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April 2, 2024 50 mins

April is here and it’s NFL Draft month! First, Peter shares some stories of March Madness, from Kansas City Chiefs super fan Caitlin Clark, his son’s Yahoo! tournament bracket, and potential NFL prospect DJ Burns. Peter is joined by Jim Nagy, Executive Director of the Reese’s Senior Bowl, to discuss Burns’ NFL prospects as the 2024 NFL Draft looms just a few weeks away. They explore the history of NFL teams scouting and drafting college basketball players, whether or not Lebron James could have had an NFL career, and how Jim would work out a prospect like Burns. Lastly, Peter shares some concerns that have been brought up about QB prospects Jayden Daniels, Drake Maye, and JJ McCarthy and asks Jim to confirm or refute them.

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Speaker 1 (00:07):
The Season with Peter Schrager is a production of the
NFL in partnership with iHeartRadio. What's Up, Everybody? Welcome to
the Season with Peter Schrager. We have now entered the

month of April, which is Draft season s z N.
It's my favorite time of year. And as I promised
in our last podcast, although Good Morning Football is not
on the air during Draft season, I will be churning
out content and a lot of it will be through
this podcast. Here I'm joined by the great Aaron Wang Kaufman. Aaron,

how was your Easter weekend and how have you been?
My friend?

Speaker 2 (00:53):
Pretty good? I mean it was unlike today. It was
a pretty beautiful time in Brooklyn and New York. We've
spent some time in Prospect Park, went for some runs,
you know, I had some good outdoor time finally.

Speaker 1 (01:03):
Which I feel like I love hearing. It been a
little cold. So can I ask you have you been
caught up in the Caitlin Clark hysteria at all? Caught up?

Speaker 2 (01:13):
I mean I am aware of it. I will admit
I am more closely following NBA right now than I
am more interesting. Really typically for me, like once the
NFL ends is when I really get into the NBA
and like I don't. I don't watch a ton of
NBA games during the NFL season, but the NFL season ends,

like then I'm like full in on washing NBA. Uh,
And I think there are a lot of great storylines there.
I have just watched clips and highlights of.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
Okay, I watched a full Dame full game last night.
Lsu I was She's unbelievable and I've been a fan
of her for some time and not name dropping here,
she and I text quite a bit. The reason being,
and this goes back three years to the Combine. The
women's Beak ten tournament was in Indianapolis. I guess two

years ago. It wasn't my last year's year before, and
Iowa was staying in the same hotel as me, and
I'm at the bar and the Iowa Athletic director or
the SID whoever it was, and I started talking and
she's talking to me about you know, Caitlyn loves the Chiefs.
She loves Patrick Mahomes, she loves it all. So I

reach out to Brett Veach, the general manager of the
Kansas City Chiefs, and I'm like, are you aware that
Kitlyn Clark absolutely loves Mahomes and the Chiefs, and he goes, yes,
we've been I'm aware of it, but I've never had
a chance to connect. And then I got through this
sid in contact with Kitlyn Clark. I put her in
contact with Brett Veach. We we have a text chain, the

three of us, and Veach is like her biggest cheerleader.
Obviously you see her in all these state formads. She
is a legit Chiefs fan. She went Christmas Day if
I'm not mistaken, and like, let us all know that
she was going. They lost to the Raiders that day.
But Caitlyn Clark is no joke a football fan. Knows
her Chiefs inside and out. And there's like pictures of

her like from her childhood wearing I don't even know
which player, probably like a priest Homes jersey or something.
But is she from Iowa though she's not even from Kansas,
not from Kansas City. There's no like geographical connection. I'm
sure there is some action.

Speaker 2 (03:24):
I'm from Buffalo and one Bill's fans, so I get
that totally makes sense.

Speaker 1 (03:27):
So she loves the Chiefs and I tweeted last night
I said, she's my Homes, she has ten threes and
forty one points, and like everyone knows she's gonna do
it to you, and she does it anyway. About a haters,
I love it. People are like she's not one shit
yet and I'm like, well yeah. They're like, she's taking
this IOWA team past at defending champions to the final
four and last year she went to the finals. They're like, nope,

until she went to chips, she ain't Mahomes. Bro. I'm like,
all right, you know what, I respect that. If we're
gonna talk about women athletes and in a fair and
equal way with men's athletes, we judge these NFL players
by their chips and by their by their championships, and
into this case, until phil Caitlyn Clark gets one, maybe two,
maybe three, maybe we shouldn't put her in the same
breath as Mahomes real quick.

Speaker 2 (04:11):
The one the one complaint about the comparison is that
she hasn't won a championship. That's pretty amazing. That's like
good right.

Speaker 1 (04:18):
Like it's like no one's saying, like, no, she's not
as athletically gifted, or she's not as great an ambassador
of the sport. I love watching her. I loved watching
the Yukon shooter yesterday Page Bruckers, who, by the way,
is coming off multiple knee injuries and is doing, you know,
carrying this team on her back. So I mean on
the women's tournament. But I have to tell you, yeah,

the men's tournament has been such a love story for
me and my son, and this is gonna get sentimental.
So he's seven years old. I get the news that
Good Morning Football is going on hiatus and there's a
move and there's relocation, and it's a lot and it's
emotional and I don't know how to tell them. We
I really haven't told him. We're trying to figure it
all out, like how we talk about this. But then

the tournament starts and I'm like, okay, I'm like, well,
let me explain to you seven years old, I'm explain
to you what bracket is. So he fills out the
bracket with me, and he's got some upsets and like
he has Yukon and Purdue and he's like super into
both teams. And we go on vacation to South Carolina
and this is like such like lifetime memories and I

don't know why. And I still like mad Dog Russo here.
But these NCAA tournament games start at ten o'clock at night,
Like it's completely insane. I don't know who stays up
for these games, but yes, these games are late night games.
Fine and I and we're all in the same hotel room.
We got the baby in a crib, we got my son.
I'm like, we can't have the music. We have the
sound on, but we can do it. Mute. Mommy's gonna

try to go to bed. And he's in this little
cot and he's staying up till midnight watching Alabama Clemson
and watch and like staying up and he's into it
and he wakes up the next morning. And here's the
best part. We're in a no money free bracket on
Yahoo where it's just our family, my wife, him and me,
and he's in first place and he's excited. But there's

this little tab it says leaderboard, and if you click
on that tab, it is everyone who's put a bracket
in on Yahoo. My son is following this as if
it's the NFL playoffs and standings and tiebreakers, and he's
he's like, Dale's in first place right now, but Dale
actually has Alabama. You know, beating Yukon or Alabama. Yeah,

Alabama beating Ucon So Dale's not gonna win. And there's
this guy named Ed all right, and I feel like
if I was still writing a sports chart, like I
would write like, uh it was Mitch album piece or
Rick Riley pieces on this Ed on the Yahoo leaderboard,
Ed has NC State in there in his final four

that he has NC State beating Yukon in the NCAA finals,
and Ed right now is in first place. Mel is
obsessed with Ed's bracket every morning wakes up. He's like,
because Ed's still in first I'm like, yes, there hasn't
been any game since NC State won unbeat Duke. So Ed, Ed,
if you're a listener of the Sea and you have
the number one bracket in all of Yahoo right now,

because you're the only person anywhere who's got to left
and c at NC State, know that you've got a
fan in my son and a fan in me. I
would love to meet Ed. And Mel thinks it's so
funny that his name is just Ed. It's not some
crazy bracket like, you know, we all have our bracket names.
He's just Ed, so Ed Yahoo number one, which is
a good segue to our guest right now, as ed
has NC State and maybe the most captivating college basketball

player in recent history, this Dj Burns. He's listed at
six nine two and seventy five pounds, big body, he
doesn't jump, he just scores and has got incredible footwork
and uses his as Bill Rafford says, his dvery air,
it's to to his maximum mobility. I love watching him play.
I had a tweet saying that a general manager and

a scout multiple ones actually were talking to me about
if he had a pro day that people would show up,
and it blew up on Monday, and I figured who
better to have talk about Jay Burns as an NFL
prospect then a guy who was a front office member
of six different Super Bowl teams and has won four
of them and runs the Senior Bowl. Jim Naggy. It's

a pleasure to do this podcast with you, Aaron. Jim
Naggy's great. Can't wait to talk to him about Dj Burns,
an NFL prospect coming up after this. Our guest this
week is a dear friend of mine and one of
my favorite people to talk NFL Draft but also football

in general. We've had him on before on the season
with Peter Schreger. He is the executive director of the
Reese's Senior Bowl. He's an eighteen year NFL scout, and
he's a four time Super Bowl champion as a front
office member. Mister Jim Naggy, Welcome back to the season
with Peter Schreger.

Speaker 3 (09:01):
Peter, thanks for having me back on. It's going to
be fun.

Speaker 1 (09:05):
Yes, it is going to be fun. We are less
than a month away. We are now officially in April,
and I plan on having you on multiple times in
the lead up of the draft. But I specifically wanted
to have you on because of a tweet that I
put out yesterday morning that I didn't realize would cause
a maustrom of vitriol support attention. I've been asked to

go on no less than twenty different talk radio shows
over the last forty eight hours over a tweet that
I had. In fact, I will read you my tweet
that I had, as I think it's the last tweet
I've put out there, and if you're not on Twitter,
I'm sure you can gather what I was referring to.
Here's my tweet. April first spoke to and texted multiple

scouts and GMS about North Carolina State big man DJ
Burns as an NFL offensive tackle prospect over the last
twenty four hours. Fact I did. He is listed at
six ' nine, but he's probably six seven. He's got
a plus footwork, would get a big turnout and potentially
money if he participated in a pro day or workout

the week after the Final four. By potentially money, I
meant could get drafted, we get signed as a as
a undrafted free agent. I put that tweet out not
thinking anything of it. It has twelve million impressions, two
point four thousand reposts, and over one thousand comments, most

of them assuming it was either an April fool's gag
or I am some sort of idiot for suggesting as much,
which is what is the nature of online now. Yesterday, yesterday,
Jim Nagy, who I trust more than anybody when it
comes to NFL draft and scouting and the like, posts

the following tweet got text from a GM, an assistant GM,
and a college director. With an hour of posting this
last Friday night, there is NFL in and DJ Burns
and it is a real thing. And last Friday night
you posted somebody said anyone else having trouble watching NC
State big man DJ Burns and not thinking about him
kick sliding and pass protection or getting out on tolls.

Can't just be me, And then a few hours later,
yesterday he wrote, I don't do lame April Fools posts, Jim.
The reaction to your tweet suggesting him as just a
potential offensive lineman in the NFL was what.

Speaker 3 (11:34):
Well, a couple of things here.

Speaker 4 (11:35):
First, Peter, like mine got a lot of traction, but
not twelve million like yours did. I don't have quite
the following. Man, I just you know, it's kind of
a sickness for football people. You can't watch you can't
watch hoops without your brain going to what could this
guy be on a football field? And so yeah, I
threw that out last Friday night, and again three rebuddies
hit me up. I came, ah, I'm watching the game.

I was thinking the same thing. So many things have
to happen for this got to be a football player.
I'm not saying he's gonna be on an NFL football
field next Well that's not what I'm saying. But with that,
with that body type, I'm with you. They list him
at six ' nine. I'm I'm guessing NFL scouts and
probably get him at six seven. He's probably not the
two seventy five he's list. Dad, he's probably north of

three bills. But it's just an exercise you do, man,
You what you watch? You know, kind of a long
six ' three guard with long arms, ding guys up
and with great movement, lateral movement, in reactiveness.

Speaker 3 (12:28):
I mean, you know, you think what that guy looks
like at corner corner?

Speaker 4 (12:32):
So so yeah, I mean I just threw that out
in the middle of March madness because I don't watch
a lot of basketball anymore. I mean, saw this DJ
Burns guy doing his thing, and uh, it's kind of
blown up. I mean, so yes, So yesterday Bleacher Report
picked up my thing and next thing, you know, my
son texts me like, hey, Dad, you're in our You're
in our buddies group chat right now.

Speaker 3 (12:52):
Like what's going on? So it's been Yeah, it's been
kind of crazy.

Speaker 1 (12:56):
It's a perfect storm of a little bit of a
lull in the draft season and then this incredible Cinderella
ride and you and I as football people, and I
saw several different football people and my phone also blowing
up with not just NFL fan at GMS saying I
would do anything to get my hands on just to

see what a raw you know. So what really spurred
my tweet was, I don't know his title. He's ad
a organization, he's been there for years and he's the
number two guy there. I don't know the official title.
I said to him, am I crazy? And that this
guy could have a pro day workout and NFL teams
would flock to it. And he said, yeah, one hundred

NFL teams would flock to it, and he can make
quite a bit of money. And he started listening names.
He was like Ji Lewis at George Mason was not
even close to his mobile and as Gifton footwork wise,
this guy and he got a tryout and team showed up.
And you go through it, whether it be Moley Cox
or whether it be in recent years, George Fant at

a Western Kentucky. There is a place in the Rico
gathers at a Baylor. These were college basketball players in
the torn minute. And maybe it makes NFL luddites, an
NFL knuckleheads like us look like we're you know, our
heads in the sand. And it takes an NCAA tournament
run to notice these guys because at Winthrop he was

the conference player of the year. It's not like he
wasn't doing it. But sometimes on the grand stage, when
you have a performance like this, it does open eyes
and people start thinking in football terms, and I will
put my name on it, and I think I'm pretty
reliable on this stuff. If he was to have a
pro day next week, there would be teams that would
show up, and I think there might be a full

Arsenal love team showing up. Am I wrong?

Speaker 4 (14:44):
You are one hundred percent right, Peter? Just to unpack
a couple of those things, those names you talked about.
When I was with the Seahawks, we had mow Ally
Cox walking the halls on a thirty visit at this
time of year.

Speaker 3 (14:55):
After his pro day, he was up into the building.

Speaker 4 (14:57):
We drafted George or no, we got George Fans, an
undrafted free agent. If I could go back, like, I
got to hit up some guys in Seattle to see
if they can send me his pro video.

Speaker 1 (15:07):
Let me hear so Hey's at Western Kentucky. He played
I want to say, one year of college ball. He
did play the football right.

Speaker 3 (15:14):
He did he put out a helmet, but he barely played.

Speaker 4 (15:17):
He barely played, and we put him through a tight
end workout at the Pro day, and all I remember
is the red zone drill. They were throwing in red
zone fades, and here's this guy that's like, at the
time two hundred and eighty pounds maybe just getting off
the ground. It was unbelievable, the body control, of the
leaping ability. And you know, a long story short now
whatever it is. Ten years later, he's been in the

league forever and he's bepent on a tackle. They you know,
we put a bunch of weight on him and just.

Speaker 3 (15:42):
Had a great NFL career.

Speaker 4 (15:43):
I mean, I started a ton of games, so no
the league would show up. And the other thing I'll say,
after all this stuff happened yesterday and all this your
stuff's catching fire. A buddy of mine who's a scout
that lives in the research triangle there in North Carolina,
really close to Raleigh. He texted me he was like, man,
you are killing me right now with these sweets.

Speaker 3 (16:04):
He's like, I was his hope.

Speaker 4 (16:07):
His hope was NC State gets bounced in the first
round or in the first couple of rounds. Yeah, and
then he was gonna try to sneak in and get
over there and work them on himself, and you know,
stash the guy away and sign him after the draft.
He's like, well, now that's not that's not in the
in the cards, because you're right. If they had a
pro day, man over half of the league would probably
be there.

Speaker 3 (16:24):
I would get Yeah.

Speaker 1 (16:26):
And here's the thing, and you said it when you
were talking about it. We're not suggesting he won't have
a fine NBA career. We're not suggesting he's limited and
basketball is not a future. We're just saying you see
that body. You see how nimbly is You see the
way he moves in the paint. That is offensive lineman,
footwork man, that all that stuff that he's doing, the

drop step, all this stuff that is that is stuff
that that offensive line coaches spend years trying to develop.
You see it already with that Yeah.

Speaker 3 (16:55):
Yeah, And you and I are an NBA scouts. I
have no idea what I'm looking at.

Speaker 4 (16:59):
You know, when it comes to the projection of the
to the National Basketball Association.

Speaker 3 (17:03):
And I'm sure he could play overseas.

Speaker 4 (17:05):
There's a lot of basketball probably, but all you and
I were on the same page, Like it's the whole
curiosity thing is what would it look like with Pats?

Speaker 3 (17:13):
That's all it was.

Speaker 1 (17:14):
That's all it is. Now what would it take then
from this stage going from now put on in your
front office hat. Say they lose or they win, say
they win found you know, whatever they be. I think
they who does NC State play that they play Purdue?
So it's him and Zach Edie, which I am excited
to see. Let's say they lose on Saturday, and let's

say he has a pro day. What what would be
the workout you would put him through if you were
to be the person who was at the PRODA and
wanted to actually see him do football exercises?

Speaker 4 (17:45):
Yeah, great question. It's gonna have to happen quickly, you know,
with nil stuff. I'm sure he has an agent, now
that's probably not an NFL certified agent, contract agent. I'm
sure there's a lot of those guys right now that
might be scrambling to get away to uh to DJ
Burns right now. But it's gonna have It would have
to come together quickly because we got the draft here
and you know, less than a month. But I would

try to do all like a full workout and run
a forty do the shuttles, bench press.

Speaker 3 (18:11):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (18:12):
The guy probably hasn't been lived in a bunch in season.
Although teams would love to know how strong he is.
That's gonna be. That's a big component of it as.

Speaker 3 (18:18):
Well height and weight.

Speaker 1 (18:19):
Right, you'd measure him, Oh yeah.

Speaker 4 (18:21):
You certainly measure him. You do all, you know, a
three cone short shuttle, vertical, broad jump, forty yard dash,
all like standard pro day stuff, and then just have
him go through an offensive line position workout. I've seen
people say, well, what about tight end. That doesn't look
like a tight end body type to me. But I
would have him slide and you know, redirect and pass
set and you know, get out on pole. See him

open his hips up and get out and run all
that stuff. I'd see him, you know, pop a bag
and see. Now I did hear that he has played football.

Speaker 1 (18:50):
And that's eight oh grade, eighth grade.

Speaker 3 (18:53):
At least he.

Speaker 4 (18:53):
Knows where, you know, thigh pads go in his pants
and everything. At least he's put on pads before. Because
the guys that have made the you know, the transition successfully,
most of them have played you're going back to like
Antonio Gates and Jim Like those guys had played football
in high school.

Speaker 3 (19:08):
So so we would see, but it would be fun.

Speaker 4 (19:10):
But yeah, I would put him through just a normal
standard pro day workout.

Speaker 1 (19:14):
Yeah, I'm trying to think of some like guys like
do you remember Quinton Rollins played point guard at Miami
of Ohio and then that I think a Packers draft
him in the second or first round as a corner.
Like there's been guys who have played high levels obviously
at both and we can go through the NFL history
of you know whoever it is. There's a long litany
of guys that have played it. But I you know,

I look back at like Vida Veya had a very
very decorated high school basketball career. Quentin Nelson, I believe
went to Red Bank Catholic or Red Bank Regional in
New Jersey and was like an all state player. Like,
it's not unprecedented for guys who played high school ball
to that make the transition. What is unprecedented is to
not play any college football. And yet you tell me

Jordan Mei Alotta didn't play a snap of football's entire
life and got drafted, wasn't just an undrafted guy by
the Eagles in the seventh round and is now one
of the best offensive tackles in the sport Becausejeff Sttlin
coaches him up.

Speaker 3 (20:09):
Yep, No, he came to mind yesterday.

Speaker 4 (20:13):
I have done a couple podcasts and radio shows like
you talked about Malta came up. He's he he would
be a developmental player, right, it would. It would take
two or three years probably in what we don't know.
The toughness thing is is probably the biggest component that
we don't know, right And I love some of the
Charles Barkley stories about when he went out to play
football one day in high school and yeah, coaches like,

all right, Charles, we'll see you tomorrow.

Speaker 3 (20:36):
He's like, no, you won't. I'm good. I'm good not
doing that anymore.

Speaker 1 (20:40):

Speaker 3 (20:41):
Yeah, it's just fun stuff to think about.

Speaker 1 (20:43):
Uh. Pete Prisco, who is polarizing too many online, is
one of my favorite guys because he says what he
thinks and he's just always been himself. He's real. He said,
slow it all down. You know, there's football tough and
there's basketball tough, and we have no idea if he's
football tough.

Speaker 3 (21:00):
That's absolutely right. Yeah, Pete, Pete nailed it.

Speaker 4 (21:02):
Yeah, that's a big that's a big part of it.
And again, a lot of these projects have been tight ends.
A lot of these projections that have hit have bet
you know the Mo Walley Cox is the Jimmy Grahams. Yeah,
that's a different position. You can flex those guys out
right and make those guys pass catchers. I mean, if
DJ Burns hits, he would hit as an offensive lineman.
And and there are there are more finesse tackles than

than than others, and there's power players, but it's there's
a there's an element of physicality regardless if you're on
the line of scrimmage.

Speaker 3 (21:33):
So that is the great unknown.

Speaker 1 (21:35):
Your buddy who lives in that area was trying to
keep it quiet. Do you think there's a lot of
those in the draft where there's like, hey, this is
a little undercover gem that no one else has that
that I know, and we're not going to publicize it,
but might not be on the radar. And plays basketball like,
is there someone dedicated to that? And each team I
don't know how front offices work, but someone put a

tweet out who said, forget what team, it might have
been Denver or New England, and it was like, since
twenty twenty two, this guy's been hired and his job
is to look at all college basketball players and try
to find the guys, you know, the square for the
round peg that maybe the sport is wrong and we
can match him up and get into football. Is there
is that a dedicated job in a front office.

Speaker 4 (22:18):
I've never known it to be a dedicated job. That's
a really good question, you know, speaking to the guy
that's up there. I mean, when they're in your backyard,
you might take your take your kid to a basket
college basketball game and notice him or something like that.
But these NFL scouts don't have a lot of time
to be on watching college basketball on television. That's that's
That's one thing I'll say this after. I want to
say it might have been after maybe after the Allie

Cox year and we had him up to Seattle. One
of the guys in our department in Seattle, you know,
one of the upper level guys, assigned it to all
the scouts. They broke up the country by area scout
and did a comprehensive study of you know, I don't
know how he did it. I don't know how analytically
he broke it down, like what level of basketball player
they had to be Statistically, I don't know how he

found him, but he ran searches of guys that did
play high school for football. Then we're also like starting
level basketball players, and we had to make calls. We
had to make calls to the basketball programs at schools,
which is really weird that year, you know, if you're
reaching out to like directors of basketball operations, those were
calls I was used to be used to making, And
I don't know if they still do that, but I know,
at least for a couple of years up in Seattle,

we did that.

Speaker 1 (23:25):
I love that because it shows picking outside the box
and creativity being a football you know, media guy. I'm
not gonna say a football guy, but football media guy.
There was always this sensitivity where they'd be like, well,
if Alan Iverson played football, he would be the best,
or Randy not Randy. If Lebron James played wide receiver,
he'd be the best wide receiver of all time and

time and time again. Football people would say, slow down,
you know, is there a threat almost to the football
community when you hear someone like me tweet out DJ
Burns could be an offensive tackle in the NFL, Like,
is it insulting to those who dedicate their lives to
the position.

Speaker 4 (24:01):
Peter, It shouldn't be. And you are a football guy, dude,
you sat down there seventy fifth You knew that you
knew all our seventy fifth guys career highlights and everything.
Year your football guy, it shouldn't be threatening. And you
know to the lebron thing like, I'll talk about Jimmy
Graham a little bit. So I scouted Jimmy Graham when
he was coming out of Miami. They had three tight

ends that year. I think one was Clive Warford. I
can't remember who the other guy was, but they were
all good players. I was there in August and we're
watching in edge of that Joel beginning of practice. You know,
pads are popping. You know, it's basically tight end against
against defensive end, and Jimmy's getting ragged all all over
the place. And there was a long time scout Joe
Collins from the New York Giants. He's retired now.

Speaker 3 (24:45):
I love Joe.

Speaker 4 (24:46):
And he looked over at me and he was like
He's like, that basketball player is going to be the
best one. And I'm like, Joe, the guy is just
getting tossed around right now, is going to be the
best one.

Speaker 3 (24:54):
And then they broke that drill.

Speaker 4 (24:55):
They they went off and did like seven on seven
or or you know, rots on air with the quarterbacks.
And then you saw Jimmy, you know, move and break
and I was like, Okay.

Speaker 3 (25:05):
I looked at Joe. I'm like, you might be onto something,
and he was like, jim I cheated. I was here
yesterday for practicing.

Speaker 1 (25:10):
He saw it, he saw him dominating.

Speaker 4 (25:12):
Yeah, but think about this, So, Jimmy Graham has, you know,
kind of a borderline Hall of Fame career.

Speaker 3 (25:18):
Who knows what.

Speaker 4 (25:18):
I saw a tweet the other day like, what what
would Jimmy's career look like if the Saints never traded
him to the Seahawks total for Max Hunger, if he
stayed with with Drew Berries whole career, what would his
numbers look like? Again, regardless, he's one of the best
players in Saint's history, right. So, and he was a
dirty work player for the Miami basketball team. He was

he was a sixth man.

Speaker 1 (25:40):
Wasn't if I recall he averaged like less than ten
points a game, if I'm not mistake, and he was
not more than a double zero, if I'm not mistaken,
and he was not twenty and ten.

Speaker 4 (25:49):
No, he was the scrappy guy, dude, he was. He
was the blue collar guy. I think he finished at
the time off the top night. He was like top
ten in blocks in career history. That he was a rebounder,
and he's a defensive player. But he was like a
scrappy dude in the ACC, like not even touching. He
had no chance to play in the nest in the NBA. Yeah,
what would Lebron have like in his career ends up

being borderline Hall of Fame? Yeah, as a guy that
was like a sixth man in the ACC. What would
Lebron seriously like? He's he or Michael Jordan whatever that
debate is best best basketball player ever?

Speaker 3 (26:22):
He played? He played football in high school and was
at a high high school high level.

Speaker 4 (26:27):
He was probably a legit six seven, six eight, probably
two hundred and sixty to seventy pounds. He could have
been the best football player they ever lived.

Speaker 1 (26:35):
I don't get it right.

Speaker 3 (26:36):
How can you how can your brain not go there.

Speaker 4 (26:38):
I mean, if you're just if you're just using Jimmy
Graham as is the benchmark and what his career in
the NFL, and it would be in what could Lebron
have been?

Speaker 3 (26:45):
So yeah, back to it.

Speaker 4 (26:46):
NFL people shouldn't be they, I mean, come on you
those games are fun to play.

Speaker 1 (26:51):
Yeah. I don't know if DJ Burtns loves football. I
don't know if he's ever had a chance to. I
don't even know. You know, we don't know Lebron loves football.
Lebron I know just through Bath Carter and those guys
like they football is almost you know, basketball is the
job and the path. Like those guys on Sundays, that
is what they do. They watch football. So you combine that,

does a like did George Fan love football or was
it like this is a job when you interviewed him
and you guys brought him in, you.

Speaker 3 (27:21):
Know, I didn't sue it George then, But but for
him to.

Speaker 4 (27:23):
Have the careers had I would assume he he either loved.

Speaker 3 (27:27):
It or really liked it.

Speaker 1 (27:28):
Yeah. I guess my question is like if your DJ
Burns and your whole life has been basketball, basketball, basketball,
and it's like yeah, but there's a meal ticket potentially
for football. Do you need to have like a dying
an undying love for the sport to like pursue it
or is it just, hey, this is this is the
right decision financially. I guess that's a decision he's got
to make, right.

Speaker 3 (27:46):
Peter, Peter, you know this.

Speaker 4 (27:47):
I mean there's a lot of guys that play in against.

Speaker 1 (27:51):
We doubtless guys on Good Morning Football who like I
try to talk about the league with like a commercial breaking,
like they don't even follow the NFL, Like they don't
even know who the good teams are. They don't even
And I'm almost humbled by that. I'm like, that's how
what an amazing athlete you are that you can just
do what you do as a job and then turn
it off. That's incredible, you know.

Speaker 3 (28:08):
Yeah, like with those.

Speaker 4 (28:09):
Guys, And that's always the first question with guys that
played both sports, right, and you hear about it, like
you go into the school as a scout in the fall,
and I'll tell you, like this kid was more of
a hooper in high school, Like we don't know how
much he.

Speaker 3 (28:19):
Goes football, but you know he's really good at it.
So he does it.

Speaker 4 (28:22):
But what it does, it probably prevents you from hitting
your ceiling as a player, right, Like if you really
loved it, then like you would be better. But just
on your natural gifts a loan, you can play it,
and you can a lot of these guys play.

Speaker 3 (28:34):
A long time.

Speaker 4 (28:34):
But that's kind of I don't think fans realize how
guys just don't love it.

Speaker 1 (28:39):
Yeah, my last question on this multi sport thing, I'll
never forget. I want to say it was Tristan Worths
and there's a long line of them, and I know
aj Epineza was one of them. And of course in
recent here Linderbaum like wrestling. Football guys love wrestlers. They
don't love basketball guys, but they love wrestlers. Am I wrong?

Speaker 4 (29:00):
You're absolutely right? No, especially you know, on the on
the offensive defensive line. So for this year, Zach Frasier
is a center at West Virginia. I think he was
a four time state champion in the state of West Virginia,
maybe lost one time as a freshman. Ridiculous record. So
this is this is another a cool carryover. Now you're
catching me off guard a little bit during my time

with the Patriots, and I'm gonna be blanking on this
dude's name. He was a He was an All American
wrestler at cal State Bakersfield. Our college director, Larry Cook
from the New England Patriots, went up and went to
the workout, went to the pro day, worked him out,
We signed him as a free agent, and we drafted

him late.

Speaker 3 (29:41):
I can't remember.

Speaker 1 (29:42):
I'll tell you his name right now, and he's Stephen Neil.
He was a great Patriots Stephen Neil.

Speaker 4 (29:48):
I'm sorry, Stephen, I'm having like an old guy moment
right now.

Speaker 1 (29:53):
He is CSO Bakersfield's most decorated wrestler, and he now
serves as the alumni relations coordinator for csub's wrestling program.
A once in a lifetime story of wrestler who did
not play college football and went into the NFL and
had a storied NFL career.

Speaker 4 (30:08):
Yeah, they don't have they don't have football Cast State Bakersfield,
they don't play football there.

Speaker 3 (30:12):
So again, he came in.

Speaker 1 (30:13):
How do you find that? So how'd they find him?

Speaker 4 (30:16):
Some agent probably just put it out that they were
gonna have a pro dat. I don't know, I don't
know how, but but I'm sure a lot of teams came.
Thank god, Larry you know, developed a relationship and signed him.
But I remember the biggest thing for Steven was it
wasn't strength, it wasn't toughness. Obviously, his was just that
aggressive nature, right because you're used to that is such
an aggressive sport. He had to rain himself in a

little bit, like, yeah, tone it down a little bit.
On the football field, he would be sober aggressive. He
almost he almost had questioned the athlete a little bit
because he was always out over his skis and he's
you know, on the ground and then you know. But
but our offensive line coach, Dante Scarnekia was a Jim.
That's not athleticism. I just we just got to rain
this guy in. And then, like you said, he came

in he was an all time Patriot. I mean, this
dude started so many games in a row. And again,
it's nice when you have a Dante's scarneki one of
the greatest coaches ever to help develop you. But I mean,
obviously different sport. But there's another there's another instance where
the guy didn't play college football and becoming a very
good NFL player.

Speaker 1 (31:16):
Yeah, I remember I used to do games with Matt Millan.
I was his sideline interporter, and Matt loved, loved college
and high school Pennsylvania, penn State wrestling, and he would
tell he would always give me a wrestler, like, give
me a wrestler, get me someone who's gonna get dirty.
And I was like, that's so interesting because those two sports,
like when you get those big boys, like a lot

of those skills do translate. Uh, you mentioned the Patriots.
I'm gonna get you off script a little bit here.
You worked there for many years. Did you get a
chance to watch the documentary The Dynasty?

Speaker 4 (31:47):
I did, I did, I saw. I think I've seen
the first four episodes so far, which was.

Speaker 1 (31:51):
Your era, right, that's when you were with them through
that as farst.

Speaker 3 (31:53):
Yeah, those first four episodes was about the time I
was there.

Speaker 4 (31:56):
I actually caught myself in the in the background of
a couple of practice shots, and I felt really old.

Speaker 3 (32:01):
Because I looked a lot younger back then, but look good.
It was really cool.

Speaker 1 (32:05):
Okay, cool because obviously you've seen a lot of the
I would say almost it's interesting the Patriots Dynasty, I
almost break up into different chapters, almost four chapters of
like you know, the early first four Super Bowls that
they went to, you know, including the Giants one, and
then this, you know, changing guard a little bit, and
then you've got these last ten years. You can split

in half of you know, the Brady, you know, final
couple super Bowls and then post Brady. A lot of
a lot of controversy around it, and even Robert Kraft
at the league meetings had to like speak up on it,
and it was like, well, I'm not necessarily the rill,
which I I'm not going to knock Robert Kraft from
what he thought of it, but I believe he had production,
you know, saying some of this stuff, and you know,

he was kind of being critical of it. Have you
talked to us like is this a is there a
text stain of all the old Patriots staffers or like
you and Nick Cassario and Eric Mangini and whoever else,
like texting about how the thing was portrayed? Yeah, a
little bit.

Speaker 3 (33:00):
Yeah, I've had I've had those texts with some guys. Again,
I wasn't in it.

Speaker 4 (33:05):
I'm sure the guys have in or a little more
hyper sensitive to it. And you know what I do
with the Patriots dynasty, there Peter, I break it down to.

Speaker 3 (33:12):
The slot receivers.

Speaker 4 (33:14):
To me, it was the Troy Brown era, and then
it was the Wes Welker era, and then it was
the Julian Element era.

Speaker 3 (33:19):
To me, those are those three guys kind of span
the lifetime. But I don't know. For me, it was
like a look back. You know.

Speaker 4 (33:25):
I saw Damien Wood he put something out there on
social media that he was watching you with his kids.
You know, they obviously weren't around when Damien was a player,
sort of like see footage of him, were running out
the tunnel at Gillette and all those things. Like for me,
it was like a retrospective. Man, I was in like
my mid twenties back then. I'm almost fifty now, so.

Speaker 1 (33:41):
Think about it.

Speaker 4 (33:42):
I watched the show through through that lens, and it
just brought back a lot of great memories and I
thought they did a great job at Shoot, man, I'm
not I was no part of that content, so I shoot,
there's a lot.

Speaker 3 (33:53):
I know, there's a lot of people that I issued.

Speaker 1 (33:54):
With it though, So like the chief concerns are that,
like you know, Cory Dillon comes about as a you know,
not a troubled player. But I got that just hadn't
been able to win, and it was on the field,
off field, whatever for his Bengals. Like that was a
big Bill Belichick to bring in Corey Dillan, like Garrett Blunt,
was a lot of the stories of guys that Belichick
took a gamble on, and Randy moss Is obviously was

less of a gamble given the player that he was.
That stuff was lost and some of Belichick's gumption to say,
you know, let's throw convention to the win and let's
let's try to win football. There's the feeling that Belichick
wasn't portrayed as well as he should have been as
being one of the greatest coaches of all time, if
not the greatest.

Speaker 3 (34:34):
Yeah, I mean, yeah, the greatest. I could see that.

Speaker 4 (34:37):
I mean, there's so there's so many great things that
that vill and Scott did putting those teams together, kind
of going out of limb. I mean, even like Rodney Harrison.
I remember when when they when they brought in Rodney Harrison.
You know, I think Marty Schottenhammer was on record saying
and that or maybe told Rodney this, and it got
back to me through through someone in the front office.
That like they told Rodney, MANU you lost a staff,
like we can't, we don't. We don't think you got

it anymore. So then you bring in a dude with
a chip on his shoulder and you all Rodney did.

Speaker 3 (35:03):
I remember?

Speaker 4 (35:03):
I remember this vividly. In six in a six playoff
game run, he forced seven turnovers. He created whether like
force fumbles, interceptions, fullmer recovers. He was a part of
seven turnovers and six playoff games, which to me is
like the coolest ever. You know, you're bringing guys that
play big and big games. But yeah, I mean, I shoot,
and I haven't finished it, and I look forward to

finishing yet I.

Speaker 1 (35:24):
Have any there. I've gotten six episodes in. I just
finished the Aaron Hernandez episode, and I think that's what
a lot of the Patriots are, Like, yeah, that was
a story in CNN, and it was a bigger story
in our building. But like, if you're gonna encapsulate ten
years of the Patriots, is twenty years of the Patriots
in ten episodes, Like I don't know, and a lot
of them I know that. Like Rodney was upset because

he did five hours of interviews and they got one
clip in with him. I know Devin mccordy through Jason
wasn't thrilled. They spent all day with him, multiple days,
and you know that's that's really behind the scenes stuff,
like for us the viewers, like it's candy to just
watch old football in the greatness of the Patriots, be honest, yeah, yeah, yeah.

All right, before we wrap, we're now April second, where
our teams with their draft boards, like has Washington likely decided, Okay,
here's how we rank our quarterbacks or is that thing
still fluid as they gather information.

Speaker 3 (36:26):
I think it's still fluid.

Speaker 4 (36:28):
I was in Baton Rouge last week, and uh, it was.

Speaker 3 (36:32):
It was.

Speaker 4 (36:32):
It was pretty cool because at the hotel we stayed
at in Baton Rouge, Dan Quinn and Adam Peters were there,
and then Girod Mayo and Elliott Wolf were there and
we're all done in the lobby getting ready to go
to JAYD and Daniels prote the next day. You know,
we're having having drinks down there and he's gonna be
on one of their two football teams probably when we
get to the fall, So you know they're just coming

off that right they most most of the teams let
their their families go home and have Easter with with
the family, and now they're bringing them all back in.

Speaker 3 (37:00):
So now what you're doing.

Speaker 4 (37:02):
They most of these teams haven't met since post Senior
Bowl and they have not met since the combine because
you hit the ground running from the combine to pro dase, right, Ye,
So like their last their last meeting was Okay, let's
let's debrief after Senior Bowl. How did all these guys look.
Now let's go to the combine. Now they got to
get back together. Okay, what did combine look like? What
did pro das look like? What's the new information?

Speaker 3 (37:24):
You know?

Speaker 4 (37:25):
Again, I think the lost part of Pro Day season
is yeah, you're you're there to get the numbers and
see how the guys work out. But it's another opportunity
for these scouts to go back into the buildings and
not just meet with the player, but meet you know,
resource the building. Like we've now we've met with the guy,
we met with him at Mobile, we met with him
at the at the Pro Day. Here's the questions we
have left. Now you go back to the offensive coordinator

or you know, the custodians or whatever, you know, the
equipment guy, whatever questions you have left, you can work.
You can work the building again. So now they're all
getting back in the building. Now you're talking through all
that stuff. Over probably the next two weeks and then
those finals two weeks it's just phone calls, you know,
working strategy, working trades and trying to really get the
strategy part of the draft down is.

Speaker 3 (38:08):
Probably those final two weeks, but right.

Speaker 4 (38:10):
Now they are they're just debriefing after you know, combining
pro days.

Speaker 3 (38:14):
Okay, so long, long windedly answer you, Peter.

Speaker 4 (38:16):
I think I think I don't think the Commanders and
the Patriots or or any of those teams really know
you know, who their guys yet.

Speaker 1 (38:22):
Okay, here's an exercise we're gonna do because I think, honestly,
Daniel Jeremiah I think is the best on TV. I
think if we threw you on there, you'd be right
up there with Daniel. And I think you've got as
great an insight as anyone having been you know, the
executive director of the Senior Bowl for all these years.
But also you're just great in talking about these players
in terms we can understand. I'm gonna do a little

get in with you and you can play along or
just say, Peter, I don't want to do this. I'm
gonna name the quarterback and I'm gonna say my concern
with them, and then you're gonna tell me whether it's
a valid concern, or say what you've heard about these
guys with that concern. We good?

Speaker 3 (38:58):
Yeah, great.

Speaker 1 (38:59):
Jaden Daniels, his size and his build is too big
of a concern to take at number two in the draft.
In that if Bryce Young showed us anything, and I
know Bryce on it shorter, but build wise, Daniels might
not be bigger than two hundred pounds. That build is
not one that will last in the NFL. Your thoughts

on that comment.

Speaker 4 (39:22):
Okay, I think if this is this is whole poking season, right,
Yes it is. So if that's the hole, it's a
really small hole to poke. You know, Jayden, I think
a lot was made of what he was at Arizona State.
He's this slight build guy. He's gotten bigger and bigger.

Speaker 1 (39:38):
I think. Okay, I love that.

Speaker 4 (39:40):
At Baton Rouge last week, I'm sitting in the auditorium
in the team room when Brian Kelly addressed all the
NFL guys, and I'm sitting next to the LSU strength
coach and they weigh all the players in front of
the assembly, and Jayden was too ten okay. And I
looked over at the strength coach. I'm like, is that
what he played out in the ball? Is that the
heaviest he's been. He's like, no, he was too twelve

two thirteen.

Speaker 1 (40:02):

Speaker 3 (40:03):
Tom Brady ended his career when he was when he's
going throw the TV twelve stuff. I read places where
he was like two hundred and fifteen pounds, okay, you know,
and nobody questioned that.

Speaker 4 (40:13):
So if Jayde's in that two ten to two fifteen,
he didn't get hurt in the SEC.

Speaker 3 (40:17):
He took a lot of big shots. It is two.

Speaker 4 (40:20):
And if you look at us, you look at the
games played and games missed, students did miss a lot
of time in the most fiscal league in college football.
So I think that's a small hole to pope.

Speaker 1 (40:29):
Interesting, he didn't measure at the combine to you, is
that a red flag?

Speaker 3 (40:33):
Yeah? I mean I don't. I don't know what.

Speaker 4 (40:35):
I don't know what these guys are doing now and
what the agents are telling her. You like, why not
remeasure or why not? It's just again, it's probably stupid.
It's probably dumb. I get where the agents and the
players are, Like, listen, I measured at the Senior Bowl.
I measured at the combine, Like, why do I have
to do it again? But I mean, that's not going
to get him drafted or undrafted or I don't think
you said it's not going to move the needle with teams.

Speaker 1 (40:56):
Okay, Drake May inaccurate for the first year. What are
your talk what are your takes on that.

Speaker 3 (41:06):
The the inaccuracy part. Okay.

Speaker 4 (41:09):
I would say a lot of times accuracy stems from
your feet.

Speaker 1 (41:14):

Speaker 4 (41:15):
And Drake was working out down here in Mobile in
the pre draft process with a guy by the name
of David Morris. It was bon Nicks and Drake May
and Carter Bradley, who has a chance of getting drafted
like Dus Bratt.

Speaker 3 (41:26):
So yeah, so watching them work out, we go back in.

Speaker 4 (41:31):
I watched field workout, we go back in, we watch video,
and they took a video so it's kind of close
up and I'm watching Drake throw and I'm like a
total idiot. I don't even think about the May family
and what they are. I look at Drake, I'm like
did you play hoops grown up? And he was like, yeah,
I did. And I'm like, well, did you play through
high school or did you stop in middle school? I
was like no, I played all the way through. And

then someone was like, well, Jim, like this whole family
played hoops in North Carolina.

Speaker 3 (41:55):
I'm like, I totally forgot got it.

Speaker 1 (41:57):
Yeah the winning shot that time?

Speaker 4 (41:59):
Yeah, yeah, this dude, This dude for a guy his size,
he has incredible feet.

Speaker 3 (42:04):
So is there things he can do?

Speaker 4 (42:06):
Mcaly, you know, in terms of like shortening the release
to tighten that up.

Speaker 3 (42:09):

Speaker 4 (42:10):
And again obviously everyone points to Josh Allen is a
guy that you can correct some inaccuracy stuff with. I
just think when they're athletic enough, like Josh Allen, we
all know what kind of athlete he is.

Speaker 3 (42:21):
Drake May is a similar type athlete. I mean his
feet are really bouncy for a big guy, so it
would not be a concern of mine.

Speaker 1 (42:28):
All right. Last one, JJ McCarthy eighteen teammates at the
Combine and Sharon Moore called thirty two straight run plays
in a game and he didn't throw the ball once.
Is that a red flag to you?

Speaker 4 (42:44):
No, that's that's Sharon Moore in a really hostile visiting
environment at Penn State, want to just assert his will.

Speaker 3 (42:51):
On the other team.

Speaker 4 (42:52):
So that's what I would say, you know, and yeah,
did JJ have a lot of great players around him?

Speaker 3 (42:57):
He certainly did, But he didn't have I mean, look
at look at who.

Speaker 1 (43:02):
Neighbors and Thomas right, no question.

Speaker 3 (43:06):
I mean you just go back over some of these
quarterbacks to who they're thrown to.

Speaker 1 (43:09):
Brow had Chas and Jefferson right.

Speaker 4 (43:12):
Right, and Mac Jones had, you know, Devonte Smith and
Waddle and all those guys.

Speaker 3 (43:17):
JUDI house guys, so and JJ didn't have that j J.

Speaker 4 (43:21):
JJ didn't have like Roman Wilson's a really good player,
and they've got some they got some young guys, but
he didn't have that outside.

Speaker 3 (43:27):
So again that's the easy knock.

Speaker 4 (43:30):
All I know is that JJ has only lost three
football games in his life. That includes high school, high
school and college. The kid has lost three games as
a starter. It's a big enough sample size. He's been
a two year starter. He's got crazy tools. So I'll
share one quick story from all right. I'm at baton
Rouge last week. I'm standing next to a GM. I

wasn't at Caleb Williams prode I wasn't at JJ McCarthy's prodee,
but this GM was right.

Speaker 1 (43:56):
So j J.

Speaker 4 (43:57):
Jayden finishes up his workout. I thought it was impressive.
The dude can freaking fire it off his hand him.
It's it's really impressive. I'm like, well, where is this
stack up in the three you've seen? And his rank
was JJ McCarthy, then Jayden Daniels, then Cale Williams just
off the pro Day Okay, okay, what what do pro
day show?

Speaker 3 (44:16):
Pro dace show physical tools?

Speaker 4 (44:18):
They show they show the physical potential of a guy
and what he can do, you know, mobility, arm, strength,
all those things.

Speaker 3 (44:23):
Right, that's what PRODA is about. Physically, what is this
guy tools?

Speaker 4 (44:28):
JJ obviously has them if a GM is seeing those
three workouts and he puts them up there as the
top guy. So I mean, that's why everyone's asked me
in some of the podcasts like is this j J
McCarthy stuff real?

Speaker 3 (44:40):
I think it is.

Speaker 4 (44:41):
You know, I think that I think that the media
is playing catch up a little bit, and I think
the league's playing I think the league's diving more into JJ.
They didn't know if it was going to come out
or not. So yeah, it's it's uh so, I don't know.

Speaker 3 (44:54):
I don't know.

Speaker 4 (44:55):
I don't know if I dispelled her because you're arrest But.

Speaker 1 (44:59):
What do you what do you make of Hardball rally
in the flag around him so much? You're a Michigan man,
Like what is that when he comes out and is
like he's the number one quarterback in this draft and
says all these things like does that to me? It's
like I roll my eyes a little bit. Of course
you're his college coach, But what do you make of
that Harball putting his name on it like this is
the guy?

Speaker 4 (45:18):
Well, I'll say this, and so much respect for for
Jim Harbon what he's done this whole career. And he
brought a you know, brought a national championship to my
alma mater, which was awesome.

Speaker 3 (45:29):
But he's in a great situation right now. He's got
Justin Herbert and.

Speaker 1 (45:32):
No one, no one's wondering if he's drafted him at five.

Speaker 4 (45:34):
Yeah, so he doesn't have to put his money where
his mouth is right like he can say and I'm
sure Jim believes all this stuff. In me, shoot, you
win a national championship with people you talk to players
and coaches. You would you win a national championship or
a Super Bowl with a group of men like that's
pretty special and you're gonna a special feelings about those guys.
So I'm sure Jim believes every word he's saying. But again,
he doesn't have to draft him up because he's got Justine.

Speaker 1 (45:56):
Okay, I want to talk about the Masters with you
because you're a golf guy and you might be attending.
But maybe we'll do that next week or a week
after that and we'll get the full rate cap in
the In the meantime, keep on doing what you're doing
and I'll be following you on Twitter or x but
also i'll be talking with you. Thank you so much
for joining. This is really illuminating stuff, especially on DJ Burns.

And we're less than a month away, dude, And then
I know you're already into Senior Bowl twenty twenty five.
I know it.

Speaker 3 (46:25):
We are, Yeah, we started that. But yeah, this was awesome, Peter,
thanks for having me back home.

Speaker 1 (46:29):
You're the man. Jim Naggy, executive director of Reese's Senior Bowl,
and I saw it firsthand. The unofficial mayor of Mobile, Alabama.
Thank you did.

Speaker 3 (46:38):
Thanks man.

Speaker 1 (46:46):
All Right, so I'm validated DJ Burns could get an
NFL shot here, Aaron, based on what Jim's saying.

Speaker 2 (46:53):
Yeah, I mean, so I had seen your tweet. I
then saw your tweet hosted multiple times, like in the
NFL subreddit, in the Bills subreddit, like Bill's fans were like,
I wonder if this guy I could work, you know,
for us, So not only I think was there a
lot of external validation, then having Jim come in here

and talk about it and talk about his buddy who
also had been keeping an eye on him. Yeah, that's
that's pretty exciting.

Speaker 1 (47:21):
Yeah, his work is amazing. It is. And like the
sophistication of these NFL front offices, we go big on
how they use analytics and all this stuff, but there
are holes. And Jim says it like they're not watching
college hoops. So yes, it's possible. This guy played in
the ACC and played at Winthrop and was the Big
South Conference Player of the Year last year two years
ago and still was not discovered by an NFL scout.

And Jim has a friend who's in the research triangle
who says, yes, I've been keeping an eye on him,
but like, yeah, like the tournament run. I remember George Mason,
I remember Jihan Lewis. It was a big man who
had some you know, a great couple of games. They
beat Yukon and Rudy Gay and there was two thousand
and six and George Mason makes us run and he
was their big man, and he got a try out
with the Giants. I think he even signed a deal
with the Giants. And he had no football history as

a football player in college. So I think it's fascinating.
I also thought the reaction was fascinating, which I kind
of hit on with Jim there, Like people were really
triggered by it, and a lot of people thought it
was an April Fools joke. I don't get that. Why
would that be an April Fools joke. The guy is
six foot seven and three hundred pounds, Like that's a
football player's body.

Speaker 2 (48:25):
I think you kind of can't post anything on April first,
Like if you say anything, people are gonna think maybe
it's fake totally, but yeah, you know it is, like
for whatever reason, it's always a news story if some
team is like we're signing a former rugby player, because
he's never played American football, but we think he's got

the athletic ability to do this, and it's a big
news story when it doesn't necessarily need to be. And
this is just like in the lead up to the draft,
where we've spent so much time arguing about Marvin Harrison
or Eleak Neighbors, and all of a sudden, here's this
guy coming out of nowhere who plays basketball, and it's like, wait,
you're screwing up what I had in my head of
like who are the important potential offensive linemen in this draft?

And now there's this new guy. So I can see
how people could find a way to be upset about
something that's not worth being upset about.

Speaker 1 (49:19):
Got it?

Speaker 2 (49:19):

Speaker 1 (49:20):
In closing, I think I'm gonna go see Tim Robinson
tonight at Deacon Theater. Are you a fan?

Speaker 2 (49:27):
Yeah? I didn't even know he was doing a thing.

Speaker 1 (49:31):
The biggest show. He can have no idea what it entails.

Speaker 4 (49:35):

Speaker 1 (49:36):
I was asked if I wanted to go, and I
think I want to go. It's pouring rain, but I
will have a full recap on our next podcast. As
Aaron is now looking through a stack of T shirts
and it appears. He probably has a Tim Robinson T
shirt and it is Yep, there we go. There it is,
there it is. It's a it's a reference to the netflixtion.
There we go. I love it. I'll give you a

full recap over text on it. Aaron wall Kaufman chasing English,
the iHeart Team. Let's get these social media clips out,
let's go all, let's make news. Let's continue on with
the Season with Peter Schreger. So I appreciate you guys,
everyone listening. Hope you enjoyed. The Season with Peter Schrager

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