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May 28, 2024 4 mins

The left is pushing electric vehicles hard, especially in CA. Would an EV make a good first car? Also, there's some bonus Hillary talk in here as well. 

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Tesla announced, and it didn't get a lot of attention
because the mainstream media is lefty and they're so down
with cars but electric vehicles. But Tesla announced a couple
of weeks ago they're going to lay off much of
the team responsible for creating the largest and most successful
EV charging network in the US. They've halted construction work
at a dozen supercharger sites in Texas.

Speaker 2 (00:22):
The company made noises like.

Speaker 1 (00:24):
No, no, we're still into what sure we are, but
in every material way they've really cut back on trying
to grow the charging networks.

Speaker 3 (00:31):
God, I know a young person getting their first car
kind of at that launch stage of their life and
it's none of my business, so I don't say a word.
But they're shopping for evs and I thought, what, you have,
limited money, go out and buy yourself a five year
old Honda Cord Yeah, and be fine.

Speaker 2 (00:51):
So important to show the virtue, the virtue signal.

Speaker 3 (00:55):
I don't know if it's that or just just surrounded
by people who say that's what you got it.

Speaker 2 (01:00):
I don't know, but not ever. Well, it's a different
sort of virtue signally.

Speaker 1 (01:06):
It's a tribal loyalty signal that hey, I'm down with
the things we all believe. I would never buy a
five year old Toyota for the tiny fraction of the price,
you know, blah blahah right.

Speaker 2 (01:17):
Right, right, right, true, true.

Speaker 3 (01:21):
You get no credit for driving a five year old
reasonable car, sensible car, Yeah, yeah, of any kind with
anybody other than like fiscal conservatives. Let's jam this in
before we take a break. Hillary Clinton. There's a new
book out with a lot of interviews with Hillary Clinton.
Oh good, excerpts from The New York Times. I thought

this was pretty good.

Speaker 1 (01:44):
We've heard so little from her, how refreshing to get
a dose of her wisdom. Who is the person on
earth who cares what she thinks about anything?

Speaker 2 (01:51):

Speaker 3 (01:52):
Bill doesn't even care. In fact, that's almost certainly true anyway.
Her quote, the people, the voters who left me were women.
They left me because they just couldn't take a risk
on me, because as a woman, I'm supposed to be perfect.
They were willing to take a risk on Trump, who's
had a long list of let's call them flaws to

illustrate his imperfection, because he was a man, and they
could envision a man as president and commander in chief.
Hillary Clinton in the year twenty twenty four, in her
own mind, thinks she lost because.

Speaker 2 (02:26):
She's a woman.

Speaker 3 (02:27):
Yes, yes, yes, if that's what helps her sleep alone
better at night.

Speaker 1 (02:32):
I was gonna say, in the immortal words of John
Lennon and harmonized by the fabulous Elton John, whatever gets
you through the night, you know, if that's what you
want to believe, go ahead if you want. You're a
terrible candidate and you didn't go to Wisconsin, you crazed
old biddy. There I am with the horse language again.
I'm so sorry.

Speaker 3 (02:50):
As I've said many times, if anything, you got more
votes because you're a woman, not less the idea you
lost because you're a woman. Okay, again, that's what helps
you sleep alone every night? Then find wow again with
that shot.

Speaker 1 (03:06):
I'm what a great example though, I you know, occasionally
I'm in the mood to just separate myself from, you know,
the emotional aspect of any of this stuff and just
look at it as a scientist, like I'm visiting from Mars.
A woman that intelligent, and whatever you think of Hillary,
she's incredibly solu and tough as nails, and.

Speaker 3 (03:24):
Rather she was president right now running the whole Israel
policy than Joe Biden.

Speaker 2 (03:28):
Oh yeah, I would agree.

Speaker 1 (03:31):
But somebody that bright can be that unself aware and
that dishonest with themselves to protect her ego.

Speaker 2 (03:40):
That's just interesting.

Speaker 3 (03:41):
How much do we all do that on so many
different levels to help us get through so we don't,
you know, go crazy.

Speaker 2 (03:47):
I don't want to know the answer to that question.
I don't want to know the answer to that question. Fantastic.

Speaker 1 (03:55):
I have occasionally bumped up against the answer to that question, and.

Speaker 2 (03:59):
It's extreme, the uncomfortable. It's well, it's not comfortable. Armstrong
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