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February 20, 2024 1 min
Fact or Crap 02/16/24
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Twenty three Chase Beckham one oh threepoint three tcr Country with Dave and gent
talk for a little factor crap ginalright, Eastern skunk cabbage not only stinks,
but it can also melt the snowfactor crap. I think they got

the wrong name for marijuana. Easternskunk cabbage. All right, let's go
with crap crap. Yeah, that'sthe real thing. Back, and it
says these plants generate heat. Obviouslythat helps them survive the cold, but

the warmth also attracts insects looking fora warm place to cuddle. Okay,
so you just see a bunch ofanimals cuddling cabbage. I guess that smells
like skunk, right, what ishappening? Who knew that existed? It's
called Eastern skunk cabin. It's calledall right. Next, the Jerusalem Biblical

Zoo specializes in animals mentioned in theBible. Oh the fact is, well,
look at that. How would youlike to go there? I mean
I kind of would. The zooidentifies all the animals by name and by
a Bible quote, And on topof that, many of the zoo's trees

and shrubs are labeled the same way. Well, that's pretty cool, nifty
the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo. Well,I want to go to the Jerusalem Biblical
Zoo. Check that out. Well. Is that all feel like we've learned
a lot? I think we did
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