. And it's several things that you have
to develop. But I'm gonna tell you right now, your
effort has a lot to do with it. You can
pray all you want, you can believe all you want,

you can faith about it all you want. But faith
without works is dead. And that work you got to
put in is called effort. You cannot overlook the effort.
You can read all the scriptures you want, but if
you ain't gonna do the work, it ain't gonna happen
for you. Man, the Bible is clear. Faith without works

is dead. I am telling you if you have any
any thought, any concept, any desire to be successful on
whatever level you choose to call that, it don't make
me no difference. If you want to be successful, let
me tell you something, it is going to require a massive,

massive effort. Don't you think for one minute that you
can just walk through the door, that it just swings
open like you in a saloon in a movie. Man,
them doors got bricks behind it, Them doors got throwings
on it, they got nails on it. Them doors is broken.
Them doors fall on you. Sometimes, them doors lock in

your face. It's hard, man, it is hard. It is
going to take the greatest effort you have. You know.
It amazes me how people they find people successful and
they start talking about how lucky they are. Do you
know what lucky is. Luck is when hard work runs
up into opportunity. That's what lucky is. And lucky is

how people describe other people's success. You ask somebody who's
really successful and find out how lucky they thought they
were to get that. No, sir, luck is when hard
work bumps up into opportunity. I can't tell you how
many times people have told me I was lucky. I
sat there and I listened to him. But lucky, no, blessed, Yeah, lucky, no, favorite, yes,

lucky No. I have worked my tail off. I have
put in the work. I am telling you I've put
it in now. Once again, I'm not saying this without faith,
without favor, without grace, without mercy, without prayer. I am

not saying this without that. I've done all that. But
the added component is I showed up. I showed up.
He can't show out for you if you don't show up.
If you want to see him show out, you got
to show up. God can't put his finger on it
to bless it if you ain't got it stuck out there.

You got to put out an effort. Y'all, stop complaining
about how hard it is, because it's gonna be hard,
And I got news for you. It only gets more difficult.
Life only gets more difficult and more challenging. You know
what happens, though, We just get better at the challenges
and the setbacks. We just get better at handling it.

I was talking to a young man yesterday who had
a major problem in his life. He was just telling
it to me. When he got through, he said, you,
why are you just sitting there all calm? I said,
because I've seen this one before. I've seen it and
done that. Because you thirty two and I'm sixty seven,
and what you explaining to me, it don't even really
sound major to me. Oh, mister Harvey, how can you
say that this is a major problem? I said, I

got that. It's a major problem to you right now
with your coping skills. But I've coped with that on
a greater level. So now I'm gonna give you the
answer to it. You mean to tell me if I
just walk away and quit worrying about it, that's all
I got to do. Yeah, Because let me tell you something,
if you staying there worrying about it, what does that change?

What has worried ever accomplished? What has worried ever accomplished, man,
But I feel so much anxiety about this. You know
what anxiety is. Anxiety is concerning yourself about tomorrow, which
you have no control over. More people suffer from anxiety
because they concerning themself with something that might happen tomorrow.

And you don't even know what tomorrow gonna bring. So
you tripping yourself out. I say, hey, man, stop worrying
about that and going about your business. Leave it alone.
What you mean leave it alone? What can you do
to change it? You are telling me something that somebody
else is doing, and you can't change another person. So

I'm telling you walk away from it and leave it alone.
And the moment they see that you ain't concerned about
it or move by it, they gonna quit rocking your boat.
See people like to rock your boat. When they look
up in there and they see you shaking and holding on,
it can rock my boat all you on. I ain't
got nothing for you. I give you none of my light. Man.
I don't care who you are when you come for me.

And that's another thing. That's why I can't leave prayer
out of this. When you come for me, I must
warn you. You must be careful. You got to be
careful how you handle me. I'm on a mission from God.
I'm on assignment from God. You got to be careful
with people that's on assignment. Man. You don't know who
these people are. You running up on people you don't

know who God then put on assignment. You gotta be
careful man. The Bible says, touch not my anointed. You
don't know who they are. You see you keep on
people like that, man, and then you wonder why your
life is topsy turvy and flipped all up down. You
got to be careful how you handle me. Because I
got a relationship with God Isaiah fifty four seventeen. I

know weapon for him to givest me. You share prosper
and you don't say it wasn't gonna get farmed. You
just say it ain't gonna prosper. You form them on
me all day. But you gotta watch yourself. Be careful.
Touch not my anointed. Have yourself a good day, stay anointed.
Talk to God. He'd love to hear from you. Appreciate
it for all. Steve Harvey contests no purchase necessary, void

were prohibited. Participants must be legal US residents at least
eighteen years old unless otherwise stated. For complete contest rules,
visit Steve Harvey FM dot com. You're listening, shoot Steve
Harvey Morning Show
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