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April 8, 2024 49 mins
This week might get a little messy but remember the theme, its not the disruption but what is being disrupted that we should be watching! 

Theme Card 6:31
Aries 9:20
Taurus 12:18
Gemini 15:54
Cancer 19:28
Leo 23:25
Virgo 27:15
Libra 30:15
Scorpio 32:43
Sagittarius 35:09
Capricorn 38:51
Aquarius 40:21
Pisces 44:43
Mark as Played
The words to Paul McCartney's Blackbird, now covered by Beyonce inspired this episode to prepare you for Mercury Retrograde in Aries! 

Theme Card 2:52
Aries 5:28
Taurus 7:57
Gemini 10:17
Cancer 12:57
Leo 16:37
Virgo 19:23
Libra 22:18
Scorpio 24:02
Sagittarius 27:53
Capricorn 30:13
Aquarius 32:19
Pisces 34:18
Mark as Played
It's not that the flow has been interupted, it's all about what you see now that it has been disrupted. 

Theme Card 4:19
Aries 9:48
Taurus 13:20
Gemini 16:58
Cancer 20:23
Leo 24:07
Virgo 25:57
Libra 31:35
Scorpio 35:35
Sagittarius 38:50
Capricorn 41:30
Aquarius 44:53
Pisces 48:17
Mark as Played
Have we talked about why it's important to balance the head and heart as you progress forward? We live in a world that prioritizes the head and abndonds the heart so that's gonna take some rebellion. I gotcha coverd!

Theme Card 6:00
Aries 9:24
Taurus 11:16 
Gemini 14:17
Cancer 17:03
Leo 19:26
Virgo 21:51
Libra 24:24
Scorpio 27:02
Sagittarius 30:54
Capricorn 32:56
Aquarius 35:04
Pisces 38:52
Mark as Played
March 11, 2024 55 mins
Mark as Played
March 4, 2024 47 mins
The process is inevitable but how do we navigate it, don't worry. we're getting clarity this week..

Theme Card 4:35
Pisces 8:16
Aries 11:57
Taurus 16:06
Gemini 20:22
Cancer 22:14
Leo 26:47
Virgo 29:44
Libra 32:52
Scorpio 36:46
Capricorn 43:25
Aquarius 45:06
Mark as Played
February 26, 2024 39 mins
The Sun will conjunct with Saturn this week for your wake up call! Either the call will encourge you as you continue your path or show you it times to make some changes.

Theme Card 2:00
Pisces 4:34
Aries 7:08
Taurus 10:06
Gemini 11:42
Cancer 14:37
Leo 16:43
Virgo 19:45
Libra 22:33
Scorpio 25:32
Sagittarius 29:08
Capricorn 32:30
Aquarius 36:20
Mark as Played
February 19, 2024 52 mins
Consider Pisces the December of the astro seasons so you know what that means...TIME TO REFLECT! Great timing for a Full Moon reflection.

Theme Card 11:07
Pisces 18:42
Aries 20:58
Taurus 24:42
Gemini 29:49
Cancer 33:30
Leo 35:22
Virgo 37:07
Libra 39:31
Scorpio 41:06
Sagittarius 45:40
Capricorn 47:42
Aquarius 50:40
Mark as Played
February 12, 2024 49 mins
We have a dual exprince eath side but some sogns are far to focused on one. There's also the element of Beyonce but it's only for certian signs.

Theme Card: 9:12
Pisces: 14:58
Aries: 17:59
Taurus: 21:37
Gemini 25:27
Cancer: 27:46
Leo: 29:41
Virgo: 31:26
Libra: 35:20
Scorpio: 39:30
Sagittarius: 42:19
Capricorn: 45:24
Mark as Played
You're rushing one morning, it's pure chaos and you spill milk (who the hell is just drinking milk?). If that is the breaking moment maybe I can help your sign

Theme Card:7:00
Pisces: 11:05
Aries: 14:13
Taurus: 17:14
Gemini: 18:37
Cancer: 20:20
Leo: 24:16
Virgo: 27:16
Libra: 30:21
Scorpio: 33:41
Sagittarius 39:45
Capricorn 42:03
Mark as Played
January 29, 2024 39 mins
It's moving just as fast as it's moving slow! Yes, time is a measurement with rules but for some reason they don't seem to apply right now.

Theme Card: 2:31
Aquarius: 6:56
Pisces: 9:38
Aries: 12:36
Taurus: 14:40
Gemini: 17:52
Cancer: 19:47
Leo: 24:00
Virgo: 27:01
Libra: 30:20
Scorpio 31:45
Sagittarius: 35:55
Mark as Played
January 22, 2024 48 mins
The Cardinal signs finally see a break but the Fixed sings....well good luck

Collective: 9:52
Aqaurius: 12:57
Pisces: 14:50
Aries: 18:39
Taurus: 21:07
Gemini: 23:55
Cancer: 26:35
Leo: 28:01
Virgo: 30:06
Libra: 33:35
Scorpio: 36:56
Sagittarius: 41:07
Capricorn: 45:48
Mark as Played
January 15, 2024 49 mins
If you hate AI and other forms of tech heads up their presences is ramping up!

Collective 5:25
Aqaurius 9:28
Piscies 15:07
Taurus 24:54
Gemini 25:55
Cancer 28:34
Leo 32:28
Virgo 35:46
Libra 37:36
Scorpio 39:43
Sagittarius 42:34
Capricorn 45:22
Mark as Played
January 8, 2024 62 mins
Time to move baby! Now what that means for you could be physically move but it could be mental, spiritual, or emotional. Tap in and find your message...
Mark as Played
January 1, 2024 48 mins
Just because you vowed to "new year new you" does not mean you need to come in with guns blazing. Change takes time even when it seems it happens quickly,,,
Mark as Played
December 18, 2023 12 mins
Mark as Played
December 11, 2023 52 mins
Mark as Played
December 4, 2023 53 mins
Mark as Played
November 27, 2023 50 mins
Mark as Played
November 13, 2023 33 mins
Don't we all love a good delusional moment. It should be just a moment but some of us have turned it into a life style but our Scorpio New Moon is saying ENOUGH!
Mark as Played

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