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June 17, 2024 7 mins

Today in Closing Remarks, Steve's message is taken directly from a thing he got in his hand tied to the prayer of release.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, we are back. This is our last break
of the day. Steve, We're ready for your closing remarks.
I'm so today.

Speaker 2 (00:10):
I want to give you all something that came to me.
It came to me this morning. I was been in
really over the weekend. I was doing a lot of
prayer for meditating over the weekend, you know, just trying
to recenter myself. You know, sometimes I get a little off,
you know, I see myself sliding off course. I'm forgetting

to be grateful as I should. I start working on
some things that I want to happen so badly. I
keep pouring a lot of time into it. I keep,
you know, reviewing my plans and goals, and sometimes you know,
your second guest stuff, and sometimes you spend a lot
of time just scratching your head trying to figure out
your next move. I'm sure everybody can relate to that.

How you sit up in here, man, and some of
your best laid plans seem to be going on a
ride and you just can't figure it out. I was
sitting up and somebody sent me this this morning, and
it's entitled Release, and as I read it, I just
want to share with you the thoughts that I was
having when I was reading this thing called Release, and

it says, Heavenly Father, I released to you the burdens
that I have been carrying, burdens that you never intended
for me to carry. You know what I read that
It meant something to me because a lot of the
stuff that's on us that we can around, He ain't
even intend for us to can around. We just canned

around because we done took it upon ourselves to worry
about it. We done took it upon ourself that this
is now this albatross around our neck, when God really
didn't intend for that. You know, other people's problems really
ain't your problems. They can bring it to you, but
that I don't mean it's yours. So you end up

carrying around stuff that God never intended for you to carry.
You know, like you hear your grandmama used to say,
don't let other people put they trash in your trash can,
cause you need all that room for your trash. But
now you carrying around somebody else's. Then it goes on
to say, I cast all my cares upon you, all

my worries, all my fears. You have told me to
not be anxious about anything, but rather to bring everything
to you in prayer with thankfulness. Man, I had forgotten
about that, and when I read that, it reminded me
that I shouldn't be anxious about these deals. I'm working

on my next move, what I need to get done.
Why am I tripping about that? I don't know how
it's gonna turn out anyway. I'm anxious about something that
I actually have no control over. So I just said
to me, Steve, just turn this old to who got
all this in control, and let him have it, and
be grateful for what you have. And then it says, Father,

calm my relentless spirit, quiet my anxious heart, steal my
troubling thoughts, with the assurance that you are in control. Man.
Ain't that cool when you turn something over to God
and all of a sudden you have a calmness, a
quiet and a stillness because you ain't got to worry
everybody no more. Then it says, I let go of

my grip upon the things that have been I've been
hanging on to with open hands. I come to you,
I release to you and will all that I am
trying to manipulate. I release to you all that I'm
trying to manipulate. So if you let go of stuff,
if you let go of a lot of stuff that

you're hanging on to, y'all, you can go to God
with open hands. If you go to God with open hands,
he got something to feel now. But if you hanging
on and got a death grip on the whole bunch
of stuff that you can't do nothing about it, and it's
really meaningless, you ain't got room to receive what He
got for you. So I release to you all that

I am trying to manipulate. I release to you your authority,
all that I am trying to control. I release to
your timing all that I have been striving to make happen.
Everything I've been trying to make happen. I'm gonna let
you make it happen everything I've been wanting to happen
at a certain time. I'm gonna let that happen in
your time. You do it in your time, when it's

your will for me. It's called release. Just let it go, man,
because you tripping about stuff you really can't control. That's
an amazing thing. Then it says, I thank you for
your promise to sustain me because that's his promise to
sustain you, preserve me and God all that I have
entrusted to your keeping. So now when you turn it

over to God and you let him have it, and
you release this grip on stuff that you have no
control over, and you ask for his calmness and your
quiet and you release everything to him, Guess what now
you can just trust that you don't put it in
the right hands. You got it in the best hand.
So he gonna protect that. Now he watching over it

instead of you watching over it. Now who would you
rather have watching over something? You or God? Protect my
heart and mind with your peace, the peace that passes
all understanding. Father, May your will be done in my life.
That was powerful to me, man, And I read that

this morning and I said, Wow, I'm gonna share that
with everybody because that really helped me today. Man, that
it allowed me to let go of something, to let
go of stuff that I've been hanging on to trying
to make stuff happen. When so much stuff that's out
of my control. If you just let it go, turn
it over to God and be all right with it,

because he been having you. Why would he not have this?
But we grab ourselves, and we want to be a
part of it so much that we end up getting
in the way. So I asked that his will be
done in my life, in your time, and in your way,
however he want to do it, and whenever he want

to do it, I'm cool with that. Stop being anxious
for everything, y'all, step back, turn it over to God
and let him do what he do. Talk to God.
He'd love to hear from you.

Speaker 1 (06:43):
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