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April 26, 2024 92 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, and Marc Sessler recap all the action from night one of the 2024 NFL Draft. The heroes start by breaking down the Falcons making the surprise decision to draft Michael Penix Jr. (05:35) followed by a recap of the top-ten picks of the draft (20:00). The heroes then run through picks 11-20 (43:14) and the final batch of selections from night one (01:03:05).

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Speaker 1 (00:01):
Rid the first pick in the twenty twenty four NFL Draft.
The Chicago Bears select Haleb William quarterback Tayler Kilifornia Washington
Commander select Jayden Daniels quarterback LSU. The New England Patriots
select Drake May quarterback North Carolina. We'redney eighth pick in

the twenty twenty four NFL Draft. The LANTFL Can select
Michael Powell junior.

Speaker 2 (00:34):
Well, there it is.

Speaker 1 (00:35):
Who why The Minnesota Vikings select JJ McCarthy Michigan. The
Denver Broncos select Boo Knicks.

Speaker 2 (00:46):
It is quarterback Oregon.

Speaker 3 (00:49):
Six for twelve, six quarterbacks in the first dozen picks.

Speaker 2 (00:55):
To quote Rambo, they're all gone, sir. Prior to tonight.

Speaker 3 (01:00):
Offensive players to start the draft before we saw our
first defensive player taken. With the record and we have
doubled it fourteen. That record may never be broken. And
you'd have to say six quarterbacks in the first twelve
picks is something that will never be broken as well.

Speaker 4 (01:16):
Woo from the Chris Westling podcast studio. It's around the NFL.
The twenty twenty four NFL Draft is underway and we
are through one round and tonight we are here to
recap all of the madness, and oh my goodness, was

it mid Dan Hans is here, Greg Rosenthal, Mark Sessler,
you heard it there the face Rich Eisen NFL network
coverage of the big day from Detroit, where there were
two hundred and seventy five thousand people there is that
a real number.

Speaker 5 (01:55):
So crazy to believe that they had to stop letting
people in an hour before the.

Speaker 4 (01:58):
Draft possible to seventy five anyway, that breaks the all
time Day one draft record. That's at yep. Mark here.
It was your era of pro wrestling, the old Pontiac Silverdome.
They packed ninety three k in for WrestleMania three when
Hogan body slammed Andre the Giant.

Speaker 2 (02:17):
I do recall that actual event.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
So Detroit goes big and they did it again, and yeah,
six quarterbacks go in the first twelve picks and draft record.

Speaker 2 (02:29):
Seven wide receivers go in the first round.

Speaker 4 (02:34):
The offensive lineman also a heralded group, wiped out in
the first round. So and Greg Rosenthal, as you heard
fourteen offensive players go off the board before the first
defensive players. So, I mean, we talked about these things,
and these the way it seemed to be shaping up,
but it never goes that extreme.

Speaker 2 (02:55):
So this has been the draft of extremes so far.

Speaker 5 (02:57):
I woke up this morning, I went and I was
so excited for this draft in a way, and I thought, like,
is this just because the Patriots at you know, have
the number three overall pick or it really does seem
like the most intriguing jets A lot of juice, like
a lot of juice, and then for it to deliver
like that yet another record twenty three offensive players in
the first and at least speaking for myself, I'm basic

when it comes to draft. I'm more interested in the
skill position players. Of course, offensive players includes all those
tackles coming off the board. But I kept getting flashback,
especially when bow Knicks got picked back to twenty eleven,
which to me was one of the most exciting drafts.
Two thousand and four was another one, and in twenty
eleven was the one where I believe five quarterbacks went
in the first round. Maybe it was four, and then

it was Kaepernick and Dalton and car early in the
second two and it was just like six quarterbacks very early.
This was like that except on mescalin or something. With
bo Knicks going twelve and it going that fast.

Speaker 6 (03:53):
Yeah, I mean to have six go and the Raiders,
for instance, not be a team that takes one of them.
It speaks the fact that a lot of teams had
deep quarterback needs and like, I like, it's there's risk
there for sure, But I would look at this like this,
the fourteen consecutive players that threw me like on offense
because I thought at some point you're gonna get your

Dallas Turner or Verse or someone in there.

Speaker 2 (04:16):
But nothing. I don't find the rest of it that surprising.

Speaker 6 (04:18):
For like a month plus two months, we've been talking
about like huge amount of quarterbacks go, best wide receiver
class we've seen in ages and a great tackle class,
our offensive line class.

Speaker 5 (04:27):
It's where they go, and it's the after shocks. And
in the place everyone thought defense was gonna go was Atlanta.

Speaker 2 (04:33):
I know we're going to get.

Speaker 5 (04:34):
To all the picks, but it is these little after
shocks that needs the little reports afterwards, and you mentioned it.
I think it was a perfect storm. All these teams
and Danna Jeremiah pointed out needed offense and a lot
of them needed quarterbacks. Our guy James Palmer reported after
the DAFT that Seahawks, Saints, and Raiders were all trying
to get up for Pennix. And that's one of the
reasons why Atlanta didn't feel like they could move back

at all.

Speaker 2 (04:57):
That we had mentioned, yeah.

Speaker 5 (04:59):
That many team teams we're in on quarterbacks weight And
he didn't even get it.

Speaker 2 (05:03):
Mark, Mark just say I did.

Speaker 6 (05:04):
It's okay, well, because I'll say we because it's you know,
it's just information that was out there.

Speaker 4 (05:09):
I didn't like talk directly. You said, you said it,
and then actually he dismissed it. Yes, he dismissed. I
don't say I said that, and Greg, you dismissed.

Speaker 2 (05:18):
That's how the show works.

Speaker 4 (05:20):
I said, second, d take your glory lap Mark, remember
oh land Zierline, love the guy. He hung up the
phone when you suggested Michael Pennox could go early in
the first round. I think we should start there. And
we're going to get to the top of the first
round of the very tippy top which went chalky but
still important for obvious reasons. But I think in all

my years here with this company, and uh, and that's
a while now, I've never been more confounded and stunned
by a pick like the Atlanta Falcons, fresh off giving
a massive contract to a thirty six year old Kirk Cousins, finally,

once and for all addressing the quarterback position that has
hexed them since Matt Ryan got old and then left
and eventually retired last week. To take Michael Pennox junior
eighth overall is an absolute stunner, and it's a stunner
to obviously every everyone that yes, I agree Greg, everyone

that has been following this process. Obviously the Falcons weren't
going to take a quarterback. It makes no sense. I
want somebody to make sense of it. To me, is
there anyone in this room that could help me and
other people? Like many Falcons fans, I presume absolutely Kirk Cousins,
because we're already hearing reports that he was really stunned
by the news and was made aware of their decision

making minutes before it happened.

Speaker 5 (06:55):
Why I have my questions about Michael Pennix As a prospers,
I have been trying to lead the take your quarterbacks
as much as possible. You can't take quarterbacks too much,
too high, too many resources, always defending the Patriots when
they would take a second round pick on a backup
defending the Packers when they took Jordan Love, which a

pick that got made fun of for multiple years by
the way after they did it. And this one stunned
me because Penix didn't seem like that level of a prospect,
but they obviously believe in him. And then you think
about the Cousins contract, and here's how it makes sense, Dan,
it's a two year contract.

Speaker 2 (07:32):
Mm hmm.

Speaker 5 (07:33):
I think that's it. That it's a two year contract.
Penix is being signed for a five year contract. And
they said afterwards, they being Raheem Morris, we won't be
picking this high with the guy that we have and
Kirk Cousins trying to pick up his guy. We don't
want to be picking up here anymore. They plan to
be a very good team starting right now, and they

want to get their quarterback of the future in the
building right now. And I don't think it's crazy. First
of all, Kirk Cousins is coming off a torn Achilles.
That's like a little under the radar.

Speaker 4 (08:08):
Right, four years, one hundred and eighty millions, A two years,
one hundred guaranteed two year contract you had, it's all guaranteed,
A hundred million dollar guarantee to that man to be
your quarterback.

Speaker 5 (08:20):
So but those are it's all in the first two years.
They have ten million dollars in the third year, and
if he's great, then that's great. Then you have your
quarterback solution and you have Kirk Cousins and you have
someone by. I don't think it's that crazy, especially when
half the picks bust in the top ten anyways, Like
people act like it's so crazy to like invest in
a pick you might not use when when a lot
of the picks don't work.

Speaker 2 (08:41):
I agree with you.

Speaker 6 (08:42):
I do understand, like if you're the nuts, sure, maybe,
But and I get that there's a Falcons fan sitting
out there thinking we could have taken Roma Dunze, we
could have taken the best pass rusher. That's fine, and
that's that's not incorrect thinking in terms of how the
draft works and how people respond. But Pennix is the
perfect guy to slow cook behind Kirk Cousins for a

year plus. I don't hate the idea, And if he
is what some people think it can be, I think
this says a lot about Arthur Blank, who has been
in a quarterback wilderness since they annoyed Matt Ryan by
chasing after Deshaun Watson and lost Matt Ryan, and it's
been an abyss since, and I think it's planning for
the future.

Speaker 2 (09:22):

Speaker 6 (09:22):
When you draft someone in the top ten, people want
someone who will start and affect games right away, and
I think that's where the disappointment could come from, especially
when you're going to track and see how some of
these other players perform. But we don't exactly know what
Kirk Cousins is at this point, and it is really
only a two year situation. And you can point to
Patrick Mahomes, you can point to Aaron Rodgers, you can

point to Jordan Love as guys that you bring in
that sit for a while and then they shine. And
I think Pennix is a good candidate to benefit from that.

Speaker 4 (09:53):
Now let's point out those are good examples, but Patrick
Mahomes is arguably the greatest quarterback ever. Jordan Love coming
off obviously a big year, But in general, this is
not something This is not really how the league operates anymore.
When you take a quarterback, and especially if you take
him this high, he's expected to play, and that doesn't

mean he should, and that doesn't mean that's a bad pick.
The reason my thinging is if you really love this guy,
Michael Pennix, they do, you haveft them, but don't sign
Kirk Cousins.

Speaker 2 (10:28):
Like or sign Kirk Cousins. It wasn't that long ago.

Speaker 6 (10:32):
I mean, but like, I think the thing is, the
off season happens in waves and in chapters. And yes,
you can say these two things shouldn't have happened to
the same team in the same offseason. But a year
from now, six months from now, if Kirk Cousins is injured,
like this looks great, and.

Speaker 2 (10:47):
So you head your bets on Cousins, Well, but you didn't.

Speaker 6 (10:50):
Really the Cousins is a short term veteran solution at quarterbacks.

Speaker 4 (10:56):
Let me tell you that's also have a problem. It's
turning twenty four in two weeks. I think that's a
good point. So that is also so now like, unless
Cousins is a disaster, an injury riddle disaster, which is possible,
he's not even touching the field now as he's edging
into his late twenties. I just I don't, I just don't.

It doesn't make sense to me. And here's the thing.
When you do invest we can talk about all this thing, like,
it's not a long term signing, but it was a
major signing for this organization.

Speaker 2 (11:30):
And when you invest that.

Speaker 4 (11:31):
Much in a player like Cousins, you're expecting him to
be there two years at least, and then if he's
playing at a high level, maybe beyond that. Okay, And
then what you do, like my team the Jets, like
you need to with his window that you just opened
with Kirk Cousins, you got to build around him right now,
and you have a chance to bring in the guy
that goes off next off the board, Roma Duneesa, like

that would have been a very logical move for them.

Speaker 2 (11:55):
Now does this now does Michael Penick Junior turn into
a stud? Maybe? But here's the other thing.

Speaker 4 (12:00):
He is a very raw prospect and it's a total
right and why at the very least, Greg my last
point of this, then I'll shut up.

Speaker 5 (12:08):
No, I think this could move fascinated move back, Well,
I don't think they could base boy he's not there.

Speaker 2 (12:14):
If he's not there, it's not like you're left hold
in the bag.

Speaker 4 (12:17):
You still have Kirk Cousins in the building, and this
you could take a gambit and say, maybe we can
make it work. Out it was overly aggressive, and I
think it speaks to a lot organizationally in the last
few years.

Speaker 2 (12:28):
I don't think they know what they're doing Ultimately.

Speaker 5 (12:30):
Well, I disagree everyone's saying, oh, this is a ready
made I don't think they're there yet. But you're saying
you got to hit this window right now. It's like,
I want to applaud teams that value the quarterback position correctly.
The reason they're making all this money is because it's
worth so much more than the rest. So I don't
think you can invest too much in the position. And

the idea that like, we want to set our franchise
up for eight years, for ten years to be good
at the moment that her cousins inevitably starts to decline.
He's not going to be a great player at thirty eight.
He might not be a great player this year at
thirty six. That's another conversation. And so you try to
set up a situation. And Rahiem Morris said it. He said,

we took note of the Green Bay model. So they
they were looking at that. It does make you wonder
and you were talking about I did.

Speaker 2 (13:20):
It's a different situation.

Speaker 4 (13:21):
Greg Aaron Rodgers is a franchise legend that was there
forever sure, whereas.

Speaker 2 (13:26):
Kirk Cousins, so they sought out two months.

Speaker 5 (13:28):
The point is, though I don't think it's crazy, and
I know the Patriots didn't use a first round pick,
but he was multiple seconds to back up Brady, Like
the position is just so valuable that you almost can't
spend too many resources on it. I have some issues
just with Penix as a prospect. Seems very divisive, not
incredibly accurate, like a great arm and old school quarterback,

kind of like Kirk Cousins is in a way, but
more like a Joe Flacco type of.

Speaker 2 (13:55):
Model that was Daniel Jeremiah's comfort.

Speaker 5 (13:58):
And I totally see that when you watch him, like
he gets super hot, he's a big time arm he's
a pocket passer. Is he is he gonna be the player?
I don't know, but the process I kind of like it.
And you mentioned the age. A couple of people hit
me up on Twitter with that too. It's like, well,
but you're thinking about the next seven years. What's wrong
with a quarterback coming in when he's twenty six years old,

Like you're thinking about a guy that's gonna try to
last for a while. And I actually like the Atlanta
Falcons thinking long term, thinking a little differently process wise.
I just hope Pennix is a good enough player to
make them look right.

Speaker 4 (14:33):
You also need him to hit the ground running like
Jordan Love so like wait, but.

Speaker 2 (14:37):
That has to be a polished player when he gets
there or wait.

Speaker 5 (14:40):
Love was as raw as it gets and he looked
right totally.

Speaker 2 (14:44):
I'm saying, ready for multiple you need him.

Speaker 4 (14:46):
That's hard to do what the Packers have done, and
they've proven it now over twenty five years. They know
how to do this. The Falcons saying we want to
be like the Packers of this. You need Penix not
only now to likely sit for two years. When he
enters the friend he needs immediately be a difference maker.
And if he's not, if it takes him a couple
of years, guess what, his rookie deal's almost over. Well.

Speaker 6 (15:05):
And it's also like you know, sixty five percent of
other draft picks in the first round that don't work.
I mean, it's like, I don't have a problem with this,
and this is another outlier scenario, but it reminds me
a little bit of when the Cowboys under Jimmy Johnson
drafted Troy Aikman, and you know, terrible first season team
was terrible. The next year they go out, Jimmy Johnson

turns around and drafts Steve Walsh, his former college quarterback.
Totally agitated Troy Aikman, who is his guy, Roddy Johnson's guy.
He wanted was to win that game, right. But then
they turn around and they had two quarterbacks. Troy Aikman's developing,
the team's getting better. They turn around and traded Steve Walsh,
who really never did anything as a pro for a lot.
I'm just saying, that's another thing you could do at

some point. His move Michael Pennix. It's just a possibility.
Move Kirk Cousins or move Kirk Cousins. But there's one
other thing about this version of the Falcons that I
like is that no one knew this was coming.

Speaker 2 (15:58):
There's no leaks inside building. I mean, we knew there
was reporting.

Speaker 6 (16:02):
They liked Penix a lot, we've known that, but no
one saw this coming number one.

Speaker 2 (16:06):
Not a single Soul rap sheet had it in the
hour before the draft.

Speaker 5 (16:11):
Give credit to him, he didn't say it was definitely happening,
but he pretty much threw it out there, like, don't
be surprised if Penix goes to the Falcons, so right
before the draft, and that was the first I had
heard even one person mentioned the stunning. The problem is though,
though they are human beings here, and you mentioned the
Cousins part of it. So our guy rap sheet reported,
you know, he got a call like while the Falcons

were on the clock to let him know. But you know,
DJ and then also the athletics that I never seen it,
you know, kind of mentioned like the agent. Yeah, it
was a surprise coming into tonight. Cousins had no idea.
I think they used the word stunned. And these are
two people, and Cousins especially that are going to have
to go and work together. Cousins is coming off an injury,

so I don't know if he's gonna be He's not
gonna be ready to be on the field right now,
like when they go to OTA is in a couple weeks,
it's going to be Pedix with the starting now will.

Speaker 4 (17:02):
Be his moment for the you know, the next couple
of years. He'll have that OTA in the spring of Dude.

Speaker 5 (17:06):
Well, it's a little awkward because you you did mention
like if he got to be ready. The funny thing
about Penix is he should be about as ready as
anyone he's played. He started forty eight games over five seasons.

Speaker 2 (17:17):
But he's not ready for him. But what I'm saying
is you've got a guy that's playing, ready to play,
that's not going to play. I'm saying he might. I
think it's been a little.

Speaker 6 (17:26):
Who's crying for Taylor Heinecke Greg Taylor Heineke like who
took a hometown discount to stay with the Falcons? Is
you know, take the next bus next, gray hump, bustle.

Speaker 2 (17:35):
We got to move on.

Speaker 6 (17:37):
But you two are not going to You're never going
to agree Dan, You're not going to agree with Greg,
And it's not so I don't.

Speaker 5 (17:41):
But I just want to point out that no one's
kind of brought up the fact that why are we
assuming Kirk Cousins is ready for Week one at thirty
six years old coming out of torn achilles.

Speaker 2 (17:50):
It's like the human body, And.

Speaker 4 (17:52):
I would say the in recent years players that have
that injury are ready.

Speaker 2 (17:57):
Now he could have a setback or whatever.

Speaker 6 (17:58):
And well they didn't get that money thinking he's not
going to be many too.

Speaker 2 (18:02):
I'm just saying maybe.

Speaker 4 (18:03):
There's something we don't know about Cousins, and maybe he
had a setback. Maybe there's something more to the story.
But my last point is I don't think Cousins obviously
isn't happy. I don't think Michael Penox is happy either.
He's happy he's a first round pick, but he went
somewhere he's not gonna play.

Speaker 2 (18:18):
That's not great either.

Speaker 4 (18:19):
And if you'd see him when he picks up the phone,
you could see in his mind he's like, wait, what's
going on. His agent probably was like, all right, you're
going to the team that just signed a guy for
one hundred million guaranteed over the next two years. But
it's cool, you're a top ten pick. Like it's a
bittersweet moment I would imagine for Michael Penis Junior.

Speaker 6 (18:34):
Sure from one other angle though, from like a more
cutthroat angle, like there are people that were mocking him
to the second round.

Speaker 2 (18:39):
He's getting top eight. No, that's great, So that's great.

Speaker 6 (18:42):
And honestly, like if he does a Jordan love thing
where you know, a couple of seasons from now, he
comes in and shines like he gets his fifth year
option picked up too, there's less bad tape or raw
tape potentially to learn behind cousins.

Speaker 5 (18:55):
Right, I am a little worried about him, although Jordan
Love was a tricky prospect a surprising pick too, and
that worked out when last my last thing is just
the video of Terry Fontana talking to Arthur Blank in
their war room was a fascinating video. I really want
to know. It really sounded like he was trying to

like explain the pick. Because when this pick happened, I
was like, is this ownership because we've heard how Blank
wants his guy his quarterback, and I was like, is
ownership kind of making them take a quarterback of the future,
like based on what we've heard over over the last
few years, like you know Arthur Blank could be involved.
But then this image of Fontan though almost like going
through and explaining and then he was like moving it down.

It was almost like he was to me, if I
had to guess, was explaining, like why we couldn't trade
back to maybe take panics Arthur Blank.

Speaker 4 (19:46):
In nineteen forty two. I would imagine he, you know,
he's a guy that's looking for some results this year,
and yes, the player that they added this year, probably
can't help them this year.

Speaker 2 (19:54):
So wild all right. So that's like the big crazy
story that came out of the day.

Speaker 4 (20:01):
But and we told you about the overall numbers and
the bulk of certain positions. Let's start at the top
of the draft, and so it's Caleb Williams as expected
to the Bears, Jaden Daniels as expected to the Commanders,
Drake may as expected to the Patriots. A takeaway, let's
check out, by the way, Caleb Williams. And good job

by our company, which has blown this draft thing up
into things that I can't even wrap my head around
as someone that used to go to Radio City Music
Hall sure years ago. What it is now compared to
what it was then, it's absurd. So now all the
guys run down there.

Speaker 2 (20:38):
I don't think they want you to use the word absurd,
but you can in a positive that's a positive absurd.

Speaker 4 (20:42):
There's a twenty five yard runway with a matching color
scheme for the player, and then they get their hat
and their jersey.

Speaker 2 (20:49):
It's the whole thing.

Speaker 4 (20:50):
It's it's made for television, like the halftime show for
the Super Bowl. Here's Caleb Williams and check this out
on YouTube if you haven't seen it. Speed walking down
and then letting out a big old Rick flair.

Speaker 3 (21:03):
He's about to put a Bear's hat on and introduce
himself to the world and head to Michigan Avenue.

Speaker 2 (21:09):
He might not have ran aup Fort in Indy, but
he's running one here. I mean, he is flying up there.
He's excited to get this journey started.

Speaker 4 (21:21):
He really sold me both the way he came out there,
the way he spoke in his interviews.

Speaker 2 (21:27):
Just seems like a dude. Yeah.

Speaker 5 (21:29):
He also had that how he finished his interview with
Kaylee Hartong making her NFL Network debut the Bears.

Speaker 2 (21:39):
That was how he finished that. Yeah. I loved that.

Speaker 5 (21:41):
And we don't have to spend a ton of time,
I know, but I man, we just haven't talked that
much about Caleb Williams and when we say like he
can make every throw, like I mean like every throw.
And I heard Ollie Connelly talk about it on his
podcast and I thought it was really smart the way
he put it that, like one drive he can kind
of look like Mahomes and then the next drive he

can kind of look like Manning. And then you watch
how he navigates in the pocket and that reminds you
of the very best people in terms of inside the pocket.
And he has the experience with the RPO and he
has the quick release. He just feels like he has
every single club in the bag and he kind of
brings out different things based on what he needs. And
it's just I'm I am very excited to watch me

some caleable and he's just so accurate. He's the most
accurate guy in the last year. So it's like no
prospect is perfect or whatever, but I am so excited
to watch this dude. It's gonna be a value add
for the league. I think we saw that with his personality,
and I'm excited that I get to watch him with
Roma Doonzay.

Speaker 6 (22:36):
Well and he's you know, it's what an incredible introduction
from an NFC North standpoint. He's coming out there and
he's booed lustily by Lions fans who have packed the place.
He doesn't seem to care at all, and it's like
you have to go back to nineteen forty seven and
Bob Fenimore, the Blonde Bomber, the last time that the
Bears picked a quarterback first.

Speaker 2 (22:55):
Overall that's crazy.

Speaker 6 (22:57):
That's there's no team coming close to that stuff, I
would imagine, and I do think it matters that on
USC there's a lot of like ballyhooed USC stuff. When
they brought in the new coach, it's like they were
one hundred and twenty third in scoring defense. So he
was under the gun to fire the ball down field
over and over. I think as a deep passer, he's
incredible that Bears haven't had someone like this in eons.

It's like they feel like outside Fields had that one
nice season, but it's like this is a team that
kind of even when they went to the Super Bowl
against the Colts, it's like always minus the star quarterback.

Speaker 4 (23:28):
And I think it's a completely new organization at this
point because and I think, you know, I was at
the end of last season. I still think Justin Fields
has a chance to have a really good career, and
we'll see what happens in Pittsburgh or wherever he ends
up being potentially as a long term solution for somebody.

But when you see a player like this and you
start to really dig in on his background and you
see the way he came out there, it's like, Okay,
this guy is someone that you're you hit the reset
with him, and then you pair him, like we said,
with the number nine pick after the Falcons stun the
world and take a quarterback. That leaves this great prospect

Roma Dunza, who some people say, you know, Marvin Harrison
who goes forth to the Cardinals. We'll get you in
a second. He was the kind of clear cut number
one guy. But people think that a Dunsee could be
an absolute superstar. And now you got DJ Moore across
from him, and you have what Bryce Young for example,
did not have last year, which is a real supporting

cast around him. So the Bears suddenly go from one
of the most boring teams to watch over the last
ten years or so, they are going to be kind
of musty TV, at least in the beginning of the season.

Speaker 6 (24:39):
It happened quickly, and it's like the only thing I
think they've got to focus on more offensive line help.
They had the highest pressure rate in the league last year,
so it's like that's one We saw fields getting destroyed
by that over and over and it's like, that's not
a wonderful thing for Caleb Williams. But they have done
a lot in two off seasons, and that trade last
offseason with the Panthers looks better and better and better

by the minute.

Speaker 5 (25:01):
Right, they got very fortunate that the Panthers ended up
being the worst team in the league like that. That
They probably didn't think the Panthers were going to be good.
So they were taking a shot and you're rolling.

Speaker 2 (25:11):
They nailed it. They're holding everything about it. You're hoping
for the best.

Speaker 5 (25:17):
But they got, like, you know, one of the best
quarterback prospects we've seen in a long time. And now
Keenan Allen can play inside, by the way too, It's like,
of course the Dunes then can move inside some pool
and keen Allen can play outside the sid of course
they're going to be flexible, but Alan is now at
his best inside.

Speaker 2 (25:34):
You have come met there. DeAndre Swift was a nice
pick up.

Speaker 5 (25:37):
They absolutely are going to see that over under, which
was an eight and a half. I believe, like, I mean,
that's just gonna with the Dunes. I just feel like
that's going to keep.

Speaker 2 (25:45):
That division is has turned semi psychotic, all right. The Commanders,
they do indeed take Jayden Daniels.

Speaker 4 (25:51):
Don't believe anything about them moving out of that pick,
they take Daniels, so he is the future for Washington
and then Greg.

Speaker 2 (26:01):
We could talk about both these players.

Speaker 4 (26:02):
But Drake May then goes to the Patriots, who apparently
there was a report out there.

Speaker 2 (26:07):
It is an interesting report. Do you see this report?

Speaker 4 (26:09):
It was the Patriots and Vikings reached out to the
Chargers about Justin Herbert.

Speaker 2 (26:15):
It cannot I loved, I loved. Yeah, it cannot hurt.

Speaker 4 (26:18):
This is from Adam Schefter, by the way, to kick
the tires on that one. And just because Jim Harbaugh nuts,
so you just like kick the tires, call the crazy
guy and.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
Just see what he's what's going on with him?

Speaker 4 (26:29):
And and they were rebuffed obviously, and then they go
back and they say, Okay, we're cool with this, dude.

Speaker 2 (26:34):
What do you think about this? Dude? You how excited
are you? I am? Greg?

Speaker 5 (26:38):
I am ay ten. This is what I was hoping for.
I love this Patriots, that Drake maywould fall to them.
I didn't think it was gonna happen on Christmas Eve
when they beat the Broncos in that weird game, and
I was enjoying the game. You know, it's a lonely
Christmas for me, and it's like the Patriots brought a

little joy. I was like, it's worth it, but they're
not gonna get Drake me now. And for Jade Daniels
to become this consensus number two pick, and going into today,
I was just worried they were gonna get too cute
and trade down. It's like, when are you gonna have
a legit, superstar potential quarterback sitting there?

Speaker 2 (27:14):
Hopefully you're not drafting that high.

Speaker 5 (27:15):
And when I watch him, he is just box office
and he is an incredible runner. It wouldn't surprise me
of all these guys who can all run well, if
he has the most rushing value, if he's kind of
a Jalen Hurts type of player early in his career,
you can build a decent amount of the offense about
his running and his deep passing, and that, to me

is just an exciting offense. I'm glad it sounded like
they never even considered it. You could tell Gared Mayo
is totally different because he basically told the Patriots draft
party an hour and a half before the draft, we're
not trading the pick. We're just gonna you know, don't
don't worry we're gonna make our pick early and.

Speaker 2 (27:53):
You're gonna like it. He's a great player.

Speaker 5 (27:55):
And it's like, Okay, I guess they're taking Drake May.
They already were saying like that, they forget about the trade.
We're not thinking about it.

Speaker 2 (28:01):
He's fascinating.

Speaker 6 (28:02):
He is someone that I think is going to be
an immediate like fan favorite for his physical nature, play,
what he can do on the ground. I mean, there
is some there has been concern about like the little
things that he's got to grow at and some of
his like accuracy on passes that like he does these
incredible things, but then he's like, wait a minute, what
happened right there. It's almost like there is an aversion

of like you want to see the way that Josh
Allen grew in certain little ways when people would, you know,
kind of were ready to throw Josh Allen out the window,
like he improved, but he improved as a pro and
that's but that's unusual, that's atypical, and so Drake May
needs to do this have a similar growth pattern for
certain elements of his game.

Speaker 2 (28:40):
But it's like this is like a whole new day
for the PAVI.

Speaker 5 (28:43):
I don't see him as raw though as out like.
I don't think he's as raw as everyone said. I
think he did a lot of next level stuff. He
was just in a brutal situation. He's about to be again.
They they kind of have talked about already that that
Jacoby Brissett, I have a feeling will be the weak
one starter. We'll see it probably won't last that long.
And it was funny you mentioned Josh Allen. I know
you want to go Dan, but Bill Belichick was on

McAfee and uh, he was quoted saying Drake compares himself
a lot to Josh Allen. He's been doing that for
quite a while. I haven't seen that a lot of
people compare them. Did he Uh, we'll see about that.
And then he kind of negged He kind of negged
Drake may a little bit, but to be fair, he
kind of neagged all the top five picks. That's when
I watched the Belichick portion of the McAfee. He it

was very different than the portion of the telecast where
the audio was working for that the pre gate the
pre you know, they had some snaffoos on YouTube and whatnot.

Speaker 2 (29:34):
But uh so I've heard he he.

Speaker 5 (29:36):
Was trying to really calm everyone down really about all
the picks and pointing out the negatives, but especially May.

Speaker 4 (29:41):
He seemed to that's a fresh raw. Yeah, I thought
the uh what did it?

Speaker 2 (29:45):
Was he freaking out about Panix? Like ever notes?

Speaker 5 (29:48):
I left. I left the that telecast around pick five.
Much for me, I was the company man. I was
trying to watch both this is too hard, Okay.

Speaker 4 (30:00):
I was just curious if anyone else picked up on
the NFL network. Uh, the way they were talking about
Drake May is if it was almost a foregone conclusion
that he wouldn't start, and that that they were going
to bring him along slowly. And that's to what you're
saying that I guess he needs polished in the eyes
of some But.

Speaker 6 (30:18):
I just that doesn't really happen, like, well, that's like
that means week three or week four.

Speaker 4 (30:23):
But Jacoby said, but that's not the way it was
being discussed. It wasn't like he's going to start by
October first. It kind of was being talked about like
this going to bed.

Speaker 6 (30:33):
Saying though, like that's this this that's cool, until like
they're zer and two right, I.

Speaker 4 (30:37):
Mean mac, No, but wait a second, we're not going
back down the store. Michael Pennox isn't going in the
lineup if Kark cousins.

Speaker 6 (30:42):
I know, but I'm saying to your point that Penix
is away, to your argument that it's you're not getting
someone who's going to help you right away like Drake May,
is completely different if they're in. If they're right there water,
Drake May is going to be in the lineup by
halftime a week one, potentially. I don't want to hear
this sitting for a year as a starter behind Jacobys.

Speaker 5 (30:59):
Yeah, and I don't what I mean think Mac Jones
played a lot as a rookie, play played pretty well,
Like I don't.

Speaker 2 (31:05):
It is rookie.

Speaker 5 (31:06):
If they're if they're good enough coaching staff like he
will be playing. There's there's no reason to be.

Speaker 4 (31:11):
That that pay it no mind what people say about
rookies waiting on the bench, and almost all cases they
end up playing very quickly. Now Marvin Harrison Junior yes
goes to the Cardinals.

Speaker 2 (31:22):

Speaker 4 (31:22):
For overall, a lot of discussion about them moving back
and letting a QB needy team trade up. They obviously
did not have either the interest to make that move
or they didn't get an offer that they liked, so
they sit home, and this is something I thought they
should have done all along.

Speaker 2 (31:37):
I thought I thought it was the right move.

Speaker 4 (31:39):
You get yourself a potential superstar wide receiver pairing with
Kyler Murray, who, despite being under contract for big money,
is coming back for his first full season after ACL
and you just got to like find out if this
is truly gonna work. Now you give him an absolute
stud to play with.

Speaker 6 (31:56):
There is value if they were if they were you know,
you know, treated to a monster deal by the Vikings
to do what they talked about being very open to doing.
But I think if you're a Cardinals fan who's suffered
through many rough seasons, this is basically saying we've gotten
our next version of Larry Fitzgerald. And he's not exactly
explosive as like a Molik Neighbors. He's different, but he

does like everything so well that it's a rare player,
where like I think it's a little unfair to him,
but it's like, oh, it's a disappointment if he isn't
a Hall of Fame wide receiver, like if he'd made
two Pro Bowls and was a top ten guy. It's
like that's a disappointment, Like the expectations are through the roof,
and I think, for once, if you're the Cardinals, this
was a need that matches up with arguably the best

player in the draft.

Speaker 2 (32:40):
I have no problem with this. I love it.

Speaker 5 (32:43):
I love not getting cute. I don't think they had
the option. I don't think they were offered. I mean
the McCarthy was never in the class with May and Daniels.
I think teams were just seeing which quarterback for sure
was going to shake out to three. Reporting on NFL
Network was that the Giants and the Vikings both tried

to trade up with the Patriots, and they even made
a last ditch effort of like raising their offer to
trade up with the Patriots, and it's it's safe to
assume that's for Drake May. Patriots didn't want to do it.
They stayed and picked and once he wasn't available, the
Vikings were fine just letting McCarthy fall down the board.

Obviously they end up getting him, and the Giants were
never going to take him in the first place.

Speaker 4 (33:29):
Apparently right, It tells you how much the Patriots think
of Drake May's potential here that they would that could
have been a real boon for them to get additional
picks at a time where they really need to stock
that roster.

Speaker 2 (33:40):
But they love the QB. You take the QB. This
is also where my mock draft went into a fiery
dumpster or began to.

Speaker 4 (33:46):
And what we're gonna hit that at the end of
the show. But yeah, it's a tough thing to do.
It's not easy business. Mark you know that. Don't beat
yourself up. Joe Alt goes number five to the Chargers,
so a little bit, I would say it was a surprise.
A lot of people haven't pegged for seven to the Titans.

Speaker 2 (34:04):
You know.

Speaker 4 (34:04):
The Titans were not happy with this because well we
don't know it, but they take J. C. Latham from Alabama,
also a tackle, but you would think they wanted to
have the choice of the two or Alt outright, So
you have those two linemen go sandwiched around. Yes, the
New York Giants. So the Giants. If Drake may or
Jaden Daniels were on the board, that's probably the new

quarterback of the New York Giants. But once those three
players went off, they stayed home and they took Malik Neighbors. Obviously,
Giants fans friends back East that some of them were like,
I wish they took roma Dunza. He's a guy that's
gotten a little bit more buzz leading up.

Speaker 2 (34:42):
To the draft.

Speaker 4 (34:42):
However, you talk to people, this guy has every opportunity
here to become a superstar as well, if put in
the right situation.

Speaker 5 (34:50):
Yeah, and the Giants aren't the right situation, not now,
I mean they haven't been.

Speaker 2 (34:55):
Maybe they can become that.

Speaker 5 (34:57):
He's another receiver who probably works his best over the
middle of the field, which they It feels like that's
all they've got is all these different guys, and yet
he's like three tiers above.

Speaker 2 (35:06):
He's so explosive.

Speaker 5 (35:07):
I think there were probably more teams that had him
over Harrison than even maybe there were teams that had
a Dunze over over Neighbors. I think people just fell
in love with his explosiveness. And I did like what
Harbaugh said about all He's like, people are going to say, like,
what what about your weapons?

Speaker 2 (35:24):
Where are your weapons?

Speaker 5 (35:25):
And he said, uh, with the Chargers, like we're gonna
look at the offensive line as weapons.

Speaker 2 (35:30):
Yeah, they have football remembers.

Speaker 4 (35:33):
Thinking about the five fingers, make a fist with the
offensive line. I mean he kind of let it be
known from the very start. I love to pick for them.

Speaker 6 (35:39):
They have a Sean Slater too, but they you know,
Trey Pipkins is not going to be starting at that
point at that position. Joe Alt like the one thing's like,
you know a lot of these guys weren't at the draft,
but they cut to his house.

Speaker 2 (35:51):
You know, he's almost like like six or eight. He
stood up and was like two feet taller than anyone
else in the household. Like there was like the thirty
people around him. You love it. You love big humans.

Speaker 6 (35:58):
Well, I think actually, like to me, it is it
was like some of these teams did not do what
we expected, but for the Chargers, who I thought were
a trade down to go get Joe allt just like
that's a hardball player, that's a Greg Roman type player,
and he dominates in the run game.

Speaker 2 (36:13):
He's massive, and it's exactly the set up twenty six.
They wont like seven seven.

Speaker 5 (36:19):
So there are almost no comps like to his height
and size. Jonathan Ogden is one of them and was
one of the greatest players of all time at his position.
That there's a there's a few other here and there,
but to be that athletic at at six ' nine.
It's just like we're seeing this across all sports, like
humans are testing the bounds of like what tall, how

athletic tall people essentially can be. You see in tennis,
you see in basketball. It's just like preposterous, how athletic now,
like a six to nine tackle could be.

Speaker 2 (36:50):
Not horse racing, don't see not in horse race.

Speaker 4 (36:53):
No, In fact, you see a lot of bad things
happening in horse racing when you push the the animal
too far. And in baseball, the game for pictures right now,
there's like an epidemic right now with pictures suffering arm
injuries because things like spin rate and velocity keeps going
up up up, and they're dealing now the sport with
like how do we rein this in because the human

body can't take it? You know, be careful with these
big men, tell let them get too big. We're mere humans,
that's all.

Speaker 2 (37:22):
We're mortal. Tell it to Randy Johnson, like tell it
to the bird that he hit.

Speaker 5 (37:25):
Tell it to the we can tell it to the
like the thirty pound linebacker that's trying to get around
this now, And.

Speaker 6 (37:33):
That sounds like the end of baseball. By the way,
we're creeping towards the end of the sport.

Speaker 2 (37:38):
It does. I mean, there are people like you who
want baseball to die. That's not true. It never will.

Speaker 6 (37:44):
There's nothing nicer to do than go to a baseball
game out in the in this on a summer day.
But you're saying that literally the most important position is losing.
The human body can't keep up with the sport. That's finally.

Speaker 2 (37:55):
That's all.

Speaker 4 (37:56):
Well, but I'm I'm educating you on on there.

Speaker 2 (38:00):
It's a completely different sport.

Speaker 6 (38:02):
I know that football it is kind of a football
was completely different than basketball.

Speaker 5 (38:07):
Of a Titans draft, it's just like you've mentioned, it's
not as exciting. I know, we'll get to the Jets,
like when you take the tack, but at LISTA was like, oh,
this is we got the guy. This is a tackle
that would have gone maybe top three some years, like,
it's certainly a better prospect. I will say that Local
or Eric Fisher were like when they were coming out.

Speaker 2 (38:25):
I think Joe al was like an outlier.

Speaker 4 (38:27):
He's the one offensive lineman where you would come out
of the draft like, yeah, we got the six nine beasts, right,
But instead. Jac Lathan, by the way, could end up
being way better than Joel, but it doesn't in right
now where we stand, it doesn't seem as fun or exciting.
All right, let's finish off the top ten and then
we're going to take a break. So we mentioned JJ

McCarthy the last quarterback standing, and there are the Vikings
and the Cardinals were hoping that maybe the Vikings would
pick up in a panic and try to do it
trade there perhaps, but they don't. The Vikings hang back,
the hang back and McCarthy stays on the board. Even
when the number the team at number eight stuns the

world with a quarterback pick, it's not JJ McCarthy. So
what do the Vikings do? They pick up the phone
at eleven, they call up the Jets, or the Jets
call the Vikings.

Speaker 2 (39:20):
I thought, Daniel Jeremiah have to give him a little pop.

Speaker 4 (39:23):
The expert expertly foreshadowed this like minutes ahead of time
that the Jets. He's been in a situation where you
just you just pick up the phone if you're the Jets,
perhaps and say, hey, you want to move up one
ahead of us before somebody else jumps ahead of you.
And they ended up the Jets trade out of the pick,
they gain a little bit of draft capital, move back

one spot, and yes, JJ McCarthy goes to the Minnesota Vikings.

Speaker 2 (39:51):
There is their quarterback of the future.

Speaker 6 (39:54):
I will say I thought that, like QUESI the GM
for the Vikings, like you've got to kind of if
you're a Vikings fan, this was like a nice hand
of cards, like you did a nice job here, because
they could have they were the candidate to ship both
their first round picks to get JJ. It wasn't to
get someone else. It was in theory like all to
get JJ McCarthy as the fourth quarterback.

Speaker 5 (40:13):
They tried to, but it was for Drake May but
for sure, but I'm saying value McCarthy like that.

Speaker 6 (40:18):
But even in the days leading up, it was like
the thought was they would have been okay with McCarthy
and they would have moved and it would have taken
a lot. You gave up a little bit, but you
kind of got your guy or the guy that was
most likely to fall to you. Where if you moved
up to number four here, and it's like it's good
for the Jets, but it was good for the Vikings.
And I kind of like the fit with Kevin O'Connell.
I think at quarterback's in a good place there. You've

got wide receivers, you've got a good tight end, like
your offense is kind of ready to go, and I
think what happens to McCarthy is one of the more
interesting subplots to next season. It's not great for Sam Darnold,
but I think there was always a plan to get
a different quarterbacks once then knew that too.

Speaker 4 (40:55):
Once they traded for that second first round pick, the
writing was on the wall, Yeah, now just become again.
There will be and they'll play their cards close to
the vest, like who's going to start at the beginning
of the season. But JJ McCarthy is the quote unquote
proven winner. He's a guy that's won at every level
he's played at. I think they're gonna view him as
a guy that's going to be ready physically and emotionally

to take that gig, and they're gonna hope he's gonna
run with it. I was a little spooked, like if
I'm even though they didn't they were smart the way
they played, they didn't panic, and I thought if they
wanted a quarterback and they couldn't get those top three
more or less, staying home or as close as you
can to staying home was the right play. But then
you know, you see like people that been studying this

player for months and months and years saying he's like
maybe like an Alex Smith, Like oh okay, all right,
well he had some good years, but I mean, is
that what you want out of your like number I
guess I don't know, is Alex Smith? Is that a
ceiling that's acceptable for the pick? I don't know if
that's what his ceiling is.

Speaker 5 (41:57):
He's been sometimes the Cousins, like of the next gen Cousins,
it's kind of like you could deal with that, that's right.
And it's kind of like when you're comparing these guys
pennex to Flacco is another one from DJ where it's
like next gen Flaco, next gen Cousins, because like every
quarterback now is extremely athletic compared to those guys. It's
fun like JJ McCarthy's almost talked about as like his

athleticism is born.

Speaker 2 (42:19):
He he tested off the charts for some of this stuff.

Speaker 5 (42:21):
Like his straight he's not like gonna make you miss,
but his straight line speed is three code like that
sort of like he has a big arm, and he's
an athlete, even if that's not the main part of
his game.

Speaker 2 (42:32):
But he did seem to be the guy that.

Speaker 5 (42:34):
The Sean McVay tree, of which O'Connell is one, liked
the best, because he's like the one to two to three,
like maybe not so much Cousins or Alex Smith, but
like a better brock Purty, which obviously you would take
it if he actually can deliver on that. I I
wonder if the Broncos wanted JJ McCarthy, you know, because

that's the reason you trade.

Speaker 2 (42:59):
Up, well, I think more than probably more than Bonnicks.
If we could truth here on them, right, we would
hold that thought out, hold that thought.

Speaker 4 (43:05):
Let's take a break, and when we get back, we
check in on the middle of the first round, stay
right there, all.

Speaker 2 (43:17):
Right, Welcome back. So the Jets move back one spot
and brock Howers is there.

Speaker 4 (43:23):
I think they really you'll never know, but I think
they were hoping Roma Dunze was there, and I think
they maybe would have pulled the trigger there, but maybe
maybe they always were going to take the best offensive
lineman available at that point, and it was oluh.

Speaker 2 (43:44):
Fashion, Yeah, you got first try Ol fashion from Penn State.

Speaker 4 (43:48):
So, like I said, like I said on our last show,
when your your team takes an offensive lineman, it's never
overly exciting.

Speaker 2 (43:57):
However, they have a left and a right tackle.

Speaker 4 (44:00):
Even as high the as the potential is with Tyron Smith,
now they're left tackle two thirty three year olds Morgan Moses.

Speaker 2 (44:07):
On the other side.

Speaker 4 (44:08):
Smith's injury issues are well documented. If either of those
guys go down, or both those guys go down, all
of a sudden, you have a forty year old Aaron
Rodgers coming off an Achilles injury, and you're right back
where it feels like you've been.

Speaker 2 (44:22):
So it makes sense. It's a sensible pick.

Speaker 4 (44:24):
It's if brock Bauers, who then goes two picks later
to the Raiders, turns into George Kittle, like his competence
out there and Fashiono, it becomes yet another offensive lineman
who kind of just kicks around the league and it
doesn't quite take. If he becomes Makai Becton, you gotta
you have to live with it. But it makes sense.
It's a logical pick for the job.

Speaker 6 (44:45):
That's the whole like psychological dynamic of the draft, is
you no matter what kind of fan you are or
even analyst, if you like a team, you're kind of
just dreaming of the showy, sexy weapons type guy, and like,
you don't really value offensive lineman out of the gate.

Speaker 2 (45:01):
But this guy's been compared to Laramie Tunzel.

Speaker 6 (45:04):
Jason Zumwalt when he announced this pick in the mock draft,
like was salivating over these six to six frame, three
hundred and seventeen pounds, And you know what's not exciting
is having your quarterback swarm by bees four plays into
the season and the season is destroyed. So I like
the idea of protecting Aaron Rodgers not having the whole
thing crumble minutes into campaign two.

Speaker 5 (45:24):
Right, this is I didn't like when I was positioned
as like, well, do you take a pick for now
with the Jets with a pass catcher or do you
take a pick for the future of the tackle. It's like, no,
this is for now, Like like, hopefully he's not starting
Week one, but it would be a shock if he
wasn't needed to start this season.

Speaker 2 (45:44):
And I really liked him. I think he was.

Speaker 5 (45:46):
He was probably the consensus tackle too, certainly overlaith them
in that like we've seen with tackles that it's a
really developmental position, maybe even more than quarterback where it
takes me one year, two years, it takes a while.
And fashion who kind of combine maybe better than the others,
a guy that could play sooner than later and had
some upside behind probably only all and he's definitely a

guy that's like better in pass pro than run blocking.
It's like, sign me up for those guys. Those are
like kind of the tackles I want the guys that.

Speaker 6 (46:15):
Yeah, DJ said he would have been a top five
pick a year ago, so I mean, like, I think
this is just one of these drafts where he's getting
pushed down the board a little because of the positions
that are going ahead of him.

Speaker 2 (46:24):
And I'll give Joe Douglas credit.

Speaker 4 (46:26):
I think when you look at what they've done this offseason,
he could have done the thing that would have made
a lot of sense, which is almost make it a
absurd all in year where you're doing things like you
trade up for Marvin Harrison, or you make that extra
signing or two in free agency. I thought all of
his moves that he made, for the most part, have

made this team better and are giving them a real
chance in twenty twenty four, and while they're gonna have
a lot of work to do next year if Aaron
Rodgers is gone or can't play anymore, they haven't mortgaged
the farm in terms of a lot of their spending.

Speaker 2 (47:05):
So I think there.

Speaker 4 (47:06):
I think he has handled this in a responsible a
considering there's a very good chance he's not around anymore
if the season goes poorly.

Speaker 2 (47:12):
I don't think he is gm that way, No, but
we want, like to be fair. I'm not. It's not
a Pennock situation.

Speaker 6 (47:17):
But if you're gonna take someone at eleven, you want
him to contribute and play very soon too.

Speaker 2 (47:21):
I think he will though. Yeah.

Speaker 6 (47:22):
I also because invariably it's the Jets. They're gonna lose
like two linemen.

Speaker 2 (47:27):
You know that has been the way.

Speaker 4 (47:29):
I would be very surprised if we don't see Oulu
on the field this year.

Speaker 2 (47:34):
You got to come up with a nickname for him.

Speaker 4 (47:35):
You can't, oh for sh I mean, oh, it is
a good name, pretty good. So yes, bo Nicks. So
he is the sixth quarterback off the board in twelve
picks to the Denver Broncos. Greg, what were your thoughts
about this election, Sean Payton seemed to be pretty happy
with himself in the war room after after went down

twenty four years at all, Auburn transfer to Oregon, and
now he is entering a quarterback room that has Jared Stidham,
that has Wilson and now Bow Nix, who I would
imagine is going to be playing very soon.

Speaker 5 (48:10):
I want to get into Nicks. But as you mentioned,
like being proud of himself in the in the worom.
This is the first draft I've ever watched. Partially with Emica.
I want my wife along with Walker. You know, she
was there just coming in and out. But she's like,
why are they so proud of themselves when they like
make a decision. It's like, oh, you know, like she
really cracked up about that. They're all like high fiving.

There is something awkward to an outsider of like, hey,
we just called in the pick and then like fifteen
different guys are like high fiving each other.

Speaker 6 (48:40):
There is something they've been working on it from us,
so I mean, but also they're all they're all in
the cusp of probably like separations.

Speaker 2 (48:48):
We get it, we just called it a name.

Speaker 4 (48:50):
Just that is that moment and you could tell Emica.
I said that, I'm sure she'll be thrilled to hear
me man split. She has never listened to now that
that's the cold nation. I did say of months and
months of hard work, Dan, of grinding, right, that was
and we appreciate that one moment like oh you beat
the ten minute clock to make a phone call.

Speaker 5 (49:12):
I was like, okay, that's fair. I don't love what
I've heard from Seun Payt afterwards. It almost sounds like
in all these little leaks coming out and.

Speaker 2 (49:20):
Sean Payte's coming after Peyton, I love it. Well, it's
just like, what is it? Now? What did he do?

Speaker 5 (49:25):
It's nothing, just that they're so high on bow Nicks
and they're just leaking off.

Speaker 2 (49:29):
Of course they're going to say they're high. They're drafting
them with the twelfth overall pen.

Speaker 5 (49:32):
Of course, but no one thought he was a special
enough player to go in the first round. And so
I said, he gave me Jake Locker Christian Ponder vibes.
And it wasn't because of his playing style at all.
Maybe Ponder, Uh, it wasn't because of his plain style.
It's just like it's the end of the quarterback around.
We have to get a quarterback. We can't wait any longer.

Speaker 2 (49:51):
That's fair.

Speaker 4 (49:52):
Let's take the last one before we feel like there's
a drop.

Speaker 6 (49:55):
The one thing I do like about him he had
three thy seven hundred and twenty four college snaps. That's
more than like Burrows had in the NFL. And it's
like he did he transferred and had like two totally
different types of playing styles like it he was. He
was a better, different, more accurate type quarterback at Oregon.

Speaker 4 (50:11):
But I'm with you, I mean that whole thing where
it's like this guy played a ton of snaps in college,
doesn't do six for me.

Speaker 2 (50:17):
Sixty one career start.

Speaker 6 (50:19):
So then there's then there's like Achilles Smith who had
twelve starts and went like second overall or something and
flamed out, Like I think, I think having more tape
on a quarterback is a good thing. I don't know,
but the odds are the six quarterback off the board
in the first round is problematic.

Speaker 5 (50:35):
He look his like super high tier comp was was
breezed that he's just like a point guard, a quick
decision maker.

Speaker 2 (50:42):
And who coached you, but also sort of an Alex Smith.

Speaker 5 (50:45):
Too, right, And and Peyton is such a good coach.
His quarterbacks always have good numbers, always are pretty efficient,
like he's gonna make it work. Well, it's just with
the twelfth overall pick, you're taking a quarterback you want.
You want someone that can maybe make all the throws
and that has shown an ability to withstand pressure. That

was the thing watching him. He didn't face a lot
of pressure when he was at Oregon, but when he did,
he had like no answer for it.

Speaker 6 (51:12):
Well, he also had forty five touchdowns, three picks last
season and a seventy seven point four completion percentage. So
it's not some of these guys like, well, we hope
that they can be accurate as a pro. We love
their arm and all this stuff. It's like, I think
this isn't a Sean Payton type guy. Like, so that's
I can understand. I don't think it's all false pr
that that I know that anything that comes out of
Sean Payton's mouth, greg Is and Amica certly are going

to disagree with or shun.

Speaker 2 (51:35):
But it's like he can.

Speaker 5 (51:37):
Work with this guy. So he wasn't coming out of
Sean Payton specifically. It was a different war room. But uh,
he actually admitted after too that He's like, well, I
may have been directly responsible for making people think that
we were going to trade up. So he was bragging afterwards.
How he It's like verbalized that like twelve times.

Speaker 4 (51:54):
It's almost like Sean Payton has an exceedingly high opinion
of himself. I just get this feeling. Anybody else get
that feeling? There is there is an energy. Alright, I'm
gonna do the next five picks and jump in with
anything on any of them. Okay, so you got brock
Bauers the tight end going to the Raiders. So they
find their Darren Waller replacement. Look at it that way,

as a hyper athletic playmaker, maybe not a high end blocker.
The Saints drafted tackle I'm not gonna get this one
at Teleisi Fuaga out of Oregon State. And then at
number fifteen, the Colts say, you know what, We're going
to end the street the streak, and we're going to
take a defensive player. So they take Latu Latu defensive
end out of UCLA.

Speaker 2 (52:35):
So you get high value.

Speaker 4 (52:36):
There is the first defensive player off the board in
the middle of the first round. This was an outlier, obviously,
and the Seahawks take Byron Murphy, the defensive tackle out
of Texas, so there is thirteen through sixteen.

Speaker 5 (52:49):
Bowers going to the Raiders was fascinating. No one had
that happening. I love it because they just need more weapons.
But the reason no one had it happening is because
they just took Michael Mayer last year. It's is like
a high second round. That's right, but interesting. It was
a different regime and I'm with that. First of all,
Bowers is a whole nother level of athletics.

Speaker 2 (53:07):
You could make two tight ends work.

Speaker 5 (53:10):
You want to, and Mayer is a little bit more
of the the inline tight end who can also catch
some passes but isn't gonna be going for like a
thousand yards and Bowers could be that guy, and you
just can't.

Speaker 2 (53:21):
You can't.

Speaker 5 (53:24):
Make decisions based on what the last GM did, like like, oh,
he took mayor so I can't take him if you
think Bowers is the best guy, and a lot of teams, probably.

Speaker 6 (53:31):
Especially especially the last Raiders GM, but now generally, but.

Speaker 4 (53:35):
From like a Raiders fan perspective, last year he used
the first round pick on a tight end. You weren't
second high second Oh high second on a tight end
like was his ceiling here? Like inline blocker who has
six hundred yards in a season like right, it doesn't
sound like a team that's you know, but that's the
risk when you blow things up and regimes change.

Speaker 2 (53:55):
It leads to it's.

Speaker 6 (53:56):
Great news for Gardner Minshew because it's like you're now
you're starting. It's your team at this point. But I
will say the one pick, I think it's not great
news for Devontae Adams. But yeah, no, you're right. But
if you're Mike McDonald, I just watched what he did
with so many Ravens players on defense last year.

Speaker 2 (54:14):
I didn't know what the Seahawks were going to do
in this.

Speaker 6 (54:15):
I kind of thought they might go for quarterback like
they might, but Byron Murphy, to me, I loved watching him,
and I think Mike McDonald is going to get something
out of Byron Murphy right away. It wasn't like it
was the biggest need on the play at all other needs,
but like I love, I think it's a Seattle Seahawks
type player.

Speaker 5 (54:31):
Right, and the things pick they kind of had to
make it. This has been bubbling around, but Ian reported
how Ryan Ramchick might be retiring. So I talked about
how they blew their left tackle pick a couple of
years ago, Trevor Penny, who can't get on the field,
so they needed a left tackle. They also needed a
right tackle, so they just had to take a tackle,
and they took the guy who's like most fun to

watch in like a brawler type, which is very sainty,
and I will say I have to do a lot
to like his pass rushing was I.

Speaker 2 (55:00):
I'm pumped for him as a pro.

Speaker 5 (55:02):
Hym and my guy Newton were my two favorite defensive
players in the draft.

Speaker 4 (55:07):
Only one of them got drafted tonight, though we'll talk
about that on Saturday. But little Susie ain't getting the
braces this summer.

Speaker 2 (55:15):
Not this summer. Maybe next summer. Don't count old buck tooth, Susie.

Speaker 6 (55:20):
It gets tougher and tougher to correct teeth with braces
as you age.

Speaker 5 (55:24):
Got to keep her in the dark. Hey, I didn't
make you guys follow me, but I did get a
tweet from tah seventy six rain maker blanked me again.

Speaker 4 (55:36):
All right, stick a pin in that defensive runt, the
third defensive player in the road in a row. Because
the Vikings. They make more moves. Yes, greg no go
aheading at me now. I just want to on the Vikings.

Speaker 2 (55:53):
Okay, I just let me get it out.

Speaker 4 (55:55):
Minnesota Vikings via trade from the Jaguars, get Dallas Turner,
outside linebacker from Alabama. That nice value pick there, Gregory,
it was, you know what he I had a harder
time with him, but he he he's a great A
lot of people had him as the top ed rusher,
DJ had him like great value to get up there.

Speaker 5 (56:13):
But they gave up you know, a three and a
four to move up five spots, and it did make
me think.

Speaker 2 (56:18):
About them not a value pick.

Speaker 5 (56:20):
They've just been building this team up for three years now,
even though they have like a new quarterback that it
felt like this was a little bit of go time
for QUESTI. They've been accumulating picks and take a lot
of different guys, and it was like, we got to
start getting our guys and we got to kind of
push our chips in the table. We got to be
a little better this year to help out our rookie

quarterback and Sam Darnold on the defensive side. So they're
they're kind of taking a swing here by giving up
all those picks, those just to move up five spots.

Speaker 6 (56:48):
That was expensive. It was a fit along with the switching.
First it was a fifth this year, and a third
and a fourth next season.

Speaker 4 (56:55):
Now, Mark, I don't put it like I don't get
too jazzed up about guys that play a million snaps
in college, but I do get noivous when guys hardly
play in college. Right, And so the Bengals and a
lot of people saw this coming, Mark, I think you
had Cincinnati going for the offensive line in your Mark draft. Yeah,

not this guy Amarus Mims out of Georgia, who's got
everything you could want out of a tackle in terms
of size and athleticism.

Speaker 2 (57:25):
But this man made eight starts in college.

Speaker 4 (57:28):
So that is obviously you are You're looking at his
traits and you're saying this, this is an NFL player,
but you barely saw him in college. But the tape
and his testing was enough for the Cincinnati to say,
maybe we have something special here that seems like a
roll of the dice at eighteen.

Speaker 2 (57:44):
Yeah, I with you.

Speaker 6 (57:45):
I like, I think, like you know, injury history and
durability matter. Like he'd allowed one QB hurry on two
hundred and ninety seven snaps last year, and he'd I
don't know. I think that if you read the positive traits,
the Bengals are are hoping traits are great. I mean
because he's shown those things. It's not like they're guessing
that he has them. It's just that he was like

it wasn't around.

Speaker 5 (58:08):
Six ' eight though they have a type there. There
are three tackles right now. Are Orlando Brown one of
the largest humans ever created, Trent Brown one of the
largest humans ever created? With now Amarus Mims who a
lot of people, the people that are super into tackles
in the draft, they're thinking he's the most fascinating guy
in the draft. That the boomer bus guy in the
draft could be a total top five talent in total

who knows, you know, have a good development six.

Speaker 4 (58:34):
Seven three forty, gifted with size and athleticism with Kaipex
like it.

Speaker 2 (58:38):
It can go both ways with the Giants. Yeah, but
what do you want him to be? Five?

Speaker 4 (58:44):
No, I want him to be exactly six six eighteen
And then I'm totally fine with the pick.

Speaker 2 (58:51):
You asked, well, I mean, point Mark, thank you wouldn't
even make a point be on the field a little more. Yeah,
I guess that's what you are. That's the question. What
was the point that you don't want me to be small?
I thought I made it.

Speaker 6 (59:03):
I thought I made a point that I think if
you're listening to this, you're thinking that was that. I
took Dan in a different direction there, wheeled him around
a little bit.

Speaker 2 (59:10):
So wheel this. The rams at nineteen finally picked this one.
Was fun.

Speaker 4 (59:16):
I love this on the you love the pick, I
love the player. Okay, I love this all right. So
Jared Verse is very talented defensive end. A lot of
people say, oh, maybe the best PR pass rusher and
all that. However, you know enough enough. However, I loved

this from Charles Davis, who while Jared Versus, you know,
off the board and it's this big moment in his life.
Here's Charles Davis asking the questions that need to be as.
I talk with a top level NFL scout former GM
and he said, hey, this kid had the reputation of being,
you know, kind of a you know what.

Speaker 2 (59:57):
So I asked him, point, Blake, are you a new
you know what? Jared Verse? And he said, I am
on the practice field and on the game field. The
rest of the time. I'm an okay guy. He knows
how to.

Speaker 4 (01:00:06):
Turn it on, just like charl Di so you and
asked like, be honest.

Speaker 2 (01:00:13):
I love it.

Speaker 6 (01:00:14):
I I don't know if I saw anyone like on
the defensive side of the ball that made me more
interested than this player.

Speaker 5 (01:00:19):
Charles was kind of working blue tonight because he also
tried to quote, uh, why am I forgetting his name
Brian Cox's character in Succession? You know f Off doing
the telecast.

Speaker 2 (01:00:30):
Davis was out there today. Is that I like that
version of him? I love that Charles Davis. Sorry, Jared Versus,
you were very verse, not.

Speaker 6 (01:00:38):
Like you know the way he rushes the passer, like
I mentioned on that other show, watching him just like
take you know these six six three d and forty
pound guys and just like smashing them into the quarterback
and they both fall to the ground.

Speaker 2 (01:00:52):
Like toy soldiers. It's like this guy like makes the rams.

Speaker 6 (01:00:55):
I mean it was a need for them too, but
it's like it is someone that can come in and
like punish people in the NFC West.

Speaker 2 (01:01:00):
I kind of love him the way he plays a
nice team. I love him with Byron Young. It's kind
of the total opposite.

Speaker 5 (01:01:06):
You have you have the bend in the edge speed Edgdresher,
and then you have the big strong maybe set the
edge a little better in the run defense with Jared
versus they're a nice little and.

Speaker 2 (01:01:14):
Think he's a little bit of a butt head. Hopefully
he can deal with it, you know what I mean.
He said he's a good guy. Off he'd claim he
said he was, Yeah, well how would you, how would anyone?
Well if it got to the point where like a
lot of the chatter was like, you know, this guy
kind of sucks all of that.

Speaker 5 (01:01:28):
He seemed to have a very nice, loving family set up.
He had a heartwarming.

Speaker 2 (01:01:33):
I'm not saying it. I don't know anything about the man.

Speaker 4 (01:01:36):
I'm just saying it had reached a level that Charles
Davis brought it up to a national audience minutes seconds
after he was taken. And then it was so important
to Charles C. D that he asked the man himself.

Speaker 6 (01:01:50):
Yeah, the report, the reporting hit a tipping point and
he had to, you know, ask the question that needed
to be asked to get that. Do you want him
to be I don't want to be too friendly, so my.

Speaker 4 (01:01:59):
Curiosity is peaked like like what is going on for
that to be like a main storyline from one of
the top college analysts. Seconds there, Eric, can you put
in a request for Jared Verse? When we talk about this,
I get that, what a great point, and give me
a ding, give me something. Nobody's asking these questions. Well,
Charles Davis, is you get a bully for a ding?

It's not It's not worth it. It handed out dings
and greats points. The Sessler's not even making points.

Speaker 6 (01:02:26):
Why why do you need to turn into this person
during this during what has been a you know, a
relatively well natured show. You're you're asking for praise and
sound clips and all this stuff without endless praise? Can
you get out of this show without endless praise aimed
at you?

Speaker 2 (01:02:43):
Do you know? You know? I don't know. It seems absurd.
Do you know what you think I'm being right now?
You're being I don't know if I'd go there. It's
brought a background on you.

Speaker 4 (01:02:57):
He did bring your back around, Yeah, admit, Like, all right,
let's take a Breakney and let's finish round one. All right,
we're back. We are at pick twenty. Let's hit the
rest of the first round. Now, the Pittsburgh Steelers. They
go to their offensive line, adding help there with Troy

Fatinau from Washington. So interior is that the first guard
off the board interior alignment.

Speaker 5 (01:03:25):
You know they're listing him that way. But he was
fantastic at tackle and could be playing there like a
lot of these offensive linemen. Actually, Graham Martin coming up
to could play multiple positions, but I have a feeling
they will try him at tackle.

Speaker 6 (01:03:40):
He's incredibly Yeah, PFF called him, labeled him as the
most versatile alignment of any of them. So that's you know,
multi position diverse and the best overall athlete of all
the lignment.

Speaker 2 (01:03:49):
It's saying. It looked more like a tight end.

Speaker 4 (01:03:51):
It's excellent to have the Yeah, the alignment that could
play all over.

Speaker 2 (01:03:55):
Now, the Dolphins they go defense.

Speaker 4 (01:03:58):
They take Chop Robinson edge at a Penn State and
that is a move. You know, some people thought, Greggie,
maybe the Dolphins would take a burner and just go
totally hog while on their offense. But they do address
their defense, which seems to make sense. Well, I thought
they might go your guy Newton there. Yeah, I was
where it started to feel like this storry bro might

not work out for me. It was a big need
because Bradley Chubb and Jalen Phillips just bad luck, are
coming off massive injuries. Both of them might not be
ready for the start of the season, so you could
be starting or certainly asking Chop Robinson to play a
lot of snaps. Shack Barry is on that roster too.
Quiet signing by.

Speaker 6 (01:04:36):
Them, and they were like their pass rushing fell apart
at the end of last season. I don't hate I
like to pick for them. I thought that, like Chop
Robinson was interesting to watch.

Speaker 2 (01:04:43):
I thought Xavier Worthy there would.

Speaker 4 (01:04:45):
Have been that would have been whining, but he landed
in a pretty fascinating place. I thought it was I
thought it was weird and that you don't usually see this.
I think it was Daniel Jeremiah who said that Chop
Robinson his nickname of Chop is because of like the
choppy steps he takes. He's known for, Like that's the
way he kind of moves, and that's one of the
things that perhaps they want to coach out of him.

So you want to quar nick out. Yeah, the thing
that his actual like his nickname. Wow, Yeah, I don't
like that.

Speaker 2 (01:05:14):
I didn't like that at all.

Speaker 4 (01:05:15):
Old regular steps Robinson. Yeah, that's troubling anyway. Let's move
to the Eagles, who have done it again, ladies and gentlemen,
boys and girls. As you heard you heard it here
first that the Eagles won the draft Night one with
Quinyan Mitchell out of Toledo cornerback, high value. And I

was seeing it everywhere. But let's call this one up.
I saw this. Quinyan Mitchell electrifies Eagles fans at number
twenty two Comma Heist of the twenty twenty four NFL drafts.
So rest easy, everyone, The sheep are still herded together.
Oh trope of Yes, what all the smart people say

the Eagles do everything right? So I will say that
immediately on instinct, and then I'll be amongst the safe people.

Speaker 5 (01:06:07):
Well, this bit must be, uh, this is all in
your head. This bit must be really resonating because after
this pick, and of course I complimented something about the Eagles,
Everyone's like.

Speaker 2 (01:06:17):
Is that going to be okay? With Dan? Hey?

Speaker 5 (01:06:19):
All we heard all week is like, there's no chance
Howie Roseman sticking in picking. He does kind of trade
up and trade out, but how he's so far ahead
of the rest of the league. He knew somehow that
he was going to have his pick of any cornerback
in the draft his number one need. So we think alike.
After all these podcasts together, Dan I also collected some
reaction to the Eagles picks.

Speaker 2 (01:06:42):
We have a series of Doug Ferrar is higher than
an A plus.

Speaker 5 (01:06:50):
Let's go there is nothing higher than an A plus,
Lindsay Roads, our great friend likely fun to be an
Eagles fan on draft. Every pick just feels perpot ah ah, what.

Speaker 2 (01:07:01):
Are you talking? We got one more?

Speaker 5 (01:07:02):
We got one more? This was my favorite one. How
he can't keep getting away with this?

Speaker 2 (01:07:08):
I think Dan's point has been made. Howie mother, it's
it's a perfect It looks like a great pick. I'm
just saying it. It is a good way.

Speaker 4 (01:07:16):
People in our industry tend to want to gravitate toward
who are the the thought leaders on social media, and
they know that the Eagles are very popular amongst those people,
one of them, and so they'll just say, oh, let
me immediately get my take out there, my little keyboard. Yeah,
get my little keyboard out there. I'll get my take

out there, and I'll align with the smart people. And
then people think I'm smart.

Speaker 6 (01:07:40):
I think I think I saw these people have the
same opinion. I think Dan is absolutely onto something. And then,
like rosemand got going early. They signed aj Brown to
a three year deal right after the DeVante Smith thing,
which I thought cleared up what could have been an
off season you know, drama, drama gone.

Speaker 2 (01:07:56):
Howie Roseman, what great to give.

Speaker 5 (01:07:57):
That A plus plus plus plus plus it was this
that was like a sneaky big contract is by far
the biggest thing.

Speaker 2 (01:08:04):
They just gave a huge contract to a wide receivers.

Speaker 5 (01:08:05):
Eighty four million guarantee right if thirty two a year
in new money, which is easily the most. And we'll
have to look at all the details and stuff, but
this is setting the bar. I think these these wide
receiver contracts are going to get crazy. Everyone's trying to
get in before Jefferson because the aman Ross Saint Brown contract.
We never hit that on this on the pod just
because of timing, but both him and Piney Sewell got

monster deals from the Lions.

Speaker 2 (01:08:29):
Classy move by the Lions.

Speaker 5 (01:08:31):
They give their stars huge contracts way before the draft,
and then they bring them out to introduce the draft
along with Megatron and them and.

Speaker 2 (01:08:39):
There has to be a tradition obviously pretty good sense
to the moment. Every team at the moment.

Speaker 4 (01:08:43):
Every team that's hosting should do that with their here
their legends, because it's a great moment for them and
the fans that are there for ten hours. All kidding aside,
I think it's a perfectly good pick for the Eagles.
They do know what they're doing, and I did. I
think it left me. I felt a little I felt
a little bad, quite honestly about I don't want to
be in a like a blood feud with Philadelphia because

I don't have any issues with Philadelphia.

Speaker 2 (01:09:08):
Apparently not.

Speaker 4 (01:09:09):
I really don't like about those Sixers Nicks series going
on that that's great and that's fun. And the Sixers
got off the mat tonight. It's a good job by them.
But so there's a there's I guess that's a rivalry.
But I'm not a Mets fan, so like the Phillies
don't bother me, and I'm not a Giants fan, contrary
to popular belief by people who listen to the show,
so I don't have an Eagles hatred.

Speaker 2 (01:09:31):
In fact, I'm going to share some things I like
about Philadelphia.

Speaker 3 (01:09:34):
I am.

Speaker 4 (01:09:35):
Let's take a brief aside here Hall of Oates, love
hall of Oates. How about cheese steaks with the cheese whizz.
Mark can't wait till they are both.

Speaker 2 (01:09:52):
He's like, we're going to be here five more. I
give them both. A lot of people say, oh, I
only like Hall not Over, but I'm both from Philly.
They're Philly. Yeah that Philly for real? Is there a
third item? More? Mark?

Speaker 4 (01:10:03):
Okay, Randall Cunningham's ninety one yard punt?

Speaker 2 (01:10:06):
Love that? Yeah, yep, good? Remember that.

Speaker 4 (01:10:09):
I meant the Giant team. But how about like that
ninety two yard throw that touchdown?

Speaker 2 (01:10:16):
Love that too?

Speaker 4 (01:10:16):
And I love that move the Superman dive in the
end zone. Love it all, but the ninety one yard
punt is better. I like Bryce Harper speaking of the Phillies,
He's a fun guy to watch. I like Questlove. I
like the Roots, I got good songs.

Speaker 2 (01:10:30):
I like, uh, it's always sunny in Philadelphia or listening
to it right now? The theme? Yeah, I mean that's
a Hollywood product. Put okay, you know what. I like
the Declaration of Independence? Bitch, that's American. Where was the
sign near that crack bell? I get it? I like
Silver Linings Playbook. Okay, do you I do. I love
that movie. Actually, even though Bradley Cooper's in, Yeah, I

feel like that one of the main star. You seem
to dislike that.

Speaker 4 (01:10:55):
I love several of the m Night Shyamalan films, fine,
several of them, and most of all, I love Colleen Wolf.
So okay, put it all together, and uh, it's not
all bad. So I want to I want to make
peace with Philly if if you want, we could bury
the hatchet here tonight.

Speaker 6 (01:11:13):
I think Greg and I are watching you evolved before
our eyes on this episode of the podcast.

Speaker 5 (01:11:19):
If you if you watch us on night YouTube, you
should check that out. Get you know, we'll have it up.
You'll see Brian Baldinger was there with with Colleen, also
from Philly. Right, yeah, Paul in Philly. But I didn't notice.
You didn't mention, you know, Gonzo.

Speaker 2 (01:11:33):
The oh, I love Gonzo. John goes without saying.

Speaker 4 (01:11:36):
I mean I could sit here all day just naming
every person I've ever met from him.

Speaker 2 (01:11:39):
Right, but he's the husband of the you know the woman.
This is great. It's very Greg, but yes, John two, okay, good.

Speaker 6 (01:11:48):
I didn't want to leave now, Greg's like, let's let
me not get out of this segment without some feud
being created between you and someone's husband.

Speaker 4 (01:11:55):
All right, let's move on. The Jacksonville Jaguars. Oh, I
love this one.

Speaker 2 (01:11:59):
This one.

Speaker 4 (01:12:00):
This is via a trade with Minnesota through Cleveland from Houston.
They Brian Thomas, the wide receiver out of LSU and
the writing this would have been I feel like an
easy sandwich, Greg if anybody threw it out there because
they badly wanted Calvin Ridley back and they thought it
was in the bag, and then they ended up getting

losing him because another team blew him out of the water.

Speaker 2 (01:12:25):
So now they replaced Calvin Ridley and that was a need.

Speaker 5 (01:12:28):
If a different team made this trade, everyone be like,
oh they did it again, like they Trent Balki played
the board perfectly. This is not typically what the Jaguars did.
But they were at seventeen overall where I thought Brian
Thomas Junior would have or could have been the pick there.
They also could have taken a cornerback certainly, but I
thought they. I love Thomas, people just don't move like him.

He reminds me a little bit of DK Metcalf just
in the not like he's as big as as physical.
He's more of just a burner and smooth, but just
like he has one skill set that is just so
exceptional that he can learn the rest as they go.
And so they moved back six spots. They got all
these picks. We talked about that the Vikings gave up
a third and a fourth next year and I think
really added some juice to that offense. That is a

speedy offense with ETN, Gabe Davis and Brian Thomas and
I mean if.

Speaker 6 (01:13:15):
You look at their wide out room, Christian kirk, z
A Jones, Gabe Davis and Evan Ingram at tight end,
like this is a fact. There's a lot going on
here in terms of right speed, downfield speed and Thomas
is a deep bul thread.

Speaker 4 (01:13:28):
Did you guys see the Jaguars war room at this time? Yes,
that was good, pretty tough. Tony Kahan, who's been on
the show. He's the son of Seod conn and he's
a you know, a big figure obviously with the Jaguars,
and I believe he owns a wrestling.

Speaker 6 (01:13:44):
Yeah, he was like this like in the Latin the
past couple of days was body slammed we have this
wrestling event.

Speaker 4 (01:13:51):
He got pile of driven into the ground and listen,
wrestling is scripted, but the guys take real bumps. And
Tony takes a bump that requires him to wear a
neck brace, and I just have like a take here.
Neck braces in general, they're rough, like you, like, no
one looks good in a neck brace. There's something truly

vulnerable about being stuck in a neck brace. The way
you're like stiff and you you have no range of
You're like Michael Keaton in the first Batman, like you
can't move and your just eyes are darting around.

Speaker 2 (01:14:21):
You just don't look very good. It's tough, tough, bad
beat ready to come on? How do you have a controller?
And take about neck brace?

Speaker 5 (01:14:28):
Because it's it's kate what do they call it? Kate
fabri what like he's playing it up. It's a wink
wink to the whole wrestling community. Yeah, of course it's
a bit he got. It's wrestling. He's making it really,
he's making it real. I would say it if you
in that. Everyone loved it.

Speaker 6 (01:14:43):
He did seem to be to have full uh full
motion and he was struggling with his I mean are
you are you are you telling me that people don't
get injured in wrestling?

Speaker 5 (01:14:54):
Of course they do, But I follow I guess enough
wrestling fans on Twitter that were just going nuts that
like he took it this far that he acted. They
were like basically people were begging and hoping he would
wear the neck brace to the thing because he's not
really he's not really here.

Speaker 2 (01:15:07):
And he did it, and he did it. He ended it.
Your point to it, and he did it last night.
Would do it.

Speaker 5 (01:15:13):
He did it last day on national TV to set
it up.

Speaker 2 (01:15:16):
He's one step ahead of you.

Speaker 4 (01:15:17):
He's promoting the injury is one step ahead of the draft.
I think he wants to be on national television and
the neck brace. Yes, yeah, I think it's it's we're
talking about it an act. Yes, I'm just saying it's
a tough. It's tough. You're not wrong about the neck break.
Have you ever watch wrestling in your life?

Speaker 2 (01:15:34):
Yeah? Injuries happen, I know. But in this case, how
can you be so sure?

Speaker 5 (01:15:40):
Because because he owns the company and they set it
up that.

Speaker 2 (01:15:44):
It happened to he was was he actually pile driven? Yes?
And then they is it possibly could have hurt his
neck taking the pile driver.

Speaker 4 (01:15:53):
You'd have to say it's I will I will defer
to all the wrestling enthusiasts that are into it night
after night, who all acknowledged and embraced that he's having
some fun here.

Speaker 6 (01:16:04):
I Greg Greg, Like any on any pocket of Twitter,
Greg is one of the largest followers of every.

Speaker 2 (01:16:11):
Pocket's got a terrible take.

Speaker 6 (01:16:16):
Wing once on this show, but he is also one
of the largest Twitter followers of wrestling fanatics.

Speaker 2 (01:16:22):
The answer making news. Greg knows everything. But there's no
question you're wrong in this no question. It's impossible. Wait,
what's breaking it? Well, yeah, that you're wrong. Oh that's
impossible now all the time. But in this case, you're wrong.

But how do you know? I'm just curious, like you,
you must know because it's I wouldn't this happened.

Speaker 5 (01:16:51):
I sort of was like, he did it, like it's
an amazing that's an amazing marketing bit that you set up.

Speaker 4 (01:16:57):
Marketing because it does set up your national team. I
think he turned put up put it this way. I
think he turned lemons into lemonade. I think he got
dinked in a big spot.

Speaker 6 (01:17:07):
I think you're you're all right, kind of a Mario
Smims is like, could they have spent seven minutes on
on my on the greatest day of mind.

Speaker 4 (01:17:15):
The Lions, via trade with the Dallas Cowboys, take Terry
and Arnold, the cornerback out of Alabama. The Packers take
offensive tackle Jordan Morgan out of Arizona. The Bucks select
Graham Barton, tackle at a Duke a center that apparently
the Cowboys wanted a piece of and don't get them.

And the Cardinals via the Houston Texans they had that
extra first round pick from their trade last year, take
Darius Robbins Robinson, defensive end at a Missouri.

Speaker 2 (01:17:45):
I think for.

Speaker 6 (01:17:46):
Detroit they were fortunate, as were you know, a number
of teams that the cornerback run came late that that
this really was sort of the final position that Detroit
needed to address.

Speaker 2 (01:18:00):
And Terry Arnold falls into your lap.

Speaker 6 (01:18:02):
He's from Alabama, you know he can play, and you
added Carlton Davis in the offseason, You've got Brian Branch.
Suddenly it looks like a strength. If Arnold works out,
you've got a strength.

Speaker 5 (01:18:13):
He was probably the safest cornerback in the draft just
because he's from Alabama. He's a Lions type of guy,
and then to see him come out and the crowd
just go crazy for him, and he was like ready
for that moment and like embraced it and said.

Speaker 2 (01:18:27):
I'm home, I'm home. I just want to say, Detroit
put y'all got a start, man, he come home. Man,
that's awesome. Well I dig that. All right.

Speaker 4 (01:18:44):
Let's stop down right here, take a quick break, and
we'll be back with more of round one. All right,
we're back number twenty eight. The Kansas City Chiefs. They
move up, they trade up, They trade up for a
wide receiver. Does that sound familiar. We'll talk about it
on Saturday. And they take Xavier Worthy. And there's a

lot of reasons to be excited about this pick because
that is the saving savior. Worthy that ran a four
point two to one at the combine, setting the record
at that event for speed.

Speaker 2 (01:19:16):
He's undersized Mark Sessler.

Speaker 4 (01:19:18):
However, the Chiefs have been missing this element of their
offense since Tyreek Hill was traded. And we will not
go into a new season in Kansas City being like
they haven't added something new and exciting. This Whether it
works or not, whether his as an undersized receiver, he's
able to translate at one hundred and sixty five pounds
of bucks sixty five.

Speaker 2 (01:19:39):
We'll see, but this is an exciting idea. Yes, and
they went for it, and he's.

Speaker 6 (01:19:45):
Getting to Sean Jackson comps and you added Hollywood Brown.

Speaker 2 (01:19:50):
So they've addressed it.

Speaker 6 (01:19:51):
And I think the one of the more fascinating for me,
unpredictable turns in this draft post Pennix Junior, is that
the Bills allowed the Chiefs to trade into their spot
when they also needed a wide receiver.

Speaker 2 (01:20:05):
And we'll get to what they didn't do later.

Speaker 6 (01:20:08):
But the Chiefs, of all teams to trade with, allowed
to come into that space and take a guy that
amps up their offense. I don't know, you know what,
just because it's the Bills, I guess it could have
been anyone. It just seems to me if you're a
Bills fan, you're like, excuse me, you did what where now?

Speaker 2 (01:20:23):
Today? With the with the Chiefs. Well, let's ask Eric
the producer, Eric, where you're at.

Speaker 7 (01:20:29):
Yeah, I mean it's I mean, yeah, it's definitely situations
you don't do with the Chiefs.

Speaker 2 (01:20:33):
It's they might as well be in your division.

Speaker 7 (01:20:35):
It's like, I think it's worse yeah, yeah, yeah, I
mean the Jets haven't ripped our heart out, you know
every year from no, like they're the ones that won't
let you go. You're on the blacklist, and then you
give them, you know, a speedster that we're probably gonna
give you Tyreek Kill flashbacks and and yeah, and then
like Mark alluded to, they you know, eventually trade themselves

out of the first round entirely and don't address anything.

Speaker 2 (01:20:58):
And it was a weird day. I hear that.

Speaker 5 (01:21:00):
And but like if the value was good and it
didn't get that much. Actually they just got to move
up from the third to the fourth. And it's like
twenty seven straight teams didn't want Xavier Worthy. The Bills
didn't want Xavier Worthy. Can maybe Xavier Worthy would have
felt like two or three more picks? Want me be
a good pick one argument though, Greg, because the way

the way it turns out, and the Bills will pick
you know, first of all, two more wide receivers went
off the board before they'll pick again, So it's not
just about Xavier Worthy. But maybe, yeah, maybe they If
you're a Bills fan, you're like, what are are we
the AFC's cowboys.

Speaker 2 (01:21:35):
This officer there would even more.

Speaker 5 (01:21:37):
Like Ady Mitchell, who is a lot of people's wide
receiver four or five, is still there and was commonly
mocked to the Bills, including I think by you, Mark,
because I think that was the one pick you and
Walker had the same and they could still take him
there at at thirty three. I do think Worthy though,
it's gonna end up being a big part of our
lives because he's with the Chiefs and he's he's not

John Ross, he's not Henry Ruggs. To me like he's
a great route runner, Like he has real like lateral
movement skills. Now can he survive like at that wait,
that is a larger question, But he was on a
team with another guy who's gonna get taken very early tomorrow,
Ady Mitchell, and like Xavier Worthy was clearly the one,

and his speed just sort of made defenses have to
approach them completely different.

Speaker 2 (01:22:25):
And I think he's gonna be a weapon.

Speaker 4 (01:22:28):
The Dallas Cowboys that picked twenty nine, they want to
make that splash this season, but it just nothing seems
to be going their way. They do end up with
Tyler Geitton, who is a very big, very physical, very
fast and athletically gifted tackle prospect out of Oklahoma. But
another guy like Mims that we were talking about, only

fifteen college starts. He's seen as a raw prospect and
for a team that's very much all in now, there's
a little bit of a gamble here that can you
get him up to speed and have him be a
contributor right now actually within a hole on the line
after Tyron Smith.

Speaker 5 (01:23:04):
Now supposedly they really wanted to tackle and Graham Barton
it was a tackle on college, but some people see
him more as a center into your alignment and the pros.
But like that was like our guy, Nate Tice, one
of his very favorite players in the draft, thought he's
been way overlooked, like a top fifteen player, just going
to be as safe a pick as you could possibly have,

a guy that can play right away. And they end
up trading out of that pick when people thought they
might take him, maybe hoping he'd fall to twenty nine,
and instead they get a guy who kind of looks
like a project. And they need guys to play right away,
and Guyton is supposed to be one of those guys
that might need a year or two to develop.

Speaker 6 (01:23:40):
I like what the Cardinals did too, by the way,
Darius Robinson. But I go back to Graham Barton. I
think Graham Barton is the Bucks took him, is one
of the more intriguing a lignement in this entire draft.
And we talked about a couple of shows. Ago can
play all over the place. I think that's the steal
for the Bucks. I thought he was going to go
to Philadelphia if they didn't go cornerback.

Speaker 5 (01:24:00):
Light's been think you good remaking their offensive line, and
the picks don't always look good like the first year,
Like Gadeki didn't look great the first year, and then
it looks pretty good a year or two later.

Speaker 2 (01:24:12):
He's done a nice job.

Speaker 4 (01:24:13):
The Ravens take Nate Wiggins, the cornerback at at Clemson.
The Niners take Ricky Piersall, the wide receiver out of Florida.
That sounds very spicy potentially in that offense, and you know,
more questions about what's the future in that wide receiver
room because you're just adding another big time player or
a first round pick, and you already have Deebo Samuel

there still obviously Brandon Aiyuk there, there's still room for
them all.

Speaker 2 (01:24:39):
Greg you but just keep an eye on and the Panthers.

Speaker 4 (01:24:42):
Then they have the first pick of the second round,
but they say, no, we want to get into the
first round, so they trade with the Bills. You trade
out of the first round entirely, and they take Xavier
Loget wide receiver out of South Carolina, the final wide
receiver taken tons of wide receivers seven in the first round.

Speaker 2 (01:25:03):
Thoughts well, the purece all pick.

Speaker 5 (01:25:05):
I was really keeping an eye on when that went
on the board, because earlier in the day Tom Currn
put out there on one of his shows just just
talking that the Patriots have been working on an Ayuk trade.
That yea, it's not definitive, but when the forty nine
ers get on the board, keep an eye. If they
take a wide receiver, then we might be talking a

lot on Friday, whether the Patriots end up trading that
number thirty four overall pick they have the number two
pick in the second round as part of a brand
in AYUK trade.

Speaker 2 (01:25:37):
John Lynch, you know, laughed it off a little bit.

Speaker 5 (01:25:40):
They asked him about a press conference Thursday night, seeing
why are we always the ones that you know, people
are talking about with trades, which is not a denial,
and it wasn't as specific, but Mike Silver and Diani
Rassini separately reported on Thursday that the forty nine ers
had been offering Ayuk and or Deebo Samuel in different trades.

They said, maybe trying to get way up in the draft,
like trying to get to the top ten. That clearly
didn't happen. That was before the draft, but it really
makes it sound like they're open to trading. I mean, man,
if the Patriots could get that.

Speaker 6 (01:26:15):
Do that, I thought that it certainly seems strong they
were trying to get up into the first round to
make a move to get a different type of wide
receiver somewhere else if they're gonna trade one of those guys.
But throwing debo in there, that kind of threw me
for a loop that they're both available. I don't think
they're both available, but right one on the other.

Speaker 5 (01:26:31):
Out they're available. That is that is pretty wild, and
that would be a salary cap is a real trade.
If they traded Ayuk for the thirty second or the
thirty fourth overall pick that they thought, uh whoever was
on the board would be worth it. Pearsall's more of
like a vertical slot guy. You know, got a let
them pop from Harmon on our wide receiver.

Speaker 2 (01:26:52):
Sure he's also he's.

Speaker 6 (01:26:53):
A twenty four year old rookie, but I don't you know, again,
get them for four years.

Speaker 5 (01:26:57):
So college football and now it's gonna kind of is
so weird with the COVID year thing.

Speaker 2 (01:27:03):
Right, Right, you've got a lot of older rookies.

Speaker 5 (01:27:05):
Jade and Daniels was once throwing to Ricky pearsaw right
at Arizona State. Okay, that's not that crazy. Sure in
Brandon Ayuk, it's like what branded Ayuk's been in the NFL.
It feels like for a long time Jade and Daniels
was throwing to I don't know.

Speaker 2 (01:27:21):
What's what's going And also Steve Steve Smith senior, he
threw to him too.

Speaker 5 (01:27:26):
And none of them on the team that you associate
them with. It was Herman Edwards Arizona State team.

Speaker 4 (01:27:33):
All right, there you go, that's the first thirty two.
Why don't we check in Mark. You had your Mox
Sessler Mark draft. What were the results? Let's bring it up.

Speaker 2 (01:27:43):
What do we got here?

Speaker 4 (01:27:44):
All right, so you're going three for three out of
the gate, I think pretty much everybody did, uh, where
do you got bow knicks to the Broncos? Nice?

Speaker 2 (01:27:51):
You had him at twenty seven. Just for everyone listening,
we also have and he went, well, I believe, but
we're giving you that obviously, and neighbors Giants, Moleak, neighbors
to the New York And also we got the Saints.
Pick there, Oh you got Talise four. I got to
the Saint that's one nice but overall, hum drum, let's
be honest, sort of a failure. So you got not

up to my one, two three? You got five out
of thirty two? Is that quick? Six? Because you got
JJ McCarthy. It was later put that counts one two, three.

Speaker 6 (01:28:22):
Four, five six seven. I see what you guys are
trying to do. Seven four plus one plus one plus
one is seven seven. Wait, I don't I still don't
see the seven because you're colorblind.

Speaker 2 (01:28:34):
I'm not making fun of you. You told us.

Speaker 6 (01:28:35):
But the one in the middle, the Saints one, it
looks like the other ones because it's Saints colors. But
it's like I got that the four or then the
Giants that's five. Then in the middle column, okay, that's
the Saints.

Speaker 4 (01:28:46):
That's number six and the or bright orange broncos Bone
next to seven This is great Part.

Speaker 2 (01:28:50):
Twenty twenty five. Can we keep in mind that one
of the hosts color that was not tough. It's just
a tough addition.

Speaker 4 (01:29:00):
So seven out of thirty two, I feel like that's
that's probably around industry average, I would guess.

Speaker 2 (01:29:06):
I mean, I think some stuff, you know, I had
also for the show, and it's not if you if
I had to, like, you know, with a gun in
my head, I had like eighteen trades in the first round,
and a lot of that stuff just did not have I.

Speaker 7 (01:29:15):
Thought Mark was going to sneak in one with Buffalo
with Mitchell in the last couple of picks. I thought
I was going to sneak in one more.

Speaker 2 (01:29:20):
Yeah, but the Bills are like, we're We're determined to
win six games. They ruined. They ruined my niece's night.

Speaker 7 (01:29:25):
She watched the draft for the first time, a new
Buffalo fan or new to understand what's going on.

Speaker 4 (01:29:30):
Well, they're giving her a heads up of what to
expect over the next eighty All Night got a video
taped it Wednesday.

Speaker 5 (01:29:37):
It's pretty you know, relatively early on. There's some you know,
last minute reporting that you probably would have changed them.

Speaker 4 (01:29:44):
It's kind of cheating the people that put out the
mock draft after the last second report.

Speaker 2 (01:29:48):
Yeah, and I refuse to do that. I don't see
a lot of And you.

Speaker 4 (01:29:51):
Know what, you absolutely destroyed my son, Walker Rosenthal.

Speaker 2 (01:29:56):
I mean, like on the tennis courts had children.

Speaker 3 (01:29:59):
I wasn't.

Speaker 2 (01:29:59):
That was my main goal.

Speaker 5 (01:30:00):
But he, you know, it kind of chicken scratches. I
love that he's so committed to his mock draft. He
would not let me take it in or even write
on it, but I did take a picture and highlight
he got two picks right.

Speaker 2 (01:30:14):
He got Caleb Williams and Marvin Harrison right, and that's it. Now.
He made this two weeks ago, so that that was especial. Wait,
he should have done a two point zero. He didn't.
He didn't want to surprise. He loves this stuff. Well
he was.

Speaker 5 (01:30:29):
He was doing mock draft simulators just on like websites
over and over repeatedly.

Speaker 2 (01:30:35):
But that was his one. Not a lot of nine
year olds are getting any of these rights.

Speaker 4 (01:30:38):
So maybe this I think you can and I'm sure
you did let him know because he did disappoint you,
I know, but that doing a final mock draft two
weeks before is okay, way behind the eight ball.

Speaker 2 (01:30:51):
That's a good point when when your your competitor did
it the day before the draft.

Speaker 5 (01:30:56):
I I admired tonight. He was taking notes and he
was writing all the picks as they were happening.

Speaker 2 (01:31:01):
With He loves it, he is. I enjoyed it. A
certified young super fit. That's what the NFL craves. They
you are craving what he's offering.

Speaker 4 (01:31:12):
All right, we hope you craved what we had to
offer on today's episode. We will be back on Saturday.
So Friday, we're gonna let it all soak in round
two and three, and then Saturday four, five, six, seven,
we will be recording that afternoon here from Los Angeles

and have something up for you shortly after the draft
wraps up.

Speaker 2 (01:31:37):
And that's it. That's it. That's a good that's a
good rundown of round one. I feel like we did.
I agree we needed to do.

Speaker 4 (01:31:44):
Yeah, someone's got to take our guy Cooper to Jean
whatever happened to him.

Speaker 2 (01:31:49):
He's going tomorrow Hill Tomorrow. He the call
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