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March 15, 2024 11 mins
Hi! Booker and Stryker here. Bringing you all the news that matters to you. Such as: Pornhub is banned in this certain state. How much will a roundtrip ride cost on the Las Vegas Speed Train. Ohtani's wife is revealed and she is a baller! Booker's favorite show is renewed for another season. Would you hop on a RoboTaxi? Well you can find them in Los Angeles Now. Plus, Stryker wants to know if it's bad to order off the Kids Menu. And Last but not least, Happy Pi Day!!
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Do you all New All Afternoons Sleet, Booker and Striker podcasts Booker and Striker
not so great on All Mighty Ageseven Striker. With everything happening in the
world, I'm sure you know somepeople that lived in La or California and
at some point they said, Californiastinks, We're moving to Texas. Okay,
Well, the joke's on you peoplein Texas, because if you live

in Texas, you can no longerget porn hub what they have blocked access
the government has in Texas. Idon't want to get too deep into the
weeds, giggity, but you can'tget it right now because you've already been
deep in this week. Really,yeah, huh, it's weird. It
seems like censorship. Remember like sixyears ago, if you would say the

phrase I just said, born Hub, It's like it would be weird.
Now it's like everybody knows what isthey have merch that people wear, and
they don't even know what the merchis that they're wearing. I'm not so
uptight that I care. Right,So, we've talked so many times about
the Bright Line high speed rail fromLA to Vegas, right, and it's
happening. We've done fifty different storieson it. They've revealed or let's say

they've proposed how much it's going tocost for us to ride round trip?
What is the price booker to gofrom San Bernardino basically to Vegas and back.
It's a waste of time. I'mgonna say one hundred. This is

so stupid. Four hundred dollars.No, it's not. Yes, why
are they building this? Why whyare they doing this if it doesn't come
right into Los Angeles? Number one, this is a waste of time,
right, four hundred. So you'regonna tell me someone forrout. Sam Bernardino
is gonna go. I'm gonna layout four hundred bucks to go to Vegas.
They're already halfway there, and wecould fly on Southwest Airlines for about

two fifty not even that much bucks. La Dodger sho heey Otani. He's
six foot four. His wife hasbeen revealed, so he got married,
but he was keeping it quiet.We now know who she is. Okay,
she is a professional women's basketball player. Oh, her name is Mimiko
Tanaka. She's five foot eleven.Wow. She averages seven and a half

points in six rebounds a game baller. If they don't make kids starting right
now, I mean, come on, the greatest athletes of all time are
coming our kid on the Lakers.Come on. I'm Striker and that's all
I got for Booker and Striker ninetyeight seven. All right, Booker and
Striker, it is all ninety eightseven. It's some forty one, their
last Los Angeles show. We're gonnaget you in a few minutes. Booker,

what is your confidence in ordering adriverless taxi? So robo taxis in
Waimo is the company started today,You're gonna see driverless taxis around? But
what's your confidence in LA one outof ten? Yeah, ten means it's
two in the morning, you're gettingit, or you need a ride to

work, you're gonna you're gonna orderone? Up right? My confidence in
safety, I'm gonna put it atthree. I think it'll be okay.
I think it'll work all right.But in the beginning, and nobody's done
it, nobody Phoenix, and sincePhoenix, and it's been in New York
and a couple other cities. Yeah. Now, but they've had some bad
things happen. A pedestrian got draggedlike forty feet. The robo taxi didn't

know that there was somebody under thewheel body the other day, right,
and then I saw one of thosethings. Doesn't affect me on the inside.
I'm fine that well, one ofthem drove right into the back of
a bus and kept on hitting thegas pedal, now realizing that the bus
was there. So three, Idon't trust it yet. This is like
the kind of technology I'm not intoyet, and I know in a couple

of years will be like a bigdeal, but right now I don't trust
it. What about you, I'mgoing to go one. I want a
human picking me up, even thoughmaybe in five years the human will be
a worse driver than the driver listright person, But I want a human.
I want to say, see themthere, I want to say keep
during the air conditioning down, pleasefix the radio station, et cetera.

Even if the human doesn't have control, you know what I mean, just
just someone sitting in that seat thatactually could take it over in you know,
in a seconds, right if somethingwould happen. Booker, Last thing,
last thing. Imagine if you workon the west side, but you
need to get to the valley everyday and you cut over the canyons based

on traffic. You want a driverlesscar going through Laurel Cold Water, Nickels
Canyon off of Mulholland Sepolo. Yeah, yeah, Booker's out too. I
don't know. But you mentioned onein the morning. I mean one of
the morning. I don't care becauseI'm loaded. You know what I mean?
One of the morning. If Iyou know, if we're we're down
on Wilsher or whatever, it's someshow at the l Ray or something like

that to get to start. Idon't clock. I couldn't hardly care.
Middle of the afternoon, all thetraffic, it's going through the canyons.
Yeah, hard pass. It's Bookerand Striker, Booker and Striker. Got
Booker and Striker. It is atninetyahed seven. Do you think it's okay?
And you're in your car right now, let this get into your brain.
Do you think it's okay to orderoff the kid's menu? And do

you order off the kid's menu?Ever as an adult, not for your
actual kids, I don't even haveto ask this question. Striker. You
do order off the kid's menu,don't you? With no shame. I
knew it cheesecake Factory, the Casadiaand the pasta with meatballs, the Red
Robin, the milkshakes and the chickenfingers. I can honestly say I never

have in my life. Do youthink it's bad to do that as an
adult? Yes? Tell me why? Because it's hurting the restaurant. There's
a little bit of that. Ithink the menu is meant for kids.
Maybe it's even priced better because youknow these restaurants and parents know they take
a bite out of something then throwit out the window. I mean half
the time they don't even finish it, so it's meant for them. That's

I don't know it. It's alittle bit in bad form, but it's
just the whole, like the wholeminiature meal. I don't that's part of
that, you don't. This iswhen I order off the kids menu.
I want to make this clear.This is in addition to ordering off the
main men. Okay, because Iwant listen at Red Robin. I get
the Bondzeyburger, I get the allyou can eat fries, and I get

an appetizer. But I don't wanta adult milkshake. I want a little
one to wash it all down andthat's when I ordered the milkshake at Cheesecake
Factory. I get the orange chickenand the spinach artichoke dip. The guy
wants a little bit of pasta andI just want a little bit, So
that's when I get the kids.Is that? Now? What do you
think? Well? I, Imean, I like your angle, I

guess with the little milkshake, butI've never ordered a mid little Look at
me? Do I look like I'veordered a little milkshake once in my life?
Never? Never? Two to nineeighty seven. So who has the
best kids menu that you've ordered offof before? Give us or give me
specifically, not me, I'm notI see that page. I just turned
right past me. Give me acouple tips, a couple of hacks ordering

off the kid's menu two two nineeighty seven. I appreciate that. You're
ridiculous, All right, petch ModeNow booker and striker on. It's all
ninety h seven Booker and striker Booker. Today is pie day. It's three
point one four. I only thoughtof pizza today, but then I was
just online because I wanted to searchlike favorite pizza places, and most of

the posts were about pie. Ohyeah, pie. You think pizza.
I was thinking pizza the entire Ohwow, No, I've always went straight
to like well, sugar and pie. I like pie. What's your favorite
pie outside of pizza pie? Apparently? My favorite it's blueberry with Graham cracker

crust with who cream on top.Blueberry just like regular blueberries in there like
a syrup or something. Yeah,syrupy, Yeah, from Dupar specifically.
You know what about your favorite pie? I think a banana cream would be
like a banana cream. Yeah.And by the way, you can't go
wrong. You could get one atthe freezer at the grocery store. They're
all great. Booker. Apple piesstink. That's the worst take I've ever

heard out of you. Apple piesteak, apple pie stinks. Maybe you've
never had a good apple pie.It's possible. I've never ordered one in
my life at a restaurant, butwhen I've been to Thanksgiving and things like
that, I'm like, what isthis? Wait a minute. I know
you love the apple pan on yourpeko a peka? Yes, what the
hell do you order? When yougo there? I get the tuna melt

or the hickory burger. I rarelyget their pie. Dam a banana creamer.
You go to a place called theApple Pan, yes, which they're
all about the pie. They're famousfor their pies and their burgers. Right,
Booker, I don't get the pie, then what do you do?
Go to Porthos to go to thebathroom? What's wrong with you? The
pie there is outstanding. It's knownfor their pie. I know, I'm

not saying all pies are bad,saying apple pie stinks. Some forty one
tickets coming up to Weezer as well. Hang out its Booker and Striker,
Booker and Striker, Now Striker.With everything happening in the world, what
time of day are people in theworst mood? And what time of the
day are people in the best mood? Worst? I would say, want
to think about I'll tell you injust a second. Ryan Gosling, the

dude is on fire. He's gonnahost SNL for the third time on April
thirteen. Turn this up, BabySticks, I love this song, Striker
talking Lie ho SNL for the thirdtime on April thirteen. Chris Stapleton will
be the musical guest, Like christBooker, do you think while Chris Stapleton

is the musical guest, Ryan Gosling'snot gonna do I'm just Kenny just did
it at the Oscars and it couldn'tbe better than that night. I gotta
think he's gonna do something musical though, right, maybe a play, Yeah,
parody, I'm just kidding, somethinglike he's just bad booker, just
bed, I've just been Hey theBear. You know the TV series,

Yes, has just been picked upfor season four. Good. They haven't
even released season three. They're filmingnumber three and then they're gonna shoot season
four back to back. Guys,good like that. Yes, chef,
it's pie Day, Thank you,chef, three point one four. That's
right, that is Pie Day.March fourteenth. March is a great month.
We just had three eleven day.Now it's pie Day at seven eleven.

You can get a pizza for threedollars and fourteen cents. Really at
BJ's Restaurant. Gigging me a minipizza for three dollars in fourteen cents at
BK Hershey's Sunday. Oh yeah,three dollars in four seems overpriced, doesn't
it. Yeah, that's let metake that one even a deal, take

that one off the list. Backto when people are in the worst mood
and what time, specifically are theyin the best mood? Booker, give
me your guesses, please. Worsttime's got to be right when you get
up eight fifteen in the morning.That's when you get up. No,
no, no, I get upat six thirty. I have dogs to
walk. But why do you saywhen you get up at eight something?

I think most people get up aroundeight you do? I think most people?
What time you get up? Listen? My job starts at two,
right, I have to be hereabout twelve oh eight pm, right,
so I don't have to be upat the kracka dawn. I wake up
at eight twenty one. Really,yes, so it's right around that time.
Yeah? Me, I'm six thirtyevery morning. Stupid dogs. I
think most people and you're listening rightnow, I think you're up at four

fifteen O five am is the timefor the worst mood, and the best
mood happens in less than two hoursfrom now five pm for the best mood.
There you go us. He lostto Arizona today in Vegas. That's
what college men's basketball blow out.Seventy forty nine whoops, go Arizona,
bare downs. I'm striker, that'sall I got the all new All's Afternoon

Sleep Booker and Striker broadcast
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