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April 2, 2024 31 mins
Big tells Stormy and the listeners about her Breast Cancer diagnosis and about being a Breast Cancer Survivor. Listen in to her inspiring story on this episode of The Pulse.
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Hello, everyone, Welcome to theshow. It is the Pulse. I
am Stormy. Thank you guys forjoining us every week for the show.
We always have a special guest,and I know I say that every week,
but it is true. So thisweek we have another very special guest.
Ladies and gentlemen, How should Ido this? Should I tell you

who it is? Or should Ilet her m Okay, I'm gonna let
her tell you who she is?Go ahead, what's happening? What's going
on? It's big Soup baby cameup in there with all the energy.
Y'all gonna wake up around here?Because yes, all right, so Big
Sue, of course is the Areyou the VP of Senior and Vice president

of Programming. It's a lot ofletters on your personality A little some some,
do a little some some. Yeahfor iHeartMedia. Okay, okay,
okay, doing a lot and jugglinga lot. You got a lot on
your plate. Yeah. I enjoyit. Though. I enjoy being on
this side. I really enjoy watchingyou all grow and do your thing,
and you all have such a passionfor the craft we do, you know,

and it's so funny like when Iget to have conversations with people outside
of the area. They're like,wow, y'all really have a great team
in Memphis, and I'm like,and we do. And we do because
everybody's a professional. Everybody you knowright here in Memphis, all of our
stations, everyone's been on air twentyyears or more. So you've learned some
things, you know some things,you know what I mean, And so
it's really a joy to work withyou all because I'm always learning from you

all myself. Yeah. Well,we're always definitely learning from you. But
thank you, and you've been withiHeart for you and I are just a
couple of months apart. We sureare. Yeah. So this is our
seventeenth anniversary. This shure is wow. Man, that's a long time,
y'all. And when I tell peoplethat, they're like, you've been there
for a minute. I'm like,yeah, yeah, I've been here a
minute and thankful for every minute.Amen. Amen. Amen. Life is

like a roller coaster, it is. I think sometimes for us, work
is like a roller coaster, butit's what we love to do. I
love to do this job. Iremember texting you a few weeks ago and
I said, thank you, Ilove this job. You did and I
felt that, Oh, I feltthat deep in my fields, in my
hearts. But anyway, enough aboutus, let's talk about you. We're

getting ready for April six. Isgoing to be a big day around here,
Sisters Strut. It's our tenth annualSister Strut. You guys, and
you came out with an announcement,some news on Mike Evans, yeah,
and the Memphis Morning Show with InaEsco, and you told the world something

that was pretty private. But youand you told us what was private you
told us about? Was it January? Yes, I had Alison Tea's around
him. So tell me, tellme to tell us, tell our listeners,
yes, Pulse listeners, your story, your testimony. So the story

is that for our tenth anniversary forSister Strut, for the very first time,
I will be strutting as a breastcancer survivor. Wow. Yeah,
how does it feel to say that? Uh? I don't know, I
don't don't I don't know what adjectiveI could use to describe it. I
never thought that I would be inthis position, which every survivor you talk

to will tell you the same thing. Yeah, but it's Uh, I'm
on this side of the treatment now, you know. And that's when I
broke the news to all of you, like I had literally rang the bell
the day before. So of courseit was very a tear filled announcement for
me because I was so very closeto it. Yeah, you know,

but Sister Strut is just a specialday. I think I've always kind of
felt a little emotional that morning whenall of you know, when we would
do it inside of Liberty Bowl andyou would see all of the people walking
in and you would see all thesuvers in the pink shirts and the wigs
and the tutus and the overall feelingof joy. There is something truly special

about the way we do Sister Struthere Memphis, And so I always kind
of felt that because you remember whenwe had the pandemic and we were doing
the parades right there is one womanin particular, I would love to be
able to meet her again. Butshe came through Sister Strut and a pickup
truck. It was like a newlooking pickup truck. She had short hair,

and she was by herself, andso she had on the pink Survivor
shirt and I said, Sis,I'm so happy that you're here with us.
God bless you. You know howlong have you been in remission?
She said remission? She said,I just started the fight. I'm still
in treatment. But because of theway we were doing Sister Strut, it
was safe for her to do sobecause she was she was isolated being in

her truck. And I think abouther every year, like I want to
know, these are the people thatwe run into every year, you know,
everybody who's got a story. There'sone sister who always strusts with us,
and she has a title. Oneyear, that same year we did
the parade, she had that trailerbehind the truck. Do you remember it
was a boxing ring. So shecomes she comes to Sister Strut as a

different character every single year. Wow. And I love it because she's always
the first one to rush the stage. So she had her survivor's shirt on
and tutu at a pink afro wigand she was keeping up with Sheryl Perkins,
who does like all of the exercisesand everything. But there are so
many incredible stories that come to SisterStrut every single year, every year,

and I think it's different for allof us because those are strong memories for
you and I have others, likewe were doing a remote at Kroger,
you know, getting people registered onetime, the Kroger on Kirby and a
woman had never had a mammogram.She was I think fifty years of age,
wow, and had never had amammogram. And I walked her to

that truck. Yeah, the mammographytrue buck was over was there and I
walked her to that truck and westayed with her until she got her Mama.
Wow, that's powerful. That's ma'am. That's powerful, and that's why
we do what we do. Thisis this is this is the hard work,
right. You've heard that phrase beforewhere you know we're we're actually you
know, changing lives and showing loveand care for the health of citizens.

You know, you said something.And thank you guys for joining us for
the show. I'm stormy having aconversation with Big Sue. Sister strud is
coming. It's April six, it'sour tenth anniversary. It's going to be
amazing you come and be there withus. But Big Sue, you said
something in your interview with Mike andIna that really kind of floored me.

You said you missed a mammogram.I miss one. I miss one mammogram.
So from the time I turned fortyuntil now, I had only missed
one. And I want to encourageanybody who's missed the mammogram go and make
sure you get your mammograms done everyyear, because that one mammogram I was
die knows this stage one. IfI would have had not skipped that mammogram,

that very well could have been thedifference between me needing chemo and not
needing chemo. Wow. Like,that's just how sensitive cancer is. Everybody's
treatment is going to be different becausecancer is almost like a snowflake. It
It affects people differently. Some peoplehave different types of side effects. And

knowing so that your doctors can goahead and get that care plan established for
you is so so important, youknow, and and and I. You
know, we've had people that haveworked here. Our last president, his
wife had whose name another Sue,she's a breast cancer survivor, and then

we had the late Bobby Ojay's wifedealing with what she was dealing with.
And it's just so like you said, every story is different, incredibly different.
Every story is different. And butI'm glad that you on this side,
you and they're happy to be here, I know, and I'm happy
you here telling the story because youknow, sometimes when you hear a person's

story, and I hope we don'tdo this to you, because sometimes we
feel we take what you take on, you know, because we've been with
you and you really are like family. We we're with you more than we
are our family members, you know. Yeah, we do spend a lot
of time together here, so whenwe hear maybe not more, but we

spend a lot of time again,so when we hear you going through something
like this, it's like we goingthrough it. That is so touching.
It's real, it really is,no, and I know it is,
and I and I receive it thatway, and I think that was also
probably well not because I didn't knowthat, but you don't know how it's

going to affect people around you,which is why so many people don't say
anything. You know, I waiteduntil I completed my entire course of treatment
just to say, okay, sohere's what happened, you know, and
we're moving forward. And then sometimes, to be quite honest with you,
for people who are fighting cancer,they're just in survival mode, you know.

You know, we get called strongsometimes it's not strong, it's just
God's grace. Yeah, you know. And for those of us that are
outside looking at and often we don'treally know what to do. Yeah,
we don't know what to do.Sometimes we don't know what to say.
Sometimes we in our anks to saysomething, we say the wrong thing,
you know what I'm saying. So, and you know, just having gone

through my sister was ill and justyou know, there were times I'm sure
I probably said, you know,the wrong thing at the you don't know
what to say, you know whatI'm saying. So I feel like maybe
that's for some reason for some peoplethat don't tell people. Maybe that's why.
Because some people don't, yeah,they don't know how to respawn to

it. And so sometimes you findyourself, you know, trying to console
the person that you just told thenews to, like it's okay, baby,
it's all right. Yes, I'mwalking through hell right now, but
you you're gonna be okay. I'mgood, I'm good. That is so.

And it's good to see both sides, you know what I'm saying,
Especially for people that are on bothsides. You know, we don't have
to sometimes we don't have to saynothing true true. You know what,
I think my advice would be.You know, if you want to be
supportive and you want to say something, I think that's one of those things
that it either comes to you genuinelyor it doesn't. But it's just perfectly

fine to say, hey, howyou feeling today? Yeah, Hey,
if you need to talk, ifyou need anything, if you mean it,
you know, call me. I'mjust saying, I'm just saying goods.
You know, just just say tosay what comes from your heart.
If you have a close enough relationshipwith that person, it'll land the way
it's supposed to. It's the pulse, ladies and gentlemen. I'm Stormy Big

Sue is my guest on the showtoday. She made a big announcement Mike
Evans and the Memphis Morning Show afew weeks ago. And so, what
were the responses that you got frommaking the announcement after you told everybody that
you had survived breast cancer? Mangetting out has been interesting for people who
have heard the story. And itcomes to me, you know, because

you know how you move about yourday. You don't expect, first of
all, we don't expect anybody toknow who we are when we're out,
you know, like Hey, I'mjust out of grocery shopping or hey,
I'm at this concert like you,and I'm just you know, I'm just
come out now. I don't Ireally, I really do not expect it.
So God, there's a story Ireally want to tell. And it
was just so funny. But anyway, there was there's been a couple of

people who've approached me and said,hey, listen, I heard your story.
You know, I've had a familymember that went through it too,
and just just God bless you andand and keep fighting. And it's just
been very very encouraging to be outand to receive that. Yeah. And
then you know, there's another personwho said, hey, listen. You
know, they just kind of askedquestions like, Yo, how did you
get through it? Because you lookgreat? And I'm like, oh,
we thank you, you do thankyou, and you do thank you.

But you know that's the fiance.He said, where to wear the hair
short? I said, okay,come on here, I'm here. But
it's great though. Your hair looksgreat. It's it's grown back, it
looks healthy. The curl is startingto come back. I see it beautiful.
Is it thicker? Than it was. It's actually it is a little

bit thicker than it was, andit's slowly starting to get there. It
came back a lot greyer than Iexpected, but you know, we're dealing
with it. Yeah. Yeah,So how does that feel when people say
you let your hair go great?Oh chill, No, they don't say
anything about it being great for thepeople who don't know you cut all your
hair. You cut your hair,cut your hair. Funny story. I

didn't cut it, but you know, you don't want to lay that on
anybody, right right, right,It's it's good. I've done the short
hair before, you know. Andit's one of those things where I think
the journey has kind of taught meto be very delicate with yourself and to
very you know, just love yourself, love yourself bigly. Yeah yeah,

yeah, okay, So how didyour mom and your family? How was
it with your family? I thinkcalling my mom and dad and telling them
was the hardest part of it all. You know, Mom was kind of
mute. I think she was alittle bit stunned by the news. You
know. Dad was a little bitmore vocal about it, but supportive,

you know, because they live sofar away and so you know, there
was really no traveling, you know, while I was going through treatment.
So we would FaceTime and we wouldtalk and you know, they would ask
about, you know, how treatmentwas going. They would check on me
that morning. You know, I'mthe daddy's girl, so you know,
I can't even travel without letting himknow where I have my layovers. So
you know, I wasn't going tobe able to go through a whole treatment.

Okay, well, how was yourdoctor's And call me in the car
on the way home and you know, let me know how you feel in
the day. And sometimes he wouldjust pick up the phone and you know,
we would all be on speakerphone andjust talk. What a blessing,
an incredible blessing, I will tellyou. And I think I said it
before I said, you know,the surprising thing about it is, you
know, of course I know mymom and dad. They love me,

I love them, We have afantastic relationship. I know they're going to
be supportive. But my village revealeditself in a very interesting way because you
know, honestly, I didn't Ididn't discuss it like some of my closest
friends. I didn't tell, youknow, because it was one of those
things one I'm not going to sendit in a text message. If I
see you or if we talk onthe phone, you know, I'll I'll
let you know what's going on.But there were so you're a pretty private

person. Yeah I am. Iam, But this was one of those
things where it's bigger than me,you know, and there's so many people
who are fighting this fight and arefeeling these things. And one of the
things that you know, before Igot my diagnosis, you hear about cancer
patients, but you don't really knoweverything that they've been through, and it's
it's it's a journey. And Isee why, you know, when if

you've ever been to a cancer centeror you've ever been to a hospital that
has like a cancer wing, andyou see how the messaging and how the
doctors and how everybody is just givingyou this very support of very warm,
very friendly embrace because they know whatyou're going through and they they know that
that's very difficult. I am veryblessed and that my treatment for me was

more scary than it was painful.It was just, you know, just
the different types of procedures and waysof treating and the ways that you know,
they do imaging and trying to discoverthings. Like all of that was
so very foreign, and so thatwas causing anxiety because it was just it
was just scary. It was neverexactly before exactly wow. And so having

a support system, did you findthat that was really they Like I said,
they like they put you on theirshoulders or well they they came out
of nowhere and they were the mostleast expected. It was just you know,
like I bumped into one of myfriends at one of my appointments and
we had dinner a couple of weekslater, and she was like, oh,

hey, she was going for somethingroutine me. I had just found
out that I had been diagnosed withbreast cancer, and so she just very
you know casually was like, okay, so hey, how'd everything go.
And I just kind of looked ather and I We're standing in the kitchen,
you know, and I told herand she was just like, oh
my God. And then from thatmoment on, like I saw our friendship

grow and she was just very supportive. And you know, God don't make
no mistakes. He places the peopleon your journey that you need. And
you know, I had another friendthat you know, I had been close
to you know for years, andshe was, you know there like,
Okay, listen, you need medsdropped off, if you need a ride
to an appointment, if you needsomebody to come sit with you, I'm

gonna come hang out. I'm bringingdinner. You know, We're just going
to hang out. Just just amazingthose little ways that people showed up for
me along the way that I couldnot have expected. And it just I
was just overwhelmed with love. Howdid this, I guess, show you
the resilience in having a relationship nowbecause you got a made oh chef.

Yeah, I got a Maine,I got Superman. I have Superman.
Come on. Now. You knowwhat's funny. I ran into another survivor
in the company during celebration of Hopefor Saint Jude. As a matter of
fact, she's also a breast cancersurvivor and she does a lot of work
in Florida for providing support. Andone of the things she told me,
she said, you would be surprised. There was some crazy statistic that says,

you know, when when women getsick, their men are more likely
to leave them versus the other wayaround. Women being the caretakers of all
that, and I said, youknow what I am. So she was
telling a very elaborate story and Isaid, I'm so very thankful that that
is not my situation. Let metell you, Lamont does not play about
Sue, and I love that.And he has such an incredible capacity for

love and support in spite of what'sgoing on with him. You know,
we lost his mother last year.She and I were actually fighting cancer together.
Wow. Yeah, we had surgeriestwo weeks apart. So we were
going out to see about her,to go visit her, to go sit
with her and everything. And Ilove her because she's such a glamorous woman.

She was kind of like Diane Carroll. She was like, you come
sit down next to me. Youlet them take care of us. You
know. She was just so veryloving. So for him to be going
through that and then, you know, worried about me and my treatment process,
like he he was my rock.Still just incredible loving, you know,
side by side with me, youknow, through my treatments and those

times that I was taking some daysoff from work and I'm just on the
couch, you know, so makingsure that I'm staying hydrated if I have
an appetite, you know what we'reeating, taking care of dinner like it's
all those little things, you knowwhen the neuropathy, the neuropathy sets in,
and your hands and your feet andthe tingling, and you know,
saying hey, if it's a goodday, let's get up and move today.

You know, it was like Ihad in home care the entire time
you posted on your social media Novemberfourth, twenty twenty three. My love,
my protector, my friend, myforever spades partner. Yeah, and
a million other adjectives. Yes,I wish you the happiest of birthdays today

and in all the years to comein this beautiful life of ours. That
was one week after I completed mylast chemotherapy treatment. I don't know why,
but when you told us that,you you know, the day that
we were in the office and youtold everybody. When I saw this,
when I thought I already saw thepost in November when you posted it,

because I loved it. I don'tknow if I said happy birthday or what
I said. I loved it.But when I when you told us and
I remembered that post, I said, wow, yeah, wow, Yeah,
she was going through and he wasright there we know, when a

lot of people didn't know. AndI was like, wow, yeah,
that's some crazy kind of love.It is, it is, and I
mean, it's it's God's sin.I have no I have no doubt,
you know. And the time thatwe've been together, you know, we
we had that that that beautiful honeymooningtime, and God prepared us to be

able to be there for each other, to you know, have that love
and lock in that bond and havethat strength to be able to carry us
through last year because you know,last year was designed to break us.
Yeah, and we know it soso so so again, everybody, I'm
stormy talking to Big Sue. Sohaving a relationship and having that go on,

what I mean, how do youeven explain it? Except for God?
I mean, but God telling him, telling him was difficult, but
I did it. The moment thatI had the news, you know,

you know, you're kind of likewith your your person and you're just you
know, you're moving around the houseand you know, and I got this
phone call and you know, hegets in the house and you know,
we're we're talking about planning something orwhatever. And I was like, okay,
baby, I need you to sitdown real quick. I just need
you to slow down because I dohave something I need to tell you.
And so I told him, andyou know, you can you can see

everything. You can see all thethoughts behind his eyes, just just you
know, flashing. And I said, you know, I don't know what's
gonna happen next. And he waslike, we're gonna get through it,
you know. And he prays everynight. I got a praying man.
And he says, I, youknow, I prayed this off of you,

So I'm not even surprised that youare where you are right now.
Okay. Mm. So it's onething to have a partner, but it's
one thing to have somebody that youknow the union is blessed and you know
that you're supposed to be walking sideby side with them. I don't take

any of it for granted. Ithank God for him every day. I
pray for him every day. Youknow. Come on, see Viola right
right. I don't know what prayedshe did? So did Viola? Okay,
I need too, I said myprayer in a long time ago.

But he delived. Yes. Butbut having having him throughout the journey,
I I couldn't imagine not having hadhim because one knowing how personal I am
and you know, trying to it, it could have it could have been
way worse. Yea. Yeah.So So for the women that are listening,

that are sitting at home or intheir car or wherever they are that
maybe going through this journey alone,what do you suggest or what what would
you tell them? M that isthat is a really difficult one. You're
never really alone. First and foremost, I think sometimes as a survivor when

you're going through it, sometimes Iknow, for me, when you share
it, Like like I said earlier, you don't know how it's going to
land on other people. But sometimestaking that chance to share with somebody that
you know cares about you could changeso much. And and know that you're

you're never really alone, you know, having that having that faith that you're
going to get through it. There'sthere's support out there. You know,
a lot of these centers and hospitalsthey have they have support there for you.

Whether you need that that that thatfaith and you know you you need
you know someone ordained and you youknow need to have that prayer or if
you're better off with you know peoplewho are also going through exactly what you're
going through or even if it's tryingto navigate it. You know, I
don't know what I should be eating. I don't know I should how should
I be taking care of my health? There was one point in time for

me, I was scared. Ididn't know what to eat. You know,
there's there's nutritionist, so there's access. There's somebody there for you every
step of the way. You justhave to not be scared to step out
on it. And I will tellyou the first place you can tap in
is with all of these survivor organizations, Stars Sharing a Care and CIS Stars

Network, like all of all ofthese organizations that we partner with are there
for you during this walk, soyou don't have to walk it alone.
Yeah. Yeah, And if youdecide to come to Sister Strut, you
don't have to walk that alone.Hello, You're gonna have about about five
and a half six thousand most moststrutting alongside. I think we have a

lot of people, maybe six thousandthat register, but I think that's just
a midget of the number that's goingto show up. It's going to be
incredible. And with this being thetenth anniversary year, we have so many
things planned. It's going to beincredible. There's going to be a lot
of surprises that happen during Sister Strut. You also heard us talking about doing
the salon for the very first time. So shout out to Chastity Monroe at

Pink Noir. She's got her teamcoming out to help the survivors get the
wigs. You need a workout wig, you know, because that was another
thing. I didn't want to goto the gym with my lace fronts on
me because I was getting so hotand scared I was gonna sweat it off.
I ain't want to go in thereball. I didn't want to go
up in there with my little beanieon. It's so crazy to think about

how much, but particularly Black women, how attached we are to our crown
and the Nors. So being ableto do this in this very first year
is incredible, And I just can'twait to see everybody out. All of
our sponsors who take the time out. This is their way of teaming up
with us to let you know thatthey love you and that they support you.

Yes, yeah, yes, there'sgonna be so much support that it
is probably gonna be mind blowing whenyou come, oh, honey, I'm
going to be in tears all day. I've just I've just just got to
decide. This is a tenth anniversary, especially all of us that work here,
We'll probably all be in tears andsmiles, that for sure. But
y'all, if you never come toSister Strut and I try to tell people

this, you know you you youare missing and one of them bless Yes,
yes, you are missing one ofthe best experiences you could ever have
in your life. A day wherewomen come to there's so much positivity,
there's so much Hey, you wantto strut with us? You don't?

You know you don't have to bealone. It's a party. We dance,
yes, we work out. There'sthere's families that show up together.
So much celebrated, Yes, somuch celebrating this friends, motivating co workers,
Yes, you name it, churchmembers. If you think that you
are alone, you won't be.You won't you won't be. It's gonna

beautiful. I'm so excited. Iam too, I am and I always
get so excited about Sister Struts.Now now we are we gonna do something
different about people being able to getin or is there gonna be one place
to park now, so we dohave there is a sporting event going on
at the same time or very close. It'll be starting towards the end of
Sisterstrut, but parking is going tobe effected this year, so there will

be a little less free parking availablealso there we're encouraging everybody to come in
on Southern Avenue. That's going tobe our dedicated parking Southern Avenue. Yeah,
so that's Access eleven. If you'refamiliar with the accesses, you can
go to the Sister Strut page andCaroline has posted a map so you can
see where the park so you canmake those plans. If you can uber

or lift, that'll also be agreat idea where you can just get dropped
off again on Southern Avenue at Accesseleven and that will be the easiest way
to get in on Saturday. Andif you can't uber or livet tell your
son or your cousin or uncle orsomebody. Drop me off, baby,
drop drop me off right here.You see all them pink and gold shirts
right there, Yes, and justcome and be ready to have an amazing

time. It's going to be amazing. Let me say thank you to you
for sharing your story because you didn'thave to do this, and I just
I just want to say thank you. And if one woman goes and catches
up all her mammograms, like comeon here, have all been worth it?
Just got mine a couple of daysago. Yeah, yeah, I
had to do it. Yeah,I thought about it. I was like,
I tell women every day to gettheirs. Yeah, they gotta get

mine. Good for you. Andthen I remember what you said, you
missed one. I missed one.You have been motivating me and you don't
even know it. That motivated me. Motivated me. And one day when
I was sick, or maybe abouta week ago, last week, you
said, don't forget to hydrate,don't get to hydrate. Oh my goodness,
water? Who know? Who knew? Who knew? Come on here?

I mean, not only does yourbody need it to move, but
you know, even if you're takingmedications and things like, it's it's good
to like flush those things out ofyour system. And I will tell you
I drank so much water during chemo, Like I was like, how does
my skin look like this? Wow? Yeah, yeah, that's all I
was doing. I was making surethat I was getting plenty of water.

So Yeah, we hear you.I hear you. I appreciate you,
I love you. I love youtoo. Thank you. I'm glad you're
here too. This is Yeah,this is gonna be a year, y'all.
Y'all. Just if y'all see uscrying, just cry with come on
up in woo woo wool with us. It's gonna be amazing. We're looking
forward to seeing all of you atSister stuff. This here and when you

see Sue, are you taking hugs. I'm taking hugs. Okay, so
I am absolutely taking She'll take hugs, she'll take the high fives, all
that. Oh, it is thepulse. We keep our fingertips on the
pulse of our show. I toldy'all I had a special guest. I
told y'all, thank you again,Sue. God bless you guys. Everybody,

any partying words before you go,take care of yourself. It starts
with loving yourself. Yeah, don'thave to do this alone. Mm M.
We and this thing together. Yes, we are all right. It's
the pulse. Thank you for joiningus. We'll see you next week,
same time, same station. Godbless you. Have a great week.
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