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May 24, 2024 15 mins

Dear Steve and Shirley, I’m a 57 year old single woman but I am dealing with a man that is slightly older than me. He’s a nice man and he just lost his wife so he’s trying to settle down with me. We have great chemistry in the bedroom and that is what’s the most important to me. He matches my freakiness and has taken it to a whole new level but after five months of dating, he said he wants to only do certain things for special occasions................

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Time now for today's Strawberry Letter. Listen.

Speaker 2 (00:02):
If you need advice on relationships, dating, work, sex, parenting
and more, please submit your Strawberry Letter. That's Steve Harvey
FM dot com and click submit Strawberry Letter.

Speaker 1 (00:12):
We could be reading.

Speaker 2 (00:14):
Your letter live on the air, just like we're going
to read this one right here, right now, and.

Speaker 1 (00:18):
You never know, this one could be yours.

Speaker 3 (00:20):
Hope now you yours.

Speaker 1 (00:22):
I hope this one isn't yours.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
Well, we hope not. Buckle up and hold on tight.

Speaker 4 (00:26):
We got for you here.

Speaker 3 (00:27):
It is a Strawberry.

Speaker 2 (00:28):
Letter, Thank you, A for you subject Love at first bite.
Dear Stephen Shirley. I'm a fifty seven year old single woman,
but I am dealing with a man that is slightly
older than me. He's a nice man and he just
lost his wife, so he's trying to settle down with me.
We have great chemistry in the bedroom, and that is
what is the most important to me. He matches my

freakiness and he and has taken it to a whole
new level. But after five months of dating, he said
he wants to only do certain things for special occasions.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
I have a fetish that.

Speaker 2 (01:06):
He was fine with at first, I like for my
man to bite me while we are intimate, bite my ear,
from my shoulder, my neck, or whatever he can get
hold of at the time. It's an issue for him
to do it all the time because he doesn't like
to wear his top row of teeth when we are

in the house. Even at my house, he places them
on a napkin on my end table after we eat.
I've told him that the bite isn't the same without
his teeth, but he's not willing to compromise.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
If he doesn't have his teeth in, it feels like
a teething baby.

Speaker 2 (01:49):
That's why he only wants to do things my way
on special occasions.

Speaker 1 (01:53):
I've dated older.

Speaker 2 (01:53):
Men before and they don't mind keeping their teeth in
for sex, So I need my men to get his
top row of teeth adjusted so that they are more
comfortable and he can leave them in. He got defensive
and called me a weirdo for being into biting. I
think it's weird that he is into having sex without
his teeth, but I'd never make him feel bad about it.

Speaker 1 (02:15):
I am getting.

Speaker 2 (02:16):
Bored with our sex life, and if he can't spice
it up a bit and do what I like, I
may have to step out on him.

Speaker 1 (02:22):
When I was in a swingers group.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
I saw that some people like choking and some liked costumes.
I just like teeth marks, and if that's so crazy,
I may need to move on. Is it too unreasonable
to expect that this whole letter, what lady is unreasonable?

Speaker 1 (02:41):

Speaker 2 (02:42):
If you ask me, everything in here is unreasonable. You
want him to bite you? You used to be in
a swingers club. Oh my god, you've only been dating
this man for five months and he's already, you know,
just doing something that's uncomfortable to me. He's taking his
teeth out and at hall, I'm putting him in a

napkin on the side table. I really don't get this.
Then you like him to bite you and leave teeth marks,
so that means he has to bite you pretty hard
to do that, but he won't do it because his
teeth are out, and you're mad about that. Do you
hear how crazy this sounds? The question I had when
does he wear his teeth? Because it sounds like he

doesn't wear them, not at your house, not during sex.
When does he wear them? I just don't think this
is okay. I mean with him having no teeth in
his mouth. Where's the attraction, where's the sexy?

Speaker 1 (03:38):
I don't get it.

Speaker 2 (03:40):
Are you still physically attracted to him? Or you just
don't care as long as you're being bitten? That's what
it sounds like. And he leaves bite marks on you.
He offered you a compromise to do it on special occasions.
That's not good enough for you. You said no to that.
I just think this letter is crazy, I really do.
I mean this is crazy to me. The teeth out

and the bite mark. All right, you guys need to
make some sort of deal or compromise about his teeth
and this biting issue, or yes, you need to step
out on him or move on.

Speaker 3 (04:13):
Steven, this letter crazy to you. This is why I
come to work, Thank you.

Speaker 4 (04:21):
I come to worse from letters like this right here,
beautiful advice. I ain't got none of that for none
of these foods. Oh, I see his opportunity to him
to go riding my scope of humor. As we read
this letter together, it gets worse as it goes on. Yeah,

I'm a fifty seven year old single woman, and according
to this letter, you're gonna stay that way the rest
of your damn life, because after this damn letter, you
have made a truth. You are fifty seventh. You don't
see what you can write this letter. When you sixty seven,
you can start the same damn way. I'm a sixty

seven year old single woman. I'm dealing with a man
that's slightly older than me. He's nice and he just
lost his wife, so he trying to settle down with
me for now. We have great chemistry in the bedroom,
and that's what's most important to me.

Speaker 3 (05:22):
Yeah, yeah, you fifty seven, that's what's most important to me.
I hate to tell.

Speaker 4 (05:28):
You this, but you're close to the tape. Let me
tell you something about fifty seven. If you're fifty seven
years old, it's like a twenty one year old is
at high noon on the clock the sun as hot
as it is going to be in his life. You
fifty seven, it's about eight thirty for you, it's evening.

Speaker 3 (05:49):
Change your priorities.

Speaker 4 (05:52):
It's getting late thirty damn near time to lock these.

Speaker 3 (05:57):
Doors and pull this cover off.

Speaker 4 (06:01):
This again, that's to This letter is for Steve Harvey.

Speaker 3 (06:04):
Please come back.

Speaker 2 (06:05):
We can't wait for Part two of the Strawberry Letter.
At twenty three minutes, after the hour. The subject for
today is love at First Bite.

Speaker 1 (06:14):
We'll come back with Steve's response right after this. You're
listening hard Morning show. All right, come on, Steve, this
is the letter Tailor made for you.

Speaker 2 (06:25):

Speaker 4 (06:25):
I want to thank God love it first. I'm at
work today. Love at first bite, did Stephen Shirley. I'm
a fifty seven year old single woman now based on
this letter, like I said, she gonna stay this the
rest of her day of life. She has no chance
of securing a mate with what you're about to read
in this letter. So in ten years she could say
I'm a sixty seven year old single woman. Twenty years,

I'm a seventy seven year old single woman. I'm damn
near dead and I'm still singing.

Speaker 3 (06:52):
You write that too.

Speaker 4 (06:55):
But she met a nice man that lost his wife
trying to settle down with her now and they got gay,
great great chemistry in the bedroom. And that's what's most
important to me. If sex is most important to you
at fifty seven, you need to readjust your priorities a
little bit, because let me explain something like I said early,

if you're twenty one years old, you're at high noon.
It's twelve o'clock for you, sun is shining, you participating.
You ain't sleepy, and you ain't just got up you.
Twenty one is high noon if you fifty seven. According
to the clock for you, it's about eight thirty thirty.

Speaker 3 (07:32):
It's evening.

Speaker 4 (07:34):
It's time to.

Speaker 3 (07:35):
Get these dos locked. Pull this cover up, pull the
cover out. You might not make it to the news.
No more. I'm just saying so. Anyway, she says, it's
great chemistry.

Speaker 4 (07:46):
He matches my freakiness and has taken it to a
whole new level. You like it because a man match
your freakiness and you fifty seven. Okay, I'm just gonna
make this statement right here. You too much? But after
five a day and he says he wants to only
do certain things for special occasion. Now, without reading anymore
into this letter, I'm assuming that you are too much

and he wants to slow.

Speaker 3 (08:10):
It down and just do it on the holidays.

Speaker 4 (08:13):
Yeah, because whatever this freaking is he is, it's too
much every damn day.

Speaker 3 (08:18):
We needs to break this down on holidays.

Speaker 4 (08:21):
Fourth of July, Sweetish Day, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Saint
Pattie's Day, Easter. You know I got it for you
all the day Columbus Day, we all Martin.

Speaker 3 (08:33):
Luther King Day, that three day weekend. I got time
for you other than that.

Speaker 4 (08:38):
I want to just break it down right here. And
the reason she want to break it down because she
got a fetish that the man was fine with it.

Speaker 3 (08:46):

Speaker 4 (08:46):
See, I like my man to bite me while meet
while we intimate, bite my dear, bite my shoulder, my neck,
or whatever he can get.

Speaker 3 (08:54):
A hold of at the time. Lady, that's a different
kind of fetish. I'm glad you ain't talking to me because.

Speaker 4 (09:01):
You'll you'll, you'll, you'll get off me with that request,
because I bitees for real.

Speaker 3 (09:06):
You know, I put some on you, she wants.

Speaker 4 (09:10):
Yeah, I'll sink in, I'll sink I'll take a piece
of meat out you one time. I bet you could
asking me your ass to be asking for just for
special occasions once I sank these big ass chompers.

Speaker 3 (09:20):
I got your tea and I put something on you
right here.

Speaker 4 (09:24):
I don't know if you ever had a piece of
shoulder out, but I like shoulder sandwiches. Any damn, You've
got the right man. If you come to me, come
on something, bite me. You better break it down what
it is about me? Sure you better break this letter
down to can you nibble me? Because if you say it,
I'm taking it to a whole nother level. You think
he took it to another level? And I ain't gotta

take my damn teeth out because see here go the
problem with your man right here talking. I don't, but
I got a solution for that too. He don't like
to wear his top royal teeth when we in the house. Hell,
you don't win. How much older is he than you?
He got kids tomorrow out You probably dating somebody didn't
have a bottom row, and you got somebody got full

set of dentist. What are you doing? You can't have
all these fetishes with these old ass men.

Speaker 3 (10:11):
You need to start dating somebody younger. Got all they
damn teeth?

Speaker 4 (10:14):
Now you say that even at my house he places
them on the napkin on the end of the table
when we eat. Who wants to eat without they damn teeth?
What did you make it? As hard as you balling?

Speaker 1 (10:26):
What is you make it?

Speaker 4 (10:27):
What did you make it where you gonna set your
teeth out on the nampkin? What did you do to
this hamburger?

Speaker 2 (10:34):

Speaker 3 (10:34):
Have mercy.

Speaker 4 (10:36):
Why does this hamburger taste like probably meat? I don't
read my damn teeth. He just set his damn teeth
on the napkin and y'all having dinner, and then I've
told him that the bite isn't the same without his teeth,
but he ain't willing to compromise. When he don't have
his teeth in, his feel like a teething baby. That's

why he only wants to do things my way on
special occasion. I've dated older men before and they don't
mind keeping their teeth in for six What.

Speaker 3 (11:08):
On your men got teeth problem?

Speaker 4 (11:10):
So I need a man to get on top row
his teeth adjested so they more comfortable, and he can
leave it when he gets defensive and call me a
weird on for being in the bike. You here is weird, yeah,
by in order to get fit all the time. But
if you're having such and he got his teeth on
the knights stare while y'all having sick, my suggestion is
to reach over, grab them teeth and slap them.

Speaker 3 (11:31):
On your back. We can get the over staying and
snap him on put you can get some teethprint in
your ass.

Speaker 4 (11:44):
That's what you want that might not be with my mouth,
but you you gonna get teeth.

Speaker 3 (11:52):
I'll reach over and have I have magnetic glove. I
have him this you want to, I can make love
to you. Put the sun.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
I can put a bite mark on the back of
your calf where you hold that cause I'm reaching around
there for my head. Want next month, see when you
want old back of your neck. But what you want you,
I'm put it on back. I've got bites for your
where you won't. I'll put a bright mark in the
head on whole steal Sma.

Speaker 2 (12:25):
Coming up in forty six minutes after the hour. Steve
is not done with this Strawberry letter. We'll have part
three of Loved First Bite right after this.

Speaker 1 (12:37):
You're listening Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Speaker 2 (12:40):
Steve Harvey is not finished with his response to the
Strawberry letter today Loved First Bite, where a fifty seven
year old woman was dating an older gentleman who took
its teeth out and she wanted them to bite her.

Speaker 3 (12:51):
And who said it? She is she likes to have
sex and like to get bit Why she having sex?

Speaker 4 (12:57):

Speaker 3 (12:57):
I say it? You don't want to say that to
me now because I got to set the teeth I
put it on you. You stop, I'm gonna have to stop
asking me to bite you. I put it, I take
I take meat out.

Speaker 4 (13:08):
You gonna have to change your terminology to I want
to get nibbled on, Steve, because you add me to
bite you with d teth I got, I got something
for your ass right here. But now, since he liked
to take his teeth out, I said, what he could
do is could put his teeth on a nice stand
and then when she ready for a bite, reach over
and grab the teeth and snap them on alf whereever
ship you want to bite marks, you.

Speaker 3 (13:29):
Want to get bat on the shoulder.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
Here, come slapper with your teeth in your hand, and
you put teeth marks on right here? You can get them,
O I can. I can see if that's how you
want it. We get the teeth marks exactly where you
want it, when you want it. You want it in
the rib cage. Why we kissing, dadd Is Wright's halt,
ain't no problem?

Speaker 3 (13:50):
Teeth marks? Why we kissing?

Speaker 1 (13:52):
On request?

Speaker 3 (13:54):
You get d T marks anywhere you want to go.

Speaker 4 (13:58):
But now you're all you dated his old ass men
that ain't have problem leaving their teeth in. He does
set his teeth off the on a napkin while y'all eating.
What are you eating? Well, you don't need your damn
teeth where you're eating at the hospital. All this apple
sauce and all this hell. He didn't gotten to do

what Sureley.

Speaker 1 (14:19):
Wait, you got it.

Speaker 2 (14:20):
When you finish, you have to address the fact that
she used to be in the swingers club.

Speaker 3 (14:24):
Well, see that.

Speaker 4 (14:25):
It's another thing. I'm bored with our sex life and
he can't spice it up a bit. I may have
to step out on him. When I was in the
swingers group, I saw some people like choking and some
people like choking.

Speaker 3 (14:36):
Now you ready to damn there, die to have some sex.

Speaker 4 (14:40):
That's why you fifty seven and still single. Can't nobody
stay with your ass? No every day, all this choking,
bite ham, all this here. Now, soon as you walk
in the swingers club, you gotta wear a T shirt.

Speaker 3 (14:56):
The bigger the teeth, the better the secks. You got
to walk around, let everybody wonder them. You gotta come
in here and make announcements. Ladies and gentlemen. She's here.

Speaker 4 (15:04):
Anybody with big teeth, All men with big teeth. Please
step to the left of the room. The Swingers Club
is about to get wild. Ernest scene is here looking
for med with big teeth that's in their mouth.

Speaker 3 (15:17):
This don't make no damn sense. It doesn't.

Speaker 4 (15:21):
You too old for this, and ain't no grown ass
man fin to do this with you every day. That's
why this man said special occasions only because it's something
I've heard it all.

Speaker 3 (15:36):
Now I've heard it.

Speaker 4 (15:38):
Teeth shirts is for sale right after the show Bigger teeth,
Better Sex.

Speaker 3 (15:44):
All right, We'll be back.

Speaker 2 (15:45):
With more of the Steve Harvey Morning Show coming up
at the top of the hour.

Speaker 1 (15:48):
Right after this, you're listening Harvey Morning Show.
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