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May 21, 2024 16 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
It is time now for today's Strawberry Letter, and if
you need advice on relationships, work, sex, dating, parenting, and more,
please submit your Strawberry Letter to STEVEHARBFM dot com and
click submit Strawberry Letter. We could be reading your letter
live on the air, just like we're going to read
this one right here, right now, and you never know,
it could be yours.

Speaker 2 (00:20):
It could be yours. Buckle up and hold on time.
We got it for you. Here it is Strawberry Letter.

Speaker 1 (00:25):
Thank you, nephew. Subject he's not used to the real thing.
Dear Stephen Shirley. I'm a fifty one year old married
woman and my husband is fifty three years old. We
got married in January after dating seven months. He said
he knew I was the one because I'm mature and
I'm financially stable. I knew he was the one because

he seemed to be settled and ready for a real woman.
This is the first marriage for both of us, and
he admitted to dating much younger women in the past.
He also admitted to getting a BBL for one of
the girls he dated, and then she left him for
a man her age. He had been hurt a lot
in the past, and so had I. He wanted to

wait until marriage to have sex, but I wanted to
see what I was getting before I married him. I
respected his wishes and we had sex two days after
we got married because he got food poisoning the night
of our wedding. When we first had sex, I noticed
he put on a condom, but I didn't say anything.

For the second round, he put on a condom again.
He wears one every single time we are intimate. I
asked him why he's using protection with me, his wife,
and he said he has to use them for staying power.
I didn't understand, so he had to break it down
for me. He's not used to the real thing because

he gets too excited by the real thing. This is
a problem for me because I don't want to go
through a process before we're intimate. I would prefer to
be spontaneous and wory free, he said. But I would
be disappointed if he doesn't wear them. But I'm disappointed
either way. Is there some sort of medication that can
help him? What I appear to be nagging him if

I keep asking him to go see a specialist for this, Well,
absolutely not. I mean, you know you're his wife. You
want certain things, and that's not nagging. You need to
ask him to find out what's going on. And he
is your husband and you do want to help him, right,
So suggesting that he go to a doctor or a
specialist to get some pills or whatever to help him,

there's definitely nothing wrong with that. It shows you really care.
I mean, you should be glad that this man was
honest with you and told you what was really going
on with him.

Speaker 2 (02:43):
That is rare.

Speaker 1 (02:44):
That is rare to hear the actual truth. And at
least with the truth, you have a starting point. Maybe
his problem can be fixed. At fifty three, maybe it
can be fixed if you're planning on staying married. You
guys have got to find a way to take care
of this situation because you said you do not like condoms.
You want spontaneous sex. You want that, and he already

told you that without him, he's no good because he
gets too excited by the real thing. I say, make
a doctor's appointment immediately and go with him and find
out what's going on.

Speaker 3 (03:16):
What's really going on?

Speaker 4 (03:17):
Steve, Well, Shirley, I'll give you credit on this right here.
You stayed away from it because obviously you know. The
first of all, let me say this to everybody listening
to the standard.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
This is not a rare thing. This is so not rare.

Speaker 4 (03:33):
It has happened to every single living human being of
the male species. He is telling you the truth. Now,
you all didn't get half sex. You wanted to wait
until after you were married. You had sex two days
after you got married. Because he got food poisoning on

the wed night. He wanted to wait. He bought a
girl of BBL. I don't know what that had to
do with it. He's dated younger girls. After she got
to BBL, she went on and got up man at
her age and that hurt him. And you know, because
I ain't no telling her how much he spent for
the BBL got it just like he liked it, and

then found out everybody else liked it too. H So
Otis went on and been out on the limb and
spent that money on Keisha. Now, Odetta, let me talk
to you y'all after y'all got married. Here's what the

problem is. I noticed he put on a condom, but
I ain't saying anything for the second round. He put
on a condom again. He wears one every single time
we are intimate. I asked him why he he's using
protection me his wife, and he said he has to

use them for staying power.

Speaker 2 (05:05):
Come on, come on, Shirley says, this is rare. No
it's not. Shirley said, you need to go to a doctor.
No you don't.

Speaker 3 (05:18):
I said, it's rare that he told her the truth.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
That's what I heard what you said.

Speaker 3 (05:23):
Yeah, it was rare that he told her. You interrupted
my answer, but you mentioned my name in your caller.

Speaker 4 (05:30):
Did I say anything when Shirley was talking.

Speaker 2 (05:34):
I don't know why.

Speaker 4 (05:40):
Okay, but I don't know why. When I get to
have my answer, all of a sudden you got information now.

Speaker 2 (05:45):
Into it.

Speaker 4 (05:46):
And because what you said, you said Rath, you said,
he told the truth.

Speaker 2 (05:55):
Listen to me. You said, this is Wrath.

Speaker 3 (05:59):
Get it not this and Odetta.

Speaker 2 (06:03):
It happens all the time we come back.

Speaker 4 (06:07):
I'm gonna tell you what you can do about this
problem you had. Please, I'm gonna tell her what she
can do about this problem he had, and then we
can get to stay.

Speaker 2 (06:16):
And work though.

Speaker 4 (06:17):
Right but I'm telling you right now what I have
the solution.

Speaker 1 (06:25):
All right, doctor Harvey, we'll have part two of Steve's
response coming up at twenty three minutes.

Speaker 2 (06:31):
For another show. You know I had just.

Speaker 3 (06:34):
Now, Doctor Harry, I.

Speaker 2 (06:36):
Think damn it, Doctor Harvey is by time I think.

Speaker 1 (06:38):
Got a nice ring to it makes sense to me.

Speaker 4 (06:42):
The subject isn't medical advice for those people that don't
have money.

Speaker 3 (06:49):
We'll get back to you. We'll get back to the
letter right after this. You're listening.

Speaker 1 (06:54):
Morning show. All right, Steve, come on, let's recap today's
strawberry letter. The subject is he's not used to the
real thing more.

Speaker 4 (07:01):
Amus fifty one years old, married to a man three
years old. They got married after dating seven months. He
said she knew he was the one, she said. She
says she knew he was the one. He said she
knew she was the one. He was usually dating younger
women before bought a girl to BBL. She ended up
leaving him for a man her age because after he

got what he wanted, found out everybody else wanted it too,
so he wanted to wait until he had till he
got married to have sex. But a little fast thing
Miss Frisky wanted to see what it was about, so
she knew what she was getting into before she got married.

Speaker 2 (07:40):
But she waited.

Speaker 4 (07:41):
They didn't have sex right away because he got food
poisoning on his wed at night, so they had sex
two days later. They were sitting to have sex, he
put on the condom. Then in round two he put
on the condom again. She says he uses protection every
single time they have sex. She asked him why he

was using protection with me, his wife, and he said
he was using it for staying power. Now we better
accept that because with all of his previous life and
him using protection, it could be protecting you. Now the
reason I think you need to go to the doctor.
So y'all both can get tested tested for any STDs.

That's what you need to get tested for before you
go out here with this unprotected sex. Because the first
two times you have sex with a person, now, the
fact that you his wife, don't stop, no information that
he might have and only knowing the man seven months,
you need to find out why he's really using protection.
It might be to save your life. It could be,

but he says it is for staying power. This is
a very very real thing, stay in power. The problem
is you think he can't handle the real thing. There's
a sensitivity with the real thing. Lord, have mercy, go

with me, protect me as I go down this area
that I've never gone down before.

Speaker 2 (09:16):
On the radio, the real thing is real.

Speaker 4 (09:19):
The real thing is real thing, got it has all
it has something on it.

Speaker 2 (09:28):
I don't know what it is.

Speaker 4 (09:30):
You're there, but we'll just call it the real thing.
We gonna just keep it. We gonna keep calling it
the real thing. The real thing is too real for most.

Speaker 2 (09:42):
And the key word in the real is thing.

Speaker 4 (09:46):
Ask what it is? Something about that thing? Whoa something
about that thing? A? I want that thing or that
thing or that thing. I'm not gonna use no words

that ain't in the title the title of his letters.

Speaker 2 (10:10):
He's not used to the real thing? What is it
about the thing? Well?

Speaker 4 (10:15):
Join it with me, deacon, as we preach this old
are here today? Yeah?

Speaker 2 (10:22):
I need some church music, brother day. Yeah, if you
would uh come today to talk about a subject you
with me? Deacon? I went your past?

Speaker 4 (10:36):
Uh? The subject today is is he not used to
the real thing? He not used to the real thing?
Key word thing thang thang t a A n G. Yes,
Why is he not used to the real thing? Our

writer says, he must you was a condom Every time
we have sick. I asked him why, He said it
is for staying power. Saw ain't that the truth? How
many times have you talked so much smack ragged about

this and that?

Speaker 2 (11:19):
But what you was gonna do with it? Yeah?

Speaker 4 (11:25):
Long you could stay with it? Say how you just
gonna sprink it? Rock slipping all of that, and then
the moment of truth came. You didn't know that that
real thing had that thing on it.

Speaker 2 (11:43):
Okay, you got a hold of that real thing. And
what you didn't know about that real thing was that
real thing. He had a whole lot of real on it.

Speaker 4 (11:55):
Get real everywhere year when it is is, it's just real.
I can't add no adjectives. I want to say something
about the texture. I I want to say something about them,
but I'm not a doubt. All I'm gonna do is

just call it that real thing, man, get it. In
all of a sudden, you ain't what you said. You
was that real thing and got a hold of you.
You ain't got hold of the real thing. The real thing'
even got hold of you. Yeah, next thing you know,
it's over.

Speaker 2 (12:33):
You didn't you didn't you don't, Just o, lord, it ain't.

Speaker 4 (12:39):
Asking no time now you over there laying on your
back looking at the ceiling wondering what the hell happened
to you.

Speaker 2 (12:47):
You should have added on a condom so you could
have power letter and.

Speaker 1 (12:56):
Facebook and check out the Strawberry Letter podcast on the tree.

Speaker 3 (13:00):
iHeart radio app.

Speaker 2 (13:02):
Talking about you need to know.

Speaker 1 (13:07):
It ain't get some coming up with forty six minutes
after be got in sports talk right after.

Speaker 3 (13:13):
This, you're listening.

Speaker 1 (13:18):
Morning show.

Speaker 3 (13:19):
It is time nowt for junior and sports talk. Junior
take it away.

Speaker 2 (13:22):
We ain't got to.

Speaker 4 (13:23):
Do sports if you don't want to pay back to
sermon from the strop head that because I wasn't through.

Speaker 2 (13:31):
And sports is old.

Speaker 4 (13:33):
But we know who won Game seven with no city
that we live in.

Speaker 2 (13:38):
It ain't no city.

Speaker 4 (13:39):
We ain't em on the radio in Indianapolis. We ain't
even on the radio in Boston. We show ain't on
the radio wedding Timberwood. Please were on the radio in Dallas.
That's why I say, come on, Mavericks. But oh, let's
get back to the sermon. Uh he not used to

the real thing. Where you're at deacon where my deacon?

Speaker 2 (14:07):
Yeah yeah right, pay attention.

Speaker 4 (14:10):
Yeah ah, this man when he finally gets up to
the plate and the bases is loaded, and he'll come
to pitch.

Speaker 2 (14:21):
Yeh, he sway and he hit it. He ain't gonna
go far.

Speaker 4 (14:26):
He might have well burnt the ball because he ain't
gonna make it the first base because he ain't got
no stamina. He ain't got no stay in power. You
ain't finishing no old run because that real thing, what
is it, Degan, real thing? You got the hair stamina.

You can't just run up in the here like you
want to. You can't just do like you want to,
because that real thing got something that comes with it a.

Speaker 2 (15:01):
Exactly what it is.

Speaker 4 (15:03):
But it's something about that real thing that makes you
blood on top of your head off.

Speaker 2 (15:09):
You can't see good.

Speaker 4 (15:11):
I roll in the back of your head, a hair
raised up on the back of your neck.

Speaker 2 (15:17):
Both your legs cramp.

Speaker 4 (15:19):
You're pulling armstrings and quad and muscles pull spread out.

Speaker 2 (15:23):
His starting to spasle.

Speaker 4 (15:25):
You don't know what's going on because you at messed
up and got a hold to the real thing.

Speaker 2 (15:32):
And now you.

Speaker 4 (15:32):
Ain't got no He ain't got no what Deacon stammini.
You got to have stamina, stay in power. That's the
most powerful thing ever invented on the mankind.

Speaker 2 (15:46):
Is that real thing.

Speaker 4 (15:47):
And you got to get yourself some help because this
woman don't want that condo. You got to buy something.
It shut all the feeling down.

Speaker 2 (15:59):
You need some ps Hall or something like that. You
gotta get some.

Speaker 4 (16:05):
You gotta put some Tompson's water coat on yourself. You
gotta get a protection lady in there because you.

Speaker 2 (16:12):
All of that real thing.

Speaker 4 (16:13):
That real thing gonna get a hold of you because
you ain't got no what diggon stamm.

Speaker 3 (16:22):

Speaker 2 (16:22):

Speaker 1 (16:23):
Coming up at the top of the hour, a woman
on social media needs some advice from Steve about sharing
financial responsibilities.

Speaker 3 (16:30):
We'll talk about it right after this. You're listening

Speaker 1 (16:35):
Morning Show
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