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April 24, 2024 65 mins

In a room full of heroes - Dan Hanzus, Gregg Rosenthal, and Marc Sessler give you the  most anticipated piece of draft content each year: The Mock Sessler Marc Draft. The heroes are joined by Lance Zierlein to start the show and react to Marc's first eleven picks (00:30). After the break, the heroes run through the rest of the 2024 Mock Sessler Marc Draft (27:14). 

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Speaker 1 (00:02):
Boy from Hollywood Park.

Speaker 2 (00:05):
It's the sixteenth annual Marck Sessler Mark Draft, your must
have final compendium to the twenty twenty four NFL Draft.
I'm Jason some Walt. You may know me as the
voice of Renald Draft two thousand and seven to two
thousand and nine.

Speaker 3 (00:21):
And now here's your host, Leo Zeusser himself tied.

Speaker 1 (00:27):

Speaker 4 (00:32):
Hello, Hello, and welcome. So yes, the sixteenth annual Mock
Sessler Mark Draft. And what an exciting time it is
because I'm twenty four hours from now. All the attention,
it all heads out to Detroit, all heads out to

Marshall Mathers.

Speaker 5 (00:56):
Universe, eight miles I didn't touch.

Speaker 4 (01:01):
But we're all intents and purposes. The center of the
draft world right now is the Chris Westling podcast studio
for mister Sessler's mock Draft. I cannot do this alone.
I will not do this alone, so I have a
co host. I'm gonna be frank with you. It's mostly
for eye candy purposes. It's Greg Rosenthal.

Speaker 5 (01:24):
That is right.

Speaker 6 (01:25):
I have been working out like crazy personal trainer. Lack
of knowledge, but huge guns.

Speaker 4 (01:33):
Massive pipes. But that's not all. That's not all. Also
joining us, and this is important. A man who is
quality control of this mock draft. H he's a man,
he's a professional. He is Lance Zerline Lance.

Speaker 3 (01:55):
I noticed I didn't get any applause.

Speaker 4 (01:57):
So that there you are. That is here you are.

Speaker 3 (02:02):
I brought along some melotonin. Okay, melotonin just in case
I get too excited about Mark's draft and I need
to I need to take the edge off a little bit.

Speaker 6 (02:15):
Sounds like a man who doesn't like someone else coming
on his corner, the draft expert corner.

Speaker 3 (02:20):
Look, let me just put it this way. I'm no
Marlo Stanfield, but I will say this. I I remember,
you know when when former athletes were in the space,
or even guys who play now, and they get all upset.
Who are these guys mock draft? And where did they
ever play? What do they know? Who the hell's Melkiper anyway?
You know that whole that whole thing, and always thought, well,

that's dumb. But now that Mark's trying to crank out
a mock draft, like who the hell is Mark Sessler
to do these mock drafts, It's just kind of the
same kind of thing. You know, when people encroach on
your space, you don't love it.

Speaker 4 (02:54):
It's like when someone makes a copy of a VHS
and then a copy of a VHS and then a
copy of a VHS. The degradation at a certain level
is it's almost like, can we watch it anywhere? Can
we listen and without further ado, and what a way
to set the table. It is the man of the hour.
Hopefully it comes in under an hour. Mark Sessler, well,

thank you.

Speaker 7 (03:15):
This is starting exactly as I thought it would in
terms of tone and complete disregard for the immense amount
of work that I put into this.

Speaker 6 (03:23):
We've also put in work behind the scenes. Everyone should
check us out on YouTube and you can see the
visual of five different Mark Sessler's drafting at the same time.

Speaker 4 (03:31):
It's beautiful. Mark. I like that. That's how you come
into this because in past years you have famously stated
I believe last year, if you listened to last year's program,
you said you put in one hour and I believe
twelve minutes of research. And yet all we've heard for
the past few weeks is you are turned into a machine.

You're basically coming for Lance in a way because you
have been watching tape, You've been grinding, so in a
lot of ways you want to be legitimized within the industry,
and I could tell so this means a lot. This
is such an important mark draft for you.

Speaker 7 (04:07):
Yeah, I think an hour and twelve minutes is rich
for what I did last year because I think I
got up and made coffee and at one point took
a brief nap.

Speaker 8 (04:14):
But like this time around, I have tried to, you know, go.

Speaker 7 (04:18):
Through these picks, pick by pick, and look for things
that would excite me as well as what seems logical.

Speaker 4 (04:23):
Let's do it, all right, So this is very important
you need to hit Let's check out last year's results.
Oh really, Mark Sessler twenty twenty three. You got Bryce
Young at one, you got Bijon to the Falcons. You
got C. J. Stroud right, but he had him at
twelve so Will Anderson, and you got Anderson and Stroud,

but you had him in the wrong.

Speaker 5 (04:47):
Spots at Richardson right.

Speaker 4 (04:50):
Eam was a correct pick, all right, because obviously Jill
Levis was second round, but name and Team was a.

Speaker 6 (04:56):
Correct We're gonna give him full credit for day in
a guy's going third over all that didn't even get
taken on.

Speaker 4 (05:01):
Take it up with past. Greg.

Speaker 8 (05:02):
You agreed, lest Yeah, Greg, this was something you already
signed off in the first Yeah.

Speaker 3 (05:07):
Pen Hooker had had one leg last year.

Speaker 5 (05:10):
Right that past.

Speaker 6 (05:10):
Greg is one of my least favorite people. Okay, but yeah,
you got to beat.

Speaker 5 (05:13):
Five or no, you have to.

Speaker 4 (05:14):
We're gonna rewrite that. You have to have it within
the first round. You know, Will Levis going in the
sixth round to the Titans isn't the same as Will
Levis going fourth over No, I agree with that.

Speaker 7 (05:24):
I think it got so bleak that we amended the
rules during our lab show.

Speaker 4 (05:28):
Okay, right, so that's last year. But this is this year,
and this is a different mark and Lance, you're gonna
see that. And what starts this episode is we get
to the first pick. Right now, what started as an
exercise almost mocking the industry, now he's marking the industry
as a Sessler joint.

Speaker 7 (05:45):
Get to it the first overall pick. Okay, very little drama. Obviously,
we're the first overall pick. The Chicago's Bears do it
we've expected them to do for eons at this point,
Caleb Williams quarterback USC.

Speaker 4 (05:57):
Okay, now, is there anyone out there, Lance, by the way,
that is saying that that's not going to happen. No,
that's nobody's out there.

Speaker 3 (06:05):
It's done.

Speaker 4 (06:05):
It's done.

Speaker 3 (06:06):
Well, the books mark is one for one.

Speaker 6 (06:08):
There's an NFL scouter two out there that it's like, well,
we would take Jaden Williams supposedly.

Speaker 5 (06:12):
Yeah, I don't know if I believe that one or two.

Speaker 4 (06:14):
I don't think we need to hold there any longer.
Let's move to the second overall pick, the Washington commanders.

Speaker 7 (06:19):
I think the events of the last couple of weeks
make this slightly mysterious if you're into like chatter and
talking points and offenses and who's an alpha and who's
not an alpha. But the Washington commanders at number two
stick with what we've heard. They go with Jaden Daniels
quarterback Lsu.

Speaker 4 (06:34):
Now we got the thumbs up from Lance, so you're
not reading into any Lance Jayden didn't like the idea
that he's at top golf with like twelve other guys.

Speaker 3 (06:44):
No, I think that Jade and Daniels, well, he may
not like to hang out with a bunch of other quarterbacks.
I don't care. As long as he's the only quarterback
that's going to start for Washington. They're going to take.

Speaker 4 (06:54):
All right, moving on to number three?

Speaker 8 (06:56):
All right, number three?

Speaker 7 (06:57):
And you know, I try to please the people the
matter to me inside this industry on the show, and
that seems like.

Speaker 4 (07:04):
A mistake, right lance, pleasing the people who matter to you.

Speaker 7 (07:07):
I mean, that's what the insiders do the name namely
Greg for the sake of the just namely Greg.

Speaker 8 (07:12):
But Greg has been hot on the.

Speaker 7 (07:13):
Tail of New England Patriots their third overall pick, Drake May,
quarterback North Carolina.

Speaker 8 (07:18):
It's also just logical. I think this is where where
they're going to.

Speaker 7 (07:21):
You're hearing a lot of chatter that the Patriots really
dig Drake May too.

Speaker 3 (07:25):
Mark Sessler proverbial people please it will.

Speaker 6 (07:29):
This feels like the first you know, where the draft
really starts unless they Washington Shaccess doesn't take Daniel's lance.

Speaker 5 (07:36):
As we get close, like where you where are you? Feeling?
Is gonna happen?

Speaker 3 (07:39):
I'm gonna go right player, wrong team. I think May
goes three, but I'm gonna put them either with the
Giants or the Vikings in this spot. I'm not going
to give you the entire thing. You're gonna have to
read my MOK to find out what I'm meant that.

Speaker 5 (07:52):
You must do that? What what as?

Speaker 6 (07:56):
This would drive me crazy if they just assume they
and get some other quarterbacks some other time.

Speaker 5 (08:02):
That's it. I'm out forever.

Speaker 4 (08:04):
The fourth pick, now, this is a hotly debated pick
about who's gonna make it? Right now, it's the Cardinals.
Does it stay that way? Martin?

Speaker 7 (08:12):
It does not, and you're gonna have your gonna trade
fans that say, wait a minute, you don't take Marvin Harrison.

Speaker 8 (08:18):
What are you doing here?

Speaker 7 (08:19):
But the Cardinals make the trade that a lot of
people have presupposed could happen with the Vikings. They get
eleven and twenty three, and the Vikings move up and
Kevin O'Connell gets his guy, JJ McCarthy, quarterback Michigan.

Speaker 3 (08:34):
I'm okay with it.

Speaker 4 (08:35):
Is that what we're with?

Speaker 3 (08:36):
Yeah, I'm fine with it. I'm fine with that. I
think Arizona now has three first round picks. They do, so,
you know, obviously they have to, uh, they got to
figure out what they're gonna do with three first round picks.
I think they'd have to trade up. But for now,
I'm okay.

Speaker 8 (08:52):
He's gonna like some of what happens later on.

Speaker 4 (08:54):
Nice this would break my heart. This would mean that
Sam Darnold's chances of actually starting UH for the Vike
go way down. So I'm really hoping this does not occur,
but I'm fully prepared for it.

Speaker 6 (09:04):
As we get closer to the draft, I do think
it's worth wondering, are we sure that there are multiple
teams that want JJ McCarthy this much? Now if the
Patriots don't take May, or maybe they make the trade
with the Vikings and the Vikings go up and they
take May at three? Like either way, do the Vikings
even feel like they need to go up that high

to get JJ McCarthy, I think is a fair question.
Is there a chance he would even follow the way
down to eleven? I feel like that's higher than people
are trying to.

Speaker 8 (09:32):
Well, you got the Giants hanging out there, so you
can't get.

Speaker 4 (09:35):
To ud all right? Number five? You have the Los
Angeles Superchargers on the clock. Do they stay there? We
have a trade another one?

Speaker 1 (09:42):

Speaker 4 (09:43):
Oh my good?

Speaker 8 (09:44):
And this is not me wish casting.

Speaker 7 (09:45):
I can't think of a more all in team in
the NFL that basically has like a one year contract
with the football gods just to make it happen right now.

Speaker 8 (09:53):
That is the New York Jets.

Speaker 4 (09:54):
Oh my goodness.

Speaker 7 (09:55):
And we know they like to wheel and deal and
make moves. And they move up to number five and
they take Marvin Harrison Junior.

Speaker 8 (10:01):
They don't care. They're going to go for it.

Speaker 4 (10:04):
Now. That would be as a Jet fan, I would
be over the moon to now, what are we giving up?
I would like to know. But you know what I think,
to Joe Douglas's credit, as much as we are talking
about and I agree that they are all in on
this year because everything is on the line for the
organization and how could it go wrong? But to Joe
Douglas's credit, we have not seen him make a move

where it's like he's selling the farm because he doesn't
care because he's not there yet. This would start to
edge into that territory in less lands. It doesn't matter
what they're giving up because Harrison is that good? Is
he that good? Is this a superstar waiting to just
enter the league?

Speaker 3 (10:42):
I think he's a really good player, the chance to
be a Pro Bowl player. And you know what I
like about Mark here is that he talks about the
all in nature of this pick. They don't even have
a second rounder this year, so basically you're trading up
and you're going to give up a big pick next
year as well. Basically, if you're Joe Douglas said, if
you're gonna fire me, I'm taking all my picks with me.

Speaker 4 (11:03):
There you go.

Speaker 6 (11:04):
Or you're not really specifying at all what you're doing.
And as a fellow mock drafter, Lance, what do you
think of that? Just in terms of the concise analysis too,
that Mark is bringing to me, Greg, what is wrong
with you?

Speaker 3 (11:18):
I mean, I love going for with Harrison. I'm not
sure how you're gonna make that one. I just for me,
this just smacks of I like the phrase he used,
wish casting, because I think that is what this is.
Despite his protestation, I was looking for you. Yeah, so
I'm gonna say no, no, I'm sorry, dog. That's a

note for me.

Speaker 4 (11:42):
Yeah, and in general lance to be taken seriously in
this world, wish casting is probably not something you want
to do in general, right.

Speaker 3 (11:50):
Right, right? You can't just go through life just hoping
and wishing. You know. There's an old saying in the
movie have you ever seen the movie? Have you ever
seen the movie? Think it's this Boy's Life. Have you
ever seen This Boy's Life with Roberts de Niro and DiCaprio,
Leo DiCaprio. It's one of the most most i think
the most underrated movies ever. And there's a phrase in

there crap in one hand and hope in the other,
and see which one gets full first. Or maybe it
was a different movie, but it's my favorite quote us
because it's true.

Speaker 8 (12:21):
I'm going to ask you a question.

Speaker 7 (12:23):
Who's got an entire episode based around their mock trapped
about to blow up on you know, iTunes and where
if you've got your podcasts and YouTube as well?

Speaker 3 (12:31):
Daniel Jeremiah yeakay?

Speaker 8 (12:33):
Well who else?

Speaker 4 (12:34):
But okay? And by the way, I caught that little
subtle lowering of expectations there by lance for Marvin Harrison Junior. Yeah,
I know. He was like, Solid's got a chance to
be a pro players Like, okay, we see you, we
see you.

Speaker 3 (12:47):
Hell not an all time I'm not saying all time. Great,
You're not playing with Aaron Rodgers for one year.

Speaker 4 (12:53):
Like Tyrod Taylor is a Pro Bowl player, right, I
mean that saying yeah, anyway, let's move on, we keep rolling.
So we got two trades and the top five are
any of the big qbs left, the Big no or No.
So now the New York Giants, who I think we're
hoping one of those guys might be.

Speaker 7 (13:11):
I think they were hoping someone would be there. I
think they probably made have picked up the phone. And
we're you know, out priced, out leveraged by the Vikings.

Speaker 8 (13:19):
You know, the Giants have a lot to choose.

Speaker 7 (13:21):
Here though, and I think we need to go to
one of the greatest giant podcasts out there. You know,
we don't like to promote other shows, but this is different.
It's Christopher Walkins Walking with Giants.

Speaker 4 (13:30):
Take a look.

Speaker 2 (13:31):
So many people want to know who are the Giants
are gonna choose? I'll tell you now, Elak Neighbors, LSU
wide receiver, six foot.

Speaker 4 (13:43):
Nothing, two hundred pounds.

Speaker 2 (13:46):
It's gonna be good. I think.

Speaker 4 (13:50):
Wow, mister Walkin, thank you and check out Walking with
Giants anywhere you get your podcasts. Lanson, were you aware
of that podcast? That actor? Iconic act there, Christopher walking
getting up there in years but still covering the Giants
and watching the Giants very closely. He likes the idea
of Malik Neighbors from LSU going number six.

Speaker 3 (14:10):
And no idea Christopher was a Giants fan.

Speaker 4 (14:14):
But wow, not only is Lance going toe to toe
with Mark Sessler, also with the voice of Atn's.

Speaker 7 (14:23):
Yeah, it's a It's an incredible showing by Lance so far.

Speaker 6 (14:26):
I think this could be a savvy move as we're
getting closer for what it's worth, a lot of a
lot of buzz out there from Giants, reporters, Giants everything that, like, actually,
if May is gone there, they might not be as
into taking a quarterback as people think, and that would
make that would make them more likely. You think that's accurate.

Speaker 3 (14:43):
Okay, I think that's actually accurate. And here's the other thing.
I think that if you draft Molik Neighbors, this is
what I like to call this the third act for
Daniel Jones. We had the first act, the second act,
or actually this would probably be yeah, yeah, the fourth.
I think we'd be on the fourth act, and what
is what would be known as the comeback. I'm comeback

inside of the second contract.

Speaker 7 (15:08):
Every classic play is built off a three act structure,
so four acts feels excessive.

Speaker 4 (15:12):
For days, Yeah, his entire career resets every year with
a whole different set of expectations. It seems weird, all right,
number seven. Now, this one is on my radar mark
just because everyone seems certain of the pick, and when
that happens, sometimes the mock industry and the rest of
us end up looking foolish. But what do you think happened?

I'm with you.

Speaker 7 (15:34):
It bothered me to even type this with this, I
think this is Bill Callahan telling saying, I'm daddy, I
choose who goes here. I'm running your offensive line the Titans.

Speaker 8 (15:44):
At number seven.

Speaker 4 (15:44):
Do you think the offensive line coach is running the
draft room.

Speaker 7 (15:47):
It's the father of the head coach, So yeah, I do.
I think he's probably got some say here. But it's
a neat daddy issues there.

Speaker 8 (15:52):

Speaker 7 (15:53):
Joe Alto is six foot seven three and twenty two pounds.
He used to pick at number seven for the Titans.
It just makes sense if they do something else, I
think be a relatively massive surprise to anyone out there.

Speaker 4 (16:03):
Yeah, Lance, is this being overly simplified that this is
definitely you.

Speaker 3 (16:09):
Know, if Joe alt is still there, he will be
the pick.

Speaker 6 (16:13):
Yeah, Daniel Jeremiah, your your friend of me. On the
Move the Sticks Podcast, Lance said on Wednesday, that he
just keeps hearing teams are trading up for tackles, that
he thinks there's gonna be a lot of trade up
for now. Maybe it's all is certainly tackle one or
is expected to be, and there's there's three or four
that could go in the top fifteen.

Speaker 4 (16:33):
All right, the next pick, Yeah, I'll go ahead.

Speaker 3 (16:36):
No, I think I mean, I just think that's it.
I think teams have we've all put Joe all to seven.
It's the one that makes the most sense. That's one
of the biggest dangers you can have in the draft
is have everyone know who you potentially are gonna take,
because then you become an easy trade ahead of target.

Speaker 6 (16:53):
All right, I mean they could trade with the Chargers
seven to five. Take out there.

Speaker 4 (16:56):
Perhaps, Okay, we're gonna get through the top ten. We're
gonna take a break and say go by to Lance
because Lance has serious person stuff he does.

Speaker 8 (17:02):
Yeah, this is a farce.

Speaker 4 (17:06):
He seems to be hinting at that number eight. So
this is where just again everyone's just assuming, Okay, here
are the Falcons, no defensive players off the board, So
this is where the first guy goes. Do you think
that right?

Speaker 7 (17:19):
Like Dallas Turner just staring at his phone thinking it's
gonna ring. Well, it's not gonna ring because we have
a trade. Ah, And this is where I start to
do those that I want to do. And the Kansas
City Chiefs, who sit in turmoil at the wide receiver position,
talk about another team behind the Jets that are equal
with the Jets, or more and more in terms of
proving it or all in right now it might be

your last year with Travis Kelce.

Speaker 8 (17:42):
You want to go get that offense. You want to
deal what you've been doing before.

Speaker 7 (17:45):
They trade up to number eight with the Atlanta Falcons
and they get Romadunze wide receiver Washington, and you talk
about an offense that looks transformed with this pick ready
to go right away.

Speaker 6 (17:55):
Rookie Lance is covering him, pressing his temple. Speak to
us about what your feeling lands right now?

Speaker 3 (18:04):
I mean, Army wants to just hang up on this
thing right now. So I like that. Mark says. You
know what I like to do when I do mock
drafts is I try to think like the teams. And
I said, well, now what would this GM do?

Speaker 4 (18:17):

Speaker 3 (18:18):
What is their history? What do they in this way
my max take five to seven hours. Mark says, this
is what I want to do. I'm gonna take over.
So Mark thinks, what would Mark do if he were
with the Chiefs trade up, like, like, my job's not
on the line, I'm going to give away three first
rounders apparently, because I'm going to go from thirty two

to eight. I don't even know if they make the
draft chart. I don't even know if the draft chart
even if they even have that as a possibility. Mark
eight is fourteen hundred. We've got to match up nine
hundred more points. That's going to be more than a
first rounder next year. You're basically giving up a second
this year, a first next year.

Speaker 5 (19:00):
We've seen it now, we've seen it. We've seen it
a couple of times.

Speaker 4 (19:03):
Sam, I think, and Jones and fairness, I think what
Lance is also getting at, what the way he's the
draft trade, the points system. I think he's indirectly saying, Mark,
did you even do any of this in your head
before throwing out something that it seems irresponsible?

Speaker 7 (19:19):
Almost in all I view trades and future assets and
anything's attached to the salary cap at this point as
just sort of a mythical uh blockade, and I think
this is possible.

Speaker 8 (19:29):
So again, this is my world.

Speaker 6 (19:31):
It is spicy though that the Chiefs and the Bills,
the two defining teams the last you know, five years,
both have this vibe that maybe one of them trades
up for a wide receiver makes this draft more fun.

Speaker 4 (19:40):
And I would say being unconventional doesn't mean you're wrong, Mark,
so the quote there, I support this one.

Speaker 8 (19:45):
I'm also not wrong yet it hasn't happened.

Speaker 4 (19:47):
This is where we start to do what I want
to do. I like that. That's like, that's you're a
You're an iconoclass when it comes to this industry, all right, like.

Speaker 5 (19:55):
The part in the movie where you break bad.

Speaker 6 (19:57):
Essentially Michael Douglass just start it's losing his mind.

Speaker 4 (20:01):
You're our citizens of Lasians. I think it's fair to
say you're the bad boy of the mock industrial. I'll
take Plex number nine, the Chicago Bears with their second
pick at the top ten.

Speaker 7 (20:10):
I think people have thought the Bears would go get
their wide receiver here, but I think what they do to,
you know, settle down Eberflus, who's like, will anyone ever
give me assets? And stop trading Roquan Smith and everyone
else with any talent off my defense, they take the
player that people thought the Falcons would, Dallas Turner Edge
out of Alabama. You give him a piece on defense
to improve that pass rush to.

Speaker 5 (20:31):
Your top edge, Lance, I'm just curious.

Speaker 3 (20:34):
No, I've got Jared Verse, but it's very close. I
think Dallas Turner goes before Verse. So I'm fine with this.
Finally a respite from insanity.

Speaker 4 (20:41):
All right, Let's then move to number ten because I'm
curious if you're gonna be okay with this one. So,
of course, in Mark's world, the Jets and Chargers traded.
So now it's the Charger sitting at number ten, and
what do they do with the pick?

Speaker 7 (20:54):
Well, they need a wide receiver, we know that, but
it's Jim harbaught. So it's like, who does Jim Harbaugh
want to take? It really fills out another aspect of
this offense. This person can catch the ball too. It's
brock Bauers tight end. Georgia, m what do you think now?

Speaker 4 (21:08):
But Bowers has been widely mocked to the Jets staying
home at ten, but in this case he goes ten,
but to a different team. Lance, is that logical to you, Well.

Speaker 3 (21:19):
This is the genius of a Mark Sessler is that
he takes a look and he even said, we need
a pass catcher. You don't see you need a wide
receiver anymore. You need a pass catcher. You need a weapon.
And so Mark is correctly identified that Bowers is a weapon.
Don't put the label on wide receiver a tight end.
We know the chargers need a weapon, we know they

need an offensive lineman. In this case, they got a weapon,
but he's one of one. He's the only tight end
going to first and maybe the second round too. So
in this particular case, I think the value is pretty
good for a guy who I considered to be a
weapon at tight end.

Speaker 5 (21:55):
I love that, and you needed that.

Speaker 4 (21:57):
It was a good one.

Speaker 1 (21:57):

Speaker 8 (21:58):
That's a good way to end our corrase like that.
That felt good.

Speaker 6 (22:01):
It's it's why I haven't totally mentally ruled out Rock
Bowers at at nine, I'm actually looking down at another
competing mock draft.

Speaker 5 (22:09):
This is a new entrant into the mix.

Speaker 6 (22:11):
Oh, the Walker Rosenthal twenty twenty four mock draft. That
is my nine year old son with zero help. Yeah,
we put this together weeks ago and hours and we
will compare who gets more right.

Speaker 5 (22:22):
I'll send it out on it.

Speaker 6 (22:23):
But he had Bowers going to the Bears, which I
thought was a creative little wrinkle. I know cole Comet
is there, but they need weapons. They could add a
second time.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
Before I leave, real quick? Can you just get me
because I may want to this is pretty fun? Can
you give me eleven? Real quick? Can I get just
a little teaser on the Wow, it's funny, It's funny
steel here, It's funny.

Speaker 4 (22:45):
Wow, it's funny.

Speaker 1 (22:46):
Way Lance.

Speaker 4 (22:46):
Lance is saying that because I was gonna suggest, can
we just hang for one more pick? Because I want
Lance's thoughts on the Las Vegas Raiders being on the clock.

Speaker 3 (22:56):
They maybe it will go later.

Speaker 7 (22:58):
Well, yeah, so there's a trade. That's how they get
on the clock. The Cardinals had this pick from the Vikings.
The Cardinals are willing to move down to thirteen and
allow the Raiders to come up to eleven, where they
take Michael Pennix Junior.

Speaker 8 (23:10):
They need a quarterback out of Washington. They have been
linked together.

Speaker 1 (23:14):
There's it.

Speaker 8 (23:14):
There's supposed interest. Who knows that that's all lies or not?

Speaker 4 (23:19):
You have it appears to me you have injured Lanceerlin
that choice. In fact, he's gone. He's oh my god,
Lance is gone. He just disconnected the chat.

Speaker 7 (23:32):
I don't blame I didn't you know, I didn't like
ship Ryan leave Junior to any of these teams.

Speaker 8 (23:36):
These are good players for the most part.

Speaker 4 (23:39):
But just to clarify, Lance indeed cut off his communication
after that. He had a look of this that was yeah,
that was the box was gone. I don't know if
Mark that wiped him out and he fell.

Speaker 8 (23:53):
Can I explain why?

Speaker 7 (23:54):
I like before we just like float down this avenue
of how can this happen?

Speaker 8 (23:58):
Like the Broncos have the Broncos have the next pick.

Speaker 7 (24:03):
They do, so the Raiders are hopscotching their biggest, one
of their biggest rivals to take the like the next
quarterback you'd logically take, and they've gotten. These are two
teams with nothing at quarterbacks. So do you sit there
and watch the Broncos go take Michael Pennix and then
you were sitting there with nothing at quarterback?

Speaker 6 (24:18):
He seems to be the most Raiders e quarterback possible,
big arm, throw deep like they love that. I think
that the issue would be a lot of people feel
like he is being really pushed up to even being
talked about as a first round talent because of the injuries,
because of the time, but also just because he's not
incredibly accurate where to me, it feels like if they

are trading up from thirteen, that feels a little I mean,
that's a wretch.

Speaker 7 (24:45):
It's two spots. There's a logical reason you're hopscotching the
team that seems desperate to take whoever is sitting there
at quarterback.

Speaker 6 (24:52):
I feel like he is more likely to get taken
in round two than he is in the top fifteen.

Speaker 5 (24:57):
But that's just my.

Speaker 8 (24:58):
Well Chad Ryder thought the same thing.

Speaker 7 (24:59):
But I mean, how often are quarterbacks overvalued in this process?
So I don't know again, is it? Is it interesting?
Are Raiders fans sitting like that caption.

Speaker 6 (25:07):
My Walker's got him going to the Vikings at twenty two?
They actually stick and pick and they have penix.

Speaker 4 (25:11):
There are we going to do this for every No,
I just pick that penex especially just this is the
minute the.

Speaker 8 (25:16):
Minute, the minute le Lance goes, we got I got
a nine year old on my back.

Speaker 6 (25:19):
Yeah, well like you to Walker is like Lance to you?
You suddenly don't.

Speaker 8 (25:23):
Like, I don't know comer, but that's I'm not sure,
it's the cycle of life.

Speaker 4 (25:26):
Probably won't beat Walker, so I think I think in fairness.
Greg as the co host here first, so we should
talk beforehand. This is a big stage for Mark, and
we've talked. We talked about it on our most recent show.
The goal here is to legitimize Mark. Oh yeah, and
having a nine year old serve as his foil on

top of Lance, which I thought was more constructive in
this idea of like how do we It didn't go
exactly how I wanted because I wanted Lance to be
more of a helping hand to you, but he seemed,
I mean, he hung up on us. For Christ's sake,
he was put off. So now to throw in a
nine year old potentially feasting on you is not what
we're looking for. We're trying to make because, like Mark said,
a big hit mock draft for Mark draft for mock

Sessler is a big hit for around the NFL.

Speaker 7 (26:15):
So I will say one thing though, it's kind of
like picking up extra picks.

Speaker 6 (26:19):
A big Walker Rosenthal mock draft would be good for
around the nf'd either my whole story nine year old
but here either way. Now we're just taking more bites
at the apple. One out of two is probably gonna
do well.

Speaker 4 (26:28):
I feel like a hit for Mark in this mock
is a hit for the group, A hit for Walker, Yeah,
is a hit for Rosenctor. It's like what is and.

Speaker 7 (26:39):
I I respect children, and I respect their opinions and
all that stuff, but like, you know, well, I'd be
happy to see how you do.

Speaker 8 (26:45):
I mean, there's certainly some it's written in pencil.

Speaker 4 (26:48):
I mean, the genie's out of the bottle now Walker
is involved.

Speaker 5 (26:51):
But I'll send it out.

Speaker 6 (26:52):
But there are some issues, including he doesn't appear to
have all thirty two teams.

Speaker 5 (26:56):
There's only thirty one. That's a bit of all.

Speaker 4 (26:59):
But you never know that works out to your favor,
that does Yeah, all right, let's take a break and
when we come back, we hit pick number twelve. The
Denver Broncos are on the clock or are they all right?
We are back and Casha missed it. We just went

through the first eleven picks of the mock Sessler Mark Draft.
Thank you again to Lance Zerlin who uh you could
find him everywhere NFL Network, NFL dot com. Yeah, and
he has his final mock draft going up live on
NFL dot com today Wednesday, so make sure you check

that out and thank you to Lance for joining us.
Even if it was a little bit more hostile then.

Speaker 6 (27:48):
Yeah, like we were looking for Jacoby Brissett kind of
mentoring Sam Howe, and we got Joe Flacco icing out
Lamar Jackson.

Speaker 5 (27:54):
But it was fun.

Speaker 8 (27:57):
I'm still sitting here unaffected by it all. That's good
and you need to be. Yeah, I feel completely.

Speaker 4 (28:02):
I feel nothing, because I think you need to have
iron guts to succeed in this very I mean, look
look at it. How many mock drafts are on NFL
dot com.

Speaker 5 (28:15):
At least four?

Speaker 7 (28:16):
Well, an absurd amount. Actually if you say more than that, right,
it's an absurd Oh. I think it was like maybe
six seven.

Speaker 5 (28:23):
Oh no, I think I think there's forty seven.

Speaker 6 (28:26):
It's multiple, I'm not kidding, even just different people. Yeah,
there's probably over ten. But and then they have version
five through six. Well that's different. I mean just the
number of individuals.

Speaker 4 (28:35):
I think a wide net, and that's the ground that
we're looking to edge into here at NFL Media. We
are part of NFL Media, correct, We're.

Speaker 8 (28:43):
On according to reports.

Speaker 4 (28:45):
Okay, so let's move on now the next up, next
pick is who's on the board.

Speaker 7 (28:53):
Well, so the Broncos were sitting here at twelve, but
now it's like they can't get their quarterback and they're like,
you know what, we have a lot to rebuild from
after this post Russell of Wilson apocalypse.

Speaker 8 (29:01):
So they're open to a move.

Speaker 4 (29:04):
And by the way, isn't it funny that the Broncos
go from one Wilson that nobody wants to go near
radioactive and they trade for another Wilson and Zach that
nobody wants to go near is radioactive? What is up
with that name? Stay away from the Wilson Denver Broncos.

Speaker 7 (29:19):
I don't like that at all. But they're going to
be staying away from this pick. Let's take a look.

Speaker 4 (29:23):
Oh another trade very active.

Speaker 2 (29:26):
Oh no, there's been a trade.

Speaker 9 (29:29):
The Arizona Cardinals via the Denver Broncos have traded for
Alumis Yewa fashion new offensive tackle Penn State junior, six six,
three hundred and seventeen pounds.

Speaker 4 (29:48):
Oh my goodness, Jason, my wife less podcast.

Speaker 7 (29:51):
Is a cardio fanatics. So yes, there was a lot
of masculine energy right now.

Speaker 4 (29:54):
Seem to be losing his mind there. So there you go.
They go and get an offensive tackle.

Speaker 6 (29:59):
Greg would be disappointed if they just take another tackle.
They keep taking tax.

Speaker 8 (30:03):
That's true, but you talked about teams, you know, moving.

Speaker 4 (30:06):
Up to do it, and this seems a little beyond
the Cardinals pay grade in terms of football abilities behind
the scenes. So they're trading out of the fourth well,
they did this last year and then they're trading. They're
trading up.

Speaker 8 (30:20):
They have three first round picks.

Speaker 4 (30:22):
This is what this is what I predicted they're gonna
do it. They're going to overthink this whole thing and
end up even though Lance didn't seem so hot about
Marvin Harrison, they're gonna instead of getting a superstar wide
receiver for Kyler Murray finally seeing once and for all
if that guy is the truth, forever and ever, we're
gonna end up with an offensive lineman not even the
projected number one.

Speaker 8 (30:43):
I understand your ire, but let's let the process play out.

Speaker 4 (30:46):
So lack of trust.

Speaker 7 (30:47):
But I think also, like Monty Austin, Ford is a
very different world than what we were frowning on about
the Cardinals. For a long time, and I think actually
last draft he had one of the savviest drafts. And
I think he shows right here that he can move
up and down board and do what he needs to do.

Speaker 8 (31:01):
Because they got the next pick too.

Speaker 4 (31:03):
All right, oh, number thirteen, the Cardinals on the board.

Speaker 8 (31:07):
And here is what they do at number thirteen. Let
stay right home.

Speaker 9 (31:11):
Another trade. The Arizona Cardinals via the.

Speaker 10 (31:15):
Las Vegas Raiders have traded for Laatu Latu Edge UCLA
senior six five, two hundred and sixty five bounds.

Speaker 2 (31:29):

Speaker 4 (31:30):
I think no, I think we are.

Speaker 8 (31:34):
He seems to lose it, Jason.

Speaker 5 (31:36):
He likes that better than the tackle. You got a.

Speaker 8 (31:38):
Tackle, you got an edge.

Speaker 7 (31:39):
Those are two of the more expensive positions to try
to stock, so you got them both on rookie contracts.

Speaker 4 (31:45):
Very nice. Are you aware that you win titles in
the trenches? I think that could be there's an argument
for that.

Speaker 5 (31:52):
Thank you, good value there too, Love Latto.

Speaker 4 (31:55):
That is I came up with that you win in
the trenches.

Speaker 8 (32:01):
I'm gonna let Greg announce this one because he's this
is his.

Speaker 4 (32:04):
Pets team, his team. Okay, the number fourteen pick in
the first round.

Speaker 6 (32:09):
I think that Saints fans will be happy that they
didn't have to trade up to take their tackle. Polis
Fuyaga from Oregon State. Some people think might move inside
to guard, but Saints need help everywhere.

Speaker 7 (32:21):
Little Chalky though, because everyone thinks they're gonna take a tackle,
but I think they are and they seed to do
it all every year.

Speaker 4 (32:26):
Now, as a football fan, I'm gonna say, here's the
thing about the first round picks. When you go get
the tackle. It's so important obviously to have stability at
those positions, especially left tackle, but you never come out
of the first round like pump in your fist. It's like,
not only is it not a glory position when you

have a first round pick and you take a tackle.
They are, I mean all positions are, but they're so
boom and bust, these big men. And maybe maybe he's
a player, maybe he's out a league in three years.
Hopefully you're not gonna like than Dan, because there could
be like seven in the first round. I probably won't
and a lot of people think, like a guy like Fuaga,
he might have been tackle one in last year's class,

that there's four or five of these guys that would
have no you know, I invented the saying championships are
won in the trenches, so don't don't get it mixed up. Yes,
I understand the importance of tea. I mean, but the
excitement level when your team takes a tackle is it's
usually a little muted. That's all I'm saying.

Speaker 6 (33:27):
Yes, they They also traded up just two years ago
in the first round for Trevor Penning uh, an individual
who they would refuse to play no matter how many
tackles got injured last year, so they actually had given
up a first round pick that turned into a top
ten pick that was Jalen Carter and their second round
pick this year. They're still paying for that trade and

they need to fill the spot. So that was a
disastrous trade for the Saints.

Speaker 4 (33:53):
Tricky, tricky, limis tricky, tricky, tricky.

Speaker 11 (33:57):
All right.

Speaker 4 (33:59):
Up next, Oh my goodness, more business being done.

Speaker 8 (34:03):

Speaker 7 (34:03):
I think this is going to be wild, And that's
what I'm trying to plug into here. The Cults sit
at fifteen, but something happens. Let's go to the tape.

Speaker 12 (34:10):
Sub losers have a trade. The Los Angeles Rams have
acquired the fifteenth overall pick from the Colts, who moved
to nineteen and get some other shit do. With the
fifteenth pick in the twenty twenty four NFL Draft, the
Los Angeles Rams select Texas linebacker Byron Murphy the second

and I can confirm that this is a thousand percent
accurate because Cessler is never wrong.

Speaker 3 (34:38):
Miss you guys.

Speaker 4 (34:40):
It came so easily off the tongue calling us losers.

Speaker 6 (34:44):
Natural organic, and that's why I feel bad for, you know,
doing something I would do if Ricky was here. Right there,
just pointing out maybe one thousand percent was a little
high in terms of the accuracy because Byron Murphy is
a defensive tackle, not a linebacker or more of an
interior pass right he is, Dan, I mean.

Speaker 4 (35:03):
She's not here to defend herself. And yet Greg, you
take it.

Speaker 7 (35:06):
I'm just saying for the show, I thought she did
a lot of good.

Speaker 4 (35:09):
Yeah, I thought I enjoyed it. I liked though user
by Erica Tay, I loved it. And yet you come
off the top just as you do with her.

Speaker 5 (35:16):
You have information.

Speaker 7 (35:19):
Tick, which is annoying multiple people. But Byron Murphy in
a post Aaron Donald world, like this is one guy
watching he would fit And I could see the Rams.
Now they got this first round pick, like, we're going
to do a little something.

Speaker 6 (35:31):
I feel like they're going to do something, whether it's
trade back, trade up, that's what the Rams do.

Speaker 4 (35:35):
I like the idea of FM picks continuing in perpetuity
for the Rams and never picking the first ever again.
But this would end that streak. It has been since
Jared Goff. Jared Goff, it's like thirty four, not thirty four,
but he's like thirty thirty two years old and absurd
the last time that the Rams took at number one

in the draft. Okay, here we go. Now we move
to number sixteen. Now what's going on.

Speaker 8 (36:01):
Mark, Well, we have another trade.

Speaker 6 (36:03):
Jesus, it says nine trades in the last thirteen picks.

Speaker 4 (36:06):
You got a little it's gonna here now with the trades.

Speaker 7 (36:09):
No, it calms down a little bit from here. But
I think there's gonna be a lot of movement the Seahawks.
You know, I thought I kind of thought in my
own little world that maybe there was a universe where
they maybe took Michael Pennox junior here, but that no.
But even in general, they're willing to move the Falcons
who went down with that Chiefs trade. They want to
come back up and do what they were gonna do before,

and they take one of my favorite players in the draft,
Jared Verse edge from Florida State.

Speaker 4 (36:35):
I love it.

Speaker 8 (36:36):
A total headache.

Speaker 7 (36:37):
He's gonna he's gonna that Jonathan Abraham situation and throw
it up to Jonathan Abraham.

Speaker 4 (36:43):
The Curse of John Abraham. Folks, it's been a decade.
If John Abraham's on your team, you will go at
least ten years immediately after his departure without having a
proven edge rusher. And they're looking to stop that with
Jared Verse. All right, number seventeen.

Speaker 8 (37:01):
All right, some of these get a little more normalized.

Speaker 7 (37:03):
So the Jacksonville Jaguars, they're happy to take the first
cornerback off the board and they choose Terry and Arnold
from Alabama.

Speaker 8 (37:12):
Good player.

Speaker 6 (37:13):
Yeah, that cornerback is slipping a little bit better. Bean
Mitchell not been drafted, But I feel.

Speaker 5 (37:17):
Like it's possible.

Speaker 4 (37:18):
I feel like it seems possible, and I do feel
like the Jaguars would be thrilled to have either one
of those guys faults. And you know, I do have
to say that they are a team that could use
a little offensive right now, right off the way last
year ended and losing Calvin Ridley, a guy.

Speaker 6 (37:36):
I would think Brian Thomas junior if the board felt
like this would be a consideration.

Speaker 5 (37:40):
At least for the absolutely no old makes sense.

Speaker 4 (37:41):
I think Jaguars fans would maybe be a touch mift
if they don't come out of this with a weapon
for Lawrence.

Speaker 8 (37:48):
But well, we know the down pick. Trent Balki's gonna
do what he needs to do. We know that.

Speaker 3 (37:53):
Excuse me, all right?

Speaker 4 (37:55):
Next up the Cincinnati Bengals at eighteen.

Speaker 7 (37:58):
But the Bengals could go a couple of different ways here.
They seem like a dark horse not to trade, but
they I kind of thought they maybe were a perfect
fit for someone like Brock Powers, but I don't think.
I think at this point it is not going to them.
Maybe a wide receiver, but they go Troy Patano interior
offensive line. Washington considered by PFF the best overall athlete
among the offensive line and very versatile.

Speaker 8 (38:21):
Play a number of different positions.

Speaker 7 (38:22):
I know they attacked offensive a line a lot in
free agency a couple of years ago, but it didn't
completely work out. And I don't know what's more important
than making sure you don't lose Joe Burrow to injury
number six.

Speaker 6 (38:31):
So that's what Look, no one's better at stepping up
in the pocket than Joe Burrow. So you want to
have a nice firm pocket like that, like that choice.

Speaker 8 (38:41):
You want to supple pocket and nice and firm, supple
in firm.

Speaker 4 (38:44):
Yes, yes, yes, all right, that's good. I like that
pick solid makes sense. I feel like they've been working
on that line since uh burrows second season and maybe
this guy brings the total step.

Speaker 6 (38:56):
They have plenty of needs, so they can go in
a lot of direct Yeah, they do. Like guys from
like teams from big schools that just played in the
playoff game like that is very much often from the
SEC that is their mo all right, next, all.

Speaker 7 (39:08):
Right, remember this is where the Cults are sitting at
nineteen after the trade with the Rams.

Speaker 5 (39:12):
Who could they need?

Speaker 7 (39:14):
They have an absolute they have an absolute need. They
have a very young secondary and I think they're very
happy to have Queny and Mitchell wow Aldo cornerback. One
of the best zone coverage guys in the league fall
to them. They don't have a lot of it, like
veteran presence there. They just need some solid guys they
know that can produce out of the gate.

Speaker 8 (39:33):
They hope it's true with him.

Speaker 6 (39:35):
They are like team athleticism, team just take measurables and
see what happens. They did it with their second round
pick Juju Brent at cornerback last year. I feel like
they need weapons, but they certainly could use a cornerback too.
This feels like value. This is number twelve, the number
twelve prospect and Daniel Jeremiah's big board, So I think

there's I think if you are a team that is
looking at this top of the draft for defensive players,
this sets up very well for you this year. So
because there's gonna be big time guys coming out of
this draft. I'm playing defense and everyone's focused elsewhere, so
maybe you get some guys at other years now, Guys
like Micah Parsons. Not that anyone knew he was gonna
beat Michael Parsons, but he was a pretty highly touted

prospect throughout college and into the draft. And you remember
that draft was like all offense and quarterbacks going early
and right Parsons falling off.

Speaker 7 (40:26):
The eighteen teams of the nineteen that passed on TJ.
Watt when it made sense not to do that.

Speaker 4 (40:30):
There's a lot to learn from studying these past drafts.
All right, now, the Steelers are up at twenty and
we have a run. We have a certified run on
defensive backs.

Speaker 8 (40:38):
Yeah, they didn't pass on TJ.

Speaker 7 (40:39):
Watt when they knew they shouldn't, and they are not
going to pass on one of the more interesting players
in the draft. This feels like such a Steelers player
as dropping knees nuts already. But Cooper Degen cornerback kind
of Iowa. He can do a little bit of everything.
And this is a team that knows that special teams
is gonna matter more than ever before. They did get
Cornero Patterson, but they also know that Cooper Degen is
one of the more dangerous returnment in the league. And

the kickoff rules changed and they you remember that Mike
Tomlin used to go for two pointers more than anyone
when that first became an option and started like this
guy likes to push the envelope little more than people realize.

Speaker 8 (41:11):
Dejean is a perfect Steelers type player.

Speaker 6 (41:12):
I think it's an interesting to fit with a guy
he has been compared to decent him out Mike Mika Fitzpatrick.
You put those two guys in the same defensive backfield,
even if Dejeane is at at corner or slock corner.

Speaker 4 (41:23):
Like, is that crowd applauding a white cornerback going in
the first round could.

Speaker 8 (41:27):
Be steel belt crowd?

Speaker 6 (41:29):
Yeah, he's breaking he's breaking boundaries. You know, let's let
your athletes stay at cornerback no matter who they are.

Speaker 4 (41:35):
We should have Jason Seahorn on hand to make the
pick if it happens. All right, moving up, Oh no,
just when we thought we were done with trades.

Speaker 8 (41:45):
You got a trade.

Speaker 4 (41:46):
Yep. How many trades we got? And what is the record?
La research? We need to dig in on that.

Speaker 7 (41:52):
This would be the record, I would believe by by
quite a stretch. The Dallas Cowboys like finally, like now
they've said we're all in on the draft, just the offseason,
we're all in on the track.

Speaker 8 (42:01):
They've stirled around and said that.

Speaker 7 (42:03):
Now that's true, but they'd have to do something here
and they want to. You know, Greg, you're hearing little
whispers and birdies and butterflies tell you that people are
trading up for offensive tackles. JC Latham out of Alabama,
I think this is where they go.

Speaker 8 (42:16):
They you know you've lost Tyrens.

Speaker 7 (42:18):
They want to keep building the offensive line, and I
think this is a logical safe pick for them.

Speaker 5 (42:22):
Six six, three hundred and sixty pounds.

Speaker 6 (42:25):
I love that, like Joe All is such a freak
that Jacy Latham really hasn't gotten much attention for being
this big, this massive. Not going to say it's Tyron
Smith vibes, but just like physically, I think they'd love
to keep Tyler Smith to a guard, which they could
in this.

Speaker 4 (42:40):
Did they get the best years of Tyron Smith? Probably?
Could he have played another three or four years at
a high level potentially, But perhaps the smart move is
to move on, hit on somebody you really like in
the first round, and then you have a true bridge
and a young tackle to protect Dak or whomever.

Speaker 5 (42:58):

Speaker 6 (42:58):
I wonder if they could trade up, like you say, Mark,
and then you get the right player, right team.

Speaker 4 (43:03):
But it's just in a different spot. But you do
get credit for that, ah Okay, credit.

Speaker 6 (43:08):
Yeah, if it's in the first round, if you got
the right team player and they trade up for Latham
at fifteen or something, you get credit.

Speaker 4 (43:14):
I think credit is an important word. I think what
Mark is looking for in many ways is credit, and
that's there's a little bit right there electric credit for it.

Speaker 8 (43:23):
I agree that will levis getting points for that.

Speaker 7 (43:25):
Last year was probably just this is this is such
a loss of a little craft that we're just trying
to throw this guya some sort of.

Speaker 4 (43:30):
I got a nine year old coming for you all
right up next the twenty second pick, and oh my god.

Speaker 7 (43:36):
So the Eagles are sitting here, and I think the
Cowboys kind of thought, we're not going to get hopscotched
by the Eagles for an offensive linement of any sort,
and so that's sort of what motivated and we see
them do with that to each other on right before.
But the Eagles are open for business and we have
a trade.

Speaker 4 (43:51):
It's unbelievable the number of trades, the.

Speaker 6 (43:53):
Sheer number of it will be seventeen trades in the end, okay.

Speaker 8 (43:56):
And so what what triggers trades on draft?

Speaker 7 (44:00):
I think it can be like logic, smart, you fell
in love with someone, or you're a little bit desperate,
and the bills are like, we can't sit around deep
farther down in this first round, there's a number of
guys that go for but they go for eighty Mitchell
texas wide receiver, great route runner, or red zone menace.
They've had red zone issues at times in the past.
I think this is a sexy additional weapon for Josh

Allen and friends.

Speaker 6 (44:24):
The conventional wisdom is Howie Roseman is not picking twenty two.

Speaker 5 (44:28):
He's either going to move up.

Speaker 6 (44:29):
He's either going to move down, but he's not gonna
move I don't know what that means. I mean, if
the right player was there, I guess. I guess then
he would move up. Eighty Mitchell is maybe among the
most divisive players in this draft. Some people think he
could be a true number one, like a top ten
type of talent, but some questionable effort, some questionable profile.

Kind of reminds me of George Pickens coming out a
little bit. But George Pickens, Oh, you guys say, Chase Claypool.

Speaker 4 (44:56):
It look here's from Jeremiah's top fifty. It looks like
he gets a little at times on the backside of
routes assuming the balls going elsewhere. He doesn't have a
ton of production after the catch. Overall, though Mitchell is
an ideal X receiver. He can make plays when covered
and he's like weapon.

Speaker 7 (45:11):
You're also replaced one headache potentially with another.

Speaker 6 (45:13):
And that's that's smart in to be clear, Like, I
don't think there's any off field like major concerns. It's
just like a lot of people saying like he kind
of gives half speed on half these routes.

Speaker 4 (45:25):
And he talked about that too, And that's nice that
you brought that up. Greg, that's important. You want to
be fair to these young men.

Speaker 5 (45:31):
I always worry when.

Speaker 6 (45:34):
I always worry when you're on a college team and
the other guy is clearly better than you and then you.

Speaker 5 (45:38):
Get taken ahead of that guy.

Speaker 6 (45:39):
Yeah, this guy would be Xavier Worthy, who really was
kind of the one at Texas.

Speaker 4 (45:44):
All right, let's take a break. Let's take a break,
and we will finish the first round of the mock
Sessler Mark draft. Hell, can you take me on the

draft board.

Speaker 6 (46:07):
I think moving up the studio audience.

Speaker 5 (46:10):
With some drinks was a good idea.

Speaker 4 (46:12):
They al wait a lot, give it up. If you're sloshed.

Speaker 1 (46:15):
Right now, I'm a.

Speaker 5 (46:18):
Wicked pissed.

Speaker 4 (46:22):
All right, where were we?

Speaker 8 (46:24):
We just heard twenty three?

Speaker 4 (46:26):
Now the unthinkable that the Bills would go for mister
Mitchell out of Texas. So now it is the Cardinals
via the Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland through Houston. Hikes. Allright,
the Cardinals, what do they do?

Speaker 1 (46:42):

Speaker 7 (46:42):
An these drunken Cardinals fans all up in arms that
they took, you know, an offensive lineman in an edge,
and yeah, where's this thing that we all want a
little fantasy plaything. So let's see what they do here.

Speaker 9 (46:52):
Rise up red Sea. We're not done yet. Growth with
the twenty third pick in the NFL Draft of the year, four,
the Arizona Cardinals via Minnesota Vikings from Cleveland through Houston.
Brian Thomas wide receiver ls U junior, six ' four,

two hundred and five pounds.

Speaker 4 (47:19):
Come to us. Brian Tolas, I like how some like
he's very important that he gets in the measurables there
he gets the weight.

Speaker 7 (47:37):
I know why this happened because I sent him just
at because I have all that stuff here.

Speaker 8 (47:42):
I sent him the name and the measurables.

Speaker 7 (47:45):
And like he he also was injecting incredible Zumbwalt energy there.

Speaker 8 (47:49):
But he was very.

Speaker 6 (47:50):
Meticulous of this would be exciting. If you come away
with three first round picks again to tackle, that would
be rising than me, but lot to my favorite edge Thomas.

Speaker 5 (48:04):
You know I would give this an a give it
an a to I think.

Speaker 8 (48:07):
You'd have to. We don't know.

Speaker 7 (48:08):
You know, I don't have a big problem with adding
a great tackle in the draft at any at any
point next year.

Speaker 4 (48:14):
We should see what else we could put on the
page and see if Jason just keeps reading on and
on and on, I mean, hometown favorite food.

Speaker 7 (48:21):
I think he's got genuine passion for the concept of
these picks.

Speaker 8 (48:25):
You can feel it, and especially their body.

Speaker 4 (48:30):
All right. Up next the twenty fourth pick, it's Miami Dolphins.

Speaker 7 (48:34):
All right, the Dolphins some overt needs on defense, and
they love what's happened to them here, and and Greg
loves it too because it's attached to a sandwich related prop.

Speaker 8 (48:44):
They go Johnny Newton defensive lineman Illinois.

Speaker 6 (48:48):
With the listeners love it too because this was a
rain maker that Peter Schrager's tweet completely dismissed that he's
getting taken.

Speaker 4 (48:59):
By so I would be so little ros v Schrager.
Christ is that up here that I like? No, it's
just it's not no, it's yes. Well, according to these
latest mock drafts, like he's fallen out of a lot
of these, and I'm sticking.

Speaker 5 (49:12):
I'm sticking with my guy, sticking with and so is Mark.

Speaker 4 (49:16):
Mark's playing to Greg a little bit, which is.

Speaker 7 (49:18):
Well, no, but like I I don't agree that, like
I'm seeing no one else.

Speaker 5 (49:22):
No, he's he's sort of all.

Speaker 6 (49:23):
Over the place where like some people have him in
the top fifteen, some of them out.

Speaker 4 (49:26):
Of the top four. Would you take Greg on the
sanguine No.

Speaker 8 (49:28):
I was gonna say, I'm not because I'm not.

Speaker 7 (49:30):
That's it's it chows no internal fortitude to go back
on the sandwich prop.

Speaker 8 (49:34):
I'll stick with it.

Speaker 7 (49:35):
But the more research I did on him after that conversation, good,
I would not take Greg on it.

Speaker 4 (49:39):
How about that foot injury, that's it's a big man
with a foot injury.

Speaker 8 (49:43):
Yeah, but it's liked is that bad? Like, I don't know.

Speaker 7 (49:45):
It's like player, some players are coming with a couple
of weeks of you know, availability questions, then they're awesome.

Speaker 4 (49:50):
Jason would tell you that he's six foot two, two
hundred and ninety five pounds, bad foot for a big man.

Speaker 8 (49:57):
Look, yeah, you'd have to look into that.

Speaker 4 (49:58):
As OJ once said, look out all right, Number twenty
five the Green Bay Packers staying home.

Speaker 7 (50:04):
Yeah, they do, and they you know, they take a
Marius Mims offensive tackle out of Georgia. That's a need
for them, Like, they can't mess around with that.

Speaker 6 (50:12):
They're perfect for taking one of these kind of not
project tackles, but guys that maybe you don't have to
play him day one. There's a few of them at
this part of the draft. Tyler Geitton is another with
just crazy physical skills. Again, guys who I have a
feeling if they were in either of the previous two
drafts would have gotten taken much higher.

Speaker 4 (50:29):
Hm. I believe that they will add a defensive player
in the first round, but we'll see. Sure makes a
lot of sense. Sure to me, finally starting over with
a new DC, they need some more talent on that
side of the ball. But obviously adding a tackle with high,
high ceiling Marius Mims makes sense. Number twenty six the

Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Speaker 7 (50:51):
I think the Bucks could go in a number of
different I kind of messed around with this pick a
lot where I have them doing. You know, they've lost
a little bit of veterans in the secondary. They go
Nate Wiggins cornerback out of Clemson.

Speaker 4 (51:03):
M M.

Speaker 8 (51:04):
Todd, Bowl's still in control.

Speaker 6 (51:07):
Lanky, lanky, six to two fade away, Carl Fon Davis
certainly have in need.

Speaker 4 (51:14):
Fills a need. And yes Todd does have a loud
voice in that root well, Todd never has a loud voice.
Todd gets his message across right.

Speaker 8 (51:25):
Carry some Weight.

Speaker 4 (51:28):
Number twenty seven, Denver Broncos.

Speaker 7 (51:30):
So the Broncos, you know, they kind of bailed on
their were unable to fulfill their quests to move up
for a quarterback.

Speaker 8 (51:36):
And because it's the war.

Speaker 7 (51:37):
Room is a little down about the whole thing. The
fan base is wondering if there's any vision for the future.
But what's happened here is you could say there's some value.
This is a quarterback with a lot of experience. Bonnicks
from Oregon falls right into the laps. Sean Payton's like,
you know what, I like this because we absolutely needed
a quarterback and this is someone that kind of injects
some future hope. It gives Sean Payton someone to work

with and buys every one a little bit of time.

Speaker 6 (52:01):
I want to see Sean Payton with like an exciting quarterback,
which Bonix doesn't really.

Speaker 5 (52:05):
Qualify as but a lot of those guys are gone.

Speaker 6 (52:07):
Yeah, though, that would be six quarterbacks here in the
first round.

Speaker 5 (52:13):
Always a little worry. So if you get number six.

Speaker 4 (52:15):
Right, that's sure. This feels like when you're reaching for
a position rather than best player on the boards.

Speaker 6 (52:21):
It hasn't handled pressure necessarily very well, but you know,
not accurate.

Speaker 4 (52:26):
That's not an issue in the NFL, though, because the
play the game slows down from college to the pros.
So I feel like bo will do just fine. All right.
Next the number twenty eight pick, Mark, it is.

Speaker 7 (52:37):
The Eagles, and I think that Howie Roseman, this is
just kis met. This seems to happen to them a
lot on draft day. Graham Barton, one of the most
versatile offensive linemen in a post Jason Kelsey world, can
plug right into that line and be a nasty He's
from Duke, He's a senior, considered one of the most
intelligent smart dudes around, like a pre snap genius. So

you can plug right into that offense, and you.

Speaker 5 (53:00):
Know when he gets it, he gets it.

Speaker 6 (53:02):
I gotta give Mark, this is a marriage I have
not seen predicted out there, and it just it makes
right sense.

Speaker 5 (53:09):
He nailed this one.

Speaker 6 (53:11):
He also nailed the Ady Mitchell Bill's pick because that
is the one pick him and Walker agreed with on it.

Speaker 8 (53:17):
There you go, just coming together.

Speaker 4 (53:19):
And rest assured. No matter who the Eagles pick, they
will be universally lauded as incredible uh purveyors of talent
and vision because the idea of the Eagles ever making
the wrong decision, it's just impossible. So great job, even

though they haven't made the pick yet, whether it is
this particular lineman, whoever it is, it could be a punter.

Speaker 5 (53:49):
I love that for the Eagles.

Speaker 4 (53:51):
That is exactly what you will hear from all the
football nerds. Thank you for your up ed have once
again done it. They have seen what no one else
can see. As you can see that lobby filled with
Lombardi trophies. They have done it. So congratulations. Let me
be the first to congratulate the Eagles on an amazing

night one of the draft. Put them on my winner list.
That's how you earn respect in the industry.

Speaker 5 (54:18):
I mean, hit him with the Lombardi trophies. They haven't
been to two Super Bowls and one one in the
last six years. That's pretty good. That's pretty good.

Speaker 4 (54:25):
Sure, I mean six plus fifty one. Yeah, I'm just
saying there's one in the lobby. Okay. We treat them
as if they're the eighties Niners and nineties Cowboys and
the two thousands Patriots rolled into one wealth. My goodness,
great job. And now now I'm gonna get buried by
the Let me tell you something else called off of
course you are. How about the Knicks? How about your sixers?

Speaker 5 (54:48):

Speaker 4 (54:48):
Here we go with m beav with this head down
in the locker room. Oh, I guarantee we're gonna win
this year. Pick your head up, be a leader, got
a loser team.

Speaker 7 (54:57):
I expect Philadelphia's multiple fan bases to respond to what
you've just said over the last minute.

Speaker 4 (55:03):
Now I acknowledge that that now it feels personal.

Speaker 8 (55:06):
It feels felt from the first, and it had for
a while.

Speaker 4 (55:10):
It hadn't been truly personal until this moment, and now
it is. So sorry, guys, but this is the way
it is.

Speaker 7 (55:17):
Up next, the Detroit Lions, and I've seen a couple
like whispers that they're open to. You can't just a
trading out of this pic. What are you talking about?
The draft is in Detroit, you gotta know how to
lather and work this crowd.

Speaker 5 (55:31):
You can't.

Speaker 8 (55:32):
You can't.

Speaker 7 (55:32):
You're not passing on the frame. And they they do
look at they need it. They need help in the
secondary and they've kind of needed it forever. But kool
aid McKinstry, I have here from Alabama, right, we trust
those Alabama players, and I thought that that organization will too.

Speaker 4 (55:44):
Closest thing you'll get to, uh like an NFL team
is that that football machine down there.

Speaker 5 (55:49):
You feel like this might be the pick.

Speaker 6 (55:51):
The fewest people in the NFL mock draft community get right,
just because it's so late in the first round and
they just don't value players the same way that other
teams do. They they said that as much as press conference.
They kind of they and they like it and it's
been working. I mean, Jack Jack Campbell didn't exactly work
so far, but Jamiir gaves Jack camp I just look
at where they took players last year.

Speaker 5 (56:11):
No one was seeing those coming.

Speaker 4 (56:12):
You sorry that you're set up. There was what with
the lines that they will do something.

Speaker 7 (56:18):
No, No, there was there. I've just seen some like
little things here and there that they would.

Speaker 4 (56:22):
Be laid out in Detroit. Is he gonna walk. No, no,
he's not there. Now, I don't think they're going to
take a guy that's not gonna walk.

Speaker 7 (56:30):
Well, they're they're not gonna get guys the board.

Speaker 4 (56:34):
Whoever's there, whoever's left of that fourteen. Darius Robinson is
a strong in this scenario. He would still be on
the board.

Speaker 6 (56:40):
He he's the one that kind of stuck out as
why is why is he there? Just because he might
have to wait through the first round?

Speaker 8 (56:46):
I see where you go.

Speaker 4 (56:47):
That would be if I could add a sandwich prop
that the Lions will take a player that walks.

Speaker 6 (56:51):
I mean, I'll allow it. I would too, fully hopefully
our friend doing the site is this.

Speaker 4 (56:57):
Can we do it? I don't know.

Speaker 5 (56:59):
I want your sandwich?

Speaker 4 (57:01):
Yeah? What what the hell?

Speaker 5 (57:02):
All right, that's good, I'm taking you up.

Speaker 4 (57:03):
The Lions take a player that walks because they have
eliminated their draft board. This is gonna be very down
to fourteen players.

Speaker 5 (57:10):
When we get to pick twenty nine.

Speaker 4 (57:11):
All right, it's a big deal for the Lions, the host,
and they're not gonna do the thing where All right, now,
let's throw it live to satellite to you know.

Speaker 8 (57:20):
Kool Aid's house.

Speaker 4 (57:21):
Yeah, it's San Jose like. No. They want the moment,
they want the rock hug, they want the whole thing,
and they have limited their draft board as a result.

Speaker 8 (57:29):
That marries up with my theory that they're not trading
out of the pick.

Speaker 4 (57:32):
Is it smart? No, I think it's foolish in fact,
But it's about the celebration as much as anything else
this year.

Speaker 8 (57:38):
Go ahead, all right, noted Ravens at thirty.

Speaker 7 (57:41):
They have a lot of different needs, but offensive line
is one of them, and there's still going offensive line
in here. They take Tyler Geiden tackle Oklahoma, six seven,
three and twenty eight, slightly larger than the three of
us put together, in a like a large par lap sack,
like a large man.

Speaker 5 (57:55):
I think that's savvy.

Speaker 4 (57:56):
You're like a big guy.

Speaker 1 (57:57):
I do.

Speaker 6 (57:57):
Yeah, they need to start planning for a post Ronnie Stanley.
They have a lot of a lot of needs, and
I've had a lot of injuries in the offensive line.

Speaker 5 (58:04):
That makes sense.

Speaker 6 (58:05):
While we're here, Yes, there was some news. I'm not
even gonna call it breaking news. Okay, we're noting that
the Ravens just extended Rashad Bateman, their first round pick
from a few years ago for a couple extra seasons.
A little surprising, but that shows they both believe nicely done.

Speaker 4 (58:18):
Greg is co host here to hold off on sharing
that until we get to the Ravens. So it's all
part of one. It's all a greater hole.

Speaker 8 (58:26):
Yeah, seamless production.

Speaker 4 (58:28):
I'm not just looks Bimbo all right? Number thirty one, all.

Speaker 7 (58:32):
Right, San Francisco, forty nine ers. Now, I the one
thing that I almost did in this Bimbo.

Speaker 4 (58:37):
We kind of lost Bimbo. It's kind of gone. It
had a nice run, though it's out there.

Speaker 6 (58:41):
With beat which we Kimbo either comes into the mix
every once in a while.

Speaker 7 (58:45):
Now, I think that there's a world where Brandon Aiyuk
could be traded. And they moved way up the sport,
but it was getting a little rich with all the business,
so I had them staying home here taking Chop Robinson
the edge from Penn State, and if you go back
and look at because I was looking at Blake Horn
a little bit like the game where Michigan played Penn
State and it ran the ball thirty times in a

row at one point, was because of Chop Robinson blowing
up the tackle position and causing all sorts of havock
largely because of that, and so they were like, we're
just going to get back to nineteen twenties basic football
and destroy you up the middle.

Speaker 6 (59:19):
Explosive trades. Guy, that's what forty nine ers like, and
they sneaky, kneed edge. It's a little surprising kind of keep.

Speaker 4 (59:27):
Populating that a little bit around both so last year that.

Speaker 7 (59:31):
They could go tackle too. Maybe, but we'll see. I'm
going at chure.

Speaker 4 (59:34):
Makes all the sense in the world. Mark and the
final pick of the first and I think it's fitting.
I think it's fitting given the absolute madness of acquisitions
and moving up and down the board, that we end
with a trade.

Speaker 7 (59:47):
Yeah, like at some point four teams will have owned
the thirty second pick. It started with the Chiefs, then
the Falcons, then the Seahawks, and now this happens.

Speaker 11 (59:58):
No, there has been a trade. The New England Patriots
are now selecting thirty second and the pick is Lad
McConkey wide receiver Georgia.

Speaker 6 (01:00:20):
Okay, this is gonna be a Frank Camvy staff that
is traveling for our audio listeners.

Speaker 4 (01:00:28):
Most things to great honor or. I believe you're a
batman mask. Yep, We're not for sure, but it seemed
like I presumed to be offspring with him in a
Spider Man mask.

Speaker 8 (01:00:37):
Yes, that that was confirmed Offspring.

Speaker 4 (01:00:40):
Thank you to Connor, Jason, Ricky, Hollywood, everyone that helped
contribute it to the picks. Well done and uh.

Speaker 6 (01:00:50):
And well done by the Patriots. You know, you can
take bell Check out of the building, but you can't
take their appreciation or versatile white wide receivers.

Speaker 7 (01:01:00):
You know, though you have Drake May and Laden McConkie
that takes the pella offense in the league and it
makes you think differently.

Speaker 4 (01:01:06):
That's the that's the opportunity that the Patriots have. The
number thirty two pick is a very popular trade pick
because it's the last pick of the draft where you
can lock in a player with that fifth year option.

Speaker 8 (01:01:17):
And that matters, Greggy if you really.

Speaker 4 (01:01:19):
Love a guy.

Speaker 6 (01:01:21):
Famously Lamar Jackson with the second of the Ravens two
first round picks that year, they took Hayden Hurst.

Speaker 8 (01:01:29):
I think they ordered those correctly.

Speaker 4 (01:01:32):
Unbelievable and Mark, you are unbelievable. Now we could. I
could throw flowers at you, I could hand you a lollipop,
but that doesn't why because the draft hasn't happened yet.
So all I could say, and Greg, I think you
would agree here is Mark has done the work this
spring and he is whether or not he he succeeds,

whether or not you know. And again apology with Lance.
We brought him on as a guest, and to hang
up on you is just straight disrespectful, Greg, Greg bringing
in a nine year old to challenge you directly to
us night not to that that feels like it's against
the greater goal to lift you up, to lift up
atm Yes, to give us a bigger platform. But I

just want to say, great job, great work, and I
hope that you set records this year.

Speaker 8 (01:02:22):
Thank you.

Speaker 7 (01:02:23):
I you know, I understand the heat coming from outlets
old and young, because I think they sense there's a
little bit of danger here. There's a little bit of
foundational rattling about to happen if this goes the way that.

Speaker 6 (01:02:35):
I that I know where yeah, and I just want
you to know, you know where I come from, Western Massachusetts.
A lot of time you show love by here we
gotten balls, you know, by just like mercilessly trying to
take other people down.

Speaker 4 (01:02:48):
That's how we start, but you have a certain way
about you that maybe he's been a little different than
some of the others in Western messages.

Speaker 5 (01:02:54):
Now you should you should come brutal.

Speaker 4 (01:02:57):
No, I will not go all right, Eric, How you
doing back there behind the glass at pay doing great?
How are you guys great? I do want to point
out that I was scheduled to announce the Bill's first
round pick, but Mark totally left me out. There was
a trade.

Speaker 8 (01:03:14):
Yeah, I did forget about that. Would you like to No, No,
I don't.

Speaker 4 (01:03:18):
I don't, okay, I don't.

Speaker 5 (01:03:19):
It was eighty Mitchell the Bill out of the pen.
I was here. Thanks, I'm just messing with you, Mark,
I really didn't.

Speaker 7 (01:03:25):
Okay, Well, yes, that did slip the uh, that slipped
a lot of elements.

Speaker 4 (01:03:28):
And it's fine. I just I had nothing to say,
and sometimes it was Etp's chance to shine, and that
was that was.

Speaker 7 (01:03:36):
If you had nothing to say, then I made the
correct decision in the end.

Speaker 6 (01:03:39):
So you mark anything else, not until uh we're back
after round one.

Speaker 4 (01:03:48):
Yes, m yeah, no. Live stream this year is what
it is, and I'll say nothing more. But we do
have the big show tomorrow night. Immediately at the end
of round one. We will be recording our reaction to
round one of the twenty twenty four NFL Draft, So

make sure you are you know, keep your phone in
your hand. Whatever device you use to ingest podcast, probably
your phone. Just stare at it and then think, what
do you think, Eric about? We're gonna try to get
it up about I don't know. Let's see the first
round ends at about eleven Eastern something like that. We're
gonna want to have that up what you know, three

hours later from the last pick, figuring we'd give us
an hour to talk, give me a little time to
edit and post. And yeah, I say four, I say
before three hours. That's the goal. Clock me, that's the goal. Yeah.
I actually don't do that if it's late. Sorry, no,
still late, all right, Thank you everybody for listening. Thank
you to Mark Sessler. Thank you to land zero Line.

Check out his final mock draft to the draft tomorrow.

Speaker 1 (01:04:56):
Heed the call, Saint Christospoko Picter Boot
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