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March 26, 2024 31 mins

Part two of the GMFB podcast begins with hosts Sara Walsh, Kyle Brandt, Jason McCourty and Chris Hogan continuing to dissect the new NFL rule banning the hip drop tackle and then they examine if the San Francisco 49ers are still the team to beat in the NFC. Missouri EDGE and draft prospect Darius Robinson joins the show and shares why he sees similarities in his game to Chris Jones and Maxx Crosby. Scott Pioli drops by and shares why he’s all for the hip drop tackle ban, and then he explains why Jayden Daniels will be a special football player in the NFL.

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Good Morning Football is the production of the NFL in
partnership with iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Good Morning, Welcome to Good Morning Football. We are live
in New York City. It is Tuesday, March twenty six.
I'm Sarah Walsh alongside Kyle Brant Jason mccordy, who has
won a Super Bowl. He wants us to make it
incredibly clear despite the fact that Chris Hogan citty next
to him, has won two Super Bowls. But you know what,
you're a super Bowl winner. In a very impassioned plea

for mute, not plea, but speech about the hip drop swivel. Chris,
did you have anything Dad, because Jason didn't let you
add anything.

Speaker 3 (00:52):

Speaker 4 (00:52):
I agree with everything that Jason was saying.

Speaker 5 (00:54):
I'm all for all the player safety, right, taking the
head out of the game and try it like as
a former receiver, you know, getting a blindsided hit it
without knowing the hits coming. Like, I'm off for that, right,
Let's take some of the injury. But you said it right,
this game that we play, it's one hundred percent injury, right,
And I just don't I just don't think that.

Speaker 4 (01:17):
We're taking tackling out of the game. I mean, I don't.

Speaker 5 (01:19):
I don't know how defensive players are going to play football.

Speaker 4 (01:21):
I don't understand it. Really.

Speaker 5 (01:23):
It's making it really challenging for these guys to play
on Sundays and tackle without without fear of getting fined,
without fear of game penalties. And these are these are
not little small penalties, right, I mean, these are penalties
that can change the course of a game. And I
just think that we're leaving it up into the ref's
hands and to a subjective call.

Speaker 4 (01:42):
Is it's just it. I don't think it's making the
game any better. It's interesting.

Speaker 6 (01:45):
As an offensive player, Jason, do you remember feeling as
emotional as you do today when the horse collar rule
came down?

Speaker 7 (01:52):
The horse call was a little different because it had
the name play and it was so specific of your
reaching up grabbing it. And you're never taught, hey, just
reach out a guy and grabble. You're always taught to
wrap a guy up. So I think that's the big
difference with that. I saw was Jawan Bentley put out
a tweet. You know your guy, Juwan Biley, linebacker for
the Patriots. He was just all right, no hip drops,

no helmet use, no big hits on defensive receiver, no
horse tackle. I just don't know at what point where
I'm supposed to get a guy when I'm trying to
make a tackle. So that's the tough part about it.
I don't get it. But it's a rule that guys
are going to have to adapt. They're going to have
to change because it's here and it's not going to.

Speaker 2 (02:31):
I was going to say, you, how are they what
are you teaching now at training camp? Or like, what
are they going to say to these guys in terms
of the technique you've known your entire life.

Speaker 7 (02:39):
There's going to be a lot of coaches that are
going to spend thousands of hours of watching film and
figure out an exact way, and they're going to put
a tape together to show guys. They're going to come
up with drills. There's some of the smartest guys in
this league. They're going to find a way to drill
it and get guys to do it. Because to your point,
fifteen yard penalty money out of your pocket. Nobody wants
to wait.

Speaker 6 (02:58):
Look, we know where we are. We work for the league.
This is a league thing. The league found a very
special type of tackle that had a much higher injury
another kind, and it's almost like in martial arts or
MMA where a move is eliminated. When you hear mister
Marrack who talked about it, he says, I have never
heard the players be happy about any decision that we

make in terms of rules. What's your response to that,
and do you do you at least I'm talking to
both of you guys JFC where they're like, we found
a thing that is hurting players and we have to
get it out of the lead.

Speaker 7 (03:27):
Do you see that to a certain extent, Yes, I
do in that injury rate, But I also think that
within this and you're looking at intent what a guy
is doing. I think when you're wrapping a guy up,
I don't think you're going in with the thought process
of I'm wrapping them up and I'm just gonna drop
my weight and try to twist his legs. I think
you're wrapping a guy up and you're just trying to

get him to the ground. That is that is naturally
the art of football, Wrap a guy up, bring him
down to the ground. Logan Wilson was being called dirty
for the tackle that he had on Mark Andrews, and
he's going in and he's trying to pull him backwards
and not allow him to advance the ball, so completely
understand it. I think guys aren'thappy when different rules come

about because guys aren't in the room as the rules
are coming about and as the rules are being changed.
So when you look at it as a player, you
wake up, you go on social media, you open up
and you're reading an article and you're saying, all right,
no more hip drop swivel tackles, And now you have
to go read and see the definition of what a
hip drop swivel tackle is and then go figure out
how to avoid it. So for a player, if you're

a part of the process and you get to help
identify what that tackle is and may be able to
have an input in it, I think it changes the
dynamic and what you think about it as the rules
start to change, whether it is a horse collar or
it is a hip drop or whatever the rules that
come out. If you're a part of it, no different
than we sit here at this breakfast table when we
go over our A blocks through E blocks. If you

have input and what we're going to discuss, it changes
the narrative for you and it changes your skin in
the game of being able to come out here and
your passion or being for it.

Speaker 5 (04:58):
I think people feel so strongly about it because you're
trying to change a fundamental part of the game, right
You're we're talking about teaching NFL defensive players how to
tackle during training camp, Like that's crazy to me, Like
it's just part of the game, and it's I feel
bad for the defensive players that have to go into

training camp now and take time out of their prep
getting ready for the season to learn how to tackle,
Like that's crazy to me.

Speaker 6 (05:27):
I would just say I really respect the passion, especially
if defensive players. There's a lot of guys, but Richard
Sherman in particular spoken, I totally respect it. I would
only say that when these rule changes come out, and
I've seen this before, it feels like the Boogeyman to
defensive players and they get real mad and they get
really angry.

Speaker 7 (05:42):
They figure it out.

Speaker 6 (05:44):
It usually does not play out as bad as you
think it will, whether it's it's not called as tightly,
or it's just doesn't or there's a they adapt or
they coach and I'm listen. I'm not told to say anything.
I can say whatever. I want I always have on
the show. I just I would calm the waters a
little bit by saying, in March when this happens, everyone's
really really, really mad, and then in October November, like,

it's not as bad as we thought.

Speaker 4 (06:05):
Okay, so we'll.

Speaker 7 (06:06):
Say passing and Far's rule is a good example.

Speaker 4 (06:08):
Perfect, it is a good example. All right.

Speaker 2 (06:09):
Well, this is obviously being discussed on only here, but
down in Orlando that is where the annual league meeting
is being held. And this morning it was the NFC
coaches turn to eat breakfast and talk to the media.
I know there's nothing they would love more than to
eat breakfast while talking to the media. Here is just
some of what they were saying this morning.

Speaker 8 (06:28):
I think this condision is routed against you three. It's
better than what it's been, and I would argue it
was better last year than people realize. You know, we're
one one. Really, there's one play away from Green band
on that house playing on KINDFC championship game. So I
think this division is about to become very difficult. That's good,
that's good man, that's how.

Speaker 9 (06:48):
You formed it.

Speaker 10 (06:49):
They let him announce on his terms, let him do
his deal with Erica, and you know, you knew it
was coming, so it wasn't like it was anything that
was new. But I thought it was cool. I thought
it was a great reflection of the respect that he's
earned over time based on just who he is as
a person, how he's handled things, and to be able
to do with the way that he did, you know,
with show.

Speaker 11 (07:07):
Him and yeah, amazing thing. Good players fit well into
into schemes, and he's obviously a really good player. We're
really excited to have him, the the style of play
that he brings, the leadership that he brings, and so however,
you know, guys like that, however you use them, they're gonna,
they're gonna, they're gonna do a good job. And so
we're obviously we're working on the ways that we're gonna

we're gonna use him now our offensive stats, working hard
at that, and just really excited to have him. Have
add a player of his caliber to our to our team.

Speaker 12 (07:39):
Does not really just my vision, it's not really just
what we had here in place already. We're building a
whole new Atlanta offense with Zach Robinson and all those
people that I mentioned before. And I thought it was
really important that we get threats on all three levels
of the field, and Drake provides such a good threat
from an underneath standpoint, from a high cross standpoint, from
the stuff that he can really do and he done

well throughout his career with the toughness that he displays.

Speaker 13 (08:02):
I think we've come up with a really good plan
as far as how we're going to evaluate these prospects,
how we're going to get in front of them, really
figure out what they're all about. And then when that
process is over, whether we've had a chance to move
up or not already, or we're still in the process
of trying to do that, or maybe we love where
we're at as far as how.

Speaker 4 (08:22):
We see the board.

Speaker 13 (08:23):
But I think the key is the information and kind
of what we talked about building some relationships with these guys.
So you know, we're excited about multiple opportunities, and I
just think it happens to be a kind of a
draft that you know, we're we're pretty excited about as
far as the depth of kind of how the top
of the quarterback situation looks, so pretty exciting times.

Speaker 14 (08:45):
I'm just pumped out Brockets and offseason, I mean, his
first year, he didn't get much of one, just because
he was the third quarterback. Last year was all about
you know, you couldn't really throw with us till training camp.
And this year he just got married. He's fully healthy.
He's going to come back here in a couple of
weeks and we'll get going. And I'm just pumped to
be able to go through the film with him and
to be on the field with him, which he hasn't
chance to do yet in his career.

Speaker 2 (09:07):
You just heard from Kyle Shanahan. We want to stick
with San Francisco there for a minute. When you look
around at the powerhouses in the conference right now, doesn't
feel like the Niners are alone at the top.

Speaker 7 (09:19):
Jason Man, he just said, brock Purty talked about his
off season, got married. Can't wait to get them back
and go over the film. Do they watch the Super
Bowl film?

Speaker 15 (09:27):

Speaker 4 (09:28):
Better watch it?

Speaker 7 (09:28):
Oh, my goodness, just.

Speaker 6 (09:29):
Like taking a dog and sticking his face in it.

Speaker 4 (09:31):
You better watch that thing. Oh, you better watch it.
To your I don't know if I can watch it.

Speaker 7 (09:36):
Yeah, to your point, do they sit alone at the
top of the NFC? I can't say that. I look
at them. They returning to their quarterback and Rock Purty,
who still on a rookie deal. All of the offensive
guys are returning. They lost guys on defense, but they
replace them. But I feel like for the forty nine,
this is your sabew mirror were sitting there. It's like
objects appear closer than they're going to be, closer than

they appear. And I feel like that's what it is
for them because you look at the rest of the NFC,
the Green Bay Packers, the Detroit Lions, those teams are coming.
The forty nine Ers beat them both in the playoffs,
but those games were extremely closed cowboys. Who knows where
they're going to be. We saw Sirianni right there with
the Philadelphia Eagles, Sean McVay and the Rams. That's a
team that I'm afraid of in the NFC. So I

do I think the forty nine is still the best
team in the NFC coming off of last year. Yes,
I do think they were turned so many guys the
same coach, But I think those teams in the NFC
are right behind them in their common.

Speaker 5 (10:28):
Yeah, there's no I mean, listen, are we going to
say that what they did last year the top team yes,
but I mean Green Bay Detroit.

Speaker 4 (10:35):
I mean I argue that Detroit should have won that
fall game definitely.

Speaker 5 (10:39):
I mean both playoff games forty nine ers had they
came from behind, right, I mean they were losing by
one to two touchdowns. So do I think that the
teams in the NFC are right up the forty nine
ersherials one?

Speaker 6 (10:52):
Yeah, it feels like they had this great opportunity, like
this is the time cash that went in, You were healthy,
your quarterback, didn't get hurt.

Speaker 4 (11:00):
And then you don't win it.

Speaker 6 (11:01):
It's a good question though, because we were kind of
joking but also kind of serious. You watched the Super Bowl, Chris,
you won two super Bows, you didn't lose one, All
time classic you versus the Eagles. Did you guys watch
that and break that down?

Speaker 4 (11:12):

Speaker 15 (11:12):

Speaker 4 (11:13):
No, I watched it. I watched it myself.

Speaker 7 (11:16):
Do you remember twenty eighteen getting ready to play the
Colts and Bill put it on in that team meeting?

Speaker 4 (11:21):
Yeah? What are you talking about? What happened?

Speaker 7 (11:23):
We're getting ready to play the Colts and Frank Wright
was now the coach of the Indianapolis Colt. We went
back leading up to that Thursday night game, this is
game day, the morning meeting, and we're watching film from
the Super Bowl that they lost to the Philadelphia Eagles.
And I'm sitting in the room and right now I'm
not even watching the film anymore. I'm just like this

looking around to see the reaction, and like, those guys
that played in that game are just like in a
sunken place, as it were.

Speaker 5 (11:50):
But the first time that some of those guys had
seen that film, No one wants to go back and
watch that.

Speaker 4 (11:54):
I mean, last game of season. Some of those guys
weren't there.

Speaker 5 (11:56):
Yeah, So I mean I went back and watched it,
obviously because I had a good game and I wanted
to see, like we threw.

Speaker 4 (12:06):
For like five hundreds, Like what happened all those guys?
They sucked.

Speaker 6 (12:12):
I think the greatest coach in team sports history didn't
play Malcolm Butler for some reason and probably could have
used them al Seon Jeffrey turned to the Jerry.

Speaker 4 (12:17):
Rice in the first half. We couldn't have anybody to
cover him. The how happened that day? Chris comment, Malcolm,
I'm a hero. Put me in. Coach comment, Oh my god.
All right, anyway, that's what I think, all.

Speaker 2 (12:29):
Right, we gotta get back down to Orlando. That is
where we find our Ian Rappaport, Mike girfol there at
the annual league meetings. Gentlemen, give us the latest out
of Orlando.

Speaker 16 (12:38):
There in just a few minutes ago, the NFC coaches
breakfast breaking up, and we heard that they were about
a handful of votes that they needed after taking the straw,
oh yesterday, five or so votes that they needed to
get this new kickoff rule pushed through.

Speaker 4 (12:55):
Breaking news. It has now passed.

Speaker 3 (12:58):
The NFL has a new kickoff model, the hybrid model
we've been talking about at the last couple of days,
something the NFL believes will increase the number of kickoffs,
increase the number of actual plays. The kickoff, which has
been basically dormant I think for the last couple of years,
is now back.

Speaker 4 (13:16):
It is also much safer.

Speaker 3 (13:18):
What they have done is eliminated the long run up,
eliminated the high speed collisions that lead to a disproportionate
number of concussions and injuries, while also increasing the amount
of kickoffs that will actually be in play. It is
something you mentioned it They were close the NFL and
Roger Goodell specifically, and the Competition Committee has wanted this

to pass, and generally when they want something like this
to pass, it will eventually pass. And it is going
to look different, Mike, Okay, it's going to look different.
You're going to see look much more like it did
for XFL games, with players lined up all the way
down closer to where the returner is.

Speaker 4 (13:55):
You're going to see.

Speaker 3 (13:55):
Balls placed on different yard lines the thirty for instance,
if it goes into the end zone on a fly.
A lot of different rules we're all gonna have to
familiarize ourselves with. Most importantly, the kickoff is now back.

Speaker 16 (14:07):
Yeah, the ball is going to go in the air.
You're going to see two lines of players. The ball's
gonna fly over them. They're not going to move until
the ball is either caught or landed.

Speaker 4 (14:14):
At that point.

Speaker 16 (14:15):
That run up will be much shorter than it was
in the past, so much safer, but also bringing the
return back in because we're dissuading teams from touchbacks right
because the ball comes out to the thirty instead of
the thirty five that was the original proposal. So there
was some tweaking. There was some as we've been talking
about it, armed twisting. Last night from the teams that
wanted to push this thing through, talking to the teams

that had resisted in the first place.

Speaker 4 (14:38):
So it gets pushed through.

Speaker 16 (14:40):
It gets done before the draft, which is something Rich McKay,
the chairman of the Competition Committee, wanted to happen because
the other time to vote on this would have been
in May, which would have been after the draft. So
now teams go into the draft knowing that the kickoff
is back in play. Returners such as Cordaro Patterson who
are still free agents, going.

Speaker 4 (14:56):
To be very happy.

Speaker 16 (14:57):
Because McKay mentioned Devin Hester going into the Hall of Fame.

Speaker 4 (15:01):
This is a big part of the game. It's a
big part of the history of the game.

Speaker 16 (15:03):
That they want to come back, they would have to
do it in a different format to make it safer,
but they have now.

Speaker 3 (15:09):
Yeah, and it's interesting listening to Rich McKay and Jeff
Miller from the NFL yesterday. They talked about, you know,
a lot of positive this year, very competitive.

Speaker 4 (15:17):
Everything was good.

Speaker 3 (15:19):
Offense maybe went down a little bit from where it
has been just about pure amount of points scored, right,
The offense was a little bit down, bringing kickoffs back,
bringing an exciting play that Yeah, like we're going to
see some some kickoff returns for touchdown you break through
the initial line. You were going to see some guys
score and Dad will help bring back offense. But there's

a lot of positives here.

Speaker 4 (15:41):
It's going to look different. But this is our new reality.

Speaker 16 (15:43):
And especially so yesterday the swivel hip drop tackle band
to try to make the game safer. Today the kickoff
changed to make the game safer but also more exciting
to bring the return back in. So that's some of
the big conversation here at the NFL's annual meeting.

Speaker 4 (16:00):
But also wardrobe.

Speaker 16 (16:02):
You know, listen, we got you guys back in studentdo there.
You're looking fresh today. Kyle's got a great amount of
collar showing there. He's got it open as well. Chris,
you look fantastic. Sarah, you got the monitor and your
blazer kind of the same color. You're matching. There thoughts
on this here. You got the carnival music going in
the background, which is great. This was the talk of
the cocktail party last night. I had a wife of

one of the coaches. I'm trying to have a conversation
where he she goes, I can't stop looking at his suit. Yeah,
it was not complimenting. It was a commment. That's the
best suit I own.

Speaker 3 (16:36):
That was my Kentucky Derby suit from last year. I
thought it looked amazing.

Speaker 4 (16:40):
Music fans.

Speaker 3 (16:41):
The amount of people who came up to me and
were like, well, I'm chill downs and I'm so jealous
that have you been? Were of that and I can't.
I think a lot of people wish they could pull
it off. And I tell you what, people were honest,
They really like dug deep into their shoulders on. What
they said to me was I could pull this off,
but you obviously can, and I thought that was not

I got.

Speaker 16 (17:02):
To go to Jason mccordy on this one for his
thoughts because I could.

Speaker 9 (17:05):
Liked it.

Speaker 3 (17:06):
I'll tell you this show you liked it, the better mccordy,
The better mccordy liked it a lot.

Speaker 16 (17:11):
Oh, Jason, unloaded man, now's your chance.

Speaker 4 (17:15):
The floors are exactly.

Speaker 7 (17:17):
I know exactly what they meant when they were like,
I couldn't pull it off. That's the saying I like
to say. That looks good on you. It's meant for you,
not for men. You mentioned dev he doesn't have a
fashioned bowl in his body all the time since I
started this show. Was asked me where I got my
clothes from? And I just need to know, Like when
you put the shoes all with the suit, was it
the orange laces to bring out like the orange stripes

in the suit or you just trying to get notice.

Speaker 4 (17:42):
I need to figure that out. I feel I'll answer
this one.

Speaker 16 (17:46):
I feel like they were about ten sizes too small.

Speaker 4 (17:48):
If you know what I'm going for in this.

Speaker 3 (17:49):
One, No, I don't know what you're going for at all. Uh,
the shoes compliment the shuit. You don't need to match
the laces due I think bring out the colors in
the suit, their golden goose.

Speaker 4 (18:03):
That's the kind of words, kind of where designed.

Speaker 3 (18:04):
I had a little artist do some drawings on it.

Speaker 4 (18:07):
It's a whole it's a whole thing, specially respected.

Speaker 6 (18:15):
There's a line between looking like you're attending the Kentucky
Derby and writing in the Kentucky and I love you,
I have back a confessions.

Speaker 4 (18:22):
Great, I love you. See your set. I looked amazing.

Speaker 2 (18:28):
Thanks guys, Oh we gotta talk moment.

Speaker 17 (18:38):
Let's get it man, was that open? Give me everything
you got? Man, you only get this opportunity. What's up?

Speaker 7 (19:04):
Oh, feels like football seasons almost upon us. Our next
guest was a two year captain and first team All SEC,
also an academic All American and one of the top
defensive linemen in this year's NFL draft.

Speaker 4 (19:18):
Please get a one welcome.

Speaker 7 (19:19):
Missouri Edsworth rusher Darius rob.

Speaker 4 (19:26):
Yeah, and we're doing great.

Speaker 7 (19:29):
We're happy to have you bringing the energy this morning.
In this past few months, you've been a busy guy.
You're at the Singer Bowl, the Combine, the last Friday,
you took part in Missou's pro day. How would you
rate your performance in front of scouts and coaches at
NFL gms?

Speaker 9 (19:43):

Speaker 18 (19:44):
Yeah, I would say I've been having a great process.
I just honestly have three goals. Every time you know,
an any opportunity I get to compete. My first goal
is just to have fun. My second goal is just
to be better than the last time I was on tape,
So every time people see me, I want to be
better and really just my last goal is to show
on the best defensive lineman in the drift. But every

opportunity I get, I'm just making the most of it
and enjoying this process.

Speaker 6 (20:10):
I can tell and we love this about you. You
have described yourself as quote a mixture of Chris Jones
and Max Crosby.

Speaker 4 (20:19):
We're talking to Chris Crosby right now.

Speaker 6 (20:21):
Guys, that is the comp What similarities do you see
in their games and yours?

Speaker 18 (20:25):
Yes, I would say definitely Chris Jones at the three Tech.
I love how he's webbing and he's always uses his
hands and always forklifts on the inside like he's never
getting blocked. And then Max Crosby on the outside. He
has very long arms like me, so he's always turning
his shoulders, upper body rotation, and he plays with such
a high motor.

Speaker 4 (20:44):
And these are two of the best.

Speaker 18 (20:45):
Guys in the NFL and guys that I look up to,
and I watched the tape all the time to find
ways for myself to get better.

Speaker 2 (20:53):
That was a good breakdown. You didn't play high school
football until your junior year. The plan was to get
a college scholarship, which you received from Missouri. If you
didn't get a football scholarship, what was the backup plan.

Speaker 4 (21:04):
This, mansid?

Speaker 18 (21:04):
If I didn't get football, scottsip but I honestly would
have went to the Marines. I felt like I had
a service family background, and also I just wanted to
wait for me to pay for college and you know,
to be able to get out of Michigan. But yeah,
I would have been the Marines.

Speaker 2 (21:19):
That's awesome.

Speaker 4 (21:20):
That's awesome.

Speaker 2 (21:21):
Things have obviously worked out for you. And we actually
have an interview you did during your high school years.
There's back in twenty eighteen. Take a listen to this.

Speaker 4 (21:30):
Are you utilis this year as a junior? And how
do you think you performed this year?

Speaker 15 (21:35):
It was really just like I feel like just touching
the water, really because this is my first high school
year in the past season. Now that I know like
what I'm really capable of, this year's gonna be amazing.

Speaker 4 (21:45):
But I can't wait.

Speaker 2 (21:48):
From just touching the water to about to be drafted.
What do you remember about yourself back then and what
goes through your mind when you're listening to that clip.

Speaker 18 (21:57):
Yeah, I definitely think back of the process and starting
at the very bottom, like I'll never forget like the
first day lifting weights. I remember I got one thirty
five stuck on my chest and now to think like
how much hard work I had to put into this,
how much I had to grow with my teammates in
high school and get to the college level and try
to recreate the process to be the best. There's Robinson

each and every day, but it's really a blessing and
just staying humble and just working hard as I possibly
can each and every day and realize, you know, it's
more work to be done. You know, I'm excited for
the NFL. You know, I didn't come to participate. I
came to dominate. So just making sure each and every
day I'm better and be able to reach my goals.

Speaker 5 (22:38):
All right, Well, you've had You've had so much success
on the field, but off the field, you've started your
own foundation.

Speaker 4 (22:45):
Tell us a little bit more about that.

Speaker 5 (22:47):
What's the motivation behind that, and tell us anything that
you have going on with the foundation.

Speaker 18 (22:52):
Yeah, So going into my senior year, I had in
August of twenty twenty three, I had a book back
drive where I purchase one hundred book backs for the
local kids in my community and that attend my church
after that event, and I'm so glad my teammates were
able to come out. This was all during faul Camp
and after that event, I thought about the inspiration that

I'm going to bring other kids and other people in
our community. So I filed the paperwork, started my own
nonprofit and in this past Christmas, I raised over three
thousand dollars for three families in need. And now going forward,
my goal is just to do three events each year
and just get back my blessings to others, because I'm
really blessed to be in this position that I'm in.
But it doesn't help anybody if I don't give back.

And you know, we are as a community continue to grow.

Speaker 7 (23:39):
I absolutely love that you understand it at a young age,
and I gotta imagine a lot of that started in
your childhood and you growing up outside of Detroit, and
the twenty and twenty four NFL Draft is in Detroit.
As a baby, you were wearing Detroit Lions gear. Yo,
look at that guy.

Speaker 4 (23:58):
You are later on a huge.

Speaker 7 (24:00):
Fan of Calvin Johnson and a Matthew Stafford.

Speaker 4 (24:04):
Have you been.

Speaker 7 (24:04):
Invited to the NFL Draft? Have you started to think
about what it could possibly be off you're walking across
that stage or your hometown, possibly to become a Detroit Lion.

Speaker 9 (24:13):

Speaker 4 (24:14):
I think about it all the time.

Speaker 18 (24:15):
I haven't gotten invited yet, you know, just waiting to
see how everything plays out. But that would be a
huge opportunity, a huge blessing to be able to walk
in my hometown on day one. So just stay in
the course, waiting out the process. But man, it's a
dream being from Michigan. I remember last time I was home,
I was driving downtown Detroit and I just had to
stop and just look at the sign and just pray

about it and just think, by this is a blessing
coming from my junior year of high school to missou
to now this is my next chapter. But this would
be a huge accomplishment. And you know, we'll see what happens.

Speaker 4 (24:49):
Dars, we can't wait.

Speaker 7 (24:50):
You did not come to participate, you came to dominate.
We can't wait to see where you end up. Man,
thanks for coming through this morning.

Speaker 18 (24:58):
All right, thanks for having me.

Speaker 2 (25:04):
Guest has over thirty years of NFL experience. He's served
as Vice President of Player PERSONNELIT, General Manager and assistant
GM and now he is our front office analyst for
NFL Network. Please welcome three time Super Bowl champion.

Speaker 4 (25:16):
Scott Pioli.

Speaker 2 (25:19):
At the annual league meeting today. Is Scott, good morning. Well,
when I said three times super Bowl champ. Now like
Jason's got a thing going on because we have a
two time Super Bowl champ and now it's.

Speaker 4 (25:29):
Just going to get him out of here. It's going
to hurt us feelings.

Speaker 2 (25:31):
I'm not even sure if you can be on with us, Scott. Look,
you want it, you deserve it. At the annual league
meeting on Monday, Scott, the owners unanimously banned the hip
drop tackle. There's been a lot of talk around the
breakfast table here this morning with us about it. Some
players have voiced their displeasure over the rule change on
social media. What is your take on that.

Speaker 9 (25:52):
Decision, Sarah, I'm all for this. I truly believe in
player safety and I think that's what this rule is
all about. And you know, when you look back, rules
always have unintended consequences, And when we decided to take
the head out of the game, which was very important
and we need to do, there was going to be
some unintended consequences. First, it was going to be lower

leg injuries to players during tackles. The next thing was
going to be the inception or the finding of this
new kind of tackle, the hip drop tackle.

Speaker 4 (26:24):
And to me, it's a tackle.

Speaker 9 (26:26):
It's so unnecessary as long as we teach players how
to tackle better. As we look around the league, once
we took the head of the game, tackling skills went
down because it was less time spent on it in practice.
There was less time spent on it, you know, throughout
the training camp. So to me, this is a this
is a rule that's really going to help the safety

of the players when I look at it. You know,
we all know what it looks like when we see it.
And to me, the players that are complaining about this,
or the players Association having a problem with this, they
say it's going to be they're concerned about the consistency
of the ruling. But to me, that's not a reason
to keep it at it the game. They need to
keep this out of the game for sure.

Speaker 5 (27:07):
Hey, Scott as if you don't know this about me,
I played lacrosse.

Speaker 4 (27:13):
Chris played lacrosse.

Speaker 9 (27:14):
I'm a scout, of course I know this, man.

Speaker 5 (27:19):
But when it comes to all these NFL prospects, do
the scouts or executives give them bonus points for if
they were a multi sport athlete or they played something
else other than football growing up or in college.

Speaker 4 (27:34):

Speaker 9 (27:34):
I always thought it was important to me. It was
a bonus for players for a multitude of reasons. Again,
one of the things to me that was so important
is if you play another sport, you have a different
type of athletic intelligence and understanding and ability really to
make on field in competition decision making and solve and
problem solving. So to me, you know, I know you

were a lacrosse guy. I knew another guy who was
a pretty good lacrosse player in college, guy by the
name of Jim Brown, who was a two time All American.
And I got to meet him when I was a
graduate assistant at Syracuse, and Jim talked about how important
it was for him and how much it helped him
in terms of his decision making on the field, even
though the.

Speaker 4 (28:14):
Sports were vastly different.

Speaker 9 (28:16):
It was training his mind to be able to make
in competition decisions. And you know, when I look at
multi sport athletes, I was always a big believer in wrestlers.
We had Steven Neil who was a starter for US
at the New England Patriots in those in that first
decade of championships. He started for US for seven years.
He started for three Super Bowls for US for three

Super Bowls and he never played college football. He was
a Cal Bakersfield. He was a world champion wrestler, he
was a national championship wrestler, and he always had something
about his toughness, his leverage, his mindset. There's been a
lot of players that were wrestlers have been very successful.
I also remember in nineteen ninety six I was with
Baltimore Ravens. We drafted two players that were multi sport athletes.

Ray Lewis was a two time national high school state
campion wrestler in Florida, and Jonathan Ogden was both an
All American football won the Outland Trophy at UCLA, but
was also a national champion shot putter. I believe being
a multi sport athlete does have value.

Speaker 7 (29:18):
Those wrestlers in that offensive line and defensive line. It
always comes to fruition. I just signed my son up
for lacrosse and hopes that in the two sports, Scott
are just still scouting somewhere, consulting and doing those things
to get him there. But Scott, I want to look
ahead to the NFL draft now. You worked with LSU
as a consultant again this season is there a player
there at LSU that you're keeping your eye on come

this late April for the NFL Draft.

Speaker 9 (29:43):
Well, Jason, of course they're going to have three guys
in my opinion, they're going to get drafted in the
first round. Of course, Jaden Daniels, but Malik Neighbors and
Brian Thomas are probably going to get drafted also, So
they are loaded. When I look at Jaden Daniels, so
this is a special football player. I had to get
down and remember I was working on Eastern times, so
I would get into the office a little bit early

and I would get there and Jaden Daniels was there
every single morning, and he would get in about five
point fifteen five point thirty and start working on virtual
reality and film watching. And I remember one time I
was asking, you know, not as a scout, but I
was like, Jayden, tell me about this virtual reality stuff.
What are you getting at it? Is it all just

for show? And his eyes lit up, And when he
started talking about the detail of his preparation, he told
me this story how he had never played at Mississippi State,
but when he put the goggles on, he the week
before the Mississippi State game, knew exactly what the entire
stadium looked like, he knew where the play clocks were
in both end zones. He knew every single detail about

the state and that he needed to know. In terms
of preparation for the game, again, we can everyone sees
how good of a player is, how talented he is,
how accurate he is, what an athlete he is, But
what you don't see is the preparation. And this guy
truly loves the game, loves the comp petition, and he
is just a special kind of leader. So to me,

Jaden Daniels is a guy that I've certainly got my
eye on.

Speaker 2 (31:11):
You know what, Kyle would call that the intangible stuff.
Kyle's big on the intangible. And by the way, don't
let Jason fool you. His kids in like seventeen different sports.
So he's going to be drafted next week probably.

Speaker 9 (31:25):
Hey, if I ever get back into it, I would
absolutely take hi.

Speaker 4 (31:29):
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