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February 9, 2022 1 min

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Speaker 1 (00:00):
I faced one of the most punishing days of paperwork
of my life today. For some reason, I'm trying to
like not think about that and do my job. But
I just have so much paperwork to do today, and
just like really really annoying paperwork too. Oh yeah, you know,
I've gotten slightly better at figuring out. Is worrying about

this going to help in any way? I mean, am
I preparing myself? Am I really planning? Or am I
just doing? No? I know it's I know it's not
not worried. I'm just dreading it. I hate it. I'm
I hate it. If you told me. But after work today,
you have to dig a hole that's twenty It's gonna
be two tons of dirt. I think, Okay, it's gonna

take a long time. It's gonna take a lot of time.
But I wouldn't whatever, it's gotta be done, paperwork, forget it.
I think maybe maybe I'll find out I have cancer
before I have to do the paperwork. Gets to go
to the hospital. Wow, Wow, folks, he gets to say
that he's had cancer. Play stopped writing your outraged emails,

any who stopped calling Neil Young and asking him to
boycott US
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