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February 21, 2024 2 mins
Fact or Crap 02/20/24
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Sam Hunt, take your time.It's one O three point three's he's our
country Dave and Jin factor crap timeJin All right, here we go.
You're gonna love this. Okay.The first alarm clock only rang at four
am. Fact or crap crap crapis hi, yeah, oh that's fact

gin. We totally could have usedthat for us day four am. I
thought the worst alarm clock too,was a dude that walked like by your
house and like yelled at you toget up. Oh shoot, I feel
like that was a thing back inlike Britain. Hold on, I'm gonna
google that one. And maybe that'sa fake thing too. This is a
fellow by the name of Levi Hutchinswho created the first alarm clock all the

way back in seventeen eighty seven.Made it for himself, so he made
it to go off for am towake up for his job. Now,
it wasn't until eighteen forty seven thata new fella Patton an adjustable alarm clock
that let you say your own time. Well, the first one four am.
That's a four am. That's hereyou go, four am? All

right. The world's largest pyramid isin Egypt. Factor crap fact fact is,
Yeah, did I just say fact? You didn't didn't mean to say
that one? All right, goahead, crap crap. It says the
Great Pyramid of Giza in Egypt isthe world's tallest pyramid, standing at four

hundred and eighty one feet tall,But the world's largest is the Great Pyramid
of Coululaula. Where is that?That's in Mexico? Colula h o l
u l a Oh Chilua, ChiluaChilula. Any who. I knew that

there were bigger pyramids in Mexico,or I didn't know Mexico, I knew
some other country though I didn't thinkEgypt. But I still said fact because
I don't think I'm listening, allright,
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