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March 13, 2024 15 mins
Tacoooo Tuessssday!! Booker and Stryker bringing you all the juicy news headlines for you. Lenny Kravitz received a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and his Daughter Zoe had some choice words for her father. Aaron Rodgers the Politician?? And we have the rankings for theMLB Baseball Stadiums concessions. Where do the Dodgers and Angels rank? Also we pose the question: How long can you live in a Las Vegas Hotel? Last but not least we play anther round of D-Student Trivia for a pair of passes to see Weezer! Who are celebrating their 30th Anniversary of the Blue Album! Thanks for Stopping by!
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The All New All Afternoons with Bookerand Striker broadcast or you I'm Booker and
Striker, this is all ninety hseven, I'm Booker, he Striker was
everything happening in the world. Okay, Lenny Kravitz got a star in the
Hollywood Walk of Fame today when shedeserves, of course, But his daughter
is Zoe was the real star withher delivery inducting her dad. Okay,

she gave some warm moments. Shebrought some comedy as well. I've seen
you change in the most beautiful ways. I've seen the way you show up
and take care of the people youlove. I've seen your incredible dedication to
your art. But mostly I've seenthrough your shirts. According to my dad,
if it doesn't expose your nipples,it's not a shirt. You really

do pull it off. Your relationshipwith the netted shirt is probably your longest
one, and it works. Youtwo make each other better. And if
it ain't broke, don't fix it. I love that, she said.
We've all wanted to say to himin person, a lot of nipple,
a lot of c through shirts,a lot of knits, but he gets
away with it. Is Lenny Kravitz. He's the coolest guy on the planet.

Her delivery was so perfect. Dida good job. Lenny Kravitz was
raised in New York until he wasten, and then he moved out to
LA His dad was a news producer. His mom was an actress. She
had a role on The Jeffersons,which is why they moved out to Los
Angeles. Yep. And by theway, mom, there is Lisa Bonett.
How about that? Oh, Dykravit, Zoe's mom is Lisa Bonett?

Correct to Mundo. So Airbnb theybanned indoor security cameras, which is good.
Which fun is that? But I'vegot a couple of ways that I
found online of how to look forhitting cameras, which every time I do
get an Airbnb, I always walkaround to see if there's anything goofy.
How would you know? Because thekid they hide him in clocks and everything

else. Now, Booker, youjust set me up so well without even
knowing to set me up. Theseare two things you should do when you
get an Airbnb. Before you getyour things settle, look for out of
place electronics, off color wall chargers, wall mounted clocks that you think,
why is there a wall mounted clockright there, and take a close look
at the smoke detectors. What iswhat is this smoke detector doing in this

particular spot? Number two? Turnoff all the lights and then grab a
flashlight and flash through everything in theroom and see if you see any weird
reflections. If you do, takea closer look. Interesting. Tonight's mega
millions, Oh, Hooker, sevenand thirty five million. Nobody won last
night's Powerball. Just awful numbers,terrible numbers. So tomorrow's powerful five and

fifty nine million dollars. We loveknitted shirts. Striker, that's all the
booker and striker, All right,Booker and striker, it is all ninety
eight seven? How long could youlive in a hotel specifically in Las Vegas?
A Las Vegas hotel? Why doyou ask? There's a friend of

mine named Heather who's on the radio. Do you know yet she lives at
a hotel there? And my mindstarted spinning about living in a hotel specifically
in Vegas. Okay, so boy, it seems glamorous and kind of fun
and you don't really have to paybills and somebody cleans up for you every
day, I mean, ultimately,yeah, that sounds like a good time.

But what about the walk in LasVegas hotels from the front door of
the hotel to your room? Sometimes, right, it's like twelve minutes.
What if you have a day whenyou just want to sleep in untill seven
and people are checking out five thirtysix and their kids are screaming in the
hallway. What about that? Well, that would be a little annoying.

But what about at this But inVegas it's four am. You wake up
because you went to bed at anormal time and you want to tunea milt.
You could have it delivered to yourroom. That's true instantly. So
what's because I have an answer,what's your answer? It depends how long?
Striker? If you said, couldyou live there for six months?
My answers, I think no.I think it would start to grind on

your mind. DJ regulate, Couldyou live in a hotel in Vegas?
Can ask a question? Yes?Is it going to be a high end
hotel? Just any hotel? Question? Right? Are we at the winter?
Are we staying at the Orango?Drado's amazing brand new We'll give a
crap amazing EXCaliber. Oh my god, but that's a hard No. I

wouldn't stays. That's top seven hotelsin Vegas in your mind. Yes,
we'll go with one of those.I will stretch it to one month max.
You guys, I could do thisin my side. Really can go
a year? No? You could? Yes? I could. You could
do a year in a Vegas hotelfloor with the right view and not a

mile walk to get there easily inmy sleep. Baby, let's go.
Yes, I don't know too.To nine eight seven you live in a
Vegas hotel. I mean, Ithink it would be kind of I think
it'd be kind of sad to believeit or not. It's just I don't
know. There's something about people,just different people every single day. Great,

you're bored, you go down tothe bar at any time. We're
going to see someone there. Let'sgo really all right? Two two nine
eighty seven? Poke some holes inthis for striker who thinks he could live
in a hotel for a year?Rely easily? Okay, maximum price if
I could afford it too. Letme tell you we stayed at the wind
the last time we went. You'reright, I can probably stay that for

five years, and it's nicer thanthe down pilot. At two two nine
eighty seven. So you got bookerand Striker on all ninety eight seven,
Booker and Striker all ninety eight seven. All right, booker and Striker on
all ninety eight seven. Striker's dreamingabout living in a hotel for a year.
You think it'd be great in LasVegas and the text line, Yeah,
totally, Striker Vedara City Corner Suite. I could do that. Three

two three, Hell yeah, Ilove Las Vegas. You'll see something different
every day. I could easily leavean hotel for a year. Poke a
hole in it, Booker on whyit's not good? No stove. Hold
on a minute, here's my comeback. I like cooking, though, Come
on, you have you ever seenthose little indoor pro pane grill that you
can use? So I'm gonna bringa grill inside of a hotel room.

That's not gonna know there is watches. No, I'm not doing that.
What I got like camping. I'mcamping in my room in Vegas. Now
you enjoy watching the Pittsburgh Steelers,right, I do? And you have
to pay for the NFL pass,Well, wouldn't there? I would go
downstairs. That's right. On thebest TV screens you've ever seen in your
life with Reuben sandwiches and mats ofballs super available in the sportsbook Deli.

So you've taken care of seventeen weeks, yes, seventeen sundays of the year
four hours. You got ten weekendsa year of bands that you love that
are in town. That's true.Okay, now we're up to Now we're
up to half a year, Booker. Imagine this. You wake up in
the middle of the night, likethe Mountings, Booker, and you're like,

I can't get back to you knowwhat you do? You put on
your hallway slippers and you go downstairsand you people watch for twenty minutes and
go back to your room. Youdon't think being in that dark casino where
you don't really have a pork toget outside, you'd get cabin fever.
I think you just after I don'tknow, three to four weeks, you're
like, I need something. Ineed a balcony, I need to grill

something outside. I mean nature.You're allowed to go on a vacation every
now and then, you're not.Can't I'm living there for a year,
Striker. I mean, I justdon't get this. And where have you
been the last ten years, casinosare not dark and dreary and smoky anymore.
They're actually illuminated too much at thatyou can't see outside from any point
even if you go to the wind, you know what I mean, You
get down to the elevator, youwalk, can't see outside anywhere. It's

always like night. If you gooin East Dela shot out to you,
Striker. I'll move in with youto the wind if you can make an
happen. Hugo. I don't wantto rule maate, but thank you,
budd. I mean the wind isa different story. I mean, that's
a really nice hotel. I've gotyou just in the middle of the kind
of range hotel. I don't thinkyou could do that for a year.
I see you high end with therobe and the whole, you know,
butler service whatever. I see youloving that. But I'm just talking a

regular hotel. All right, Well, you can go stay in the regular
I'll stay with a nice looking inyour mind at the wind. All right,
Booker, Stcher, Booker and Striker. All right, Booker, Striker
is go time. And now it'stime for Booker and Strikers d student trivia.
All right, let's do this evenif you don't care about Weezer play

along in your car. It's Dstudent trivia. If our contestant gets six
out of ten, right, that'sa D student. They're gonna win tickets
to see Weezer Friday night at theLauge Room Intimate Show as they're celebrating thirty
years of the blue album Booker.A little bit of a Weezer mixed in.
Monique is listening, Monique, howare you good? Thank you?

How are you guys? Okay?Are you a Weezer fan? I'm a
huge Weezer fan. I saw themlie but the vans were pouring two thousand.
Wow, so you go way back. This should be pretty easy.
Fine, yes, my era,Yes, we want you to win.
There's gonna be sixty seconds on theclock when I'm right next door to Island

Parking, Glosso Park, Oh,glass A Park. Nice, you're right
there. Okay. But by theway I'm saying it right now, she's
very lovely. We love Monique.If she's an F student, we're gonna
hang up and get another collar ninety. You gotta be a D student.
I mean he's gonna get he's gonnagive you the heave. Oh, I
mean he is fired up about Monique? Six out of ten? Oh a

student, you were going to getthe tough questions, No, I got
the easy one, six out often. Sixty seconds on the clock,
Striker, you ready for question numberone? Yes, Monique les rock and
roll striker. Let her up?All right, Monique? What vegetable is
hummusmade from? Uh? The pthe chick? Peak? How many items
are there in a Baker's dozen?Thirteen? What famous Weezer hit song is

a toe o cover? Times is? How many inches are there in two
and a half feet? Twenty four? Nine thirty? What river flows through
the Grand Canyon? Forty seconds?What movie river? Yes, the river

go on, go on? Whatmovie just won Best Picture at the Oscars
on Sunday night? Thirty seconds?Oh my gosh, Barbie Weezer is celebrating
the thirtieth anniversary of what album?The Blue Album? How many sides are
there on a yield sign? Whatplanet has rings around it? Ten seconds?

How many colors are there in therainbow redgiebib? Yes? Yes?
Ok? At a time, boy, all that stuff about an a student
though right out the window. Imean, we're gonna see what sort of
student are the window mony? Whatdo you mean? I got chick right,

we'll see right now? What vegetables? Hum, it's made from chickpeas.
Give it to her booker? Okay? How many items are there?
And a baker does in thirteen?Yes? Now, I'm not sure what
famous Wheezer hit song as a totalcover. The answer is Africa Africa.
Oh, I mean it's by Kansas. No, not by Kansas, Kansas

Africa. No, we're moving on. Okay, Okay, okay, Oh
my god, I'm thinking of theWizard of Oz. Okay, how many
inches are there in two and ahalf feet? You said thirty? Give
it to her? She said thirtyseven different answers for the record. She
was counting with her fingers. Theriver flows through the Grand Canyon, Good

old Lake, have a suit?No Colorado River? What movie? One?
Best picture? You said, Barbie, i'menhimer. You did know that
the blue album is thirty years Weezer. Yes, that's important. You knew
Saturn with the Rings. Give itto her book But you knew hold on
one second? Well, let usconduct our show. You knew that there

were hold on? You sure aboutthis? Oh? How many sides are
there in a yield sign. Yousaid five answers three come on, then
you got Saturn, and then yougot seven for the rainbow. Let me
count these Saturn. Does she getsaturned twice? She got saturdned No,
We're fine, one, two,three, all right, you win.
Congratulations, you're a d student.So much for that. A student.

Talk what you want? All right, We'll see you Friday night. We
got a show with Weezer. Youguys Friday. There you go Friday night.
Thank you Monique for listening to Bookerand Star all ninety eight seven.
We'll see you this Friday night.Booker and Striker n Booker and Striker Weezer

And what is it downtown? It'snot really downtown the laws. Where's that?
Keeps thinking? Where it is?Striker? It's near down to near
downtown. Somewhere waits a place we'venever been to. Your chance to see
Weezer in the five o'clock hour,Striker. With everything happening in the world,
this is breaking news. The NewYork Times put this on Twitter slash

x Robert F. Kennedy Jr.He's running for president as an independent.
He says that Aaron Rodgers, thefootball player from the New York Jets is
at the top of his list tobe his running mate the vice president.
If Robert F. Kennedy ends upwinning, we could have Aaron Rodgers.
Imagine the debates that go on.We've got so and so here Republican Democrats,

and there's Aaron Rodgers. His appearanceson the Pat McAfee show where have
been so great? He said,I feel about it, by the way,
Highland Park, Island Park, HighlandPark. Yes, yeah, I
don't even know what to think aboutit. I really I can't imagine him

on Kimmel. That'd be an interestinginterview. Yeah, okay, good luck.
I mean Jesse the body of Beniz'snumber two on the list. By
the way, I swear that's hewas the governor of Minnesota. That's exactly
right. How about that? SoAaron Rodgers he played four or five snaps
last year in the NFL. Thenhe turned down host of Jeopardy or he

was in the running right and nowpossible vice president. Moving on, let's
talk food at Dodger Stadium and AngelStadium. It's too expensive. Where done
talking? Where do the Dodgers andAngels rank in terms of concessions? A
big study was just done. Thereare thirty teams in Major League Baseball.
They studied the price of hot dogs, beer, and the number of concession

stands compared to the capacity of thestadium. I've been to about twenty different
parks, so I would put ussomewhere in the middle. Who will you
say, us Dodgers or Dodgers.Oh oh, there's thirty Angels. Stick,
that's just the team. I don'tknow about the food. No,
the food at Angel Stadium. Iknow we're called being great, but it's

got to be better at Dodger Stadium. That's my guest. The Dodgers are
in twenty seventh place out of thirty. Yeah, the Angel by twenty fifth
place out of thirty. I buyit. If you go to some of
these cities, man, you goto like Milwaukee, they're all marred by
the way, are they really?The food is phenomenal. We're Seattle playing

Highland Park. Highland Seattle's number one. No, it is it. I
was gonna say the food in Seattle'soutstanding at their park. I'm Striker.
That's all I got. Thank you. The All New All's Afternoons Sweet Booker
and Striker broadcast
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