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February 20, 2024 2 mins
Bridal Expo Sunday 02/16/24
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This Sunday, our twenty twenty fourBridal Expo. This is our thirty second
year having the Bridal Eggspat. I'vebeen doing it a long time. It's
insane, man. So it ishappening at the Marshall Recreation Center this Sunday,
which, by the way, wehad it there last year. Absolutely
gorgeous. Yes, it's so beautiful. You've got all the windows, you

let all the nice beautiful sunshine.Yes, come right on in the natural
light. I do love it.It's from noon to three this year,
and by the way, free admissionthis year. Yeah, this is the
first time we've done this ever.Jen and I finally made it happen people.
Yeah. Sure, yeah, wehad a lot to do with that.
Oh but that means if you area bride to beat, you can

bring your entire wedding party. Youcan bring all your girls by family.
Absolutely, yeah, your parents ifyou want to bring them, make some
decisions, going to help you makethose decisions, bring them along. And
here's the deal. You can playin your whole wedding day in one place.
We've got florists, We've got tonsof venues to choose from, We've
got DJs, photographers. You caneven get some money off of your wedding

dress. We've got hotels and evenafter you get married, we've got the
real estate people, we've got financialadvisors, We've got catering services, spa
services. I'm hoping to try alittle catering samples. I know, I
know, me too, buddy,hopefully. Yes, that's that's why we
go to this. But no,it is gonna be so much fun.
And the thing is, if youare a bride to be, even if

you've already planned a lot of thisstuff, you should come because we have
tons of door prizes to get away. Absolutely, we want you to start
off your new wife with a niceprice. Absolutely, and you could maybe
even win a honeymoon. Oh yeah, that would be incredible. This is
one lucky bride will win a sevennight dream vacation and you get to choose
from over three thousand different locations thatyou could possibly go to. That's got

Oh it's so cool. How aboutthat incredible pearl necklace? Oh well,
yes, fresh line. Absolutely,by the way I was holding it,
because you know, a real pearlnecklace very heavy. This puppy is heavy.
Oh my gosh, it's beautiful too. Oh goodness, so hey,
do not miss our Bridal Ex votethis Sunday, Marshall Rec Center from noon
to three Free admission,
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