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June 13, 2024 7 mins

Today Steve wraps up the show with more Father's Day gift ideas.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It's time now for our last break of the day,
and we're gonna close out the show with this, Steve
Tommy Junior.

Speaker 2 (00:07):
Sunday is Father's Day.

Speaker 1 (00:09):
We know that we had some gifts earlier that we
picked we thought you guys might like. You didn't like
any of those. You said they were gonna kill you.
So how about these?

Speaker 2 (00:17):
They were dangerous?

Speaker 1 (00:18):
Yeah, and we weren't trying to do that. All right,
here we go. How about some waterproof Bluetooth speakers? Waterproof
Bluetooth speakers?

Speaker 3 (00:30):
Now, y'all are really going electric cutters?

Speaker 1 (00:32):

Speaker 2 (00:33):
Waterproof? What are you talking about? The show?

Speaker 3 (00:37):
I don't put electricity in no water. I don't put
no nothing now now I mean my soaking tub with.

Speaker 2 (00:43):
Old What I'm doing? What you said, Jr? Now we're
in a soaking tub with speakers.

Speaker 4 (00:47):
Now what we're doing by going out to pollu?

Speaker 2 (00:52):
Steve, you've said nothing.

Speaker 3 (00:54):
You gotta be.

Speaker 4 (00:55):
Careful when they start adding features to stuff that's already
gotta spendialized feature. You got a blue tooth speaker, now
to make it water proof? Yeah, they got to cut
casts somewhere. The bluetooth speaker already don't sign with.

Speaker 2 (01:15):
So what are you saying this? He's saying you will
use they don't want I don't want it. They don't
want I.

Speaker 4 (01:20):
Don't want no damn blue tooth speaker?

Speaker 3 (01:22):
What is it?

Speaker 2 (01:22):

Speaker 1 (01:23):
How about this? How about that we're going to stay
technical for a minute. How about you get a personalized
phone charger and they could put Dad on it, you know,
love you Dad, Charge Dad?

Speaker 4 (01:35):
But they won't.

Speaker 3 (01:35):
No ragged ass phone charger.

Speaker 1 (01:39):

Speaker 3 (01:40):
Ain't got a phone charger.

Speaker 4 (01:41):
You don't have a personal he got a phone personalized?

Speaker 3 (01:45):
What difference you would make?

Speaker 1 (01:47):
It could say Dad's chargers, so you can say, no
one else.

Speaker 3 (01:51):
I don't want y'all nowhere near my damn phone. Okay,
let's just get this.

Speaker 1 (01:57):
Yeah, and there's that, all right?

Speaker 2 (02:01):
Okay, how about to.

Speaker 3 (02:04):
Charge it anyway?

Speaker 1 (02:06):
How about a personalized coffee cup with your name on it? Steve,
hold up your coffee cup right.

Speaker 2 (02:12):
Now on the screen.

Speaker 3 (02:14):
All right? You like the cup?

Speaker 2 (02:17):
You guys, you don't want socks. You don't want to tie.

Speaker 1 (02:20):
You're running out of Oxen's here.

Speaker 3 (02:23):
You're getting a mug for father, your name on.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
It, all right, Stee.

Speaker 1 (02:28):
If you like writing a t VS? You do you
like writing a TVs. How about a foldable bike helmet
for bike riding. You see what I'm saying.

Speaker 2 (02:41):
Yeah, if.

Speaker 3 (02:47):
Helmet, guess what it's gonna do. It's gonna fold. They
wan't no foldable.

Speaker 2 (02:54):
Bun there's no pleasing you.

Speaker 4 (03:00):
Eat the foe fall so you can take you wherever
you go when you get off.

Speaker 2 (03:04):
You could take it places and put it.

Speaker 4 (03:06):
You know, Hey, you can't take that a TV everywhere
you go with the hell as you can the helmet fall.

Speaker 1 (03:12):
But if you go somewhere, let's say you on vacation
and you rent an a TV or bike, you got
your helmet with you, your own helmet.

Speaker 2 (03:20):
I don't know, full up.

Speaker 1 (03:22):
Helmet, Oh god, I don't want. How about some night
you like shoes, right? How about the comfortable leather sandals, nice.

Speaker 2 (03:35):
Behind beat out.

Speaker 4 (03:37):
Cheap ass sandals, some sandals from Dick Sporting good I don't.

Speaker 3 (03:44):
Dick what nice? You don't have size double next al.
Don't nobody want.

Speaker 4 (03:49):
That sliding off that hot ass rubber feet be sweating
and toes be open and he'll be out.

Speaker 3 (03:55):
Feet still be sweating and hot ass cheap rubble.

Speaker 4 (03:59):
How about how about a robotic woman that don't complain
how about want them where.

Speaker 2 (04:05):
You're gonna get that at Yeah, yeah, that's not happening.
Back to the list, Shirley, how about a nice fluffy bathrobe? Nice?

Speaker 1 (04:14):
There you go, a nice one, Steve, ain't on use
that heat on, babe.

Speaker 3 (04:23):
Hell I need a robe for him. I'm going drive off.
I'm out of here.

Speaker 2 (04:30):
Just to chill around the house. You don't want that.

Speaker 3 (04:34):
And then in a week later, you're gonna have it out.

Speaker 1 (04:37):
All right, you guys, we're gonna Today was all about
Saint Jude's anyway. Okay, we're trying to help you guys
for Father's Day, but this week we're going all out
for Saint.

Speaker 2 (04:49):
Jude here on the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Okay, since
we can't please you.

Speaker 3 (04:53):
I like that, Shirley, I got it, Shirley, I got it.

Speaker 2 (04:57):
Okay, come on, dad, you're doing.

Speaker 4 (05:01):
We can save kids' lives with the hospital that's dedicated
to that. They dated they take care of all types
of children. They don't care about your race, they don't
care about your faith. They don't care nothing about your
economic statue. You can be the poorest or poor, or
you can have money if you bring your child to

them and your child is sick. They will cover all
the costs. They are in the life saving business. They
are in the curing and healing business. Saint Jude's Hospital
is worth an investment of any kind that you can
afford to do. All you got to do is go
to your text act like you're finish. Text somebody on

the line that says too, I want you to type
in seven eight five eight three three seven eight five
eight three three. Then I want you to go down
to the block where you start texting the message you
want and type in these four letters SHS s HS.

That is abbreviation for Steve Harvey Morning Show. Then press SIND.
They will send you a link. Press the link right
there and it will open up, and you could pay
Apple Pay. You can pay any kind of way you
want to. You can make a one time monthly installment.
You can pay monthly, or you can pay one time.
You can pay any amount. They got a block for nineteen,

they got a block for twenty five, they got a
block for fifty, and they got a block.

Speaker 3 (06:36):
If you can't afford none of that, If you want
to give.

Speaker 4 (06:38):
Five dollars ten dollars, type that in and pay Apple
Pay or any way you want to pay it and
send that money, and you can change some kids' lives.

Speaker 3 (06:49):
Man, we can save kids' lives.

Speaker 4 (06:51):
I didn't know how effective they were till I started
watching these commercials and watching these links. These people in
their life saving business. I'm now a monthly subscriber. I
give monthly. Right now, give what you can afford to
give to Saint Jus Hospital for Children. Thank you. That's
the Steve Harvey Morning Show. Talk to God today. He
loved to hear from you. And give some money whatever

you can afford.

Speaker 1 (07:25):
For all Steve Harvey contests, no purchase necessary, void were prohibited.
Participants must be legal US residents at least eighteen years old,
unless otherwise stated. For complete contest rules, visit Steve Harvey
FM dot com.

Speaker 2 (07:37):
You're listening Steve Harvey Morning Show
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