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April 26, 2024 87 mins
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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Today show is pre recorded.

Speaker 2 (00:04):
Y'all know what time y'all don't know y'all at all, So.

Speaker 3 (00:12):
Don't given the.

Speaker 4 (00:15):
Black millon busy.

Speaker 5 (00:23):
Ye listening to.

Speaker 4 (00:26):

Speaker 3 (00:28):
To join?

Speaker 6 (00:50):

Speaker 3 (00:50):
Joy they have.

Speaker 5 (00:59):
You know you.

Speaker 7 (01:24):
You gotta turn.

Speaker 2 (01:41):
To turn the mouth.

Speaker 8 (01:42):

Speaker 9 (01:43):
You probably got to turn the mouth to.

Speaker 7 (01:45):
Turn him out the water the mony up looking.

Speaker 4 (01:55):
Come come on you, ah, I sure will. Good morning, everybody.
Are you listening to the voice? Come on dig me now,
one and only Steve Harvey got a radio show. Okay,
I got something for you today. I'm gonna have a

conversation this morning about my understanding of grace now that
I've gotten older and I've come into a better understanding
of a lot of things I didn't know about when
I was younger. This is just my interpretation of grace.
Now once again, y'all listen to me. I ain't nobody's pastor,

I ain't nobody's minister. So you know, I'm pretty sure
you can go to church and get a far more
extensive definition of one I'm giving you. I'm just talking
to people. You know, Grace is this thing that God
provides for us, and grace is just things that you

get that's really undeserving, you know. I mean, I look
in my life as it is today. You know, Look,
I work hard and I have faith in God that
I do so things are going to happen in my life.
But the way my life is now, I don't don't.
I don't deserve all of this, don't. I don't look
at it that way. I have been the beneficiary of

God's grace. I have aligned myself in a position to
accept whatever grace God has for me, and it will
be far abundant and exceedingly in anything you could think of.
His grace supersedes anything you could possibly imagine. You know,

the goals that I set and the aspirations that I
shoot for, and the things that I have on my
dream board. I have the faith that God will give
it to me. But what He does with grace, he
gives you far more than that. He gives you what
He has for you, not what you can see. You
can't see all he has for you. It's impossible.

Speaker 8 (04:05):
Who are you?

Speaker 4 (04:06):
How can you possibly imagine what he can imagine? How
can you possibly think? How he can think? How can
you possibly do what he can do? How can it
be that isn't a single mind living or a collection
of minds that could have thought of Earth? What in
your wildest imagination could have made you think of Earth?

The stars, the heavens, the oceans, the galaxy, the constellations.
What in your mind? What in any man's mind? We
can point at it and analyze it, but we show
couldn't have thought of it. So come on, now, I'm
talking about lining yourself up with God's grace, which he

will give to you if you want some of it now.
But now his thing about grace, it can't be bought.
Could if it could be bought, I'm telling you I
would pull all the money I have and dump it
into grace, because, after discovering what it is, it's this
goodness that God shines on you simply as a reward

of some type for his love for you and for
you attempting for you attempting to do right, not because
you get it right. Because if He judged us purely
on how we are the right and wrong of it,
we would all be doomed, all of us, every last
one of us would be doomed because we all fall short,

we all make mistakes, we all sin, we all get
it wrong from time to time, nobody's perfect.

Speaker 10 (05:44):

Speaker 4 (05:45):
Now I understand what my mother was saying about cleaning
the house. All I want is a little more grace.
All I need is a little more grace when the
last time you ask God for some grace. Now, I'm
not talking to you like I know everything. If you
just benefit from His grace what you already have. But
if you're not aware of it, you don't know what's

going on. Become aware of grace. Get aware of the
fact that God does things for you simply because He
loves you. He does things for you that you don't
even deserve. Somehow, you just wonder how you just got
over when you didn't even do the things to get over.
Sometimes you don't even know how you got that job

you got when you ain't even really do the things
to get your job. How you end up where you
are all the education you thought you went and got,
and hey, how you end up where you are today
in a much better position than your education could have
ever gotten you. That's grace. How I get every place
I am today. I didn't plan this, Man. If I

could have planned my life the way it is, don't
you know how'd have done it? When I was living
in that car if I knew how to do it. No,
I benefited from his grace. I'm just a beneficiary of
his grace, of his goodness and his mercy. God's goodness
is better than your goodness. God's goodness is better than
your mother's goodness. It's better than your wife's or your

husband or your boo's goodness. God's goodness is different. His
goodness Man covers some stuff you can't even imagine. So
why are you trying to put your life together when
the last time you asked him for just a little
bit of grace? When have you thought of your life
in terms of the grace that it has already benefited from?

Have you ever done that?

Speaker 7 (07:36):

Speaker 4 (07:36):
Just thought about you know you hear songs like my soul,
look back and wonder how I got over? That was grace,
That's all I can call it. Now. Like I said,
you can go with church or somewherever you want to,
and ministers that the window at school to teach this
thing way better than me. I'm just giving you from
a layman standpoint. Man, have you thought about his grace?
Would you not bewalled to be a beneficiary of his grace?

Would it not say now, check this out. The better
you try to do, the more grace he'll give to you.
Now that grace can't be bought, Like I said, it's free.
You can't purchase grace. But the better you try to
become the more the more grace he gets to put
your way. So man, just try. Why don't you just

try to do better? Look, man, quit talking aout. I'm
gonna start next week. I'm gonna start at the new year,
now you not. Yeah, you do that every year ever,
at the new year. I wanna eat better at the
new year. I'm I'm gonna go get in here and
the new year. If you're gonna do it, you're gonna
do it now. Man, you're gonna do it now. Stop
trying do something, do it, stop talking about it, do

it now. The best way to benefit from his grace
is starting action now. N O W now, right now today,
what you're waiting on, all you doing is delaying his
opportunity to bless you. You know, man, do you know
how many times we do that? We delay his opportunity

to bless us by not starting now. If you gonna
get healthy, why don't you start now? Now you're gonna
trip a little bit because the holiday's coming. But you
ain't got to eat bad all the time. You could
start eating correct today you could, you could and then
guess what that could be? Some grace on the end
of that. I'm just giving you a little cheap analogy.

But do you feel what I'm saying to you? Start
thinking in terms of grace? What He has done for
you and provided for you that you ain't even see coming.
That you know, you keep calling them blessings, and I
got that. A lot of it OUs all it is.
But man, have you thought about the stuff that didn't
happened to you you can't account for. For me, that's
been grace and I'm beneficiary of it. And that's available

to everybody that won't sung. Next time you're talking to him,
just check in with grace. See what that is. That's
that's better than money.

Speaker 1 (09:57):
You're listening.

Speaker 4 (09:59):
Morning, Now, have your divided attention, please, this is the
Steve Harvey Morning Show. Now, I would suggest to you
that you'd be grateful for today, seeing us how you
ain't had nothing to do with today coming. Therefore, let's
give credit an honor to who did that would be

the Almighty. Now, with that in mind. Let's just go
and get this thing started today. Shelley Strawberry College for Real, Mississippi,
Monica Junior and the legend that is nephew Tommy Junior.

Speaker 9 (10:30):
We've had a little pre show meeting and I know
what you.

Speaker 4 (10:33):
Upset about in real life, but just for radio purposes,
what's going on today, and let's not discuss what we
discussed on the pre show.

Speaker 11 (10:44):
Okay, uncle, you know, man, I just want to ask
you this, unc man.

Speaker 12 (10:47):
You always talk about every morning being grateful, saying thanks,
saying that, Hey man, this is a new day, new opportunity.
Sitting there going well, is it how important it is
for us to pay attention to what God actually is doing?
And can you take note and say, hey, this is
what I know. He's here, he's available, here, he's available here,
he's here, he's.

Speaker 11 (11:06):
Done this, he's done that. How do you know do
you pay attention to your own situation?

Speaker 9 (11:11):
Well, well, let me let me ask you this. So
let me make this statement.

Speaker 4 (11:15):
If you don't pay attention to what all God is doing,
some post he stopped doing what he do Yeah, I
been here.

Speaker 9 (11:26):
Have your attention?

Speaker 4 (11:27):
Then all this free breathing you doing all this sunlight,
all this, all this, you know, vegetation, all this, all
this guy, if he stopped doing what he doing what
he does, what would happen. It's just what we need

is a more of an awareness of the fact that
God is who he is. And that's all I try
to encourage or implore people to do. It's just become
more conscious of it. Stop waking up, man, thinking this
how it's supposed to be, because the moment it goes

contrary to the way you think it's supposed to be.
Now you want to call it, oh Lord, woe is me?
What about all the times that it's going right? Where
are you when it's going right?

Speaker 9 (12:23):
You know, you don't want to always have to go
to God with old Lord, woe is me?

Speaker 4 (12:28):
That's why I suggest you start with, Hey, I appreciate this, man.
This is a great day, What a wonderful opportunity. I
thank you for this moment of peace that I'm having.
Do you know I was just thanking God the other
day for this peace period that.

Speaker 7 (12:40):
I'm going through.

Speaker 4 (12:42):
I'm just in peace, man, you know. And you know
what you know people talking about well, I don't know
how long that's gonna last.

Speaker 7 (12:48):
For what you're crying for.

Speaker 4 (12:49):
See, I do know it's gonna rain, but it ain't
raining today, so enjoy the moment. Anxiety is caused when
people produce tomorrow into their day.

Speaker 9 (13:02):
That is all anxiety is. If you take.

Speaker 4 (13:06):
Tomorrow's concerns, woes, and troubles and you bring them into today,
you are not about to feel anxiety. That is a
major cause for anxiety. Worry about something you ain't got
no control over.

Speaker 8 (13:23):
Amen to that? What amen to stop?

Speaker 13 (13:28):
But you just keep getting You've better preach up in here, alright,
whole word coming up. At thirty two minutes after the hour,
we will hear from a nephew. The foolishness begins right now.

Speaker 1 (13:40):
Run that brank dark start.

Speaker 8 (13:44):
You're listening hard morning show.

Speaker 1 (13:47):
All right, it is time now for the nephew to
run that brank back. Nephew, what you got for us?

Speaker 14 (13:52):
This right here, yeah, is thunder bolt. And I ain't
scared of it. I ain't never scared. Well, it's not true.
I mean a little bit. I'm starting to get over that.
I'm really starting to get over slowly getting the boat.

Speaker 5 (14:08):
Let's go get up, Hello, hey man, let me let
me not here. Who's called, Hey, just thurned the boat
from the club man. What times she get in on
the boat? Hello? Yeah, yeah, this done the boat man?
What times she get in?

Speaker 3 (14:22):
What you mean what time you get in?

Speaker 5 (14:23):

Speaker 3 (14:24):
She ain't in here now, but you know what I mean,
I'm what you need.

Speaker 5 (14:27):
Hey. Uh, I'm trying to following up on. I'm trying
to actually get an address and stuff. Man, she got
me dancing this weekend on Saturday night, and I want
to see it. Make sure I got to address and everything.
Everything still on. You know, I already gave much lot up.

Speaker 3 (14:40):
He got you dancing?

Speaker 5 (14:42):
Say what not?

Speaker 3 (14:43):
What you mean she got you dancing?

Speaker 5 (14:45):
She asked me to do some male dancing on Saturday night.
So I went on and took off at the club.

Speaker 3 (14:50):
And uh, you know she's already got my guy, ain't
she ain't had to do no male dancing. My guess now,
my guys, he goes, she goes to school at night
and weekend, so you know she'.

Speaker 5 (15:00):
Okay, okay, who it is?

Speaker 3 (15:03):
I ain't David David fiance? What yeah, that's my gas?

Speaker 5 (15:07):
Hold on, hold on, hold on, squeaking fin to.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
Get married, squeaky, squeaky.

Speaker 5 (15:12):
Wait wait wait Okay, guys, I'm David, right, Okay, that's
that's that's squeaky, squeak, finy, get mad on my gap.

Speaker 3 (15:20):
You said you're a dancer.

Speaker 5 (15:22):
I dance that, man, is I'm thunking for?

Speaker 3 (15:24):
But how do you know?

Speaker 5 (15:25):
My gas? She come to the club on Saturday. She
asked me about doing some dancing for this coming Saturday,
so she already gave me half the money.

Speaker 3 (15:31):
He comes to the club on Saturdays. Now, my girls,
she goes to school on Saturdays.

Speaker 5 (15:36):
Man, you know now what Listen, First of all, I'm
blown way by you're trying to tell me squeaking married
that that you got me really toe up with her.

Speaker 3 (15:45):
I don't know, no, no, squeak, that's what we call
her at the club.

Speaker 5 (15:48):
Man. Man, look at I'm not finna get into all
of that. What I'm really calling by this she got
me working this weekend doing some dancing, and I'm trying
to just make sure that we're all for this week
because I didn't give my spot up at the club.

Speaker 3 (15:59):
You're trying to tell me, Michael hanging out at a
buck naked club, But dance.

Speaker 5 (16:04):
Man Squeaky been coming up in there. Man, for the
last buck a week.

Speaker 3 (16:07):
Been there long enough? Have nick name?

Speaker 5 (16:09):
I been knowing Squeaky four five years. Squeaky been coming. Man,
this this Thunderboat. Me and Squeaky go way back.

Speaker 3 (16:14):
Uh no, man, well we gonna handle it when she
get in here, and you can, you know, handle yours?
Have you gotta handle it? Talk to whoever you got
to to get your little money.

Speaker 5 (16:24):
Or whatever or no, no, no, no, hold up, but
I can get my slot. I'm gonna wait a minute, mate,
that that's not say as you listening, man, I can't
get my slide back at the club now. Squeaky got
to give me the remaining balance, man, even if she
ain't gonna do, I need my other wanning balance.

Speaker 3 (16:38):
I can't gonna give you the raining bounce of nothing.
Hey man, I need to ring my money that that
she gave you. What you're saying anything, you can just
count that out. She ain't gonna give your things.

Speaker 5 (16:47):
Hey man, I'm the boat gonna get his money. Man,
I need my one fitty.

Speaker 3 (16:51):
Umber boats gonna get his quips.

Speaker 5 (16:53):
Well, then that's what you got to do. And that's
what you got to do, man.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
I told you what that's for, Thunderboat. For anything, to
get no cat talking about calling squat kid out of it.
So I ain't working for to give money away to
some the boat lighting or whatever.

Speaker 5 (17:07):
He ain't man, Look man, it's Thunderboat. It ain't lighting.
It's Thunderboat. Lightning worked on wednesdaynight, Just Thunderboat.

Speaker 3 (17:12):
I don't know who you done talk to already about that,
but you need to holler that them. But don't be
calling here asking my gal to give you some money.
Ain't giving you cause she don't make nothing.

Speaker 5 (17:22):
I'm coming over there now and get my money from Squeaky.
I ain't hearing it.

Speaker 3 (17:28):
Don't make nothing. I take all the money around here,
so you ain't gonna get nothing from over year finding
So you can wipe that your mind.

Speaker 5 (17:36):
I'm coming over there to get my money from Squeaky today.

Speaker 3 (17:38):
You coming over here.

Speaker 5 (17:39):
I'm coming over there to get my money from Squeaky. Look, man,
I ain't got time to play. I allow my slot
at the club. See what you get.

Speaker 3 (17:46):
See if you get some money, get your out.

Speaker 5 (17:49):
Stunder coming over there to get the rest.

Speaker 4 (17:51):
Of his dollar.

Speaker 3 (17:51):
You better not bring up over here. Because you come up,
I'll tell you what. Bring them on over here, and
I'm gonna show you lightning. I ain't know you got
some money already. She riding here and gives you money away.
I'm suddenly. I'll tell you what you bring your over
whether you want to and watch for so down.

Speaker 5 (18:06):
Hey man, all I'm saying is I'm finna come over
there and wait outside the down so Squeaky to get
there to get the rest of my money. That's what
I'm saying to you. You're gonna come over and sit
outside what I'm finna come over there and wait outside
for Squeaky to get this so I could get the
rest of.

Speaker 3 (18:19):
My money over here and sit outside my house. That's
what I'm.

Speaker 5 (18:22):
Finna do, is that's what it takes for me to
get my money from Squeaky.

Speaker 3 (18:25):
I tell you what you bring on over here there
and sit outside my house. And when can get your here,
you blow the horn. That's what you do.

Speaker 5 (18:30):
You throw the horse.

Speaker 3 (18:31):
I come out there and need you and let you
know what's going down to bust you, and we move
you there. She can see your lay it out like
ILL come on over here and get your money.

Speaker 5 (18:40):
I'm going to give my money on it, Squea. You
on you one hundred and fifty dollars and I'm finna
come get he.

Speaker 3 (18:44):
Don't give her? What's he on you about? Under said that? Mom?
Is she giving you? You ought to be happy with that.
You want to come over here talking about you want
some more money.

Speaker 5 (18:52):
You know somebody on thunder Boat on AE hundred and
fifty dollars and thunder boat gonna get his money.

Speaker 3 (18:58):
Brother, try to go and dance at the club on
this weekend. So here you will not be dancing at
the talking.

Speaker 5 (19:04):
About sitting out front of my house, Squeaky, gonna give
me my one fit. You ain't even got nothing to
do with this, no way. This transaction is between me
and Squeaky. It ain't got nothing to do with you,
no way.

Speaker 3 (19:14):
Hey your name is then it's got everything to do
with me. You call my counsel talking about killing you
something money and I'm gonna right man, bring you over here.
I got your money, Come get your now. I got
your money right here, gonna be sitting out front waiting
on you. Squeaky.

Speaker 5 (19:28):
The one ask for me to dance Saturday night, Squeaky
as I told her three hundred dollars plus kills. Now,
I ain't gonna get no kills. But I'll tell you why.
I am gonna get my three hundred dollars do I
got one fifty and I'm gonna get the other one
fifty with squeaky get on.

Speaker 3 (19:41):
You ain't getting it from me. You're gonna get your
blessing from me.

Speaker 5 (19:44):
I got one more thing I need to say to you.
What you listening to me? Said? Man?

Speaker 13 (19:47):
What come?

Speaker 3 (19:48):

Speaker 5 (19:48):
He ain't you what this has missed? You? Tomments from
the Steve Harby Morning Show. You just got cranked by
your homeboy? Who Who's this?

Speaker 6 (20:01):
This is?

Speaker 5 (20:01):
Nephew? Tell me? Man, from the Steve Harvey Morning Show.
You just got pranked by your homeboyd.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
God, you see the quiz.

Speaker 5 (20:13):
Play too much?

Speaker 3 (20:15):
Man, y'all had the hot roll this. I'm putting on boots.

Speaker 5 (20:20):
Man a year.

Speaker 3 (20:22):
I'm gonna go out here and squabble. I got pikes
and bat I gonna go out in the whole man.
All right, man, y'all bro I'll be glad with somebody
frank YO. Tell me I'm gonna get that. Y'all got me?
Y'all got me?

Speaker 5 (20:36):
Hey, man, I got one more thing I gotta ask you, man,
what is What is the baddest. I'm talking about the
baddest radio show in the lane, the.

Speaker 3 (20:45):
Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Speaker 1 (20:49):
All right, nephew, thank you.

Speaker 13 (20:50):
Coming up next, ask the CLO or chief Love Officer,
Steve Harvey and the building. Right after this, you're listening
Harvey Morning Show coming up at the top of the hour.
In entertainment news, Caitlin Clark's WUNBA salary will be patted
with a twenty eight million dollar deal from Nike. President
Biden signed a bill that could potentially banned TikTok in

the US, and Tiffany Hattish has found a way to
get back at her haters on social media.

Speaker 1 (21:20):
Steve, you might want to do it too.

Speaker 13 (21:22):
We'll talk about it at the top of the hour,
but right now it is time to ask the CLO.
This is from Sharky in Rome. Sharky writes, my wife
tried to cheat on me with a guy that is
a trainer at my gym. He came to me respectfully
and said there's no way he would have sex with her.

I didn't like how he said that, Like, my wife's
not a baddie. Should I talk to him about it
or let it go?

Speaker 5 (21:49):
What? No?

Speaker 4 (21:50):
How stupid are you How stupid are you? He passed you.
I don't like the way he said, yeah, like my
wife ain't a baddie wife. Got to do is be
a baddie to you.

Speaker 1 (22:02):
Yeah, that's right.

Speaker 9 (22:04):
Still, your bigger problem is your wife tried to have sex.

Speaker 4 (22:09):
Yeah, man, he came to you and.

Speaker 9 (22:14):
Went, hey, bro, listen to me.

Speaker 4 (22:15):
I'm just coming over here and let you know, man,
before this get out of hand, I would never ever
do nothing with her. Now she and her getting trained
for a reason. Obviously, I'm on another level.

Speaker 6 (22:29):

Speaker 4 (22:30):
You mad at him. I don't like the way he said,
you're stupid man. Your focus is on the trainer. Your
wife tried to sleep with it.

Speaker 9 (22:39):
And you hear that.

Speaker 7 (22:42):
I don't think he did.

Speaker 4 (22:44):
Talk to me like my wife ain't a baddie dog.
Everybody don't thank you? Fine, Sorry, I got news for.

Speaker 1 (22:52):
You, all right.

Speaker 13 (22:53):
Moving on to Lenisia and Newark, Alanisiha says I do
lashes and I sell electronic gift cards. Had a new
thirty year old customer that paid with an electronic gift card.
When she pulled it up on her phone, it was
from my daddy. Can I ask my sixty two year
old dad, what is he doing with this young and uh.

Speaker 4 (23:13):
Uh huh and get your lashes done, see you? And
too many businesses?

Speaker 8 (23:21):
You got too many?

Speaker 4 (23:23):
Yeah, And you don't know if that's your father. Anybody
could have a name. Johnson is a common name. Smith
is a common name. Jones is a common name. You know,
it could be in body. You don't know who that is.
And then you know, you don't know this girl, but
maybe she needs some help. Your daddy met her, you
know somewhere. Did she need help?

Speaker 1 (23:45):

Speaker 4 (23:45):
He matter where somewhere, you know, at the store she
was paying for food and didn't have enough money.

Speaker 1 (23:52):
And you know, at the grocery store, you know, something
like that.

Speaker 4 (23:56):
You never know. He gonna love tarty your car, don't
it's something can't hire yourself?

Speaker 13 (24:01):
I see that, okay, Zaddie. Moving on to Christine and Charlotte.
Christine says, I took my husband's phone out of his
bag and stuck it under his pillow to see if
he got calls and texts in the morning. It woke
both of us up, dinging and ringing at six am.

He's upset that I did it, But why is that
an issue?

Speaker 1 (24:26):
And not all the messages.

Speaker 4 (24:28):
Now gonna wake me up like this. You know I
don't get up to seven. You're gonna stick this under
my pillar and disturb my sleep. All these people down
at this job because they do that every morning, they say,
not be morning tent. It's a prag group that I'm in,
and they see boys and stuff, and I don't get
the brow. I don't participate in it til I wake up. Hey,
you're gonna stick this under the pillar, all these pray

messages and stuff. Man, So now I had to delete
the group. I'm out the group now because they call it.

Speaker 7 (24:56):
You willing.

Speaker 4 (24:56):
If you want me to sleep with this thing under
my pillow, then I'm gonna have to get out the group.

Speaker 15 (25:02):

Speaker 4 (25:02):
We're not gonna have more prayer up in here.

Speaker 9 (25:06):
That's what you want.

Speaker 7 (25:08):
Messing with my Jesus boy, he flipped that, didn't yeh talk?

Speaker 4 (25:13):
Mom coming up in here? Ding ding ding ding woke
both of us up?

Speaker 9 (25:16):
You talk, don't right?

Speaker 4 (25:17):
We are and I don't start my prayers to seven,
and you got it up in here six. That's why
I keep it over there in the gym bank.

Speaker 1 (25:25):
She's thinking it's a woman texting him.

Speaker 4 (25:28):
Ain't no woman's women in the prayer group. Oh, but
it's all men's group. But it's a woman that directs.

Speaker 1 (25:37):
Oh, and she's the one that's texting.

Speaker 4 (25:39):
Okay, you know.

Speaker 1 (25:43):
Wow? All right, last one, Jesus, the last one.

Speaker 5 (25:49):
I know.

Speaker 4 (25:49):
I can't do nothing. Ain't even worship.

Speaker 13 (25:57):
Yeah, all right, last one. This is from lynnon Evanston.
Lynn says, I work full time. My husband is a
stay at home dad. Our children are seven and nine
years old, so they don't require a lot, and my
husband is free to do his painting during the day.
So how is he always too tired to make love

to me after I've worked hard?

Speaker 4 (26:22):
Wait a minute, you feeling Hold up?

Speaker 9 (26:24):
Wait a minute, are you sitting up here here as
a woman?

Speaker 14 (26:29):

Speaker 4 (26:29):
Huh saying what y'all can't stand when a man says,
you mean to tell me he's been sitting at the
house all day week.

Speaker 1 (26:40):
I'm a house husband too, keys, yeah, and.

Speaker 4 (26:43):
Now and and all of a sudden when I come home,
he too, he too tired for me. He'll do nothing.
It ain't but too kids? What's it fit to do?

Speaker 1 (26:57):
She says, they don't require a lot because there's seven
and nine.

Speaker 8 (27:02):
What your kids?

Speaker 4 (27:02):
You know, don't require a lot.

Speaker 1 (27:04):
But that's what she said.

Speaker 9 (27:08):
What age do they stop requiring a lot?

Speaker 4 (27:11):
Because I need to know what that number is.

Speaker 1 (27:13):
Well, she thinks that's seven and nine.

Speaker 8 (27:16):
It ain't.

Speaker 1 (27:17):
Well that's what she said.

Speaker 4 (27:20):
Okay, well we got three folk people five now here,
Junior got listen.

Speaker 1 (27:26):
In there two days in a row.

Speaker 5 (27:29):
Win it.

Speaker 4 (27:30):
We all have kids that have passed to seven and
nine state. Oh yeah, yeah at seven and nine? Could
you walk off and lead ass somewhere?

Speaker 1 (27:42):
Would not, especially not today, not if you wanted your
house right.

Speaker 7 (27:49):
And keep them safe?

Speaker 4 (27:51):
Yeah right, yeah, so lady, I disagree with that. Now
let's back it up. Why is he too tired to
make love to Yeah?

Speaker 1 (28:00):
After she's worked hard?

Speaker 14 (28:02):

Speaker 4 (28:02):
You know, everybody don't want no tide. See, everybody don't
want that. You know. Maybe he's waiting on a weekend
where you can get yourself some rest because he like
that titching. You know, everybody, you know all this in here,
come on, put me to sleep. Nobody won't do that
all the time, you know, for you. So you know, lady,
I don't really know where you going with this.

Speaker 1 (28:23):

Speaker 4 (28:23):
It ain't nothing about him messing around with nobody. He
got time to do his painting. Hard to paint with
two kids, Daddy, Daddy, shut up, I'm painting.

Speaker 1 (28:37):
We're hungry, Daddy.

Speaker 7 (28:39):
See me, ain't got time.

Speaker 4 (28:40):
We didn't look.

Speaker 11 (28:43):
At school.

Speaker 1 (28:44):
Their school. Yeah, they should be in school. Maybe he's
a homeschool.

Speaker 4 (28:49):
My kids gonna be flucking out of everything. I can't
teach you. I got the homeschool my kids. We're gonna
be the backyard learned and the training. We're gonna be
back there learning how to be Greek Masons. Come many,
Thank y'all working on the app edition.

Speaker 1 (29:09):
Money though, thank you Bello.

Speaker 13 (29:12):
Coming up at the top of the hour, we'll have
some entertainment news where you're right after this you're listening.

Speaker 8 (29:18):
Morning show.

Speaker 13 (29:21):
So this is some good news for Caitlin Clark, the
number one and w NBA draft pick. Caitlin's w NBA
income will be padded by a new Nike deal that's
worth twenty eight million dollars over eight years. Nike was
at the top of Kaitlyn's list after under Armour offered
only sixteen million, Adidas offered her six million, and Puma

came in at only three million, So naturally she wanted
Nike and chose Nike for twenty eight Well, we.

Speaker 7 (29:51):
Know, Dale King.

Speaker 14 (29:55):
What I'm sorry, Papa, I'm sorry, it was out there.
It was out there, Key, you know, Gill rooting for.

Speaker 7 (30:07):
All right.

Speaker 13 (30:08):
So moving on, TikTokers are really really upset about this one.
President Biden has signed a bill to potentially ban TikTok
in the US if the company doesn't find a buyer. TikTok,
of course, is Chinese owned, yeah, and US lawmakers warned
that the Chinese government could easily have access to the
sensitive data of its over one hundred and seventy million users.

Speaker 1 (30:32):
So, Steve, you're a TikTok. You're on TikTok, right, Steve
you are, You're on TikTok. You don't know, Well, yeah
you are TikTok.

Speaker 13 (30:43):
You are. And Carla, you have a teenager. So I'm
just trying to find out how is this going to
impact them?

Speaker 2 (30:49):
Well, let me say, I don't know about Steve, but
in my household, this is the most devastating you have
said very long time. These teenage just say, man, I
have a house full of teenagers that.

Speaker 11 (31:03):
Come over all the time.

Speaker 1 (31:05):
No, they gonna be like Mama, who can we call?
Is their petition.

Speaker 7 (31:11):
To sign.

Speaker 4 (31:15):
Yeah, my stylist Elie Caromo, if he hear this.

Speaker 1 (31:22):
It's devastating, right.

Speaker 4 (31:25):
Because let me tell you something, I have never met
nobody that stay on tip his phone, stay uncharged.

Speaker 7 (31:32):
Out of power.

Speaker 4 (31:33):
Yes, he get all his information from TikTok how to
cure his stomach alements, which he has two three times
a week. Can Yeah, stupid, And then he go on
TikTok for that, and he gets all his news on TikTok.

Speaker 16 (31:51):

Speaker 1 (31:52):
Has he ever told you anything that's going on in
the world.

Speaker 4 (31:55):
Or everyday news? Every damn mister Harvey. Gee, look at this. Okay, Ellie,
you know that's TikTok. Mister Harvey.

Speaker 1 (32:04):
It's on TikTok, So that makes it true and real.

Speaker 4 (32:08):
Yes, he came in there with his face burned up
the other day, saw something on TikTok. Tried it at
the house.

Speaker 7 (32:15):
One of those challenges he tried.

Speaker 4 (32:18):
He tried his faith.

Speaker 17 (32:24):
Yeah, some vinegar with some baking soda and yeah, the
little boy he wanted to Sometimes TikTok has some good
stuff on you, So they need to find a way
to maybe balance it out.

Speaker 1 (32:38):
Yeah, they're concerned about the data.

Speaker 4 (32:41):
Yeah, here his problem data TikTok may have some good
stuff on it, but he tried everything, that's what so so,
so he off sets whatever good on that he tried.
Recipes at home. Just got a kitchen full of stuff
that don't work.

Speaker 1 (33:02):
What is the one with the let me see wait
what is it? Yeah, the hot chips, all of that.
They're talking conversations with the food.

Speaker 11 (33:19):
Stuff is dangerous.

Speaker 1 (33:20):
You can't do those challenges and hacked.

Speaker 4 (33:23):
Those are really really dangerous thing. Yeah.

Speaker 13 (33:25):
Well so anyway, speaking of moving on to uh, Tiffany Hattish.
Timney Hattish has definitely been in the news the past
couple of years with more bad news than good. But
she recently happily announced that she's been sober and celibate
for the past six months. So congratulations Tiffany Hattish for that.
That's a milestone. Yeah, and she's taking time, huh.

Speaker 1 (33:49):
Be celibate for six months. It could happen, It could happen.

Speaker 4 (33:52):
What does it happen though.

Speaker 1 (33:54):
Well, she's taking time to work on herself, to.

Speaker 4 (33:59):
Work on how can you work on yourself if you
sell them, if you don't have nobody else in yourself? Yes, okay,
pretty much, sir on yourself.

Speaker 9 (34:09):
No, he need to hear.

Speaker 4 (34:10):
Stuff like that.

Speaker 1 (34:11):
You mean, in your life, in your life?

Speaker 4 (34:14):
No, not in your life, Jeff, what I see.

Speaker 13 (34:21):
And you also said she has had time to clap
back when she receives negative comments on social media, and
an interview with The La Times, Tiffany admitted that she
created a fake Twitter or x account so she can
clap back at a few of the haters that leave
mean comments. So see, would you ever create a fake
Instagram or x account just so you can clap back

at your haters?

Speaker 2 (34:45):
No, that's what.

Speaker 4 (34:50):
Plus, I don't even know how to work the account
I got. The hell, I'm gonna have a frankuork for you.

Speaker 1 (34:56):
What you got now can help?

Speaker 9 (34:58):

Speaker 4 (34:59):
That tool account I can't work. I'm not addressing no
damn man. Say what you want to say right in
the words of what's what's your mama's name? Pat Bolton?

Speaker 3 (35:17):
Pat Bolton?

Speaker 4 (35:18):
In the words are the late great Pat Bolt? Yes,
I could give lesson, Yes.

Speaker 1 (35:26):
She gave zero and a.

Speaker 4 (35:32):
Say what you won't to say?

Speaker 1 (35:34):
That works for Tiffany, but not for Steve.

Speaker 4 (35:37):
Okay, just my behind, put it in a box and
don't miss a corner.

Speaker 7 (35:46):
Coming up.

Speaker 1 (35:46):
In twenty minutes after the hour.

Speaker 13 (35:49):
Well, you guys, remember yesterday Junior got an encouraging voicemail
about his poetry. So guess what coming up next? Junior
has a new poem for us today.

Speaker 1 (36:00):
Yes, Junior, right after this, you're listening.

Speaker 8 (36:05):
Morning show.

Speaker 1 (36:07):
All right, Steve introduced JR. Here's a poem for us.

Speaker 4 (36:11):
I called him Jay Rap. That stands for Junior's raggedy
ass poems, and he is another way. Go ahead, Jay Rapp.

Speaker 12 (36:20):
Thank you Peace, Brother Harvey cream and peace, brother Miles Mmm, Peace,
Sister Sheritan Peace, sister.

Speaker 11 (36:28):
Carl Peace, brother Jack Peace, Mike Peace. Yes, well but
that's what hey, hey, brother, that you disrespectful.

Speaker 7 (36:38):
Now, this is poem by you.

Speaker 11 (36:39):

Speaker 7 (36:40):
That's what it is.

Speaker 11 (36:41):
Today's poem is called respect R E S P E
C T. None of it is peace. Brother, people, we go.
My poem today is about respect. I feel like a
couple of you on this show need to be checked.
There are a few things I'd like this a for starters.

Speaker 12 (37:01):
Shut out to my mad big j He called in
all the way from Compton to congratulate, and all you
do is sit here and hate. I'm calling out Tommy
I'm calling out Uncle Steve. I need you to give
him my props, will you please?

Speaker 7 (37:15):
I got it all out.

Speaker 11 (37:16):
I just want you to know this is probably the
listeners favorite part of the show.

Speaker 18 (37:19):
V in respect, respect, respect, respect, respect, respect the poem,
respect the poem respect respect.

Speaker 9 (37:34):
That was a hard statement. There wasn't no damn.

Speaker 1 (37:39):
Poem respect their statement.

Speaker 9 (37:43):
There wasn't no poems respect. Shot to Big j I
got the Lord your respect, lorder your tone. There's people
driving trying to cut throwing out the window.

Speaker 1 (38:03):
That's his deep boy, Steve.

Speaker 7 (38:05):
I mean, I'm a.

Speaker 1 (38:09):
Stabbing you have a rebuttal, Steve, You.

Speaker 4 (38:15):
Not snaping nothing.

Speaker 7 (38:17):
I came then you see love Jones after.

Speaker 4 (38:20):
What poem.

Speaker 1 (38:24):
About the hate from you and Uncle Steve.

Speaker 4 (38:29):
Here's my rebuttal. I can't believe that that was it
when all of us know that that wouldn't. Now we
can sit here and act like it made a lot
of sense, but I think you and I both know
that damn poem was rather dense.

Speaker 9 (38:49):
I don't know how long it took you to write it,
and I don't know how long.

Speaker 4 (38:53):
You had it, But don't ever come up in here
with that message in and don't forget, I said you,
Lord Junior, I'm.

Speaker 9 (39:01):
Gonna have to remember something clear that you ain't no
damn it and.

Speaker 4 (39:06):
Know that you first heard it. Here stop waiting, and
now we got up and now we love that one.
This here damn show?

Speaker 7 (39:17):
Whoa not?

Speaker 4 (39:21):
That all.

Speaker 1 (39:23):
Is up next, Chris, you're listening.

Speaker 8 (39:28):
Morning show?

Speaker 1 (39:29):
All right, Carl, your buddy Roscoe is here. Take it away.

Speaker 7 (39:33):
Good morning, Rosco.

Speaker 16 (39:36):
Hey, we're going on call everything every day, everybody, everybody, well, shure,
hey here, then let the girl for here, Julia, I
don't bite you.

Speaker 4 (39:51):
Hey that that poor man, you're gonna put that out.
Wait that time of time. We're going on with your fiel.
All right, they gonna god, what you got, what you want?

Speaker 7 (40:03):
What you what do you need?

Speaker 1 (40:04):
All right, let's get it going.

Speaker 2 (40:06):
Okay, first thing since the last segment, Junior's poem was
titled respect.

Speaker 9 (40:12):
Why don't you go ahead kick it off?

Speaker 1 (40:13):

Speaker 7 (40:16):
Find out what in me?

Speaker 16 (40:18):
You shoot me?

Speaker 9 (40:19):
Oh yes, come on, and don't call me o.

Speaker 4 (40:30):
Little restrict.

Speaker 7 (40:38):
He said, I love it. I love it.

Speaker 1 (40:50):
That was a little treat.

Speaker 7 (40:50):
All right.

Speaker 2 (40:51):
So here's what I want to do today, Roscoe. I
want to salute Ohio.

Speaker 9 (40:56):
Right here, Uh, huh hey, I was called here.

Speaker 11 (41:08):
Aha, hey.

Speaker 12 (41:13):
He five.

Speaker 9 (41:18):
Won't say hop fi yup woo woo woo.

Speaker 4 (41:25):
They had Ohio right there, Oh high player, you can't
salute it. You can't salute a hop no more than
no high player.

Speaker 1 (41:34):
Yeah, I love it.

Speaker 2 (41:35):
Roscoe, not check Roscoe. I didn't know neither Baker was
originally from Ohio?

Speaker 7 (41:43):
Did you know that?

Speaker 9 (41:45):
How you ain't know that?

Speaker 7 (41:46):
I did not know that.

Speaker 4 (41:48):
I did not.

Speaker 9 (41:48):
Given you the person I got.

Speaker 16 (41:52):
Baby, I'm betting everything on my wedding ring, giving.

Speaker 7 (42:01):
You the best that I got. Hell hell ye, no
good out of her?

Speaker 14 (42:07):
Steve out?

Speaker 9 (42:08):
Oh I know, let me haul out O house.

Speaker 11 (42:14):
Yeah, I am gonna.

Speaker 7 (42:16):
We had white people out o Dean mar not on
how you're way out O house?

Speaker 1 (42:23):
Okay, Bobby Woman, I didn't.

Speaker 5 (42:28):
I know that.

Speaker 4 (42:29):
Rry you know, I don't know how you ain't doing
that right here, Bobby.

Speaker 1 (42:37):
If you think you're lonely now.

Speaker 10 (42:38):
Bobby woman, if you think you're lonely now, so waiting
you tonight? If you think you lonely now, lonely, lonely, lonely.

Speaker 7 (42:56):
Now waiting to.

Speaker 4 (43:01):
Waiting til this dog?

Speaker 16 (43:02):

Speaker 4 (43:11):
What else you got?

Speaker 16 (43:12):

Speaker 2 (43:13):
Jas, I want you to switch it up and sing backstaffs.

Speaker 9 (43:18):
They smiling your face, smiling your face all time.

Speaker 4 (43:23):
They're trying to take your place. Their backs down bagstam.
I keep getting all these visits from my friends. Don't
you know that they come to my house at getting
again and again. Gil, somebody is out to get your baby.

A few of my fellas they show looks shade. I
don't know what they're going on with this hill, but
I wish they take some of these knives out of
my I'm back dimn damn backstaple, sing us out. Phone

call coming, nephew, pume into my house and keys.

Speaker 1 (44:19):
Coming up at four minutes after the hour.

Speaker 13 (44:21):
It's my strawberry letter for it today and the subject
is it's always my fault. We'll get into that find
out what that's all about in just a few because
right now it is time for the nephew and today's
prank phone call.

Speaker 1 (44:35):
Nephew, what you got for us today?

Speaker 14 (44:37):

Speaker 4 (44:39):
You know we've all had a shirley and he's a warrants. Warrants.
You got a warrant A warrant.

Speaker 7 (44:46):
Okay, we've all had we not here, I didn't have
a wart.

Speaker 4 (44:53):
I had to pull I didn't.

Speaker 14 (44:54):
I'd had the police behind me and pulled up as
somebody up driveway and went on walked in the house
like I lived there.

Speaker 8 (44:59):
But that's dangerous.

Speaker 7 (45:03):
Well the alternative though, as right for you.

Speaker 4 (45:07):
It worked for me.

Speaker 8 (45:08):
You got once.

Speaker 7 (45:09):
Let's go get no.

Speaker 3 (45:11):
Ship and resuming.

Speaker 5 (45:12):
This is bread, Brad. I'm trying to reach a Regina, please,
uh hold on a woman? Hold on.

Speaker 4 (45:23):
Hello one minute.

Speaker 6 (45:26):
Receiving. This is Regina.

Speaker 5 (45:27):
How you doing? This is Officer Antonio with the Chicago
Police Department. Do you have a I have a fax
for you. Do you have a fact number available that
I can send something to you?

Speaker 6 (45:37):
Have a fact for me?

Speaker 5 (45:39):

Speaker 6 (45:39):
I have a fact for you for Regina too.

Speaker 5 (45:42):
Regina Thompson, this is uh you. You're working in shipping
and receiving.

Speaker 3 (45:47):
Yes, I am.

Speaker 5 (45:48):
This is Officer Antonio from the Chicago Police Department. I
have a fax for you. Well, what's the facts for
I'd rather you see it and then we'll discuss it after.
Just give me your number. I'll get this sent over
and then I'll call you back in a few minutes
to make sure you've gotten it.

Speaker 6 (46:01):
Well, you're factionated to my job? Is this personal or
is this work related?

Speaker 5 (46:05):
This is something actually that you need to have in
your hand right away. Let me get your facts number
so I can get this over to you as soon
as possible.

Speaker 6 (46:12):
Okay. Wait, mane, you're from the police department and you
want to send me a fact.

Speaker 5 (46:18):
I want to send you in facts. Okay, so go
ahead and give me your number.

Speaker 6 (46:22):
Okay, but this is my job. What's going to come
over on the fact?

Speaker 3 (46:26):
What are you?

Speaker 6 (46:27):
You have the right particel for you?

Speaker 5 (46:29):
It will it will be addressed to you. Just stand
by the facts machine and it'll be there within the
next three minutes.

Speaker 6 (46:35):
Okay, okay, all right, go ahead and fast it.

Speaker 5 (46:38):
Okay, give me your number.

Speaker 6 (46:41):
Uh huh uh one tream. Just put it attention to me.

Speaker 5 (46:45):
Okay. I would advise that you stand by there so
no one else gets it. Okay, okay, what's your name
against Officer Antonio. So just stand by your fact machine
and look for it, trying to make sure.

Speaker 6 (46:55):
But if you have the fact that you have to
send me, why don't you stop to the top and
read to it to make sure you have the right person.
You can see that any thing.

Speaker 5 (47:02):
Any nobody are you Regina Thompson I'm Regina.

Speaker 6 (47:05):
Does it say Regina Thompson, Regina al.

Speaker 5 (47:08):
Thompson, Regina el else? My name is your home address.

Speaker 6 (47:12):
I don't see how the police apartment is facing me anything.
I'm sorry, I don't see how the Chicago Police abottom
is facts to me anything. Are you sure you have
the right person?

Speaker 5 (47:20):
I have the right person? Are you located at fifty
eight Avenue?

Speaker 6 (47:25):
What is that your read the whatever fact you have
to send me?

Speaker 3 (47:30):
Just stop the top and let's let's go from there.

Speaker 5 (47:32):
Ma'am. I will get to that once I send it.
I'm sending it over in.

Speaker 6 (47:35):
The oh you're sending you're gonna send it to my job.
I'll work here. This is my place in employment. You
just can't send any old things in the police department
over here. It's a blessing.

Speaker 5 (47:43):
I'm an officer. I'm allowed to send things anywhere I
want to. Okay, So just stand by your faction machine.
I'll call you back in three minutes and we'll discuss, okay.

Speaker 6 (47:51):
I just don't see how you can just fat stuff.

Speaker 5 (47:53):
Like that.

Speaker 6 (47:56):
The phone.

Speaker 5 (47:57):
I'm sending it there.

Speaker 6 (47:58):
How do you know nobody else is gonna see it?
If you're not allowed to tell me what it is.
You're allowed to begin than anybody else, to read it
over again, receive now what your Okay, I'm over again.
Ship received I all revenue at the Macantine to see
what you won't even tell you on the phone. Doesn't
even make it, he says, just tell me.

Speaker 4 (48:14):
Let's see.

Speaker 5 (48:14):
Let's see what it is about, ma'am. I'll call you back.
Thank you. Sh've been receiving is Brad? Brad. I'm trying
to get Regina again.

Speaker 6 (48:24):
Please hold on, hold on, let me see you shivn'ty
receiving this the Regina?

Speaker 5 (48:29):
Okay, Regina, this is Officer Antonio again. Did you get
your facts?

Speaker 3 (48:33):

Speaker 6 (48:33):
I got the facts. This is saying. It's just a warn.
It's not saying what a when, or what's happened or anything.

Speaker 5 (48:40):
Okay, war from my arrest. That's a warrant for your arrest.

Speaker 6 (48:44):
Yeah. But I am not going to cooperate anymore with
you until you tell me what is going on.

Speaker 5 (48:50):
Okay, Well, here's what's going on. What I need you
to do is either come into the station or we're
going to have two officers come over to your job
and pick you up.

Speaker 6 (48:59):
Yeah, but don't you start telling me what this is about.
I'm not coming. I'm not going anywhere. I'm at work
and nobody can just come up here. Just what are
you gonna come here? Come? I just have a war.

Speaker 5 (49:08):
You have to give me more information and okay, we've
got too many people and witnesses claiming that you have
been doing public nudity and flashing. What you've been indulging
in public nudity? Have you been flashing people?

Speaker 6 (49:22):
What are you talking about? What do you mean witnesses?

Speaker 5 (49:26):
What are you talking about we ma'am? We have several
witnesses that are claiming Gena Thompson has been doing a
lot of flashing and a lot of public nudity.

Speaker 6 (49:35):
Check the moon. I'm you sure with Zeena Thompsins, Are
you sure you have the right things?

Speaker 5 (49:40):
I have the exact first, ma'am, I would not have
been able to call your job. I know exactly who
I am.

Speaker 6 (49:46):

Speaker 5 (49:46):
Are you listening to me? I will give you two
hours to come into the station, or I will send
a squad car out to get you.

Speaker 6 (49:53):
Well, what I don't give it, what you don't give
me to us. What you need to do is take
this warn and shove it up because I wasn't anywhere.
Ye wait, what day did has happened? What data month?

Speaker 5 (50:05):
I understand you understanding this does have a date on
when the incident has happened. This has been happening for
the last month, from what I understand.

Speaker 6 (50:12):
So somebody came up there and said that I'm flashing people,
and y'all just get a war out and that's that's
how easy it is.

Speaker 5 (50:19):
Right, Well, if they have filed a complaint. Okay, who listen,
I tell you what. I'm gonna send a car over. Okay,
you can send a.

Speaker 6 (50:28):
Car you want to, Y'ALLT can tell got coming here
because I haven't flashed anybody. I'm too old to be
flashing people. I don't do that, So you can bring
You can send a car you want to. I'll tell
you what. You better send more than one because I
ain't doing what one does not tell me anything.

Speaker 5 (50:45):
Mister Jinia Townson. I'm here to let you know that
I am sending a squad car right now that should
being there in the next thirty minutes.

Speaker 6 (50:50):
Okay, I don't give a what you do. Like you
go up to send minute one. I'm about to call
when y'all getting your hands gonna. He's gonna because I
ain't been out of nowhere nothing, and I know this.
I'm gonna put them talking you what but it wasn't me.
So y'all can kiss not so we're not talking to
I'm the people. I'm talking it kiss because I'm on

the way after got going. I'm saying about to police,
I can kiss my body, test me at all. I
hope you have that to nod off you and this
more talk about that, come you and this police. I'm
leave it already. I'll put out and got me five
and this have me outside saying hello, next, I ain't
say netting nowhere. Man, I've got out here. That's the

legal kiss's my neck? How about that?

Speaker 5 (51:39):
Man? Listen, the person that filed the complaint filed.

Speaker 6 (51:44):
That's what I was asking you.

Speaker 5 (51:45):
Tommy filed the complaint. Tommy, baby, nephew, Tommy, what the nephew?

Speaker 6 (51:54):
I don't have any elseews named Tommy. That's man that's.

Speaker 5 (51:59):
Coming, Regina, Regina, this is nephew tied me from the
Steve Harvey Morning Show. Your girlfriend canvas got me the
plank phone call. Shoot, I'm gonna kick that.

Speaker 6 (52:19):
I'm gonna kick her every time I see her.

Speaker 5 (52:23):
Oh my goodness, Hey, I got something to ask you, baby.
Tell me this. What's the baddest radio show in the land.

Speaker 6 (52:30):
The baddest radio show is the Steve Harvey Morning Show.

Speaker 4 (52:37):
There you have it, Gay two months.

Speaker 14 (52:40):
You got some lawnch You might want to pay him.
I'm just telling you now, I'm just telling you Netflix
is a joke. The comedy Festival's going down. You can
catch me May Philip along with my friends.

Speaker 7 (52:51):
Let there be Lives. That is keV on stage, Tony.

Speaker 14 (52:54):
Baker, Lavell Crawfin, JJ Williamson and the music Man, the
Legend the Gospel and Fred Hammond is in the building
along with a live band. And you don't want to
miss it. Let them be last and it will be
clean comedy, all right. I said let them be clean comedy,
all right, That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 7 (53:15):
Laying in the cut West palm beef. You do not
want to miss it.

Speaker 14 (53:18):
Take us already, Flying Baby at the Cravis Center an
evening with Nephew Tommy. Oh my god, this is I've
become so intellectual comedy now it's just so different.

Speaker 13 (53:32):
Okay, Now you're just lying Okay, come next Strawberry letter.
Subject It's always my fault. Right after this, you're listening
Harvey Morning Show. It's time now for today's Strawberry Letter.
And if you need advice and relationships, work, sex, parenting
and more, please submit your Strawberry letter to Steve Harvey

FM dot com and click submit Strawberry Letter. We could
be reading your letter live on the air, just like
we're going to read this one right here, right now,
and you never know, it could be yours.

Speaker 7 (54:06):
It could be yours. Buckle up and hold on tight.
We got it for you.

Speaker 5 (54:09):

Speaker 7 (54:09):
It is Strawberry LETTA.

Speaker 1 (54:11):
Thank you nephew.

Speaker 13 (54:12):
Subject It's always my fault. Dear Stephen Shirley, My husband
and I have been married for nine years. In the beginning,
we talked about starting a family, but he wasn't able
to make that happen. We went to see a specialist
and we were told that his little swimmers are weak.
The doctor said he should improve his diet and exercise

more often. But my husband made his issue my fault
because I cook a lot of red meat and we
eat a lot of bread and potatoes. I was so
hurt that he blamed that on me. Then sex with
him got worse Gradually. He said, it's all my fault
because I come to bed partially naked and wearing a
scarf over my hair. He said those visuals don't go together,

and he can't perform with me looking unpresentable. That hurt
my feelings too. The bottom line is he cannot perform
and his main character is smaller than normal. I have
kept it in for so huh. I've kept it in
for so long, and I finally got to tell him
how I really feel. We were being intimate and he

made a loud noise and slid away from me. He
said it felt like he pulled a muscle after I
flipped over too quickly on him. He said I was
being wild. I told him I was doing all I
could so it would stay put. I told him I
was glad he pulled a muscle because I was tired
of faking the funk with him. Now he's walking around

the house with a heating pad velcrow to his back,
and I think he's the most foolish man I've ever met.
How can everything that's wrong, especially in his private areas,
be my fault? What do you think is he blaming
me for everything to cover up his own shortcomings. Is
he blaming you for everything to cover up for his

own shortcomings? Well, in a word, yes, no man wants
to face the fact that he's not the man he
thinks he is. He's not large in size, and the
doctor says he has weak sperm. All that is a
big blow to a man's ego, for sure. But instead
of trying to deal with this in a mature manner,

he's using it as a distraction because the real issue
is you wanting children and him not being able to
give you children. That is not your fault period. That
is a medical problem on his part, like the doctor said,
who also gave him some solutions that could help him
build himself up. The way he's acting the way he's acting,

Are you sure you even want kids with this man?
I mean, I know he's your husband. But it's good
that all this came out because now you know how
he really feels about you, and it's not very favorable.
He hurts your feelings because he can't handle the truth
about himself.

Speaker 4 (57:00):
Steve Sherley, where did you see that they gave him
something to do to help himself? I missed that part.

Speaker 13 (57:07):
Oh, The doctor said he should improve his diet and
exercise more often.

Speaker 4 (57:11):
Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I see that. Okay, thank you.
I was lost that was up at the top. Oh
that's right, because you end your letter back at the top. Okay,
all right, I got it now, thank you. Here's the problem.
Let's just get to this letter right here. Now, I'm
gonna read this letter, but as a man, so this

woman don't feel bad. I'm gonna give you the cause
of all his problem. Y'all got married nine years. In
the beginning, y'all talked about have a family, but he
wasn't able to make that happen. That's a true statement.
We see especialists and we were told that, let's just
get to this. His little swimmers are weak. Now let

me tell you why you have weak little swimmers. We
are not gonna say nothing nasty because this is all
part of uh like health and education. In class, these
little swimmers are referred to the technical name or sperm. Now,
the reason you have little weak swimmers, it's cast swimmers

need exercise to be big and strong. And whether you
get your exercise that as a little swimmer in the
little swimmer swimming pool, you get your exercise in the
little swimming swimming canal. Now we have a problem because
you said his main character is smaller than normal. Well,

now that means the swimming canal and the swimming pool
is little hard to do laps in the kittie pool.
It's hard. You know, all of us have children, and
all of us that bought our kids a kiddie pool
at one point in time. You go out there and
fill it up with the holes if you want to.
But you can't do a lap in a kitty pool.
You need that pool or a swimming pool. But his

main character is small, so he got a kiddie pool.
Now he got the litt bity little weak swimmers, and
they tied too. Weak swimmers get tied. They can't make it,
and we can't make it. We can't make it. We
can't get nowhere because they're weak. Now that we got
that out the way, let me help this lady.

Speaker 7 (59:24):
In the letter, the doctor.

Speaker 4 (59:26):
Said he should improve his diet and exercise more often.
Now fat boy ain't took his ass to the gym
and time. And now he say that's your fault because
you cook a lot of red meat and we eat
a lot of bread and potatoes. I was so hurt
that he blamed it on me that the sex got

worse gradually. How can it get worse? Lord?

Speaker 15 (59:52):

Speaker 4 (59:53):
He said, it's my fault because I come to bed
partially naked and wearing a scarf.

Speaker 5 (59:59):
Of them.

Speaker 4 (01:00:00):
Hell, that's do you know how much if you come
partially naked with a scoff that's Jay Pott, that's jack pot.
Don't don't that should be the greatest moment. They'll li
like she half nigger with a scarf on. You ain't
trying to do nothing to her scarff? What did you
worry about the scarf fa.

Speaker 13 (01:00:19):
Hang on, Steve, we'll have part two of your response
coming up.

Speaker 9 (01:00:25):
Now, you worrying about the scarf fault?

Speaker 13 (01:00:27):
At twenty three minutes after the hour of today's Strawberry Letter,
subject It's always my fault. We'll get back into it
right after this.

Speaker 1 (01:00:36):
You're listening.

Speaker 8 (01:00:38):
Morning show?

Speaker 4 (01:00:40):
All right?

Speaker 13 (01:00:40):
Come on, Steve, let's recap today's Strawberry letter. The subject
is it's always my fault.

Speaker 4 (01:00:47):
In all hones stuff. I feel sorry for this lady
because she got this man that's blaming her for everything,
and ain't none of this is her fault? They can't
have a family because they went to a specialist, and
specialist told her that they little swimmers is weak. Now,
I told you, in order for the little swimmers to
be able to grow up and be strong swimmers, if
they have to get a lot of exercise. And you

need exercise if you're a swimmer in a big pool.
But if you're in a kittie pool and a little
bitty canal, you're not gonna be able to get no exercise.
It's hard to do exercise in the kitty pool because
even if you move around a lot, you're gonna splash
the water out. Now it's on the floor. And now
you can't do nothing in the kitty pool and in
the canal he got the lady said, it's smaller. His

main character is smaller than normal. Lord, have mercy. Now
you got a little bitty a main character, and you
ain't got no kiddie pool. You got a kiddie pool.
It's too much small messing here. That's why your swimmers
is weak. Now, the doctor said, like Shirley pointed out
to me that he needs to improve his diet and exercise.
Fat boy, he took his ad to the gym. Yet

now you blame you for the diet because y'all need
a lot of red meat, potatoes, and bread. All that
could be true, But I like potatoes and breathe. Yeah,
I ain't had no trouble my main character. As matter
of fact, I had talked to him all the time, say, man,
this ain't about you. Well that's what I have to
tell my main character sometimes this is not about you.

Speaker 1 (01:02:14):
And I'm telling you that now.

Speaker 4 (01:02:17):
Well, I'm just saying he's probably never had that conversation
with his main character. He the main character ain't doing
nothing right. Hey, hey, hey, your turn, my man, Hey,
what you doing?

Speaker 9 (01:02:28):

Speaker 5 (01:02:28):
We go?

Speaker 9 (01:02:29):

Speaker 4 (01:02:29):
He making up excuses why he can't get the main
character to play the lead role. See when you got
the main character, you got to have the lead role
in the play. Now, the starring lady in the play,
your co host. She come to bed half naked with
a scarf on her head. He say, those two don't
go together, and it's her fault that his main character

can't produce because she's unpresentable. She half naked, She is
presenting herself to the little swimming and the kiddie pool.
Your main character is not doing what he supposed to be.
He got to stand up and be old fellow. It's
time to be an old fellow. You over here, you

little Pinocchio. That ain't the play we doing tonight, nadamnit.

Speaker 9 (01:03:20):
Get to play right.

Speaker 4 (01:03:22):
Your main character is reading the wrong script. You is
not little Pinocchio.

Speaker 9 (01:03:28):
And if you are, tell a lie, let's get some
growth hill.

Speaker 4 (01:03:37):
Your one character good not following the script.

Speaker 7 (01:03:45):
Listen to me.

Speaker 9 (01:03:46):
If the script is a little Red winden Hook, we
need you to be the wolf. You can't be little
Red riding Hood.

Speaker 4 (01:03:54):
This ain't who we are. We need your main character
to be the wolf. If you the three Bears, you
can't keep being the little baby bear. You can't be Goldilocks.

Speaker 7 (01:04:06):
Damn it.

Speaker 4 (01:04:07):
You need to be Papa Bear. Your main character don't
know the play now. We was being intimate one time
and he made a lot of noise and slid away
from me. He said it felt like he pulled the
muscle after I flipped over too quickly on him. He
said I was being wild. I told him I was

doing all all I could so we could stay put.
Because the little character over here don't can't, can't, don't
know how to play the whole time. See the little character,
keep running around the playground. We on the sliding board.
Stay on the sliding board. What is your only last
going over there, getting on the staatsoft for we not
gotta finish on the sliding board. Now he come talking

about he done pull the muscle because and then he said,
and I told him I was glad he pulled the
muscle because I'm tired of faking it, trying to hold
you in place because your main character doing the wrong.

Speaker 9 (01:05:04):

Speaker 4 (01:05:06):
Name a couple of plays. Just give me a name
of a play, A popular play. Lady in Wiz okay,
the Wiz? Okay, the Wiz is good. When is you
gonna be the Wizard? Everybody can't be off to see
the Wizard. You need to tell your main character you
got to be the wizard, and you will. You stopping
Poto ain't gonna make it stop being Toto the scarecrow,

fiddler on the roof, be the damn fiddler. Wow, I
mean you keep being the fiddle. You got to be
the main character. Come in here with your little violin ass.
A matter of fact, you just come in here as
a couple of strange and we need to whole damn fiddler.
Give me another play, any play?

Speaker 9 (01:05:52):
I said Fences, Yes, you got to be Denzel. No problem,
can't be the sun. Come on, Pop, you can't beat
the Sun.

Speaker 4 (01:06:06):
I ain't got it, Pops, Come on, Pops, I ain't
got it. Shut up, boy, give me another plate. You
got to get your main character together, anything.

Speaker 7 (01:06:18):
Romeo or Juliet. No, I ain't gonna beat Juliet.

Speaker 9 (01:06:22):
Where Romeo? Damn beat the letter? Then climb up there.

Speaker 5 (01:06:29):
Do that?

Speaker 4 (01:06:31):
Get your roll together. Your main character is sloppy. He
not cutting it, lady. Let me just huh but Dia,
damn it.

Speaker 9 (01:06:41):
Be my deal?

Speaker 1 (01:06:45):
All right?

Speaker 13 (01:06:46):
I think you get the point right. Leave your comments
on Today's Strawberry Letter on.

Speaker 1 (01:06:50):
Instagram at Sea Barb FM and check us out on
the Strawberry Letter.

Speaker 9 (01:06:53):
Pops his own short comings. We tied it short.

Speaker 1 (01:06:58):
I art radio app. Come up next is Junior and
Sports Talk. Right after this.

Speaker 8 (01:07:03):
You're listening hard morning show.

Speaker 1 (01:07:07):
It is time now for Junior and Sports Talk. What
you got Junior?

Speaker 7 (01:07:10):
Well, this is out of nowhere.

Speaker 12 (01:07:12):
Reggie Bush has his Heisman trophy returned to him. You know,
he lost his trophy from the gifts and money he
received from agents. But due to nil rules, the Heisman
Committee has returned it to him he wanted in two
thousand and five. They took it from him in twenty ten,
and so now Reggie got his Hidsmand Trophy back.

Speaker 5 (01:07:29):

Speaker 11 (01:07:29):
They reunited, man, and.

Speaker 4 (01:07:30):
That's really good man. Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's good.

Speaker 9 (01:07:35):
That's what old Jack said.

Speaker 4 (01:07:36):
Trying to do well get his Highland trophy back. Yeah,
that was he was that he went out there in
Vada for.

Speaker 7 (01:07:44):
Wherever he is now, he's probably looking take that off.

Speaker 15 (01:07:47):
Please continue, Junior, Well just saying because yeah, but because
it okay, come on, I'm very comfortable with my last agent.

Speaker 4 (01:08:00):
Yeah. It was all over the news while he was
in the toy was saying the fact that he's not
here anymorehead, nothing nothing to do with you. I'm just
talking about if we're talking about getting him. Yeah, that's
how they knew. That's how they knew o J was
guilty in the first place, because when they was in

there doing the clean up in front of their house,
they found the heisman in the bushes. He had dropped it.

Speaker 1 (01:08:31):
Do you have any more sports?

Speaker 15 (01:08:33):
Yeah, I.

Speaker 12 (01:08:35):
Was just trying to understand it's just fair to give
him this trophy back because of the n L rules.

Speaker 4 (01:08:40):
Absolutely, absolutely, absolutely, man, the brother deserved his true he
earned that. It ain't had nothing to do with no
money or nothing like that. And they're paying these kids. Now,
that's just like they need to let all these people
out of prison for selling weed. Same thing legal legal,
it's legal if you were in there for selling weed.

They need to let all these people out. But they
need to Why would they keep them in there for what?
That's not justice anymore? Legal?

Speaker 9 (01:09:14):
Yeah, man, they was just ahead of their time. It
was forward thinking people. Well, let me just say this.

Speaker 11 (01:09:22):
The Texas revealed their new uniforms. What y'all think about
the new uniform I love them.

Speaker 1 (01:09:27):
I like them a lot, Yes, Age Town, I love it.

Speaker 14 (01:09:31):
A touch of that baby blue from the all of
just a touch of that baby blue that no matter.
Junior scared to say you don't like them, I.

Speaker 11 (01:09:38):
Ain't scared to say.

Speaker 7 (01:09:39):
I'm what I'm saying.

Speaker 11 (01:09:40):
I don't like I don't like them.

Speaker 12 (01:09:42):
I don't like them because it looked like we're playing
little league football. That would have looked like a pee
wee team, that would look like that.

Speaker 1 (01:09:49):
Don't Yes, it's good, Jr.

Speaker 11 (01:09:52):
We got a little uh h.

Speaker 7 (01:09:55):
On the side of our helmet.

Speaker 11 (01:09:56):
Put the bull back up there. Let's be intimidating with
the bull. Now, we got h got a little team.

Speaker 4 (01:10:02):
You ain't y'all from Houston, h town. Yeah, you got
that little thing on your hand right now. We can't
We don't even know what that is.

Speaker 1 (01:10:10):
We can't even coming up at the table.

Speaker 8 (01:10:15):
Thank you, Jr.

Speaker 13 (01:10:17):
Which coworker would you depend on if you needed help?
We'll find out right after this. You're listening Harvey Morning Show.
All right, So, Steve, which one of your Steve Harvey
Morning Show co workers would you hate to get into
an argument with you?

Speaker 4 (01:10:42):
You ain't fair, you illogical? Listen yet never had a
little attitude, but.

Speaker 9 (01:10:56):
You really, I really can't argue with none of the college.

Speaker 4 (01:10:59):
She custom much on on.

Speaker 9 (01:11:00):
Like that, saying that I'm doing better now.

Speaker 7 (01:11:05):
I don't want that.

Speaker 11 (01:11:06):
I don't want that said.

Speaker 4 (01:11:09):
If you say something to monitor, She started crying. I
ain't never seen nobody so damn toughest since the same
damn time.

Speaker 7 (01:11:15):
Yes, so you don't nobody to respect me.

Speaker 4 (01:11:17):
I got all these damn degree and y'all be talking
to me like I'm educated.

Speaker 7 (01:11:22):
I got more education than everybody on this show. Diploma.
You ain't got nothing but a diploma? What I see?

Speaker 13 (01:11:31):
Which which one of us would you ask to borrow
fifty thousand dollars from Tommy?

Speaker 8 (01:11:38):

Speaker 4 (01:11:38):
Why is that?

Speaker 9 (01:11:39):
Because he got it?

Speaker 15 (01:11:43):
You mean?

Speaker 9 (01:11:44):
Why because he got it?

Speaker 1 (01:11:47):
Which one would you take it to the casino with you?

Speaker 9 (01:11:50):

Speaker 4 (01:11:52):
Man? Please come on that.

Speaker 9 (01:11:55):
But then I gotta watch him though.

Speaker 4 (01:11:57):
It's like taking it's like taking an unsupervised two genage juts.
I'm gonna tell you whatever. Junior saw me winning, Junior
to your back this story. Yes, so he was in
a hot high slot run. Junior saw me wanting when
I had won, about how much by this?

Speaker 7 (01:12:12):
How much about it?

Speaker 11 (01:12:13):
I'd say about forty At that.

Speaker 4 (01:12:14):
Time, I wanted about forty dollars.

Speaker 11 (01:12:17):
No forty grand.

Speaker 4 (01:12:21):
There ain't no wins. You just over there, put your
money in the machine, a win as far as wow,
I'm up about forty grand, Junior said, Man, I'm gonna
play what he played? I said, Junior, hold up at
I said, no, that machines right there? He said, Jerry,
you gotta put one hundred dollars billing there for one spin.

Speaker 9 (01:12:41):
Don't do that.

Speaker 4 (01:12:42):
But look how much you do want this mission. It
ain't no guarantee. Now, how much did you put in
that machine during probably four times?

Speaker 1 (01:12:52):
What about one thousand in the slot.

Speaker 7 (01:12:57):
Win before you got married?

Speaker 11 (01:13:00):

Speaker 4 (01:13:02):

Speaker 6 (01:13:02):

Speaker 7 (01:13:03):

Speaker 4 (01:13:03):
He's sitting over the depressed. I said, but Julia, I
told you don't put your money. But you had won
all this money I wanted already. Just keep passing out
part why you go to another machine? But you won
on this one, so you think this one is just

giving away money?

Speaker 15 (01:13:27):

Speaker 9 (01:13:28):
Now the rest of the day, he depressed.

Speaker 1 (01:13:31):
Well, yeah, that's a lot of money.

Speaker 13 (01:13:34):
Next one, shoot, all right, which one of which one
of us? Would you not want to be on a
deserted island with Monica?

Speaker 4 (01:13:45):
Why damn complaining and know everything? I ain't never seen
nobody know everything.

Speaker 9 (01:13:54):
You can't come.

Speaker 4 (01:13:54):
You can't get a sentence out with Hucks trying to
complete it quight and then and then gossip and me
on that week. She ain't helping to make no leave house,
She ain't trying to.

Speaker 1 (01:14:07):
Cook, trying to get off the island over.

Speaker 9 (01:14:09):
That, just complain, he said, which house?

Speaker 13 (01:14:13):
Which one of us would you tell your deepest, darkest
secret to call.

Speaker 1 (01:14:20):
Your deepest start and why.

Speaker 8 (01:14:21):
Is that she who.

Speaker 4 (01:14:26):
I keep a secret? Calling Thomas okay junior because he
had a crisis.

Speaker 1 (01:14:36):
Don't scream up wow, last one? See last one? And
I don't like this one? Which one would you not
call for cooking tips or recipe?

Speaker 5 (01:14:53):
And you.

Speaker 11 (01:14:55):
Think that is not right?

Speaker 1 (01:14:58):
Walter coming up in twenty minutes after the hour, we'll
have more of the say morning show right after this one.
You're listening.

Speaker 8 (01:15:10):
Morning Show.

Speaker 13 (01:15:13):
According to a new study, more attractive women inspire men
to tell the truth. In the study, men's behavior was
linked to the quote beauty premium, a proven phenomenon that
beautiful people are often assumed to have good character, traits
and a good life that is backed by research.

Speaker 1 (01:15:33):
According to the Post.

Speaker 8 (01:15:34):
Now is this true?

Speaker 1 (01:15:36):
Do you only lie to less attractive women or to
all women equally?

Speaker 4 (01:15:42):
I'm gonna just tell you flat out, I have lied
to mo fine women. So this study is all wrong,
matter of fact, chance of getting lied.

Speaker 7 (01:15:54):
It's the reverse. It's the actual reverse of no.

Speaker 9 (01:15:58):
Mess like that.

Speaker 13 (01:16:00):
Lied them the ones you've got to lie to hell
and you light of them more because what you want
to keep them?

Speaker 8 (01:16:10):
Yeah? Everything you told us right now?

Speaker 4 (01:16:18):
What I'm an equal opportunity lie if you.

Speaker 9 (01:16:22):
A woman, you finished give one?

Speaker 7 (01:16:25):

Speaker 1 (01:16:26):
Have you ever told the truth to a woman?

Speaker 9 (01:16:29):

Speaker 4 (01:16:29):
Hell yeah.

Speaker 14 (01:16:31):
I didn't lie to all three of y'all. Oh we know,
and I ain't had nothing to do with I lie
all three of y'all.

Speaker 5 (01:16:38):
We know this.

Speaker 4 (01:16:39):
What did you lie about?

Speaker 5 (01:16:41):

Speaker 11 (01:16:41):
What did you told?

Speaker 1 (01:16:42):
What's the last lie you told?

Speaker 7 (01:16:45):
Let's go back through this morning. It was something this morning.

Speaker 13 (01:16:49):
We'll have more of the Steve Harby Morning Show coming
up in thirty three minutes after we'll play around it.

Speaker 1 (01:16:53):
Would you rather right after this you're listening Harby Morning Show?
Time around it? Would you rather? Would you rather co
host a show with Charles Barkley or Shannon Sharp?

Speaker 7 (01:17:07):
That man that don't they're not gonna do it.

Speaker 4 (01:17:11):
We got y'all had to go with Charles because Shannon.
I don't want to be over there when he started
that gossip stuff. I don't want to be over there.
You're gonna Charles talk about your ad right you?

Speaker 7 (01:17:26):
Chyle that you have it?

Speaker 17 (01:17:28):

Speaker 7 (01:17:28):
What cha talk about it?

Speaker 9 (01:17:33):
I don't tell you right now.

Speaker 4 (01:17:34):
I'll tell you now.

Speaker 11 (01:17:35):
You said one more time, say this by me one
more time?

Speaker 9 (01:17:38):
Your ass is going through that window, and I mean.

Speaker 7 (01:17:40):
It all right.

Speaker 13 (01:17:47):
Would you rather have your lips glued shut during sex?
Or would you rather have your eyes glued shut?

Speaker 14 (01:17:54):
Let the person with the biggest lips speak first, Well,
you know the last.

Speaker 4 (01:18:01):
That's a lot of you don't have enough glue. Shut
my lips. Wow, No, I don't mess around. Told my
skin off because I'm gonna talk, so you might as
well shut mine. I ain't got to see nothing. But
then I do like to see because I like a
little light in the room. I don't like pitch black.
I don't.

Speaker 1 (01:18:19):
Like wait, so you like you like a little light
in the room when you're getting busy.

Speaker 16 (01:18:25):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (01:18:27):
If you ain't fine while we're in here, this right here,
if you ain't cute, cut all the damn light off?

Speaker 1 (01:18:43):
What you made? What mistake before?

Speaker 4 (01:18:46):
Oh I've been with the wrong person.

Speaker 1 (01:18:47):
You believe that? And you had all the lights off?

Speaker 4 (01:18:51):
I'm talking about man, I'm talking about man. I just
came out of a club that made this dastress everybody. Everybody,
don't all right, sunlight across your free walking on the

sunlight on somebody. I went, good lord man in the morning. Yeah,
she went from them club them blue lights at the
club to that sunlight in the day. Two damn different people,
two damn different people.

Speaker 13 (01:19:26):
Rather live in a tiny house with five monkeys? Or
would you rather live in a mansion with your ex.

Speaker 4 (01:19:34):

Speaker 3 (01:19:37):
You get that.

Speaker 4 (01:19:38):
I'm gonna live in that mansion with my egg. I'd
have done that before. Yeah, I've done that before.

Speaker 1 (01:19:46):
You do, so you know how that story ends.

Speaker 4 (01:19:50):
The days I've been days not talking to her.

Speaker 9 (01:19:54):
I'm not gonna do the damn monkeys in that tiny
house right now?

Speaker 1 (01:19:58):
How much do you hate time? All right? That's today's rounded,
coming up next to our.

Speaker 9 (01:20:08):
Last two monkeys just sitting there looking.

Speaker 1 (01:20:12):
We'll close up the show right after this, but the
one only Steve Harvey.

Speaker 7 (01:20:16):
Do know show?

Speaker 8 (01:20:18):
You're listening to Harvey Morning Show.

Speaker 13 (01:20:21):
All right, guys, here we are on this Friday, last
break of the day. It's been a good day, good week.

Speaker 1 (01:20:28):
Thank you Lord. We got through it so far.

Speaker 4 (01:20:30):
Amen, Yes, Matte I got some closing remarks for people.
This is something that I've had to really really learn
myself along the way. It's hard to be something for
someone else that you're not for yourself. That's been very difficult,

and oftentimes we burden ourselves with the task of making
someone else happy when we ourselves are not happy. Have
you ever attempted to make a person happy? Do you
know how daunting of a task that is? Do you
know the impossibility of that? Bishop Jakes told me one time.
He said, you can't make another person happy, Nor is

it your job. That's not your job. You can't make
another person happy. I don't care how hard you try.
And if you take on that task, you are dooming
yourself to a fail task. It's no way to complete
that because it's gonna be ongoing. If you provide a

happy moment, which will be fleeting because I just said moment.
If you provide a happy moment the moment they're over that,
you're gonna need another moment, and another, and another one,
and another one and another one. And in your quest
to provide this happiness for somebody else, you know what,

you know who You're gonna have to sacrifice yourself.

Speaker 7 (01:22:12):
Because I don't know if you.

Speaker 4 (01:22:13):
Realize it and out that most of us have at
this age, most of these people realizing this because you've
lived long enough to know this. Getting yourself together is
a twenty four to seven operation. So it becomes extra
daunting when you take on the responsibility of somebody else.
Now because you are a parent, you now understand the

difficulty of it because not only are you still responsible
for your own welfare being, but you are now being
given the task of raising another human being. So my
hat goes off to parents, man, My hat goes off
to families and parents that's raising kids. My hat goes

out to single fathers that's out there trying to raise kids.
My head really go off to single mothers that's out
there trying to raise their kids, because I realize how
dawning it is, because it's hard enough taking care of you,
and now you got the responsibility and what a lot
of single mothers end up doing, and what a lot
of mothers do even with husbands in the house, You

sacrifice so much of yourself to make sure that they
don't go without. Because women are just better at this
than men. I know this for a fact, and I'm sorry.
I'm not saying men can't do it, and I'm not
saying that doubt aren't men out there that's taking the
responsibility of being everything for their family, because it is,

it's just women better at it. Or see why you
say that, Because they're more nurturing, they're more all inclusive
by nature, they are more caring people. And then the
added benefit of them being the one that actually manufactured
and produced that life.

Speaker 9 (01:23:58):
They have a bond that we could never have have.
Man a mother, a real mother. I'm talking about a good.

Speaker 4 (01:24:05):
Mother, irreplaceable, irreplaceable. But in that effort, women of you
being all you could be for your child, don't forget
yourself sometimes, don't forget you because a lot of times
you get lost in the sauce. You get lost in

the process of trying to hold your family together, being
everything you need to be for your husband, being everything
you need to be for the children, And I watch
women get lost in that. Take some time out for yourself.
Go take you a girl's day, get with a group
of women men and y'all got similar likes and needs

and desires, and go do something together. And then men
the same for you, Because I know how daunting of
a task it is to be a man. Being a
man is a thankless job. And you know what, being
a man can't even get it really one hundred because
if you spending your time supporting and providing for your family,

then you're not there. You're gonna miss events, you're gonna
miss recitals, you're gonna miss games because you out getting it.
But then if you're there all the time, you had
all the recitals, all the games, all the homework, all
the PTA meetings, there's a chance that you ain't out
there getting it. So now your family is suffering in

the provision department because you're trying to be all of
the other stuff that they need. Well, guess what, that's
tough too. I know very few men who get it
all one hundred, including myself. I've actually heard the grumblings
of my kid. You know, Dad wasn't now when we
were young, Dad weren't here. They've complained to other people.

I didn't see my father much when I was young.
I've been tasked with that. I suffer from that guilt
all the time from that. But I was out there
trying to make it happen. But whenever they needed something
or wanted something, they knew where they could come to
get it. So it's tough out here. It's tough for everybody,

men and women. At the end of the day, take
some time out for yourself, because if you don't take
care of yourself. It's gonna be hard for you to
be something for everybody else. Take some time out. It's okay,
it's okay. You don't have to feel guilty about it.
You ain't gotta feel like you know, bear no guilt,

no shame. Just take some time for yourself. Because I
don't know if you noticed it or not, but they do,
all of them do, especially them kids. They go off
with their friends, act like you don't even exist. Well,
I'm going somewhere to y'all. Have a nice day, y'all
have a better week end, and talk to God. He'd
absolutely love to hear.

Speaker 13 (01:26:58):
For all Steve Harvey contests, No purchase necessary, voidwaar prohibited.
Participants must be legal US residents at least eighteen years old,
unless otherwise stated. For complete contest rules. Visit Steve Harvey

fm dot com. You're listening to Steve Harvey Morning Show.

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