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February 22, 2024 32 mins
Jeremy "Duke" Jackson shares with Stormy. the tips anyone can use to become a star on all social media platforms like him. Listen in the grow your platform and to find out more about Jeremy, his wife and son, Jayce.
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All right, it's that time.It's another week and another day for the
pulse. I am Stormy. Wekeep our fingertips on the pulse of our
community, you guys, and wegot a man all the way in here's
it's a special show. By theway, for those of you that love
y'all know, social media is reallytaking over, kind of taking over the
world if you ask me. Butit's taken over so much so that your

president, my president, Joe Bidenis now on TikTok, Beyonce is on
is it twitch? I think she'sslay on say. But yeah, so
everybody's doing social media now. Iknow, I know you may not be
doing it. But for those ofyou that are and you want some tips,
I got a special guest in thestudio with me, ladies and gentlemen.

I'm gonna wait. I'm gonna lethim tell you who he are?
Who he are? You got memessing up my my verbs and everything.
Listen, ladies and gentlemen, myspecial guest for today is Duke Jackson.
Jeremy Jerome Jackson, Jerome all day, Oh, Jeremy Duke Jackson. And

if you follow you probably follow himon social media. Jeremy, how many
followers do you have on Instagram?On the Gram? I don't be keeping
up with it. Let me findout for myself. I'm gonna look him
up. I don't keep up withit, but I got like one hundred
and sixty But you don't keep upwith it, right, Okay, hundred

sixty four thousand people following him onsocial media? He is duh, real
Jay Jackson. So that's d AR E A L. Jay Jackson.
If you're looking for him and youwant to follow him. Jeremy does a
lot of skits, and I know, Jeremy, one day you're gonna probably
be on TV in a minute.So I saw the video that you did

with the other Jackson in his nameJackson, the n f NBA players.
Ye are y'all related? It's likemy distant cousin. Okay, your distant
cousin, my boy? Yeah,yeah, So him and Stephen Jackson,
that's his name, Stephen Jackson.I remember Stephen mainly from when George Floyd

died. He talked about being abrother of George George Floyd and being very
close to the family and all ofthat. So definitely remember him from that.
But but Jeremy, you have blownup. You've got a lot of
videos on social media. One ofyour videos I showed to Chief of Police,
our top cop of the city,when you were being a detective.

How detectives act when they're snitch dieyou gotta he's got a skit and you
do skits with your wife, andsome of your skits have been shared millions
of times, Like there's one thatyou did that I have seen on I
think I saw it on the ShadeRoom and probably some other places. Yeah,
yeah, and the Halloween skitch youand your wife did. Oh yeah,

it's one of my favorites. It'sone of my favorites too. Man,
she will y'all do y'all want tohear it? Ain't no cussing in
it, is it? Let mesee if it's some cussing in this thing?
Y'all want to hear it? Hereit is go bit costume, so
showing what you got. But Iknow they're gonna ask us to do so.
Oh this is good, y'all.I'm rolling. I'm telling you what

you do. It's funny. So, Jeremy, when it comes to the
skits and all these that you doon social media, how do you come
up with your ideas. It's eithersomething that is just God gave me,
like some I see you just wokeup with it. Maybe something definitely really

okay, like it's easy for likeholiday like Valentine they just passed. Yeah,
it's easy to do skits like that, but like sure is I mean,
well no, I can't say itis. I listen to me,
it's sure is and I don't evenknow. It's like like how rappers to
be saying like seen it, doneit or you know, just the idea.

Okay, okay, well I likeit. I love your skits,
and uh let me let me askyou one thing. You got your son,
you got your wife here today andthank you for bringing them Jace and
your lovely wife. Robin. Okay, Robin, Hey, Robin, Robin
is beautiful? How you? I'msorry? I know how to you know

you pulled? Oh you pulled Robin? Jason? Want to talk to Jace?
How you doing? Jay's say somethingsaid, hey, hey jays Ah,
that's jase y'all. How old areyou? Jason? You're gonna be

four when your birthday March tenth,So when is Jay's gonna be in some
videos? Trained him, train himup in the way that they should go.
You came out of the book,out of the Bible with that one
training him up. Okay, Ilike that. He coming Okay, Okay,
I like that. And I meanwe see Robin all the time and

we see you guys putting these doyou does she ever come up with the
skits? I mean does she?No? No, she don't come up
with nothing. I don't believe hetakes good direction though she does he take
good direction? Yeah? Like thevideo that you did where you robbed her.
You told her she was cute andyou got her, got her number.

Why did you give him your number? Robin? What what were you
thinking? She don't want to beon the show? To Jay, she
don't want to be on the show. But listen, Okay. So when
it comes to we heard I heardclub Shayshaye, I'm pretty sure you saw
the interview with Country Wayne right andCountrey. Wayne gave a lot of tips
on that show. Or he talkedabout the money that he makes on social

media or just doing social media.Has it turned into financial gain for you
as well? Yeah, it's it'sbeen cool since like twenty twenty, you
know, like since the pandemic,Like they gave us a lot of opportunities
to you know what I'm saying,take care of yourself and re refund you.
Okay, you know what I mean, put it back into what you're

doing, right because I see youall over the but I mean I see
your videos and sometimes you get sixmillion views on some videos more than that,
and I just haven't seen it.Yeah, it's been a whow though,
Like I've been doing it since liketwenty eighteen. Wow, you know
I got a book, you do, I got a book out, so,
like I got into it from doingcommercials for my books, okay,

and people was like laughing and theywas like they was bound the book of
course, but they were like laughing, join my commercial. So I just
started doing like yeah, well,Country Wayne talked about how his skits turned
into financial game for him because heposts them not just on Instagram. He

puts his on YouTube, on Facebook. I don't know how much if he
does TikTok, but do you doall those platforms as well. People can
find me everywhere really anywhere the samename du Real Jay Jackson, Jeremy Duke
Jackson. They can type it JeremyDuke Jackson and they can find you everywhere

everywhere TikTok, Instagram, Twitter,Facebook, YouTube, anywhere they consume and
content. Okay, okay, Sohow did you and Stephen Jackson hook up
to do that? He it wasway back. He reached out to me

when I was doing I had didthis video when when your friend, when
your friend, when your friend talkabout your like, talk about your girl
like it was a It was avideo when my girl was taking care of
me and my friend like, man, you got a good girl, man,

huh yeah, your girl. SoI wish I had a girl just
like her. Like he was justover asagguating. But after that video,
he reached out to me and itwas like, hey, hey, let's
connect, let's let's do something anddo a video. Okay okay. And
that was like about three years ago, and we just you know, just
not hooked up. And I likethe video that y'all did together. Yeah

yeah, tell me this. Okay, So you're monetizing it. How do
you have the time because I gotpages and I don't have time to do
all this. Do you have ajob? No? Oh, okay,
you really got to lock into Okay, I thought you had a regular job.
I thought you were working at aschool or something like that. I

got I can, but you know, I just said to really put my
one hundred percent into and that's whenit happens for you. There's there's like
the way of life, because that'swhat Country Wayne did exactly. Like I
got the I got the what's theword I'm looking for? I got the

tenacity, you got the motivation,you got drive, you got the their
family. It's like like when yougot room. You know what I'm saying.
Okay, you got Okay, Okaycapacity, I can do it if
I wanted to. Okay, Ican go into a classroom and okay,

okay, So you got the flexibility, flexibility, I can do it.
But I decided to bid on myself. Okay, okay? And how does
your wife feel about that? Wife? How you feel about that? You
down? Wait a minute, youhave your mic't go ahead? Said again,

Hey, Robin, I can't believeit. We got her on the
mic. How did that happen?She did it because you want to ask
her a question about something? Didshe I want? Okay? So the
skits tell me? How long doesit take for you guys to put a
skit together? I liked the Memphisskit. I'm from Memphis. Yeah,

I like that one. It's likeone of the all the all the trends.
Like trends, I don't, butthey they they easy. Yeah,
you know what I'm saying, Theeasy to do, like I'm from me
because I can. I can.Yeah, But I think it's tough for
to do something creative, like likethe prayer. You know what I'm saying.
Oh, yeah, the prayer.Y'all. Y'all want to hear the

prayer. Y'all pray and ask theLord if y'all can hear the pre and
now play the prayer. It isthe weekend and most folks is Sunday,
so I'm just messing with y'all.I will definitely play the prayer. I'm
talking to the real Jay Jackson,Jeremy Duke Jackson, who is huge on
social media and he's from Memphis.What school did you go to here?

Were you born and raised? Areyou born and raised? Nothing? Okay?
The Haven in the house, Yeah, I went to I went to
I went to I went to whiteHaven for two years and I went to
fairly Okay, you did my lasttwo? Okay? Basketball? Okay,
all right, you played basketball?Were you good? I was amazing?

Were you really? I am amazing? Yeah? So what happened to your
career? You didn't? You didn'tyou didn't see the degree in the court.
I saw now, I saw that. That was that real? Seriously,
you were really? Robin? Wasthat real? Was he really shooting
at basketball? He definitely was.Really, that was real. I thought
maybe, y'all, but I thegoing to college though, get a full

rad to HBCU. I spent fouryears. That's where I Lincoln University.
Okay, this is where I pledgecap ever side. Okay, Oh,
you're a Kappa, of course,I'm a new Okay, yeah, stand
bell. We gotta tell a bellringing that you was a cat. Didn't
know that? Okay? And you'vedone You've done a video about it,
haven't you. Do you have somethingon your social media? Yeah? Yeah,

I did. I do something inthe video? Okay, you do?
You do it? So when peoplecome up to you on the street,
do people notice you? Now?Probably like like eighty eighty five percent
of the time, So now they'relike, oh, this is Jeremy dude
Jackson. They know who you are. I love it though, because it's

it's letting me know, like I'mactually doing something. Yeah, yeah,
it is, it really is.At first At first what at first?
I was like, oh my god, because I'm really like a closed you
kind of you know, Eddie Murphycalls it recluse, So you kind of
recluse. It's kind of a personwho's to themselves a lot, you know,

like a lot of attention all thatkind of stuff, and it's hard
to be a celebrity and be likethat. Yeah, so you kind of
reclusee. But no, you haveto come on out that show, you
come on out honeys. Uh sointrovert kind of but yeah, you know,
you got to be a social butterfly. Jeremy, do I have to?
Well you don't have to, Actuallyyou don't. It's just completely up

to you. When they say action, I can get you into it,
you get into it because you reallydo a lot of skits. Okay,
give me a tip for say,for instance, it's me and I want
to start my own social media pageand do something uh kind of different like
what you're doing. What do yousuggest that I give me some tips that
you use yourself when it comes tocontent on social media. I say,

is stick with what you know,whatever come to your mind, like what
you interested in yourself? Just youknow, do what your own type of
way like. And when you getideas, just write them down, put
them in your notes, okay,okay, okay. And and what platforms

should we? Should we do allplatforms or just stick with I believe,
so you believe? Yeah, doall of them. You never know which
one to pick up your content andstart, you know. Okay, So
you may be big on Facebook andnot so big on Instagram. I got,
I got, I got my myway off TikTok TikTok tok. I

got like two hundred k followers.Oh wow, yeah, and that's when
when when TikTok did it for me, that's when I took it to I
G. Oh so you started theirfirst yeah, I G. They all
got different vibes you know what I'msaying, And probably algorithms too, yeah
okay, so and different peop people. You're right because what what might be
big on TikTok may not be bigon I G. What might be big

on Instagram may not be big onFacebook. But you're big on all those
platforms. Yeah, okay, notbig, but you know uh huh,
you know you're there. You're growingand that. Yeah, growing, Yeah,
continue to build. Okay, Nowdo you do longer form uh you
know videos and put those on YouTubeand put part of the video on other

platforms? Do you do that?I have started to do sketches for YouTube.
That's when they like probably like fiveminutes long, like real production.
H I have started doing it.Okay, good? Good. So is
that something that you would tell peoplethat if this is something they want to
do to get, you know,just become more and more involved in doing

more things and getting into it likethat. Yeah. Yeah, It's it's
kind of hard to go into detailabout certain things if it ain't no specific
questions, you know what I'm saying. So because social media has opened up
so broad now, like from twentytwenty when when it was like a small

street, now it's like like abouttwenty five expressways, it's like people going
everywhere and everywhere. Yeah. Yeah, And so Robin, do you give
him tips when it comes to thosethings or do you just let him be
the brains behind that as well socialmedia as well. I let him be

the brains. But if he ksfor my opinion on something, I try
to give the best advice that Ican. But as far as like everything
else, he he got it.He got he the producer, really right,
he do it all. Wow,Rick, you do it all?
Do it okay? Okay? Andyou like playing that role, just being

the person that comes in when whenyou say come in that kind of thing.
You like that. Yeah, I'mfine with that. I love it
though, because I just like seeingy'all together doing stuff, because you're in
almost everything that he does. It'smy favorite. It's my favorite person to
work with. Yeah, and asit should be. Yeah, yeah,
but I love that. I loveseeing that, Okay, y'all. So

I know y'all probably wondering about theprayer video that they did, so let
me let y'all hear. Uh.This is when the family pray together and
God, we just thank you forour friends and our family and our home.
Lord God. And I know we'vebeen busy every day, but if
you would just put cutting the grasson our minds, God, I just

I just want to quickly add,you know, just put it on our
hearts, just to cook and cleanon our hearts. God. God.
Also just so sometimes we just needa sign that work out, you know,
and being on the phone of time. Now, that sounds like a

real situation at y'all house, thatone of them, just one of them
real Mary people know. That's whatmy daughter said. I said it to
my daughter and she said, that'sjust like me and my husband. I
was like, oh my god,I can't tell you how many times I
watched that. I can't tell youhow many times I watch that. And

I can't tell you how many timesI watched the one, the Halloween one,
the one with y'all. Were wereyou Tina and Ike or what were
y'all? We was portraying marn andJina being oh, okay, see I
missed that. Yeah, stuff likethat, like do to like one more?
He like one of my favorites,Like that's the reason why I do

skids. So yeah, more ina big inspiration when it comes to us
and social media for those of usthat are new to it, how many
times do you say or what yousay that you should post and when are
the best times to post? Doyou figure that out for yourself or is

there a diagram or something that youuse personally? Yeah, so it's a
diagram I use personally, Like Igo off the vibe of the app at
the time, because like you can'tgo and look up search specific times,
specific days, not many days.But if you want to test it at

yourself, you know what I'm saying, test it for yourself. See what
days you want to break If youwant to break in though, you gotta
you gotta be prison, you gottado it. When you say present,
does that mean I gotta put postthree four times a day? And I
ain't even if you can get ifyou can have some quality content you post
like if you if don't nobody knowyour name right now, you got like

zero followers, I say, postevery day. Quality. If it's quality
content, post it every day.Okay, gotta post three or four times
a day. Just post every day? Okay every day? Yeah, until
people start tapping in. Okay,and then when people start tapping in then
you can kind of get more intogo harder. So for now, for
you guys, how many times doyou post? See at this point,

I'm I'm working on a lot ofstuff. I'm working on my own produce.
I'm working on YouTube longer, longersketches. So yeah, I got
this this schedule and go sit I'mworking on so I'm trying to see how
they, you know, work withit. So okay, okay, I'm
doing like an experiment with my postingright now. Okay, put me in

coach. I've been I've been waitingon you. We gotta get we gotta
get you a sound little contract becauseI don't. I don't got inssurance.
What Okay, I'm down. Youheard your sell it up up? Okay,
I'm fine with that. What else? That's it? Do I get
paid? You're gonna probably work forfree the first Okay, I'm calling that

to the FIRS. I'm cool withthat. Twenty twenty. I thought you're
gonna say five twenty. So Robin, do you get paid? Oh?
I don't because I'm not on socialmedia like he is. But g you
are, Yes, you are,baby, you and all of his skits,

all of them. My wife,you know, I take care of
my Fani. See she get paid. I get paid Valentine what you get
for Valentine's Day? No, don'tdon't tell them the South, don't tell
them. Don't do that. Okay, Okay, Well, I love it.
I love it the skits that seemto because I see you do these

quite a bit where you're being thedude that work in the yard. They
love, they love miss Johnson,Missus Johnson, Miss Johnson is something else,
missus Johnson. Okay, so yeah, so are those the ones that
you've done quite a bit like that? Are those? Is there going to
be like a continuation of those characterslike the cop character with country wine?

Uh huh? He said, hedo continuous you know, skis and stuff
like that, and this. Thisgenius really because people like to follow storylines,
and we really do and this andMissus Johnson. It's like a storyline
type of feel, it really is. Yeah. Yeah, I've been I've
been tapping into that ladies. Yeah, okay. And the cop one,

the one where you play the cop, the tective. Yeah yeah, yeah,
yeah, yeah yeah. You're doingit, man, you're doing it
up you live on social media.Yeah you got to come off for that.
Oh you're right, you're right,You're right. Bye, y'all.
He'll be back, he'll be back. Yeah. Yeah, it's all good.

It's all good. I meant toask you that a long time ago,
but it's all good. It's thisis live TV, y'all, so
I mean TV radio. But ifyou follow Jeremy on social media. You
can see him and you can seehim, you know, live on social
media when he wasn't supposed to be. We're trying to save the sauces.

We want him to listen for something. Jeremy and you over there giving everything
away. But the world that's allright, that's okay, it's all good.
But that's a part of social mediatoo, and for a lot of
people that's listening. Do you haveto be when it comes to your skits?
Are you careful about making sure thatyou know when you do have other

people in make it? Like yousaid, if I come to do it,
you're gonna make me sign something.Is that serious? Are you serious?
Okay, you're not serious about that, But are you conscious when you
are doing I don't see a lotof people in your skit? Is that
on purpose? Like I don't seeyou in crowds a lot and stuff like
that. Is that on purpose?It is not on purpose in the effect,
it's on purpose in like when Ifirst started, I couldn't get people

to really I couldn't really rely onpeople. Yeah, so that's why I
really stay concealed with who I workwith, because if I need you,
I need you right away. Yeah, yeah, kind of like I remember
I was with you Famous Amous,and Brandon played too much when y'all did

the skit y'all did a skit forthe Classic. I was the camera person,
by the way, and I don'tremember getting a dime for that,
but I was glad to do it. I was behind the scenes, you
know. And when you guys dothat, like those guys because they're big
on social media as well, Soyou kind of have to make sure all

of y'all schedules can get together,because you know, I think Brandon may
have a job, and so yougot to plan around his schedule. Famous
SAMs is all over the place.Yes, you got to plan around his
schedule. And then that's how ishow difficult is it? Like I said
in the beginning, when no one, when nobody believe in you, no

managing your team. You gotta beall your heads. Yeah, you got
to be the producer. You gottabe the director of the cameraman, the
actors. Yeah, you got toreach out to people and sit a schedule.
So it's it's if you really wantit. You're not doing this for
fun. I'm not doing this forfun. I'm doing this to take care
of my family and to perhaps beon TV, in the movie, on

stage. It's coming. I believeit's coming out. I believe it's probably
closer than you think. Yeah,I believe in God. I know it's
coming. Yeah. Because you're areally good actor and a lot of this
it's believable. That's probably why people, you know, look at your stuff
so much. I mean, yougot I'm telling you just y'all just got
to go see him on social mediaand just see how many people follow him.

But I'm gonna tell you one ofmy favorites. And I don't know
if you've replayed that bad boy forFather's Day, it looks like you did
this. This, y'all, isone of my This thing is so funny.
I think I played it five orsix times to listen to this year.

You laying on the couch and shethrew you some socks. The oh
my goodness, Oh my goodness,she threw some socks a time at a

card h Oh my goodness. Ithink I saw that one last year because
I was just scrolling through your stuffand I saw that one and I hollered,
and I think I said I playedthat one a thousand times too,

because it's like funny every time youend it short. So is that a
key to when your first starting todo and make sure they're short so that
people can watch them more because peopleare prone to watch and skid more on
social media. If it's short,yeah, yes, and no uh huh.
Yeah, it's just something that justkind of happened. But if it's
short and it's good, of course, everybody attention span so short nowadays,

so if it's shortening, it's good. Yeah, it's gone. Yeah,
it's gonna go crazy. Yeah.Yeah. That one you got twenty one
thousand, eight hundred and eighty onelikes a ton of comments. I usually
do. I don't know if Icommented with some laughs on that one or
not, but I'm just telling youyou guys. Oh and the one where
you were, uh the inspector shecalled you because she had something in the

house. You came into the garage, uh to I guess you were the
pet pet of the past control.Yes, lord, I hollered. It
seemed like you got my notifications.I know, but I get them all
the time every time. Every timeyou Brandon and generally famous same it's usually

when they do whenever y'all post stuff. It's right there. When I get
open the phone, it's right there. Every time I don't look at shouty.
You gotta picture on your wife righthere. Happy birthday, beautiful baby.
I made sure it was her birthday. Let me get out rightday to

let me love that right now andsay happy birthday. That is seventy two
weeks old. Though. Okay,I love it. I do, I
really I do. Yeah, Ilove it. So give me, give
me some a few more tips becausewe got to get out of here.
So give me a few more tipsfor the people before you go that you
can think of off maybe off thetop of your head. Maybe go hard,

m hm, go hard, gohard. Believe in yourself. M
h. It's just so many outhere in this world today. It's just
like if you if you want todo content, just do it, like,
don't don't second guess yourself. LikeI help people, like oh you

do, Yeah, I help people. I got I got people this that
want to get into you know,content creating, so I do help them
get and stuff like that. Butit's you just gotta do it. Yeah,
gotta believe in yourself. You gottawhatever idea you got, you gotta
somebody gonna like it. It mightnot be if you're trying to pray yourself
to me, it might not bemy fan base. But I think that's

the worst thing you can do whenit comes to social social media is compare
yourself with other people. Is It'snot wise. I mean, the Bible
says it's not wise, period,but especially when it comes to social media.
Because somebody might be and more likesthan you. That don't mean nothing.
It really don't mean nothing. Youknow, you got to find your
likes, and your likes may bedifferent. Just like you said from everybody
else. You got to find yourlane and play it mm hm on social

media. That's that's that's what itis. Man. The other one that
really got me was this one righthere, how the groom b when the
bride is coming. I think Isaw this on a social another social media
platform. Somebody grabbed that and postedthat. I hollered again when you fell

out? Oh did you fall outwhen y'all got married? For real?
Opposite see look, I already knew. I already knew I was mirror.
I was already married to her before. Oh that's beautiful. Well, Robin,

thank you for coming Valentine's weekend.Thank you Jace for coming so sweet.
Okay, oh man, thank y'allfor being here. And I hope
these tips will help somebody that's listening, that's hopeful about a future on social

media. And you know, forthe most part too, Brandon Brandon.
I'm thinking about Brandon too, becauseBrandon does a lot of stuff, like
I said, famous aim, yeah, and most part, for the most
part, Jeremy, though all ofyour stuff is clean too. You do
a lot of clean purpose you don'twell, I like it, uh huh

huh, but I just like itthat you know. It's just you got
stuff that everybody can enjoy. Thefamily you can, you know, if
you've got children and they have wona future in acting and doing stuff like
this, Jeremy, well wait,dull real Jay Jackson or Jeremy Duke Jackson
on all social platforms. Thank youyou all right, it's the pulse.

We keep our fingertips on the pulseof our community. We'll see y'all next
time, same station, next week, same time, same station. God
bless you have a great week.
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