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April 26, 2024 4 mins
Interview with Richard from the Oak Ridge Boys 04/23/2024
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One O three point three TC OurCountry with Dave and Jin On the phone
with Richard Sturbin from the oak RidgeBoys. How are you, Richard?
Well, Dave, I am doingjust fine, you know, under the
circumstances. I'm hanging in here prettywell for an old guy. And when
we last caught up with you afew months back in Nashville, you were

so excited you had just announced thefarewell tour and we talked a little bit
about you coming to the tri statearea, Huntington, ashl and Ironton.
You've been here many times and weinvited you back. And what do you
know, You're going to be herethis Saturday at the Fair Amount and we
are looking forward to you know,I can speak for all the oak Ridge
Boys and I can tell you thatwe are looking forward to coming your way.

You know, we plan to havea great time. We're going to
do our best to make it agreat night. So we want to encourage
as many people as possible. Comeon now, you know we're celebrating right
now, you know, the fiftyplus of your career, and you know
we're on our farewell tour as youmentioned, you know, so we're having
a great time, So we wantfolks to come on out and celebrate together

with the Oakridge Boys. Absolutely,and I tell you what you've done quite
had quite the career with the OakridgeBoys. And actually you gave up a
career as a backup singer for ElvisPresley in order to join the boys.
WHOA, how did that happen?Well, you know you're correct about that.
You know, for about two yearsbefore I joined the Oakridge Boys,

I sang in a group called J. D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet,
And for about a year and ahalf of that time, I had
the privilege or the honor of,you know, however you want to look
at it, to sing with itwith the biggest star in the world back
then, the Elvison And you know, he was the biggest star in the
world. His tour was the biggesttour in the music business and it was

really very very exciting to be apart of it. I had some great
memories of the times I spend withElvis. I got to know him just
a little bit, and as Isaid, it was a special time in
my life. However, while Iwas there in nineteen seventy two, while
I was singing with Elvis. Oneday I got a phone call, and
it really was a phone call thatchanged my life. It was from William

Lee Golden of the Oakredge Boys.Now, William Lee is the guy in
our group with the long beard.You know, he's probably the most recognizable
character in our group. But youknow, back then he did not have
that long beard. He was misterg h by then. But he called

me and he said the bass singerin the Oakridge Boys was leaving. Get
wanted to get off the road,and the Oakridge Boys wanted to know if
I would be interested in taking thejob. So here I was, you
know, apparently on top of theworld, singing with the king of rock
and roll, singing with Elvis.But I had to make a decision,
you know, like what do Ido? And I had to admit at

the same time, I was abig fan of the Oakridge Boys. I
loved the group. I loved themusic that they were making, and I
really really felt and really believed thatthe group had a great deal of potential
and I really wanted to be apart of it. So back in nineteen
seventy two, I made the decisionto leave Elvis and to join the Oakridge
Boys. And you know, backthen a lot of people questioned that decision.

You know, how can you dothat? How could you leave Elvis
and join the Oakridge Boys? ButI really believed I was doing the right
thing, you know, I kindof followed my heart. And now over
well over fifty years, almost fiftytwo years later, I could look back
and think, you know, wow, you know I made a pretty good
decision back then, I think Idid. That decision worked out well for

you, Richard. That's awesome.Yeah, right, It is the farewell
tour with the Oakridge Boys. Youdon't want to miss it this Saturday night.
Once again, Richard Sturvin, alwaysa pleasure. Thank you so much
for your time today. Well thanksfor you know, when you guys promote
the fact that we're coming to town, you help us and we don't take
that lightly. We appreciate it.So thank you very very much. Richard

Stourvan, thank you so much,man, Thank you, Thanks for both
of you, right,
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