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August 26, 2022 3 mins

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Let's take a fond look back in the week that
was It's cow clips of the week. We will forgive
ten thousand dollars in outstanding federal student loans. There's plenty
of deficit reduction to pay for the programs going to
pay for the programs. Many times over, you're gonna have

working class people who didn't go to college paying for
loans for people who make six figures. Pouring roughly half
trillion dollars of gasoline on the inflationary fire that's already burning,
is reckless. Who I want? You bet I do? And
then we're doomed. But then I I know we say
this all the time we're doing We're screwed, it filmed,

We're screwed. But today we really proved that social in
them winds neo pronouns are not that new of a thing.
We just came up with new words that fit us better.
Pronouns that I use are data, she her and clown
concern As white teachers, when we say, oh, this student

is giving me issues and they're put out of class,
that fuels at school to prison pipeline, which is a
white supermasis system that we are upholding. What's the capital
of the United States. Them there's a cabinet. Bauci is
planning a December departure. Do you regret from the sweeping shutdown? No,

I I don't not since the Orange Man sees the
White House in a Russian coup? Have more forty six
year old Cornell educated lawyers with weak husbands wept shamelessly
in public. Uh, Fighter aircraft remain on the table. Just
no final decisions have been made about that. You look
at domains, you look at from a military perspective, land, air,

see diver and let's say communication, propaganda, not a single
one of those domains that Russia control. Then I did
a degree assess one of the vehicle. During that I
discovered their work. Human remains inside. Get yourself together, because
we're gonna shower study because you're doing violent Who can

smell me since I've been in here, because I haven't
showered him four days. You regulate our cards, food, and hell,
but refused to regulate the hard for real estate. Oh wow,

it's quite a week. It was quite a cow who's
been around its neck? Who was Uh? That cheering socialism
with the crowd game. That's a New York State legislator
who won her contest. We have that story in her
full clip and everything. She's a out and proud socialist.
I remember, you know, the line from the left was
Republicans calling names, I mean calling Democrats socialists, and well,

now at least they're they're admitting it. You know, I
appreciate it. And the fabulous my Cans, an executive producer
with the able assistance of Michael Angelo, puts together Cow
every week and it's fantastic. I appreciated very much. The
juxtaposition that means sticking them next to each other. Of
the woke teacher talking about not disciplining students because that's

part of the prison school to prison pipeline, and that's
a white supremacist thing. Juxtaposing that with one of the
freaking Ignoramuss who don't even know if there is a
capital of the United States, much less where it is.
I think those two stories are related. If you smell
when I'm cooking, that was not an optimistic cow, No,

but that cow was highly pessimistic.
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