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June 21, 2024 6 mins

Today in Closing Remarks, Tommy wraps up with beauty tips.

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
All right, guys, our last break of the day, last
break of the week, on this Friday. It's been a
great day. We've had fun.

Speaker 2 (00:06):
What today I am?

Speaker 1 (00:09):
Yes, all right, So it's trying to close the show.

Speaker 3 (00:13):
It's trying to close out. So I got some beauty tips.
But this is beauty tips that that guys all right?

Speaker 2 (00:20):
Say, let's say me and JR.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
Are asking beauty tips of you guys of the ladies,
all right, that y'all can help us on. How about that?
Oh okay, that y'all can help us on. All right, listen,
just listen, hear me out, all right. A woman's finger nails, Yeah,
when they how far off of husky? And is it
time for her to get her damn nails done? These
are things that we need to see in a woman.

These is beauty tips. When we see that space in
between how much space is it yet new growth? How
much space is it before you are you're supposed to
be looking at them? A little crazy? I'm just asking,
you know, we just want to this is these are
beauty tips. These are things we want to know about
women that we don't know.

Speaker 4 (00:58):
Not a lot, first of all, not a lot, not
a lot, Okay, I mean, I wait, yeah, it takes
about two weeks for them to grow where you need
to get them done, maybe three at the most, so
maybe a half an inch.

Speaker 1 (01:15):
Half an in a lot, about an eighth.

Speaker 3 (01:17):
I'm just trying to try. I'm just trying to figure
out what's what's a kept and unkept? Look, that's what
I'm trying to figure out.

Speaker 5 (01:22):
That's okay, you ready for my answer?

Speaker 2 (01:24):
Go ahead?

Speaker 5 (01:25):
So when you're looking at my nails like you like
I'm crazy, like you're crazy, you can get me the
money to go get the refilled and get my nails.

Speaker 2 (01:34):
Until then, be quiet.

Speaker 1 (01:36):
You have no say no when.

Speaker 3 (01:38):
We see when we see press on toe nails, what
what's really going on underneath that?

Speaker 2 (01:44):
When that's not.

Speaker 5 (01:46):
You have the money, your answer and matic cure, you
give it the money. The ans is still the same
for me.

Speaker 2 (01:53):
Go ahead.

Speaker 6 (01:55):
I that's one time I just want to notice too,
Like you know, like when you have braids, you know
you see the braid where it's tied on the scalp,
about how far off the of the scalp. When I
see that braid before we have to get these done again,
like how far up? And it's like you know, it's
not on the scalp no more. What's in the back Now,
it's are you talking?

Speaker 1 (02:13):
Are you talking talking about? Are you talking.

Speaker 2 (02:17):
Asking beauty questions? Snap back? I can't.

Speaker 1 (02:25):
Yeah, I'm asking.

Speaker 6 (02:26):
I mean, you know, I may I have a lot
of hair, but I go get it done weekly.

Speaker 1 (02:31):
But happening and then I don't know.

Speaker 3 (02:35):
How many how many pats to the head do we know?
It's tank?

Speaker 6 (02:40):
Okay, Carlo, what is this going on.

Speaker 5 (02:44):
When you're giving up the money to get the hair
rebraided and getting the hair done and then you can
talk until then, don't ask no question.

Speaker 2 (02:53):
We're just trying to get you the time.

Speaker 5 (02:54):
We're just trying to get beauty.

Speaker 3 (02:58):
Okay, Now you don't want me talking ideas, but I'm
you know, it's not where it's kind of hair. It's
kind of hair, but not so Junior's been Junior's been
wanting to get a bikini wax.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
What are the pros? What are the pros?

Speaker 3 (03:13):
Ands to I mean Junior, I mean were family, We
should be able talking about.

Speaker 1 (03:18):
These things that.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
You like that, what are the pros and cons? And
how often should you be getting a bikini wax? If
you're gonna get a bikini. I'm just asking that's just.

Speaker 1 (03:30):
Depends on the looky one. Yeah, five six weeks or yeah.

Speaker 3 (03:36):
Okay, give or take or And Junior also wants to
know is it is it painful?

Speaker 2 (03:42):
Is it a lot of pain? Is it?

Speaker 1 (03:43):
Yes, it's painful.

Speaker 2 (03:45):
Okay, I think that's not It's not me all that.

Speaker 3 (03:50):
So now you don't want the bikini wax. I thought
you wanted it. You said something about the sugar wax
or something. You said something.

Speaker 1 (04:00):
Okay, we know Junior has not asked you that.

Speaker 6 (04:03):
But let me just okay, so, so like how much?

Speaker 2 (04:09):
How much makeup? Is too much makeup?

Speaker 6 (04:11):
When it looked like you already in the cassie, but
you're talking to me how much?

Speaker 2 (04:14):
Good question? How much? Foundation?

Speaker 6 (04:17):
Won't say something that's we need to know this.

Speaker 1 (04:21):
That's a question.

Speaker 2 (04:23):
Don't act like y'all ain't seen this. Come on, come on,
y'all got to give with this beauty tip. This is
what men want to know right here.

Speaker 1 (04:29):
Come on now about makeup? How much makeup? That's a question. No,
you go ahead, Carl, and go ahead, because I'm trying
to even figure out the question.

Speaker 5 (04:41):
Yeah, until you contribute to my glam squad.

Speaker 1 (04:47):
Don't answer no questions. We're going to pay you know, okay, okay,
Tommy is on a first date.

Speaker 2 (04:57):
On a first date, give me a sign.

Speaker 3 (05:00):
What can we look for to show us this is
a weave or a lace front? What what give us
a sign that that's not her real hair?

Speaker 2 (05:09):
Come on that just okay?

Speaker 1 (05:11):
Okay? First of all, what difference does it make? We
want to know or not? What difference does it?

Speaker 3 (05:17):
We like to know who we meet, and we meet,
we meet a representative, but we want to know.

Speaker 1 (05:22):
My question is what difference does it make though, if
it's her real hair or not. I'm just curiously as
long as it looks good. As long as it looks good,
what difference does it make?

Speaker 3 (05:33):
Oh man, you're not gonna help, y'all not gonna give us.

Speaker 1 (05:38):

Speaker 6 (05:39):
But if you take the lace front off and did
off so under that lace front your hair was twisted
like Celi in the color purple, this is the problem.

Speaker 2 (05:47):
We don't We don't want to see that. No, is
that a problem though?

Speaker 1 (05:51):
I don't get this question.

Speaker 2 (05:52):
Because that's not your real hair.

Speaker 1 (05:53):
We didn't know what this does it make me?

Speaker 2 (05:58):
It's my hair?

Speaker 3 (06:00):
One more question to y'all, how do you know how
do we know you've been life post sucked?

Speaker 1 (06:06):
You probably will never know that.

Speaker 2 (06:08):
But where's where do we can we look to see
if it happened?

Speaker 1 (06:11):
You probably will never know that.

Speaker 3 (06:13):
You know you know where to look. You can tell
us that, tell us where it's at. It doesn't matter,
all right, does it?

Speaker 2 (06:25):
For today?

Speaker 3 (06:25):
In the words of my uncle, talk to God. He
would love to hear from you. Until then, until we
say you again, which would be Monday. Y'all be in peace.

Speaker 1 (06:42):
For all. Steve Harvey contests no purchase necessary, void where prohibited.

Speaker 4 (06:46):
Participants must be legal US residents at least eighteen years old,
unless otherwise stated.

Speaker 1 (06:51):
For complete contest rules, visit Steve Harvey FM dot com.
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