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April 17, 2024 23 mins

The Good Morning Football Select Podcast:

Hosts Colleen Wolfe, Kyle Brandt, and Super Bowl Champions Jason and Devin McCourty  play GM with the 'GMFB Mock Draft' selecting the first 12 players.  Jamie Erdahl then joins the table to discuss the Patriots moves in free agency and the need to take a QB with the 3rd overall pick.

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Good Morning Football is the production of the NFL in
partnership with iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Good Morning Football.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
I can't believe it.

Speaker 4 (00:25):
We're under a month at this point. Charles Davis, he
put out his latest mock draft. It looks good so far.
I feel like that Brock Bauers pick to the Jets.
That's a consensus for sure. And then obviously Caleb Drake
and then Jade and Daniels. Drake May is kind of
the one that's a little bit of a wild card
and is kind of moving up and down different boards,
going to different teams with different mocks. But I think

that he's going to be the one big surprise come
draft day. So let's do our own right now, out
the entire Brock by the way, all of the experts
here at the breakfast table.

Speaker 1 (00:56):
All right, here we go.

Speaker 4 (00:58):
We're gonna go team by team. You guys have your
GM hats on. We're gonna do the top twelve picks here,
twenty seconds per pick.

Speaker 2 (01:05):
You ready, rock and roll.

Speaker 3 (01:07):
You're up.

Speaker 2 (01:08):
Let's go first over, I.

Speaker 1 (01:09):
Have the first pick.

Speaker 3 (01:10):
You do.

Speaker 1 (01:10):
Oh, this is so exciting And now I love New
York sweatshirt. You're picking for the Bear. Yes, I should
have a Bear's Dicka sweater on.

Speaker 3 (01:17):

Speaker 1 (01:17):
But this one, you know, we lost a lot of
sleep about this one. No, we didn't. We're going to
draft a quarterback number one overall. It's something that Bears
have so rarely done over their history. They're not going
to trade the number one pick. They're going to look
to the great State of California as a lot of
people around these parts we're doing right now, and they
are going to draft. They're going to draft with the
number one overall pick in the GMFB mock draft, Caleb Williams,

quarterback from the University of Southern California. I don't care
what color his nails are. I care what his tape is.
I care what his mind is, I care what his
arm is. Sorry, guys, Lions, Vikings, Packers, the Bears are
no longer yours to push around. I'm going to take
Caleb Williams number one. This is the thing that changes
everything for the Bears. That's off the clock. Who is
the number two pick?

Speaker 2 (01:59):
I have the number two pick.

Speaker 5 (02:00):
I am representing Adam Peters, the general manager for the
Washington Command, And there's so much talk has gone into
what we're going to do at the two pick. You've
heard our head coach Dan quint said, you know what,
we're thinking about going with a quarterback. But if somebody
comes with the bag to give us some nice picks,
we might be willing to trade out of it. But
not doing that today. The number two pick, I'm looking

at two quarterbacks. Well, a lot of back and forth,
but when it all came down to it, we're going
with Jadeen Daniels at the number two pick out of ls.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
All right, he is our guy.

Speaker 5 (02:32):
He's going to make a difference with the running and
passing ability that he gives to our team.

Speaker 2 (02:36):
Cliff Kingsbury gets a gym.

Speaker 3 (02:38):
I like it.

Speaker 5 (02:38):
With the number three pick, I have the New England
Patriots and I'm scrambling a little bit. We had Jaden
Dam's at the top. No, I'm going to text Gerard Mayo.
See what he says.

Speaker 1 (02:49):
Did he say trade down?

Speaker 2 (02:51):
Please tell me not he's saying trade down. I told him, no,
we're not doing that.

Speaker 1 (02:56):
We're in.

Speaker 3 (02:56):
We're in.

Speaker 2 (02:57):
He just text me back.

Speaker 5 (02:58):
With the number three overall pick, the New England Patriots
draft Drake Man. We got Carolina quarterback to New England.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
The future is now let's go.

Speaker 4 (03:10):
Okay, I'm up now, I got the Cardinals. I am
Monte Austin Fort and I've just been waiting for this
phone to ring, ring, ring, ring, but no one is calling.
It's like, do I have this one?

Speaker 2 (03:21):
Do not disturb?

Speaker 1 (03:22):
No, I don't know. Got to pick money?

Speaker 2 (03:25):
Can it more?

Speaker 4 (03:26):
And I don't need a quarterback at this point, that's
not an issue. We have Kyler Murray, so I'm going
to go ahead and get him a number one wide receiver.

Speaker 2 (03:34):
Give me Marvin Harrison.

Speaker 1 (03:35):
June he gone, he gone to the desert. I like
that pick Kyler at the Martin Harrison sounds great. The
Chargers have the fifth overall pick. There's only the three
quarterbacks taken. Am I up with the Chargers?

Speaker 2 (03:49):
Yes, you are the coach, JJ, I know exactly.

Speaker 1 (03:53):
You know.

Speaker 2 (03:54):
It's a good interesting thing. Joe Wartz, what will you do?

Speaker 1 (03:56):
Imagine if Harbor had the onions to say, listen, JJ's
sitting there. I had to get him, justin Herbert something
like that. Should I just do it? No? I can't
tell you how little I care about the buzzer in
this show or any other show. I can't tell you
can hit that thing. A thousand times. I'm gonna sit
here talking about whatever I want and checking my phone.
Mott Laura's is laughing. You know what we're gonna do.
We're gonna We're gonna build around Justin Herbert. We're not

gonna trade. Give me Roma Dunza. I'm gonna take him
right now. We need some wide receiver. Eckler's gone, Keenan's gone,
Gerald Everett's gone. Instead of doing the unthinkable, Jim Harbaugh
does the practical, which he almost never does. He goes
by the beat of his own DRUMA. I'm gonna take
Rome Adunza to go to Los Angeles, Jason. A lot
of things going to Los Angeles.

Speaker 2 (04:36):
A lot of things going on in Los Angeles.

Speaker 5 (04:39):
But I'm gonna go with the New York Giants to
stay right here on the northeast side of the country.
And when the New York Giants have the number six
overall pick and you guys have heard that ownership is
okay if we decide to go with a quarterback.

Speaker 2 (04:51):
We've done all of our homework and.

Speaker 5 (04:52):
We study all of these guys from Cayleb Williams all
the way down to the Bowl. Nixes the Michael Pennocks
and with the number six overall pick your favorite.

Speaker 2 (05:01):
New York Giants are going to draft Jay J.

Speaker 5 (05:04):
McCarthy quarterback controversy beginning finally begun, JJ.

Speaker 2 (05:12):
Welcome to the Giants. Rightful? Wow?

Speaker 5 (05:15):
I mean now boards are changing. I have the Tennessee Titans'
seventh overall pick.

Speaker 2 (05:20):
We're on the clock. We just got Calvin Ridley. We
have DeAndre Hopkins, but no nom moa league neighbors is
sitting there.

Speaker 5 (05:27):
You're gonna get him, and we're like, we just can't
do it because we gotta protect the quarterback.

Speaker 2 (05:32):
And we go with Joe All it's in the bloodline.

Speaker 5 (05:37):
Bring in our stud left tackle to take us into
the future.

Speaker 2 (05:41):
Here we go, Will Levis, we got protection for you
all right, here we go.

Speaker 1 (05:45):
But do you got Collin Falcons?

Speaker 2 (05:47):

Speaker 4 (05:48):
And this for me, it's gonna be the first defender
off the board. Finally, this team has needed a pass
rush for so long, and honestly, you could go anywhere
on defense because the needs are all there. But for me,
I'm gonna go the young man from Alabama. Give me
Dallas Turner going to Atlanta. That will absolutely upgrade that defense. Immediately,

and it's something that they.

Speaker 1 (06:12):
Need to two time All American at Alabama. And he's
gonna be good. Is that makes any plays?

Speaker 2 (06:17):
All right?

Speaker 1 (06:17):
He is off the clock. And guess who's back on
the Chicago Bears who had the number one overall pick.
I'm going to take the number nine pick and we
are going to run a four to one forty running
in to deliver the card. Malik Neighbors, Welcome to Chicago, Illinois.
We have another wider. You know what I thought? Defense
And I'm just like I've been saying this all week.
Nesting is what they're doing for Kleb right now. Nesting.

They're bringing in the white noise machine and the comfortable
blank and a little mobile and the beautiful paint that's
supposed to be calming and soothing. Theyk KYLEI could take
an edge rusher shirt. Neighbors sitting there, can you imagine
the first time Kayleb breaks the huddle. He's got DeAndre,
He's got Kennie, he's got DJ. Morey's got co Comette's
got Gerald Ever, he's got Melak Neighbors.

Speaker 2 (06:56):
He's got It's all yours.

Speaker 1 (06:58):
Buddy's taken from here. The Bears are done. Let's start
the party.

Speaker 5 (07:01):
I am next and I have the tenth overall pick,
and I will be representing the New York Giants. I
mean the New York Jets. I'm sorry, just did the
Giants for the Jets.

Speaker 2 (07:09):
You look at it.

Speaker 5 (07:10):
We gotta find more protection for Aaron Rodgers, our quarterback
is coming off an Achilles injury. We have to do
that and protect him or get somebody on the outside.

Speaker 2 (07:19):
So with the.

Speaker 5 (07:20):
Tenth overall pick, we're going to draft Michael Pennix junior.

Speaker 2 (07:27):
Future. Yeah, with two older quarterbacks roster. What comes next?

Speaker 5 (07:32):
You we got We've already secured the offensive line through
free agency. We win got Mike Williams as a receiver
on the outside. We need to know what comes in
line next. Michael Penick Jr.

Speaker 2 (07:43):
Welcome in. You can learn from Aaron.

Speaker 1 (07:45):
You see him run. I mean, Pennis can fly.

Speaker 2 (07:49):
They said he had to show the world he's not
a bumm. He's an athlete.

Speaker 1 (07:52):

Speaker 2 (07:52):
I love it.

Speaker 5 (07:53):
But with the eleventh overall pick, the Minnesota Vikings are
on the clock. They let Kirk Cousins go to Atlanta,
so they brought in Sam Darnold.

Speaker 2 (08:02):
Everyone's you gotta get a quarterback for the future. But
we're gonna let Sam Donald Cook. We're gonna let him go.
And you know what we said.

Speaker 5 (08:10):
Twelve personnel, two tight ends. Let's go Bronco. Right, University
of Georgia, you with TJ. Hockinson, Let's take over.

Speaker 4 (08:19):
Scow All right, well, guys, you know what that means.
All right, bring the Broncos are on the class the
big one now, I mean, Monty was waiting for the
Broncos to call because Broncos kind of need a quarterback
at this point. But instead of reaching, because they're not
gonna do that, they're gonna go ahead and roll with
Jared Sidham and Ben Denucci quarterback position.

Speaker 2 (08:41):
And instead they're.

Speaker 1 (08:42):
Gonna go with the young man here.

Speaker 4 (08:45):
Oh god, I'm already out of time, Florida State. I'm
gonna go Jared Verse Christmas one on the edge.

Speaker 2 (08:51):
He gets a Premier.

Speaker 4 (08:53):
We get after those AFC quarterbacks named not named Jared Stidham.

Speaker 2 (08:57):
So, yeah, this is.

Speaker 1 (08:58):
Interesting because in real life this happens. Okay, they sit
there and they don't make the move. Everybody else in
all the quarter backs are gone, Like, what what are
the Broncos doing? You know what I'm saying, Like it's
almost like they better move or you're going with your stead. Yeah,
this is interesting that you.

Speaker 2 (09:13):
Can see Colleen scrambled.

Speaker 1 (09:17):
Ju She's scrambling like Steve Young like you I've never seen. God,
let that be a lesson of the Broncos like that.
Look what just happened.

Speaker 4 (09:25):
My career starts for the quarterbacks on their roster.

Speaker 2 (09:30):
Is not at all amongst both of those guys.

Speaker 3 (09:33):
Right there, be good.

Speaker 6 (09:51):
Here's what new Patriots running back Antonio Gibson had to
say about his initial impressions of his new head coach.

Speaker 7 (10:00):
Sitting down with him, you know, we had good conversation.
Definitely a different vibe from a head coach just from
the one day I met him. And you know, nothing
against coach Vera, but he like he sat down and
just having like like just different conversations. He didn't even
sound like not to not to you know, put him
under it, but like it didn't sound like a coach
that he sounded like he was talking to one of
the guys. And you know, I feel like that's that's

something you know that might be a positive thing in
the locker room for him to be able to relate
and communicate like that and you know, kind of understanding both.

Speaker 3 (10:28):
Sides of it.

Speaker 7 (10:29):
Also, Man, he showed my daughter a hell of a time,
brought him to the office and you know, just just
treated her with love. And I appreciate that for sure,
especially the first time meeting him.

Speaker 6 (10:40):
Open door policy, family vibes different feel perhaps in New England.
What do we make of how the Patriots have gone
about their off season so far? Peter, You could start
all the way back in that crazy forty eight hours
of Belichick moving on and then it was the drag
mail era.

Speaker 2 (10:55):
Yeah, and nervous thought that maybe they'd bring in Vaible.

Speaker 1 (10:57):
Saw the news over the weekend.

Speaker 8 (10:58):
Fable's gonna work as a consultant with the Cleveland brous
this year. And that's where Verbele ends up and they
go with Mayo, they go from the institution and they
bring them up. Quiet offseason for the Patriots, a lot
of rumors of they're gonna go big on Calvin Ridley.
They didn't land Calvin Ridley, whether they were in the
talks or not, there's a lot of rumors they're gonna
go big on a big free agent defensive player.

Speaker 3 (11:15):
They didn't.

Speaker 8 (11:16):
They got the Ouch deal on a bargain from what
it seems like. But I look at this Patriots roster
right now, and I don't know did they not have
any interest in justin fields to me that at this
point in the stage of where New England's at, are
they so sold on one of these quarterbacks at number three?
Because if you've number three, you don't determine which quarterback
you get. You get delta quarterback. You know the Bears

will take one. Either Washington or whoever moves up to
two is gonna take one, and then you're given the
third pick. So you got to try to convince yourself
we love may we love Daniels, and we love both
of them no matter what it is, or are you
like we're so blown away by Marvin Harrison.

Speaker 2 (11:51):
I'm looking at that roster right now. I'm looking at
that team.

Speaker 8 (11:53):
They have kept to the Belichick mantra even without Belichick
there of being fiscally sound and not making a major splash.
I give it an incomplete for their offseason right now.
And I don't know what Rod Mayo and his coaching
staff is going to bring, but I'd like hearing Antonio
Gibson saying what a positive conversation they had. But you're
telling me Antonio Gibson is the big free agent signing.
It's it's not Calvin Ridley. That's that's not trading for

Brian Burns, and that's certainly not going out and getting
a major quarterback like other teams went and did. I
think they were linked to everyone from cousins to fields
to you name it. And they ship mac off for
what I said was a ham sandwich and a bag
of baseball. So that's what they got in exchange, and
then they didn't make anything else on the quarterback weve
except Kobe Brissett, who they know what he is, and
he's a nice number one until you have your roarchy
quarterback ready to go.

Speaker 2 (12:37):
He's a great veteran leader who guys loves.

Speaker 8 (12:39):
So I'm not necessarily doing flips over the Patriots off season,
and yet I don't want to great it yet until
I see after the draft what they bring in at quarterback.

Speaker 6 (12:46):
I think the type of Deli sandwich is important when
Peter kind of qualifies.

Speaker 2 (12:49):
Like what Mack j.

Speaker 6 (12:51):
Yeah, it's like, really it's basic. The bag of balls
has actually changed from football.

Speaker 1 (12:56):
To baseball at times.

Speaker 2 (12:57):
But like, now it's baseball.

Speaker 6 (12:58):
Yeah, but basic Deli sandwich season for pack Jones.

Speaker 8 (13:02):
On the transaction wire, I said, mac Jones was traded
for a Hamson. I can only I'm a reporter.

Speaker 2 (13:07):
All I can do.

Speaker 5 (13:08):
It's baseball season right now. I look at the Patriots
and to your point, you think about it, for the
past two decades has been Bill Belichick, and he's been
the voice of the New England Patriots. And I kind
of mirrored us to this young kid. You've been kind
of under your dad's rule, and your dad always would
say to you, Hey, as long as you're under my roof,
you're gonna live by my rules. If you don't like it,
you can get out on your own and figure out

life for yourself. And you're that young kid that you
know what you finally get from under the thumb and
now you're out on your own and you're telling all
your buddies like, oh, you know, we're hitting the club,
We're staying out as late as we want, We're having
house parties. We're going to go all in. And that
was Jermeo at the beginning of his tenure. He said, Hey,
we have cash to burn, and you're fired up.

Speaker 2 (13:47):
You're excited.

Speaker 5 (13:48):
You can't wait to see what the night life is
going to hit for and then all of a sudden,
you get there and you start looking at the rundown
of the utilities and everything you got going off, and
how much furniture costs and what the tax is going
to be. Like you like, hey, fellas, about that club.
We're not gonna be able to do table service, no
bottle service. We're gonna have to go in through general
admission just twenty dollars.

Speaker 2 (14:08):
And you look up and you're like, you know what,
we were responsible. It was a good month.

Speaker 5 (14:12):
And now it's a Friday night and you look around
and you're just like, whoa, this is what we're dealing with.
And I feel like that's the Patriots right now, because
that voice is still in their head of like, all right,
we got to be responsible. We're gonna make the necessary
picks and moves to build our team. And I think
that started with them kind of taking care of some
of their own transition, tagging Kyle Duggar offensive lineman, Big

Michael Winnell keeping him there in New England. Those are
the moves that we've kind of seen throughout the years
from the New England Patriots, of keeping guys of their own,
a Devin mccordy, a Dante high Tower, a James White,
a Julian Edelman, a Rob Goerkowski, keeping those guys in
there to build your organization around those centerstones, those centerpieces,

guys that do it the exact right way.

Speaker 2 (14:58):
Who am I to say that that's the wrong.

Speaker 3 (15:00):
Way to go.

Speaker 5 (15:00):
They've had a lot of success doing it that way. Yes,
it's gonna be a different vibe in a building, which
we heard from Antonio Gibson talking about who Jerai Meo
is as a person beyond just a coach, and how
personable he is. That's going to be a different vibe
of Bill Belichick. But I look at their offseason moves
and you're just like that Friday Night.

Speaker 2 (15:19):
I don't really know they didn't really do anything to.

Speaker 5 (15:21):
Move the needle at all. I like the Jacoby Brissett move.
He's a veteran, he's a leader. But I don't know
that there's enough in that locker room for whether it's
Jacoby Brissett, whether it's Jaydeon Daniels or Drake May to
really do anything in the AFC East this year. But
I feel like they're looking at it as like, you
know what, we're gonna be responsible and we're gonna build
for the future when I just go out and spend
a ton of cash and just bring guys in and

make moves. But it's a rough Friday night right now, Kyle,
I don't know what you're looking like at which her
prospects all for the weekend.

Speaker 1 (15:48):
Those utilities hit though, don't they.

Speaker 3 (15:50):

Speaker 1 (15:50):
If you look at the Patriots, you're like, look, that's
very nice that you're being prudent and or frugal. You
know how bad we were last year. Maybe maybe I'm
not saying we Bruno Mars this thing, you know, but
that's a little more aggressive. I looked at the Patriots
fans right now. You know what I would say to them.
I'd say, well, the Celtics are really good. I get

excited about that just to like basketball in Boston because
the Celtics are really good. Here's why I look at
the Patriots is that they're clearly going to be looked
at as the fourth team in the AFC East, All right, yeah, Dolphins, Bills, Jets.
I don't know if there's another team in any other
division that is looked at as far down as the
number four team in their own division as the Patriots are,

and that includes the Panthers in relation to the rest
of their division. This is going to be a dead
bottom fourth team. And look, you're excited about Drod Mayo, sure,
but this offense was unbelievably bad. Do you remember last year?
Where's the documentary on this the Patriots season where Dennis
Allen went into Foxborough in front of the banners and

shut out the Patriots. Where's the documentary on where Brandon's
Staley went into Foxborough in front of the banners and
shut out the Patriots were shut out twice last year
by guys who shouldn't be shutting teams out. All right,
so it's fine. It happened and fell apart. Belijek needed
to go, fine, so go fix it.

Speaker 2 (17:14):
My god.

Speaker 1 (17:14):
I love Antonio Gibson as much as the next person.
He's always that guy you like. I guess I'll start
him during the bye week. I'm happy for him and
his kids, and I'm glad that coach Mayo was very
friendly to him. Are we gonna score any points? Because
the Jets are gonna be reloaded. The Dolphins are the
Dolphins and the Bills and the Bills? Who are you?
You can have an adjustment period, everybody does, but what

are you doing to adjust? I can't believe this. I
can't believe we're supposed to be excited. Look, Kobesett's a
great guy.

Speaker 2 (17:42):
What are we doing?

Speaker 1 (17:43):
I guess they're gonna draft a quarterback. That's great. What
is he gonna show up to? We've seen recently what
happens to these quarterbacks. You draft really high and there's
nothing to show up to. Justin fields Rice Young. Robertkraft
has never had a top three draft pick ever since
he bought the team, he has never had it. He
has it now. Just know that, like you got it.
You gotta put some furniture, you gotta have some food
in the fridge. When they get there, it's not to

go well. I just can't believe it. They were so
bad last year and they're going to draft a quarterback.
That's great, But what is left for him? I can't
see a team across the NFL that is further down
as the number four team the division. That's the Patriots.

Speaker 6 (18:15):
Yeah, the Patriots, Kyle, to your point, might lead the
who are you? Conversation? The most this offseason because we
can't quite figure them out. And a lot of that
has to do with you watch a team go through
free agency, you're like, I think I'm starting to understand
your identity and then maybe the draft solidifies that assumption.
But because they've kept their cards so close to the
vest and they won't show us who they are now
we're waiting for the draft and to find them. I'm

curious about their coaching staff and the who are you
capacity and mccordial A'll lean on you here. What from
what you know of these guys and their personalities and
knowing Gerrod and he is the one that's bringing in
a Dante Hi Tower. Ben McAdoo as a senior offensive assistant,
talk to us about just the nature of this coaching

room and.

Speaker 2 (18:57):
What these meetings are like.

Speaker 5 (18:58):
As you look on this list, a lot of these
guys are new that are being brought in that are
already on the website. I think there's going to be
some holdovers of guys that were on that staff a
year ago, especially on the defensive side of the ball
with DeMarcus Covington taking over, that will remain there.

Speaker 2 (19:12):
But when you look offensively, it's a lot of different guys.

Speaker 5 (19:16):
And you mentioned Dante high Tower is a guy that
played for a long time there. He's a young guy.
Taekwan Underwood came from college as an assistant wide receiver coach.

Speaker 2 (19:24):
He's a young guy.

Speaker 5 (19:25):
Tyler Hughes as a guy brought back that was in
New England before. But I also think when you're bringing
in some of this young coaching staff to the effect
of what Gerard Meyo is, you have veterans like mcadoon,
like Van Pell who have been around him for a
long time, specifically on the offensive side of the ball,
that's going to try to help create change. And you
look at Van Pell and Jacoby Brissett. Those two guys

were together in Cleveland the year Deshaun Watson was suspended
for all of those games and Jacobe was handed the
keys of the organization, and everybody in that locker room
talked about his leadership and what he provided for that
team throughout that time. I think that's some of what
they're looking for. But it is a lot of new
coaches and I think that's what Gerard Meyo is try
to do of saying, you know what, yes, we want

to build off of what the Patriots were and the
success that they've had, But we're going to have a
brand new way of doing it and a lot of
that his new voices in the coaching room.

Speaker 6 (20:14):
So the draft brings the opportunity to be brand new.
As we look forward to the draft in New England,
as comments and holds the third overall pick, not making
any big splashes and pree agency, Patriots, do you need
to do you have to at that number three spot
draft to quarterback or do you trade down and a
mass more picks considering the lack of movement they made
in freegency?

Speaker 8 (20:34):
Or do you take Marvin Harrison and get a number
one wide receiver and do what the Cardinals did a
way back when when they were like, look there's a
lot of quarterbacks and we need a quarterback. But Larry
Fitzgerald's on the board and we're taking him. It's like
one of those rare prospects. How high do you rank
Marvin Harrison on your board where he would be worthy
of a third overall pick when you're so desperate for quarterback.
I can't imagine them passing on quarterback at three, though,

especially unloading mac Jones the way they did for what
I said the aforementioned compensation of a hand sandwich in
a bag of baseballs and then choosing to go Perseet,
who is a steady veteran leader but is not looked
at as one of the QB ones of the league
over the last decade, He's always been a great QB
two who could step in in a pinch. And last
year Brissette was awesome for Washington once they finally put

him in this set of Sam Howell. He led them
against a giant comeback against the Jets and was competitive
against the Rams. All that said, you're looking at a
quarterback rich draft. To Kyle's point, Robert Craft inherited Drew Bledsoe.
He's never had a top three pick. I think this
is a quarterback draft, and you take mayor Daniels, and
you roll the dice, and you convince yourself, whether you
like it or not, that those are one of the

two guys that are going to be the quarterback for
the foreseeable future. And if you really want to make
the argument for McCarthy and someone falls in love with
JJ McCarthy, do that too. I don't think with the
situation of their roster, with the situation of their owner
now and during this part of his life cycle and
wanting to win again, and with the situation on fan
base just so hungry for anything exciting. I don't think
you can pass on a quarterback and make the argument, well,

for team building purposes, we actually need to do X,
Y and Z. Let's hold off on quarterback for another year.

Speaker 3 (22:02):

Speaker 2 (22:02):
I wouldn't be surprised if they do that.

Speaker 5 (22:03):
I to your point, I look at what they've done
in free agency and you're saying, I think it kind
of matches up with the fact of roster building and
looking for to trying to build a team that can
actually compete to win a Super Bowl. I wouldn't be
surprised if they looked at it. And Elliot Wolf the
kind of GM that is right now, does he look
at jayde and Daniels and does he look at Drake
May and say, you know what, I can see these
guys with the confetti falling around them and us winning

a Super Bowl? Because if not, if you see a
guy like Amarvin Harrison Junior or one of these offensive
tackles strigs that you've talked about, this draft is so
heavy of Joel going in that first round. Do you
see one of those guys as potential cornerstones of your organization,
and maybe a year later or two years later, you
see the quarterback that fits or is it a quarterback

later on in the draft that you think you can
develop over time. I look at the moves they've made
so far, and I wouldn't be surprised to see them
possibly take a guy. I don't think they trade back,
but take a guy at that number three spot. They
didn't think we'll be a Patriot for his entire career
in the next ten to fifteen years. What they've done
in the past, I would not be so real.

Speaker 8 (23:05):
Question what from your talk of all your Patriots buddies
over the years, and of course you follow the game
and we do the show every day, is there a
preference between Daniels and may you think for Patriot fans
or from the people on the Patriot Your brother was
Patriot for fifteen years ye opinion.

Speaker 5 (23:18):
Yeah, I think there's some excitement around Jayde and Daniels.

Speaker 2 (23:21):
I think the dual threat of it.

Speaker 5 (23:23):
For so many years being in that building, would always
talk about those type of quarterbacks with the hardest to defend,
guys that you had to keep them in the pocket,
but then they can still beat you with your arms.
So I do think Jayden Daniels brings a lot to
the table. It just a matters if they see him
truly as a like that position we just talked about,
I'm all putting your careers at on the stage twenty

one and the twenty two draft of quarterbacks no longer
being on their ross that we're given an opportunity. You
just had that with Matt Jones who's no longer there.
Do you truly see one of those guys that are
going to be there and be your franchise guy.
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