Covering the World in Christ

Covering the World in Christ

In a world rocked by division and upheaval, people need the love and peace of Jesus Christ more than ever. Paul M. Neuberger is on a mission to deliver this spiritual salve by “Covering the World in Christ.” Enjoy lively conversation, provocative guests and unique insights as Paul reveals the joy and wonderment open to all who embrace God’s kingdom.


July 7, 2024 43 mins
We live amid a pandemic of busyness. Everyone, it seems, complains about too many demands on their time. Non-urgent priorities, such as praying or spending time in Scripture, are often sidelined. “Busy,” however, is an acronym for “Buried Under Satan’s Yoke.” How we invest time reflects our priorities. Skipping church because “I’m too busy” shows its perceived importance. Scripture guides us on defining proper priorities. Bill Good...
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If someone cuts themselves shaving, they don’t use a tourniquet to stop the bleeding. Yet, medication or therapy (in varying amounts) are the typical fallbacks for those who suffer illness or emotional trauma. If spiritual healing is the real antidote, though, the balms of this world won’t suffice. Only prioritizing Christ can bring relief. Carrie Sheffield, a speaker, author and Senior Policy Analyst with the Independent Women’s F...
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June 23, 2024 42 mins
In an era of declining religious affiliation and church membership, old forms of evangelism don’t work anymore. Reading the Bible aloud on street corners just doesn’t cut it. We need to get creative to bring people to Christ. Rick Dempsey, Senior Vice-President of the Come and See Foundation, is leading an ambitious effort to translate “The Chosen” into 600 languages. He knows about devising creative ways to fulfill the Great Commi...
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June 16, 2024 42 mins
Even amid more forms of communication than ever before, many people today still feel lost. They’re unsure where to go. Whom to trust. Where to find answers to gnawing questions. This state makes them vulnerable to being misled by deceptive people or causes. Thankfully, it also opens the door to lead them to Christ. Scripture provides clear direction on how to do so. Mark Miller, founder of Lead Every Day, shares best practices for ...
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June 9, 2024 43 mins
In the list of qualities people seek in a romantic partner, “good listener” is often near the top of the list. Yet, knowing how to listen is about more than being polite, or advancing one’s career, or even finding love. God needs us to listen. How else can we know His direction for us? Ed Rush, CEO of Ed Rush and Associates, and a former Marine Corps Top Gun fighter pilot, trains Christians in how to listen better for God’s Word. T...
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June 1, 2024 41 mins
Hurdles and roadblocks are intrinsic to living a life of meaning. Knowing one’s self - having a sense of identity – creates strength to overcome these inevitable challenges. If we take on the extraordinary task of covering the world in Christ, we need to know our identity in Jesus. Riley Gaines, a former All-American collegiate swimmer, created headlines when she spoke out against trans athletes competing in women’s sports. She kno...
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May 26, 2024 41 mins
Leadership is a widely-studied character trait. Good leaders are generally acknowledged as being charismatic, passionate, visionary, hard working … and often possessing a flair for salesmanship. The difference between good and great leader? Serving others. Christ personified the concept of serving, rather than being served. Ten Biblical principles guide us how to be true servant leaders. Darrin Gray, Chief Marketing Officer of Athl...
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May 19, 2024 41 mins
We’ve all had teachers who engaged and energized us … and some who didn’t. A good teacher brings out our best. Their excitement to teach is obvious. Similarly, we all need to be good teachers if we’re to cover the world in Christ. Not Biblical scholars, mind you, but able to answer basic questions and explain Christ’s wonderment. Brad Alles, a speaker, author, Biblical apologist and professor at Concordia University Wisconsin, help...
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May 11, 2024 44 mins
Time is invaluable. It’s a sacred gift from God, with an expiration date known only to Him. We never know when our time will end … which is why we should use every moment to glorify God, and live the life He desires for us. Brett Baker, co-founder of VAUSA, returns time to busy executives through the use of virtual assistants. Who couldn’t use this? Our time is finite and uncertain. Five steps can help us honor God with this most p...
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May 6, 2024 44 mins
Salt is a touchy seasoning. Too much, and a dish gets overwhelmed. Too little, and it’s dull. Salt is a metaphor for our interactions as disciples, too. Come on too strong in conversations about Jesus Christ, and people are repulsed. Not strong enough, and they’re uninspired. How do we “season” these discussions appropriately? Five biblical best practices guide us in being Christ’s “salt and light” in the world. Karmae Fahr, CEO of...
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April 25, 2024 41 mins
We’ve all been let down by someone in our lives. Maybe it was a friend, or a doctor, or a spouse, or an auto mechanic … maybe even a church. Similarly, we all prove undependable at certain times. There’s only one entity who’s completely reliable: Jesus Christ. We live better by surrendering all to God. Ben Byxbe, founder and Lead Coach with Byxbe and Company, explains how to live fully for Christ, and still lean on brothers and sis...
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April 21, 2024 41 mins
Ever been part of an organization – an employer, club, or sports team, perhaps – where you felt you didn’t belong? The self-questioning, and related anxiety, were probably strong. These negative feelings – doubt, worry, isolation – are prevalent throughout society. It’s because we don’t belong in this broken world. Our home is in Heaven, with Jesus Christ. Mark Frisco, a Christ-centric realty team leader with Century21, talks about...
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April 13, 2024 40 mins
The fearful, anxious thoughts that sometimes invade our minds are like seeds. Neglected, they wither and die. Fed by time and attention, they grow root systems that can be VERY difficult to extricate. How do we prevent worry and fear from planting in our psyches? Simple – fill our minds with Christ instead. Luis Sharpe and his daughter, Rebekah, are the founder and CEO, respectively, of Sharpe Strong. They coach others on adopting ...
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April 7, 2024 42 mins
How do you define success as a parent? Are you successful if your child gets good grades, is a star athlete, or is the most popular kid in school? Although there's nothing inherently wrong with any of these things, these should not be the hallmark of parenting prowess. The most important legacy that any parent can instill in their children is to get them to love God and develop an intimate relationship with Him. By this definit...
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March 30, 2024 42 mins
Christ told us to love everyone. No problem with those who are kind, friendly and reciprocating, right? The challenge is with those who treat us with animosity, live by completely different values, or even openly attack us. How do we love our enemies, as Christ instructed? Where we find the paradox, we find the solution: in Scripture. Wellington Hepburn is a speaker and author who advocates leading with empathy to create godly rela...
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March 24, 2024 41 mins
A boat left untied will drift to wherever the currents carry it. Our minds operate similarly. Unless anchored to a Christ-centric foundation, one’s thoughts wander amid a competing gamut of voices, priorities and random distractions. Fortunately, Scripture guides us to the welcoming base of Jesus Christ. Ray Higdon, CEO of the Higdon Group, coaches executives to be focused and mentally sharp. If we secure ourselves to Christ’s dock...
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March 17, 2024 42 mins
We are surrounded by voices – not literally, but rather people and societal elements vying for our attention. Our responses to different voices vary, such as for our spouse and children. Yet which voice is primary, the one that drives and motivates us like a mentor? It should be God’s. Still, listening for Him is hard in a highly-distracted world. Scripture advises how to listen better, and hear our mentor’s holy voice. If we tune ...
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March 10, 2024 39 mins
Ever felt a need, or been told, to “up your game?” Getting better at something usually means we zone in, push harder, and maximize every opportunity to improve. So, ever think about “upping our game” with Christ? How can we strengthen our relationship with Him? Simply, we elevate with Christ by fully surrendering to Him. Scripture tells us how. Carson Sublett, a speaker, author and founder of Carson Sublett Consulting, helps profes...
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March 1, 2024 42 mins
Ever had a job where you felt mismatched … until you shifted to a different role and found your groove? Life is more fun and productive when our endeavors align with our abilities and interests – i.e., our purpose. Melissa Whitaker, founder of Melissa Whitaker International, counsels organization executives on finding their purpose. Similarly, Scripture is laced with themes of how we can discover our God-given purpose. Are we ready...
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February 25, 2024 42 mins
Show host Paul M. Neuberger launched C-Suite for Christ – a rapidly-growing ecumenical ministry for professionals of faith – with no guarantee of success. He couldn’t deny the pull of evangelism in his heart, though. Convinced God wanted him on this path, he knew he had to be courageous … and took a chance. God calls us all to do His bidding – are we courageous enough to answer? Eight verses of Scripture offer guidance on carrying ...
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