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May 22, 2024 2 mins

Jack Armstrong must feel the need for attention. When Joe Getty had intense joint pain, Jack had cancer. Joe feels covid coming on? Jack crashes his motorcycle. Joe slices two of his fingers open? Jack gets his eyeballs cut open. IT NEVER STOPS! 

Plus some details about Jack's eye surgery that you may or may not want to hear...

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
Excuse me.

Speaker 2 (00:00):
I'm at the stage of my COVID where i feel
quite good, but I'm still coughing and sneezing and that
sort of thing, mostly coughing, So forgive me.

Speaker 3 (00:08):
That's the best part for the cough button. Yes, that's
the best stage of being sick. You feel okay, but
you sound bad enough you could get out of something
if you had to. Well, yeah, yeah, absolutely sorry. I
don't you go to that thing. I'd love to go
to that thing. But I mean, listen to me, you
know I did.

Speaker 2 (00:24):
That reminds me I've got a bit of a bone
to pick with you, Jack, And I think, Michael, You're
probably going to be on my side in this. And
that's Jack's desperate need for attention, being an attention hog.
I mean, for instance, when my joints were crumbling from arthritis,
I couldn't say anything because Jack ad cancer.

Speaker 1 (00:42):
So what am I gonna do? Complain? Oh? My hip hurtz? Yeah,
Jack adds cancer.

Speaker 3 (00:47):
And then like like.

Speaker 2 (00:48):
Last week, last week I got the COVID, Jack sensing
that coming preemptively had a motorcycle wreck so he would
get the attention.

Speaker 1 (01:00):
Is there a good points Jack, Joe?

Speaker 2 (01:03):
Yes, Yes, and then then yesterday, this is true, folks,
Yesterday in a kitchen mishap, I sliced open two of
my fingertips, oh, my index finger and my middle finger
on my right hand. Oh, and I can come in
here and talking about But guess what happened yesterday? Friends,
Jack had his eyeballs sliced open in a surgery. So

Joe will just have to keep it to himself. Selfishness,
that's what this is.

Speaker 3 (01:30):
God, I had the worst mental state for that surgery yesterday.

Speaker 1 (01:34):
I don't know why. I just could not. It's why
I'm a bad athlete.

Speaker 3 (01:39):
I get negative thoughts going into my head and I
just cannot stop them. And I couldn't stop thinking about
what they were actually doing to my eyes, even though
I knew there was going to be no pain, and
there was no pain, but they are cutting into your eyeballs,
and I couldn't stop. Like picturing a knife going into
the shopping.

Speaker 1 (01:55):
I couldn't stop.

Speaker 3 (01:57):
And it was just freaking me out so much, which
I think everybody battles with that sum But you're right,
some of us are better at stopping thoughts than others.
It didn't help any of course, I said, yesterday, I said,
I don't even know what they do. I don't want
to know. And we got a thousand texts of people
describing how they do lens replacement surgery. Like if I

wanted that information, I would have sought it out, people
going into great detail about how they cut out the
blah bleh bond.

Speaker 1 (02:27):
Oh no, no, nobody wants to hear that. There was
no that sound never occurred.

Speaker 2 (02:35):
I listened to pleasant music, and there was incredibly advanced
twenty first century medicine.

Speaker 1 (02:40):
Michael, there is no pain whatsoever.

Speaker 3 (02:42):
But yeah, well, yeah, I did wreck my motorcycle on
purpose just because I knew you had COVID and I
need the attention. So that's the way it works.

Speaker 2 (02:50):
And yet
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