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March 29, 2024 34 mins

Part One of the Good Morning Football Podcast begins with the changes made to the Eagles.  Hosts Colleen Wolfe, Kyle Brandt, and Super Bowl Champions Jason and Devin McCourty debate if Philly solved its mysterious collapse last season.  Who is the first person you think of when you think NY Football?  Plus, the table plays GM in the 'GMFB Mock Draft'.

Stay tuned for the NY Farewell in Part Two of the GMFB Podcast!

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Good Morning Football is the production of the NFL in
partnership with iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Good Morning Football.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
Here we are in New York City, one final show
for Good Morning.

Speaker 4 (00:30):
Football in New York. Welcome in, everybody.

Speaker 3 (00:33):
We are live on this Friday, March twenty ninth. I'm
Colleen Wolf. We have Kyle Brand, Juxon mccordy, Devin mccorty.

Speaker 4 (00:42):
We met all the McCarty's yesterday.

Speaker 3 (00:45):
How do you guys feel closing out the week here
in New York Kyle.

Speaker 5 (00:49):
Jason, Jason mccordy.

Speaker 6 (00:51):
There are a lot of emotions going on right now.
We got our people here in the studio in New York,
behind the scenes people. As you guys know, if we
said numerous times this is the last Good Morning Football
in New York City. We're gonna make it a memorable
Don't you go anywhere. Let's have some fun tonight.

Speaker 1 (01:07):
Good Morning Football continues in the Golden State of California
this summer. This is the last show in New York City.
Originated from New York City. It started in twenty sixteen
August first some of you were there, and so we
are going to be a little nostalgic today, but also
very excited for the future.

Speaker 5 (01:22):
I have one personal note that I need to say.

Speaker 1 (01:24):
And so for years people at home like to watch
how I sit on this chair do and this is
just something that I do. I'm so excited to what
my friends at the table want to say. I'm all
the way in the front so you can see I'm
almost falling off. And I've said for years because people
are like, why you do that, I'm like, one day
I will fall. It's going to happen, and it's gonna
be great TV. So if this is the last day
on this chair, I'm going to try like hell to

fall and I'll give the people what they want. I'm
going to go extra extra far out here. I'm clinching
right now, So keep watching, don't change the channel because
I might fall. I might injure myself and we'll have
a good laugh. The last days.

Speaker 4 (01:58):
It's like a wall sit.

Speaker 6 (01:59):
Yeah, that's what I'm doing, always working out. I'll always
right if we're trying to do things. I remember on
this show at one point you said a curse word
and how to do it? Then Jamie did, yeah, I
haven't said one. Yeok, at you what I may have
to give a New York City curseword before the show.

Speaker 1 (02:13):
All Right, you got one picked up? You know how
little everyone in mout Laureld will care if you do.

Speaker 7 (02:19):
I got a field them ready to go.

Speaker 4 (02:21):
Wow, what a bucket list we have.

Speaker 3 (02:24):
We're ready do te sports today and now let's get took.

Speaker 4 (02:30):
All right.

Speaker 3 (02:30):
So the Eagles, they have made huge additions in this
off season, one to their backfield and free agency signing
former division rival Saquon Barkley. Saquon joined Travis and Jason
Kelcey on The New Heights podcast presented by Wave Sports
and Entertainments this.

Speaker 4 (02:45):
Week and talked about landing in Philly.

Speaker 8 (02:48):
I probably never imagined myself playing with Philly, you know,
six years ago. Sure, but it was like, I get
to come back to Pennsylvania. My family's from Pennsylvania, My
lady kids, like Grandma's all that from Pennsylvania. So we
get to we're already close, we even get to get
closer and get a chance to compete. I got to
admire at him for afar, admire you know what he
was able to build over there and get to be

able to be in part that culture.

Speaker 5 (03:11):
There's a no brainer for me.

Speaker 9 (03:12):
It's gonna be an outstanding environment all all year round. Jalen,
all these guys are gonna be rejuvenated, So man, I can't.
There's gonna be so fun to watch, It's gonna be
so fun to be a part of. It's gonna be great.

Speaker 7 (03:22):
You don got we got one piece of advice.

Speaker 9 (03:23):
I got one piece of advice. Before you ask me
to come back, I'm not gonna come back.

Speaker 7 (03:26):
I'm not doing it that.

Speaker 4 (03:31):

Speaker 3 (03:32):
And Jason Kelsey out and it doesn't sound like he's
coming back. Take a look at just some of the
moves Howie Roseman has made this offseason.

Speaker 4 (03:39):
There's been some shuffling of the.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
Roster after an extremely disappointing finish and absolute collapse.

Speaker 4 (03:46):
But do the Eagles new editions.

Speaker 3 (03:49):
Help erase some of the lingering doubts that are still
there in Philly?

Speaker 7 (03:53):
Just erase it.

Speaker 6 (03:54):
You guys, know the people that are watching, and you're married,
and you know you do something, your spouse is terribly
angry at you, and you go out and you get
your wife some flowers when you want to say I'm sorry,
and yes, she forgives you, but never forgets. And when
you talk about the Philadelphia Eagles, yes, some of those
additions doesn't help erase some of it, maybe a little bit,

But when you started racing with a pencil, is still
that leftover?

Speaker 5 (04:18):
And you can see it still the leftover. You can
see the motakes out of there, exactly blow that little
dust off, don't matter.

Speaker 7 (04:24):
I watched my kids do their whole work, and I
can't understand any of it.

Speaker 6 (04:27):
And for these Eagles and for Nick Arianna, you look
at last year and it's just like, all right, yes,
you've made these additions, but what the hell happened last year?
And how are we going to correct it and move forward?

Speaker 7 (04:37):
I like the editions.

Speaker 6 (04:38):
I'm looking at Nick Arianna to say, you know what,
all right, you've brought in a new offensive coordinator and
Keller Moore, you brought in a new defensive coordinator, and
Vic Fangil.

Speaker 7 (04:45):
How are you gonna run this shit? Now?

Speaker 6 (04:47):
Everybody's going to be looking at Sirianni to be the
guy of pulling it all together and finding a way
to get back to the promised land where they were
two years ago playing in the Super Bowl. And I
look at his personality and the way he leads this team,
and we've watched him on the sideline where it's been
so positive and they've been whooping up on people and

we'll seeing a me mugg the camera. We've seen the positive,
we've seen the negative, him going off. We've seen them
last year as they continue to collapse, of them just
looking for answers on the sideline. This is the guy
that Jeffrey Lourry, the owner of the Eagles, has beliefing.
So they went into that last end of the season
meeting and they did it a straightforward process, he said
it with Sirianni's ability to come up with a plan

of where he saw this organization and his ability to
go in and bring coordinators underneath him to lead this team.
I'm thinking if we're going to erase the doubts, is
going to be on the back of Nick Sirianni being
able to pull this team together, especially when you lose
guys like Fletcher Cox and Jason Kelce. So I think
all eyes are him to be the guy. I don't
even know if it's e Racemars. The doubt is still

fully in there.

Speaker 7 (05:50):
I mean, you look at this team, dah.

Speaker 6 (05:52):
You added some people, but it's not like you added
people to like this depleted roster last year you were
throwing the ball to aj Brown, Devonte Smith, Dallas Goddard
Swift comes over from Detroit, has a breakout season. So
you get all of these people in there. You take
away Jason Kelcey. Yes, you put sa Kwon Barkley in,
but that.

Speaker 7 (06:10):
Great offensive line they took a hit losing Kelsey.

Speaker 6 (06:13):
So to me, there's still a ton of doubt in
Philly because, like.

Speaker 7 (06:17):
You just said, Kyle, what happened. We still don't know.

Speaker 6 (06:20):
So you fired the coordinators and you're like, you know
what a outside world, it wasn't me.

Speaker 7 (06:24):
S it wasn't me.

Speaker 6 (06:26):
It was the coordinators. Had to get rid of them.
But now you bring in new that's not always better.
So I'm still sitting here saying, what went.

Speaker 7 (06:33):
On in Philly? Is it correctible? Do we have to
kind of start or new? A lot of people wanted.

Speaker 6 (06:38):
The Philadelphia Eagles and say, hey, call up Bill Belichick,
see what he's doing, See if he wants to come
in and coach this super talented team. So I think
there's still a lot of doubt in Philly. I think
all the fans in Philadelphia want to know what happened,
and they want to see this team back to winning,
but the doubts will be there until maybe October and
see what this team does.

Speaker 1 (06:56):
I'm sorry, Debbie here, I gotta do a quick tangent.
Bill Belichick's not coaching this year? You think he's ever
head coach in the league?

Speaker 5 (07:00):

Speaker 7 (07:01):
I think next year?

Speaker 6 (07:01):
Really, I think there's a lot of teams that might
thought about it and said, you know what, we're sticking
with our guy, and if it doesn't work this year,
they're gonna call, especially because I think a lot of
owners and different people think coaches gain an advantage when
they take a year off, step back, probably go visit
coaches other places, see how things are done, to add
to what they're doing. Their perspectives might change a little bit.

So I see Bill coaching next year.

Speaker 1 (07:25):
I go to make sure you're talking about Bill, not Steve, right,
like Bill.

Speaker 6 (07:28):
Steve has a job now, doesn't Steve to great?

Speaker 7 (07:33):

Speaker 1 (07:33):
All right, Colleen, I know you got a lot of
things to say that we're all dancing around this, all right,
So now what's great about the draft?

Speaker 5 (07:39):
And solid?

Speaker 1 (07:39):
It's all fresh and moving forward and everything with the
drafting for several weeks, we got to talk about what
happened to Philly.

Speaker 5 (07:44):
I think it's been a few months since.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
And let's just address it's not that they ended and
they lost in the wildcare that happens. What the hell
was that? Let's just remind everyone. Through Week twelve, the
Eagles were ten and one. Yes, all right, they have
the best record in the NFL. They have a two
game lead as the one seed over the forty nine ers.

Speaker 4 (08:04):
It seemed wonderful.

Speaker 5 (08:05):
Who's like the dream seats.

Speaker 1 (08:07):
They have beaten the Chiefs at this point, the Dolphins,
the Rams, the Cowboys, and they just had to really
clutch overtime win against a very good Bills team. They
are the squad, just push and all that, like nobody's
being the Eagles, and then it's like everything changed. Jason,
don't know if you can relate, but sometimes at work,
sometimes you're just coasting.

Speaker 5 (08:28):
Along and you're doing really good work and you're like.

Speaker 1 (08:29):
This is excellent we doing and then there's this crazy
wild card out of nowhere, and you're like, you're not
sure what's happening a round.

Speaker 5 (08:35):
But you have to adjust. You have to adjust. The
Eagles did not adjust.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
Okay, after that twelve and one start, ten and one
excuse me, crushed by the forty nine ers, crushed by
the Cowboys. Then they do all the coordinator chains. Then
they lose to the Drew Lock Seahawks, and we're like.

Speaker 5 (08:50):
May Day, may Day, may Day.

Speaker 1 (08:52):
Week sixteen, they beat the Tommy DeVito Giants by like
the skin of their teeth, and they thought they were
going to lose to them.

Speaker 5 (08:58):
Then they lose to the Cardinals.

Speaker 1 (09:00):
Jason and I love the Cardinals, like our favorite team.
The Cardinals came in with three wins. Then they lose
to the Giants again. Then they go to the playoffs
and get crushed and we're like, hold on, the quarterback
didn't get hurt?

Speaker 5 (09:10):
Like what happened? Why?

Speaker 1 (09:12):
I have never seen It's almost like in baseball, you
hear things like down the stretch they got, you know,
a five game lead with twelve to play. You can't
blow that. They blew it and there's still no explanation.
And I thought, I thought we'd give the Kelsey brothers
a pop because they need some publicity. Let's go back
for the second time. In this segment of their podcast,
Jason is the Best. Jason mcordy of course, talk about
Jason Kelsey and he was talking about retirement. He's like,

there is one thing that made it difficult, and this.

Speaker 5 (09:37):
Is what he had to say.

Speaker 9 (09:38):
The one thing that I'm disappointed about retiring right now
is I'm retiring when the Eagles had potentially the biggest
collapse in the history of the organization, not potentially, probably
the most. And the reason I say that I'm upset
about that is I really truly think the Eagles are
gonna ball out next year. That is one thing I'm
really upset about the timing of. But it is what

it is. It's just I have to enjoy it in
a different way.

Speaker 1 (10:02):
Yeah, guys, a national t and he's had an amazing career,
and he's like, god, we were so terrible at they
have last year. It was tough to go out on that.
I don't know if you snapped your fingers and come back.
I mean, look at all those players. We know they
had great players. Guys, they had great players last year.
They're loaded. This was not some crappy team that was
fools gold and got a good record. They were thus
story completely fell apart, and Jason like, it has to

be the coaching. You can't let that happen, and Sirianni.
Is he that guy?

Speaker 7 (10:28):

Speaker 5 (10:28):
I don't know.

Speaker 3 (10:29):
I well know they bring in Kellen Moore, who when
they were interviewing for head coaches before Nick Sirianni was hired,
they interviewed Kellen Moore. I think that that is a
really interesting, maybe a little awkward dynamic that they have
going on in Philly. But it's like does it erase
the lingering doubts? Like how much time do you have?

Do you have a couch that I can lay on?
Is there a script that you guys can fill for me?
This was a total breakdown last year, And when anyone
has a breakdown, you're walking around on eggshells.

Speaker 4 (11:00):
You don't know what's going to happen next, you don't know.

Speaker 3 (11:03):
You're living your life on edge every single day and
welcome to my reality, guys. But it's sort of like
the only thing that erase is lingering doubt is time
and results and like, babe, we gotta work on this together,
Like I can't quit Powie Roseman after the moves that
he's made, and he does this seemingly year after year

and he puts all the pieces together.

Speaker 4 (11:26):
But the results last year.

Speaker 3 (11:29):
I mean, they were cruising along, and even when they
won that Christmas Day game, it was like there was
all sorts of drama on the sidelines, and I was like,
this is mirroring every all of my family experiences on Christmas.
Like it really did feel like tis the season, is
the Holidays, everyone is fighting, but like it didn't like

they still won the game. It didn't feel like that though,
Like all of the body language was off. But bringing
in Saquon Barkley, that's incredible. There was money in the bank, how.

Speaker 4 (11:58):
We spent it.

Speaker 3 (11:59):
That's gonna immediately improve their backfield and also helps with
RPOs and easy checkdown options for Jalen Hurts and then
the secondary bringing back CJ CJ or Gardner Johnson, I
mean you have when you're bringing Bryce huff two that
pass rush by immediate deep better.

Speaker 1 (12:18):
We've done the entire all twenty To anybody else, that's incredible.

Speaker 5 (12:21):
I like, it is really really good.

Speaker 1 (12:23):
I saw when the seven A. I love it. Colleen
gets very passionate about that. It'd be a tough, tough
stretch for you.

Speaker 4 (12:29):
Yeah, yes, I'm still work guys, We'll see.

Speaker 3 (12:32):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (12:33):
I'm a little unhinged today. It feels, but uh we are.

Speaker 3 (12:36):
But you know what, I'm excited because I get to
chill with the Big Twelve.

Speaker 7 (12:42):
Let's go oh yeah, all right, oh yeah.

Speaker 3 (12:43):
We got you covered here. It's the first ever special.
Tonight is the running Backs and DB's.

Speaker 4 (12:49):
The Big Day. It's a Big Day, The Big.

Speaker 3 (12:51):
Twelve Pro Day, presented by Air Force Reserve, both nights.

Speaker 4 (12:54):
A pm Eastern.

Speaker 3 (12:55):
If you missed it last night, make sure you tune
in tonight exclusively on NFL Network and streaming on NFL Plus.

Speaker 1 (13:02):
Who's the one player you think of when it comes
to New York Football?

Speaker 5 (13:06):
Whiteboard's next New York City GMFP.

Speaker 2 (13:21):
Good Morning Football.

Speaker 3 (13:23):
Well, today is the last Good Morning Football Show in
New York City, so we thought that we would say
farewell to the Concrete Jungle with a segment called Bye Bye,
Big Apple.

Speaker 4 (13:33):
So I'm gonna give you guys some New York.

Speaker 3 (13:36):
Theme questions and you'll write your answer down on the
white board. You guys are ready for the first topic here,
I'm ready for New York has been a staple.

Speaker 4 (13:43):
In the NFL since the start of the league. The
NFL player.

Speaker 3 (13:47):
That comes to mind when you think of New York
football is who.

Speaker 6 (13:51):
I love to talk about championships and I was able
to win one of them.

Speaker 7 (13:54):
And when you talk about New.

Speaker 6 (13:55):
York football, you talk about a guy who won two
Super Bowls and was the MVP and a beat Tom
Brady and Bill Belichick. I want to talk about Super
Bowl forty six where Eli Manning was able to harve
apart to Devin mccordy.

Speaker 7 (14:11):
New England Patriots.

Speaker 6 (14:12):
I am in the stands, I'm watching it and it's memorable.
It is staying in my brain. Mary O Manahan making
the catch on the sideline, all over the secondary, Dev
was a part of I was in high school at
that time.

Speaker 7 (14:25):
Football didn't matter.

Speaker 6 (14:25):
As much to me, but being on the sideline right
there and just seeing Dev so deflated after the game
as a brother, also playing in the NFL and not
getting a chance of playing the Super Bowl.

Speaker 7 (14:35):
Secretly, I was like, I don't got one side. At
least he doesn't have one either.

Speaker 5 (14:39):
So I'm with man, that was your first Super Bowl Dome.

Speaker 7 (14:43):
Yet everybody behind the camera, this is the guy you
think is a good guy. Right, He's happy as twin brother.
They saw the answer I sent in yesterday.

Speaker 5 (14:50):
Job, everybody says Jason McCarty, such a nice guy, great
to work with. That was really rude first ever super.

Speaker 7 (14:56):
Bowl, he got it.

Speaker 6 (14:56):
I'm let him be a part of a super Bowl
and he's sitting there like I'm happy he lost.

Speaker 7 (15:01):
I don't have one.

Speaker 5 (15:02):
And then I got the only one you have, YO
that Manning him catch.

Speaker 6 (15:05):
Though, the Lawrence Taylor. Because when I think New York Football,
New York Football Giants, I do not think of Eli
Manning and those Super Bowl teams that beat my team.
I think of LT. Why because when I got to
the New England Patriots and we wanted to see get off,

see a guy rush the passer, we looked at the
New York Giants football, we looked at Lawrence Taylor, and
Coach Belichick would always say, the greatest defensive football player he's.

Speaker 7 (15:36):
Ever seen, he's ever coached all of that.

Speaker 6 (15:39):
And what I used to love is when he put
the film on, he would start off and he say,
now I'm putting this film on, but none.

Speaker 7 (15:45):
Of you eight holes are Lawrence Taylor.

Speaker 6 (15:47):
Don't think about it, don't dream about it, You're not LT.
And then I got a chance to be there and
listen to LT stories about him coming in just taking
a nap during defensive meetings and be like, hey, wake
me up when practice starts.

Speaker 7 (16:00):
I'll be there and I'll be full speed.

Speaker 5 (16:02):
So lt new York legend. Bill loves that guy. Man,
he loves them.

Speaker 1 (16:06):
I wish he loved Thom as much as love LTAM
when I met a little different story, this is mine.

Speaker 5 (16:10):
It's all kind of in the same area.

Speaker 1 (16:12):
You did not lose this guy, deb because this was
the first time Michael Strahan, this is a guy who
was a giant for life, a giant who got it.

Speaker 5 (16:19):
Would it meant to be in New York?

Speaker 1 (16:21):
I will never forget a quote that from Strayhan a
couple of years ago, like a recent one, who he's
done all he's done in media, and he was asked,
you got the super Bowl At the end of the game,
David Tyree makes the helmet catch.

Speaker 5 (16:31):
It's this amazing thing.

Speaker 1 (16:32):
If David Tyree doesn't make that catch, you guys don't
win the Super Bowl?

Speaker 5 (16:37):
Are you a host of Good Morning in America right now?
And he said absolutely not. And I'm like, come on,
you're being modest.

Speaker 1 (16:41):
He goes, No, New York is about winners, and the
fact that we won is something that helped me in
my next career. If we did never have a Super Bowl,
I'm not looked at the same I don't have the
same advantage. It's the same doors don't open. The fact
that you come to New York, there's no time for
second place. Winning that Super Bowl is the reason I've
been able to have the career I have. So the
answer is, if David Tyree doesn't make this, if Rodney

knocks it off his helmet, who knows what Michael Strahan
is doing, Probably pretty successful, But if you ask him,
winning in that Super Bowl is the difference.

Speaker 5 (17:09):
You can't show up in New York and be a loser.

Speaker 1 (17:10):
And it's something that I certainly have come to respect
over the last eight You love that, I love it.

Speaker 3 (17:14):
I feel like there are some obvious answers here, like
Joe Namath for the guarantee. But for some reason, whenever
I think of New York football.

Speaker 4 (17:21):
I think of Jeremy Shockia. I absolutely hated him. I
hated him so much. He was such a frat bro.
I hated his blonde hair.

Speaker 3 (17:31):
But really what was happening was I wanted him to
be an Eagle so bad because I knew if he
was an Eagle.

Speaker 4 (17:37):
I would absolutely love him.

Speaker 7 (17:38):
He was your kind of guy.

Speaker 3 (17:39):
Exactly, and so I don't know, it's Jeremy Shockey.

Speaker 4 (17:42):
It takes me back, like way way back. Let's go
to the next one here. New York City famously nicknamed
the Big Apple. Everyone knows that, right.

Speaker 3 (17:49):
Kyle, also your favorite big sports nickname of all time.

Speaker 6 (17:53):
I started to continue to pick on Dead and to
go with Nick Foles, but I'm just decided, Yeah, y,
I know you will love that one. But I'm going
with the Big Hurt Thomas. And I'm not a baseball
fan at all. I know exactly who this guy is
White Sox, but I prepare for this show six o'clock
in the morning every single day, and in my room

I watch Frank Thomas because a commercial can go. And
he's standing next to Constility and they get to talk
and he says, once I turned forty, I had less drive,
I had less energy. You want to figure out how
to get more of that something that the lady is
going to love.

Speaker 7 (18:30):
I'm going with a Big Hurt because of that.

Speaker 6 (18:32):
Continue to make your mark in the commercial game, and
I am all tuned in every single morning.

Speaker 7 (18:38):
The Big Hurt, Baby I.

Speaker 5 (18:40):
Know these commercials.

Speaker 1 (18:41):
We all know these commercials, and Hurt's like, listen, you
want to lay the hurt like you gotta take it.
It's like that stuff at the gas station, like like what.

Speaker 5 (18:48):
Does that say horny goat checking out?

Speaker 7 (18:51):
Checking out?

Speaker 5 (18:51):
I'll try it. What's that Medisinoco at two am? At
some of that stuff?

Speaker 1 (18:55):
I love that and those commercials Now, like I feel
like young people only know him because those commercials and
all of the greatest hitters of all. And I'll just
bring it back to football and Auburn and tight end
when Bo Jackson was the running back like he played
ball back of that big hurts a great one.

Speaker 5 (19:09):
What do you got that?

Speaker 6 (19:10):
I'm going the Big Dipper staying in that kind of
to hurt you want to Big Dipper famously known as
Wilt Chamberlain, also famously known as the guy who purportedly slept.

Speaker 7 (19:23):
With twenty thousand women.

Speaker 6 (19:24):
But the thing about what Chamberlin point he did so
many different things. They said he lifted up a car
with one hand. Arnold Schwarzenegger's talking about Will Chamberlake. When
he came in the weight room, I left. I just
couldn't say he threw a shot put longer than any
other Olympic athlete.

Speaker 7 (19:39):
The guy and the.

Speaker 6 (19:40):
Stories that they say about him is utterly ridiculous. The
strongest man ever supposedly picked up a six ten guy
two hands, lift him over his head.

Speaker 7 (19:47):
It's just out of control. So I think of Wilt
the Big Dipper.

Speaker 5 (19:51):
Oh that's great.

Speaker 1 (19:52):
Shouldn't he have held up the thing that said twenty thousand,
you know, instead.

Speaker 7 (19:55):
Of instead of one hundred thousand?

Speaker 1 (19:56):
Yeah, a deep cut if you want to get some
great Will Chamberlain content years and years ago, MC hammer
hosted SNL and that he was who was Wilt Chamberlain
in a sketch?

Speaker 5 (20:07):
And he's just like in the hotel room.

Speaker 1 (20:08):
It's just a lot good but like it is really
funny and Hammer and Chamberlain fantastic. It's online. I also
am going baseball. Actually the Big Unit, the Big Unit.
It is not the subtlest nickname Randy Johnson. It's it's
a lot going on that his nick his first name
also means something in that jay, and his last name
also means it's just a lot of that. And Randy

Johnson will be remembered by New Yorkers. Unfortunately, as his
entry to New York and about the first five seconds
the photographer came up to him on the sidewalk and
Randy pushed the camera away and so get out of
my face and don't talk back to me. All right,
Big Unit now a photographer, incredible pitcher, a lot of money,
killed the bird, you know the deal.

Speaker 5 (20:47):
But the Big Unit.

Speaker 1 (20:47):
When when I was, when I was like the age
when the Big Union nickname was coming out, we were
like Beavis and butted humor.

Speaker 5 (20:52):
It is really funny.

Speaker 1 (20:53):
It was called the Big Unit because we know what
that means. Brandy Johnson, all kinds of things going on.
But missed this guy, great nickname. Wow he's not dead
or anything. But I just missed the baseball.

Speaker 3 (21:00):
And now that you guys are talking about baseballs, like
the Big Piece.

Speaker 4 (21:04):
Charlie Manuel giving that to Ryan Howard. There's a lot,
I mean, Big Red. We didn't get to that one,
Big Lou. If you listen to serious like you all right,
next one we have.

Speaker 3 (21:14):
This show has filmed in various studios across Manhattan for
the last eight years. Your favorite and least favorite things
about New York City are One of my favorites is
this show in this studio good Colin.

Speaker 6 (21:27):
The least favorite, and what I love the most is
the same thing, and it is the people. Because you're
in New York City. I lived in the South and
Nationale and South Florida before I came back home to
the Northeast, and the people can be extremely rude. You
can be walking down the sidewalk, no one's going to
say a word to you. Headphones are in and it
will push you if they have to. If you try
to talk to them, they're gonna clutch their purse or

their pockets and make sure you're not trying to get them.
On the other side, I absolutely love my people in
New York City, starting with the people on this very show,
Good Morning Football. I met so many amazing people through
the last twenty months of being here that have completely
changed my life. So the people and the people represent
New York City. When I think of a place, it's

a line phrase that ended up at One Oak. If
you live in New York City, you listen to Jay
Z started off at the Derby, ended up One Oak.
Was a place everybody ended up at. That was a
club you would always go to. My least favorite. All
you see right there is the plane, the plane that
is going to take these wonderful people to LA.

Speaker 7 (22:30):
The plane that is going to take all of this
equipment to LA.

Speaker 2 (22:33):
Keep good Morning football in New York.

Speaker 7 (22:35):
It's a New York show. So get rid of that
plane that's going to LA. A lot of a lot
of nights. I want, oh, a couple of nights. I
want to a couple nights. Did you ever see jay Z?
We might have parted together, We might not have.

Speaker 5 (22:46):
Who else was rolling through one? Oh? Come on, man,
A lot.

Speaker 6 (22:48):
Of different people where if you were in celebrity, you
weren't with jay Z?

Speaker 5 (22:52):

Speaker 7 (22:52):
Come on, I said, might have, might not of this?
Whatever you do, whatever you think. So yeah, a lot
of celebrities there.

Speaker 1 (22:57):
All right, I don't have anything. I got nothing. I
kind of abstained from this one. There's there's an old
set of lyrics from the nineties from this graduation speech
that became a song, and the person says, live in
southern California once, but leave before you become soft, live
in New York City once, but leave before it hardens you.
And I used to always remember that because I have
done both of those things. But I disagree with the
second part. I've been here eight years. I don't feel

like it's made me some evil, cruel warlock walking in
the streets. I actually feel great about how the people
here are. The staff is here in our show, but
even just people on the streets. I could easily make
a bunch of jokes about cab drivers honking horns and
rude New Yorkers and all that. But I used to
be kind of intimidated by New York City.

Speaker 5 (23:35):
It's just not for me.

Speaker 1 (23:35):
I'm from the Midwest, and I've absolutely loved it. I
loved the people. The shirt says it all like, I
don't have some joke about Laguardiers, and I don't care.

Speaker 5 (23:43):
I think it's been awesome here you guys.

Speaker 3 (23:44):
Now I'm feeling emotional and nostalgic. I mean, the show
is New York City, like it is every morning when
I watch the show and watch you guys and see
what you've built and the people that have helped build it,
like it's just it's special. It's rare, it's unique. This
is something that you don't see all the time, and
that's why it was successful. And I should be so

proud at what you built here because this is something else.

Speaker 4 (24:08):
Like it's really awesome. So I also love New York City.

Speaker 3 (24:11):
There's nothing that I don't like about it besides help
but that's okay.

Speaker 1 (24:14):
Like how many shows you think you've done with us?
I mean, like fifty sixty.

Speaker 4 (24:18):
If we count the weekend edishes. That's a whole different thing.

Speaker 5 (24:22):
I'm talking about here here.

Speaker 4 (24:23):
Yeah, probably, Yeah.

Speaker 5 (24:26):
I'm glad you're here today.

Speaker 4 (24:27):
Oh, thank you, guys.

Speaker 10 (24:28):
I'm glad i'm here today too.

Speaker 2 (24:41):
Good morning football.

Speaker 3 (24:44):
So there are twenty sevent days until the draft. Can't
believe it were under a month at this point. Charles Davis,
he put out his latest mock draft yesterday. It's his
second one. These are his top twelve picks. Taking a
look here, and if there are any surprises, anything that
you guys didn't expect at all, it's kind of it

looks good so far. I feel like that brock Bauers
pick to the Jets, that's a consensus for sure. And
then obviously Caleb Drake and then Jade and Daniels. Drake
May is kind of the one that's a little bit
of a wild card and is kind of moving up
and down different boards, going to different teams with different mocks.
But I think that he's going to be the one
big surprise come draft day.

Speaker 4 (25:25):
So let's do our own right now out the entire part.

Speaker 3 (25:28):
By the way, all of the experts here at the
breakfast table, all right, here we go. We're gonna go
team by team. You guys have your GM hats on.
We're going to do the top twelve picks here, twenty
seconds per pick.

Speaker 4 (25:41):
You ready, rock and you're up. Let's go first over.

Speaker 5 (25:44):
I have the first pick. You do. Oh, this is
so exciting.

Speaker 4 (25:47):
And I love New York sweatshirt. You're picking for the Bears.

Speaker 5 (25:50):
Yes, I should have a Bears Dicka sweater on.

Speaker 10 (25:52):

Speaker 1 (25:53):
But this one, you know, we lost a lot of
sleep about this one. No, we didn't. We're going to
draft a quarterback number one overall. It's something that Bears
have so rarely done over their history. They're not going
to trade the number one pick. They're going to look
to the great state of California, as a lot of
people around these parts, we're doing right now, and they're
going to draft. They're going to draft with the number
one overall pick in the GMFB and mock draft. Caleb Williams,

quarterback from the University of Southern California. I don't care
what color his nails are. I care what his tape is,
I care what his mind is, I care what his
arm is. Sorry, guys, Lions, Vikings, Packers, the Bears are
no longer yours to push around. I'm gonna take Caleb
Williams number one. This is the thing that changes everything
for the Bears. That's off the clock. Who is the
number two pick? I have the number two pick.

Speaker 6 (26:35):
I am representing Adam Peters, the general manager for the
Washington Commanders.

Speaker 7 (26:39):
So much talk has gone into what we're going to
do at the two pick.

Speaker 6 (26:42):
You've heard our head coach Dan quint said, you know what,
we're thinking about going with a quarterback. But if somebody
comes with the bag to give us some nice picks,
we might be willing to trade out of it. But
not doing that today. The number two pick, I'm looking
at two quarterbacks. Well, a lot of back and forth,
but when it all came down to.

Speaker 7 (27:01):
It, we got We're going with Jadeen it Daniels at
the number two pick.

Speaker 6 (27:04):
Out of lay you all right, he is our guy.
He's going to make a difference with the running and
passing ability that he gives to our team.

Speaker 7 (27:11):
Cliff Kingsbury gets a gym. I like it.

Speaker 6 (27:14):
With the number three picked, I have the New England Patriots,
and I'm scrambling a little bit. We had Jayden Dan's
at the top. No, I'm going to text girod MAO.
See what he says.

Speaker 5 (27:25):
Does he say trade down? Please tell me not.

Speaker 7 (27:27):
He's saying trade down. I told him, no, we're not
doing that.

Speaker 5 (27:31):
We're in.

Speaker 2 (27:31):
We're in.

Speaker 6 (27:32):
He just text me back with the number three overall.
Pick the New England Patriots. Draft Drake Man. There we go,
Carolina quarterback, New England.

Speaker 7 (27:43):
The future is now.

Speaker 5 (27:44):
Let's go.

Speaker 3 (27:45):
Okay, I'm up now, I got the Cardinals. I am
Monte Austin Fort and I've just been waiting for this
phone to ring, ring, ring, ring, but no one is calling.

Speaker 4 (27:55):
It's like, do I have this one? Do not disturb? No,
I don't know it more.

Speaker 3 (28:01):
And I don't need a quarterback at this point, that's
not an issue. We have Kyler Murray, so I'm gonna
go ahead and get him a number one wide receiver.
Give me Marvin Harrison, JUNI he gone.

Speaker 5 (28:12):
He gone to the desert. I like that.

Speaker 1 (28:16):
Pick Kyler at the Marvin Harrison sounds great. The Chargers
have the fifth overall pick. There's only been three quarterbacks taken.
Am I up with the Chargers?

Speaker 5 (28:25):
Yes, you are the coach, JJ, I know exactly. You know.

Speaker 7 (28:29):
It's a good interesting thing.

Speaker 4 (28:30):
Joe Wurtz, what will you do?

Speaker 1 (28:31):
Imagine if Harbaugh had the onions to say, listen, JJ's
sitting there, I had to get him.

Speaker 5 (28:36):
Justin Herbert or something like that. Should I just do it? No?

Speaker 1 (28:40):
I can't tell you how little I care about the
buzzer in this show or any other show. I can't
tell you can hit that thing a thousand times. I'm
gonna sit here talking about whatever I want and checking
my phone.

Speaker 5 (28:49):
Mott Laura's is laughing.

Speaker 1 (28:50):
You know what we're gonna do. We're gonna We're gonna
build around Justin Herbert. We're not gonna trade. Give me
Roma Dunza. I'm gonna take him right now. We need
some wide receiver. Eckler's gone, Keenan's gone, Gerald Everett's gone.
Instead of doing the unthinkable, Jim Harbaugh does the practical,
which he almost never does. He goes by the beat
of his on drumm. I'm gonna take Rome a Donze
to go to Los Angeles, Jason. A lot of things

going to Los Angeles, A lot of.

Speaker 7 (29:12):
Things going on in Los Angeles.

Speaker 6 (29:14):
But I'm gonna go with the New York Giants to
stay right here on the northeast side of the country.
And when the New York Giants have the number six
overall pick, and you guys have heard that ownership is
okay if we decide to go with a quarterback. We've
done all of our homework and we've studied all of
these guys from Kayleb Williams all the way down to
the Bowl Nixes, the Michael Pennix. And with the number

six overall pick, your favorite New York Giants are going
to draft JJ McCarthy. Quarterback controversy begins.

Speaker 7 (29:44):
Raft finally begun. JJ. Welcome to the Giants. Wow.

Speaker 6 (29:50):
I mean now boards are changing. I have the Tennessee
Titans this seventh overall pick.

Speaker 7 (29:55):
We're on the clock.

Speaker 6 (29:57):
We just got Calvin Ridley, we have DeAndre Hopkins, Butanomalyakue
Neighbors is sitting there. You're gonna get him, and we're like,
we just can't do it because we gotta protect the cornerball.
And we go with Joe allt it's in the bloodline,
all right, bring in our stud left tackle to take
us into the future.

Speaker 7 (30:16):
Here we go, Will Levis, we got protection for you, all.

Speaker 4 (30:19):
Right, here we go.

Speaker 5 (30:21):
But do you got Collein? Falcons?

Speaker 4 (30:22):

Speaker 3 (30:23):
And this for me, it's going to be the first
defender off the board. Finally, this team has needed a
pass rush for so long. And honestly, you could go
anywhere on defense because the needs are all there. But
for me, I'm going to go the young man from Alabama.
Give me Dallas Turner going to Atlanta. That will absolutely

upgrade that defense immediately.

Speaker 4 (30:47):
And it's something that they need to two.

Speaker 1 (30:49):
Time All American at Alabama. And he's gonna be good.
Is it that makes any plays?

Speaker 5 (30:52):
All right? He is off the clock.

Speaker 1 (30:54):
And guess who's back on the Chicago Bears who had
the number one overall pick. I'm going to take the
number nine pick and we are going to run a
four to one forty running in to deliver the card.
Elak neighbors, Welcome to Chicago, Illinois, have another wider You
know what I thought? Defense And I'm just like I've
been saying this all week. Nesting is what they're doing
for Kayleb Brand now nesting. They're bringing in the white

noise machine and the comfortable blank and a little mobile
and the beautiful paint that's supposed to be calming and soothing.
They Kyleie could take an edge rusher shirt. Neighbors sitting there.
Can you imagine the first time Kayleb breaks the huddle.
He's got DeAndre, He's got Kennie, He's got dj Mori's
got cole Comette's got Gerald Ever, he's got Leak.

Speaker 5 (31:31):
Neighbors, He's got It's all yours, buddy. Taken from here.
The Bears are done. Let's start the party, all right?

Speaker 6 (31:36):
I am next and I have the tenth overall pick,
and I will be representing the New York Giants, I
mean the New York Jets. I'm sorry, just did the
Giants for the Jets.

Speaker 7 (31:44):
You look at it.

Speaker 6 (31:45):
We gotta find more protection for Aaron Rodgers, our quarterback
is coming off an Achilles injury. We have to do
that and protect him or get somebody on the outside.
So with the tenth overall pick, we're going to draft
Michael Pennix Junior.

Speaker 8 (32:02):

Speaker 5 (32:03):
Yeah, two older quarterbacks roster.

Speaker 7 (32:06):
What comes next?

Speaker 6 (32:07):
You God, We've already secured the offensive line through free agency.
We win got Mike Williams as a receiver on the outside.
We need to know what comes in line next. Michael
Pennick Jr. Welcome in.

Speaker 7 (32:18):
You can learn from Aaron.

Speaker 5 (32:20):
You see him run. I mean, Pennis can fly. They
said he had to.

Speaker 7 (32:25):
Show the world he's not a bum. He's an athlete.

Speaker 5 (32:27):
Real I love it.

Speaker 6 (32:28):
But with the eleventh overall pick, the Minnesota Vikings are
on the clock. They let Kirk Cousins go to Atlanta,
so they brought in Sam Donald. Everyone's you gotta get
a quarterback for the future.

Speaker 7 (32:40):
But we're gonna let Sam Donald cook. We're gonna let
him go.

Speaker 6 (32:44):
And you know what we said, twelve personnel, two tight ends.
Let's go brock about right, University of Georgia.

Speaker 7 (32:51):
You with TJ. Hockinson, Let's take over SCO.

Speaker 4 (32:54):
All right, Well, guys, you know what that means.

Speaker 3 (32:57):
All Right, the Broncos are on the class the big
one now, I mean, Monty was waiting for the Broncos
to call because Broncos kind of need a quarterback at
this point. But instead of reaching, because they're not going
to do that, They're going to go ahead and roll
with Jared Sidham and Ben Denucci quarterback position, and instead

they're going to go with the young man here. Oh god,
I'm already out of time Florida State.

Speaker 4 (33:22):
I'm gonna go Jared Verse business one on the edge.
He gets a.

Speaker 3 (33:28):
Get after those AFC quarterbacks named not named Jared Stidham.

Speaker 1 (33:32):
So, yeah, this is interesting because in real life this happens. Okay,
they sit there and they don't make the move. Everybody
else and all the quarterbacks are gone. Like what are
the Broncos doing? You know what I'm saying, Like it's
almost like they better move or you're going with Jared Stidham.

Speaker 5 (33:46):
Yeah, this is interesting that.

Speaker 1 (33:52):
She's scrambling like Steve Young like I've never seen God,
let that be a lesson of the Broncos like that,
Look what just happened career.

Speaker 4 (34:01):
Starts for the quarterbacks on their roster for Denver.

Speaker 7 (34:05):
That is all one win amongst both of those guys,
right there.

Speaker 5 (34:09):
So good.

Speaker 4 (34:10):
Let us know what you think our mock draft guys.

Speaker 3 (34:13):
And then also check out the last of the Pro
Day experience and it is the Big twelve Pro Day Special,
the first ever. If you missed last night, make sure
you tune in tonight running Backs DVS. It's presented by
Air Force Reserves, starting at eight pm Eastern right here
on NFL Network and streaming on NFL Last
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