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March 27, 2024 37 mins

Part Two of the Good Morning Football Podcast begins with the teams that need to nail their first round pick.  Hosts Sara Walsh, Kyle Brandt, and Super Bowl Champions Jason and Devin McCourty discuss the divisions they'd like to see on Hard Knocks.  NFL Prospect T'Vondre Sweat drops by to talk about meeting Matthew McConaughey and his plans for scoring a TD in the NFL.  Adam Thielen looks forward to his 2nd year with the Panthers.  Plus, QB Spencer Rattler looks forward to impacting the NFL despite not getting the QB headlines before the draft.

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Speaker 1 (00:04):
Good Morning Football is the production of the NFL in
partnership with iHeartRadio.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
Good Morning Football.

Speaker 3 (00:24):
Hey, welcome to Good Morning Football. We are live in
New York City. It is Wednesday, March twenty seventh. I'm
Sarah Walsh alongside Kyle Brant, Jason McCarty, Devin McCarty, and.

Speaker 4 (00:33):
A whole lot of hats.

Speaker 3 (00:35):
And there's a reason for that because we are playing
around of no cap.

Speaker 2 (00:39):
You guys ready, yes, Devin do this is an awkward question.

Speaker 1 (00:42):
You have the same size head as Jason, Like, thanks,
so because we do this segment and they also look
like Brian pans on him, So I wonder if it
looked the same on you. You guys, you don't know,
like you don't have the same size helmet when you
played or something.

Speaker 5 (00:53):

Speaker 6 (00:54):
For the most part, I'm just hoping I don't grab
the hat that you had all last It'll be a roomy.

Speaker 2 (00:59):
Mine's on the one dot hen.

Speaker 3 (01:00):
Trust Man got to go all right, thirty two teams
on the table at twenty nine days until the draft
grabbed the cap of the team.

Speaker 4 (01:07):
Here's where we're starting.

Speaker 3 (01:09):
That really needs to nail their first round pick.

Speaker 5 (01:12):
We got draft?

Speaker 6 (01:13):
Is that a Jets hat right there next to you. Yeah,
toss that thing to me right there usually comes in
the air. You said you watched the segment, right, So
I'm going with the New York Jets really need to
nail their first round draft pick. Aaron Rodgers is coming
back to torn Achilles and all that.

Speaker 2 (01:28):
He's going to be ready to go.

Speaker 6 (01:30):
They need to bring somebody in, whether it's a lineman,
whether it's a weapon, whoever it is, somebody to help
this team get over the hub. Last year, you can
call it a mulligan, whatever you want to call it.
They brought the entire staff back with the thought of
we are chasing.

Speaker 2 (01:44):
A super Bowl.

Speaker 6 (01:45):
Last year, everybody thought they might have gone offensive tackle.
The guy they wanted was off the board. They drafted
Will McDonald. He was a gon on the defensive line.
Didn't get a ton of snaps the Jets.

Speaker 2 (01:54):
They have to hit it big.

Speaker 6 (01:55):
There's a lot of hopes Jets fans will lose their
mind if they go through. Before they went through last year,
it just continues to happen in them.

Speaker 5 (02:03):

Speaker 6 (02:03):
Hit the first round pick, hit the ground running, and
go try to chase the super Bowl.

Speaker 5 (02:07):
You like it?

Speaker 2 (02:07):
What's your flavor depth, what we got, what we got here?

Speaker 6 (02:10):
All thirty two flavors are going with the Arizona Cardinals.
Why am I going to Arizona Cardinals. Last year wasn't
the ideal season from a record standpoint, but when you
watch this team, they were better than you thought.

Speaker 2 (02:23):
Kyler Murray comes back.

Speaker 6 (02:24):
They drafted Paris Johnson last year six pick overall. I
got a chance to be around him in the off season.
The guy was fantastic leader of the group. Wants to
be that first round pick. So I think this team
needs to now not just have another season where you're like, man,
they played hard, they were competitive, but take the next step.
And I think that comes with getting the guys in
Marvin Harrison junior. Is it trading back and getting maybe

another first round pick this year and the one next
year or two second round picks. I think they have
an opportunity to really take advantage of this draft and
now turn into a team that people talk about. They
have a chance to take to step to Houston Texans
took last year, and I'm excited.

Speaker 5 (02:59):
To see it.

Speaker 1 (03:00):
It's it doesn't sound like a compliment, bit I feel
like literally the toughest four win team great. Yeah, I'm
not even joking when I say that, Like great wins,
always fought.

Speaker 2 (03:08):
But who needs to nail the first I'm just gonna
go here.

Speaker 5 (03:10):
Yeah, you go with the one hinge.

Speaker 2 (03:12):
This is this is the Bears. Now listen.

Speaker 1 (03:14):
We can spend the rest of the show, the rest
of the month, the rest of the offseason talking about
Caleb number one.

Speaker 2 (03:18):
That guy has to work. It has to work. And
I remember giving the same speech about Justin Field has
to work. They've gone hundred years without a franchise quarterback.
If he doesn't work, he didn't work. But also, more interestingly,
what's the nine pick? You're sitting there at nine? Are
they moving?

Speaker 1 (03:31):
Everybody seems to be mocking in Roma Dunze from Washington
that like they're gonna bring another wide receiver. I would
personally have initially, I was like, no, I mean, we
got the wide outs.

Speaker 2 (03:39):
Cover, we got it, we had every Let's get a
pass rusher.

Speaker 1 (03:42):
Screw that as much soft cushioning and put in that
nest for Caleb. I think they're not done spend every
pick on wide receivers in lineman.

Speaker 2 (03:51):
The defense is the defense. It's fine, we need Caleb
to work.

Speaker 1 (03:55):
Bring in a wide receiver, bring in anything that the
Bears have to hit the number one, obviously, but they
got to hit that nine. If just the one works
and the nine blows it, that's not a good draft.

Speaker 4 (04:04):
I will give me a number two. Give me.

Speaker 3 (04:06):
Is there a commander's cap over there? There has to
be obviously, Like, I know what you're saying about the Bears,
but this is a Washington team.

Speaker 4 (04:13):
The futility at quarterback.

Speaker 3 (04:14):
We have rotated and rotated and switched and traded and
done everything and spent all the money and it has
not worked. Twenty seven starting quarterbacks since twenty twenty seven.
You know what I found out this week? Twenty seven
names will not fit on.

Speaker 4 (04:25):
A full screen.

Speaker 3 (04:26):
We try it work, it's a mess. We can't even
put all your quarterbacks on a full screen. In the
TV business, that's a problem. We don't want to go
to two pages of a full screen.

Speaker 4 (04:33):
That's just a disaster.

Speaker 3 (04:34):
And now people have tuned out twenty seven starting quarterbacks
in all of that time. Since two thousand, you have
had two guys also discussed already this week, you have
two guys start consecutive seasons. That it was Kirk cousins,
and it was Jason Campbell. This is a franchise that
has changed its name, it's changed its ownership, it's now
changed its coaches.

Speaker 4 (04:51):
They have every year in Washington. This is it.

Speaker 3 (04:53):
We're finally going to get the act together. We're finally
going to do it. Dan Campbell. Everybody loves Dan Campbell.
People want Dan Campbell to be successful. I love Dan Campbell.
They got to get a quarterback that they can stick
with this.

Speaker 4 (05:04):
Dan Quinn. Excuse me, they laugh. We do love Dan call.

Speaker 2 (05:08):
It's hard.

Speaker 4 (05:08):
We love all, we love all the day.

Speaker 3 (05:10):
They have to have a quarterback that's that's.

Speaker 4 (05:12):
Going to stick around for more than a second there,
and so Washington.

Speaker 2 (05:15):
Has to like it.

Speaker 4 (05:16):
What do we got next to on my job too?

Speaker 3 (05:17):
I'm sorry I was stuck on the twenty seven names
on the full screen.

Speaker 4 (05:21):
It just really rattled me there.

Speaker 3 (05:22):
It was announced yesterday that Hard Knocks in Season is
going to now focus on an entire division, not just
one team. So grab the caps of the division you
want to see feet, gotcha.

Speaker 6 (05:32):
What I love about the segment is that no one
knows what anyone's going to answer, So it gives me
great satisfaction. I'm choosing the division. I know all of
you guys walk pass me the Titans hat, the Colts.

Speaker 2 (05:43):
Hat the Texans.

Speaker 6 (05:44):
I wanted to jag watch that. I know all of
you guys were rolling with the AFC South and you're
so upset that you weren't.

Speaker 2 (05:52):
Able to get it.

Speaker 6 (05:52):
And I know, come on, dad, like, get with it.

Speaker 2 (05:55):
And when are we missing the Textans?

Speaker 5 (05:56):
Come on?

Speaker 2 (05:57):
Now here we go? There we go? All right, I'm
rolling with the.

Speaker 6 (06:01):
AFC South as my division. This is a division that
nobody wants to talk about, the one that they're always saying,
all right, we got this new team, that new team,
this new quarterback, all of that, this that and all that.
And what I love about them this is a team
with quarterbacks. You look at Anthony Richards and you look
at Will Levis, You're looking at Shane Stike and leading

this team, and you're looking at C. J. Stroud and
you're looking at Trevor Lawrence. All of these young guys
that are developing and they're going to be exciting. I
want to follow these divisions and I want to see
what they're saying about each other the week of those games,
and I want to unturn new Stones. There's teams that
have never won the super Bowl in this division. Yeah,
we can look at all the Andy Reids and the
Horrorballs and the Tomlins and all of those guys that

we know everything about them. Let's talk about a division
that's not often talked about. And I'm rolling with the
AFC South. You guys, I know you got to scramble
now to figure it out for your h that's the
hop didn't you guys tell me TVs about like you
want to see things?

Speaker 2 (06:56):
Like no one wants to see that? What do we
want to see?

Speaker 6 (06:59):
You know we want to see I'm sorry, I take
everybody say we got the bills?

Speaker 2 (07:05):
And then who we missing?

Speaker 6 (07:07):
Miami right there?

Speaker 2 (07:08):
What like instant TV is this guy?

Speaker 6 (07:12):
It's Mike McDaniel. I got a chance to talk to
him at the owners of meet and first thing he
says to meals bro Vince Carter. I just met Vince Carter.
Vince Carter came up to me, said he wants meet me.
He said, I told Vince you can come live at
my house, come play on the team.

Speaker 2 (07:25):
So this is ruey.

Speaker 6 (07:26):
We already saw some Mike mcdonne's there, so we'll see
more of that right, get them in on it. Aaron Rodgers, Like, don't.

Speaker 2 (07:32):
We want to see Aaron Rodgers?

Speaker 6 (07:33):
What did the Jets really draft a quarterback in the
second round? Will we not want to see how Aaron
Rodgers is interacting with the cable? We get the Johnny
Manziel and Brian horror stories where we get more of
a Stefan Diggs and Josh Allen? What's the marriage really like?

Speaker 2 (07:49):
Take us behind? Is it? Love is blind?

Speaker 5 (07:52):

Speaker 2 (07:52):
Was this like the match made?

Speaker 6 (07:53):
They never met each other and they came and now
was at that point where it's like we want to
see that? And then last but not least, everybody wants
to see, not least what's happening in New England.

Speaker 2 (08:03):
We all want to see.

Speaker 6 (08:03):
Is it gonna be more times to cover your face?

Speaker 2 (08:05):
So we're gonna be back, like we want to see that.
So so it's definitely to AFC East and they're definitely last.
All right, Jay, that was a good one. Dev that
was a good one.

Speaker 1 (08:13):
Throw me, throw me that cards hat, I'm going out west.

Speaker 2 (08:17):
Listen to the East coast here.

Speaker 1 (08:19):
Then sometimes maybe you don't see as many as their
games as you should. He needs stars, this guy, right,
here is it is the best football coach in the NFL.

Speaker 2 (08:26):
I'll say it again. McVeigh is gonna be a big star.

Speaker 5 (08:28):
I love him.

Speaker 2 (08:28):
He's out there in California. It'll be great.

Speaker 1 (08:30):
Also, like you tell me you don't want a piece
of this hangover, and see what the cure is for
this guy.

Speaker 2 (08:34):
I can't get enough, and I can't get enough Lynch.
The Brandon Ayuk stuff is already fascinating.

Speaker 1 (08:39):
It is an A plus usage of emojis, some of
the best I've ever seen a UK.

Speaker 2 (08:43):
I'm sure Lynch hated it. I loved it.

Speaker 7 (08:44):
Then our guy, our guy John Gannon here in Arizona,
the guy who won the Coaches photo, who was yoked
out of his mind, Jonathan gan more like Jonathan Cannon's.

Speaker 1 (08:56):
I mean, I love Gan. I love what they got going.
I'll say it again. I promise I'm not insulting you.
Toughest four win team I've ever seen a lot of
four win teams. Case, screw it, we quit, they did not,
and then listen. Allegedly, the head coach of the Seahawks
is named Mike McDonald. He has to be the least
famous coach in the league right now. Maybe that's a
good thing. Like if Mike McDonald, who came from Baltimore
and everything's got a great thing going on, walks down

like Main Street, USA.

Speaker 2 (09:17):
And any town. I don't think he's getting stopped by anybody.

Speaker 1 (09:20):
It used to be Mattie Rufluss was the thirty second
most famous coach in the league.

Speaker 2 (09:23):
Is not anymore. Get a couple of number one picks
in a row.

Speaker 1 (09:26):
That happens Mike McDonald, and you're not Mike mcdanield. No,
Mike McDonald is the guy. And that'd be really cool
if the Seahawks blew up and Mike McDonald he's actually McDonald,
m ac it's not even like you know, the fast
food Mike McDonald.

Speaker 2 (09:40):
I want a piece of him.

Speaker 1 (09:41):
Stars, new stories, underrated guys, big biceps.

Speaker 2 (09:44):
I like the West there, what do you think I like?
You should get? It's crazy, yoat give me.

Speaker 3 (09:48):
The AFC West because yesterday as we were talking about
this and do we like the division situation?

Speaker 4 (09:53):
And I like it because you can go back and forth,
you've got options.

Speaker 3 (09:56):
And then we're talking about there's certain rules with hard
ocks previously on how you could use people and so
technically Jim Harbaugh.

Speaker 4 (10:02):
Would he fall under the rule because he's a.

Speaker 3 (10:04):
New coach with a new team, and then you couldn't
get that. I mean, let's give me where we're going,
Let's give me harball.

Speaker 2 (10:09):
All the time. Should be the show.

Speaker 4 (10:10):
It's That's what I'm saying.

Speaker 3 (10:11):
Like, do you honestly look, Antonio's out here, But where
are we gonna go?

Speaker 4 (10:15):
We're gonna go Harbor. We ut it this sound.

Speaker 3 (10:17):
Look, these these guys are always preayed TV, but we
know it's expect to give me harball.

Speaker 4 (10:22):
We have broncos. What's happening over there? Who's the cour
who's the quarterback? It doesn't matter.

Speaker 3 (10:27):
But here's what guarantees us we're gonna get Harbaugh Harball Harbor.
If we have to go around the rules because the
new coach, they don't have to be on.

Speaker 4 (10:33):
This is how we get around it. So we might
as well just go.

Speaker 2 (10:35):
Great idea.

Speaker 6 (10:36):
I don't think we imagine how hard it was going
to be to do four hats at once. When you
got to grab the whole division.

Speaker 2 (10:41):
You know, it was the nice time.

Speaker 1 (10:42):
We've done it the next But what we'll do is
were so which conference? We'll just got sixteen a half
at one time. That's what I want to do.

Speaker 2 (10:48):
That's good. What's next?

Speaker 4 (10:50):
Here's what's next.

Speaker 3 (10:51):
We got college pro days there here, we got some
action today with this thing going on NFL Plus, get
access to exclusive live coverage of top draft prospects, for example,
like today Lsus, Jade Daniels in action, UNC Drake May tomorrow.

Speaker 4 (11:03):
You can catch at all on NFL.

Speaker 2 (11:05):
Where's the third question? What they got a third question?
Why we're talking about favorite one?

Speaker 5 (11:10):
Yeah, no kidding.

Speaker 4 (11:12):
We got the revamped Panthers. That's why, Kyle.

Speaker 3 (11:14):
The revamped Panthers are looking for a better showing Adam Fields.

Speaker 4 (11:17):
But what was the question that we killed?

Speaker 2 (11:18):
It was about Easter eggs and we all have thoughts
about it.

Speaker 1 (11:21):
But you know what, Texas big man so Andre Sweat joins.

Speaker 2 (11:25):
Us Jason, you like this guy?

Speaker 6 (11:26):
I love to and Andre so I have the best
sound by act the combine. This you.

Speaker 5 (11:45):
Good morning, bitch.

Speaker 8 (11:48):
Ill know I'm doing everything at the Combine before y'all
even asks. I feel like a lot of y'all gonna
be like when I run this forty you know, shock,
I'm gonna shock a lot of y'all.

Speaker 9 (11:59):
You know, the Big twelve defensive Player of the Year.
Wal weren't always referred to those fellas who might be
larger in stature and slow, considered as pace cards.

Speaker 6 (12:14):
For me, yeah, letting y'all know I'm gonna do everything
all good morning football, and when they hear him, my
response for those questions just gonna be like our next
guest is about to call some serious problems for offenses
in the NFL. He's a big man out of Texas.
Please give a warm welcome for defensive tackle to and Andre,

come on out.

Speaker 5 (12:39):
Was good. Thank y'all, man, thank you, thank you'all for
the opportunity.

Speaker 6 (12:43):
Yes, we appreciate you man doing the Heisman polls in college,
catching touchdown passes, doing it all in to Andre, you
said before the combat even started that you were gonna
shock everyone with your forty times six four, three hundred
and sixty six pounds, and this man ran a five
to seven baby take us through the run. Did you
feel like you shocked everyone? Did you know you were

gonna run that fast?

Speaker 5 (13:05):

Speaker 6 (13:05):
And what were the scout saying after you clock that
far too?

Speaker 8 (13:08):
I mean me personally, I knew the whole time I
was I knew I was fast.

Speaker 5 (13:13):
Man, everybody like be scared of my.

Speaker 8 (13:16):
Number one I step on the scale, But me personally,
I can move for a big minute.

Speaker 5 (13:21):
I just had the opportunity to.

Speaker 8 (13:23):
Go show that, so I had to put a lot
of on a lot.

Speaker 5 (13:26):
Of people's faces.

Speaker 4 (13:27):
So we love it. We love it here.

Speaker 3 (13:32):
The Texas defensive line obviously caused major problems, not only
because of you, but at your teammate Byron Murphy. You
two been playing next to each other for the past
three seasons. You're both top prospects heading into this draft,
so just how cool is it that you get to
go through this process together.

Speaker 5 (13:46):
It's very awesome.

Speaker 1 (13:47):

Speaker 5 (13:47):
Murphy is a great guy.

Speaker 8 (13:48):
But like like I said in one of my interviews,
they all give kudos to me and Murph, like yeah,
like we're the top defensive tackles. But I feel like
a lot of people don't see who's next to us,
you know what I mean, Like, look at the other
guys that's working to help us get this opportunity.

Speaker 5 (14:04):
You know, Oh, you got Ethan bird Band.

Speaker 8 (14:06):
Surrel, oh Sorel, you got Africa Collins, Bren and Brian
and Brian. You got those guys, man, Then we got
some you know, we got those guys, so like, I
give all credit to me and MERVH bro, but we
wouldn't be able to do it without those guys. As
you see in one of the plays, MURVH had a
big play. How you get it because our other guys help,

So I give all kudos to the other guys.

Speaker 2 (14:29):
It's a great answer.

Speaker 1 (14:30):
And you got a whole fraternity of Longhorns waiting for
you in the NFL too, that I know are excited
to play with you in against you. I got to
ask it to Mondri. You're a big, powerful man like
you got. You gotta eat. You're up, You're up.

Speaker 2 (14:39):
Early in the morning with us. You get breakfast. Yet
what you have let us know?

Speaker 5 (14:43):
Actually I haven't ate yet.

Speaker 1 (14:45):
Oh my gosh, not yet. Well, we're gonna get you
out here. You got big and as powerful as you are.
We got to get some breakfast to start the day.

Speaker 2 (14:53):
First. Here's a treat.

Speaker 5 (14:53):

Speaker 1 (14:54):
We love talking about this. You play at UT Eventually
you're gonna run into McConaughey. We're talking Matthew McConaughey. You
would hang with him on the sidelines during games. What's
your first impression of me? You need him and like,
what does he say during games?

Speaker 2 (15:06):
What's it like?

Speaker 8 (15:09):
I believe my first freshon one. I think I was
a freshman. It was like a freshman and sophomore. And
we got to watch one of his brand new movies.
I forgot what the movie was called, but we got
to watch his brand new movie before he even came out.
Then it's like later on I seen him in the
locker room. I was like, oh, snap, this is real.
You know what I'm saying like, this is real?

Speaker 5 (15:30):
You know. So it was just pretty cool.

Speaker 8 (15:32):
I mean, I had built the relationship over the years,
as you know. Really what he'll say to me is like,
you know he do like the accent boys.

Speaker 5 (15:41):
He'd be like, come on, swat, go do it. Let's
do it, baby, let's do it like his little boys.
He'd be having It was pretty awesome. So it was cool.

Speaker 2 (15:50):
Hell, yes, awesome, man.

Speaker 6 (15:51):
I love that And it makes you feel like you're
back in the movies and it reminds me of being
in New England and Mark Wahlberg would come into the
locker room and we'd be taking pictures. He'd be cursing
us outid true Boston guy. So it was it was
a lot of fun. You'll see you get an NFL.
It's all about versatility, and you obviously shine at the
Senior Bowl during the defensive practices, but we also saw
you taking some reps on offense, catching the passes, doing

different things. Is there a time that you think in
NFL you're gonna have some goal on opportunities to getting
there catch some touchdowns? Are you looking forward to that?

Speaker 8 (16:22):
Man, I'm looking one hundred percent for going to touch
that NFL be that's on my bucket list.

Speaker 5 (16:29):
If I could do that, they'll be awelling.

Speaker 6 (16:31):
Now if you do this your celebration. You saw the
Heisman polls.

Speaker 2 (16:35):
What you gotta league?

Speaker 5 (16:37):
Oh, it's gonna be real good.

Speaker 8 (16:38):
You know everybody can be like dance, but you know
I'm gonna break out a little dance move.

Speaker 6 (16:44):
Oh I love that, And if you do show off
the dance moves, I'll be I'm pretty sure you probably
got them from moms, because every behind every big man,
there's a strong mother. And we know you're extremely close
to your mom. She's your biggest fan supporter throughout your
entire football career. You're getting ready to get drafted next month.
What is this moment gonna mean? For your mom as
she watches her so possibly walk across the stage or

into a new city and fulfill his dream.

Speaker 5 (17:08):
It's gonna be amazing. Man.

Speaker 8 (17:10):
I've been working all my life for this, you know,
and she been watching me grow from little to now,
you know what I mean. So it's gonna be amazing
when you get to see me or get to be
by me when my name get called. So honestly, I
just can't wait for that moment and she get to
enjoy that moment with me, honestly, like there's really no words.

Speaker 5 (17:33):
Really, like I love that woman to death.

Speaker 8 (17:35):
Man, She's my right hand and I can't wait for
the opportunity to.

Speaker 6 (17:40):
We can't wait either. It's gonna be a special moment.
It's gonna be something that you guys are never going
to forget. Man, congratulations already what you have been able
to accomplish, and good luck with the'f come and drift.

Speaker 5 (17:50):
Hey, thank y'all, and thank y'all for having me.

Speaker 3 (17:52):
All right, let's get to our next guest who will
be playing for Dave Canalis, a season NFL veteran, a
very close front of the show. He is coming off
his first season in Carolina. Please give a warm welcome
two Panthers wide receiver Adam Feeling.

Speaker 2 (18:04):
Let's go by Adam.

Speaker 3 (18:07):
You are coming off a thousand yard season in Carolina.
I talked to you at training camp. You've been doing
this for a long time now, and twenty thirteen, you're
an undrafted free agent and to have played as long
as you.

Speaker 4 (18:20):
Have now in this league.

Speaker 3 (18:22):
What are your feelings going into yet another season as
you get prepared.

Speaker 10 (18:26):
I'm excited. I feel great. You know, it's always good
when you can come out of the season and you
feel healthy. You can get right back to train and
kind of get focused on your goals for the next year.
Sometimes I forget what year I am.

Speaker 5 (18:37):
You know, going into year twelve doesn't sound right, But you.

Speaker 10 (18:40):
Know, I'm excited about a new staff with a lot
of energy, like you guys said, and just the people
that you brought around.

Speaker 5 (18:46):
You know, I've been able to be around some of them.

Speaker 10 (18:48):
They're just good people first and then a great coaches second.
And you know, just a little time I've been around
some of the staff, you can tell they're not just
great people. They are really good coaches and they love
the game and it's fun to be around.

Speaker 1 (19:02):
Me you've really been through it all. Man, I can't
believe you're that many seasons deep. It's crazy that it
happened like that. You've had so many teammates, so many coaches.
You really that season, I'm sure was very challenging.

Speaker 2 (19:12):
It was a tough year.

Speaker 1 (19:13):
But now you get this new head coach, not only
in Carolina but just new on the scene, like brand
new Dave Canalis. I know you're around Carolina. Have you
been able to spend some time with him and like,
tell us the vibe. You have so much insight in this.

Speaker 5 (19:24):
What's he like?

Speaker 10 (19:25):
Yeah, you know, it's been in the whole full season
or I guess the off season here in Charlotte's been
been different for us.

Speaker 5 (19:32):
But kids in school and all that. It's a great city.

Speaker 10 (19:35):
But with that being said, I've been able to be
around the facility going there and train, been able to
be around Dave coach Canalis and really get to know him.
And it's been really cool because you know, before he
was hired, I didn't really know a lot about him.

Speaker 5 (19:48):
I knew of him, didn't know a lot about him.

Speaker 10 (19:51):
So really to hear his background, his coaching background, you know,
maybe the little bit of Chip on his show that
he has from being overlooked for a lot of years,
and what he's able to do with a lot of
different quarterbacks that he had in his room over the years. Really,
but again, it all comes back to the energy he
brings too, the passion. You can tell he's a real guy.
Like one of the first conversations we had, I'm not

going to get into details, but he was extremely real with.

Speaker 5 (20:15):
Me and very honest and open.

Speaker 10 (20:17):
And you can really respect that because in this league,
like I said, I've been around for twelve years.

Speaker 5 (20:21):
You don't get a lot of that.

Speaker 10 (20:22):
So I'm really excited to get to actual work with them,
not just you know, the little bit I've been around him,
but it'll be fun to really get into football and
to see what he can do with a lot of.

Speaker 5 (20:32):
Young, talented guys we have on this roster.

Speaker 6 (20:34):
And that means a lot coming from a guy like
you that has seen it all and done it all
in this league. Canalis isn't the only guy coming to
Carolina and this all season. Guys also had a big
off season and trading for a receiver Deontay Johnson from
the Pittsburgh Steelers. What impresses you about his game. Have
you been able to talk to him and on how
much can he help you guys on the offensive side

of the ball this season.

Speaker 10 (20:56):
Yeah, just knowing him from Afar, you know, watching his games,
watching some of his highlights his tape. What really impresses
me about him is his ability to separate. He's a
great route runner. You know a lot of guys are
either pegged as a speed guy or a great.

Speaker 5 (21:10):
Route runner guy.

Speaker 10 (21:11):
I feel like he's kind of got.

Speaker 2 (21:12):
The whole the whole bag.

Speaker 10 (21:14):
You know, he can do it all. He's fast, he
can separate, he can run all the routes. You know,
I've seen some of his route running. He does a
great job at the top of his routes creating separation
and then ultimately finishing. I know he had some issues
early in his career with with dropping football, but that's
not what you see on tape.

Speaker 5 (21:29):
He makes contested catches.

Speaker 10 (21:31):
He makes one handed catches on the sideline toe tappers. So,
you know, I'm really excited to go to work with him.
I was able to meet him very quickly when he signed,
and you know, he kind of talked about how he's
watched my game and things like that. So I'm excited
to kind of learn from him and help him and
any asks that I can hurt, any aspect that I
can help him.

Speaker 6 (21:50):
Yeah, it's awesome to see another weapon to give Bryce Young.
And I know for Bryce Young it wasn't the best
rookie start down a guy can ask for. But what
did you see from Bryce last year that gives you
encouragement going into this season? Like what really impressed you
last season?

Speaker 5 (22:06):
Yeah? Well, I'll say this.

Speaker 10 (22:07):
I mean, I think everything was stacked against him last
year unfortunately, and I'm not going to get into the
detail and why that was, but I'm just really excited
for him to just have a fresh start, you know,
an ability to just have good coaching staff that is
going to put a plan together that helped him be successful,
and also to put people around him to help him
be successful. So with that being said, I think what

he really showed is his maturity over the year. I
think his ability at times to just be very honest
in front of the room and say, hey, this is
what I'm not doing very well and that's why I
need to get better at and please hold me accountable.
I thought was really impressive for a young guy and
you know, his maturity level over the season just was
was really cool to see. And his ability to handle adversity.

I don't know how much adversity Brice has had over
his football career, and to handle the amount of adversity
he did, and just to show up every week, weekend,
week out, put his head down and work try to
lead to the best of his ability was really impressive.
And what makes me excited about year two with him.

Speaker 3 (23:06):
You know, we talked about this at the beginning of
this interview. You went undrafted, as I mentioned in twenty thirteen,
got yourself a contract after a rookie tryout with the Vikings.
You have parlayed that into a very long NFL career.
So what is your advice to some of these players
who may not hear their name called next month.

Speaker 10 (23:23):
Yeah, it's it's obviously frustrating to not hear your name called.
You put all the work in, you know, you just
you feel like you have the ability to do it,
but at the end of the day, you just got
to put that chip on your shoulder and use it
to your advantage. You know, I think it's something that
I've always done over my career. Anytime someone says I
can't do something, anyone says I'm not good enough to
do something. I put that on my shoulder as a chip,

and I use it for motivation every single day. I
go to workout. Every single day I go to the facility.

Speaker 5 (23:48):
That's my motivation.

Speaker 10 (23:49):
And all you can is all I can say is,
don't think about don't start coming numbers. Don't see how
many receivers there a homony are going to make the team.
Just go out there, put your best look forward, and
they're going to find a way to keep you around.
You know, sometimes it doesn't feel very promising, but I
promise you they're going to find a way to keep
your and eventually you get your opportunity to really show
what you can do.

Speaker 1 (24:08):
Man, if things were different back then, you would have
been in that sweet sweet Minnesota state nil money. I'm
telling you, man, all day long feeling that would have
been something. But listen, you're in Carolina with your family
now and you're all in on the Panthers. But what's
really cool about you you still find ways to give
back to the Minnesota community. We'll always be remembered, You'll
always be heralded there. The Theeling Foundation has extended its

partnership with the ath leisure and lifestyle brand Unreal. It's
called Unreal to bring some really cool stuff to the
Minnesota Era.

Speaker 2 (24:35):
Tell us more about it.

Speaker 10 (24:36):
Yeah, thanks to Unreal obviously partner with us and have
a long connection with Michael Jordan.

Speaker 5 (24:42):
Sure, and his name is Michael Jordan, the owner of Unreal.

Speaker 10 (24:44):
Not the Michael Jordan that everybody knows, but I have
a long connection with that. We actually went to Minnesota
State Man Cato a couple of years younger than me,
but you know, to have a partnership with them, and
them to really just support our foundation, donating over one
hundred thousand dollars for the next three years to help
us bring opportunities and resources to youth that really need
it and in the state of Minnesota, who's done so

much for my wife and I. When we started the foundation,
we knew that we wanted to get back to Minnesota
in a big way because of what Minnesota means to
both of us. So I'm excited to be able to
do that really bring some really cool things to some
inner city schools, some schools that just don't have resources,
opportunities to revamp their weight rooms, get them new gear.
They have new jerseys, something to make them excited to

play sport. And in turn, when you're excited to play sports,
you got to get good grades and eventually you end
up graduating high school and going on to do bigger
and better things. So we've already seen a lot of
success with doing some of those things. So we're just
going to continue to do it bigger and better with
great partnerships like Unreal.

Speaker 1 (25:43):
The Feeling Foundation, and you as a family. You've always
had that gear in addition to football. You always do
this stuff off the field. It's one of the reasons
that we respect you. It's so cool you joined us today.

Speaker 8 (25:51):

Speaker 1 (25:51):
We're always excited to watch you in the fall before
you go tough question, yes or no? Dave Canali's most
handsome coach you've ever played for.

Speaker 6 (25:58):
Yes, yeah, no doubt someone. Mike Zimmer is just furious.

Speaker 2 (26:06):
You're the best man. I appreciate you.

Speaker 5 (26:08):

Speaker 4 (26:09):
Talk to your training camp again, Adam. You know he
was talking.

Speaker 3 (26:11):
About Bryce Young and how the season be different. They've
really bulked up that offensive line this off season.

Speaker 4 (26:17):
Paid some big money.

Speaker 3 (26:18):
They got my guy, Joe Gilbert coaching that offensive line.
Coming up South Carolina quarterback Spencer Rattler, which joins us
to talk about his rising draft stock heading into next month.

Speaker 2 (26:39):
Morning fall, here we go.

Speaker 1 (26:42):
This guy has the strongest arm in this year's draft class.

Speaker 2 (26:46):
I believe it.

Speaker 1 (26:47):
He's made his name known throughout all of college football
in that community, played at both Oklahoma and South Carolina.
Please give a warm welcome, my friends to quarterback Spencer Ratlers.

Speaker 5 (26:58):
What's going on? Guys, appreciate you having.

Speaker 2 (27:00):
Me appreciate you coming on. I meant what I said.

Speaker 1 (27:02):
We've all seen you play a lot of college football,
and now you're making the jumps very exciting. You were
the MVP of the twenty twenty four Senior Bowl. You
completed all of your pass You had a twenty nine
yard touchdown pass, put your squad up early, You played well,
You looked great. How are you feeling right now at
this point between the ears? You still got a long
way to go between the now and the draft, but
you've been through a lot.

Speaker 2 (27:22):
How's your state of mind right now? You know, I
feel great.

Speaker 11 (27:24):
You know, put in a lot of hard work, obviously
nowhere near finished. I wanted to accomplish my goals going down.

Speaker 5 (27:31):
There to the Senior Bowl.

Speaker 11 (27:32):
You know, get to know new guys, have fun, you know,
acclimating a new environment, getting in out the huddle, and
then you know, have a successful week of practice and
obviously in the game as well. So that was just
you know, the first step of this process. And I
enjoyed it and still enjoyed it.

Speaker 6 (27:45):
And you're still continuing to dominate the process because earlier
this month you threw South Carolina's PRODA and you impressed
everybody that was in attendance, and you did it specifically
with the deep ball, throwing the ball down the field.
Talk to us a little bit about your game and
how you think is going to translate at the next level.

Speaker 5 (28:02):
You know, the deep ball is my favorite throw.

Speaker 11 (28:04):
I mean, everybody, every quarterback's favorite throw is is pumping
it out there down the field trying to you know,
hit them in stride.

Speaker 5 (28:10):
You know, obviously I.

Speaker 11 (28:11):
Want one or two back from the Pro day, but
you know, it felt like we had a great pro day.
Guys are in great routes. You know, I had great
catches and uh, you know, I just put it out
there for him. So I feel like, you know, the
deep ball.

Speaker 5 (28:21):
Can be a weapon.

Speaker 11 (28:22):
You know, if you can use it and obviously want
to keep working on it, but nothing better than hitting
a deep shot down the field.

Speaker 3 (28:27):
You know, the attention you're getting is nothing new to
you. You were highly recruited at a very young age. You
started receiving college offers as early as your freshman year
of high school. How do you think that kind of
spotlight being on you at such a young age help
you to handle the pressure of the situation you're stepping
into now.

Speaker 11 (28:45):
I think you know, just like you said, having that
attention at a young age, you know, it makes you
grow up a little quicker. It makes you understand how
to how to handle media. You know how to handle
yourself in public. And you know, I've been very blessed.
You know, I don't complain about the situation I'm in.
I'm very blessed and fortunate, you know, because there's a
lot of a lot of people, you know, a lot
of kids are looking up to us, and you know,
I just I can't complain, and I enjoyed every single day.

Speaker 6 (29:06):
Man, that's awesome. Though we talk about you being in
the spotlight, but you've also played behind some pretty talented guys,
playing behind Jail and Hurst, playing behind Caleb Williams and
then going out and flourishing after that. What did you
take away from those experiences? How do they change you
as a player, and how will that help you going
forward in the NFL.

Speaker 11 (29:25):
You know, it was a great first year at Oklahoma,
you know, getting to sit behind Jalen and learn and
really get to see how he processed the game, how
he worked each and every single day. So I think
that was the crucial redshirt year for me. And then
going into twenty twenty, you know, getting the job and
playing half of twenty twenty one.

Speaker 5 (29:40):
We had a lot of success.

Speaker 11 (29:41):
You know, we're on a fifteen sixteen game win street,
coming off a big twelve championship. So it was very
fortunate to be able to play there, to have some success,
hit some adversity, and I think, you know, adversity diversity
I went through was a blessing in disguise. You know,
it's helped me get to where I'm at now. And
you know, I wouldn't change your thing. So going through
all those things and getting on the other side, just
keep putting in the work. I mean, I wouldn't change
a thing, and I'm blessed to be where I'm.

Speaker 1 (30:02):
At the adversity continues. You have an incredibly strong arm.
You've been through everything at the college level, and yet
in this pre draft season, if you look at your phone,
you turn on TV, there's all these promos for the draft,
and there's Williams, May Daniels McCarthy.

Speaker 2 (30:20):
There's not Rattler. How does that make you feel?

Speaker 11 (30:23):
You know, as a competitor, you want your name up there, right,
But a lot of these guys are talented. It's a
really talented quarterback class.

Speaker 5 (30:29):
I respect everybody's game. Everybody plays a little different. You know.

Speaker 11 (30:32):
I know a lot of these guys, if not all
of them, but I feel like I can stack up
versus every single one of them. And I'm one of
those top guys as well. So you know, everybody has
an opinion and I respect that. But you know, the
work is still being put in and you know we're
excited for the next chapter. That's for sure.

Speaker 5 (30:47):
Great answer.

Speaker 6 (30:48):
I love to hear that, and you can since the
competitive nature in you, and we always talk about it.
Our show is on at every NFL building in the NFL.
GM's head coaches, they're all watch it.

Speaker 2 (30:59):

Speaker 6 (30:59):
I want you to look at the camera and say,
why you should be one of the top quarterbacks taking
in the draft this year.

Speaker 11 (31:06):
I feel like I'm a guy that has played in
multiple different systems, you know, two of them being Pro style.
I feel like I'm a guy that has played in
two big time conferences and had success, you know, acclimated
with new teammates, was a three time captain, had two
different programs.

Speaker 2 (31:18):
You know, an elite passer, can make any.

Speaker 11 (31:20):
Throw on the field, you know, very accurate, great leader,
and you can process place quickly, quick learner. And I
just feel like I'm gonna do so that's what you're getting.
And you know, come in, put put the work in,
and like I said, we're nowhere near where we want
to be, but the work's just getting started.

Speaker 1 (31:34):
Well, man, let's go at Spencer Ratler. He's done it
all all the good things, and let's you have to
come for him. A lot of quarterbacks, make sure you
look at Spencer Rattler, the dude.

Speaker 2 (31:42):
Thank you for coming on, mat.

Speaker 5 (31:45):
Appreciate you guys.

Speaker 3 (31:46):
If you hadn't heard, college pro Days are here and
with NFL Plus get access to exclusive live coverage of
top draft prospects. Check out LSU's Jayden Daniels Today you
can check out you and seez Drake made Tomorrow you
can catch.

Speaker 4 (32:00):
It all on NFL Plus.

Speaker 3 (32:02):
Also, if you weren't aware, Easter is on Sundays, So
we ask everyone which player or coach would you like
to take or who would take an Easter egg hunt?

Speaker 4 (32:11):
Way too serious?

Speaker 6 (32:12):
Great question, this is This is an easy one with
for me, and I'm going with a former player, a
guy I used to play for the New England Patriots.
I'm going with this guy right here. I want you
to tell a story about you and Easter leading up
to a lot of people like to go to the
mall take pictures with.

Speaker 2 (32:27):
The bunny bunny.

Speaker 6 (32:28):
You have a sad guys who would take it too serious?

Speaker 2 (32:31):
I was.

Speaker 6 (32:31):
I was the Easter bunny dressed up at the mall,
full Easter Bunny, come.

Speaker 2 (32:37):
Take a picture.

Speaker 6 (32:38):
We had a little bit of an issue when to
take a picture with a kid. Sue was a little
too small, saw a little bit of my skin. It
was like the bunny's black.

Speaker 5 (32:46):
So that was a.

Speaker 6 (32:47):
Little bit of an issue. Well, I would be how
did you end up getting that job.

Speaker 5 (32:50):
From a friend?

Speaker 2 (32:52):
Was just like now as a player like this was
in high school.

Speaker 6 (32:57):
Of her soon or no, but.

Speaker 2 (33:00):
I did that.

Speaker 6 (33:01):
It was awesome that.

Speaker 2 (33:02):
I won't take it too serious.

Speaker 6 (33:03):
You just wanted to throw that out there.

Speaker 2 (33:05):
That man, that was a lot in that story, a
lot on that I know about.

Speaker 6 (33:12):
It was just the chocolate ones that they have in
the box and white chok. What do you guys, I'm
going with James Harrison and take it way too serious,
big strong guys throwing plates everywhere and lift it too strong.
I'm going James Harrison like that.

Speaker 2 (33:26):
I'm gonna go with the coach, a former coach. I'm
going with Belichick.

Speaker 1 (33:30):
Make it way too First of all, he's got that
soft spot where like he loves Halloween and stuff, like
I bet he loves Easter. I'm sure he loves eggs
like they're they're kind of small and compact and white
like most of his wide receivers, and like I think
that he would also go to Ernie Adams and be like,
come up with.

Speaker 5 (33:45):
A way week.

Speaker 1 (33:47):
Like just find some loophole in the egg hunts through
which none of the other coaches know it, and Ernie
would have something brilliant and like turns out in I
Hunt Roll twenty seven eight B, the third you can't
exactly go early and get the eggs before.

Speaker 2 (34:01):
And it's by the book, of course, but I think
he would beat the and then they.

Speaker 6 (34:04):
Would get caught, and then there would act Bill like,
what do you have to say fifteen years nothing, nothing.

Speaker 2 (34:09):
But that we're paying you to be here for this documentary.
I'm not that incredible, got it.

Speaker 3 (34:13):
I'd go Dan Campbell because think about the speech you
would give to the kids that you're doing the East
Egg Hunt with.

Speaker 4 (34:17):
Maybe tackle it. Maybe maybe the.

Speaker 3 (34:19):
Eggs aren't even hard boiled, like maybe they're just raw.
You catch them, you crack them. Just tackling five year
olds left and right. Heisman out of the way. Yeah,
I'd go with Campbell.

Speaker 1 (34:31):
You know what Sarah like and they say on Easter
egg is like a hidden treat or something, And I
feel like, in a lot of ways, you are an
Easter egg for our show, because you come in, you know,
and you're like, oh, it's anas so it's great to
have you this week.

Speaker 2 (34:42):
I know there's some things you want to say.

Speaker 3 (34:43):
Yeah, so I just wanted to say obviously the show
is making a move, and I have been fortunate enough
to fill in on the show many, many times and
I just wanted to say thank you, because never did
you guys ever make me feel like I was filling
in here. I was always just sort of made to
feel like part of the team, and I just sort
of added myself onto you guys. We went to Germany
together and I was like, what's my GMFB crew? I mean,

I just maybe I just inserted myself here. But from
the people that work behind the scenes, the people in
front of the cameras, and even just last night walking
around New York, I'm just this neighborhood that I get
to stand because of course I don't. I'm not here
on the regular, so they put you up right here
down by World Trade Center, and just everything about this experience,
it has truly been the highlight of my career in
terms of having fun on a show, and everyone's having

a great time despite the hour of the morning you
come in, everyone's pumped to be here, and even just
leaving New York and walking around last night really nostalgic
and sad, and I'm just I'm so sad to say
goodbye to everybody. You know, it was an amazing run,
and so thank you guys all and Peter and Jamie
who I loved.

Speaker 4 (35:39):
Dearly, who is imminently awaiting and arrival.

Speaker 3 (35:42):
I talked to her last night. Yeah, the baby wasn't
here as of last night. She's ready to go, and
so I just wish everybody the best and love everyone here.

Speaker 6 (35:50):
I love that our very old Easter egg. We've welcomed
you into our family. And one of the best things
We've gotten a chance to know Matt, your husband as well,
who you grew absolutely under the bus right here.

Speaker 4 (36:00):
How's he making his way back into the show.

Speaker 2 (36:02):
A golf game.

Speaker 6 (36:03):
I'm kind of a Matt fan.

Speaker 4 (36:05):
That's kind of a Jason.

Speaker 1 (36:08):
I think that there's a very important group of people
and you're among that group who come in here as
quote unquote feelings or guests or whatever. But not easy,
and we talk about some nonsense here. We're talking about football,
but it's and a lot of people show up and
I don't know if this is for me, but I'm
gonna talk about this more on Friday. But people like
Sean O'Hara and Mike Robinson and Colling will, but certainly
Sarah Walsh. I remember vividly we were at the what
we called the Talent Summit in Loose where everybody gets together.

And you and I were talking and you had never
really been on the show boards a couple of years ago,
and I'm like.

Speaker 2 (36:35):
Why aren't you coming on the show?

Speaker 4 (36:37):

Speaker 2 (36:37):
Yeah, and it's great and you do and you're really
good at it.

Speaker 1 (36:40):
And I mean as a compliment, I'm the master at it,
so like I love when you come in, and you've
been a great part of this.

Speaker 6 (36:45):
So helped me get this job. She was the whole.

Speaker 4 (36:48):
The two days were lay. That was it.

Speaker 6 (36:54):
Dropping back tomorrow, but half of my episode on Good
Morning Football, we thank you to

Speaker 4 (37:02):
You guys, Love you New York
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