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May 30, 2023 2 mins

It would appear that Dianne Feinstein is having a rough time being back at work. She has a handler for everything she does. 

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I thought this was striking from the New York Times,
and it's about Diane Feinstein, and the New York Times
is lefty enough that they probably want somebody left ear
in there. Well, this is rava frank. When Senator Dianne
Feinstein entered a hearing room this month to reclaim her
seat on the Senate Judiciary Committee after a month's long absence,

she was accompanied by a phalanx of aids. Two staff
members settled the eighty nine year old California Democratic to
a chair the diocese. The assembled senators greeted their ailing
colleague with a round of applause. When Ms Feinstein spoke
during a vote on one of several of President Biden's
judicial nominees, blah blah blah. She appeared to read from
a piece of paper handed to her by a female

aid seated behind her, shasting to be recorded as voting
in person on the three nominees considered earlier. Mister chairman,
and I vote I now, she said. The aide knelt
next to her and whispered into her ear between votes,
popping up repeatedly from her seat to confer with the senator,
at one point clearing away the paper ms Feinstein had

read from and presenting her with a folder that appeared
to contain background information about the nominees. The scene was
typical of her day and to day existence on the Hill,
whereas she is surrounded by a retinue of staff members
who served not only the role of typical Congressional aids,
but also as de facto companions to a senator whose age, frail, health,
and memory issues make it difficult for her to function alone.

They push her wheelchair, remind her how and when she
should vote, and step into explain what is happening when
she grows confused, and it goes on and on in
that vein every minute, there are staffers clustered all around
her tell her what to do and how to do
it. It's not surprising, I don't think to anyone, is it.
At times, she's expressed confusion about the basics of how

the Senate functions. When Vice President Kamala Harris was presiding
over the chamber last year, in one of many instances
where she had to cast a tie breaking vote, Ms
Feinstein expressed confusion, according to a person who witnessed the scene,
asking her colleagues, what is she doing here? Staff members
been overheard explaining to her she cannot leave yet because
there are more votes to come. Now. The question about
Kamala Harris, what is she doing here? She might have

meant as an idiot, what is she doing here? How
could she be the vice president? She's a moron, that's
probably what she meant. I know her, she's a dunderbet.
I've known her, and is she the dumb person who's

ag of California? What is she doing here? See, that's
a reasonable question. That's the old cal exactly
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