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June 14, 2024 10 mins

Today's Gospel is strictly for the fellas.  Uncle Steve gives the break down of manhood right here.


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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Today show is pre recorded. Y'all know what y'all don't know.
Y'all bad at all? After all, looking at given them
all black bus buss things more listening to.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
To I don't joy? Yeah, joy?

Speaker 1 (00:53):
They have.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
You got to do that you love? You gotta turn

can go to turn the mouth turn you probably got
to turn the mouth the turn out to turn the
way of the way. Jump boo. Come come on, you think.

Speaker 1 (02:02):
I sure will? Good morning everybody. You'll listen to the
voice now, come on. Digny one and only. Steve Harvey
got a radio show one more time partner, Steve Harvey
got a radio show. Man. How amazing is that? How
good has God been to me? How good has he

been to you? Just check yourself sometimes, just sit up
and just just run a survey. Just look at your
life where it's at. That might not be where you
want it to be, but that's probably some decisions you made.
But really, though, in spite of all the crazy mistakes
I haven't made, I mean, man, I I I look

back at some of the decisions I done came up
with and and man, it's it's it's just amazing. He
let me live. I mean, it's it's and and and
to exist the way I exist, it does nothing but grace, mercy,
favor all that is. That's my mama praying for me
when I wasn't praying for myself. That had to be it, because, man,
I can truly tell you I have made enough mistakes man,

stuff you would never even know about, and recovered from
them all you can too, and I don't care what
you've done. Marvin Sap has a song out that says
he saw the best in me when everyone else around
me could only see the worst in me. You know
that's an important song man, especially you know. I want

to talk to men today because man, being a man
is so so difficult. Please know it has been my
quest ever since I was a little boy. My father
had one ambition. Son, I don't care what you do,

but when I get through raising you, you will be
a man. That's all I want you to be. What
I did for a living, it never made a difference
to him. You're going to be a man. Manhood is difficult. Now, ladies,
just listening to this, I'm not saying womanhood ain't. I
don't know what it takes to be a woman, so
you know, but I do know exactly what it takes

to be a man. So you know, sometimes when you
talk to people on the radio, you have to preface
things because people are just going he trying to make
it look like womanhood. Ain't. No, That's not what I'm doing.
I'm just talking to men today to explain to them
that they ain't by theyself and struggling trying to figure
this thing out, that you are not alone in your
quest for manhood. That is difficult, I gotta tell you,

man manhood is that kind of difficult, and it becomes
even more compounded if a young boy does not have
a male role model. I've said it a thousand times.
I'll say it again. A young boy without a male
role model is like an explorer without a map. Well,
I have a suggestion for everybody that's struggling with manhood

and all of the men out there that are men.
This messages for all of us, and it's for me too.

Speaker 2 (05:10):
You know.

Speaker 1 (05:10):
I was listening to George Myers the other day and
she made a statement. She said, sometimes you got to
do the right thing, even when it feels wrong. You know,
one of the difficulties of manhood is peer pressure and
the misguided principles of manhood. See what God wants us

to be as men and what we believe manhood is
is sometimes two different things. I'll give you an example.
I wrote this book for women, right and I was
telling them the three ways that a man shows his love,
and I call them three p's. We profess, we protect,
and we provide. Every man who is a man, that's

how he exhibits love. When I talk to Hokey comforting
with not great nurturists. But when it comes down to it,
what we all want to do, what is in our DNA,
is to profess our love for something you as a woman,
to protect you as a woman, and to provide for
you as a woman. That's in our DNA. Now, sometimes
that gets messed up, and I'll give you an example.

Sometimes when a boy doesn't have the proper, real role
model in his life, he takes that principle of love
that we all possessing us every man, the professing part,
the protecting, and the providing part, and we misplay it.
That's why gangs exist. Gangs exist off those three principles.
What's the first thing a gang member do. He professed,

he claim a hood. That's the first thing you do.
This is my neighborhood. I'm deuce Trey, I'm triple hh,
I'm doop, de doop, I'm purple, I'm red, I'm blue.
The first thing they do is claim, that's professing. That's
how we show our love. But it's misguided though. Now
we profess and something that ain't even good for us.
Your hood, your gang, your click. Now guess what Now

we got to protect it. So now as a protection
part of our love, here we go. You come down here,
We're gonna do this to you. You go over there,
they gonna do that to you. You protect your hood,
This your turf, this all you got. Ain't nobody coming
down here with blue on. Can't nobody come over here
with red on. You can't come over here with purple on.
You can't come over here with black and gold on.

And we and we protect that because that's in our DNA.
And then what's the third thing we provide? So guess
what the gang need money? Guess what we do. We
selling drugs, were selling women, we're selling guns. It go
back to the same thing. Man. I don't know how
God gave it to me that way when I was

writing a book, but he showed it to me along
the way. That's how men love well when you don't
have a role model in your life. Guess what now
that love is misplaced, is misguided, It's off track. Ain't
no man and told you that really you're supposed to
take this love and give it to a woman. You're
really supposed to profess, protect and provide for a woman,
not your gang set. Now you professing your hood, repping

the color, you protecting your territory, shooting people driving by,
coming over you on your street, and then you provide.
Now you're out here selling drugs and guns for the
same thing. When a boy does not have a male
role model, he has a misguided way of looking at manhood.
Here's the deal. See, God created all of us in
his image. That means He's put some of our DNA

in him. That's why i' sending your DNA to profess,
protect and provide because guess what, that's what God do
for us, because we His children. I'm just talking to
me in right now. I'm just telling you man, I
had to wake up about five years ago. I wasn't
doing what God wanted me to do, and then he
shook me. He said man, I'm gonna bring about some

changes in your life. I'm gonna cause some things to
that's gonna put you in a position. And this time
you're gonna listen to me, because if you don't, you're
gonna keep living in this pain you've been in. But
you put yourself in this pain. I owe no blame
to no one else but myself. Please, no, I know that.
And that's how you really get to manhood, when you

figure out what you'd be done wrong. You can't blame
this on none of your exes because you a man.
You can't go my xd this. No, No, you a man, partner.
You got to take responsibility for yours and yours alone.
If you got kids, you got to get to them
some kind of way. Write them a letter, send them
the money. If she won't let you see it, for
the money, whatever, send the money to a mama. Do

what you're supposed to do as a man. Do what
God wants you to do, man, because he's not letting
us off the hook for what we're supposed to be
just because you ain't doing it. And if you do it,
you turn your life around. Just holering that to fellas today,
that's all. Sorry, about that you're listening morning show
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