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February 21, 2024 2 mins
Dave REALLY Loves Pillows 02/20/24
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Tracy and I love our pillows andwe each have a million pillows. Okay,
but the thing is, like Ilove cold pillows. Yes, so
I've tried different ones over the years. Years ago, Tracy bought me,
or actually I think it was Tracy'smom bought us all the my pillow and
gave that a shot. That wasthe great, right, so tried something

else. I think the next onewas the purple pillow. Those are really
nice. That actually is probably myfavorite okay, but still doesn't get super
cool. So I wanted to keeptrying, and it's become like my thing.
At Christmas time, I get anew pillow every year. Good god,
it's so great. You can't hidemoney. It's a Christmas give very

every year I get a new pillow. That's right, I'm so bougie.
But there is another cool pillow andI don't even know if it has a
name, but it's kind of flat, and I put it under my purple
pillow and that's usually what I sleepon with my head every night. And
then I got this new pillow calledthe Cube this past Christmas, and it's

super cool, I mean, supercool. Thing is didn't really care for
it under my head. So Istarted using it as like a leg pillow,
you know, just, oh myGod, wrapped my body around it.
I don't know, I just enjoyit. I can imagine that your
bed is just filled with a bunchof willows. We have tons of pillows,
hard and so I've got the purplepillow, got the other pillow,

and I've got the cube. Nowand Tracy and I are changing the sheets
this past weekend, and I grabbedmy three pillows. Oh my gosh,
and I started singing, because you'rethe three best friends that anyone can You're
the three best friends anyway, Ohwow, crazy about did did she ask

for a divorce? She did not. She loves me or just as weird
as you are, I love Ohmy gosh.
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