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March 28, 2024 39 mins

Part one of the GMFB podcast begins with hosts Colleen Wolfe, Kyle Brandt, Jason McCourty and Devin McCourty breaking down what ultimately determines where the top QBs get drafted and then they answer if they’d rather see the Broncos or Raiders trade up for a QB. Then they discuss quotes from the Steelers and Giants organization addressing their QB situation. Later, they react to the viral Caleb Williams posts which showed him with a pink phone case.

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Good Morning Football is the production of the NFL in
partnership with iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Good Morning Football.

Speaker 3 (00:26):
Here we are back at the breakfast table.

Speaker 2 (00:29):

Speaker 3 (00:29):
Welcome to Good Morning Football Live in New York City
for the penultimate GMFB from New York City.

Speaker 4 (00:36):
It is Thursday, March twenty eighth.

Speaker 3 (00:38):
I'm Colleen Wolf alongside Kyle Brandt, Jason mccordy, and Devin mccordy,
who this is the second time we've met. The first
time was in Vegas at the Super Bowl. I'm walking
into the Cosmo and I'm like, oh my god, there's Jason,
and I am like walking over and I'm like, hey, Jason, hi,

and I put my glasses on. I can't really see
that far. And as I'm getting closer. I have two
friends that are identical twins and this happens to them
all the time. And I see the look on his
face and I'm like, this, Dev, this is he doesn't
know me, but he's trying to be nice. And I
was like, I know this happens all of the time.
I am so sorry, so hey, great to see you again.

Speaker 5 (01:20):
But it was it was like she had this big
kind of disappointment, like, oh, I was like, damn, we
could have small talk. Yeah, that happens to around and
walk away. That happens to you a lot in retirement
a little bit. And then and then they realized, I'm like, oh,
you're a good twin.

Speaker 6 (01:36):
You know when you start resorting back to football.

Speaker 2 (01:40):
You know what happens to liar.

Speaker 1 (01:41):
We often have like great hilarious conversations during commercials, talk
about on air. We had one before the show started
that I'm not going to address. I'm not gonna refer
to it in any way. No, I'm not, I'm not.
It's normally they're in commercial. This pre show conversation was lit,
lit and we're gonna move on.

Speaker 2 (01:57):
That's it.

Speaker 1 (01:58):
That's off the chain. We should probably start the show.

Speaker 3 (02:00):
Collinge you guys, it's great to be here, love y'all.

Speaker 4 (02:02):
It's gonna be a fun three hour, is it? It's
time for the lead. Jayden Daniels and the rest of
the LSU Tigers held their pro day down baton Rouge.
Daniels only threw the ball yesterday. He did not take
part in the other drills though.

Speaker 3 (02:16):
In our guy Cam Woolf there to ask the Heisman
Trophy winner how.

Speaker 4 (02:20):
It all went.

Speaker 7 (02:23):
What do you feel like you were able to do
on the pro day as far as did you hit
your marks?

Speaker 6 (02:27):
Yeah, I feel like I did.

Speaker 8 (02:28):
It's a couple of throws I want to back and
I know I can make you know consistently, but you know,
I just as football's life, you don't miss some things,
you don't have mistakes, but it's all about how you
bounce back. And I feel like I missed a throw.
You know, I bounced back the next throw a couple
of throws after that.

Speaker 7 (02:43):
I know you were intentionally working on this workout of it.
I was told you were here working till midnight prepping
your footwork, getting ready for this. And now the focus
is going to be where do you go right? You've
shown what you do. Is there a landing spot or
a place that you would say, hey, I would love
to be there.

Speaker 8 (03:00):
I mean, it's really just who wants to invest in me?
You know, somebody wants to go out there and say,
you know, this is our guy. We're gonna do every
whatever it tastes to make him successful on and off
the field. So you know that's something that teams gotta
figure out, something I gotta figure out and go from there.
You know, and then whoever drives me, you know, is
gonna get a hard worker.

Speaker 6 (03:18):
So you know, I'm.

Speaker 3 (03:20):
Ready, He's ready, We're ready. So yesterday was Jaden Daniel's turn.
Today it's UNC and quarterback Drake May's chance to put
on a show in his pro day. You can catch
it all on NFL Plus.

Speaker 4 (03:34):
Our guy Bucky Bucky Brooks released.

Speaker 3 (03:36):
His latest mock draft this week, and here's how he
has the quarterbacks coming off the board in round one.
The only real consensus pick at this point among all
of the mock drafts most of them at least, is
Caleb Williams heading to Chicago with one. Beyond that, it's
kind of like anyone's guests. So in your mind, what's
going to determine which of these quarterbacks goes where in

the draft next month?

Speaker 5 (04:00):
Jeez, I love questions like this because we sit at
the table, we're like, all right, I'm gonna tell you
why this one's going to go number two.

Speaker 6 (04:06):
I don't, I don't know.

Speaker 2 (04:07):
You love questions like this.

Speaker 6 (04:08):
That makes one of us, Jess, that was being a
little facetious. Dev you said it yesterday.

Speaker 5 (04:13):
These guys haven't played the college game in months now.
But somehow every time in my draft comes out Jayden
Daniels is too, but don't know Drake may oh no,
but JJ McCarthy's not going. I have no idea what's
going to determine it. But I look at it as
something that we sat here that Dale Jeremiah said, you
do the confetti test. But I feel like for some
of these teams at the top light, we can't start
thinking about confetti test. We got holds of plenty on

our roster. The confetti test is too damn far down
the road.

Speaker 2 (04:37):
They remind people with the confetti confetti.

Speaker 5 (04:39):
You close your eyes and can you imagine? All right,
we draft jayde and Daniels number two. Can you see
the confetti falling from the sky as he's hoisting the
Lombardi trump?

Speaker 6 (04:48):
Can you see it?

Speaker 3 (04:49):

Speaker 2 (04:49):
Not anything.

Speaker 6 (04:51):
Rhetorical question was sure.

Speaker 5 (04:55):
So I look at this and I put it through
my own test, and I call it the defender sitting
on the bench test because I was on lots of
teams where you get to the two minute dri so
as a defender, you make a play, you get the
ball back for your offense. There's a minute and forty
left on the clock. You're on the roll. It's a
hostile environment. You're going to gainst a division opponent. The
offense gets the ball and you sit down and you

grab your cup and you take a sit.

Speaker 6 (05:19):
You're like, well, we played hard fellas, we gave.

Speaker 2 (05:23):
It all all, but it's a wrap.

Speaker 5 (05:25):
There's no confidence that the offense and that quarterback is
going to go down there and be able to put
this team on his back and go the length of
the field, however far it is, whether we need a
field goal or touchdown. I'm calling that the two minute drill.
Sitting on the bench as a defender, and that's the test.
I want to close my eyes and sit there and
just envision this quarterback like a Tom Brady, a Patrick Mahomes.

He's just going straight down the field, making throw after
throw and the confidence in that huddle that they can
do it. So if you're looking for a GM and
you're trying to figure out who's the guy, close your eyes,
sit on that bench and see who's driving you down
the field for the game winning score. So you want
the GMS to turn into a defense back and sit
on that bench. They got VR goggles ball, it's the

shorts T shirt tests, JJ McCarthy was nowhere near the top.

Speaker 6 (06:13):
Harbo says, this guy had the greatest Pro day of
all time. He's number three now of the Patriots.

Speaker 5 (06:19):
Because everyone falls in love with watching who rolls left
and throws back across the field right, Like, I wouldn't
be surprised by the draft if Joe Milne somehow becomes
in the top fifteen of the draft because he looked
amazing at the Pro Day, threw the ball like seventy
yards in the air, all points. So I think all
this comes down to do you fall in love sitting
at the Pro Day and then you talk to the

guy after and he's so charming and he's talking about
his teammates Jayden Daniels, Hey, I didn't perform at the Combine?
Why Because I'm one of the guys at LSU that
didn't go to the combine to get all the attention. Today,
I'm like, I love the kid. I want to draft
them right now. So who knows. I think it's a
shorts and T shirt.

Speaker 6 (06:57):
They fall in love. They draft a guy. They don't
care if he can get win a two minute drill.
He does he sell tickets?

Speaker 5 (07:03):
Do people come to want to Jersey owners like, hey,
sign him, we need him.

Speaker 1 (07:08):
It got when you talked about the bench test, like
you got deeply autobiographical.

Speaker 2 (07:11):
You know what I'm saying. I got heavy for a second,
you know what I mean.

Speaker 4 (07:14):
We went to a dark plight, we did.

Speaker 5 (07:16):
Tom Brady changed his life when he made when he
got to that bitch.

Speaker 6 (07:18):
It was like, there's a list.

Speaker 5 (07:20):
There's a list of quarterbacks that I'm sitting on the
bench and I'm like, damn, well.

Speaker 1 (07:23):
Listen, listen. Dev's all cocky over. Tom Brady changed his
late mac Jones changed yours, buddy.

Speaker 2 (07:29):
So but now I want to ask about this.

Speaker 1 (07:32):
I've seen JJ McCarthy sitting next to the Patriots speaking
of Patriots quarterbacks. All right, so this guy is this riser,
like we know the deal.

Speaker 2 (07:39):
And I've seen this before.

Speaker 1 (07:40):
I made the comparison to Baker Mayfield a few years ago.
It was gonna be Sam Donald was it was Josh Rosen.
The Baker Mayfield has this meteoric thing in the last
month and goes number one, like to the Browns. And
it was a pretty good pick at the time. JJ
completes the rise. He's not going to catch Kaylor, but
he goes to the Patriots.

Speaker 2 (07:57):
All Right, what you know about him, what you.

Speaker 1 (07:59):
Know about r KK and that stadium and Gerrod.

Speaker 2 (08:01):
How do you like to fit him?

Speaker 5 (08:03):
I don't like to fit tell me what, simply because
of what Jay just said. He has too many games
where you watch the game and you're like, they ran
the ball really well today, what did the quarterback do?
He handed the ball off, he tossed the ball, he
threw a couple of screen pass So to me, that's
just a lot to try to imagine as a team
that this guy's going to take this huge step in

a passing league and now go in. We keep criticizing Lamar,
Jackson and Baltimore were saying, hey, they run the ball,
are the best in the league, but can they throw
the ball in the playoffs?

Speaker 6 (08:35):
Two minute drill? I just don't know.

Speaker 5 (08:37):
If JJ McCarthy's that guy that you have all these holes,
he needs to make up for some of them.

Speaker 6 (08:42):
So if I'm the Patriots, I'm not sure I want
to make that pick.

Speaker 3 (08:46):
Okay, no one knows how this is going to pan out,
and no one knows which teams are going to move up.

Speaker 4 (08:52):
Who's willing to maybe pass on.

Speaker 3 (08:54):
A potential franchise quarterback and move down. Who's willing to
give away everything to move up? It's almost like when
you're in a spot and you're willing to spend a
ton of money for something that's final sale, Like do
you want.

Speaker 4 (09:09):
To risk it?

Speaker 3 (09:10):
You've read the reviews, you know the brand, you've tried
other things on before, But like, are those JS from
go going to just like Fallen Mark into dust? Is
the soul going to be flapping off in like a
couple of weeks. You don't know, but you kind of
have to gamble and see what happens.

Speaker 4 (09:25):
Maybe do you get the Doors at a great price?
I don't know, but it's just something.

Speaker 3 (09:29):
That that's why I don't have the Doors. There also
are a few teams sitting outside the top ten right
now that would love a shot at one of these
big name quarterback prospects. So who would you like to
see take a huge swing and trade up to get
the Doors? The Broncos who sit at twelve, or the

Raiders one pick behind them at thirteen.

Speaker 6 (09:52):
I love this, Kyle's what the hell? Who is the
hell is Doors?

Speaker 2 (09:58):
I'll hit that all day long going I.

Speaker 5 (10:00):
Love that the Raiders, the Broncos. I'm going with the
Broncos here. Look at their situation. They went and got
Sean Payton to correct the quarterback position. Since then, they've
released a quarterback that they paid a ton.

Speaker 6 (10:12):
Of money from.

Speaker 5 (10:13):
We heard from Sean Payton at the combine when he's
talking about the quarterback position and he went to talking
about funny memes on the internet.

Speaker 6 (10:19):
Check out what sham Payne had to say.

Speaker 9 (10:22):
I saw this like humorous meme the other day where
there's a Bronco fan with a shirt on and there
was like eight quarterbacks names across through it, you know,
and he's drinking the quarterback kool aid. And you know,
our job is to make sure that this next one,
you know, doesn't have a line through it.

Speaker 5 (10:45):
The quarterback kool Aid. In other words, he was trying
to forget about all the quarterbacks on that list, from
Osweiler to Kingom to Flack, go to Bridgewater. The best
part about the shirt that he had on on the
sleeve right here, said Kendall Hinton. That was a guy
in twenty twenty during COVID that ended up playing quarterback
because the four other guys on the roster couldn't play
because they had contact, so so many quarterbacks, so many attempts,

and you look at where the Broncos already now.

Speaker 6 (11:09):
They have Jared.

Speaker 5 (11:10):
Stidham, who is their backup last year, who started two
games for Russell Wilson and Ben Denucci. Those guys together
have five career starts, one win. So Peyton already said
he expects there to be some other candidates for Jared
Stidham to compete with to be the starter.

Speaker 6 (11:25):
Peyton is the quarterback whisper. He's the guy that was
brought into change this thing.

Speaker 5 (11:28):
I want to see the Broncos go out and get
a guy that Sean Payton is saying. You know what,
I'm staking my name on him. This is the guy
to get it done. I think they're the team that
needs to move up. Very rarely do I agree with you,
but this one I do that. Bronco they got to
move up and get a quarterback. Why do they have
to move They've given so much up recently. They went
and got Sean Payton, they gave a ton, they want

to got Russell Wilson. Look at the names here, all
these guys, Drew Locke, Noah Offense, Shelby Harris, first round
pick twenty four, second round pick. All of these things
when you give it away, you're saying, you know why
we're doing this because we know our future is in
good hands. We're getting the right people in our building,
We're doing what we need to do and go win.

We're getting our head coach, we're getting our quarterback, and
we're going. Now you fast forward and you say, wait,
you're giving the guy, the quarterback thirty eight million dollars
this year.

Speaker 6 (12:20):
To go play for the Steelers. What is going on here?

Speaker 2 (12:23):
So I look at this and I'll say, yep.

Speaker 5 (12:25):
I understand you own Walmart, you got you got a
lot of wealth in.

Speaker 2 (12:28):
There at Walmart.

Speaker 5 (12:30):
But do you want to keep paying more people and
giving away more? Like you don't want to keep rolling
back these prices and giving things away, and you don't
want them to roll back? Do that.

Speaker 2 (12:38):
I'm looking at twelve and thirteen.

Speaker 1 (12:39):
They got to roll back something like they're both they're
both sitting, they both needed their division rivals. They're at
the same spot like who's gonna do it?

Speaker 2 (12:45):
And also like got that division's gonna be tough?

Speaker 1 (12:48):
Yeah, I thought Harbaugh Jim Harbaugh had a great take yesterday.

Speaker 2 (12:51):
He's like, listen, we're at the five.

Speaker 1 (12:53):
I'm hearing the first four quarterbacks, maybe the first four picks.
We have the number one pick in the draft, like
we got it. And he's like, damn, Jim, you're right already.
You're already killing this thing. I think, obviously the Broncos do,
but I actually think it's the rate is more. The
Raiders got stars right now. They got Max, they got Devonte,
who's sitting at me like let's go. And also I
have this feeling of like the Broncos have had a
couple shots at this thing, you know what I mean,

Like they took the big swing. They completely blu its.
The Raiders have been laying in wait and doing the
Garoppolo thing. Now they have Minshew. I feel like it's
just time. I'm just reminded a little bit when I
see Antonio Pearce and I see that defense and I
see maybe a rookie quarterback, I'm reminded of the arrival
of Rex Ryan as the Jets coach who showed up brash, cool, confident,
no apologies, took a rookie quarterback and a great defense

and just went and just flipped the table on everybody.
That's what they're looking to do. Sean Payton is in
year three. It's gonna be a little weird if he
doesn't win this year. You know, we got Demiko Ryan
showing up and winning playoff games at year one and
Denver saying like, Sean, you know what we spent for you.
Never mind Russ, you were before Russ. I think it's
the Raiders. They haven't had their shot. It feels like
the timing is now. But the two of these guys
at twelve and thirteen, it's almost a race to see

who gets it because there's only so many quarterbacks that
go around.

Speaker 2 (14:00):
I love this part of the draft.

Speaker 3 (14:02):
I feel like though the Raiders could really lock a
whole new level of Gardner Minshew in Vegas. It's like
an old Vegas Minshew. That is what I want to see.
He's like the Fremont Street of quarterbacks. I feel like
we could see a whole new side of Gardner Minshew.

Speaker 1 (14:15):
Talking about planes and we're in sandals with like purple
tonails are just hitting the slot machine like one cigarette
off another, and you.

Speaker 3 (14:22):
Don't want to sit in that seat at the slots after.
I'm just saying so I would like for it to
be the Broncos, just because I would like to see
Gardner absolutely shine in Vegas. Done for a segment we
call quotes on quotes un quotes. Gms and coaches have
been giving us plenty to talk about this week during

the annual coaches Meeting. Right now, though, we'll revisit some
of those quotes that we haven't really talked.

Speaker 4 (14:50):
That much about yet. We got to really dive in here.

Speaker 3 (14:53):
So earlier this week, Giants owner John Marra was asked
if he would be in favor of GM Joe Shane
and head coach Brian Daball picking a quarterback with the
sixth overall pick. Mara said, quote, if they fall in
love with a quarterback and believe he's worth picking number
six or moving up, I.

Speaker 4 (15:10):
Certainly would support that.

Speaker 3 (15:12):
So, guys, what do you make of John Mara giving
Brian day Ball and Joe Shane the green light.

Speaker 4 (15:17):
Here for drafting a quarterback in that first round.

Speaker 5 (15:20):
He also said on that that he believed Vanilla Vick
in twenty twenty two and Daniel Jones was the real deal,
and he thinks he's going to be the starter for
twenty four. But I respect John Marrack given the guys
that he hired the ability to go out and do
what they do. The only issue is they paid Daniel
Jones yesterday. Like you just said, all right, we believe
he's the guy after he season he had in twenty

twenty two. So if Mara's okay with this, then he's
seen the regression or maybe it's key injury or whatever
the case it is, where he's like, you know what,
it may not be bad if we go out and
get a quarterback at number six, if these two guys
truly believe he is the franchise guy. Because we're all
having doubts about this guy leading our franchise.

Speaker 6 (16:00):
I don't know.

Speaker 5 (16:00):
I feel like you just paid him. He got injured
last year. Let's run back with Daniel Jones, add some
talent in the first round a goo. Marra is known
as one of the better owners in the NFL. Everyone
praises them. I've heard Bill Belichick talk about how great
ownership is in New York. He's doing his job, he says,
you know what, I hired these guys to do a job.
But the big thing would be, are you going to

keep these guys if they draft a quarterback and it
doesn't work or if they keep doing that's the question,
do you really believe in them not to fire him
because he has shown Hey, i'll hire guys, I'll believe
in them, but i'll fire I'll fire Ben McAdoo, I'll
fire Pat Shermer, I'll follow you, I'll fire Jove Judge.

Speaker 6 (16:37):
So that to me is a thing I love when
the owner allows guys to do what they want.

Speaker 5 (16:41):
Hey, I'll hired you for a reason. But the big
question is do you keep the people you hired. That's
what it comes down to. And he didn't come out
and say, hey, these guys are going to be in
New York for a long time.

Speaker 6 (16:51):
He's just said, hey, if they believe in something, oh.

Speaker 2 (16:54):
Go do it.

Speaker 5 (16:55):
But if it doesn't work, I'll fire you too. That's
the thing.

Speaker 1 (16:58):
It's not a great quote for Daniel Jones, Like you
don't love hearing that they just made a huge investment.
I mean, you go to a restaurant with your wife
and you're sitting there and Denny's honey, I'm sorry, I
have to go take this call.

Speaker 2 (17:10):
Just walk around.

Speaker 1 (17:11):
If you fall in love with anybody, just go home,
go home with them.

Speaker 2 (17:13):
Just fine, We're good.

Speaker 1 (17:14):
If you really love someone, I will understand.

Speaker 2 (17:16):
Just go do it.

Speaker 1 (17:17):
What they just paid this guy twenty minutes ago. I
have a feeling like I almost feel like you made
this contract. One year after the contract, you're already going
to bailife, almost like you got to wear that a
little bit. I'm starting to feel like they're not going
to draft a quarterback, even though they might want to.

Speaker 3 (17:31):
Yeah, smoke, screen season, I don't smoke, and mirrors makes
me feel so alive this time of year. Oh, let's
go to a little more quarterback talk here, because Steelers
GM Omar Khan spoke about this week about his new
quarterback room and said, quote, if you would have sold
me a month ago in Indy that we'd be here
and Russell Wilson and Justin Fields would be our quarterbacks,

I'd say I'd be a little bit surprised. So Omar
Khan is excited about his quarterback room. How about you, guys,
how do we see this whole thing playing out in Pittsburgh?

Speaker 5 (18:01):
Shout out to Omar Khan of just his ability of
what he's saying is now, I look up at my
room and I have these two guys, and I feel
like this is awesome for them and what they've been
able to do because last year the quarterback position was
in so much flux of who were the guys there?
And Kyle's mentioning and leaving his wife there. I've started
loving is Blind on Netflix, and I see the issues
that these people have when you walk in and it's

just like, well, I've falling in love with her, but
she's amazing too. I don't know which connection I love.
That's what the Pittsburgh Steelers funerally, now, like we got
two guys we absolutely love and we didn't expect to have.

Speaker 6 (18:32):
So I'm excited for them. And omark on he absolutely
did his job getting tho cigars.

Speaker 5 (18:37):
You just make sure you keep watching because there's gonna
be a young man named Matthew on her. And what
he's gonna do is he's gonna say I fell in
love with two women. I'm not gonna make this complicated.
I'm gonna say the same thing to both of them,
and I'm gonna bet they're not talking when they leave,
and then they come back to the reunion and.

Speaker 6 (18:52):
They listen and they're like, Wow, I thought he loved me.
He's saying the same thing to me that he's saying
to her.

Speaker 5 (18:59):
And I think that's what the Steelers should do. Hey, Rush,
you're gonna be the starter. Hey, Justin, and we don't
know what really is going to work out with Russ,
you gotta be ready to be the starter. Keep telling
these guys the same thing. How much do they talk
once they leave the room? That's up to them. Maybe
they figured it out, but just maybe they don't because
they feel like the girl that got invited to the
dance prom queen.

Speaker 6 (19:19):
Let them both be promo queen. We'll figure it out later.

Speaker 1 (19:22):
I would love to stay in the quarterback room, but
I gotta walk out, turn right down the hallway. Can
we please just score a second in the Steelers running
back room? Because that's gonna be the best friend of
the quarterback room. Jalen Warren last year won his first
Angry Run sceptor.

Speaker 2 (19:34):
There's in his hand. Next count along with me. That's
one okay.

Speaker 1 (19:39):
Cordnero Patterson joins the running back room. He got three guys.
That's four scepters in one room. Next, come on, bring
me my man. That's me and Naji at honor. Naji
has six Angry run scepters. And the math says that
the Steelers running back room alone has ten Angry Run scepters.

That is more than some division have as all four
teams together. It's crazy. That's going to be terrifying. Russ
Fields Fields, Russ. Those three SMBs are going to truck
everything in the world. Just send all the scepters of Pittsburgh.

Speaker 2 (20:16):
I am so excited for this. Let's go.

Speaker 3 (20:18):
I don't know why I'm picturing you, like ripping off
your shirt right now, having an Angry Runs T shirt underneath.

Speaker 4 (20:25):
I missed opportunity a little.

Speaker 2 (20:27):
I have like a.

Speaker 1 (20:27):
Sports broad that keeps my under arms sweating. It's discussing.
You don't want to see it. It's gross and I
really do.

Speaker 2 (20:35):
Thank you Thompson.

Speaker 4 (20:36):
It's a little time. Let's go to Sean McDermott.

Speaker 6 (20:40):

Speaker 3 (20:40):
He was asked earlier this week about how the game
is changing schematically, and here's what he had to say.

Speaker 10 (20:45):
Sports the game it's like wearing corduroys every couple of years.
It's like our corduroys in or are they not right?
You're in, So you always want to be wearing corduroys
when they're in and not when they're at when not
when they're not. We're actually you should be wearing them
when they're not in right to really be ahead of
the curve.

Speaker 2 (21:06):
I let's go.

Speaker 4 (21:07):
Where do we start here with the Corrod talk?

Speaker 6 (21:11):

Speaker 5 (21:12):
I love that he's talking about corduoys, he's talking about fashion.
We do a segment here called the Phitless. Sean McDermott's
never made the fitless for the coach, not Mike McDaniel
McVeagh or Shanahan or one of these other guys. Now,
if we're talking kettlebells, staying in shape, or we're talking
about ball, Sean McDermott is my guy. Him talking about
with pants and where fashion are in. I'm absolutely out

on this. I just McDermott like, get Josh Allen right,
all of those We have a ton of confidence in
your football coaching ability. But the fashion is where you
got to get ahead of the curve where when it's
not in So that you've already tricked him before you know.

Speaker 6 (21:47):
You've tricked yourself. Just stick to what you know and
lead that stuff alone. Shot.

Speaker 5 (21:51):
We love you know how many text messages did he
get like don't do this, don't talk about fashion, Like,
we know you're locked in that office you're watching a film.

Speaker 6 (22:01):
He doesn't.

Speaker 5 (22:01):
He was telling me about too. I like that though,
but that's what I love. He doesn't have to tell
anybody how hard he works. They know he's been under
a rock. He comes out talking about corduroys wearing and
where they're back.

Speaker 6 (22:11):
We're gonna have We're gonna.

Speaker 5 (22:12):
Have different guys come on this show interview. They're into fashion.
I guarantee you if we asked him today, hey, what's
up with corduroys right now?

Speaker 1 (22:21):

Speaker 6 (22:22):
They might not even know what a quarterro is is.

Speaker 5 (22:24):
So Sean McDermott, I love that he's trying to get
outside of football, but we can tell how hard you's like,
I'm wearing them them all quarter Oh No.

Speaker 3 (22:32):
I had a huge crush on this guy in college
and I wore my best corduroys.

Speaker 4 (22:37):
To the party.

Speaker 3 (22:37):
He was like definitely like a soccer lacrosse grow who knows.
And I remember walking out and I was like, oh
my god, there he is.

Speaker 4 (22:43):
I'm gonna walking outside my.

Speaker 3 (22:45):
Cors and all of a sudden he says, in front
of everyone, are those corduroys and starts laughing.

Speaker 4 (22:54):
I've never worn.

Speaker 3 (22:55):
Corduroys since, and I feel like that is a lesson
that everyone should learn. Maybe we just don't do corduroys.

Speaker 6 (23:01):
He's watching you right now. It always like, damn, I
blew it, blew.

Speaker 2 (23:06):
I messed with corduroys.

Speaker 9 (23:08):

Speaker 1 (23:09):
I think it's so I respect this, of all things corduroys,
not like I don't know, leather jacket or some kind
of corduroys. You can tell, yeah, you can tell. Shawn's
out a little over his skis on this one. You know, Like,
I'm gonna talk fashion, and I love it because what
I respect in fashion and the small ability I have
to appreciate it.

Speaker 2 (23:29):
Just just go with what works for you.

Speaker 1 (23:31):
This is Sean McDermott over the years and the coaches photo.
Bang bang bang bang bang. You know, that's the same
navy blazer. You get to a certain age, you get
in your forties, all you need is one. You break
it out whenever there's a dress occasion.

Speaker 2 (23:45):
You keep that for years. It's gonna be next year.

Speaker 1 (23:47):
He changed the shirt up, even though he didn't in
the first two years, the same damn shirt. I love
Sean mcdermot's fashion sense.

Speaker 2 (23:53):
I love that he has fashion takes.

Speaker 1 (23:54):
He was unafraid to do it that right there is
my favorite blazer outside of like Clyde direction, but I
like the blazer of McDermott.

Speaker 2 (24:03):

Speaker 1 (24:03):
I cannot wait for an Ye it's a famous blazer.
Like there should be a thirty for thirty or football
about that blazer.

Speaker 2 (24:09):
You know, I'm saying. I know they're trying to bring
a Super Bowl to the Buffalo. Just bring that blazer
to the parade, baby. I love it.

Speaker 3 (24:14):
Honestly, more famous than the CBS blazer at this point.

Speaker 2 (24:17):
I know the guys were legendary.

Speaker 3 (24:18):
Yeah, it's a legacy blazer right there, Sean, Please more
fashion talk, but I love it. Here we need to
know more about your corduroy game. USC quarterback Caleb Williams
is projected to be the first overall pick in next
month's NFL draft, but he's not. You know, this doesn't

come without the criticism because that sort of comes with
the territory. But Kyle, you have thoughts on Caleb, You
have takes on Caleb.

Speaker 4 (24:49):
What are they?

Speaker 2 (24:50):
I got some emotions about Caleberr.

Speaker 1 (24:52):
Yeah, okay, this is an emotional week for us for
a lot of reasons, and it's an important time for
these young athletes. Caleb was at the USC basketball game, okay,
and this shot of him right here caused a ton
of reaction. You know that he likes to paint his nails,
and this time they were pink. He also had a
pink phone, he had a pink wallet, and on and
on and on and on, and I didn't think much

of it, kind of scrolled right past it. And then
I started seeing the usual meme treatments, internet jokes as
all that it's fine whatever it do something out of
the ordinary or that high profile, but person that's just
kind of how it works. Then I engaged a little bit,
all right, and I began seeing caveman Twitter come out
with not just jokes, but like real authentic opinions and
diet tribes about Caleb's personality and his taste being a

problem and becoming red flags.

Speaker 2 (25:40):
And then I got genuinely annoyed. I think number one.

Speaker 1 (25:42):
Because there's a big old dollop of homophobia on top
of it. And number two, that image of him at
that basketball game became this pied piper.

Speaker 2 (25:51):
Of horrible, horrible takes.

Speaker 1 (25:53):
That I started seeing after that, and I just wanted
to address some of those takes again that stem from
a guy's fingernails and phone. Take number one, I've seen this.
That's not a leader of men, You are a follower
of sheep. Let me say that to begin. The most
important qualities in a leader are being confident, being secure

with yourselves, being bold, and having everyone you're leading.

Speaker 2 (26:17):
Want to follow.

Speaker 1 (26:18):
You find any teammate Caleb has had across two major programs,
say one bad thing about Caleb, Let alone that he's
weird or eccentric.

Speaker 2 (26:26):
All right?

Speaker 1 (26:26):
Next take I love this one. That's not going to
work in the locker room. Those are the words of
the most basic bad radio caller to a terrible radio show.

Speaker 2 (26:36):
In nineteen ninety two. That's not going to work in
the locker room. What the hell do you know? Do
you know DJ Moore? Do you know Cool Comet? Do
you know Darnel Wright?

Speaker 1 (26:45):
Do you know that the personalities and perspectives in this
league have have evolved dramatically? Did you know the head
coach of the twenty twenty four Bears is not Bill Parcells.
This is a different time. Next take this one's wheelhouse here. Yeah,
he's too Hollywood for the NFL. He paints his nails pink.
Is that what you're rile up about?

Speaker 5 (27:05):

Speaker 1 (27:05):
What do you know what it's like to be twenty
two years old living in LA with some fame and
some money in your pocket. It's intoxicating. You make some
unconventional choices. Believe me, maybe things you look back and
shake your head at later.

Speaker 2 (27:22):
It happens to the best of us.

Speaker 1 (27:24):
Okay, he makes some strange choices, all right, And believe me,
that person in that picture had a point zero zero
one percent of everything Caleb has going on.

Speaker 4 (27:36):
Tell me you had true religion.

Speaker 5 (27:38):
I knew it.

Speaker 2 (27:39):
I'm Dutch hats.

Speaker 1 (27:41):
He makes some bold choices, but Caleb has not made
any mistakes. He is one of the very first ever
self made multi millionaire NFL prospects. He's living in the
entertainment capital of the world, three thousand miles from where
he grew up. He's one of the most visible athletes
in a town that includes Lebron and Otani, and he
never steps out of line.

Speaker 2 (28:01):
He never gets in trouble.

Speaker 1 (28:02):
He has never so much has shown up in the
hazy background of a bad TMZ video. He's been great
as a player. I think He's been incredible as a
human being. Have you ever read about what Kobe was
like to be around as a young guy with talent
and money in La Not easy. If you want to
talk eccentric, read up on that and don't tell me
I can't compare Caleb to Kobe Bryant. He's gonna be
the number one pick in the NFL Draft. Yes, I

can another take that I saw.

Speaker 2 (28:25):
Oh, it was gonna be fun.

Speaker 1 (28:26):
I can't wait to watch Caleb and all his eccentricities
try to work in the machoist city in America. Have
you ever once been to Chicago even one time? Did
you ever lay over an O'Hair? I know that most
of the country still thinks Bears fans are a thirty
year OLDSNL sketch. Chicago can be one of the most
cultured and cosmopolitan cities.

Speaker 2 (28:44):
In the world. Do you know what Chicago.

Speaker 1 (28:47):
Athlete in my lifetime, after Michael has caused the most excitement,
most fervor, most hero worship in that city that had
chicagoan's screaming in public when they'd see him, this big, tough,
macho guy.

Speaker 2 (29:01):
There is.

Speaker 1 (29:03):
Sensation people freaking out in the streets, going crazy in
the United Center. That's Dennis Robin at his own book
signing in a wedding dress. All right, don't say that
about Chicago most Maybe Caleb's personality is a little unusual.
You know, it would be incredibly unusual a Bears quarterback
that wins a game anybody cares about. Think of it

this way, Bears fans. You've tried every other personality type.
Jay Cutler, curmudgeon, Mitch Trubisky, boy scout, Justin Fields, robot.

Speaker 2 (29:33):
Caleb Williams rockstar? Why not?

Speaker 1 (29:35):
And try to remember the last time you had a
rockstar quarterback.

Speaker 2 (29:39):
You won a super Bowl.

Speaker 1 (29:40):
It's good that this quarterback is different, because what's never
different is the result every single time you played the Packers.

Speaker 2 (29:48):
And I'll tell you what's weird.

Speaker 1 (29:49):
You know what's the weirdest thing about Caleb That he's
going to be a Bears quarterback who is actually good. Yes,
Caleb Williams is out there. He's out there, way way
way above every single other quarterback on every single board,
of every single expert on every single channel.

Speaker 2 (30:05):
He should be the number one pick. He's going to
be the number one pick.

Speaker 1 (30:08):
And when the pride and joy of Illinois Chicago Bears
called him to let him know on draft night. I
hope he takes that call on his pink phone, right.

Speaker 4 (30:15):
Oh you got that all, Kyle, You are the best.
That was awesome to.

Speaker 2 (30:21):
Bes going on. Yeah, trigger, Because.

Speaker 3 (30:23):
It's like people are obviously going to have opinions. They're
not gonna like how Caleb Williams is or who Caleb
Williams is. But that's their problem. That's not Caleb Williams problem.
To me, when someone is saying something bad or something
negative about someone else, that reflects way more on that
person who the words are coming out of their mouth.

Speaker 4 (30:45):
It's their insecurities. This is not Caleb. If anything, I
think way more of him that he can go out
there and he.

Speaker 3 (30:51):
Is confident and secure and who is you gotta be
your own man in this world and.

Speaker 4 (30:55):
What you're gonna be like everyone else? That is so boring.

Speaker 3 (30:58):
Nobody wants to talk about someone who is the same
as everyone else be different in this world.

Speaker 6 (31:03):
I love that.

Speaker 5 (31:03):
And I'll dive into the second one. When you start
to talk about the locker room, man, please, I think
what everybody looks at and you think the locker room
is this thing where we always say, well, guys from
all different backgrounds, we come together and there's one common
goal and we just march forward and we all are
trying to win a Super Bowl.

Speaker 6 (31:20):
No one cares anything.

Speaker 5 (31:21):
About what people have going on outside of what we
do at the facility.

Speaker 6 (31:25):
That's not true in the locker room.

Speaker 5 (31:27):
We come in and everybody has different political views, different religion,
different races.

Speaker 6 (31:31):
All of those things are discussed at nauseum in the
locker room.

Speaker 5 (31:35):
They're argued about. Guys yell and scream at each other.
Guys sometimes even fight over things that have absolutely nothing
to do with football. That's what friendship is, That's what
brotherhood is. That's what it's about. To be vulnerable and
truly care about the people that surround you, whether it's
Caleb Williams or any of these draft prospects. When you
walk in the locker room and you have differences, you
have things that about you that are different or weird,

however you want to phrase.

Speaker 6 (31:58):
Them, they're going to be discussed.

Speaker 5 (32:00):
You go through them in the locker room and I
may look at you and say I don't agree with you,
and I don't like that you think that way, But
let's still go out there and kick the other person's
butt because that's what we do as a team.

Speaker 6 (32:09):
That's what we do on this dagone show. We discuss things.

Speaker 5 (32:11):
If you want to be a part of our five
thirty Am call and have people discuss topics they don't
want to talk about that early in the morning. Yes,
there are arguments that ensue, and then we come out
here on air for three hours and we enjoy one
another's company. We challenge each other and we put together
a good product. That's the same thing of being on
a team. A lot of you out there. You go
to work every single day. There's coworkers that you are

forced to work with to come out and do your
best with, and you do it and you figure out
a way to do it together. Caleb Williams talent will
shine through whatever he does off the field, as.

Speaker 6 (32:43):
Long as it's not getting in trouble. He's not bothering anybody.

Speaker 5 (32:45):
So I love the takes that you have on this
And for Caleb Williams, go out and do your thing.
I don't think he cares about any of this. He's
been at USC in la as their quarterback, as a
Heisman Trophy winner. There's gonna be commons. People are going
to say something, deal with and go out there in ballved.
And what I love about this is you haven't been
in the locker room for a pretty long time. I
just got out of a locker room, and I knew
things change the locker room when I first got in

there is I'm walking into the weight room and I'm
walking by guy's locker and I hear, man, I gotta
get my nails done, gang, And I was like, what.

Speaker 6 (33:14):
Did you just say?

Speaker 5 (33:15):
And we're in the NFL locker room and talking about
going to get their nails done.

Speaker 6 (33:19):
So this isn't anything new.

Speaker 5 (33:21):
So whatever people think in college, Kayler Williams is doing
this no way he can do in the NFL. It's
already being done. Maybe the guy's color of his nails
isn't pink, maybe it's light blue. Maybe it's a violent color.
I don't know, but guys are already doing this. So
to try to make this this like big deal, guys
in the locker room want to see when he first

gets there.

Speaker 6 (33:42):
I won't see him throw the ball.

Speaker 5 (33:43):
I want to see what it's like when he gets
in the huddle and he gets everybody's attention and we're
practicing the two minute drill in practice in training camp.

Speaker 6 (33:51):
Can he lead us down there?

Speaker 5 (33:52):
Can he show us something to what you hit that
we haven't seen from all of these other quarterbacks that
we've had lead us onto the field.

Speaker 6 (34:00):
That's what will be important.

Speaker 5 (34:01):
Who he is as a person every single day in
the locker room and how he throws the football. No
one else will care what colors nails are, what color
is phone cases. That's his own person. That's like a
guy coming in saying, man, that's your girlfriend. I don't
like er get you can't be on our team.

Speaker 6 (34:16):
No one cares about that. So that's your personal thing.

Speaker 5 (34:18):
And the Hollywood stuff to me is crazy because look
across the league there are a ton of Hollywood guys.
Like we're watching guys and going international with fashion Week
and all these different things. That's the beauty of the
platform in the NFL gives you is you have so
many opportunities outside of football to explore. It becomes something
more than just a player. So a true Hollywood stuff
is the people.

Speaker 1 (34:38):
Yeah, He's like, if you've seen the player arrivals, I'm
getting they like, do you know how these guys dress?

Speaker 2 (34:43):

Speaker 1 (34:44):
They're way way in and listen all the stuff I said,
all this stuff everybody's saying, there's an obvious part of
it that's always couched with you have to make plays,
like we know that.

Speaker 2 (34:52):
Like, of course he has to make plays. And I
compare him to Rodman.

Speaker 1 (34:56):
You know, Robin at twenty boards against sixers the night
before and he wear a wedding dress and he can
do whatever you want. Of course he has to make plays.
We're all kind of inn agreement, though, But so let me,
let me, let me try to be a devil's advocate
to myself.

Speaker 2 (35:07):
What about at that position?

Speaker 1 (35:08):
But what if you are quote unquote ECCENTRICA we're I
don't even like to use because I feel like it's
a loaded word. What if your marching to the beat
of a different drummer at quarterback? Do you have to
be steady Eddy meat and potatoes at quarterback right now?

Speaker 2 (35:20):
Why does that not matter?

Speaker 6 (35:21):
I don't think so.

Speaker 5 (35:22):
I think it comes down to it, as I would
always say this about different guys in the league, When
your talent supersedes those things that people can kind of
poke holes at, nobody cares, I think to your point,
when you just said you're not making plays. We sometimes
talk about even a guy like myself, you hang on
or you play thirteen years, where your last two years
in the league you might have been able to do
it because you're a great locker room guy for people

that are a centric or outside the lines, whatever you
want to say. If your playing ability doesn't supersede it,
a team may be saying, you know what, Well, this
brings chatter around amongst the locker room.

Speaker 6 (35:53):
It's a little bit different.

Speaker 5 (35:54):
If we're not scoring that many touchdowns, maybe we go
in a different direction.

Speaker 6 (35:57):
I do think there is an element of that in
our league.

Speaker 5 (36:00):
Because there's guys that we've seen who are at their
absolute best and they're in a story lines every single day,
and then as they get older they're not as good
as a player, we see teams move on from them.
So I do think that's an aspect as that tapping
in for Tayler Williams anytime soon. No, he's gonna be
a Rookie's in a prime of his career. But I
do think at that position, I don't think you have
to be a certain way because we watch different guys
win super Bowls and do it at the highest level

are completely different personality quarterbacks that can win them football games.
Like you said earlier, when you take the field in
a two minute drive, can we go win? I don't
really care. If you're the hardest working guy, you come
in early, you leave late, we get into two minute drill, you.

Speaker 6 (36:37):
Throw an interception every single week.

Speaker 5 (36:39):
Stop coming in early, Stop believing late, because that's not working.

Speaker 2 (36:43):
Change up.

Speaker 5 (36:44):
So to me, like we watch guys and what is
one of the most famous things we talk about a guy.
We go, hey, you know, but he's a great guy.
He's a great guard worker, hard working, a great god.
But then you say, but he can't throw. He stinks
at quarterback. So I always think it comes down to
can the guy play quarterback at a high level.

Speaker 6 (37:02):
If he can, then let's let's go play.

Speaker 3 (37:05):
So many people are stuck on the nails thing. It's
like my grandfather was a bartender. He was the most
blue collar working guy. He always had his nails done,
like I mean, he had a perfect manicure because he
was like, if people see my nails and they're all
like jacked up, like they're not gonna want me to
serve them. And so it's like, all right, maybe different
for you. It's not different for everyone, and different is

like good.

Speaker 4 (37:29):
It helps you grow, It opens your eyes. You don't
want to just surround.

Speaker 3 (37:32):
Yourself with the same type of people all.

Speaker 4 (37:35):
Of the time.

Speaker 3 (37:35):
You're never going to grow, You're never gonna develop. Like
you need to go out there and experience new things
and hear from different people and that makes the world
a better place. Like even with the athletes, though, I
think about in the past, remember when Alan Iverson came
into the league and he was all tatted up and
everyone was like, I don't know about that, and it's
like who doesn't have tattoos now on the court, Like

this is just something that is maybe different for you
right now, but who cares.

Speaker 4 (38:03):
If he is winning, then it really doesn't matter.

Speaker 3 (38:05):
Let's get weird, like let's have fun, and I don't
want you to be boring and vanilla.

Speaker 5 (38:10):
NFL, we might see the famous fingers taped and colored
nails like that might maybe that becomes a thing, and
it was.

Speaker 6 (38:17):
It was different. It was different for me my last
year playing in Miami.

Speaker 5 (38:20):
One of our offensive linemen he would get his nails
paint and he'd have the different design and stuff.

Speaker 6 (38:24):
And we had a conversation. I said it to him, like, oh,
you're three hundred pounds, the hell are you doing with
your nails? Paying it?

Speaker 5 (38:30):
And he said that was something that he'd liked to do,
relaxing in different things of that nature. So I understand
people seeing that and you're not accustomed to seeing a
football player with that. To your point, I just think
it's crazy when the takes go so far to say
he can't do other things because of that.

Speaker 1 (38:46):
You should, I mean, you should see where these things go.

Speaker 2 (38:48):
I was unhealthy.

Speaker 1 (38:49):
I mean, we ended up like they're talking about the election,
like it's you won't believe where this thing went. I
had to mute thread and all that stuff. Listen, Guys
coming in different ways. Lamar Jackson, like he didn't run
a forty, he didn't have an agent, it was that
was different. Patrick Mahomes came in and was just different.
His hair was different, his voice was different, like it
was a cool new thing. So there's people watching around there.

I'm not on my team. I'm not here to police
the internet.

Speaker 2 (39:13):
I just wanted to get.

Speaker 1 (39:14):
Some of the football stuff and the locker room stuff
and the LA stuff, like I have thoughts on it,
and I think I'm not alone.

Speaker 3 (39:19):
When it becomes a personal attack, that's when it's like,
what's going on with you, my friend, but like you're
feeling like you need to take it this far.

Speaker 2 (39:27):
I hope he goes bright pink. I'm in Draft Nights,
it right right there. I love it.

Speaker 3 (39:31):
I love the Madin listen, I love nail art.

Speaker 4 (39:34):
I'll talk about it all day long.

Speaker 2 (39:36):
I'm in
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