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April 26, 2024 4 mins
Interview with Sadie Bass 04/17/2024
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It is one o three point threeTCR Country with Dave and Jin on the
phone with Sadie Bess. Hello,Sadie, how are you? I'm doing
so good. I'm so excited forthis weekend. Oh Man, rock the
country in Ashland at the Boyd CountyFairgrounds. We are pumped. Yes,
I'm so so excited. And turnsout that apparently my set length has gone

from twenty minutes to forty five.Oh wow, Okay, congtulations. That's
awesome. Yeah, my parents arecoming to this one and I get to
like really put on a show,not cram it in. So I'm really
really excited. That is awesome.So you are taking the stage four pm
Friday, And I gotta tell you, Dave and I watched your video for

Wake and Bake. That is quitea fun video. It made me want
to get on the river with myfriends. Interesting. Yeah, that was
the summer song last year. Man, we had fun film in that one.
You seem like a super hoot ina half of a time, and
I hope you're going to bring allthat energy Friday night. Oh hick Yeah,
I am also four o'clock, butthey moved it. So Kyle Fields

is four to four thirty and thenI'm four fifty five, five forty okay,
Okay, Travis Branda Lambert, Jasonalban So you heard that little change
here first? Absolutely like that.Okay, So talk about the video.
Now he may have been an extra, I don't know. But did you
know the guy personally with the mulletand the ball cat and yeah, so

that's Jason Kross. He's from Michigan. Two. He used to be in
my band and he moved down toNashville. Two. He's on Artists.
But I actually just had him playwith me in Espeito again at Tortuga to
play wake and bake there just becausesome venus waking bakes fun and then some
like places like cow balance stuff,they don't love that, right right,
Oh my god. Yeah, he'sfreaking Michigan born and raised, same thing

as me. But his name isJason Cross and he's got his own thing
going. But he is a wildthing. That is so much fun.
Now, at age nineteen, youleft college and your softball scholarship so that
you could pursue your marine into career. And clearly, I mean I think
you did a good job. Thankyou. Yeah, at the time,
it was. I mean looking backand like, dude, what was I

thinking? Like honestly, like Ididn't know how much that had to be
done. I didn't realize all thatwent into it. And I'm so glad
I did it. But I mean, that really is just a testament of
like little by little man, justso you got to just chip away at
it and see where it takes you. But I am so glad that I
did it. It seems like you, you know, you really love this
and this is your true passion becauseyou know, getting a college scholarship for

softball is no easy task, andI'm sure you put in a ton of
work on that. Yeah, Idid, for sure, And I mean
I went to a small school andI was a three sport athlete and sports
really was just my big focus.But then, yeah, I realized that
I couldn't do sports forever and Icould still always do it as a hobby
or maybe coach or do this orthat. But I was like, man,
like in college, they're asking mewhat I want to do with my

life and how I'm going to makemoney, and I was like, I
don't really know. Like I hada couple of jobs that I thought about,
but I wasn't super passionate, andI was like, but if I
spend so much time doing that,then I won't be able to spend time
doing music. And I was like, you know what, I'm young and
I need to try. But thinkabout it this way though. I was
nineteen years old when I quit,and I'm twenty seven years old now and

it's finally like really really coming togetherfor me this year. So it has
been a whole Oh yeah, that'sso cool. It takes the time,
but you've done it. And we'reso excited that you're coming to rock the
Country this weekend. Listen, Ashlandknows how to show a good time,
so we are so excited to seeyou. Oh okay, good, that's
gonna be good. Because I justmy person's at Louisiana and I was like,

holy crap, these guys are whyldwhat they are? Dude? They
were red deck. But I alwayspassed from Michigan, you know, being
born in Michigan and going down toNashville the time through Kentucky. So I
know some Kentucky people. I knowthey can get down. Oh yeah,
beautiful, it's gonna be a fun, fun weekend again Rock the Country.

If you don't yet have your tickets, gotta get them. Yes and uh
Sadie at best. We cannot waitto see you on Friday. Thank you,
I'm so Friday Satie. Thank youso much for your time. We
appreciate it. Thank you you guysthere okay, okay, yeah, we'll
see you there for sure
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